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Broad Run, April 1, 1863

Vermont units present/engaged:

1st Vermont Cavalry

 Medal of Honor

There were no Vermonters awarded the Medal of Honor as a result of this battle.


Detachments of the 1st Vermont and 5th New York Cavalry. The Confederate Gen. Mosby was known to be in the vicinity with a small force of men and Capt. Flint was sent out at the head of the detachment to rout or capture him. They came upon Mosby and about 65 of his men at a house on Broad run, not far from the Leesburg and Alexandria road, and before the Confederates knew that any Union men were in the immediate neighborhood they received a volley that wounded 4 of their number.

Owing to the arrangement of the fences a charge was impossible, and while Flint's men were crowded about a narrow gate in their efforts to get through they were subjected to a galling fire from the enemy.This increased the confusion, the men became panic stricken and fled in disorder.

The Union loss was 25 killed and wounded and about 80 prisoners, stragglers picked up in squads of 3 or 4. Mosby's loss was the 4 wounded at the first fire.

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Broad Run, VA

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