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Bayou des Allemands, September 4, 1862

Vermont units present/engaged:
8th Infantry
 Medal of Honor

There were no Vermonters awarded the Medal of Honor as a result of this battle.


On the 4th of September, another detachment of sixty men under Captain Clark, guarding a railroad train, was ambushed at Boutte Station by Confederate Colonel McWaters, with a force of 1,500 strong, and badly cut to pieces, losing fifteen killed and fatally hurt and twenty wounded, but the train escaped.

The force which attacked this train now turned to Bayou Des Allemands station, which was held by a detachment under Captain Hall, and demanded its surrender, and Captain Hall, apprised of the enemy's strength, surrendered with Lieutenant Sargent, Co. E., Lieutenants Green and Mead, Co. G., and 137 men.

Among our men surrendered here were seven Germans who enlisted from New Orleans, and being recognized, they were tried by a hasty Court Martial, condemned to death and shot on the pretext that they were deserters from the rebel army, which was entirely untrue, and a more dastardly murder was never committed.