The Barry Report
Cypress Hills National Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York
BaileyCharlesH.B2RutlandNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 6/18/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/6/1864 at Cold Harbor
Bailey*R. (B)C.I9-National/Cypress Hills, NY520D. 11/17/1862. Brooklyn, NY. B. C and R. C. Bailey are both listed in Grave # 520. DOD for B. C. is 11/17/1882, for R. C. , 11/17/1862. In any event, although both are listed in the National Cemetery, neither appear in the Vemont Roster
BarberSamuelP.I5WallingfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 12/9/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
BarrettBenjamin-F1CavHardwickNational/Cypress Hills, NY1875M. 9/14/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA in a skirmish in VA.
BarryCharlesE.A9RichfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 11/1/1863. Brooklyn, NY. . Disease
BartlettThomasJ.F11AlbanyNational/Cypress Hills, NY1723D. 8/25/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Batchelder*IsaacW.I17West WindsorNational/Cypress Hills, NY8401N. 6/9/1921. Natural Causes. He was mustered out on 7/14/1865. Grave # 8401
BeloniaAlpha-I10VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 6/28/1864. NY. Disease
BigelowJohnL.C11BensonNational/Cypress Hills, NY1437D. 7/22/1864. Brooklyn, NY. . Disease
BigelowSamuel-H2USSSRockinghamNational/Cypress Hills, NY1184M 6/14/1864. MWIA 5/6/1864 at Spotsylvania
Bowker/Bonker*WilliamH.E3ColchesterNational/Cypress Hills, NY4609N. 9/19/1887. Natural Causes. He was mustered out on 7/27/1864. He is listed in the National Cemetery as William H. Bonker. Grave # 4609
BraynardJosephA.K10VernonNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 6/21/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/3/1864 at Cold Harbor
BridgesAlfred-I3CraftsburyNational/Cypress Hills, NY275D. 7/26/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
CammelJoseph-H9JerichoNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 11/22/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
CapronNathanielF.-3LartyWaldenNational/Cypress Hills, NY1390D. 7/16/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
CarpenterJohnW.I10St. AlbansNational/Cypress Hills, NY1183M. 6/15/1864. Brooklyn, New York. MWIA 6/3/1864 at Cold Harbor
Chilson/Chillson*KingA.A3SpringfieldNational/Cypress Hills, NY141D. 6/29/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Listed in National Cemetery as Chillson.
Cisco*Harrison-A11VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY1382U. 7/18/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Unable to locate by name or unit. Not in Vermont rosters.
Connell/Cornell*Thomas-K3East MontpelierNational/Cypress Hills, NY131M. 7/4/1862. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 4/16/1862 at Lee's Mills, VA
CookO.L.B8VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 12/9/1862. NY. Disease
Cook*Charles/ClarkC.E4BarnardNational/Cypress Hills, NY1444D. 7/24/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Clark C. and Charles C. Cook are both in Grave # 1444. Vermont Roster lists Clark C. National Cemetery lists both names
CraverChesterL.H16VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-D. 10/18/1863. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
Crawford*William-I3WaterfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY67D. 1/25/1863. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Grave # 067
CrossJohnW.F3GuilfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY191D. 7/9/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
DeweyCalvinJrA10BarnetNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 7/17/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
DominaPriestO.H1CavEnosburghNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 5/4/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
DownsThomas-I9PownalNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 11/17/1863. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
DrownZelotes-D4VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-D. 3/30/1865. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
DruryWarnerC.F17ThetfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY1145D. 5/1/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
EldridgeJosephW.H11WarrenNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-D. 6/25/1864. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
EvansWilliamM. B6GuilfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY1410D. 7/21/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
FarwellFrancisM. C11WallingfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY1700M. 8/24/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad, VA.
ForrestSamuel-H2USSSSt. JohnsburyNational/Cypress Hills, NY1764D8/29/1864, Brooklyn
Frank*F.-E17VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY1688U. 8/21/1864. NY. Grave # 1686. Not in Vermont Roster
FullerHenryW.I5ColchesterNational/Cypress Hills, NY486D. 10/20/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
FultonGeorgeE.C4StraffordNational/Cypress Hills, NY2286M. 2/5/1865. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA. 6/25/1864 at Petersburg. , VA
GeorgeReubenB.K4WilliamstownNational/Cypress Hills, NY629D. 11/8/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Gould/Goold*Frederick-I7RutlandNational/Cypress Hills, NY524U. 11/6/1862. Discharged to hospital 10/21/1862. Grave # 524
GriswoldJohnS.A6JohnsonNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 6/25/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
HamblinJesseD. G17HardwickNational/Cypress Hills, NY1573D. 8/6/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
HammettWilliam-D3BridportNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 8/22/1864. NY. MWIA 5/10/1864 at the Wilderness, VA
Harry*CharlesE.A9VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY915U. 11/4/1863. Grave # 915. Not in Vermont Roster.
HawkinsWilliamC.C11Fair HavenNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 7/15/1864. NY. MWIA 6/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad. Delivered to NOK
HendersonJohn-K3BarnetNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-M. 7/7/1864. NY. MWIA 6/3/1864 at Cold Harbor, VA. Delivered to NOK
HillEbenezerW.K5GeorgiaNational/Cypress Hills, NY1236M. 7/21/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 5/5/1864 at the Wilderness, VA
HillFrank-F7HighgateNational/Cypress Hills, NY2422U. 3/27/1865. Brooklyn, NY.
HoltHenryH.H11SherburneNational/Cypress Hills, NY1212D. 6/20/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
HutchinsonOrvilleW.E6St. JohnsburyNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 6/29/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
JonesAaron-F14CastletonNational/Cypress Hills, NY655M. 7/17/1863. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 7/3/1863 at Gettysburg, PA
KennedyFelixH.B10MontpelierNational/Cypress Hills, NY956D. 12/8/1863. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Kranz*Phillip-A4BenningtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY6981N. 8/28/1911. Natural Causes. Mustered out on 2/8/1865. Grave # 6981
LamarshEdwin-A5MiltonNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 9/5/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
LamereFrankA.B3BrowningtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-D. 12/16/1862. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
Lang/Sang*AlbertW.K(I)10ReadingNational/Cypress Hills, NY1537D. 8/4/1864. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Grave # 1537
LawrenceEdward-K6St. AlbansNational/Cypress Hills, NY465D. 10/9/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
LungeJoseph-L11AlbanyNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 7/3/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad, VA
MansfieldRoyalG.G17St. JohnsburyNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 10/10/1864. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
NewtonJohnL.F9BurlingtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY2108M. 10/27/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 9/29/1864 at Chapin, s Farm, VA
NorrisHorace-H11WindsorNational/Cypress Hills, NY-D. 6/24/1865. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
O'NeilJohn-B3NewportNational/Cypress Hills, NY6D. 5/8/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Listed as 12 VT Inf
Owens*John-E1CavRutlandNational/Cypress Hills, NY1422M. 7/21/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/13/1864 at White Oak Swamp, VA
ParmeneterFrankF.E17WilliamstownNational/Cypress Hills, NY1686M. 8/21/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 7/30/1864 at Poplar Grove Church, VA
PashaAntoine-F6BurlingtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY628M. 5/18/1863. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 9/17/1862 at Antietam, MD
PerryAlbertW.C11LeicesterNational/Cypress Hills, NY*-M. 6/23/1864. NY. MWIA 6/6/1864 at Cold Harbor, VA. Delivered to NOK
PrescottLutherA.E4VershireNational/Cypress Hills, NYNLD. 11/12/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Prescott*Lytha/LutherG.E4VershireNational/Cypress Hills, NY536D. 11/1/1867. Burial date. Died of disease on 11/2/1862. Grave # 536
RalphThomas-A1CavShelburneNational/Cypress Hills, NY2005M. 10/7/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 10/6/1864 at Columbia Furnace near Strasburg, VA
ReedChesterL.G10BrookfieldNational/Cypress Hills, NY1012M. 6/5/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/1/1864 at Cold Harbor
RobinsonMosesW.I8GuilfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY2362M. 3/11/1865. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek, VA
RobinsonSylvester-K3BrowningtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY390D. 9/2/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Robinson*MosesW.I8GuilfordNational/Cypress Hills, NY2362M3/11/1865. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek, VA. Grave # 2362
Robinson*Sylvester-K3BrowningtonNational/Cypress Hills, NY390D. 9/4/1862. Brooklyn, NY. DiseaseGrave # 390
RoddyTerence-D2Hyde ParkNational/Cypress Hills, NYNLM. 8/25/1862. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/29/1862 at Savage Station, VA
RyanPerteW.B5MiddleburyNational/Cypress Hills. NY*-D. 10/17/1862. NY. Disease. Delivered to NOK
SandersAndrew-I17VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY-9/8/1864. NY
SangAlbertU.I10VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY15378/3/1864. NY
Sang*AlbertU.I10VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY1537U. 8/3/1864. NY. Unknown
SearleDavidA.H3FairfieldNational/Cypress Hills, NY381D. 8/31/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Searle*DavidA.H3FairfieldNational/Cypress Hills, NY381D. 8/31/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease.
SmithJarishS.G4CabotNational/Cypress Hills, NY440D. 11/19/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
StoddardCharlesW.-3LartyBarreNational/Cypress Hills, NYNLD. 1/16/1865. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
SymesAlbertA. CI3LunenburghNational/Cypress Hills, NYNLM. 6/26/1864. Brooklyn, NY. MWIA 6/2/1864 at Cold Harbor
TaylorJosephW.I3MaidstoneNational/Cypress Hills, NY446D. 10/8/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
Taylor*Benjamin-F2VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY140U. 6/30/1862. Brooklyn, NY
Taylor*Joseph-I3MaidstoneNational/Cypress Hills, NY446D. 10/3/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease. Grave # 446
ThurstonQuincyF.D2HuntingtonNational/Cypress Hills, NYNLD. 8/5/1862. Brooklyn, NY. Disease
WhippleAlexanderS.H2USSSBartonNational/Cypress Hills, NY-M. 7/5/1864. NY. MWIA 5/23/1864 at Weldon Railroad, VA.
Whitehouse/ Whitestone*Russell-A11VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY1045/ 1046u. 2/28/1864. Not in Vermont Roster. Grave # 1045/1046
WoodmanThomasW.C6Keeseville, NYNational/Cypress Hills, NY-ND. Brooklyn, NY.
Wordman*Thomas-C8VermontNational/Cypress Hills, NY574U. 12/24/1862. Not in Vermont Roster. Grave # 574
Young*Hiram-B10WaterburyNational/Cypress Hills, NY1256S. 6/27/1864.committed suicide.

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A Special Research Project created especially for Vermont in the Civil War
by Richard Barry, a Green Mountain Boy!