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Mr. Editor: The National Cemetery at Cold Harbor, Virginia, was completed on the 1st of May and dedicated by a formal raising of the Stars and Stripes on the staff in the center of the ground, and the singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner" by those present. This cemetery is situated on the Cold Harbor Road, on the farm of Mrs. Slaughter, and a half mile from the " Cold Harbor House". It is 234 feet in length by 220 feet in width, and contains one and one-sixth acres. The total number of bodies interred is 1,930. As it may be of some consolation to friends and relatives of those brave heroes who lay beneath the verdant turf in this repository of their ashes- of those patriotic sons of Vermont, who, to defend their country's cause, fell glorious martyrs at the shrine of devotion. I have very carefully taken as correct a list as my limited time would permit,- thinking it would be interesting to many of your numerous readers. I send you the following names, which I copied from the headboards that are neatly placed above each grave.

  • 1st Lieut, H.H. Bailey, Co. B, 2nd Vt. Died June 3,1864
  • 1st Lieut. H.C. Miller Co. A. 3rd Vt. Died June 6,1864
  • Sergt G.F. Wilson, Co. C. 6th Vt. June 1st 1874
  • H.White Bat. H, 1st Art Died June 2,1864
  • Sergt.J.W. Hutchinson, Bat.A, 1st Art. Killed June 10,1864
  • E. Burroughs, Co. G,6th Vt Died June 3,1864
  • E. H. Jaquet, Bat. E., 1st Art. Died June 3,1864
  • Chas. Perry, Co. G. 4th Vt, Died from wounds rec'd in battle, June 1st,1864
  • Sergt. A. Howard, Bat. F. 1st Art. Died from wounds received in battle, June 3, 1864
  • Ora Howe, Bat D, 1st Art. Killed June 12, 1864
  • Wm. Robbins, Co. I,3rd VtDied from wounds received in battle June 3,1864
  • J. C. Felton Co.H. 2nd Vt. Died June 8,1864
  • Wm. Henderson, Co. K. 3rd Vt. Killed June 3,1864
  • L. Gradey, Co B. 5th Vt. Died June 9,1864
  • Edwin W. Niles, Co. E., 10th Vt. Killed June 3,1864
  • Capt. E.M. Farr, Co.F. 6th Vt.Died from wounds received in battle, June 6,1864
  • H. J. Baker, Co.F. 6th Vt.Died from wounds received in battle, June 6, 1864
  • D.Barton, Co. K.4th Vt. Died from wounds received in battle June 9,1864
  • J. B. Kusick, Bat.1, 1st Vt. Art. Died June 6,1864
  • Eli R. Hosford, Bat.C. 1st Art.Died June 12, 1864
  • S. G. Heaton, Co. D. 3rd Vt. Killed June 6, 1864
  • Cop'l. R. Lull, Bat. M. 1st Art.Died June7,1864
  • H. A. Fuller, Co.A. 2nd Vt. Died June 5,1864
  • H. Portoe, Bat. B. 1st Art. Died from wounds received in battle June 7,1864
  • B. F. Strong, Bat.H. 1st Art. Died June 9, 1864.

Very Respectfully Yours,
C.W. Scott Jr.
Richmond Va. May 9th

Comment: All burials mentioned are dated 1864, except one, which reads 1874- likely a typo- but as published in newspaper.

Correspondent could be the Charles W. Scott, Jr., who was musician, Co. L, 11th Vermont Infantry (aka 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery), discharged for disability 1/15/64, also served in 11th U.S. Infantry, and 28th MA Infantry.

Source: Lamoille Newsdealer, 16 May 1866; submitted by Deanna French