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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Georgia.

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Georgia cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Georgia counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Beard, Randolph M.18345/15/18640Unmarked grave
May be buried in ...Beckley, Oren Jr.183806/06/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bennett, Daniel B.1841Before 03/27/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Blair, Enos1823After 05/21/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bontell, Amos L.183310/03/1864112600017Not recorded
May be buried in ...Boyce, John183202/11/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Burnham, Charles1823after 06/23/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Chapman, Henry184007/20/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Chase, Henry B.184509/16/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cheney, Lyman H.182603/21/18820Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clark, Thaddeus H.183811/15/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Conley, John183808/10/1864112641168Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cooley, William011/23/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cowley, James M.183606/15/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Crow, John182806/16/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Davis, Amos B.18389/19/18630
May be buried in ...Deal, Albert183309/19/18630
May be buried in ...Dodge, Nelson E.183912/15/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Donahue, Thomas183808/17/1864?0Not recorded
May be buried in ...Greeley, Amos183210/28/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Green, James P.184407/22/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Grover, Pembroke S.184210/26/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Guild, Martin E.184211/19/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Haradon, Dan181807/22/18640
May be buried in ...Hogan, John C.1843Before 04/29/18780Not recorded
May be buried in ...Howard, James H.010/25/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hughes, John183811/20/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hyde, Horace A.182409/16/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Ingraham, James A.184411/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lapoint, Charles184406/22/18640
May be buried in ...McKenna, Peter184411/15/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Moran, Thomas184608/25/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Peters, Horace N.007/22/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Peters, Myron D.183707/22/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Poor, James H.1841After 05/25/18930Not recorded
May be buried in ...Randall, Abel M.182205/14/18640
May be buried in ...Rivers, Antoine184010/01/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Rowley, Calvin J.183504/21/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Ryerson, William Delos183410/31/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stone, John181518680Not recorded
May be buried in ...Trumbull, Stephen P.1833After 08/30/1864112745573Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wakefield, Dana184205/14/1864132290870Not recorded
May be buried in ...Webster, Chauncey G.184209/19/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wilson, Alexander P.182809/19/1863112543141Not recorded
BartowEmersonEmerson City CemeteryPark, Silas1840before 03/05/190410640078Not recorded
Ben HillFitzgeraldEvergreen CemeteryDavis, Edward Nelson184404/02/191933417475Not recorded
Ben HillFitzgeraldEvergreen CemeterySmith, Albert S.184210/10/1908187494473-1-6
BibbMaconRose Hill CemeteryNutting, Charles Allen181810/18/188143644521Central Avenue Section, Blk 8, Lot 10
BibbMaconRose Hill CemeteryWing, Levi Humphrey002/18/187165812893
ChathamSavannahCathedral CemeteryKnapp, George R.184207/23/186730390327Not recorded
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryBeckwith, John E.18307/21/186440708894E/6122
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryButtolph, David O.183506/27/186432376251C/2327
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryHawes, Amos P.182706/27/186441142202Section A #877
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryHigbee, Edmund Burke183806/27/1864127453508No_Marker
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryHinds, Silas G.183703/01/18643950960F/5455
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryKing, Rufus W.184003/15/186540393079No MArker
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryMattocks, Andrew J.183708/05/18643953167B/1190
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeterySmall, Ozra183907/22/186427895656E/352
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryStanley, Elisha182706/16/18643957024Not recorded
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeterySutherland, Silas181506/22/18643957354J-10045
CobbMariettaMarietta National CemeteryThayer, James Hervey183310/07/186416341438G/8312
CobbMariettaSt. James Episcopal CemeteryStrong, William K.183703/29/191352458899Not recorded
ColquittMoultrieWestview CemeteryKimball, Henry H.184112/24/190595322040Lane 5 West, Section 5, Block D, Lot 8
ElbertElbertonElmhurst CemeteryPalmer, Henry Newman183901/20/192344206665Not recorded
FloydRomeMyrtle Hill CemeteryWells, Thomas P.1845unknown18515137Not recorded
FultonAtlantaOakland CemeteryOatman, Stephen B.0before 10/01/1903116638891Not recorded
FultonHapevilleWestview CemeteryWhitney, Grenville184704/09/19210Not recorded
HaralsonTallapoosaHollywood CemeteryParker, Joel G.183701/31/191546254053Not recorded
HaralsonTallapoosaHollywood CemeteryTurner, Orlando S.184010/17/193057040732Not recorded
LowndesValdostaSunset Hill CemeteryCorey, Charles184605/09/19040Not recorded
MarionBuena VistaCity CemeteryWhite, James D.1840191431737233Not recorded
PauldingDallasNew Hope CemeteryReynolds, Andrew182505/27/186414955738Not recorded
PolkCedartownGreenwood CemeteryHuntington, Alvah Corydon Ayers183502/05/190841485509Not recorded
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryAllen, Charles N.183908/21/1864291017066331
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryCarroll, Grant182308/01/1864113341914456
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryCarroll, Obed J.182507/31/1864113292044366
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryCulver, William010/02/186470638909
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryDake, George W.183709/13/1864139258128626
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryFelch, George P.183001/12/186551154578H 12440
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryFrysbie, Zara183408/20/186462707916E/6191
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryGilligan, Matthew184103/31/186451155301Row 272
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryGould, William182905/05/186411308068893
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryHarrington, Stephen J.184106/28/186427888003K-2597
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryHill, David Jr.183803/19/18645113748567
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryKingsbury, Harlan Page184108/09/1864465280475151
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryLockling, Joel M.183305/16/1864113088651156
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryMerrill, Franklin S.183706/29/1864511405762637
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryNeedham, Lyman H.183809/01/1864389101447439
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryNott, Stephen E.183911/01/1864101232539Not recorded
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryNourse, Hiram Willard182805/10/1864511413911005
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryPerkins, Lorenzo C.184606/24/1864138800952621
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeterySeaman, Mead H.183709/25/1864511434617614
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeterySpooner, Charles182507/28/1864113138604153
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryStocker, Henry W.184310/17/186479321154Not recorded
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryTemple, Ira182206/10/186451144859
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryTown, Eli C.183601/20/18650?????
SumterAndersonvilleAndersonville National CemeteryWells, Eleazer181607/03/1864280399062810
WhitfieldDaltonOld Presbyterian CemeteryBard, Henry H.1843186466620264Not recorded
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