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Honoring Vermont Civil War Veterans - A Restoration Project

From a mutual love of cemeteries and American history, Deborah Hardy and Jim Woodman began their gravestone preservation project to honor Civil War veterans. In the spring of 2014, the project became known as Honoring Vermont Civil War Veterans.To date 108 grave markers have been conserved due to their efforts. While employed full-time as a fireman for the City of Burlington, Jim, who recently retired, spent 20 years working part-time in local cemeteries. During those years he was mentored by master tradesmen and honed his skill in gravestone restoration. Photography and administrative support are handled by Deborah. A museum educator for many years, her areas of focus were textiles and 18th and 19th century domestic life in New England. In addition to Honoring Vermont Civil War Veterans, Deborah works part-time for a local HVAC company.

Joseph L. Miner

11th Vermont Infantry

Saint Peter's Cemetery, Vergennes

Check out the restoration of the Carlin stone, beginning to end.

See also Cleaning Guidelines.

Partial Listing of Restored Headstones

Allen, Heman Woods

Austin, George W.

Benedict, George Grenville

Bernor, Joseph

Bowers, Charles

Bradley, Henry M.

Carlin, John A.

Carpenter, Benjamin Walter

Chiott, Henry

Cole, Lewis B.

Comstock, Lewis A.

Coombs, Benjamin E.

Crane, Augustus Jason

Curtis, Edward Malcolm

Davis, Solon W.

Deal, Calvin A.

Dean, Caspar Honorus

Delong, Lowell

Dewey, Archibald S.

Duncan, George H.

Fargo, Ransom B.

Ferris, Anson Ezra

Franklin, Charles

Freeman, Israel L.

Freeman, Leander W.

Gage, Edgar W.

Green, Thomas H.

Greenleaf, Edward Everett

Greenleaf, William Luther

Hagar, George Ingersoll

Hill, Alson C.

Horan, John J.

Irish, Richard T.

Isham, Henry B.

Lathrop, Noah

Lincoln, Hodijah

Mason, William P. Jr.

McGaffey, Andrew

Miles, William

Miller, James D.

Morgan, Watson P.

Peters, Charles E.

Platt, Lemuel Bostwick

Pollinger, Charles Robert

Prince, Isaac

Ryder, Nathan Emerson

Seaton, Charles Williams

Sharpley, David Thomas

Sharpley, George W.

Shedrick, John

Shedrick, William

Smith, Henry S.

Soper, Sylvester

Stearns, Riley Burdette

Stone, Charles

Stoughton, Alansing Guy

Stoughton, Augustus Ceasar

Stoughton, Guy

Tennant, Henry Clay

Tilley, Silas H.

Tracy, William H.

Walker, Edward

Weller, George W.

Willard, Hyman Guy

Wright, Loomis J.