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Last Known Living, or Died, in Massachusetts

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Rockwell, Joseph G.185th NY INF abt 183101/04/1906Died in Massachusetts
Thatcher, Charles H.4th VT INFabt 184212/24/1927Died in Suffolk County, MA
Goulay, David10th VT INF, VRCabt 1842Before 05/11/1886Last known living in Adams, MA in 1870
Vever, Nelson7th VT INFabt 183205/19/1890Buried in Adams, MA
Copeland, John1st VT CAV12/1/18391/2/1881Died in Amesbury, MA
Dow, Charles W.4th VT INF, VRCabt 1840Before 04/06/1888Last known living in Cambridge, MA
Brown, HenryUSNUnknown03/19/1871Last known living in Ashburnham, MA
Stowe, David6th NH INF02/24/1815before 04/21/1880Last known living in Ashburnham, MA
Spaulding, William W.9th VT INF, USAabt 1844unknownMarried in Athol, MA in 1866
Sweetland, Enoch11th VT INF03/05/180301/28/1883Died in Attleboro, MA
Hagen, James13th VT INFabt 1844After 8/17/1904Last known living in Bedford, MA in 1900
Thompson, Theodore41st USCIAbout 184309/01/1877Died in Belchertown, MA
Morse, George L.8th VT INFabt 1840after 05/04/1897Last known living in Blackstone, MA
Bacon, Timothy F.USNabt 184611/03/1898Died in Boston, MA
Bridge, Mitchell3rd NH INFAbt 1841After 1887Married Josephine in Boston, MA in 1887
Colby, Cornelius Orlando10th VT INF01/183410/22/1904Buried in Boston, MA
Costello, PeterUSNunknownafter 1890Last known living in Boston, MA
Cram, George B.26th MA INFabt 184111/08/1922Died in Boston, MA
Cunningham, Henry1st NH HARTYunknown3/25/1887Buried in Boston, MA
Gill, JohnUSNabt 184409/19/1927Died in Boston, MA
Goodrich, HarleyManchester Mechanics, PhalanxAbout 184106/02/1897Died in Boston, MA
Halbert, John Sherman9th VT INFabt 184206/08/1899Buried in Boston, MA
Hodgeman, JohnUSNabt 183005/05/1900Last known living in Boston, MA
Hovey, James O.2nd VT INFabt 184104/21/1892Died in Boston, MA
Johnson, Edward H.11th VT INF, 45th MA INFabt 1842After 1872Last known living in Boston, MA
Kittredge, Henry E.3rd VT INFabt 1844After 1910Last known living in Boston, MA in 1910
Lane, James D.USNUnknown06/14/1865Died on board ship Florida, last known residence Boston, MA
Locke, JosephUSNabt 183812/4/1895Last known living in Boston, MA
Madden, MichaelUSNabt 1834after 4/22/1896Last known living in Boston, MA
Martin, Joseph Z.11th VT INF01/09/1848After 09/20/1872Married in Boston, MA in 1872
McDonough, ColemanUSNUnknown03/17/1900Buried in Boston, MA
Merrill, Patrick8th VT INFabt 182706/02/1893Died in Boston, MA
Norton, Henry C.1st NH INF, 17th US INFAbout 1836After 1870Last known living in Boston, MA
Pearson, Charles F.3rd VT INFabt 1839Before 06/18/1891Last known living in Boston, MA in 1880
Peck, Eugene A.3rd VT INFabt 184002/02/1918Cremated, Massachusetts Crematory, Boston, MA
Perry, Benjamin F.1st VT CAVAbt 183704/25/1899Died in Boston, MA
Pratt, George1st NH INF, 8th NH INF10/01/1839After 10/15/1916Last known residence Boston, MA
Reed, James T.1st VT CAV, VRCabt 1834after 1880Last known living in Boston, MA
Storms, Charles H.55th MA INFabt 1834after 1870Last known living in Boston, MA
Viall, Nathaniel A.15th MA INFabt 183006/08/1896Died in Boston, MA
Wells, William17th VT INF08/24/184402/04/1917Buried in Boston, MA
Wetherbee, WaltonUSN181711/02/1895Died in Boston, MA
Woodbine, Abel J.USNUnknown06/03/1891Buried in Boston, MA
Hubert, Nelson M.3rd MA HARTYAbout 184306/06/1893Died in Braintree, MA; buried in Taunton
Badger, Caleb1st MA CAV, VRC180604/06/1869Died in North Bridgewater, MA
Blanchard, Jacob A.16th NY HARTY abt 184501/27/1918Died in Bridgewater, MA
Strong, Simeon S. C.9th VT INFabt 182103/02/1877Died in Bridgewater, MA
Pike, Daniel R.2nd VT INFabt 1840After 1929Last known living in Brockton, MA
Johnson, Henry F.2nd VT INF, VRC05/21/184407/06/1933Died in Brookline, MA
Westerman, Thomas F.6th VT INFabt 183607/12/1876Buried in Brookline, MA
Ayers, Andrew J.USNabt 183412/10/1893Died Cambridge, MA
Batchelder, Charles M.11th VT INFabt 184712/17/1926Died in Cambridge, MA
Daisey, Edward17th VT INFabt 184611/11/1920Died in Cambridge, MA
Welch, David6th VT INFabt 1843after 1872 - before 08/30/1890Last known living in Cambridge, MA
Cheney, Frank8th VT INFabt 1844After 12/04/1862Last known living in Charlestown, MA in 1865
Dow, Jerome C.5th VT INF, 10th VT INF, VRCabt 184304/04/1871Died in Charlestown, MA
Couture, Jacques1st VT CAVabt 183903/26/1898Buried in Chelmsford, MA
Brown, John B.13th VT INFabt 182802/26/1917Died in Chelsea, MA
Conant, Ira1st MA INFAbt 182601/09/1883Died at Soldiers Home, Chelsea, MA
Fisher, Lewis E.10th VT INFabt 184507/07/1892Buried in Chelsea, MA
Hodgkins, Sumner A.16th VT INF, 1st NH INF08/11/183901/02/1914Died in Chelsea, MA
McLane, Robert G.USNabt 184302/03/1864Died in Soldiers Hospital, Chelsea, MA
Parker, Marcus E.5th VT INF, USMC, USAabt 1843After 03/13/1879At hospital in Chelsea, MA in 1876
Quimby, Luman Vesper15th VT INF07/04/183605/21/1883Died in Chelsea, MA
Stockwell, John H.11th VT INFabt 184512/19/1919Died in Chelsea, MA
Tracy, Frederick17th VT INF, VRC, 1st US ARTYabt 184606/22/1930Died in Chelsea, MA
Wood, William P.11th VT INFabt 184404/12/1912Died in Chelsea, MA
Buckley, John M.6th VT INF, 1st VT CAVUnknownAfter 1913Last known living in Chicopee, MA
Norton, John Q. A.6th VT INF, VRC08/25/181707/20/1883Died in Chicopee, MA
Estes, Jared8th VT INF, VRC04/20/183212/25/1911Buried in Clarksburg at the Ranney Farm, MA
Huet, Wiley8th VT INFabt 181811/07/1888Died in Clarksburg, MA
Amsden, Solon V.1st USSSabt 1839Before 01/12/1898Last known living in Clinton, MA in 1880
Bullock, Amasa R.57th MA INFAbout 1848After 1904Last known living in Colrain, MA in 1900
Plumb, Ozias S.16th VT INFabt 181402/28/1885Died in Colrain, MA
McDamick, George11th VT INFabt 183906/29/1875Died in Concord, MA
Monahan, Thomas2nd VT INFabt 1843After 1890Last known living in Concord, MA in 1890
Edwards, Alonzo F.4th VT INFabt 1825after 1890Last known living in Conway, MA in 1890
Walker, George A.26th NY CAV/VT FCAVabt 184605/22/1929Died in Dorchester, MA
Ormsbee, John E.55th MA INF184609/1875Died in Dudley, MA
Cummings, Charles W.4th VT INFabt 183506/22/1895Buried in Erving, MA
Blake, William L.1st VT INF, 13th VT INF02/05/183804/14/1922Died in Fall River, MA
Dupaw, George H.17th VT INFabt 184701/12/1928Died in Everett, MA
Rollins, William H.15th VT INFabt 184012/30/1890Died in Everett, MA
Baraby, Benjamin L.1st VT CAV04/30/184412/17/1922Last known living in Fall River, MA
Dufresne, Demasse9th VT INFabt 182911/13/1889Buried in Fall River, MA
Laraway, Philip17th VT INFabt 184601/18/1928Died in Fall River, MA
Parrett, Moses7th VT INFabt 184310/11/1922Died in Fall River, MA
Shambo, Joseph W.3rd VT INF, 12th VT INF, VRCabt 1843After 12/01/41866 - Before 07/05/1890Last known living in Fall River, MA
Sylvester, Francis Xavier9th VT INFabt 1841After /16/915Last known living in Truner Falls, MA
Aldrich, Leonard J.1st VT CAVabt 1826Before 02/23/1866Last known living in Fitchburg, MA
Culligan, Joseph H.1st USSSabt 1841Before 02/24/1888Last known living in Fitchburg, MA (1870)
Labardie, Elmore11th VT INF07/22/184311/09/1889Buried in Franklin, MA
Butler, John17th VT INFabt 184206/08/1894Buried in Gardner, MA
Corivan, Louis2nd VT LARTY184102/02/1899Died in Gardner, MA
Rafferty, Dennis1st VT CAVabt 183409/25/1907Died in Gardner, MA
Lambert, Alexander192nd NY INF abt 184106/05/1889Pine Grove Cemetery, Grafton, MA
Ryan, Thomas1st VT INF, 7th VT INFabt 184005/08/1916Died in Granby, MA
Tilley, David O.8th VT INF, 46th MA INFabt 184307/09/1887Buried at Granby, MA
Guinan, William2nd VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 183011/06/1874Died in Greenfield, MA
Smith, H. Dwight13th VT INFabt 183502/01/1896Buried in Greenwich, MA
Houghton, John CephasUSCC12/26/183611/18/1900Buried in Harvard, MA
Bagley, Roderick3rd VT INFabt 1832before 1890Last known living in Haverhill, MA
Bergen, John6th VT INFabt 1819Before 11/12/1888Buried in MA
Bourke, Clement8th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPSabt 184005/25/1910Buried in Haverhill, MA
Ducharme, Stanislas P.11th VT INFabt 1821Before 06/30/1880Buried in Haverhill, MA
Boyle, James H.17th VT INFabt 1842After 1890Last known living in Holyoke, MA
Brinn, David4th VT INF, 7th VT INFabt 182807/29/1897Died in Holyoke, MA
Royce, Norman J.13th VT INFabt 1829before 1910Died in Holyoke, MA
Halpin, JohnUSNUnknown04/14/1899Buried Hopkinton, MA
Young, Andrew J.1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 8th VT INFabt 183512/10/1900Buried in Hopkinton, MA
Sturgess, Smith Farrand3rd VT INF10/03/184109/10/1922Died in Hull, MA
Kennion, Edwin A.18th NH INFabt 183711/13/1925Died in Jefferson, MA
Bresnahan, MauriceUSN09/29/184603/18/1887Died in Lawrence, MA
Finnegan, Patrick10th VT INF1836Before 02/23/1886Last known living in Lawrence, MA in 1880
Wyman, David F.1st VT CAVAbt 1833After 1865Married in Lawrence, MA in 1865
Bacon, David F.2nd VT INF, 2nd VRCabt 183801/09/1917Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, MA
West, Charles T.4th VT INFabt 184407/27/1908Buried in Lexington, MA
Hanson, Frederick A.9th VT INFabt 1842After 08/27/1867Last known living in Lowell, MA
Lacroix, Francois11th VT INFabt 181504/07/1887Saint Patrick Cemetery, Lowell, MA
Lamonda, Napoleon B.13th VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 184409/17/1922Died in Lowell, MA
LeClair, Peter6th VT INFabt 184109/11/1926Died in Lowell, MA
Waterson, William H.26th NY CAV/VT FCAVabt 184406/30/1928Died in Lowell, MA
Butler, Alonzo5th MA INF, 13th MA INF, 3rd MA HARTYabt 1834after 1864Last known living in Lynn, MA
Scott, George W.5th VT INFabt 183608/14/1881Died in Lynn, MA
Stone, JuliusUSNUnknown07/09/1885Buried Lynn, MA
Brown, Alonzo5th VT INFabt 18381883Died in Malden, MA
Graves, George Henry8th VT INFabt 184303/23/1923Died in Malden, MA
Gray, James F.16th VT INFabt 183707/18/1900Buried in Malden, MA
Haley, Michael2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 184509/12/1877Died in Malden, MA
Clark, Edwin R.15th VT INFabt 184008/26/1924Died in Marlborough, MA
Marlow, Austin E.7th VT INFabt 1821Before 11/15/1875Buried in Marlborough, MA
Reyno, Joseph7th VT INFabt 1847after 1914 - before 04/20/1933Last known living in Marlborough, MA in 1913
Coles, Seymour N.8th VT INFabt 184306/28/1897Buried in Medfield, MA
Willard, Thomas A.1st VT CAV1847after 1870Last known living in Medfield, MA
Barnum, Zalmon C.USNabt 181310/09/1872Buried in Medford, MA
Kiley, Timothy4th VT INFabt 1842before 08/04/1890Last known living in Medford, MA
Young, Robert O.1st RI Militiary, 3rd MA CAV183208/18/1908Buried in Medway, MA
Clark, William J.1st VT BGD Band, US SIG CORPSabt 184301/17/1933Last known living in Milford, MA
Dennis, Daniel D.1st VT CAVabt 184801/09/1892Last known living in Milford, MA
Whittemore, Carshena K.8th VT INFabt 184310/24/1912Died in Boston, MA; Buried in Milford, MA
Wolcott, Lucian16th VT INFabt 182010/02/1896Buried in Millbury, MA
Lawson, Alfred N.9th VT INFabt 183711/12/1913Millers Falls, MA
Von Valkenburg, ThomasUSNUnknown07/14/1918Died in Millers Falls, MA
Rogers, Hiram A.4th VT INFabt 184508/10/1925Died in Natick, MA
Vanalstine, William54th MA INFabt 184407/27/1874Buried in Natick, MA
Brown, Hobart Jr.8th VT INFabt 184607/15/1918Died in New Bedford, MA
Howe, Densmore16th VT INF07/26/184803/27/1892Died in New Salem, MA
Sproul, James Jackson14th VT INFabt 1828After 1890Last known living in New Salem, MA in 1890
Mahar, Patrick2nd VT INF, USAabt 183801/20/1892Buried in Newton, MA
Cotton, Simon B.10th MA INF, 61st MA INFAbt 182502/05/1870Died in North Adams, MA
Ferre, Luther1st VT LARTYabt 183207/05/1897Died in North Adams, MA
Francher, Louis T.1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTYabt 1820Before 07/14/1890Last known living in North Adams, MA in 1870
Kiser, Remembrance S.RecruitAbt 182107/05/1902Buried in North Brookfield, MA
Brush, Henry B.2nd VT INFabt 183902/28/1891Buried in/near Northampton, MA
Daprey, Francis8th VT INFabt 1823Before 04/13/1891Last known living in Northampton, MA
Hescock, Oscar B.8th VT INF, 17th VT INF, VRCabt 184312/26/1918Died in State Hospital, Northampton, MA
McClellan, Samuel T.9th VT INF, 11th VT INFabt 182910/06/1896Died in Northampton, MA
Lambert, Michael8th VT INFabt 1838After 12/03/1890Last known living in Peabody, MA in 1890
McDonald, John10th VT INFabt 1839After 1890Last known living in Peabody, MA in 1890
McKenna, James8th MA INF, 49th MA INF, 61st MA INFAbt 184303/02/1924Last known living in Pittsfield, MA
Rich, William H.31st MA INFabt 183907/03/1898Buried in Pittsfield, MA
Holden, Henry2nd VT INFabt 1839after 9/26/1906Last known living in Soldiers Home, Quincy
Warden, Henry5th VT INF, VRCabt 184612/31/1930Died in Randolph, MA
Dean, James Wilder18th MA INF, 32nd MA INFabt 183809/27/1876Died in Rowe, MA
Curby, Abraham3rd NH INFAbout 184310/19/1928Died in Roxbury, MA
Edson, Ptolemy O'Meara17th VT INF, 1st VT CAV12/27/183302/13/1928Died in Roxbury, MA
Evans, Frank H.3rd NH INF184309/24/1911Buried in Salisbury, MA
Stoliker, James G.4th VT INFabt 1839after 1910Last known living in Saugus, MA in 1910
Harvey, GeorgeUSN05/01/184106/30/1922Last known living in Somerville, Middlesex, MA
Jackson, Thomas2nd VT INFAbt 1838after 4/1/1915Last known living in Somerville, MA
Johnson, Benjamin F.16th VT INFabt 183603/29/1914Died in Somerville, MA
Pettis, Phineas P.12th VT INFabt 184201/09/1927Died in Somerville, MA
Richards, Joseph7th VT INFabt 183009/30/1897Died in South Hadley Falls, MA
Plumtree, Frederick7th VT INFabt 1829before 04/27/1906Buried in South Hadley Falls, MA
Cook, Charles M.1st VT INF, 1st VT CAVabt 184202/18/1903Buried in Southbridge, MA
Bonner, Joseph12th ME INF, 1st US VET CORPSAbout 184411/03/1886Buried in Springfield, MA
Greeley, John P. M.91st NY INF abt 184409/18/1882Died in Springfield, MA
Laduke, Joseph8th VT INF183001/24/1876Died in Springfield, MA
Lamphere, Albion15th VT INF184409/20/1865Died in Springfield, MA
Moison, Francois X.8th VT INFabt 184403/16/1909Last known living in Springfield, MA in 1890 as Mayson
Moody, Charles E.4th VT INF, 2nd USSSabt 184506/07/1928Died in Springfield, MA
Reagan, William O.10th MA INFAbout 183306/07/1917Last known living in Springfield, MA in 1900
Smith, Clark W.6th VT INF, 1st VT CAVabt 183005/30/1887Died in Springfield, MA
Stratton, Charles E.6th VT INFabt 1843Before 05/01/1891Married in Springfield, MA 12/07/1881
Williams, Peter15th VT INFabt 184402/19/1918Died in Springfield, MA
Layth, Isaac C.2nd VT INF1838After 10/14/1875Last known living in Sterling, MA in 1870
Washburn, Jason D.13th MA INFabt 1828After 1894Last known living in Stoneham, MA
Sheldon, Henry F.6th VT INFabt 183805/24/1877Buried in Swampscott, MA
Mellen, ThomasUSN09/03/182903/23/1906Buried in Taunton, MA
Adams, James R.14th VT INFabt 184403/03/1883Buried in Templeton, MA
Sharrow, John B.9th VT INF, USAabt 1842After 1910Last known living in Templeton, MA in 1910
Crown, Jesse14th VT INFabt 181903/07/1885Died in Tewksbury, MA
Ward, John7th VT INFabt 183302/01/1871Died in Tewksbury, MA
Getchell, Alfred E.1st VT INF, 8th VT INFabt 182804/29/1875Buried in Tisbury, MA
Boodry, Charles8th VT INF, VRC, 8th Sabt 1843After 10/12/1909Living in Massachusetts, 1909
Campbell, John24th MA INFabt 1822before 03/21/1897Last known living in MA
Clancey, Thomas2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAVabt 1842After 12/14/1920Pension application filed in Massachusetts
Crawford, James13th VT INF1840After 11/17/1890Pension application filed in Massachusetts in 1890
Duvarney, John B.11th VT INFAbt 1846After 03/05/1887Last known living in MA
Guimond, Henry5th VT INFAbt 183801/18/1910Last known living in MA in 1883
Holmes, James L.3rd VT INFabt 183612/1/1888Remains taken to Massachusetts for burial
Johnson, John Randolph20th MA INF, 37th MA INF, 7th MA INF09/18/1833Before 07/25/1884Last known living in MA
Lyon, James G.5th VT INFabt 1843After 8/5/1875Marriage Worcester, MA in 1873
Nicholson, Angus G.6th VT INF, 42nd MA INF, 2nd MA HARTYabt 1842After 05/19/1896Pension application filed in Massachusetts
Pyer, Charles G.7th NH INFAbout 1833before 08/22/1885Last known living in MA
Rice, Felix11th VT INFabt 1841Before 02/23/1887Widow filed in Massachusetts
Stebbins, George W.2nd MA CAV, 3rd VT INFabt 1838After 06/01/1899Last known living in Massachusetts in 1899
Folger, Richard M.3rd VT INFabt 184308/09/1872Buried in Waltham, MA
Locklin, Samuel B.2nd USSSabt 183801/12/1903Died in Waltham, MA
Pratt, George12th VT INF184410/20/1883Died in Waltham, MA
Carpenter, James P.NH LARTYAbt 183311/04/1910Buried in Webster, MA
Stebbins, Charles7th VT INF05/25/184003/24/1894Died in Dudley, MA
Dean, Charles Augustus8th VT INF06/15/184403/31/1921Died in Wellesley, MA
Howard, Henry11th VT INFabt 1845after 4/1/1915Last known living in West Brookfield, MA
Counter, Gilbert14th VT INFabt 183101/15/1882Died in West Springfield, MA
Rogers, Samuel N.21st MA INF, USAAbout 184001/25/1909Buried at Winthrop, MA
Adams, Lucius Ortho7th MA LARTY02/13/1847before 3/07/1894Last known living in Worcester, MA
Dam, Charles A.4th VT INFabt 184508/21/1917Died in Worcester, MA
Depatie, Jasper L.8th VT INF08/15/184104/28/1915Died in Worcester, MA
Deschamps, Joseph17th VT INFabt 184611/20/1923Died in Worcester, MA
Kelley, Francis2nd VT INFabt 1833After 1890Last known living in Worcester, MA in 1890
Lynch, John9th VT INFabt 183609/06/1863Died in Worcester, MA
Martin, Noah2nd VT INFabt 183612/09/1909Buried in Worcester, MA
Martin, Thomas2nd VT INF183603/19/1897Died in Worcester, MA
May, Charles H.16th MA INFAbt 183801/26/1925Died in Worcester, MA
Simons, Volney M.5th VT INF05/183303/26/1924Died in Worcester, MA
Tullar, Samuel20th MA INF04/184011/17/1900Died in Worcester, MA
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