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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Oregon.

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Oregon cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Oregon counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Bowe, Gilbert H.184106/08/19200Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cherrier, Francis Edward184606/22/19260Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clark, Linus M.184403/19/19210Not recorded
May be buried in ...Coe, Chester183407/13/19140Not recorded
May be buried in ...Donnelly, Patrick184504/19/18800Not recorded
May be buried in ...Doyle, James009/07/19110Not recorded
May be buried in ...Fisher, William Lyman1835After 18990
May be buried in ...Gove, George D.1846After 12/07/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Langsyne, Henry J.1844after 04/04/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Leighton, Ariel H.183407/5/19240Not recorded
May be buried in ...Miller, Orin G.182601/19/18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Paul, Phineas C.183801/13/19130Not recorded
May be buried in ...Pierce, George W.183819100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sergeant, Dexter0After 19100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Soriol, Fabian1844unknown0Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stevens, Henry A. C.184609/04/19060Not recorded
May be buried in ...Taylor, Aaron H.184211/04/19290Not recorded
May be buried in ...Trefren, John P.184211/30/19300Not recorded
BakerBaker CityMount Hope CemeterySpaulding, Henry184208/01/192212324836Not recorded
BakerRichlandEagle Valley CemeteryPerkins, Albert James184401/03/192332225366Not recorded
BentonCorvallisCrystal Lake CemeteryChipman, Seymour183312/15/190424000344
BentonCorvallisOdd Fellows Pioneer CemeteryRobinson, William Hawks184002/01/191714615203Not recorded
BentonLobster ValleyLone Fir CemeteryPrindell, Hiram M.0After 7/2/189224153809Not recorded
BentonMonroeMonroe CemeteryTurner, Charles Sylvanus184311/04/192914445198Not recorded
ClackamasCanbyZion Memorial Park Bates, Charles L.1845192355491708Not recorded
ClackamasOregon CityMountain View CemeteryBill, David183911/25/191232135100Not recorded
ClackamasOregon CityMountain View CemeteryWilliams, Charles A.1845After 11/24/192219944945131
ClackamasOregon CityMountain View CemeteryWoodward, Rogers Oliver183401/20/191732555625Section A, Bk 46, Lot 2
ClatsopKnappaKnappa Prairie CemeteryBagley, Olin Henry183803/20/190848107546Not recorded
ColumbiaScappooseFairview CemeteryClark, Henry H.184203/13/191443575038
ColumbiaScappooseFairview CemeteryWhitney, Benjamin F.182202/11/190122886742Not recorded
ColumbiaWarrenBayview Memorial CemeteryHolcomb, Girard183010/08/191143273698Lot 124.2
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg IOOF CemeteryBartram, Daniel P.183512/31/190821720680Not recorded
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg IOOF CemeteryBuzzell, William R.1845191139562490
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg National CemeteryDean, Augustus Philander183204/02/19273886052A, 44 R10
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg National CemeteryGipson, James C.183807/31/19203886326A, 40/14
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg National CemeteryHall, Peter A.182301/21/19173886403Plot A 9/9
DouglasRoseburgRoseburg National CemeterySterling, John K.184405/24/193042748374Not recorded
GrantCanyon CityCanyon City CemeteryLucas, Martin Anderson184208/18/193444362458Not recorded
GrantLong CreekLong Creek CemeteryAllen, William E.182607/20/190831640880Not recorded
JacksonAshlandMountain View CemeteryCarpenter, Walter W.183406/03/191811285292I-IOOF, Blk. 8, Lot 1, Gr. 2
JacksonCentral PointCentral Point CemeteryCummings, Benjamin F.184411/19/192821666320Not recorded
JacksonCentral PointCentral Point CemeteryPerkins, William E.182410/16/190560262320Not recorded
JacksonMedfordEastwood IOOF CemeteryDamon, Major S.183404/190566314996Not recorded
JacksonTalentStearns CemeteryFoss, Julius E.184112/02/192238205155Not recorded
JosephineGrants PassGranite HIll CemeteryAlverson, Herbert B.183909/28/191678499279Plot: O/32/L1-2
JosephineGrants PassGranite HIll CemeteryGoodnow, Orwell S.184108/11/193078500232F/29/L7-3
JosephineGrants PassGranite HIll CemeteryGorham, Irwin Leroy184602/08/193278500235F/14/L1-1
JosephineGrants PassMasonic Pioneer CemeteryBarton, Henry H.1841Unknown41878611Section 23 Lot 5 Grave 4
KlamathKlamath FallsLinkville Pioneer CemeteryCogswell, Frederick A.184107/18/1895225068968-4-5
LaneCottage GroveFir Grove CemeteryLincoln, William H.184102/26/1911164709129Not recorded
LaneCottage GroveFir Grove CemeteryMorse, Langdon184403/18/1912123050553Not recorded
LaneEugeneEugene Pioneer CemeteryCovell, John S.182701/28/190314617839GAR Plot
LaneEugeneEugene Pioneer CemeteryHill, Alanson Parks183202/09/191414930397Not recorded
LaneEugeneEugene Pioneer CemeterySmith, Harvey Lee184302/10/192161427908Plot: 743-3
LaneEugeneWest Lawn Memorial ParkMarsha, William B.008/24/192353851355Not recorded
LanePleasant HillPleasant Hill CemeteryLaw, Joseph P.1826after 189489032077C-39-8
LincolnNewportEureka CemeteryBaker, Royal Flint184503/02/192915546218Not recorded
LinnBrownsvilleBrownsville Pioneer CemeteryBlanchard, William B.183203/31/192348898343Not recorded
LinnBrownsvilleBrownsville Pioneer CemeteryVenner, John Frank184510/04/192648899348Not recorded
LinnBrownvilleUnion Point CemeteryTerrell, Hiram D.183406/19/190891945646Not recorded
LinnLebanonIOOF CemeteryBrothers, Existe184412/20/191928297857Masonic SO Row 34
LinnLebanonIOOF CemeteryKent, Sanford Leroy184410/22/191415986119Not recorded
LinnLebanonIOOF CemeteryWeaver, Josiah J.184412/01/192830832090Not recorded
LinnSweet HomeLiberty-Nye CemeteryBillings, William Wallace183904/28/1917139212465Not recorded
MarionSilvertonMiller CemeteryBalch, Almon184707/25/192691132418Not recorded
MarionSilvertonSilverton CemeterySanderson, Samuel A.184212/23/19136540904Not recorded
MarionTurnerTwin Oaks CemeteryHall, Carlton Felch182008/29/189617825899
MarionWoodburnBelle Passi CemeteryBeaman, Henry182805/11/191780413894Not recorded
MarionWoodburnBelle Passi CemeteryGoodwin, George W.1842before 10/12/189179425160Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandGrand Army of the Republic CemeteryBoyer, George William183810/15/191818340282Not Recorded
MultnomahPortlandGrand Army of the Republic CemeteryChamberlain, Russell Tyron184212/03/191818343383Grave number 1 Lot 14 Section 1
MultnomahPortlandGreenwood Hills CemeteryHaynes, Daniel Putnam184105/24/190332034277Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandLincoln Memorial ParkMorris, John E.184103/01/191233946938Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandLincoln Memorial ParkTempest, Edward184407/19/1939171526538Veteran's Plot, 41/K
MultnomahPortlandLincoln Memorial ParkTrumbull, Rollin H.1833Unknown125895296Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandLone Fir Pioneer CemeteryRay, Lewis C.1827Unknown59450152Sec 33 Lot 26 Grave 1N
MultnomahPortlandLone Fir Pioneer CemeteryRegner, Joseph D.183707/25/191364739554Grave number 3N Lot 87 Section 11
MultnomahPortlandPortland Memorial MausoleumBailey, Hosford H.183609/12/1913119888698Lily Section, Lower Part
MultnomahPortlandPortland Memorial MausoleumBarnard, Benjamin S.183202/23/1921136261953Tulip A Tier 6 Niche 12
MultnomahPortlandPortland Memorial MausoleumHooker, Amos Orange184302/02/1918136931934Wisteria West I Tier 3 Vault 3
MultnomahPortlandPortland Memorial MausoleumQuimby, George J.183608/27/1922163599872Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandRiver View CemeteryCogswell, Charles184304/24/1908132086435Section 4 Lot 183
MultnomahPortlandRiver View CemeteryGove, William Elisha184012/22/1911123901852Section 15, Lot 307, Grave 2
MultnomahPortlandRiver View CemeteryJackson, Henry Junkins185008/02/192952061877Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandRiver View CemeteryMorrison, George184004/29/19220Not recorded
MultnomahPortlandRiver View CemeteryPratt, Roswell V.18411907120421478Section 100 Lot 65 Grave 3
PolkIndependenceHilltop CemeteryFoster, Hiram D.182305/29/190654912744Not recorded
TillamookTillamookIOOF CemeterySmith, Moses B. Jr.183910/23/1905117371133Not recorded
UmatillaHelixHelix CemeteryRush, John0Before 12/15/190816066068Not recorded
UmatillaPendletonOlney CemeteryClark, Marshall180404/24/188842327515Block 2, Lot 1, Grave 8
UmatillaPendletonOlney CemeteryEllis, Luther1825190351720667Not recorded
UmatillaPendletonOlney CemeteryFitzgeralds, William184512/23/190549751476Sec 26, Lot 23, Grave 5
UmatillaPendletonOlney CemeteryWorcester, Julius J.1840After 1910170962046Not recorded
UnionCoveCove CemeteryWhite, Samuel G.183910/30/1926126497405Not recorded
WallowaJosephJoseph CemeteryAdams, Arba Nelson184210/17/192436587593Section C, Lot 023
WascoThe DallesOdd Fellows CemeteryMyers, Winslow S.183106/20/190515669991Not recorded
WashingtonForest GroveForest View CemeteryAustin, Henry Richard184301/25/190842803042Lot 89, Grave 9
WashingtonMiddletonMiddleton Pioneer CemeteryJohnson, Oramel1845after 18909188740Not recorded
YamhillYamhillCarlton Pioneer Memorial CemeteryBrown, Charles Ryland183605/04/191330710274Not recorded
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