The Barry Report
City Point National Cemetery
AldrichDanY.B4VershireNational/City Point, VA1133D. 7/17/1864. VA. Disease
ArcherCharles-G17PlymouthNational/City Point, VA1817M. 8/2/1864. VA. MWIA 7/30/1864 at Petersburg Mine.
AveryAlfredC.H9HardwickNational/City Point, VA615D. 10/27/1864. VA. Disease
BensonHamdenW.C9RoyaltonNational/City Point, VA422D. 12/19/1864. VA. Disease
BlanchardIsaacN.I9HardwickNational/City Point, VA674D. 12/16/1864. VA. Disease
BlissJohnP.F17ChesterNational/City Point, VA1571D. 7/14/1864. VA. Disease
BrowmHenryC.A10KirbyNational/City Point, VA1112D. 4/13/1865. Disease
BrownJohnH.-3LartyMontpelierNational/City Point, VA699D. 9/16/1864. VA. Disease
BryantJohnProctorB9WestonNational/City Point, VAA430D. 2/20/1865. VA. Disease
BuckWilliam-K9MarlboroNational/City Point, VAA629D. 2/4/1865. VA. Disease
BurroughsWilliam-G9StraffordNational/City Point, VA187D. 3/25/1865. VA. Disease
BuzzellSheldonA.E9EnosburghNational/City Point, VA1318D. 11/22/1864. VA. Disease
CapronStephen B.G17HinesburgNational/City Point, VA3021K. 4/2/1865. VA. KIA at Petersburg
CarrJamesM.B10MontpelierNational/City Point, VA1785D. 7/1/1864. VA. Disease
ChapinNelsonD.K17DorsetNational/City Point, VA1569D. 4/24/1865. VA. Disease
CraigneAzro-H10WeathersfieldNational/City Point, VA1585D. 6/21/1864. VA. Disease
DawsonLovellA.K9ClarendonNational/City Point, VA418D. 2//7/1865. VA. Disease
DugganJames-B9Fair HavenNational/City Point, VA1103A. 11/6/1864. VA. Drowned.
DuttonJohn-I11NorthfieldNational/City Point, VA920D. 7/20/1864. VA. Disease
DwinellRalphE.C17Hyde ParkNational/City Point, VA1979K. 6/17/1864. VA. KIA at Petersburg
DwyerJonathan-E9WestminsterNational/City Point, VA243D. 1/25/1865. VA. Disease
DykeElliotC.H17MoretownNational/City Point, VA1550D. 5/25/1864. VA. Disease
EldredGeorgeW.F17RichfordNational/City Point, VA2184M. 6/20/1864. VA. MWIA 6/17/1864 at Petersburg
FlandersStanislaus-B9PittsfieldNational/City Point, VAA1069D. 3/5/1865. VA. Disease
GoodyearHoraceE.A6RutlandNational/City Point, VA709D. 6/30/1864. VA. Disease
HolmanAlonzo-H9TopshamNational/City Point, VA2433D. 12/3/1864. VA. Disease
HolmesCurtisA.A/D17FairfieldNational/City Point, VAVerifiedD. 8/26/1864. VA. Disease
HoustonJosephA.H4HardwickNational/City Point, VAVerifiedD. 7/1/1862. VA. Disease
HoustonJosephJr.D5StoweNational/City Point, VA2495D. 6/20/1864. VA. Disease
HoveyGlenC.M11JayNational/City Point, VA1959D. 7/2/1864. VA. Disease
Howard*Patrick-A11St. JohnsburyNational/City Point, VA702M. 6/25/1864. VA. MWIA 6/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad.
JohnsonNathanielB.A11HardwickNational/City Point, VA1116D. 4/8/1865. Disease
Knight*NelsonD.D/C9/4PlymouthNational/City Point, VA402M. 1/22/1865. VA. MWIA place unknown. Records show that he was transferred to Co C 4th Rgt on 1/20/1865. He died of wounds on 1/22/1865.
Ladu/LadooPeterJr.H9MorristownNational/City Point, VA1108D. 2/1/1865. VA. Disease
LaneWilliam-I6PutneyNational/City Point, VA1577M. 6/23/1864. VA. MWIA 6/18/1864 at Petyersburg
MartinLewisA.B9MendonNational/City Point, VAB461D. 11/21/1864. VA. Disease
MercyMarshall-H17RoyaltonNational/City Point, VA2195K. 6/17/1864. VA. KIA at Petersburg
MesserTimothyB.H10PlymouthNational/City Point, VAC808M. 4/6/1865. VA. MWIA 4/2/1865 at Petersburg
NewmanMartinL.I9-National/City Point, VAA846D. 2/27/1865. VA. Disease
NewmanMartinL.I9WashingtonNational/City Point, VA846D. 2/27/1865. VA. Disease
OliverWilliam-C5HighgateNational/City Point, VA37M. 3/30/1865. VA. MWIA 3/27/1865 at Petersburg
ParkerGeorgeL.G9CorinthNational/City Point, VA869D. 11/16/1864. VA. Disease
PerkinsHenryW.A9BakersfieldNational/City Point, VAVerifiedD. 3/10/1865. Disease
PhinneyPatrick-B11BristolNational/City Point, VA1573D. 7/31/1864. VA. Disease
QuackenbushJohnP.F9PeruNational/City Point, VA426D. 4/29/1865. VA. Disease
RowellCharlesA.H11TunbridgeNational/City Point, VAAG92D. 4/28/1865. VA. Disease
RuggNelsonB.I3PittsfordNational/City Point, VA898C. 2/5/1865. VA. Died of disease while under confinement
RussellLewis-D11BelvidereNational/City Point, VA1583D. 7/12/1864. VA. Disease
Sargent/Sergent*MartinR.I1CavEdenNational/City Point, VA3978P. 7/25/1864. He was paroled from a Confederate Prison on 4/7/1865. Later died of. disease
SawyerWilliamM.I/B3/5GuildhallNational/City Point, VA132D. 5/10/1865. Disease. VA. Point of Rocks. AWOL from 1/31/1862 to 8/12/1864 Transferred from 3rd Rgt to 5th Rgt on 11/4/1864 to serve lost time.
Shattuck*L.W.D11VermontNational/City Point, VA495U. 4/3/1865. U.
SlyWilliamJ.H4DanvilleNational/City Point, VA787M. 7/4/1864. VA. MWIA 6/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad
SmithEnosW.F10RichfordNational/City Point, VA118D. 6/5/1865. VA. Disease
SmithHenryM.B4WilliamstownNational/City Point, VAVAG92M. 7/1/1864. VA. MWIA 6/20/1864 at Petersburg
SpaffordGeorgeF.G17LudlowNational/City Point, VA1135D. 7/19/1864. VA. Disease. There is a G. E. Spafford of Co G 15th VA Inf in the same plot
ThompsonEugeneA.D9ChesterNational/City Point, VA28D. 1/9/1865. VA. Disease
TuckerSamuelB. /SH17PantonNational/City Point, VA1227D. 7/27/1864. VA. Disease
WaldronEzekielS.B10MontpelierNational/City Point, VA903M. 4/6/1865. VA. MWIA 4/2/1865 at Petersburg
WalstonWilliamG. FB4WillistonNational/City Point, VA707D. 7/20/1864. VA. Disease. See next. For headstone data. 1892 AG Report has death date as noted.
Walston*W.G.B4WillistonNational/City Point, VA707D. 6/29/1864. VA. Disease. Headstone death date
Ward*Erastus W.H11RochesterNational/City Point, VA1647N. 7/1/1884. U. Natural causes
Westcott*Lahrett/Lackett-H17BradfordNational/City Point, VA2672M. 7/3/1864. VA. MWIA 7/2/1864 at Petersburg
WilsonCalvinO.G9PlainfieldNational/City Point, VA630D. 2/23/1865. VA. Disease
Wilson*Warren-E2WolcottNational/City Point, VA1027U. 4/16/1865. VA

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