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Tom Boudreau

Tom has contributed 492 cemetery records/photographs!

MA, Adams, Bellevue Cemetery
MA, Colrain, North River Cemetery
MA, Colrain, West Branch Cemetery
MA, Dalton, Main Street Cemetery
MA, North Adams, Blackington Cemetery
MA, North Adams, Hillside Cemetery
MA, North Adams, Southview Cemetery
MA, North Adams, St. Joseph Cemetery
MA, Rowe, East Cemetery
MA, Stockbridge, Center Cemetery
MA, Williamstown, Eastlawn Cemetery
VT, Arlington, Evergreen Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Hinsdillville Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Old Catholic Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Old First Church Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Park Lawn Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Veterans Home Cemetery
VT, Bennington, Village Cemetery
VT, Bennington, White Chapel Cemetery
VT, Brandon, Forestdale Cemetery
VT, Brattleboro, Locust Ridge Cemetery
VT, Brattleboro, Prospect Hill Cemetery
VT, Brattleboro, St. Michaels Cemetery
VT, Brattleboro, West Brattleboro Cemetery
VT, Castleton, Hillside Cemetery
VT, Charlotte, Barber Cemetery
VT, Charlotte, Grand View Cemetery
VT, Dorset, East Dorset Cemetery
VT, Dorset, Maple Hill Cemetery
VT, Dorset, St. Jerome Cemetery
VT, Halifax, Niles Cemetery
VT, Halifax, West Halifax Cemetery
VT, Hinesburg, Village Cemetery
VT, Hubbardton, East Hubbardton Cemetery
VT, Huntington, Maplewood Cemetery
VT, Marlboro, Marlboro Center Cemetery
VT, Marlboro, Clark Warren Cemetery
VT, Middlebury, Prospect Cemetery
VT, Middlebury, St. Marys Cemetery
VT, Bennington, St. Johns Catholic Cemetery
VT, New Haven, Riverside Cemetery
VT, Pawlet, Northeast Cemetery
VT, Poultney, East Poultney Cemetery
VT, Poultney, Poultney Cemetery
VT, Pownal, Pownal Center Cemetery
VT, Pownal, North Pownal Cemetery
VT, Pownal, Oak Hill Cemetery
VT, Readsboro, Heartwellville Cemetery
VT, Readsboro, North Hill Cemetery
VT, Readsboro, South Readsboro Cemetery
VT, Readsboro, Village Cemetery
VT, Rupert, North Rupert Cemetery
VT, West Rutland, St. Bridgets Cemetery
VT, Searsburg, Crosier Yard Cemetery
VT, Searsburg, Eames Yard Cemetery
VT, Stamford, Houghton Cemetery
VT, Stamford, Millard Cemetery
VT, Tinmouth, Tinmouth Cemetery
VT, Wallingford, Green Hill Cemetery
VT, Wells, Wells Town Cemetery
VT, Whitingham, Green Cemetery
VT, Whitingham, Jacksonville Cemetery
VT, Whitingham, Riverview Cemetery
VT, Whitingham, Sadawga Cemetery
VT, Wilmington, Intervale Cemetery
VT, Wilmington, Restland Cemetery
VT, Wilmington, Riverview Cemetery
VT, Woodford, City Cemetery
VT, Worcester, Worcester Village Cemetery

Tom has also contributed in whole or part to more than 1,425 soldiers' biographies and obituaries! Here are Tom's latest contributions:

Bryant, Charles V.
Shedd, Lorenzo William
Dorman, Julius S.
Greenleaf, William Luther
Holden, Wyman
Rhodes, Jonathan J.
Mead, Charles B.
Jacobs, Charles
Clogston, Oramel Curtis
Bly, Charles H.
Knight, Orris Pierre
Currier, John Wesley
Demeritt, John Pushee
Kemp, Henry
Gleason, Patrick
Cobb, William H.
Lord, Raymond P.
Dwyer, Osmond
Lavoy, Henry
Hayes, Nathan Childs
Kent, George A.
Craggy, William
Shattuck, George
Phillips, Ephraim
Goddard, Moses
Safford, Frank
Hunt, George W.
Moody, Marcus A.
Downing, Jacob L.
Armstrong, James
Gilbert, Eli
Paronto, Francis
Towsley, Leander M.
Conant, William John
Miller, Thomas J.
Brewer, H. Harrison
Sargent, James M.
Cross, Theodore L.
Bemis, William Whiting
Bolles, David
Hook, Sylvanus F.
Whitcher, Orange C.
Harris, Luther Burnham
Gates, Cadmas S.
Cochran, Thomas
Perry, Rollin
Vance, Martin V. B.
Laundry, Joseph
Sumner, Samuel W.
Kelton, William A.
Holland, George Nathaniel
Carr, David G.
Headle, Alphonzo E.
Lonergan, John
Erwin, John Wesley
Chase, John B.
Spencer, George W.
Dickerman, Lyman
Barton, Charles
Colomb, John
Hawkins, Sylvester
Safford, Horace
Bird, Elijah W.
Crandall, Richard Bailey
Stearns, John C.
Wyman, Abel Tenny
Kent, Lorenzo E.
Carr, Anson K.
Clough, Daniel Moulton
Hawkins, Abel W.
Taylor, Whipple B.
Ware, Jonas F.
Sperry, William Joseph
Williams, Charles B.
Smith, Elijah L.
Halo, Thomas
Hall, George Burton
Richardson, George A.
Lord, John H.
Wright, John E. P.
Capen, James H.
Crossman, Dexter
Stickles, Peleamon J.
Worcester, Daniel
Whitney, James P.
Elliott, William H.
Barrows, Dustin
Smith, Otis B.
Hartwell, James S.
Tracy, William
Stone, William E.
Barker, Isaac
Ware, Jason P.
Harvey, William Wallace
Barker, Seth W.
Noyes, Edwin M.
Chase, William E.
Bates, George D.
Willey, Henry S.
Smart, William Stevenson

In addition, Tom has contributed 1 general articles: