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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Missouri.

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Missouri cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Missouri counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Arnold, George S.183909/06/186165989860Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bassett, Safford L.182904/25/18620Not recorded
May be buried in ...Beemis, Henry1846Before 8/18/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bishop, Charles182801/02/19010Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bowker, Millard F.184708/09/19080
May be buried in ...Brown, Royal C.1839After 04/04/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Burke, George1834after 18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Carter, Edward W.1840after 18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cheney, Winchester184312/08/19120Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clay, William1841before 03/05/18940Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cole, Victor T.1845Unknown0
May be buried in ...Daniel, John184309/02/19150Not recorded
May be buried in ...Denison, Henry H.183812/22/19190Not recorded
May be buried in ...Dickens, William T.184605/01/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Drown, Edwin C.0After 18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Dyke, Horace Meeker183410/08/18610Not recorded
May be buried in ...Everett, William1812Before 08/16/18890
May be buried in ...Flint, George W.183505/10/18630Not recorded
May be buried in ...Foote, Myron E.183809/08/19120Not recorded
May be buried in ...Gilson, James M.182404/02/18880Not recorded
May be buried in ...Goslin, Martin1834After 08/06/1883 - Before 01/18/19020Not recorded
May be buried in ...Graves, William Eugene1834After 10/18940Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hardin, Amasa182819030
May be buried in ...Harrison, Samuel H.183707/19/19090Not recorded
May be buried in ...Heath, Franklin H.183903/28/18620
May be buried in ...Hemenway, Samuel Drury181905/20/18740
May be buried in ...Holland, John M.184102/08/18730Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hurlbut, DeWitt C.183505/19/18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lamere, Napoleon B.1839after 19000Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lawton, John P.182918910
May be buried in ...Locke, Julius E.1836Before 11/21/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Manzer, Merritt J.183904/15/19180Not recorded
May be buried in ...Mitchell, John182519000
May be buried in ...Mower, Charles B.1818before 03/31/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Phelan, John012/04/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Poland, Almon D.182205/05/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Quimby, John C.004/27/19020Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sherman, Marcus E.184012/30/18610Not recorded
May be buried in ...Simpson, Walter1830Unknown0Not recorded
May be buried in ...Smith, Oliver B.182801/04/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sprout, Eli184307/11/19210Not recorded
May be buried in ...Squire, Lester009/17/18610Not recorded
May be buried in ...Starr, Vanness184112/12/18610
May be buried in ...Stevens, Zachary T.1842after 19130Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stillman, Lewis1839Before 03/27/18730Not recorded
May be buried in ...Taft, William Henry184707/21/18990Not recorded
May be buried in ...Thompson, Lafayette Francis182405/20/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Tupper, Darius184011/27/18610Not recorded
May be buried in ...Vosburg, Charles N.1840after 18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Walker, Nathan A.183704/02/18620Not recorded
May be buried in ...Washburn, Lorraine T.184109/18/186142193887(presumably buried where he died)
AdairWilsonWilsontown CemeteryCalef, Albert Austin183008/05/190780500096
AtchisonRock PortHigh Creek CemeteryBugbee, Ducell O.1843After 10/22/188353590335Not recorded
BooneAshlandHope CemeteryBrackinreed, Hammond L.184012/08/18940Not recorded
BuchananSt. JosephAshland CemeteryEaton, Samuel1837Unknown62263359
BuchananSt. JosephMount Auburn CemeteryBrown, Dennis W.182812/22/1910162737679Not recorded
CaldwellHamiltonHighland CemeteryHoward, Abial G.183808/05/192514333650Not recorded
CarrollCarrolltonOak Hill CemeteryPreston, Marcellus E.1838After 190082450591Not recorded
CrawfordCubaKinder CemeteryGrover, Lyman D.184305/28/192595566344Not recorded
DeKalbMaysvilleMaysville CemeterySmith, William L.184304/24/191460475027Not recorded
DouglasBlancheBlanche CemeteryCooper, Seth Hundson183903/03/191143140762Not recorded
DouglasRichlandCudworth CemeteryCudworth, Edgar Eugene184212/05/192232072996Not recorded
GentryMillenMillen CemeteryBean, Frederick1844192643486291Not recorded
GreeneSpringfieldMaple Park CemeteryAtwood, George Albert184005/02/191141867529Not recorded
GreeneSpringfieldMaple Park CemeteryFay, Benjamin A.183210/13/191041670958No_Marker, Block 13, Row 2, Lot 6
GreeneSpringfieldMaple Park CemeteryWright, William A.1836after 191050320812Not recorded
GreeneSpringfieldSpringfield National CemeteryCardell, Elias R.184011/01/190546272213, 0, 1737
GreeneSpringfieldSpringfield National CemeteryDavis, William011/28/18625636459/0/584
GreeneSpringfieldSpringfield National CemeteryGoes, George Elias010/24/18627044269/0/561
GreeneSpringfieldSpringfield National CemeteryNetland, Gabriel G.184406/06/186332791489/613
HarrisonShermanFairview CemeteryGale, Cyrenes Isaac184604/29/188714891854Not recorded
HarrisonWashingtonWesley Chapel CemeteryRobbins, Job1817After 190020986964
HenryWindsorLaurel Oak CemeteryBeecher, Edgar Willis184510/01/187235523502Lot 423, Grave D
HowellMountain ViewGill CemeteryPope, James R.183902/08/191113273239Not recorded
HowellWillow SpringsHutton Valley CemeteryGoddard, Levi W.1840191614503679Not recorded
HowellWillow SpringsWillow Springs City CemeteryBattis, Wilkins M.184106/14/190679768369Not recorded
JacksonBlue SpringsBlue Springs CemeteryBoardman, Henry J.183803/21/190964916943Not recorded
JacksonIndependenceMount Washington CemeteryBoyd, Albert H.184201/25/191115167051D-r6-14-2481
JacksonIndependenceMount Washington CemeteryBurgess, Ebenezer Hale183111/03/191480546543
JacksonIndependenceMount Washington CemeteryMcWain, Edwin J.184003/24/191018480463Not recorded
JacksonIndependenceMount Washington CemeterySanford, Merritt S.184312/02/190315664781Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryAtwell, Robert H.184006/05/18830Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryCurran, Patrick007/09/1928122589666Block 12 Lot 84
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryDickinson, John W.184111/14/1879110936254Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryDunham, Charles R.011/01/1923152838678Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryMorse, Joshua C.183210/24/1921101860705Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityElmwood CemeteryWaite, Jasper H.1836Unknown67849220Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityForest Hill CemeteryFellows, Albert Melvin182907/19/189554087943Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityForest Hill CemeteryMagoon, James Nelson184809/29/1913164502806Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityForest Hill CemeteryWilliamson, Robert1843After 11/03/1883114326614Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityOak Grove CemeteryShedd, Farwell Gilman184201/29/1889125472446Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryBurton, Josiah Hart183112/06/191346833188Section E, Lot 7
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryChadwick, Alonzo E.184106/190674987777Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryMayhew, Alexis184402/14/18990Not recorded
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryMoore, Herbert H.184403/31/190596339385Section 14.1, Row 11, Grave 33
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryRichardson, William S.183911/18/190650028590Pott Plot
JacksonKansas CityUnion CemeteryWood, Martin D.184304/05/190420632Section 19, Lot 13
JasperCarthageOak Hill CemeteryCampbell, Rodney M.1838after 8/3/19080Not recorded
JasperJoplinFairview CemeterySmith, Ellerton Wallace183603/08/1918170731944West Division, Block 101, Row 3, #7
JohnsonHoldenHolden CemeteryDaskem, George W.1833188496119639Not recorded
KnoxGreensburgSlocum CemeteryJohnson, Emlik Harrington183802/23/192455351312Lot 13
LacledeLebanonLebanon City CemeteryGoodall, Richard P.183804/22/190615168103Not recorded
LawrencePierce CityPierce City CemeteryClement, Lucian E.18441930102516136
LinnBrookfieldRose Hill CemeteryBlood, James D.183303/21/1904143518706lock 17, Lot 14, Site 4
LinnBrookfieldRose Hill CemeteryHaven, George R.183702/12/192363901833Block 31 Lot 23 Site 05
LinnBrookfieldRose Hill CemeteryYoung, Mancer W.1843Before 02/27/187279130267Not recorded
LivingstonAvalonAvalon CemeteryGates, Rufus Crook183109/24/1876120438299Not recorded
LivingstonAvalonAvalon CemeteryPrice, Berlin182909/20/1901120739625Not recorded
LivingstonAvalonAvalon CemeteryPrice, Jonas W.1847Unknown44857962Not recorded
LivingstonChillicotheJones CemeteryTaisey, Mathew181304/24/18810Not recorded
LivingstonChillicotheSaint Columban Catholic CemeteryBurke, Michael183507/31/1917179224014Not recorded
MarionHannibalRiverside CemeteryMunger, William Austin183805/12/191173322569Not recorded
McDonaldSaragota SpringsSaratoga Springs CemeteryBurt, Amasa M. Jr.183404/04/189374513347Not recorded
MillerEldonEldon CemeteryWeeks, George R.1838before 04/27/191048695506Old section, Block 3, Lot 83
MillerEldonMount Pleasant CemeteryPhillips, William A.183408/24/187382856686Not recorded
NodawayBarnardAmerican Legion CemeteryEaton, Charles Herbert184204/28/191893179500Not recorded
NodawayElmoHigh Prairie CemeterySpoor, Willam Barnabas183607/29/1890117143508Not recorded
NodawayMaryvilleMiriam CemeteryRichardson, John Calvin184301/31/189227467342Section 5, Row S-N
NodawayMaryvilleOak Hill CemeteryBailey, William A.1844Unknown21676035
OsageUsefulUseful CemeteryParsons, Samuel Luke183111/11/190921703041Not recorded
PhelpsSt. JamesSt. James Masonic CemeteryKenyon, Frank T.182409/01/189797281508Not recorded
PhelpsSt. JamesWishon CemeteryAldrich, Lyman183512/18/190480516115Not recorded
PikeWest PrairieWest Prairie CemeteryDodge, Elbridge K.183803/02/1915167479916Not recorded
PlatteParkvilleOld Parkville CemeteryDunbar, John F.183808/27/187739827055
PolkHumansvilleHumansville CemeteryPutnam, Henry B.1829Before 04/15/190465804022
PulaskiDixonPisgah CemeteryOsgood, Christopher A.182409/03/188165447498Not recorded
RallsCenterOlivet CemeterySelleck, Edward J.183912/15/1929109088866Not recorded
RandolphMoberlyAntioch Christian CemeteryKempton, Allen183707/26/189241401168Not recorded
Saint LouisSaint LouisSaint Peter and Paul Cemetery (Old)Sebastian, Frank1840After 06/25/1889 - Before 05/13/190862069239Not recorded
ScotlandAzenProvidence Church CemeteryPage, Henry W.1840192067196827Not recorded
ShannonMontierMontier CemeteryHarrison, Joseph R.010/26/19119403517Not recorded
ShelbyHunnewellUnion Chapel CemeteryGore, William H.183705/16/1892104705297Not recorded
St. ClairLowry CityLowry City CemeteryAtkins, Warren Corbin183401/28/192269522420Military headstone
St. FrancoisBonne TerreBonne Terre CemeteryParsons, Charles Bunyon183601/29/191056098739
St. LouisBridgetonFee Fee CemeteryPollard, John Brown184005/17/193051413004Not recorded
St. LouisChesterfieldArmina Lodge CemeteryLaflam, Noah1844unknown87193444Not recorded
St. LouisKirkwoodOak Hill CemeteryCulver, Elisha W.183705/09//191068531489No_Marker
St. LouisNormandySt. Peters CemeteryClark, Edward Payson183810/22/192144155491Not recorded
St. LouisNormandySt. Peters CemeteryDrew, George H.1843Before 01/04/190562366073Not recorded
St. LouisSappingtonSt. Lucas CemeteryWarner, Ira B.1835189740913293Not recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryBarlow, Richard E.183109/25/1886104838231No_Marker, Block 217 Public Lot F, Grave 250
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryBowman, Frank J.184210/28/1899125294672No_Marker; Lot #2284 Block 43-44
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryCroft, George F.184112/15/1913154674283Block 182, Lot PL28, Grave 853
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryRowley, George A.003/21/18960Not recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryTownsley, Henry182211/10/1863108282815Block 39, Lot 604
St. LouisSt. LouisBellefontaine CemeteryWhitelaw, Oscar Livingston18411917148407814Block 159, Lot 3057
St. LouisSt. LouisCalvary CemeteryKellogg, George Bradley182511/12/187513760399Not recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisCalvary CemeteryMiner, William183707/13/1927138808013Section 20, Lot 1174
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryCampbell, John Harold182102/12/18633305318337/3889
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryDavis, Eleaser182904/17/18624976037627-6061
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryHarris, George012/16/186181356789Not Recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryHewlet, Joseph A.183110/17/186254833786371-24
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryHinds, Joseph183405/15/18628131497129/9/6636
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryJacobs, Elias012/28/1863398019791/0/7233
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryLeighton, John S.184112/03/18618133635736/3730
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryMorgan, Charles Samuel184202/11/18628137497627/6181
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryNorthrop, George E.008/15/18638137459833/0/2991
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryPalmer, James Rush010/20/18618136065251/0/867
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryRichards, Norman D.183108/06/18658136834745 0 1525
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryRobison, David H.182708/04/1863549710215-92
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryRogers, Newell C.001/02/18622943745151/0/845
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryScranton, Aaron181901/26/18640Not Recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeterySmith, Edward A.184007/22/1910811756714-0-12229
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryStiles, Elijah H.183418636612163236/3721
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeterySutherland, Solomon009/03/18648125069333/0/3100
St. LouisSt. LouisJefferson Barracks National CemeteryWyman, Henry K.1845After 5/20/1907151131375Not recorded
St. LouisSt. LouisMount Lebanon CemeteryRobinson, Charles181307/11/18840Not recorded
VernonNevadaDeepwood CemeteryHunt, Edward Sylvester183601/18/190569886010
WashingtonHopewellHopewell CemeteryMcComber, Jason K.1823Unknown5269358Not recorded
WebsterDermottMission Home CemeteryWhitcomb, Henry Philetus184007/19/192271677852Not recorded
WebsterMarshfieldTimber Ridge CemeteryLeBarron, Llewellyn184212/22/1915178968217Not recorded
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