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This listing was prepared to assist photographers working in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin cemetery coordinates

This is a list of known/believed final resting places of Vermonters buried in certain Wisconsin counties, for whom we have no photographic evidence, sorted by county, city/town, cemetery, and name.

The penultimate column is the findagrave memorial #, meaning there is entry for the soldier off-site (many have pictures). PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use these pictures for the Vermont in the Civil War project due to copyright issues. Several of our photographers, however, have used the background of the photo to help locate the gravestone in the cemtery.

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

So what happens when you take the picture and email it to me? It goes on the Virtual Cemeteries page, and will no longer be listed here.

CountyTownCemeteryNameBirthDeathFAG #Marker
May be buried in ...Alverson, George F.1840after 11/05/18840Not recorded
May be buried in ...Atwood, Darwin F.182711/17/18910Not recorded
May be buried in ...Austin, Daniel A.1840after 18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Bertrand, Isaac184109/14/19190Not recorded
May be buried in ...Black, Marcelon E.184408/28/19020Not recorded
May be buried in ...Campbell, Albert1845after 4/12/19270Not recorded
May be buried in ...Clarke, Almon184005/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cole, Ambrose D.1836before 02/24/19040Not recorded
May be buried in ...Conger, Harrison184106/18/18780Not recorded
May be buried in ...Coolidge, Henry W.184119100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Craig, Walton R.001/29/19020Not recorded
May be buried in ...Cram, Merrill H.184305/04/19230Not recorded
May be buried in ...Demars, Joseph183906/06/19090Not recorded
May be buried in ...Eldridge, Charles B.1840after 7/11/18780Not recorded
May be buried in ...Farnsworth, Simeon Dow182703/06/18680Not recorded
May be buried in ...Fellows, Freeman W.1835after 18950Not recorded
May be buried in ...Fletcher, Lucius C.184105/31/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Garvin, Daniel Wooster184201/12/186263481707Not recorded
May be buried in ...Glover, John1838After 19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Harwood, Elijah O.0Before 024/24/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hays, John T.184103/18/19100Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hibbard, Andrew1846Unknown0
May be buried in ...Hix, Lewis Almon184503/18930Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hosmer, George S.183119050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Houghton, George H.18247/7/18700Not recorded
May be buried in ...Hurlbut, Edwin Warren1835Aft 08/22/19110Not recorded
May be buried in ...Jackson, Warren C.1840Before 01/27/18730Not recorded
May be buried in ...King, Joseph182409/23/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Leach, Rocius1841After 19000Not recorded
May be buried in ...LePage, Joseph Jr.1845Before 11/19/19190Not recorded
May be buried in ...Marston, Levi J.1828after 12/12/18710Not recorded
May be buried in ...McLeod, Franklin003/09/19190Not recorded
May be buried in ...Meehan, James1843before 01/13/19090Not recorded
May be buried in ...Monty, William H.011/28/18890Not recorded
May be buried in ...Morrison, George W.1841After 19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Peabody, Levi Chamberlin182908/28/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Pettis, Jeremiah182507/31/19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Purdy, Albert183704/12/19240Not recorded
May be buried in ...Putnam, Ephraim1819before 11/24/18960Not recorded
May be buried in ...Reed, James A.184302/09/19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Rice, Hiram S.1830before 05/19/19130Not recorded
May be buried in ...Riley, Thomas D.1822before 19080Not recorded
May be buried in ...Robinson, Charles H.1836after 18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Russell, Charles1840after 19050Not recorded
May be buried in ...Scales, Carlos E.184208/17/19270Not recorded
May be buried in ...Scott, Henry H.1843after 08/28/18960Not recorded
May be buried in ...Scribner, E. Sheldon1842Unknown0
May be buried in ...Smith, Frank1838before 03/19/18960Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stannard, Charles1843before 11/10/18850Not recorded
May be buried in ...Sterling, Lyman Jr.183505/25/19070Not recorded
May be buried in ...Stone, Seth184407/29/19210Not recorded
May be buried in ...Thomas, Edward G.1841After 03/03/18740Not recorded
May be buried in ...Tupper, Charles1840before 01/25/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Weston, Ara J.1832before 11/18/18920Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wilcox, Herman B.1831before 08/04/18900Not recorded
May be buried in ...Wood, Daniel P.1843After 19000
May be buried in ...Wyman, Loren182902/05/19130Not recorded
AdamsDell PrairiePlainville CemeteryJoyal, Hiram1819After 18956016795Not recorded
BarronChetekLakeview CemeteryBeagle, Daniel M.183202/15/19157462386Not recorded
BarronChetekTwin Lakes CemeteryBowers, Charles Henry184409/22/19137386359Not recorded
BarronRice LakeOrchard Beach CemeterySwift, William Prescott184902/17/18997333543Not recorded
BuffaloGilmantonGilmanton CemeteryDavis, Luther H.182501/05/189078645674Not recorded
BuffaloGilmantonGilmanton CemeteryPratt, Jason1841Unknown45559919Not recorded
ChippewaBloomerBloomer City CemeteryConry, Benjamin P.183812/30/190639219514Not recorded
ChippewaChippewa FallsForest Hill CemeteryHowison, William H.184402/07/19290Not recorded
ChippewaChippewa FallsForest Hill CemeteryZace, William184404/14/1891112237080Not recorded
ChippewaEdsonUnion CemeteryScott, Ransom1838Unknown71700597
ClarkChiliYolo CemeteryOatman, George Isaac183711/15/191123960120Not recorded
ClarkGrantonWindfall CemeterySutherland, Joseph183311/28/19010Not recorded
ColumbiaColumbusHillside CemeteryHall, Hugh184301/26/193146392284Not recorded
ColumbiaLodiMount Pleasant CemeteryMussen, James H.183007/21/190768090818Not recorded
ColumbiaPardeevilleMarcellon CemeteryDay, William Porter1847193292484759
ColumbiaPortageOak Grove CemeteryAmes, George W.184112/10/188477349241Not recorded
ColumbiaWisconsin DellsSpring Grove CemeteryFreeman, Joel Mann181507/09/186489879714Not recorded
CrawfordPrairie du ChienEvergreen CemeteryBarnum, Jerome Philemon1842191113336568Not recorded
DaneMadisonForest Hill CemeteryVilas, Henry184211/21/14524644Not Recorded
DaneMazomanieMazomanie CemeteryLearnard, Harmon R.184111/23/19210Not recorded
DaneStoughtonRiverside CemeteryClark, Lorenzo D.1842191244557844Not Recorded
DaneSun PrairieSun Prairie CemeteryConry, Hiram183801/22/191960850466Not recorded
DaneToken CreekToken Creek CemeteryCombs, John Marshall182905/07/186238220538Not Recorded
DodgeBurnettBurnett Corners CemeteryLawrence, Daniel G.184308/11/190524081576Not recorded
DodgeOak GroveOak Grove CemeteryIsham, George W.184707/03/192015322228060
DouglasSuperiorGreenwood CemeteryWinslow, Willard Childs184112/03/192467217817Block 9, Ring 4
Eau ClaireEau ClaireForest Hill CemeteryRobinson, George B.1834Unknown18977866Block 50
Fond du LacFond du LacRienzi CemeteryRobinson, Stephen Pearl184610/15/1895116249013Not recorded
Fond du LacLamartineLamartine CemeteryPike, William W.1825190964201544Row 13 E
GrantLancasterHillside CemeteryWard, Reuben18401911169060893Not recorded
GreenMonroeGreenwood CemeteryPinney, Oscar F.181902/17/186349033563Not recorded
GreenOakleyOakley Union CemeteryEdwards, William Justin184219293893191
JacksonMerrillanOakwood CemeteryGould, Henry H.183906/05/1890162314326Not recorded
JeffersonJeffersonGreenwood CemeteryBrown, Alonzo181810/12/19129247010Not recorded
JuneauMaustonOak Wood CemeteryHuntington, William H.183704/26/1897135038779Not recorded
JuneauNecedahBayview CemeteryFarr, James M.18441931180620851Not recorded
KenoshaKenoshaGreen Ridge CemeteryLovell, Frederick Solon181305/15/18789680857GAR Section, Block 114, Lot 2
KenoshaKenoshaGreen Ridge CemeteryRichmond, Edward Leslie184202/11/1921122674346Section NW-C
La CrosseLa CrosseOak Grove CemeteryWest, Henry E.184010/24/1909107301257Not recorded
La CrosseMindoroFarmington CemeteryCongdon, Gilbert182212/18/1891108590674Not recorded
LafayetteElk GroveElk Grove CemeteryBeebe, George1830Before 9/10/1917102073070Not recorded
LafayetteShullsburgSt. Matthews New Catholic CemeteryBelonger, Michael184112/21/192489178591Not recorded
LangladeAntigoAntigo CemeteryShufelt, Sheldon183912/28/1901119173194Not recorded
LangladeAntigoQueen of the Peace Catholic CemeteryHickey, Patrick184205/18/192895523284Not recorded
ManitowocGibsonProtestant CemeteryGilson, David182707/23/18950Not recorded
MarathonBrightonBrighton Municipal CemeteryParker, Zanthey1817Before 7/1/189014955697Not recorded
MarathonWausauPine Grove CemeteryTaylor, Henry Morris183907/09/1892164106216Section 37, Lot 4, #1
MarquetteOxfordVillage CemeteryWright, Joel Barrett182907/04/1912121684972Not recorded
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeForest Home CemeteryBrownell, Horace W.183504/03/1894119117251Not recorded
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeForest Home CemeteryBuck, Chester H.183301/12/19120Not recorded
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeForest Home CemeteryCarpenter, Mason Bill184503/08/1913126256561Not recorded
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeForest Home CemeteryMartin, Darius A.183708/26/1895164165528Section CH, Lot E7, #1
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryClark, Alva M.184203/20/18932903618Section 10, #198
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryDoud, Charles J.184403/09/1914020-6
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryMonger, Emory Willard182803/10/188829191054/66
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryMorrison, Hiram R.182006/05/1903903616829 0 216
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryMullen, James183702/03/1906291955814/383
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeteryO'Conner, John184405/02/188068130114Not recorded
MilwaukeeMilwaukeeWood National CemeterySanborn, Wilbur F.184202/01/1900121322806Not recorded
MonroeSpartaWoodlawn CemeteryNewton, Andrew Jackson183003/30/189923190133Not recorded
MonroeSpartaWoodlawn CemeteryNichols, Asa Burton18421881140535731Not recorded
MonroeTomahOak Grove CemeteryMcKain, James183504/07/18988204727Not recorded
MonroeTomahOak Grove CemeterySowle, A. W.0After 6/30/188843174915Not recorded
MonroeTomahOak Grove CemeterySweet, Lafayette184412/11/1914104424911First Addition, Block 1, Lot 24
MonroeTunnel CityGreenfield CemeteryHastings, Orlando Harris184003/06/192291339214Not recorded
PepinArkansawArkansaw Memorial CemeteryGriffin, Hollis B.184305/11/1920169060126Not recorded
PepinArkansawArkansaw Memorial CemeteryKinsman, Albert A.184303/28/1919169060217Not recorded
PepinPepinOakwood CemeteryAllen, Benjamin180707/05/187321207148Not recorded
PepinPepinOakwood CemeteryLampman, Peter S.180412/28/187022845370
PortageAlmondAlmond Village CemeteryAdams, Albert W.1839192555248585Not recorded
RichlandLone RockLone Rock CemeteryBettey, John Henry184604/02/194055149335Not recorded
RichlandLone RockLone Rock CemeteryTracy, Leonard183203/23/190855232894Not recorded
RichlandRichland CenterRichland Center CemeteryAnnis, Salmon Pulsifer181009/01/187615409662Not recorded
RichlandRockbridgeRockbridge CemeteryAustin, Edward Pasco183010/27/191584703022Not recorded
RichlandWillowLoyd CemeteryScott, Otis Brigham182402/25/189879418807Not recorded
RockBeloitOakwood CemeteryBradley, Mary L. Smith183008/17/1910151330628Not recorded
RockEmerald GroveEmerald Grove CemeteryWarner, Alfred L.184205/27/187011416368Not recorded
RockEvansvilleMaple Hill CemeteryPatterson, William A.182407/08/19050
RockJanesvilleOak Hill CemeteryCorey, Hiram C.183210/187011361991Block 97, Lot 11, #1
RockJanesvilleOak Hill CemeteryKent, William Clark184010/22/190715856297064-10-7; military headstone
RockJanesvilleOak Hill CemeteryStevens, Jack L.1837Unknown122393156Not recorded
RockJanesvilleOak Hill CemeteryWills, William W.1829Unknown144790467Block 80-15-4
SaukLake DeltonLake Delton CemeteryKnapp, Nathan HALL181307/19/190479251853Not recorded
SaukLake DeltonLake Delton CemeteryShumway, John B. Jr.184312/20/191731448352Not recorded
SaukReedsburgCole CemeteryNye, Jonathan Jewell182403/04/188136146163Not recorded
St. CroisRiver FallsGreenwood CemeteryFlint, Jeremiah Eliphalet184005/03/190947403476Not recorded
St. CroisRiver FallsGreenwood CemeteryFlint, Phineas C.183710/22/188747403540Not recorded
St. CroisRiver FallsGreenwood CemeteryNichols, Theodore183912/27/192447409801Not recorded
St. CroixHudsonWillow River CemeteryMunson, George S.184408/20/189836421955
TaylorRib LakeLakeview CemeteryPage, Myron183602/04/190157125113Not recorded
VernonGenoaRiverside CemeteryHart, Orange McCluer183803/02/189539754374No_Marker
VernonHillsboroMount Vernon CemeteryCarl, Octavius183809/16/1914158727178248
WalworthFairfieldFairfield CemeteryWebster, Samuel Herman183108/06/19016607131Not recorded
WalworthLake GenevaOak Hill CemeteryDurkee, Harris182505/26/1893125299538Not recorded
WalworthSharonOakwood CemeteryLillie, George David18471929155516482Section 1D, Lot 147
WalworthWhitewaterHillside CemeteryClark, Henry B.1830Before 07/28/1890132630709
WaupacaKingWisconsin Veterans Memorial CemeteryCady, Samuel A.183202/28/189841377901Section 3, Rose 70S, Site 13
WaupacaKingWisconsin Veterans Memorial CemeteryHardy, Nathan Martin183606/22/191063023534Section 7, Row 20S, Site 61
WaupacaKingWisconsin Veterans Memorial CemeteryLambkin, George W.182705/04/191015680357Not recorded
WaupacaKingWisconsin Veterans Memorial CemeteryNash, Michael1838After 6/1/188287168801
WaupacaKingWisconsin Veterans Memorial CemeteryPeterson, Hannibal184610/02/190141499151Section 7, Row 20S, Site 75
WaupacaParfreyvilleParfreyville CemeteryWoodard, Turner1833After 1870119599742
WaupacaSymcoUnion CemeteryPerkins, Norman Andrew183910/23/190735552630Not recorded
WausharaWautomaWautoma Union CemeteryDudley, Orson18451910111749262East side of west entrance
WausharaWautomaWautoma Union CemeteryTerrill, Edson E.183006/01/190667716384Not recorded
WinnebagoOshkoshEllenwood CemeteryPettingill, Eugene184607/12/1900138954718Not recorded
WinnebagoWaukauWaukau CemeteryReed, Henry W.184106/188043215763Military headstone
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