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Last Known Living, or Died, in Vermont

Date of Death: AFT (after) with a full date usually comes from pension record index cards. AFT with just a year probably comes from a census, or a reunion listing that shows they were alive that year (these usually don't have a cemetery listed). BEF (before) with a full date usually indicates the date a widow applied for a pension, the actual date of death is usually within 6 months of this date.

Warren, Russell D.11th VT INFabt 184302/13/1864Taken home to Lamoille County for burial
Cushman, Charles J. F.10th VT INFabt 181912/24/1891Died in Albany, VT
Bombard, Napoleon11th VT INFabt 1843Before 07/10/1882Last known living in Alburgh, VT in 1870
Deo, Joseph Zed8th VT INFAbout 184011/07/1909Last known living in Alburgh, VT, 1870
Gonya, Joseph11th VT INFabt 183109/10/1874Died in Alburgh, VT
Norris, James A.11th VT INF, VRCabt 182110/03/1876Died in Alburgh, VT
Spaulding, William C.2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 182302/15/1906Died in Amsden, VT, but body was placed into the tomb in Ludlow to await burial.
Kendall, Timothy Kneeland1st VT CAVabt 182608/05/1879Died in Arlington, VT
Warner, Milton1st VT CAV06/27/184204/01/1913Buried in Arlington or Sunderland, VT
Boudreau, Casmear17th VT INFabt 1834Before 09/03/1885Widow living in Bakersfield, VT in 1890
Conklin, William7th VT INFabt 1832Before 6/1/1885Widow Mary C. living in Bakersfield, 1890 census
Eldred, Stephen Albert10th VT INF, VRC04/22/183204/04/1880Died in Bakersfield, VT
Gould, Allen8th VT INFabt 181904/05/1890Died in Bakersfield, VT
Thomas, Sylvester9th VT INFAbout 181801/26/1897Died in Bakersfield, VT
Wilson, Lewis M.2nd VT INFabt 1828After 02/09/1865Last known living in Bakersfield, VT
Pierce, Isaac2nd VT INFabt 181809/10/1875Died in Barnard, VT
Morgan, Peter A.11th VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 1846Before 02/24/1934Buried in Barnet, VT
Goodrich, Charles S.4th VT INFabt 1821Before 01/06/1890Last known living in Barre, VT in 1880
Harrington, Nathan2nd VT INFabt 183902/15/1931Died in Barre, VT
Huse, Bradley D.15th VT INFabt 1824After 06/26/1880Last known living in Barre, VT
Mason, Joseph11th VT INF, 3 VT LARTYabt 184510/23/1870Died in Barre, VT
Recor, Henry H.5th VT INF, 12th VT INFabt 184303/24/1903Buried in Barre, VT
Whittlesey, James E.6th VT INFabt 1842After 11/17/1876Last known living in Barre, VT, 1870
Brown, Abram P.15th VT INFabt 182909/04/1877Died at Barton, VT
Caswell, Bowman L.7th VT INFabt 184206/14/1871Died in Barton, VT
Estus, George R.8th VT INFabt 184504/15/1877Died in Barton, VT
Langevin, Adolphis20th ME INF, 1st ME SSAbt 183902/10/1902Died in Barton, VT
Lavine, Edward2nd NH INF184005/21/1888Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Mason, Hiram15th VT INFabt 1820Before 12/14/1881Last known living in Barton, VT in 1870
Skinner, Levi W.8th VT INFabt 184203/18/1880Last known living in Barton, VT
Valley, Moses Jr.6th VT INFabt 1844unknownLast known living in Barton, VT
Hale, Charles Stuart5th VT INF04/30/183509/15/1908Buried in Bellows Falls, VT
Lincoln, David E.4th VT INF184007/19/1872Died in Bellows Falls.
Lucia, Nathan B.5th VT INF02/184511/07/1905Buried in Bellows Falls, VT
Mican, Thomas5th VT INFabt 183501/24/1915Died in Bellows Falls, VT
Henchey, James8th VT INFabt 18461890-04/21/1906Last known living in Belvidere, VT
Atwood, James M.14th VT INF181803/1887Funeral held in Bennington, VT
Brothers, Lewis3rd VT LARTYabt 183111/14/1915Died in Bennington, VT
Burgess, Giles Jewett2nd VT INF10/31/184012/31/1920Died at Soldiers Home in Bennington, VT
Carroll, Peter E.USN, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INFabt 1840After 08/13/1890Last known living in Bennington, VT in 1890
Cass, William4th VT INFabt 1826before 09/26/1890Last known living in Bennington, VT
Cole, Erskine A.10th VT INF, 54th NY INF03/27/184407/03/1924Died in Bennington, VT
Cronk, Samuel B.2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO03/07/183403/12/1922Died in Bennington, VT
Davis, Joseph Remington16th VT INFabt 182212/26/1887Buried in Taftsville, VT
Derby, Chester7th VT INFabt 1822after 6/30/1893Last known living in Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT
Dummer, Edwin7th VT INFabt 1842after 6/30/1893Last known living in Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT
Estes, Edward169th NY INFAbt 184306/02/1933Died in Bennington, VT
Gee, Edward M.5th VT INFabt 1831After 1890Last known living in Bennington, VT in 1890
Gleason, Daniel W.2nd VT INFunknown05/28/1924Died in Bennington, VT
Gleason, John12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTYabt 1835Before 12/22/1893Died in Bennington, VT
Griffin, John2nd VT INFabt 1824After 1890Last known living in Bennington, 1890
Griffin, Patrick9th VT INF183002/07/1888Died in Bennington, VT
Grover, JamesUSN08/28/184502/13/1917Died at Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT
Mann, Albert4th VT INFabt 1833After 1890Last known living in Bennington, VT in 1890
Tillotson, Theophilus P.11th VT INF, VRCabt 184610/11/1909Died at Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT
Walker, Joel A.10th VT INFabt 184209/17/1923Died in Bennington, VT
Walker, Norman14th VT INFabt 1820After 1890Last known living in Bennington, 1890
Willis, Montraville55th MA INFabt 183007/20/1877Died in Bennington, VT
Wolcott, Perry L.92nd NY INFAbout 183701/29/1913Died in Bennington, VT
Woodard, William H.7th VT INF01/01/184402/11/1912Died in Bennington, VT
Haskins, Barney5th VT INFAbout 1841After 05/05/1864 - Before 07/29/1867Last known living in Benson, VT
Brown, Orville H.USNabt 183209/04/1899Died in Berkshire, VT
Coffin, Benjamin F.2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF02/28/183403/17/1917Died in Berkshire, VT
Savia, Frank7th VT INFabt 184209/02/1915Died in West Berkshire, VT
Shover, Charles96th NY INF184712/14/1878Died in Berkshire, VT
Ballou, Wallace Hosea13th VT INF05/04/183401/03/1897Died in Bethel, VT
Bigelow, Edwin C.15th VT INF183709/17/1898Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Ash, Samuel B.9th VT INFabt 1841After 1890Last known living in Bolton, VT
Benway, Charles17th VT INFabt 1825Before 01/24/1866Last known living in Bolton, VT
Ward, Wilbur F.13th VT INFabt 1844before 1910Last known living in Bolton, VT
Bishop, Albon Francis1st NH CAV12/05/184711/15/1927Died in Bradford, VT
Chandler, Anson L.1st VT CAV11/16/183704/12/1915Died in Bradford, VT
Luce, Ira25th IL INF09/04/182906/04/1899Died in Braintree, VT
Steele, David9th VT INF, USA18341891Last known living in Braintree, VT
Clark, George5th VT INFabt 1831After 1890Last known living in Brandon, VT
Deschamps, Antoine Joseph5th VT INF12/30/182810/1880Died in Brandon, VT
Laffie, John2nd VT LARTYabt 1835After 12/03/1900Last known living in Brandon, VT
Myers, Charles R.1st VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 184312/29/1910Buried in Brandon, VT
Packard, Henry C.6th VT INF, 106th NY INFabt 184302/11/1870Died in Brandon, VT
Brown, Jacob3rd VT INFabt 182912/29/1872Died in Brattleboro, VT
Cune, Dexter1st VT CAVabt 182604/13/1864Died in Brattleboro, VT
Hubbard, Michael10th VT INFabt 1844After 11/26/1866 - Before 08/12/1881Last known to be sent to the hospital at Brattleboro, VT in 1865
Jordan, Nicholas98th NY INFAbt 184304/24/1914Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Lothrop, Josiah1st VT LARTYabt 181612/30/1864Unknown
Mayne, Thomas G.11th VT INFabt 1832after 1890Last known living in Brattleboro, VT
Reed, Lucius S. F.1st VT CAV06/27/184105/31/1924Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Stone, Wells C.52nd MA INFAbt 184201/22/1909Died in Brattleboro, VT
Swan, Lucius Y.8th VT INFabt 184203/12/1880Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Wadleigh, John R.11th VT INFabt 184106/22/1864Died in Brattleboro, VT
Webber, Joshua C.2nd VT INF05/12/183807/29/1896Died in Brattleboro, VT
Blanchard, Henry K.2nd USSS, VRCabt 182703/01/1890Died in Bridgewater, VT
Headle, Joseph F.6th VT INFabt 183712/28/1910Last known living in Bridgewater, VT
Packman, Samuel2nd VT INFabt 183712/09/1913Died in Bradford, VT, but usual residence Bridport, VT
Wilkinson, Melvin17th VT INF184911/15/1925Last known living in Bridport, VT
Rundlett, Gardner Fairfield5th ME INF, 29th ME INF03/12/18401880-1890Last known living in Brighton, VT
Wheeler, Jason P.3rd VT INFabt 183801/07/1899Died in Island Pond, VT
Hicking, Benjamin F.5th VT INFabt 1844Before 02/24/1879Last known living in Bristol, VT (1870)
Morgan, Stillman S.5th VT INFabt 1835After 05/1886Last known to be in Bristol, VT in 1886
Vradenburgh, Solomon14th VT INF, 8th NH INF, USNabt 182912/21/1870Died in Bristol, VT
Bill, Joel B.4th VT INF, 1st VT CAVAbout 182610/12/1899Buried in Burke, VT
Cooper, John11th VT INFabt 1844after 1890Last known living in Burke, VT
Goodwin, William H.4th VT INF, 2nd NH INFabt 183908/01/1916Died at his home in East Burke, VT
Anderson, John W.13th NY CAVabt 1844After 12/19/1892Last known living in Burlington, VT
Gumlaw, Peter153rd NY INF abt 1840before 02/19/1893Last known living in Burlington, VT
Hart, Napoleon11th VT INFabt 184201/16/1889Died at Vermont Asylum, Brattleboro, VT; Last known living in Burlington, VT
Huff, Henry H.1st US SS183704/05/1920Died in Burlington, VT
Martin, Lewis5th VT INF, VRCabt 1824After 1880Last known living in Burlington, VT in 1880
McLane, Henry W.12th VT INFabt 1843After 1870Last known living in Burlington, VT in 1870
Myrick, Charles B.9th VT INFabt 1844After 08/31/1893Marriage in Burlington, VT in 1893
Pareau, Andrew8th VT INFabt 1842Before 10/19/1907Last known living in Burlington, VT in 1900
Proctor, Adrian C.10th VT INF, VRCabt 1819Before 10/06/1896Last known living in Winooski, VT, 1890
Raspel, Henrich W.1st VT LARTY, 3rd VT LARTYabt 1823unknownLast known living in Burlington, VT in 1865
Robash, Louis1st VT CAVAbt 1836Before 07/03/1891Last known living in Burlington, VT
Rowe, Joseph13th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 182809/10/1873Died in Burlington, VT
Saltus, Edward8th VT INFabt 1841After 1870Last known living in Burlington, VT
Simpson, John L.5th VT INFabt 182607/19/1865Died in Burlington, VT
Sweeney, James17th VT INFabt 184004/17/1864Died at Burlington, VT
Conant, Henry C.3rd VT INFabt 1837Before 06/09/1879Last known living in Cabot, VT in 1870
Mears, Horace B.1st VT CAVabt 182804/10/1883Buried in Cabot, VT
Andrews, Gustavus A.3rd VT INFabt 181603/10/1881Died in Calais, VT
Martin, Silas B.11th VT INFabt 183101/20/1896Died in Calais, VT
Hutchins, Edward4th VT INFabt 1823after 06/12/1889Last known living in Cambridge, VT in 1890
Allen, Delevan C.USN12/20/184211/27/1905Died in Castleton, VT
Boutwell, Thomas N.4th VT INFabt 1842Before 08/26/1873Last known living in Hydeville, VT in 1870
Clark, William O.123rd NY INFAbt 1823Before 05/15/1906Last known living in Castleton, VT in 1900
Fisher, Lowell BrownUSNAbt 184005/30/1920Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT
Hawkins, Charles A.5th VT INFabt 184008/16/1862Died in Castleton, VT
Howley, Thomas W.1st VT CAVabt 1838After 02/19/1887Last known living in Castleton, VT in 1880
Jones, Oliver9th VT INFabt 182905/30/1894Died in Castleton, VT
Killeen, John11th VT INFabt 183304/06/1876Died in Castleton, VT
Monroe, Edmond1st VT CAV, VRCAbout 184012/18/1909Resident of Castleton, VT
Peck, Henry11th VT INFabt 181903/29/1880Died in Castleton, VT
Perkins, James D.14th VT INFabt 184402/02/1895Buried in Castleton, VT
Sheridan, John Jr.7th VT INFabt 1834After 1890Last known living in Castleton, VT in 1890
Streeter, Lemuel9th VT INF09/04/184405/18/1916Buried in Castleton, VT
Wheeler, Cullen14th VT INF, 1st VT CAVabt 184410/17/1917Buried in Castleton, VT
Wheeler, Edward5th VT INF, 13th VRCabt 183411/15/1916Buried in Castleton, VT
Wheeler, Jacob2nd VT INFabt 184212/07/1913Buried in Castleton, VT
Wilder, Daniel S.14th VT INFabt 1816After 1890Last known living in Castleton, VT in 1890
Williams, Thomas11th VT INFabt 1838After 01/15/1873Last known living in Castleton, VT
Buck, Elton Fullam12th VT INF11/17/184005/21/1926Died in Reading, VT
Kehoe, James P.13th WI INF183705/26/1900Buried in Charlotte, VT
Buzzell, Reuben A.US VRC180301/09/1871Died in Chelsea, VT
Clark, Lucius L.9th VT INFabt 183409/07/1888Died in Chelsea, VT
Coburn, Oscar2nd USSS, VRCabt 184007/21/1874Died in Guilford or Chelsea, VT (See remarks)
Kidder, Lorenzo D.USN, 16th VT INFabt 1839After 07/04/1885Last known to be in Chelsea, VT
Rolfe, James G.12th VT INFabt 182403/17/1896Died in Chelsea, VT
Boyd, Robert17th VT INFabt 1846After 07/19/1894Last known living in Chester, VT
Johnson, Daniel J.3rd VT INFabt 181705/25/1888Died in Chester, VT
Parker, Nathan6th VT INFabt 1821After 07/20/1891Last known living in Chester, VT in 1880
Walker, Wyman S.6th VT INFabt 1817After 05/01/1873Last known living in Chester, VT
Webster, Addison2nd VT INFabt 184101/18/1925Died in Chester, VT
Winter, Jonathan C.14th VT INFabt 1829After 12/14/1863Last known living in Chittenden, VT
Harrington, William W.2nd VT INFabt 183907/1895Died in Clarendon, VT
Rounds, William McCoy1st VT INFabt 1827unknownLast known living in Clarendon, VT
Tower, Horace2nd VT INF, 1st US Vet Corpsabt 1833After 07/22/1889Last known living in Clarendon, VT in 1890
Ackerson, Daniel60th NY INF, VRC09/26/184401/15/1922Died in Colchester, VT
Garry, Felix4th US INF, 4th US ARTY, 118th NY INFabt 181710/30/1892Died in Colchester, VT
Granger, Gilbert3rd VT INFabt 184605/15/1869Died in Colchester, VT
Ploof, Joseph8th VT INFabt 183101/19/1892Died in Colchester, VT
Cowen, Charles W.15th VT INFabt 1844After 05/29/1877Married in Concord, VT in 1877
Crane, William B.11th VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 181904/25/1886Funeral held in Concord, VT
Flanagan, Frank B.1st NH HARTYabt 1845After 05/09/1879Monroe, NH; Concord, VT
Gage, Horace E.3rd VT INFabt 183501/30/1879Died in Concord, VT
Gee, George W.17th VT INFabt 184601/21/1880Died in Concord, VT
Phelps, Frederick11th VT INFabt 184404/22/1872Died in Concord, VT
Kenison, Asa S.8th VT INF182711/09/1878Died in Corinth, VT
Rollins, Joseph Sleeper8th VT INF, 15th VT INF02/11/181503/1880Died in Corinth, VT
Sleeper, Van Buren2nd VT INF02/22/183709/17/1890Died in Corinth, VT
Stevens, Charles D.6th VT INFabt 1842unknownLast known living in Corinth, VT in 1880
Branch, Charles Franklin9th VT INF12/09/184508/27/1907Buried in Coventry, VT
Smith, William H.8th VT INFabt 183810/27/1906Died in Craftsbury, VT
Wilson, William1st MA HARTYunknownafter 03/16/1907Last known living in Craftsbury, VT
Bailey, Austin A.1st VT CAVabt 183108/17/1865Died in Danville, VT
Gannon, Henry10th VT INFabt 1833after 1890Last known living in Danville VT
Harvey, Stewart5th VT INF182709/18/1882Died in Danville, VT
Sulham, Walter S.4th VT INF, 15th VT INFabt 184807/30/1895Buried in Danville, VT
Vincent, John T.4th VT INF184408/30/1863Died in Danville, VT
Willey, George A.11th VT INF, 20th ME INFabt 1842After 10/18/1909Last known living in Danville, VT in 1890
Brown, Calvin C.9th VT INFabt 184302/14/1865Died in Derby, VT
Carr, Harlow9th VT INFabt 183511/27/1901Died in Derby, VT
Flint, Norris W.13th VT INFabt 183701/16/1874Died in Derby, VT; Last known living in Stanstead, PQ
Kelsey, Morrill9th VT INFabt 184308/05/1865Died in Derby, VT
Langmaid, Albert H.3rd VT INFabt 1840After 11/02/1889Married in Derby, VT in 1880
Rogers, David W.10th VT INFabt 183709/05/1895Died in Derby, VT
Stevens, Suel A.202nd PA INF04/09/184311/24/1917Died in West Derby, VT
Barry, Henry1st VT CAV, VRCabt 1844After 12/21/1905Last known living in Derby Line, VT
Lovett, Bartholomew34th NY INFabt 183105/01/1901Died in Dorset, VT
Boyce, Eli10th VT INFabt 183902/02/1927Died in Duxbury, VT
Deline, Albert2nd VT INFabt 183605/09/1918Buried in Fayston, VT
Harriman, James6th VT INFabt 183203/1898Buried in Duxbury, VT
Smith, Benjamin F.2nd NY VET CAVabt 184307/23/1904Died in Middlesex, VT
Wilbur, James13th VT INF181704/16/1899Buried in Duxbury, VT
Cummings, Merrilll15th VT INF, 10th NY HARTY, 6th NY HARTYabt 184208/27/1895Died in East Haven, VT
Smith, John D.3rd VT INFabt 1841unknownLast known living in Eden, VT in 1890
Whipple, John6th VT INFabt 182906/17/1888Died in Eden, VT
Vigeant, Salem3rd VT INF03/04/183803/08/1915Died in Elmore, VT
Doolin, William B.5th VT INF04/16/184005/14/1917Died in Enosburgh, VT
Ellis, Joel2nd USSSabt 1825Before 07/18/1892Last known living in Essex, VT
Griffin, Samuel E.5th VT INFabt 1843Before 06/05/1882Last known living in Essex, VT
Shepard, John T.4th VT INFabt 184210/29/1890Died in Essex, VT
Mahar, Hugh7th VT INFabt 184603/21/1887Last known living in Fair Haven, VT
Blake, Sarvarnard/Savanah J.2nd VT INF1844unknownLast known living in Fairfax, VT
Bliss, Waitstill2nd USSS1831before 08/28/1875Last known living in Fairfax, VT
Kennison, David F.11th VT INF, VRCabt 1832after 1890 - before 1/28/1893Last known living in Fairfax, VT
Searles, Harmon H.10th VT INF1841Before 05/18/1868Last known living in Fairfax, VT
Teague, John7th VT INFabt 184305/28/1912Fairfax, VT
Barlow, Clarence3rd VT INFabt 1841After 1870Last known living in Fairfield, VT in 1870
Dorphins, Joseph12th VT INFabt 184309/24/1903Died in Fairfield, VT
Green, Hugh10th VT INF184303/03/1913Fairfield, VT
Brooks, Joseph C.9th VT INFabt 1833After 1880Last known living in Fairlee, VT, 1880
Proctor, Charles W.81st NY INF abt 1827Before 03/05/1867Last known living in Fayston, VT
Bourbo, Joseph17th VT INF1821unknownLast known living in North Ferrisburgh, VT
Fuller, Joseph2nd VT INFabt 1839after 1890Last known living in North Ferrisburgh, VT
Laughlin, Edward13th NY CAVabt 18451907Died in Franklin, VT
Stimets, Horace L.10th VT INF, VRCabt 1828Before 10/10/1881Last known living in Franklin, VT in 1875
King, John8th VT INF, VRCabt 1835unknownLast known living in Georgia, VT
Patneaud, Gregoire10th VT INFabt 183007/16/1900Died in Georgia, VT
Shores, Francis1st VT CAVabt 184103/24/1879Died in Georgia, VT
Crown, Andrew J.5th NH INF, VRC10/182806/14/1901Died in Goshen, VT
Austin, William W.5th VT INF03/09/184211/14/1926Died in Grafton, VT
Cummings, John1st MN CAVabt 1834After 1910Last known living in Grafton, VT in 1910
Wooley, George A.1st USSSabt 1840After 1890Last known living in Grafton, VT in 1890
Gleason, Joseph W.11th VT INFabt 184201/29/1874Died in Granby, VT
Macomber, Wyman C.11th VT INF182309/13/1886Died in Grand Isle, VT
Humiston, Henry11th VT INFabt 1836Before 04/03/1906Last known living in West Granville Corners, VT
Foster, Ansel31st ME INF, 32nd ME INFabt 188101/21/1903Buried in Groton, VT
Moore, Joseph Jr.6th VT INFabt 182710/16/1896Buried in Groton, VT
Cook, John15th VT INFabt 181807/02/1900Buried in Guildhall, VT
Stanley, Charles S.11th VT INFabt 183306/27/1902Died in Halifax, VT
Freeman, Roswell4th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY03/17/180705/11/1887Died in Hancock, VT
Bangs, Nathaniel A.10th VT INFabt 183209/03/1906Died in Hardwick, VT
Fort, WilliamRecruitAbout 182307/12/1903Died in Hardwick, VT
Fuller, George H.5th VT INF11/25/183203/09/1918Buried in Hardwick, VT
Fogg, George Ebenezer3rd VT INF03/184503/19/1898Died in Hartford, VT
Miles, Thomas3rd NH INF, 5th US ARTYAbt. 184710/14/1889Died in Hartford, VT
Saint John, Peter17th VT INFabt 1846After 1890Last known living in Hartford, VT in 1890
Sharp, Delaney3rd VT INFabt 1829unknownLast known living in Hartford, VT in 1880
Hall, John16th VT INFabt 183112/17/1896Buried in Hartland, VT
Remington, Frederick3rd VT INF08/27/183112/27/1901Died in Hartland, VT
Smith, Charles W.3rd VT INFabt 184309/19/1877Died in Hartland, VT
Burns, Shubael17th VT INFabt 1845After 07/12/1900Last known living in Highgate, VT in 1900
Cooper, Elijah E.13th WI INFAbout 182701/25/1900Died in Highgate, VT
Grenier, Joseph5th VT INFabt 184112/28/1911Died in Highgate, VT
Minor, Charles H.1st VT CAVabt 184610/23/1893Last known to be sick in Highgate, VT in 1883
Moritz, Luther C.1st VT INF, 17th MA INF184011/29/1911Last known living in Highgate, VT
Condon, James L.2nd VT INFabt 1811After 08/18/1881Last known living in Hinesburg, VT
Lavigne, Joseph14th VT INFabt 183608/13/1910Died in Hinesburg, VT
Ray, Willard7th VT INF, 1st US Vet Corpsabt 184309/21/1881Buried in Hinesburg, VT
Rounds, Watson8th VT INFabt 184711/1902Buried in Hinesburg, VT
Carpenter, Chester M.1st VT INFabt 184110/28/1875Dued in Hinesburgh, VT
Brownell, George J.3rd VT INFabt 184112/20/1902Died in Holland, VT
Bryant, Charles15th VT INFabt 1839before 09/29/1890Last known living in Holland, VT in 1870
Bryant, George17th VT INFabt 182410/01/1876Died in Holland, VT
Hannett, George8th VT INFabt 1839After 1890Last known living in Holland, VT in 1890
Hill, Aaron Jr.15th VT INFabt 1827After 1890Last known living in Holland, VT in 1890
Hill, Hial10th VT INFabt 182307/25/1873Died in Holland, VT
Cull, Frank J.11th VT INF, VRCabt 1833After 09/01/1865Last known living in Hubbardton, VT in 1870
Haskins, Adorno S.9th VT INFabt 183806/01/1910Died in Hyde Park, VT
Flagg, Henry9th VT INF, USAabt 184407/03/1871Died in Ira, VT
Walker, Horace M.7th VT INF182609/20/1864Died in Island Pond, VT
Chaffin, William F.1st VT CAVabt 182804/09/1885Died in Jamaica, VT
Elmer, Edmund S.2nd USSS182006/04/1883Died in Jamaica, VT
Johnson, Nathan W.16th VT INFabt 184307/02/1864Died in Jamaica, VT
Sloan, AlphaRecruitAbt 184305/02/1863Died in Jamaica, VT
Hadlock, Everett5th VT INFabt 183905/29/1917Last known living in Jay, VT in 1890
McClure, William D.11th VT INFAbout 1833Before 08/18/1890Married in Jay, VT in 1875
Bixby, John Oscar5th VT INFabt 184612/14/1881Died in Jericho, VT
Fish, Hiram B.7th VT INFabt 183601/30/1881Died in Jericho, VT
Larkin, John8th VT INF1820After 1890Last known living in Jericho, VT
Loomis, Oscar E.1st NH HARTYunknown01/14/1893Buried in Jericho, VT
Patterson, Samuel2nd VT INFabt 1823Before 10/04/1888Last known living in Landgrove, VT
Patterson, Samuel A.16th VT INFabt 181301/15/1886Died in Landgrove, VT
Buckland, Niram5th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 4th MA HARTYabt 1840before 08/11/1881Last known living in Leicester, VT
Rondeau, Francis2nd VT LARTYAbt 183803/14/1863Died in Leicester, VT
Smith, Orrin K.2nd VT LARTYabt 184612/09/1933Died in Leicester, VT
Brown, Herbert C.12th VT INFabt 1833After 1890 - Before 08/08/1899Last known living in Lowell, VT in 1890
Paronto, Francis9th VT INFabt 184601/21/1913Died in Lowell, VT
Woodbury, Brewster11th VT INF10/21/183908/21/1870Died in Lowell, VT
Rand, George B.1st VT CAV, 102nd NY INFUnknown08/06/1917Buried in Ludlow, VT
Valle, Leon15th VT INFabt 182808/09/1896Died in Lunenburg, VT
Dompier, Isaiah7th VT INF03/1840after 1900Last known living in Lyndon, VT
Mattocks, Edward3rd VT INFabt 1816unknownLast known living in Lyndon, VT
Rousseau, Joseph3rd VT INF, VRCabt 1836after 1884Last known living in Lyndon, VT
Stone, Henry11th VT INFabt 1842after 1890Last known living in Lyndon, VT
Smith, Michael11th VT INFAbout 182708/27/1898Died in Maidstone, VT
Coburn, Seldon Hackett10th VT INF10/15/181508/14/1879Died in Manchester, VT
Marsh, Metcalf Butler21st MA INF12/18/183808/02/1892Died in Manchester, VT
Odbert, Julia A. RobertsNurseAbout 183806/09/1901Died in Manchester, VT
Saunders, James1st VT CAV, 57th NY INFAbout 1839After 1890Last nown living in Manchester, VT, 1890
Wheeler, Daniel C.22nd NY INFabt 183003/24/1884Buried in Manchester, VT
Witherell, Charles A.153rd NY INF abt 183106/08/1873Died in Manchester, VT
Woodward, Charles L.2nd VT INF, 3rd VT INFabt 184511/28/1867Died in Manchester, VT
Duvall, William H.11th VT INFabt 1844after 1890Last known living in Marshfield, VT
Downey, Franklin Henry5th VT INFabt 1832After 12/15/1891Last known living in Mendon, VT in 1890
Fisk, Forrest C.2nd NY VET CAV06/21/1845After 1870Last known living in Mendon, VT in 1870
Bushey, Levi125th NY INF, 1st US Vet Corpsabt 1838Before 07/11/1891Last known living in Middlebury, VT
Colton, Ira F.1st VT INFabt 181609/12/1881Died at Middlebury, VT
Hance, Henry7th VT INF18241891Died in Middlebury, VT; Last known living in Salisbury, VT in 1890
McWhirter, James H.14th VT INFabt 1843unknownLast known living in Middlebury, VT
Nelson, George M.2nd VT INFabt 1821after 1890Last known living in Middlebury, VT
Turner, Charles12th VT INFabt 1824After 11/23/1888Last known living in Middlebury, VT
Granger, James11th VT INFabt 1840After 3/1/1907Last known living in Middletown Springs, VT in 1890
Beeman, Lewis N6th VT INFabt 183906/23/1890Buried in Milton, VT
Burke, Toby T.7th VT INF184212/08/1868Died in Milton, VT
Clapper, Clufus9th VT INFabt 1839After 07/18/1899Last known living in Milton, VT in 1910
Fletcher, Cotton1st VT CAV10/18/181412/23/1886Died in Milton, VT
King, Frank14th VT INFabt 183306/03/1909Last known living in Milton, VT
Ladieux, Charles L.13th VT INFabt 1844About 02/13/1907Died in Milton, VT
Leavenworth, Seth A.5th VT INFabt 182408/30/1878Died in Milton, VT
Sears, Edward9th VT INFabt 182908/15/1874Died in Monkton, VT
Buskey, Harvey17th VT INF184808/31/1877Died in Montgomery, VT
Alexander, Thomas C.13th VT INF06/30/183011/27/1869Died in Montpelier, VT
Frost, Charles A.3rd VT INFabt 1843before 03/14/1901Last known living in Montpelier, VT
Hinkson, Ezra A.4th VT INFabt 1840After 1890Last known living in Montpelier, VT in 1890
Hogan, Daniel6th VT INFabt 1840After 11/2/1903Last known living in Montpelier, VT in 1900
Patterson, Robert10th VT INFabt 1827Before 10/21/1879Last known to be at General Hospital in Montpelier, VT
Gordon, Milton4th VT INFabt 1817before 04/25/1885Last known living in Moretown, VT in 1880
Hogaboom, Jay2nd VT INFabt 1819Before 05/09/1874Last known living in Morristown, VT
Winn, Abraham P.1st US ARTY, 91st NY INFUnknownAfter 1910Last known living in Mount Holly, VT in 1910
Crowley, Noah S.8th VT INFabt 1822After 1870Last known living in Mt. Holly, VT in 1870
Ryan, Lawrence W.3rd VT INFabt 183704/27/1877Died in Newark, VT
Avery, Abner S.12th VT INF, 3rd RI CAV05/26/184504/22/1923Died in Newbury, VT
Kelley, Walter M.3rd VT INFabt 183002/16/1905Died in Newbury, VT
Sherman, William C.3rd RI CAVAbt 1840Before 8/4/1892Died in Newbury, VT
Williams, George W.5th NH INFAbt 182808/19/1898Died in Newbury, VT
Perry, Daniel4th VT INFabt 183607/13/64Died in Newfane, VT
Perry, Oscar F.96th NY INF, 2nd NY VET CAVabt 1832After 02/25/1927Last known living in Lake George, NY in 1890
Bailey, Hiram N3rd VT INFabt 184201/08/1889Died in Newport, VT
Berry, Edward3rd VT INF, VRCabt 182108/08/1881Died in Newport, VT
Cowette, George11th VT INFabt 1843After 1890Last known living in Newport, VT in 1890
Glover, MarcusUSN02/19/184303/20/1926Died in Waterbury, VT
Harvey, Hiram10th VT INFabt 181606/10/1867Died in Newport, VT
Jenne, Sidney Stanley5th VT INFabt 183712/16/1913Died at Newport, VT
Pollens, Julius J.4th VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 184511/29/1870Died Newport, VT
Sanville, Mitchell15th VT INF12/11/183206/26/1897Buried in Newport, VT
Shuhie, Bryan E.3rd VT INFabt 1828After 1890Last known living in Newport, VT in 1890
Whitney, William C.1st VT CAVabt 184004/27/1891Died in Newport, VT
Beagle, Elijah125th NY INFAbout 18375/9/1917Buried in North Bennington, VT.
Blay, Charles A.3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, USAabt 1844After 1890Last known living in Northfield, VT in 1890
Davenport, William W.11th VT INFabt 1823Before 11/03/1885May be buried in Northfield, VT
Jacobs, Richard8th VT INFabt 184311/17/1893Died in Braintree, VT
Kinsley, Michael15th VT INFAbout 1826Before 4/11/1883Last known living in Northfield, VT
Larabee, Henry D.4th VT INFAbout 182012/24/1878Died in Northfield, VT
Larrabee, Henry D.1st VT INF, 11th VT INFabt 182012/24/1878Died Northfield, VT
Murphy, William E.1st VT INF, 4th VT INFabt 1842After 05/13/1873Married in Northfield, VT in 1873
Silloway, Seth P.1st VT LARTYabt 182204/27/1892Died in Northfield, VT
Waterman, Stillman O.6th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 17th US INFabt 184206/17/1884Died in Northfield, VT
Wheeler, William R.1st VT INF, 4th VT INFabt 183901/10/1882Died in Northfield, VT
Bradley, Edward M.6th VT INFabt 184110/20/1867Died in Orange, VT
Getchell, Abner H.4th VT INFabt 183306/30/1881Died in Orange, VT
Cummings, James21st IA INFabt 183508/27/1865Died in Orwell, VT
McGrath, Patrick7th VT INFabt 1842after 1883Last known living in Pawlet, VT
Searles, Amyel B.5th VT INFabt 1842After 1880Last known living in Pawlet, VT in 1880
Vail, Chester M.7th VT INFabt 1835After 1870Last known living in Pawlet, VT
Needham, James Wesley14th CT INFAbt 184111/06/1919Buried in Peacham, VT
Hendee, Caleb R.12th VT INFabt 184210/08/1922Last known living in Pittsford, VT
Poro, Chig12th VT INFabt 1841Before 07/17/1890Last known living in Pittsford, VT
Hutchins, Charles A.7th VT INFabt 184207/30/1897Buried in Plainfield, VT
Lane, Alonzo G.6th VT INFabt 184409/02/1866Died in Plainfield, VT
Ellis, Andrew J.16th VT INFabt 181805/30/1864Died in Plymouth, VT
Hosmer, William O.11th VT INFabt 184611/11/1917Died in Plymouth, VT
Keith, Frank17th VT INFabt 184508/08/1909Died in Plymouth, VT
Salter, Alonzo L.4th VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 183412/19/1865Died in Plymouth, VT
Chandler, Alexander B.1st VT CAVabt 183105/21/1870Died in Pomfret, VT
Smith, Henry3rd VT INFabt 1840Before 06/10/1907Last known living in Pomfret, VT in 1880
Bixby, Marquis J.16th VT INFabt 183604/11/1894Buried in Poultney, VT
Guilder, Harvey7th VT INFabt 1842after 03/27/1900Last known living in Poultney, VT in 1880
Howard, Adin E.2nd VT INFabt 182504/05/1891Died in Poultney, VT
Mahar, Thomas2nd VT INFabt 1841After 1890Last known living in Poultney, VT in 1890
Murray, Franklin93rd NY INF 04/03/183303/16/1892Last known living in Poultney, VT
Oakman, James Jr.7th VT INFabt 184304/13/1895Last known living in Poultney, VT in 1890
Sanders, Frank5th VT INFabt 184002/06/1916Poultney, VT
Clancey, James1st VT LARTYabt 183111/21/1864Died in Pownal, VT
Watkins, George27th MA INFabt 1819after 3/17/1892Last known living in Pownal, VT in 1870
Foley, Michael1st US INFUnknownafter 1891Last known living in Proctor, VT
Root, Isaac7th VT INF1844After 1890Last known living in Proctor, VT in 1890
Bohonan, Alvah9th VT INFAbout 184510/22/1922Died in Randolph, VT
Laplant, Nelson1st VT CAVabt 184511/08/1919Buried at Randolph Village Cemetery, Randolph, VT
Seymour, John17th VT INFabt 181910/03/1895Buried in Randolph Cemetery, Randolph, VT
Merrill, John B.RecruitAbout 184112/28/1866Died in Reading, VT
Putnam, Jonas A.11th VT INFabt 182309/10/1891Died in Reading, VT
Bartlett, Justin8th VT INF05/12/181504/17/1888Died in Readsboro, VT
Davis, Curtis2nd VT INFabt 182905/30/1884Died in Readsboro, VT
Jackman, John M.USN, 4th VT INFabt 1836after 1870Last known living in Readsboro, VT
Niles, Brownel2nd VT INF03/25/183107/15/1898Died in Readsboro, VT
Sumner, Willard S.4th VT INFabt 181702/24/1865Died in Hartwellville, VT
Walker, Henry H.8th VT INF04/04/183202/27/1879Died in Readsboro, VT
Green, Byron11th VT INFabt 1845After 12/31/1869Marriage in Richford, VT in 1869
Mack, Lewis13th VT INF1825after 1910Last known living in Richford, VT
Brunelle, Gilbert12th US INF, 1st US VET CORPSAbt 1842unknownLast known living in Richmond, VT in 1866
Miller, Hiram5th VT INFabt 183306/25/1869Buried in Richmond, VT
Bigelow, John B.6th VT INF181104/19/1888Died in Rochester, VT
Laird, Haskell11th VT INF, 12th VT INFabt 184107/24/1896Buried in Rochester, VT
Ward, Benjamin2nd VT INFabt 183703/13/1865Died in Rochester, VT
Averill, Charles9th VT INF07/14/1843After 06/18/1872Married in Rockingham, VT in 1872
Cass, James M.4th VT INFabt 184108/27/1875Died in Rockingham, VT
Chase, Ira E.1st VT INF, 3rd VT INF, 7th VT INFabt 1843After 1890Last known living in Rockingham, VT in 1890
Cheney, Lorenzo7th VT INFabt 184603/12/1913Buried in Rockingham, VT
Corser, Guy T.12th VT INFabt 1837Before 1890Last known living in Rockingham, VT in 1873
Joyce, James11th VT INFabt 1838After 1880Last known living in Rockingham, VT in 1880
Lynch, William R.12th VT INFabt 1813After 07/08/1869 - Before 10/20/1883Last known living in Rockingham, VT
Penniman, Thomas11th VT INFabt 183207/21/1889Died in Rockingham, VT
Smith, Elisha B.12th VT INFabt 180309/27/1888Died in Rockingham, VT
Tenney, William B.11th VT INFabt 182611/06/1910Died Rockingham Town Farm, Rockingham, VT
Wightman, John A.1st USSSabt 183801/27/1875Died in Rockingham, VT
Ellis, David3rd VT INFabt 183506/14/1888Buried in Roxbury, VT
Gavegan, John11th VT INFabt 182403/30/1880Died in Roxbury, VT
Trombley, Joseph17th VT INFabt 184606/15/1873Died in Roxbury, VT
Darrah, James H.18th NY INF abt 1836After 01/26/1872Marriage in Royalton, VT in 1872
Henry, James G.16th VT INF183310/11/1874Buried in Royalton, VT
Moxley, Harvey C.9th VT INFabt 183611/22/1872Buried in South Royalton, VT
Russ, Thomas S.16th VT INFabt 1844After 1870Last known living in Royalton, VT in 1870
Barber, Daniel D.10th VT INFabt 184310/20/1864Died in Rupert, VT
Lackey, Joseph5th VT INFabt 182403/08/1889Died in Rupert, VT
Woodard, William1st VT CAVabt 18401890Died in Rupert, VT
Bailey, Ephraim M.36th WI INFabt 182310/23/1905Died in Rutland, VT
Bailey, William W. F.1st NH HARTYabt 184601/29/1928Died in Rutland, VT
Barrett, Marcellus M.4th VT INFabt 1844Before 09/20/1888Last known living in Rutland, VT in 1870
Blossom, George Edward5th VT INFabt 1841Before 03/14/1896Last known living in Rutland, VT in 1890
Boyle, John T.61st NY INFunknown1905Died in Rutland, VT
Collins, William W.7th VT INFabt 1846before 08/31/1904Last known living in Rutland, VT in 1880
Diago/Derago, John W.7th VT INF183610/31/1870Died in Rutland, VT
Dunton, Andrew J.11th VT INF, 14th VT INFabt 184407/13/1929Last known living in Rutland, VT
Fifield, Frederick2nd NY VET CAVabt 184209/29/1913Died in Rutland, VT
Lee, Harrison Henry12th VT INF03/11/184111/12/1924Died in Rutland, VT
Maloney, Bryan23rd WI INF11/20/184602/11/1920Died in Rutland, VT
McLaughlin, Andrew2nd RI INF184005/24/1898Died in Rutland, VT
McLaughlin, John W.118th NY INFabt 1820after 1891Last known living in Rutland, VT
Nason, Horace E.15th VT INFabt 183809/15/1882Died in Rutland, VT
Plath, John Alden7th VT INF182706/15/1870Died in Rutland, VT
Pomeroy, Leon3rd NY CAV184704/06/1931Died in Rutland, VT
Reed, Edwin A.21st MA INFAbout 1837after 1891Last known living in Rutland, VT
Santwire, Samuel96th NY INFAbout 183702/18/1898Died in Rutland, VT
Sheridan, Bartholomew13th VT INF1831After 1890 - Before 02/18/1899Last known living in Rutland, VT
Snay, Francis7th VT INFabt 1843after 1890Last known living in Rutland, VT
Sullivan, John A.13th VT INFabt 184001/01/1922Remains shipped to Rutland, VT
Taylor, Thomas W.5th VT INF184307/11/1862Died in Rutland, VT
Stone, John1st VT INF, 1st VT CAVabt 1838Before 06/24/1896Last known living in Saint Albans, VT
Glover, Lucius2nd VT INFabt 184210/06/1878Died at Salem, VT; Last known living in Barnston, Stanstead, PQ
Covey, Samuel J.10th VT INFabt 1830After 10/21/1869Last known living in Sandgate, VT
Pratt, William L.14th VT INFabt 183408/08/1880Died in Sandgate, VT
Reynolds, Lucas10th VT INF1818After 08/10/1877Last known living in Sandgate, VT
Tyler, Alvin R.14th VT INFabt 1843After 04/04/1863 - Before 04/04/1868May have died in Sandgate, VT
Waters, Alonzo10th VT INF, 53rd IL INFabt 183808/08/1907Died at Brattleboro Retreat, Brattleboro, VT; Last known living in Sandgate, VT
Bolles, Frank P.1st VT CAVAbout 1845After 1890Last known living in Searsburg, VT, 1890
Wilson, Benjamin F.16th VT INFabt 1842After 1880Last known living in Searsburg, VT in 1880
Bartlett, David14th VT INF05/04/183508/27/1924Died in Shaftsbury, VT
Harrington, Daniel9th VT INF181902/11/1884Died in Shaftsbury, VT
McGuire, Peter2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 184407/30/1929Died in Shaftsbury, VT
Wilcox, Alonzo Henry137th NY INF, 60th NY INF01/31/184008/29/1917Died in Sharon, VT
Montgomery, William K.6th VT INF183807/24/1876Killed in Cohoes, NY; last known living in Sheffield, VT
Sears, George4th VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 1837after 05/15/1882Last known living in Shelburne, VT in 1870
Trudo, AugustusUSN, 4th VT INF, VRCabt 183405/20/1912Died in Shelburne, VT
Hanley, James6th VT INFabt 1843After 11/29/1890Last known living in Sheldon, VT
Holden, Squire H.10th VT INFabt 1823After 1890 - Before 09/23/1891Last known living in Shrewsbury, VT in 1890
Lord, John H.17th VT INF, VRCabt 184601/23/1906Buried in Shrewsbury, VT
Ryan, John2nd VT INFabt 1841After 1890 - Before 07/26/1890Last known living in Shrewsbury, VT in 1890
Handy, John G.11th VT INFabt 183207/17/1881Died in South Hero, VT
Larose, JosephRecruitunknownBefore 12/13/1889Last known living in South Hero, VT in 1870
Martin, William1st NY LARTY abt 184310/20/1917Died in South Hero, VT
Rogers, Owen2nd VT INFabt 1841After 1870Last known living in South Hero, VT in 1870
Davis, Emerson E.6th VT INF, 11th VT INFabt 184303/12/1911Buried in Springfield, VT
Green, Richard C.16th VT INFabt 184210/30/1918Buried in Springfield, VT
Griswold, Francis3rd VT INF181310/21/1890Died in Springfield, VT
Mallon, Patrick4th VT INFabt 1830Before 1890Last known address in Springfield, VT at time of discharge
Messinger, Zimri16th VT INF04/21/183405/26/1887Died in Springfield, VT
Morse, Charles7th VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 1818Before 1890Last known living in Springfield, VT in 1870
Packard, Charles10th VT INFabt 1817After 1890Last known living in Springfield, VT in 1890
Randall, George H.3rd VT INFabt 184108/01/1933Buried in Springfield, VT
Rice, Frank F.16th VT INFabt 184402/06/1881Died in Springfield, VT
Sheldon, Charles Francis17th VT INF183112/06/1887Died in Springfield, VT
Beaupre, George3rd VT INFabt 1830Before 12/20/1897Last known living in St. Albans, VT
Cross, John10th VT INF, VRCabt 184103/06/1874Died in St. Albans, VT
Larose, John10th VT INFabt 1840Before 05/17/1886Married in St. Albans, VT in 1880
Richardson, J. Milo14th NH INFAbt 184410/31/1871Died in St. Albans, VT
Saxby, William L.1st VT CAVabt 182603/06/1876Died in Saint Albans, VT
Skinner, Heaton B.6th VT INFabt 1840After 1881Marriage, Saint Albans, VT in 1881
Stockwell, Andrew J.1st USSS07/19/183308/23/1882Died in St. Albans, VT
Walsworth, George Washington8th VT INFabt 1841After 08/21/1863Last known living in St. Albans, VT
Blakely, George2nd VT INFabt 1835After 1890Last known living in St. Johnsbury, VT
Evans, Alfred Q.11th VT INF, VRCabt 1825After 6/9/1880Last known living in St. Johnsbury, VT
Heyer, Walter J.8th VT INF12/02/180009/26/1864Died in St. Johnsbury, VT
Mayberry, William P.2nd VT LARTYabt 184104/10/1866Died at a hotel in St. Johnsbury, VT
Murdock, John F.6th VT INFabt 181207/16/1886Buried in Saint Johnsbury, VT
Paige, Elijah C.1st VT CAV, VRC184203/07/1912Buried in St. Johnsbury, VT
Powers, Charles9th VT INFabt 1841unknownLast known living in St. Johnsbury, VT in 1870
Richardson, Lorin C.1st VT CAVabt 183703/17/1897Buried in St. Johnnbury, VT
Clough, John2nd VT INFabt 184012/09/1861Died in Regimental Hospital, but sent "home" for burial
Jillson, Samuel C.34th MA INF183107/16/1902Died in Stamford, VT
Nichols, William B.2nd VT INFabt 1821After 06/03/1882Last known living in Stamford, VT in 1890
Parker, Elihu4th VT INFAbout 183208/01/1863Died in Stamford, VT while on furlough from hospital
Stearns, George A.4th VT INFabt 183708/27/1911St. Johnsbury, VT
Taft, Sanborn B.2nd VT INF, 9th VT INFabt 1843after 9/11/1864Last known living in Starksboro, VT
Barnes, James M.11th VT INF181108/17/1886Died in Stockbridgge, VT
Cox, Amariah4th VT INFabt 183303/26/1902Died in Stowe, VT
Maxfield, Daniel5th NH INFabt 183605/19/1922Died in Stowe, VT
Woodworth, Joel P.2nd VT INF, Recruitabt 182507/09/1890Died in Stowe, VT
Moore, David ComstockUSV05/15/183410/09/1876Buried in Strafford, VT
Hazleton, Abraham Harvey7th VT INFabt 184305/16/1919Buried in Winhall, VT
Glidden, Warner C.15th VT INFabt 184108/29/1867Died in Sutton, VT
Arsino, Philip D.1st VT INF, 6th VT INFabt 1816after 1870 - before 01/05/1899Last known living in Swanton, VT
Dugan, Henry5th VT INFabt 1836Before 08/05/1882Last known living in Swanton, VT in 1870
Dunning, John7th VT INFabt 184002/19/1875Swanton, VT
Hurst, Stephen1st VT INF, 5th VT INFabt 1834before 09/11/1886Married in Swanton, VT in 1869
Micha, Alexander6th VT INFabt 182811/09/1879Died in Swanton, VT
Muzzy, Leo13th VT INFabt 184002/10/1901Died in Swanton, VT
Page, John8th VT INF03/21/182404/11/1865Died in Swanton, VT
Peake, Benjamin1st VT INF, 5th VT INFabt 1818After 1870Last known living in Swanton, VT in 1870
Sower, Peter10th VT INFabt 1844Before 12/27/1886Last known living in Swanton, VT in 1870
Williams, Reuben H.2nd VT INFabt 1841After 06/04/1879 - Before 09/09/1903Last known living in Tinmouth, VT in 1900
Grow, Henry1st CT LARTYAbt 1837Before 02/18/1905Last known living in Topsham, VT in 1900
Tracy, Robert6th VT INFabt 1838After 1890Last known living in Topsham, VT in 1890
White, Cyrus M.8th VT INFabt 183806/18/1915Buried in Townshend, VT
Arrell, Ami9th VT INFabt 184010/23/1918Died in Troy, VT
Percy, Jay S.1st USSSabt 1843unknownMIA; last known living in Troy, VT
Stoughton, Lemuel H.11th VT INFabt 183112/29/1878Buried in Troy, VT
Hardy, William F.3rd NH INFAbt 18391890Last known living in Tunbridge, VT in 1890
Jones, John P.8th VT INFabt 1843After 1870 - Before 1890Last known living in Tunbridge, VT in 1870
King, Milton J.5th ME INFabt 183906/23/1867Died at Tunbridge, VT
Sargent, George W.11th VT INF03/18/184505/22/1925Died at Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT
Smith, Clarke M.7th VT INF, 12th VT INFabt 182701/31/1905Died in Tunbridge, VT
Fitzgerald, Patrick1st VT CAVabt 1838Before 1890Last known living in Underhill, VT
Lincoln, William14th VT INFabt 183804/06/1870Died in Underhill, VT
Tillison, Leander2nd VT INF182502/1903Died in Johnson, but remains brought back to Underhill, VT
Avery, William H.1st VT INFabt 1834unknownUnknown
Buckley, John M.1st VT INF10/15/1843before 4/19/1894Vermont
Carter, John11th VT INFabt 1840After 11/20/1890Filed pension application in Vermont in 1889
Gagnon, Joseph Felix1st VT CAVabt 1842After 12/18/1882Filed for pension in Vermont in 1882
George, Levi11th VT INFabt 1820before 12/16/1885Vermont
Haley, John8th VT INFabt 1835After 06/30/1880Pension application filed in Vermont in 1880
Harogan, Patrick17th VT INFabt 1845Aft 07/25/1896Filed for pension in Vermont in 1896
Jones, William17th VT INFabt 1843After 11/18/1880Last known living in Vermont in 1880
McCue, John14th VT INFabt 1838After 09/16/1882Pension application filed in Vermont in 1882
Milliken, Charles A.7th NH INF, 1st NENG CAVAbt 1843before 12/10/1885Last known living in Vermont
Roberts, Frank5th VT INFabt 1840After 08/17/1908Pension application filed in Vermont
Smith, Charles H.11th VT INFabt 1843After 01/02/1892Last known living in Vermont in 1892
Smith, Levi11th VT INFabt 1835After 12/24/1890Pension application filed in Vermont
Sullivan, Daniel Jr.5th VT INFabt 1847After 05/11/1880 - Before 10/18/1884Pension application filed in Vermont
Turney, John11th VT INFabt 1834After 12/22/1875 - Before 06/23/1893Widow filed for pension in Vermont
Whitney, William7th VT INFabt 1828After 09/09/1891 - Before 07/13/1888Widow filed for pension in Vermont
Ducate, Joseph11th VT INFabt 1830after 1890Last known living in Vergennes, VT
Miller, Joseph7th VT INFabt 1828After 1890Last known living in Vergennes, VT in 1890
Parker, Joseph7th VT INFabt 1833After 08/25/1879Last known living in Vergennes, VT in 1880
Parker, Julius7th VT INFabt 1840after 1883Last known living in Vergennes, VT
Prescott, Horton8th VT INF181710/01/1864Last known living in Vershire, VT
Dumas, Morris8th VT INF01/28/183410/16/1917Buried in Waitsfield, VT
Walton, Sarah Ann E.NurseAbout 182705/23/1905Buried in Waitsfield, VT
Bandy, George4th VT INF, 2nd USSSabt 1819after 1890Last known living in Walden, VT
Rollins, Orris2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY COabt 1838After 1890Last known living in Walden, VT in 1890
Snow, Amos W.4th VT INFabt 1845after 12/17/1888Last known living in Walden, VT in 1870
Crowley, Charles B.5th VT INF, 30th NY INFabt 182912/23/1885Died in Wallingford, VT
Eddy, Henry14th VT INFabt 1819After 06/13/1863Last known living in Wallingford, VT in 1880
Green, Samuel H.12th VT INFabt 1829After 10/13/1885Marriage in Wallingford, VT in 1885
Hill, Stephen8th VT INFabt 1847Aft 1870Last known living in Wallingford, VT in 1870
McInlear, Patrick14th VT INFabt 184303/23/1872Died in Wallingford, VT
Sherman, William D.14th VT INFabt 183703/11/1901Buried in Wallingford, VT
Samson, Hilen R.9th VT INFabt 1834Before 01/02/1874Last known living in Waltham, VT in 1870
Brown, Francis N.1st USSSabt 1827After 05/13/1878Last known living in Wardsboro, VT
White, Alvin H.8th VT INFabt 184006/10/1905Burial in West Wardsboro, VT
Grant, Frederick2nd VT INFabt 1835After 1890Last known living in Warren, VT in 1890
Judd, James H.12th VT INFabt 183204/11/1872Died in Washington, VT
Whitcomb, Darius10th VT INFabt 1820Before 09/20/1882Last known living in Washington, VT in 1870
Briggs, James10th VT INFabt 182208/09/1866 - 03/04/1875Last known living in Waterbury, VT
Guptil, Lorenzo B.13th VT INF, 17th VT INF184305/06/1875Died in Waterbury, VT
Hill, Daniel J.1st VT CAV, VRCabt 1830After 1870Last known living in Waterbury, VT in 1870
Knapp, John2nd VT INFabt 1837After 1890Last known living in Waterbury, VT in 1890
Knipes, JohnUSAUnknown03/25/1908Died in Waterbury, VT
Miner, Francis3rd VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 183408/23/1905Buried in Waterbury, VT
Smalley, Alfred B.10th VT INF10/184209/01/1901Buried in Waterbury, VT
Williams, John1st VT CAV, VRC183203/28/1888Died in Waterbury, VT
Bowman, Alphonzo17th VT INFabt 184711/03/1873Died at Waterford, VT
Dodge, James O.7th VT INF12/28/1835After 09/08/1890Last known living in Waterford, VT in 1890
Currier, George W.1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV10/28/184202/04/1919Died in Waterville, VT
Wells, Lewis J.9th VT INFabt 1843before 05/15/1897Living in Waterville, VT in 1890
Whitney, Freeman1st VT CAV01/10/181201/01/1875Died in Waterville, VT
Brow, Charles D.3rd NH INF, 5th NH INFUnknown08/01/1879Died in Weathersfield, VT
Pingrey, Emerson I.6th VT INFabt 184308/21/1874Buried in Weathersfield, VT
Sanderson, Henry H.9th NH INFabt 184407/25/1921Died at Weathersfield, VT
Stanlew, George9th VT INFabt 184511/22/1920Died in Weathersfield, VT
Beebe, Harvey C.7th VT INF181905/15/1895Died in Wells, VT
Gorham, George F.140th NY INF, 1st NY CAVAbt 181705/25/1881Died in Wells, VT
Palmer, Lysander14th VT INFabt 183206/11/1867Died in Wells, VT
McCabe, John2nd RI INFunknownafter 1891Last known living in West Rutland, VT
McLaughlin, James5th PA INF, 191st PA INFunknownafter 1891Last known living in West Rutland, VT
Murphy, Barney51st PA INFunknownafter 1891Last known living in West Rutland, VT
Newman, Jeremiah1st PA CAVAbout 183310/1864Died in West Rutland, VT
Parker, Calvin J.123rd NY INF01/24/184407/15/1925Died in West Rutland, VT
Stevens, John10th VT INF, VRCabt 1837after 1891Last known living in West Rutland, VT
Walker, Charles A.192nd NY INF abt 184601/24/1937Died in West Rutland, VT
Winn(e), James R.11th VT INFabt 1836after 1890Last known living in West Rutland, VT
Bryant, Thomas D.1st VT CAV, 1st US VET CORPSabt 183603/20/1905Died in West Windsor, VT
Marsh, Lewis L.1st VT INF, 11th VT INF, 12th VT INFabt 183306/27/1895Died in West Windsor, VT
Robinson, Frederick12th VT INF182104/04/1876Died in West Windsor, VT
Rogers, Solomon Caswell1st VT CAV10/03/183904/13/1919Buried in Westford, VT
Walker, Frederick F.7th VT INFabt 1846Aft 1870Last known living in Westminster, VT in 1870
Darling, Joseph W.5th VT INF, VRCabt 1840after 1870Last known living in Weston, VT
Borgor, Joseph Jr.11th VT INFabt 184502/21/1918Last known living in Weybridge, VT in 1900
Mictivie, Lewis11th VT INFabt 1846unknownUnknown
Pillsbury, Alphonzo C.15th VT INFabt 184108/24/1921Last known living in Wheelock, VT in 1920
Russell, Warren5th VT INFabt 1831After 08/02/1890Last known living in White Creek, NY in 1890
Marcotte, Thomas16th VT INFabt 183710/25/1910Buried in White River Junction, VT
McNillis, Edward2nd VT INF, 13th VT INFabt 183404/16/1888Headstone sent to White River Junction, VT
Peck, Hiram H.2nd VT INFabt 181806/05/1915Died in White River Junction, VT
Foster, Salmon H.14th VT INFabt 183902/19/1894Died in Whiting, VT
Tuttle, Eben1st NH INF, 14th US INFabt 1833after 1900Last known living in Whitingham, VT
Recor, William3rd WI INFAbt 183902/04/1910Village Cemetery, Williamstown, VT
Roleau, John B.1st VT BGD Bandabt 1846unknownLast known living in Williston, VT
Taft, Nathan S.26th NY CAV/VT FCAVabt 184612/01/1868Died in Williston, VT
Johnson, Albert M.16th VT INF, 17th VT INFabt 1841After 1892 - Before 05/05/1902Last known living in Wilmington, VT in 1892
Bryant, Amasa O.6th VT INFabt 1841After 1880Last known living in Windsor, VT in 1880
Burbank, Franklin14th NH INF181606/28/1896Buried at Windsor, VT
Crafts, Lucius C.3rd VT LARTYabt 1830After 1870Last known living in Windsor, VT in 1870
Livingston, David12th US INF1843After 1866Last known living in Windsor, VT in 1866
Barton, Francis14th VT INFabt 180704/27/1878Died in Winhall, VT
Gale, Gardner34th MA INFAbt. 183712/31/1874Died in Winhall, VT
Young, Hiram J.123rd NY INFAbout 183811/20/1908Died in Winhall, VT
LeClair, Peter26th NY CAV/VT FCAVabt 184211/24/1910Buried in Winooski, VT
Kusick, Richard8th VT INFabt 182106/28/1889Funeral at the M. E. Church in Wolcott, VT
Morse, Joseph Jr.2nd VT INFabt 1832After 1890Last known living in Wolcott, VT
Ainsworth, Albert6th VT INFabt 184310/29/1862Died in Woodbury, VT
Barrett, Charles A. J.8th VT INFabt 183911/25/1912Died in Woodbury, VT
Lawson, Norman C.2nd VT INF, VRCabt 183911/17/1890Buried in South Woodbury, VT
Lewis, Charles S.1st VT CAVabt 182503/06/1894Died in Woodbury, VT
Temple, Edward27th NY LARTY abt 1827UnknownLast known living in Woodford, VT
Hathorn, William Angus2nd USSS, VRC10/25/186104/05/1907Buried in South Woodstock, VT
Metcalf, Christopher C.12th VT INFabt 183408/26/1872Died in Woodstock, VT
White, Henry G.6th VT INFabt 1827unknownLast known living in Woodstock, VT in 1870
Williams, Norman B.54th MA INF183505/16/1882Buried in Woodstock, VT
Owen, Florenzo D.7th VT INFabt 1846Before 11/17/1892Died in Barton, VT
Slayton, Thomas J.13th VT INFabt 1818Before 3/17/1893Last known living in Worcester, VT
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