The Barry Report

Loudon Park National Cemetery
AllenGeorge-H11RochesterNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 12/6/1864. VA. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek.
BaileyNathaniel-H4CabotNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 5/27/1864. VA. MWIA 5/5/1864 at the Wilderness
Baker*NathanF.F6Mt. TaborNational/Loudon Park, MD-Mustered out 8/1/1862???Does not appear in Loudon Park Roster. May be a post Civil War burial
BaldwinCharlesW.B11WhitingNational/Loudon Park, MD-Mustered out. 6/24/1865
BlakeArthurP.C4BarnetNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 12/13/1864. VA. Disease
CainJamesH.D10BurlingtonNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 11/10/1864. VA. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek
CarleyHenryM.A17HighgateNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 6/16/1864. Virginia. MWIA 5/6/1864 at the Wilderness, Virginia
CloughCharlesE.A2ReadsboroNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 7/9/1863. Virginia. Disease
ColeChaunceyM.C3Mt. HollyNational/Loudon Park, MD-U. No Date(8/9/1862?)
ConantSamuelP.D10RichmondNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 3/8/1864. MD. Disease
CrapoJohnF.C11ShrewsburyNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 9/7/1864. WV. MWIA 8/21/1864 at Charles Town
CummingsWilliamH. H.E5ManchesterNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 8/2/1862. VA. MWIA 6/29/1862 at Savage's Station
DavenportDavid-H6RoxburyNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 10/1/1862. VA. Disease
DodgeLeroy-B10BarreNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 10/28/1864. VA. MWIA 9/22/1864 at Fisher's Hill
Duling*John-F8St. AlbansNational/Loudon Park, MD-P. 3/24/1865. Camp Parole, Baltimore, MD. Disease
DurpheyHarry-C6HartlandNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 6/19/1864. VA. MWIA 5/5/1864 at the Wilderness
ElmerChesterB.A2ShaftsburyNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 12/31/1864. MD. Disease
EmeryJamesN.C6Vermont National/Loudon Park, MD-10/26/1864
Fontaine*Amy-F1CavVermontNational/Loudon Park, MD-3/14/1865. MD
Geurtien/Gurther*HerminiJ.G11JamaicaNational/Loudon Park, MD.-D. 8/27/1864. MD. Disease
GibsonCarlosO.H4WaldenNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 11/28/1864. VA. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek
Goodell*JohnV.C8WaterfordNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 11/18/1864. MD. MWIA at Cedar Creek, VA
GoodrichAllenW.C11BensonNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 9/19/1864. WV. MWIA 8/21/1864 at Charles Town
GrahamBenjaminF.I11WindhamNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 2/11/1865. MD. Disease
HarrisJohnP.H4DanvilleNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 9/18/1862. MD. MWIA 4/16/1862 at Lee's Mills, VA
Horner*EriJ.D/I6CambridgeNational/Loudon Park, MD-P. 7/27/1863. Baltimore. MD. Disease. Camp Parole
HowardWells-H2JamaicaNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 11/1/1864. VA. MWIA 5/12/1864 at Spotsylvania
HydeAlanson-I3Columbia, NHNational/Loudon Park, MD-P. 1/5/1863. Confederate Prison. Disease
KingHiramR.F1CavHartlandNational/Loudon Park, MD-D. 4/7/1865. MD. Disease
MaineRobert-K6FletcherNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 6/3/1864. VA. MWIA 5/5/1864 at the Wilderness
MayoJohn-D10South HeroNational/Loudon Park, MD-M. 11/30/1864. VA. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Winchester
McColleyJames-C8WheelockNational/Loudon Park, MD586D. 4/15/1865. VA. Disease
NewcombThomasB.M11Hyde ParkNational/Loudon Park, MD281D. 10/5/1864. MD. Disease
Pierce*Abel/Abell-E3CanaanNational/Loudon Park, MD246M. 12/23/1864. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek
RiceCharles-E10PownalNational/Loudon Park, MD932M. 9/3/1864. MD. MWIA 7/9/1964 at Monocacy
RootCyrusS.C8SheffieldNational/Loudon Park, MDNLM. 11/14/1864. VA. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Cedar Creek
Russell*Clark/CharlesH.C11New YorkNational/Loudon Park, MD722M. 8/28/1864. WV. MWIA 8/21/1864 at Charles Town
SearleJohnE.H3MontgomeryNational/Loudon Park, MD108M. 7/26/1864. MD. MWIA 5/5/1864 at the Wilderness
Sears*Joseph-A5SwantonNational/Loudon Park, MD1510D. 5/10/1864. MD. Disease
StoweCharlesH.H2FletcherNational/Loudon Park, MDNLM. 11/14/1864. MD. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Winchester, VA
Taylor*GeogeD.E6CavendishNational/Loudon Park, MD1495D. 8/19/1862. MD. Disease. Date is from National Cemetery data. VTCW says 7/19/1862
TaylorArthurW.C13BerlinNational/Loudon Park, MD1139U. 7/14/1863 from Cemetery data. . He was mustered out on 7/21/1863.
ThomasGilbert-G11DorsetNational/Loudon Park, MD573D. 1/22/1864. MD. Disease
TupperJonathanE.E2UnderhillNational/Loudon Park, MD1099M. 11/5/1864. MD. MWIA 10/19/1864 at Wincester, VA
Way OscarH.H8LandgroveNational/Loudon Park, MDOld CardD. 4/8/1865. MD. Disease
WoodworthCharles-I11NorthfieldNational/Loudon Park, MDTBSM. 8/28/1864. WV. MWIA 8/21/1864 at Charles Town
WymanLaroy-A2PeruNational/Loudon Park, MDTBSM. 10/14/1864. VA. MWIA 9/19/1864 at Winchester

Photographs courtesy of Tom Ledoux

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A Special Research Project created especially for Vermont in the Civil War
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