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George G. Benedict's "Vermont in the Civil War"

PHASE ONE of the Benedict Project is complete! It would not have been possible without the wonderful assistance of Lynn Atkinson, Patrick Coleman, Tom Dunn, Mark Felone, Steve Fletcher, Peter Flood, Jim & Carolyn Fouts and Winnie Ledoux, who transcribed sections, chapters or multiple chapters of the work. Thank you one and all!!

The chapters are available online, see menu on the left. Volume One details pre-war activity, and the regimental histories for the first six infantry regiments, as well as the 1st Brigade. Volume Two includes the 7th through 17th infantry regiments, artillery, cavalry, frontier cavalry, navy, sharpshooters, U.S. Army, etc. Check out the Contents files to determine which chapter you want. Most of the files are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader. Click on the graphic at the bottom of the page to download this utility if you don't already have it.

The reference, for quoting Benedict's work, is

Benedict, George Grenville. Vermont in the Civil War. Burlington, VT>: Free Press Association, 1888.

Chapters 1-20 are in volume 1; chapters 21-32 are in volume 2. The page numbers in the online files reflect the original pagination in the print version of the book.

PHASE TWO of the project is the indexing of both volumes. The original index to the two volumes is only eight pages long. It only includes major figures and events. It does not include hundreds of soldiers mentioned in the book (most in footnotes), or dozens of locations. It is a pitiful adjunct to a wonderful work.

A final draft version of the index has been databased, and is available here for searching. Comments/additions/deletions? Contact the webmaster.

PHASE THREE of the project will be the development of a Vermont Civil War Gazetteer, incorporating the place names mentioned in the book, along with descriptions, such as location (period and present, or a notation if no longer in existence or replaced by another name, or subsumed in a suburban area, etc.), dates, if a battlefield, etc.

For example:

Berryville, Clarke Cty, Va., (39.1518,-77.9822) south of Charles Town, east of Winchester, west of Lynchburg. Today: at the intersection of Va. Routes 7B and 340, seven miles east of Winchester. Note: Opequon Creek lies between Berryville and Winchester.

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