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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Kansas.

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Kansas cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Kansas counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Alger, Martin V. B.1837after 07/15/18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Baldwin, Melvin B.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Beach, Harley Austin184504/29/18750
May be buried in ...Bell, William H.1822After 18800
May be buried in ...Blair, Frank E.0Before 2/19/18970Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bolton, Leonard S.1837after 19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Brown, Amos J.184005/11/18810Not recorded
May be buried in ...Brown, Thomas1841After 19000Not recorded
May be buried in ...Carpenter, Walter W.0After 10/22/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clapp, Stephen184412/17/19250Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clay, Charles H.1832After 9/30/18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Coffran, Roswell L.1841After 19300Not recorded
May be buried in ...Colby, Joseph1835Before 04/19/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cole, Norman D.1845After 18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Collins, Charles B.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Conant, Alphonso184001/30/18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Coon, Charles H.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cotton, George B.1840After 19150Not recorded
May be buried in ...Curran, Michael1841After 18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Curtin, Lorenzo D.0After 06/30/18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Daniels, Wallace W.1834After 18750
May be buried in ...Davis, Thomas0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Dolan, Bernard1829After 03/18/19070Not recorded
May be buried in ...Duffy, Frank W.184312/24/19110Not recorded
May be buried in ...Eldred, Thomas1828After 07/26/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Foster, Harrington S.06/30/1884 - 11/05/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Gerron, Lewis1824After 07/30/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Gifford, Collins F.1839after 18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Goodwin, Enoch A.18389/30/1884 - 8/18/18900
May be buried in ...Green, William F.0after 09/06/19280Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hanley, James0After 12/31/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Harkness, Charles1839After 19050
May be buried in ...Hart, Franklin H.0After 6/30/18940Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hart, Henry C.1835After 7/18/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hathorn, Samuel A.184201/24/19220Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hayes, William K.0After 19200Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hill, Joseph0After 6/30/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Home, J. C.0After 7/12/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hoolahan, John1837After 03/04/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Howe, Samuel W.1843after 18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Huntington, Ward012/01/19120Not recorded
May be buried in ...Judd, Washington1833Before 08/22/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Kirby, Henry A.1845after 06/18/19280Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lawrence, Mackson B.1835before 04/09/18880Not recorded
May be buried in ...Loverin, George K.1824Aft 18700Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lyman, John1843After 09/23/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Magill, Jerome B.0After 9/30/18820Not recorded
May be buried in ...Marsh, John H.0After 10/28/19010Not recorded
May be buried in ...Marshall, Rolle T.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Martin, Alfred S.0After 6/30/18860Not recorded
May be buried in ...McCormick, James0After 12/31/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...McDonald, Clark183212/01/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Meacham, Franklin M.183709/05/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Messenger, Benjamin F.184111/27/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Moxley, Charles1834before 07/05/18880Not recorded
May be buried in ...Myers, Harvey C.1841after 9/28/19070Not recorded
May be buried in ...O'Rourk, Richard0After 12/31/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Page, William N.1837before 05/07/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Parsons, Henry Clay183204/24/18990Not recorded
May be buried in ...Patnoe, Alex0After 03/01/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Patten, Charles L.0After 9/30/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Perry, George H.1843Before 1/2/18970
May be buried in ...Phillips, George1843after 19140Not recorded
May be buried in ...Pierce, William0After 12/31/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Pierce, William183211/17/18730Not recorded
May be buried in ...Platt, James E.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Price, William0After 6/30/18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Rice, George Washington1846after 04/20/19060Not recorded
May be buried in ...Robbins, Charles D.184003/25/18710Not recorded
May be buried in ...Robertson, James184004/27/19200Not recorded
May be buried in ...Robinson, Amos H.184210/11/18980Not recorded
May be buried in ...Rush, H. G.0After 12/31/18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Russell, Edwin1842Before 04/09/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Simpson, David0After 12/31/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Slason, George F.1838Before 4/8/19070Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sleeper, John H.1833After 2/15/19110Not recorded
May be buried in ...Spaulding, Jas A.0After 12/31/19030Not recorded
May be buried in ...Spooner, Henry F.001/07/19130Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stone, Charles0After 9/30/18830Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sturnes, J. B.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sullivan, Daniel.0After 12/31/18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Thompson, William G.182101/29/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Tisdale, James0After 6/30/18860Not recorded
May be buried in ...Underhill, John Baldwin1841Before 4/26/19210Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wait, H.0After 3/31/18880Not recorded
May be buried in ...Washburn, Harvey D.1843After 12/22/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Waterman, Henry1827Before 7/5/19040
May be buried in ...Waters, William0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...White, Anthony1826After 18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...White, George W.0After 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Whitman, Carrol E.1843After 6/18/18900
May be buried in ...Wilder, Nahum E1832Before 6/13/18760
May be buried in ...Williams, Thomas T.1844Before 11/09/19060Not recorded
May be buried in ...Winston, Edward1831After 6/30/18900Not recorded
AllenIolaIola CemeteryThayer, Edmond J.1840Unknown11561439
AtchisonAtchisonMount Vernon CemeteryHolbrook, James E.184005/30/190654865232
AtchisonAtchisonOak Hill CemeteryJohnson, George B. S.1837190113954094228-4-W
BourbonZionZion CemeteryAllaire, Mitchell1817Unknown99296737Not recorded
BrownHiawathaHiawatha CemeteryBabcock, William Henry184309/16/192219034808Not recorded
BrownHiawathaMount Hope CemeterySmith, Edwin A.1843Unknown100771608Not recorded
BuchananLamontCampton CemeteryNiles, Carlos M.184403/09/192097077713Not recorded
ButlerAugustaHaskin Family CemeteryHaskins, Clark183103/23/192364594770Not recorded
ButlerChelseaChelsea CemeteryPearse, Henry Newton182801/09/1884117267678Not recorded
ButlerEl DoradoBelle Vista CemeteryRobbins, John E.183702/28/190519149227Not recorded
ButlerRosaliaBlankenship CemeteryNoble, Charles M.184007/03/191526127438Not recorded
ButlerTowandaTowanda CemeteryHobart, Luther Marshall181603/14/188415091204Not recorded
ChaseCedar PointCedar POint CemeteryPeck, Warren W.183902/16/190751600396Not recorded
CherokeeColumbusLone Elm CemeteryGray, John007/11/192724304939Not recorded
CherokeeColumbusPark CemeteryPatch, Auburn T.184309/22/191533363307Not recorded
ClayClay CenterGreenwood CemeteryAvery, Park181903/17/1905101097494Not recorded
ClayClay CenterGreenwood CemeteryBussey, Oliver184312/18/192890402183Not recorded
ClintonClintonClinton CemeteryMason, Nelson183011/27/1904148246636Not recorded
CloudClydeFrench Presbyterian CemeteryLandry, Eli184001/22/189259413172Not recorded
CloudConcordiaPleasant Hill CemeteryKenyon, Edgar1846Before 07/06/192231132716
CloudConcordiaSt. Concordia CemeteryBrundage, Harrison183512/13/190733233917Not recorded
CloudMiltonvaleMiltonvale CemeteryLathrop, Myron183106/02/192426577167Not recorded
CoffeyBurlingtonGraceland CemeteryPartridge, Franklin182612/26/190686739847W of NW Quad
CollyerCollyerCollyer CemeteryCarleton, David G.1844Unknown30037486Not recorded
CrawfordMcCuneMcCune CemeteryBates, Andrew J.182612/22/188834316919Section 1, Row 11, Lot 154
CrawfordPittsburgMount Olive CemeteryWanzer, Sidney O.010/21/192191837796Not recorded
CrawfordWalnutWalnut CemeteryPelsue, John W.184401/23/189014777239Not recorded
DickinsonEnterpriseMount Hope CemeteryCase, Charles M.184305/29/189487670747D-1; GAR Marker, No tombstone
DickinsonEnterpriseMount Hope CemeteryConant, Henry A.181807/13/190788150907Block A Conant Lot 34
DodgeNorth BendWoodland CemeteryHall, William Wallace183102/09/192259721106Not recorded
DoniphanMorayMoray CemeteryLawrence, Luman C.18401908162247880O-64
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryHaskell, John Gideon183211/25/190729760065Plot: Section 3
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryHill, Ekin M.1833After 12/31/189127492662Section 10, Lot 79
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryLaptad, Peter184209/06/1927299417203
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryNichols, George A.183410/27/191187385075Section 2, Lot 99
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryPease, Edward Warren181807/26/189829048140Section 7, Lot 223
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryWheeler, Holland183704/192023707100Section 8 South, Lot 126
DouglasLawrenceOak Hill CemeteryWhitney, Sidney Edwards184408/25/191831514495Section 8 S
EllisEllisEllis CemeteryMatteson, Herbert J.0After 6/30/189228318940Not recorded
EllisEllisMount Hope CemeteryMatteson, Albert Norton184602/17/190671719803Not recorded
EllsworthEllsworthOld Ellsworth CemeteryBallou, Lorain M.1841191372237225Not recorded
EllsworthWilsonWilson CemeteryCrawford, Andrew Jackson183306/11/191873664090Not recorded
FinneyGarden CityValley View CemeteryPaine, James M.1835Unknown25013228Zone C, Lot 74, Space 1
FordDodge CityKansas Veterans CemeteryBabcock, George W.181707/22/189393827252Not recorded
FranklinCentropolisPleasant Hill CemeteryBliss, Henry H.183319230Not recorded
FranklinOttawaHighland CemeteryCook, Henry H.1838Before 11/9/1911126927151No_Marker
FranklinOttawaHope CemeteryBridge, Commodore Perry181402/09/1881468219345-14-3
FranklinOttawaHope CemeteryBrown, Martin V. B.184401/13/191446822373Not recorded
FranklinOttawaHope CemeteryThomas, Julius O.0After 6/30/188261452064Not recorded
FranklinOttawaMount Calvary CemeteryMee, Thomas184301/29/191144440922Not recorded
FranklinPrincetonPrinceton CemeteryGregg, Reuben182809/24/190940308795Not recorded
FranklinWilliamsburgMount Hope CemeteryAppleton, Giles F.183704/12/189945680485Not recorded
FranklinWilliamsburgMount Hope CemeteryHussey, Jerry0After 12/31/188945756815Not recorded
GearyJunction CityHighland CemeteryBrown, Hamilton W.1837191996293691Section 17
GearyJunction CityHighland CemeteryBrown, Hamilton W.1837191996293691Section 17
GearyJunction CityHighland CemeteryCook, William Wallace184711/05/191695266936Not recorded
GreenwoodGridleyLena Valley CemeteryHatch, Marshall Taylor183904/03/191370893237Not recorded
GreenwoodMadisonNr. 8 Park CemeteryWolcott, Royal E.183207/29/191089990065Not recorded
HarveyNewtonGreenwood CemeteryChadderdon, Jonas G.180902/16/189387765744Not recorded
HarveyNewtonGreenwood CemeteryDick, Alexander C.003/30/1910168671816Not recorded
HarveyNewtonGreenwood CemeteryPollard, Elliott E.18421930947939012nd-8-9-7
HarveySedgwickHillside CemeteryAllen, Rufus Jefferson184319026081019North Row, 3rd Section from East
HarveySedgwickHillside CemeteryGraves, Edmund B.182210/20/189582803123rd row from N, 2nd Section from E
HarveySedgwickHillside CemeteryPerry, George H.1841After 6/30/18896077922Not recorded
HarveySedgwickHillside CemeteryWellman, Adin J.184701/10/19186078129Not recorded
JacksonHoltonHolton CemeteryHurd, William J. C.184010/23/1902125916238Not recorded
JacksonHoltonHolton CemeteryScribner, Hiram W.184410/04/1933125020891Not recorded
JeffersonMeridenMeriden CemeterySwallow, Andrew184510/23/190125535852Not recorded
JewellBurr OakBurr Oak CemeteryAustin, Lorenzo Dow002/15/189768660997Not recorded
JewellMankatoMount Hope CemeteryBliss, Albert1837192444084096Not recorded
JewellMankatoMount Hope CemeteryDiamond, Henry P.184211/24/191244084373Not recorded
JewellMankatoMount Hope CemeteryMurray, John H.183806/03/188944699779Not recorded
JewellMankatoMount Hope CemeteryParkhurst, Noah182204/08/190741569419Not recorded
LabetteChetopaOak Hill CemeteryRemington, Dennis H.183108/26/18959532357Lot #3, Block #33
LabetteDennisHarmony Grove CemeteryBlake, W. W.0After 188032403621Not recorded
LabetteOswegoOswego CemeteryCaldwell, George W.184012/25/191491869797Not recorded
LabetteOswegoOswego CemeteryWylie, James Raymond183412/28/193235553533Section 5
LabetteOswegoTibbets CemeteryHurlbut, Simeon P.182805/16/188029978356Not recorded
LeavenworthLansingMount Muncie CemeteryHamblin, Alson184105/18/1917175943448Not recorded
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryDegaugh, Joseph180604/07/190457033718, 7, 1
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryHoward, Oliver182003/10/1905367152818, 1/9
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryHyde, Benjamin F.182910/09/1896367180511, 9/10
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryLee, John Rogers183702/10/191149945208Section 29, row 4, site 24
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryMansfield, John B.182610/29/18860Not recorded
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeterySawyer, Russell H.1831Unknown3679421Section 9 Row 3 Site 8
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryTaylor, Edward P.184404/11/19283681365Section 35 Row 9 # 21 or 7578
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryWhitney, George W.182509/15/19043683084Section 18, row 8, site 14
LeavenworthLeavenworthLeavenworth National CemeteryWright, William H.1837After 19103683816Section 21 Row 3 Site 1
LinnFarlinvilleWalnut Grove CemeteryPomeroy, Edwin B.183505/23/192721658618Not recorded
LinnMound CityWoodland CemeteryStearns, John H.183401/03/1911111240331Not recorded
LinnPrescottPrescott CemeteryKenison, Edwin C.0After 12/31/189099442945Not recorded
LyonAmericusAmericus CemeteryHoward, Arial182807/11/190282604785Not recorded
LyonEmporiaMaplewood CemeteryWaite, George009/21/1888117207097No_Marker; Section 3, Lot 69, Space 4
LyonEmporiaMaplewood CemeteryWhitmore, Eugene D.1841Unknown91852607
LyonNeosho RapidsMount Hope CemeteryTaplan, George O.1842188652820330Not recorded
MarionLincolnvilleLincolnville CemeteryDeal, Edward184312/15/190031262025Not recorded
MarionMarionMarion CemeteryLocklin, Ralph H.184103/17/1912132430128Section 23, Row 5
MarionPeabodyPrairie Lawn CemeteryJohnson, Wallace D.183908/07/19229206259Section H
MarshallFrankfortFrankfort CemeteryPowell, Lorenzo C.0After 1880102391348Not recorded
MarshallVlietsMorrison CemeteryWallace, Joseph008/04/1891100665017Not recorded
MiamiBeagleMound Creek CemeteryChadwick, Edwin B.1831191534269343Not recorded
MiamiFontanaFontana CemeteryNiles, Luther P.1838After 9/30/188235400192Not recorded
MiamiLaneSpring Grove Quaker CemeteryMcCarty, Lafayette182302/02/189428813910Row F, Lot 12
MiamiNew LancasterNew Lancaster CemeteryMorgan, Cutler D.184412/19/186635469826Plot T, Lot 41
MiamiNew LancasterNew Lancaster CemeteryPackard, Albert Chitman184412/06/190235453448Row N, Lot 27
MiamiPaolaPaola CemeteryFoster, William H.184102/11/191936269510Elmwood Addition, North half
MiamiPaolaScott Valley CemeteryLillie, Aaron R.181803/21/188177169757Not recorded
MitchellBeloitElmwood CemeteryCastle, David H.183610/22/191769940825Not recorded
MitchellBeloitElmwood CemeteryFobes, Josiah A.184407/08/192670688560Not recorded
MitchellBeloitElmwood CemeteryTarbell, James Madison184802/01/191767959633Not recorded
MontgomeryCaneySunnyside CemeteryCobb, Abner183212/06/191473176727Plot A
MontgomeryIndependenceMount Hope CemeteryJones, Charles H.1836Before 5/5/191482107549
MorrisCouncil GroveGreenwood CemeteryFletcher, Solon W.184006/27/192098711191Not recorded
MorrisWilseyWilsey CemeteryBriggs, James S.1827Before 12/01/190434891077Not recorded
NehamaSenecaSeneca City CemeteryEtling, Henry1839Before 07/26/1913142455128Not recorded
NemahaCentraliaCentralia CemeteryHope, Peter1827191553617227Not recorded
NemahaCentraliaCentralia CemeteryJackson, Lyman R.183506/09/19170Not recorded
NemahaCorningCorning CemeteryChurch, James B.183310/06/190660613106Not recorded
NeoshoThayerThayer CemeteryForrest, John Wesley184501/18/1904117584865Not recorded
NeoshoThayerThayer CemeteryPorter, Seth L.1842unknown0Not recorded
NessRiversideRiverside CemeteryWilliamson, Henry183810/09/1885163251027Not recorded
NortonLenoraSouth Star CemeteryBraynard, James P.006/11/189413182744Not recorded
OsageLyndonLyndon CemeteryBellows, Charles S.182408/05/190716029322Not recorded
OsageMelvernPleasant View CemeteryWing, Clark J.183503/05/189811265134Not recorded
OsborneWaldoGrand Center CemeteryDyer, J. Olin0After 9/30/18840Not recorded
OttawaMiltonvaleMount Liberty CemeteryRandall, Murray N.18350413/190931217597Not recorded
OttawaMinneapolisHighland CemeteryWarner, G. W.002/03/189465365488Not recorded
PhillipsKirwinKirwin CemeteryCampbell, Franklin181508/11/188951472345
PrattPrattGreenlawn CemeteryLunt, Asa B.1840192876142532Not recorded
RawlinsAchillesAchilles CemeteryKilbourn, Daniel N.183807/03/191753040842Not recorded
RenoHutchinsonEastside CemeteryAtwood, Stephen Andrew183001/05/18923872433067
RenoHutchinsonEastside CemeteryHaynes, Edward Wells184612/13/191340861020No_Marker, Lot 641
RenoHutchinsonEastside CemeteryHendrick, Elias Sherman18411020/191141614811No_Marker, Plot 939
RiceBushtonBushton-Farmer Township CemeteryShonyo, Benjamin F.183601/19/192771306918Not recorded
RiceBushtonBushton-Farmer Township CemeteryThompson, John S.18347/22/189971331555Not recorded
RiceLyonsLyons Municipal CemeterySpaulding, Joseph A.1840Unknown34373777Not recorded
RiceSterlingSterling CemeteryBall, Rolla Branch184305/05/1912104944033498 C/D
RileyLeonardvilleLeonardville CemeteryDavis, Billings T.1840189564217295Block 2
RileyManhattanSunset CemeteryClapp, Edward1842After 06/18/189287247926Not recorded
RileyOgdenOgden CemeteryHoney, Burton183311/15/192364727916S
RooksPlainvillePlainville CemeteryAckerman, Abram C.183307/17/190558992922Plot: Original Section, Block 4, Lot 37, Grave 7
RooksStocktonStockton CemeteryBruce, N. P.0After 188063011760Not recorded
RushLa CrosseLa Crosse CemeteryIrish, Lemon Judson182105/25/189894709454Section 2, Lot 52
RussellLurayLuray CemeteryClark, Malcolm G.182707/12/191776708794Not recorded
RussellParadiseMount Hermon CemeteryPerry, Jerome B.1843After 01/15/191477877695Not recorded
SalineSolomonMount Calvary CemeteryKearce, Morte1842after 191313312399Not recorded
SedgwickKechiFairview CemeteryCovell, Thomas G.183602/26/19256461151Lot 4, Grave 2
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeteryBrownson, Martin Josh1838After 188923777371Not recorded
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeteryHarrison, Emily C. Tucker182508/10/190823810417Section 4 Lot 253 Grave 11
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeteryPreston, John B.1808After 07/27/187423815593Not recorded
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeteryQuimby, Albert Dean184004/15/1887163493618Not recorded
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeterySkinner, John Wesley1837Unknown13924966Block 1, Lot 183, Grave 4
SedgwickWichitaHighland CemeterySullivan, Charles E.011/25/188620959291Not recorded
SedgwickWichitaMaple Grove CemeteryCleveland, William Pitt001/19/191733255470Not recorded
ShawneeBerrytonLynn Creek CemeteryBruce, Willliam M.184210/03/191153386615Plot 7-5
ShawneeTopekaMount Calvary CemeteryConey, Patrick H.184807/24/1932143919399Not recorded
ShawneeTopekaPenwell Gabel CemeteryEmerson, Ransom W.008/11/192678730363Not recorded
ShawneeTopekaRochester CemeteryTucker, Willard183506/06/190227929122Not recorded
ShawneeTopekaTopeka CemeteryMorrison, Anders P.1844After 9/23/191657059880Not recorded
SmithGaylordTwelvemile CemeteryStockwell, Hubbard O.1837before 07/28/189055158240Not recorded
SmithHarlanGarrett CemeteryShangrah, Paul183607/07/190441521359Not recorded
StaffordStaffordPeace Creek CemeteryEddy, George P.183607/08/188786155160Not recorded
SumnerWellingtonPrairie Lawn CemeteryNutt, Samuel184003/11/191560533868Not recorded
ThomasGoffFairview CemeteryBundy, Loren D.183601/06/190326795781Tier 4; Lot 1; Grave 1
WashingtonBarnesMaplewood CemeteryOber, Joseph R.1836After 06/17/1864140904783Not recorded
WashingtonHaddamHaddam CemeteryDart, George W.1838191559174333D-19
WilsonFredoniaCity CemeteryCook, Hiram H.1826Before 8/10/190064159091Not recorded
WilsonPleasant ValleyPleasant Valley CemeteryHoughton, George F.183301/06/1913130354270Not recorded
WoodsonNeosha FallsCeadervale CemeteryDunton, Robert0before 09/17/1898118717242Not recorded
WoodsonRoseOliver CemeteryChandler, John H.184401/09/188054983232Not recorded
WoodsonTorontoToronto CemeteryHickox, Frederick F.182401/03/1897134875443Not recorded
WoodsonYates CenterYates Center CemeteryCrampton, Parmer183202/09/190642566007Section 10, Lot 10
WyandotteKansas CityHighland Park CemeteryMathews, Frederick E.008/20/19270Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityHighland Park CemeteryWing, Frank L.184611/03/1929143690157Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityMount Hope CemeteryNewhall, Martin Herrick1844Before 3/24/1909100368122Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityOak Grove CemeteryDenison, Charles P.07/28/1900156209613Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityOak Grove CemeteryPerham, Salmon Ezekiel182204/05/1893157630133Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityOak Grove CemeterySawyer, Hubbard Henry182902/28/1910148336579Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityOak Grove CemeterySheldon, Eber184410/08/1898155292795Not recorded
WyandotteKansas CityQuindaro CemeteryCarpenter, Chapin H.183401/18/191418665884
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