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Last Known Living, or Died, in Iowa

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Baldwin, George M.153rd IL INF1839UnknownLast known living in Iowa in 1890 (Pension)
Cummings, William H.3rd IA INF1835After 10/23/1890Last known living in Iowa
Ellsworth, John A.75th IL INF1842After 7/5/1912Last known living in Lu Verne, IA, 1910 census
Lampkin, Harrison F.1st IA CAV1839Before 7/11/1890Widow's application date
Miller, Julius Wilson14th IL CAV18261892Prairie HIll Cemetery, Fulda, MN
Raymond, Thomas16th IA INF1846Before 9/5/1891Last known living in Iowa
Barrett, Isaac S.175th NY INF 05/28/1830Before 06/03/1873Died in Alden, IA
Hibbard, Oliver D.3rd VT INF184004/08/1920Buried in Alden, IA
Hill, Elihu F.6th IA INF1833After 1880 Censuslast known living in Center Grove, IA
Martin, Jonathan B.16th IA INF183203/22/1904Died in Center Grove, IA
Collins, Dan O.64th IL INF1835Before 7/2/1887Last known living in Clarion, Wright, Iowas per 1885 state census
Plumley, Levi P.7th VT INFabt 182506/13/1916Buried in Corydon, IA
Wilson, Russell R.1st MN CAVabt 1826before 07/17/1883Last known living in Delhi, IA
Foster, William H.2nd VT INFabt 183905/12/1909Last known living in Dubuque, IA
Durkee, Tracy S.4th VT INF, 2nd USSSabt 184312/1908Died in Independence, IA
Usher, Nathan D.6th VT INF, 15th VT INFabt 18371866Died in Iowa City, IA
Peck, John P12th IA INF1835Before 04/12/1905Last known living in Jamestown, IA in 1900
Jackson, Charles H.102nd IL INF1833Before 1/18/1889Last known living in Jefferson, Greene, Iowa, 1885 Census
Jones, Joseph B.9th IL INF182505/09/1862Died in Keokuk, IA
Persons, Levi Allen49th WI INF10/10/18221912Died in Macedonia, IA
Rock, William12th VT INF1842before 9/30/1907Last known living in Memory, Page County, IA?
Livingston, Charles C.4th NH INFunknown10/06/1871Died in Monroe, IA
Thomas, James132nd IL INFAbt 1846After 1910Last known living in Osceola, IA in 1910
Hutchins, Samuel C.17th IA INF03/13/182512/24/1872Died in Pella, IA
Wood, George27th IA INFabt 183312/10/1916Died in Seney, IA
Griggs, Luther17th IA INF, 31st IA INF181401/26/1887Died in Sioux City, IA
Himes, Edward H.1st USSSabt 183805/11/1899Died in Sioux City, IA
Snow, Benjamin Franklin Townsend22nd WI INF, VRC182208/06/1882Died in Sioux City, IA
Hutchins, Orlando16th VT INF07/03/183304/25/1898Died in Tama City, IA
Hayes, Benjamin C.24th IA INF183406/05/1889Died in Toledo, IA
Dudley, Thomas J.27th IA INF183907/15/1879May be buried in Troy Mills Cemetery, Troy Mills, IA
Jennings, William B.12th VT INFabt 1844before 05/02/1891Last known living in Iowa
Raymond, Charles12th IA INFabt 1845After 9/2/1890Pension Application filed in IA
Sheldon, George W.7th VT INF, 4th US ARTY01/02/1837before 06/11/1895Last known living in Iowa
Smith, Schyuler1st VT CAVabt 1835After 06/28/1880 - Before 07/16/1890Widow filed for pension in Iowa
Truax, John C.4th VT INFabt 1847before 09/08/1890Last known living in Iowa
Williams, Henry C.92nd IL INF, 65th IL INFAbt 1845After 07/21/1880Last known living in Iowa in 1880
Smith, Theodore R.7th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF04/22/184110/22/1892Died in Victor, IA
Crosby, Charles R.13th IL INF, 17th IL CAVAbt 1841Before 4/13/1906Last known living in Vinton, IA, 1902
Hammond, William Westley105th IL INF03/28/1821Before 4/30/1888Last known living in Waterloo, IA, 1880
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