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Last Known Living, or Died, in Missouri

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Beemis, Henry17th IL CAV1846Before 8/18/1890Died in Missouri?
Hurlbut, DeWitt C.8th VT INFabt 183505/19/1895Died in Benton, MO
Stevens, Zachary T.1st VT CAVabt 1842after 1913Last known living in Bethany, MO
Simpson, Walter1st IL LARTYAbt 1830UnknownLast known living in Campbell, MO
Heath, Franklin H.9th IA INF183903/28/1862Died in Cassville, MO
Walker, Nathan A.9th IA INF183704/02/1862Died of wounds in Cassville, MO
Harrison, Samuel H.7th MN INFabt 183707/19/1909Died in Date, MO
Sprout, Eli4th VT INFabt 184307/11/1921Died in Excelsior Springs, MO
Cheney, Winchester2nd NE CAV, 1st NE CAVAbt 184312/08/1912Died in Grant City, MO
Foote, Myron E.11th KS CAVabt 183809/08/1912Last known living in Hannibal Ward, MO in 1910
Phelan, JohnUSNUnknown12/04/1905Last known living in Higginsville, MO
Hardin, Amasa30th IL INF18281903Died in Jackson, MO
Mower, Charles B.1st MO LARTYabt 1818before 03/31/1885Last known living in Joachim, MO
Burke, George11th VT INFabt 1834after 1890Last known living in Kansas City, MO
Quimby, John C.2nd USSS, VRCunknown04/27/1902Died in Kansas City, MO
Dickens, William T.17th VT INFabt 184605/01/1905Died in King City, MO
Stillman, Lewis30th IL INFAbt 1839Before 03/27/1873Last known living in Marion, MO in 1870
Brown, Royal C.14th VT INFabt 1839After 04/04/1891Living in Monroe City, MO in 1890
Lawton, John P.33rd IL INF18291891Died in Osceola, MO
Tupper, Darius37th IL INFAbt 184011/27/1861Died in Otterville, MO
Graves, William Eugene10th NY CAV02/13/1834After 10/1894Last known living in Pevely, MO
Mitchell, John81st IL INF18251900Last known living in Pike, Stoddard, MO
Daniel, John2nd VT INFabt 184309/02/1915Died in Pottersville, MO
Sherman, Marcus E.13th IL INFAbt 184012/30/1861Died in Rolla, MO
Locke, Julius E.1st VT CAVabt 1836Before 11/21/1904Last known living in St. Joseph, MO in 1900
Holland, John M.16th VT INFabt 184102/08/1873Died in Sedalia, MO
Starr, Vanness8th IA INF184112/12/1861Died of illness while serving in Sedalia, MO
Gilson, James M.83rd IL INFAbt 182404/02/1888Buried in St. Joseph, MO
Manzer, Merritt J.13th VT INF183904/15/1918Died in St. Joseph, MO
Bowker, Millard F.51st IL INF05/06/184708/09/1908Died in St. Louis, MO; buried at Potter's Field
Carter, Edward W.4th VT INF, 19th PA INFabt 1840after 1890Last known living in St. Louis, MO
Cole, Victor T.21st IA INF1845UnknownLast known living in St. Louis, MO in 1880
Drown, Edwin C.1st WI CAVUnknownAfter 1890Last known living in St. Louis, MO in 1890
Poland, Almon D.Bracketts Btln MN CAV, 5th IA INFabt 182205/05/1864Died at Benton Barracks, St. Louis, MO
Taft, William Henry9th VT INFabt 184707/21/1899Died in St. Louis, MO
Thompson, Lafayette Francis10th MN INF05/14/182405/20/1864St. Louis, MO
Bishop, Charles3rd VT INFAbout 182801/02/1901Died in Sylvania, MO
Clay, William1st VT CAVabt 1841before 03/05/1894Last known living in Missouri
Denison, Henry H.8th VT INFabt 183812/22/1919Died in St. Louis, MO
Goslin, Martin1st VT INF, 12th VT INFabt 1834After 08/06/1883 - Before 01/18/1902Pension filed in Missouri
Lamere, Napoleon B.21st NY INF abt 1839after 1900Last known living in St. Louis, MO
Smith, Oliver B.10th MN INFabt 182801/04/1864Died in St. Louis, MO
Vosburg, Charles N.2nd NH INFabt 1840after 1895Last known living in Warrensburg, MO
Brayton, Cyrus S.36th IL INF183203/30/1862Died at Keetsville, MO
Hemenway, Samuel Drury46th IL INF07/31/181905/20/1874Died in Wheadland, MO
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