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Last Known Living, or Died, in Arkansas

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Parsons, Silas W.1st VT CAV, VRCabt 184202/21/1909Died in White County, AR
Brown, Ai1st VT INF, 1st USSSabt 1842after 1870Last known living in Carter, AR
Sinclair, George G.89th IL INFAbt 1837Before 09/26/1885Last known living in Ellis, AR in 1880
Grout, Chester G.7th IA INF, 3rd AL INF, 111th USCT1829Before 04/15/1903Last known living in Esculapia, AR in 1900
Chaplin, Roswell A.13th VT INFabt 182904/12/1897Eureka Springs, AR
Morey, Israel P.5th KS CAV 02/13/1930Last known living in Fir, AR
Summers, Cloys34th IL INFAbt 1836After 1910Last known living in Harrison, AR in 1910
Holcomb, Jasper126th IL INF183610/27/1863Died at Helena, AR
Taylor, Beverly45th USCIabt 184304/18/1908Lee, AR
Flint, Abner Nichols8th VT INFabt 183407/01/1906Last known living in Arkansas
Billings, Daniel H.27th IL INF1838Before 7/26/1890Last known living in Peter Creek, Van Buren, AR in 1880
Degree, Moses6th VT INFabt 1841before 10/14/1900Last known living in Arkansas
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