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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Nebraska.

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Nebraska cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Nebraska counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Abbott, Charles1839after 18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Adams, Sidney C.183807/24/18690Not recorded
May be buried in ...Blodgett, Milo1838Before 1/15/18940
May be buried in ...Brink, Charles D.1837after 19000Not recorded
May be buried in ...Carter, Constant1834before 18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Churchill, Henry1840Before 02/23/19120
May be buried in ...Clarey, Patrick1838After 01/15/1868 - Before 10/16/18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Drake, Edward P.184712/01/18860
May be buried in ...Fisher, Charles1838After 11/24/18880Not recorded
May be buried in ...Gatchell, Franklin Gailon1844Before 18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Giddings, Edward1832Before 2/3/18920
May be buried in ...Haywood, Frederick L.1828before 03/29/18870Not recorded
May be buried in ...Jacobs, Franklin1843after 18930Not recorded
May be buried in ...Jordan, Amos C.1842after 9/5/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Keyes, Sumner F.184004/04/18720Not recorded
May be buried in ...Larue, Moses1839after 18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Matison, Wesley1840Aft 18900
May be buried in ...Risdon, Oliver F.182905/06/1907123599372
May be buried in ...Stephens, Henry W.1843After 09/11/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stevens, Goodwin W.1841after 18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Turney, Patrick1842After 06/12/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Walker, Wesley S.1834After 4/15/18840
May be buried in ...White, Thomas W.183112/20/19000Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wiley, Allison L.1832After 06/30/18800
AdamsHastingsParkview CemeteryStoddard, Alonzo D.183209/24/191758099153Not Recorded
AdamsJuniataJuniata CemeteryBallou, Harmon H.183002/12/189258335929Not recorded
AntelopeNelighLaurel Hill CemeteryCarpenter, Myron D.184206/25/191959459549
AntelopeNelighLaurel Hill CemeteryFrizbee, Dennison C.182601/18/191159459561Not recorded
AntelopeRoyalRoyal CemeterySherman, William R.1828Unknown78760066Not recorded
BannerHarrisburgPleasant Hill CemeteryClapp, Norman182310/06/189134805771Block 7, Lot 146
BrownJohnstownGrand Prairie CemeteryDwyer, Chester L.183903/13/191857188586Not recorded
BuffaloGibbonRiverside CemeteryDavis, James Henry184312/09/190757972913
BuffaloKearneyKearney CemeteryBarney, Calvin E.183702/17/192047098154998-2 East
BuffaloMillerArmada CemeteryBessey, Anson H.181611/29/189745367272Military headstone
BuffaloRavennaHighland CemeteryLovell, Charles182904/10/189114067510Not recorded
BurtLyonsLyons CemeteryComar, Obediah S.183808/12/1903139005190Not recorded
ButlerRising CityCircle Mound CemeterySholes, Joseph J.184101/21/192399853360Not recorded
CassPlattsmouthOak Hill CemeteryTomlinson, Almond S.1842Unknown151526406Section 1 C
ClaySuttonSutton CemeteryHull, William Henry184211/01/188898860469Section 1N 20, Lot 6, #7
CumingWest PointMount Hope CemeteryBlack, William A.184203/14/191718001935Not recorded
DakotaHomerGreen Valley CemeteryLake, Albert L.184603/19/19150
DixonPoncaPonca CemeteryTillison, Stephen W.183103/23/187562911403Not recorded
DodgeFremontRidge CemeteryRichards, Lucius Dunbar184708/19/193157922523Not recorded
DodgeNorth BendWoodland CemeteryDodge, Nathaniel P.183805/18/189634890403Not recorded
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Bennett, Chauncey182607/29/189111587578Not recorded
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Blake, Joseph Stillman183407/01/189812354539Military headstone
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Dunn, Elijah184412/03/191437067901Section 9, Lot 256, Grave 0
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Hamilton, Charles B.183810/28/1913173762003Segment 8, Lot 9, Grave 7
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Jones, Samuel Brown184512/22/192261112412Section 10, Lot 296
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Ormsbee, George W.184004/16/192523971468Section 3, GAR Lot, #309
DouglasOmahaForest Lawn Memorial Park Taylor, Andrew W.184208/29/192073054317Plot: 12, 425, 1
DouglasOmahaMount Hope CemeteryGrow, Charles1835191118074053Not recorded
DouglasOmahaProspect Hill CemeteryBalch, Edward Ernest184403/16/191319289068Not recorded
DouglasOmahaProspect Hill CemeteryBrownson, Harry182909/07/189180939133Not recorded
DouglasOmahaWest Lawn-Hillcrest CemeteryCrosier, William J.184610/15/1914100762933Section 8 Lot 112 Grave 10
FillmoreExeterHorton CemeteryDart, John1833Aft 10/01/189223169699Not recorded
FurnasBeaver CityMount Hope CemeteryKinsman, Lucius183203/15/191257594297Not recorded
GageOdellOdell CemeteryHinds, Edwin Burke183910/192211906702South Section, Row 1D, Lot 231, #2
HallDoniphanCedar View CemeteryOrcutt, Augustus H.182401/13/189121603020Section 30, Lot 119
HallDoniphanCedar View CemeterySpellman, John P.1842After 192022575776Section 35 Lot 140
HallDoniphanRosedale CemeteryRobinson, Cephas Collins184211/25/19171589611111 1/2
HallGrand IslandGrand Island CemeteryBall, Louisa Nott1816Unknown31594135GAR Section Lot 6
HallGrand IslandGrand Island CemeteryEllsworth, Allen183602/07/190692394358Section H, Lot 236
HallGrand IslandGrand Island CemeteryRundlett, Thomas P.183204/21/188922966723GAR Section, #99
HallGrand IslandSoldiers and Sailors CemeteryFrizzell, William Henry184001/20/191639915218Row 11
HallGrand IslandSoldiers and Sailors CemeteryHungerford, David A.182408/09/191718528336GAR 149
HallGrand IslandSoldiers and Sailors CemeteryJones, William Harrison184111/07/194139964350Row 13
HallGrand IslandSoldiers and Sailors CemeteryLamb, WIlliam P.1831192239965710Row 11
HallGrand IslandSoldiers and Sailors CemeteryPlant, Peter183708/22/189939804455Row 8
HallWood RiverWood River CemeteryMorgan, Joseph Flavius184404/11/192021888924Not recorded
HamiltonCaseCase CemeteryWhitney, Vespasian Ward183104/29/189279394459
HarlanHuntleyZion CemeteryComstock, Charles P.184407/20/189273449813Not recorded
HarlanRepublican CityRepublican City CemeteryHammond, Charles182712/17/190362933170GAR-NE-Post 216
HitchcockCulbertsonCulbertson CemeteryHull, Harry B.183805/06/18880Section B, Lot 8
HoldStuartStuart CemeteryMoody, Strong Burke1835191399818872Not recorded
HoltAtkinsonWoodlawn CemeterySpears, Samuel182612/27/188557512667Not recorded
HoltMidwayPaddock CemeteryHodgkin, Hiram G.183805/19/190670930053Not recorded
HowardDannebrogOak Ridge CemeteryGoodwin, William Christopher182908/01/189614731276Not recorded
JeffersonFairburyFairbury CemeteryHanchet, Philemon Howard184403/28/191819824456Not recorded
JeffersonFairburyFairbury CemeteryMason, Elbert184412/20/191757840684Not recorded
JohnsonTecumsehTecumseh CemeteryBarton, Wallace R.184203/09/191057048577Not recorded
KearneyAxtellPleasant Hill CemeteryWells, Rolland M. C.1826After 7/25/188857343576
KearneyMindenMinden CemeteryRogers, Caleb Noyes184304/05/19295704804Not recorded
KearneyWilcoxWilcox CemeteryBall, Daniel Beckwith183712/10/19116784294Not recorded
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryChurchill, John Nathaniel183602/20/191358680620Sec-4 Lot-846 Sp-9
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryGage, James D.184202/26/192470098572Not recorded
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryGibson, Francis Newton183907/10/190570099150Sec-8 Lot-1345 Sp-5
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryHaskell, Daniel T.183608/09/190169417023Section 15, GAR SP 19
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryMoore, Jesse D.1843192458680927Section 7, Lot 983, #4
LancasterLincolnWyuka CemeteryWalker, George M.183012/18/191058681116Section 15, Lot 5197 #6
MerrickCentral CityCentral City CemeteryWheeler, William1837Unknown31754042
MerrickCentral CityPrairie Creek CemeteryGibbs, Elijah Gilman1838188889364582Not recorded
MerrickClarksBureau CemeteryNiles, Nathaniel C.184507/02/192829960513Lot 88
NanceFullertonFullerton CemeteryCaswell, George Henry184604/11/19336263567Not recorded
NanceFullertonFullerton CemeterySimmons, Charles E.1832Unknown12182495Not recorded
NanceGenoaValley View CemeteryYoung, Gustavus Sylvanus183106/16/191957953412Not recorded
NuckollsNelsonNelson CemeterySmith, John C.1839Unknown27741379Block 8 Lot 4
OtoeNebraska CityCowles CemeteryChurchill, Hiram R.1826189561076716Plot 123
OtoeNebraska CityWyuka CemeteryBowen, Marcellus184606/17/187623164350Not recorded
OtoePalmyraRosewood CemeterySlade, John P.1834Before 06/23/189051951378Not recorded
PhelpsBertrandHighland CemeteryLittel, Charles A.184210/26/1926101334601Not recorded
PhelpsHoldregePrairie Home CemeteryPartch, George S.1844188639566202GAR Plot B
PiercePierceLambrecht CemeteryBeals, John Marion1829189319023683Flat bronze miitary plaque
PlatteColumbusColumbus CemeteryButler, Orson D.183904/29/191119611231
PolkStromsburgStromsburg CemeteryBennett, Eli183701/27/189828940255East Block
RichardsonFalls CitySteele CemeteryMarvin, Jonathan J.182209/29/1891133923922Sect. B-4 Lot-30 Grave-3
SalineDorchesterDorchester CemeteryGray, John J.18201904178013570Not recorded
SalineFriendAndrew CemeteryChipman, Jesse P.184202/16/191757921348Not recorded
SarpyBellevueBellevue CemeteryMarco, Flavius1846192057639540Block 8, Lot 7, #1
SaundersAshlandAshland CemeteryFolsom, Edward P.184307/30/189416814803Not recorded
SaundersAshlandAshland CemeteryQuincy, Samuel Allen182405/30/191116815059Old Section, Block 3, Lot 2 (Row 9, North to South)
SaundersAshlandAshland CemeteryWhipple, Edward Jonathan184203/21/192616794307Not recorded
SewardMilfordBlue Mound CemeteryLittlefield, Joseph Alen183104/30/190051332436Military headstone
SewardMilfordBlue Mound CemeteryStoddard, Lyman Brown184703/21/192059393543Not recorded
SheridanHay SpringsHay Springs CemeteryCrawford, Elliot Osin184304/10/193058335905Not recorded
ShermanLitchfieldLitchfieldFarnsworth, Moses183906/11/193358782106Not recorded
WebsterBatinBatin CemeteryPeck, Calvin D.183509/18/187912107652Not recorded
WebsterInavalePleasant Prairie CemeteryWolcott, Sidney Erwin184202/17/1901120887216Not recorded
WebsterRed CloudRed Cloud CemeteryMoranville, James Wallace184608/09/191657680519Not recorded
YorkArborvilleArborville Rural CemeteryBowker, Homer H.184409/27/190057285092
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