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Last Known Living, or Died, in Louisiana

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Bennett, William M.113th IL INF182207/19/1863Died in MIllikens, LA
Clark, Harmon J.38th MA INFunknown04/09/1864Died of disease Alexandria, LA
Gray, Orrin8th VT INFAbt 182506/06/1864Died in Thibadeaux, LA
Silver, Alonzo8th VT INFabt 181909/05/1862Died in General Hospital, Algiers, LA, from injuries sustained in a railroad accident.
Huntley, Jacob J.37th IL INF183809/03/1868Died in Baton Rouge, LA
Mead, George7th VT INF184407/31/1862Died in Baton Rouge, LA
Avery, Sylvester H.8th VT INFabt 183206/03/1863Died at Brashear City, LA
Barker, Isaac7th VT INF182208/03/1862Died in Carrollton, LA
Coppins, Calmer/Palmer E.7th VT INF182806/21/1862Died in Carrolton, LA
Bomen, Anthony8th VT INFabt 1843unknownLast known living in Cottonport, LA
Willis, Monroe C.16th VT INFabt 1843About 08/30/1874Died in Coushatta, LA
Browning, Henry C.2nd VT LARTYabt 1836Before 10/11/1890Last known living in East Feliciana, LA
Marchant, Hezekiah160th NY INF abt 182102/08/1864Died in Franklin, LA
True, Moses C.15th VT INFabt 181907/10/1895Died in Hammond, LA
Coon, Alonzo E.20th IA INF183805/24/1908Died in New Orleans, LA
Cutting, Henry C.7th IA CAVAbt 183701/16/1927Died in Lake Charles, LA
Dyer, Leighton WilliamCooleys IND Btry IL LARTY182604/08/1864Died in Mansfield, LA
Gates, Horace2nd VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAVabt 184010/11/1864Died of disease Morganza, LA
Hog, Michael2nd NY VET CAVabt 183908/08/1864Died in Morganza, LA
Perry, Martin T.12th IL CAVabt 184308/10/1864Died in Napoleon, LA
Baker, Charles A.16th NH INFabt 182606/17/1863Died in New Orleans, LA
Billings, Alfred E.14th VT INF, USVabt 184003/18/1923Died in New Orleans, LA
Carter, Peter7th VT INFabt 1845after 1883Last known living in New Orleans, LA
Coburn, Curtis A.10th VT INFabt 184111/07/1866Buried in New Orleans, LA
Deigett, Paul2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 1837After 06/14/1865Naturalized in New Orleans, LA 06/14/1865
Frasa, Hyacinth Joseph8th VT INFabt 1834After 1920Last known living in New Orleans, LA in 1920
Fullington, Charles B.8th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 9th US CINF, 75th US CINFabt 183911/21/1870Died at Post Hospital, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, LA
Strickland, John Q.7th VT INFabt 182907/05/1865Drowned, New Orleans, LA
Traub, Charles2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 184109/19/1918Died in New Orleans, LA
Turner, Theodore E.9th VT INF, 4th US CAVabt 183912/07/1924Died in New Orleans, LA
Williams, Calvin7th VT INFabt 1840after 1883Last known living in Living in New Orleans
Wiswell, Eugene M.91st IL INFAbt 181910/13/1866Died in New Orleans, LA
Smiley, Antoine8th VT INFabt 1838After 06/09/1900Last known living in Police Jury Ward 7, LA
Hastings, Jesse B.2nd VT LARTYabt 183308/19/1862Died in Hospital, Camp Parapet, LA
McKillips, Edward J.10th VT INF, 1st US ARTYabt 1844Aft 1900Last known living in Shreveport, LA in 1900
Barney, Leftridge8th VT INFabt 183604/26/1911Died in Thibodaux, LA
Olden, George E.8th VT INFabt 184305/16/1864Died in Regimental Hospital, Thibodaux, LA
Brown, Joel A.12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY05/1848Before 4/27/1906Died in Louisiana
Curtis, Warren1st VT LARTYabt 184306/04/1862Died in Louisiana
Davis, Henry F.8th VT INFabt 1844before 05/14/1898Last known living in Louisiana
Downs, William H.23rd IA INF184006/07/1863Killed in action at Millikens Bend, LA
Hill, James H.8th VT INFabt 183605/14/1863Killed in Alexandria, LA
Jones, William8th VT INFabt 183606/14/63Killed in action Port Hudson, LA
Laird, George S.2nd VT LARTYabt 183408/23/1862Died at Camp Parapet, Carrollton, LA
Mallery, Almeron2nd VT LARTYabt 184601/15/1865Died at Port Hudson, LA
Morsini, Ernest8th VT INFAbout 1841UnknownLast known living in LA
Nelson, William13th VT INFabt 1836after 1909Last known living in Louisiana
Parker, Solomon S.8th VT INFabt 184401/09/1925Died in Jeanerette, LA
Shumway, Monroe8th VT INF182912/15/1862Died in New Orleans, LA
Tillman, James7th VT INFabt 1838Before 12/17/1906Last known living in Louisiana
White, Patrick2nd VT LARTYabt 183507/23/1862Died in Hospital at Camp Parapet, LA
Babcock, Sanford G.1st NY ENG06/1827After 1900Last known living in Ward 2, Calcasieau County, LA
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