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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Texas.

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Texas cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Texas counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Albee, Justin V.184811/30/19150Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bass, James184503/31/19210Not recorded
May be buried in ...Blandin, George W.1831Before 3/14/19040
May be buried in ...Bosworth, Isaac C.1840After 03/21/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Brown, William P.1842before 06/23/18980Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bryant, Warren S.1840After 19100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cherbino, George184108/26/19170Not recorded
May be buried in ...Church, William182108/08/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clough, Judson1837after 3/2/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clune, William H.0Before 12/2/18690Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cook, Palmedus F.184706/18/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Demmon, Levi1826before 09/27/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Deuso, John006/20/18640Not recorded
May be buried in ...Downing, Dennis W.184810/03/18960Not recorded
May be buried in ...Gilman, Lewis E.184411/02/18670Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hammond, George F.1842unknown0Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hemenway, William N.18391895/18960
May be buried in ...Jenne, Lemuel Richmond182412/27/18790Not recorded
May be buried in ...Keefe, James O.183601/25/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Lockwood, William G.184312/31/19150Not recorded
May be buried in ...Mills, Alexander183103/23/19090
May be buried in ...Munger, Henry E.1841After 10/20/1890 - Before 12/24/191074610551Not recorded
May be buried in ...Newhall, Lawrence007/07/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Peters, Henry H.183107/31/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Scanlan, Daniel182809/12/19100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Smith, George184606/16/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stowell, Daniel P.184304/21/19130Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stuart, Charles W.184707/13/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Tasker, Charles184305/06/19090Not recorded
May be buried in ...Warner, George S.1835After 2/10/18820
May be buried in ...Washington, Samuel182408/12/18650Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wheeler, Ellery G.1846After 18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wheeler, Moses E.1823before 07/13/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Worcester, George B.1839After 02/07/18980Not recorded
AndersonPalestineFort Houston CemeteryTemple, Charles A.1831Before 11/06/190523389945Not recorded
BexarSan AntonioMission Burial Park SouthBarton, Rollin W.184103/27/1905184786611Not recorded
BexarSan AntonioSan Antonio National CemeteryHenshaw, Edward Carrington182709/14/18723061563A/80
BexarSan AntonioSan Antonio National CemeteryMoore, Oscar183811/18/18653062449C/205
BurnetMarble FallsMarble Falls City CemeteryRamsdell, Eugene E.1846Unknown105303897
DallasDallasGreenwood CemeteryLocke, Frederick D.184208/07/1891106290642Not recorded
DallasGarlandGarland CemeteryJacobs, Edward A.1844After 12/01/18920Not recorded
El PasoEl PasoConcordia CemeteryHupf, Charles V.184210/04/1912127960309Not recorded
FallsMarlinCalvary CemeteryCarter, Henry Gray183606/02/189669268705Not recorded
GonzalesGonzalesGonzales City CemeteryCady, Thaddeus Sobieski182006/17/189021325411Plot 125
GraysonDenisonFairview CemeteryFisher, Chesselden182211/28/189424581918Not recorded
GraysonShermanAkers CemeteryTown, Edwin C.183703/22/193767267385Not recorded
GraysonShermanWest Hill CemeteryOlden, Henry M.182709/15/187884505430Not recorded
GregLongviewGreenwood CemeterySpaulding, George Perham184211/28/191310166641Ave E plot 6
HaleAbernathyAbernathy CemeteryLarose, Joseph E.183904/09/191613177726Section D
HarrisHoustonHollywood CemeteryCooper, William184408/25/1883154103643NO_Marker; Sec.: Grassy Lawn, Lot No 91, Grave No. 1
HarrisHoustonHollywood CemeteryStrout, Hooper D.1839after 1890137686988Lynnwood Lawn, Lot 8, Grave 4
HarrisHoustonHoly Cross CemeteryDellehan, John1840after 7/1/1913120858378Not recorded
MatagordaPalaciosPalacios CemeteryMillard, John Edward184307/04/193158322286No_Marker; Section 4 Row 1 Block 5 Lot 7 #4
McLennanWacoOakwood CemeteryLeland, Oscar Hopestill182605/18/1914116900510Block 11, Lot 52
MilamBurlingtonSaint Michael CemeteryGleason, Timothy1834After 09/27/188181755099Not recorded
MontagueSt. JoMountain Park CemeteryAbbey, Osmond184009/19/192585808102?
NacogdochesLibbyLibby CemeteryFarrell, Thomas184412/23/1911118887243Not recorded
NuecesCorpus ChristiNew Bayview CemeteryClark, Henry L.18321/21/1905167280473B-06-003
NuecesCorpus ChristiNew Bayview CemeteryPage, Horace Hibbard183806/07/190140463248B-02-006
PolkLivingstonOld City CemeterySawyer, Eliphet M. B.183011/05/18890Not recorded
TarrantFort WorthHandley CemeteryMontague, Hollis R.184102/29/192810443902Not recorded
TarrantFort WorthOakwood CemeteryPeckham, John S.182906/01/19120Not recorded
UvaldeUvaldeHillcrest CemeteryMyrick, Madison M.184312/12/1924185667274Not recorded
WebbLaredoCity CemeterySpohn, Henry182707/10/1909159477916Knights of Pythias Plot
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