The Barry Report
Wilmington National Cemetery
North Carolina
BemisPhineas-F4AthensNational/Wilmington, NC-P. 2/26/1865. Confederate Prison. Disease
Bemis*T.--4VermontNational/Wilmington, NC3 2037D. 3/11/1865. Plot 3 2037 May be Phineas or a case of mistaken identity
Call*AlbertG.D1Cav-National/Wilmington, NC2128N. 9/19/1910. Natural Causes
Dunbell/Dunbar*SamuelF.A4BridgewaterNational/Wilmington, NC1 1946P. 3/18/1865. Wilmington, NC. Disease
Estabrooks/ Esterbrooks#GeorgeH.I4DoverNational/Wilmington, NC3 2039P. 3/26/1865. Wilmington, NC. Disease Transferred from Andersonville, GA
GilmoreJoseph-D12-National/Wilmington, NC354P. 3/7/1865. NC
Jerdo/Jerde*Henry-A1CavBurlingtonNational/Wilmington, NC1 1947P. 3/2/1865. Confederate Prison. Disease
Nelson#Orin-G4WoodburyNational/Wilmington, NC-P. 3/6/1865. Wilmington, NC. Transferred from Andersonville to Millen, GA on 11/11/1864 and from there to Wilmington.

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A Special Research Project created especially for Vermont in the Civil War
by Richard Barry, a Green Mountain Boy!