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Last Known Living, or Died, in Michigan

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Mansfield, Levi L.106th NY INF abt 183506/23/1873Died in Almira, MI
Bradbury, Laurel O.4th VT INFabt 184206/16/1923Died in Alpena, MI
Allen, Nathan F.100th NY INF abt 1817 08/21/1877Last known living in Arenac, MI
Dillenbech, Winslow W.192nd NY INF abt 1847After 1870Last known living in Atlas, MI in 1870
Meeker, Henry V.2nd VT INFabt 1836Before 12/28/1891Last known living in Aurelius, MI
Glougie, Maquire9th VT INFabt 1842After 1920Last known living in Bay City, MI in 1920
Niles, Thomas L.9th MI CAV11/23/183201/02/1881Last known living in Chestonia, MI
Harwood, Herman14th VT INFabt 183809/02/1889Died in Constantine, MI
Ryan, Norman H.2nd VT INFabt 184609/08/1909Last known living in Deep River/Moffatt, MI
Dore, Amos J.7th NY ARTYabt 18361916Died in Detroit, MI
Hill, Edward H.2nd MA HARTY, 7th US CAV09/09/184702/07/1930Buried in Starville, MI
Cox, Charles W.12th VT INFabt 183804/16/1922Died in Elba, MI
Call, Joseph W.3rd IA INF183902/21/1912Died in Gladstone, MI
Coffee, George W. B.14th NH INFabt 1838After 01/10/1871Married in Grand Rapids, MI in 1871
McCarty, Henry11th VT INFabt 1838after 1890Last known living in Grand Rapids, MI
Miller, William11th VT INFabt 1838after 1890Last known living in Hersey, MI
Frost, Elisha5th VT INFabt 181908/30/1879Died in Ionia, MI
Root, Asahel J.RecruitAbout 183506/18/1913Died in Ionia, MI
Bohannan, Leonard Reid193rd NY INF abt 1849UnknownLast known living in Jasper, MI in 1910
Dean, Arthur H.15th VT INFabt 1827Before 06/15/1880Last known living in Kasson, MI in 1870
Stockwell, Barzillai Erastus14th MI INF1841About 1898Last known living in Midland, MI, 1890
Stockwell, AlvinUSNabt 182005/20/1879Died in Mount Clemens, MI
Nash, Philip E.2nd NH INFAbt 1845after 1895Last known living in Muskegon, MI
Winchell, Martin8th VT INF01/07/1798after 1870Last known living in New Haven, MI
Torrey, William Erskine10th MI CAV05/20/183411/22/1863Died in Owosso, MI
Washburn, Nathan A.12th VT INFabt 183707/07/1910Buried in Reed City, MI
Warren, George M.2nd USSS, 1st MI LARTYabt 1833Before 02/27/1889Last known living in Solon, MI
French, Abraham7th MN INFabt 183404/14/1891Died in Traverse City, MI
Willard, Nathaniel L.3rd NH INF04/11/184409/09/1868Died in Trenton, MI
Lapoint, Frederick3rd VT INF, 3rd VT LARTYabt 1845After 08/15/1892Pension application filed in Michigan
Little, Horace M.8th NY CAVabt 1830After 1874Last known practicing law in Grand Rapids, MI in 1874
Maille, Anson3rd VT INF, 187th NY INFabt 1831After 04/30/1890Pension application filed in Michigan
Rogers, Sullivan6th VT INF, VRCabt 1832After 11/08/1881Pension application filed in Michigan
Holden, George S.3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF08/05/184106/29/1921Died in Volinia, MI
Maxfield, NathanRecruit, 2nd NY VET CAVabt 183503/10/1869Died in Waterford, MI
Bell, ClaranceUSNabt 1835After 1900Last known living in Whiteford, MI
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