Cemetery Database
Soldiers who died or are buried in

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Aaron, Morris M., 4th VT INF, 06/05/1913, ne-lincoln-wyuka

Abar, Joshua, 96th NY INF, 02/19/1904, vt-rutland-evergreen

Abar, Oliver, 8th MA INF, 08/22/1923, ma-unknown

Abare, Edmond, 91st NY INF, 03/29/1884, vt-rutland-wscatholic

Abbey, Alanson L., 1st VT INF, 5th NY CAV, 96th NY INF, 11/08/1916, ny-glens-falls

Abbey, Daniel, 2nd VT INF, 02/04/1879, vt-holland-meadhill

Abbey, Otis, 1st VT INF, 14th VT INF, 01/31/1921, vt-middlebury-west

Abbey, Rollin William, 6th WI INF, 02/11/1905, wi-mountzion-unionhill

Abbott, Abial S., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, After 1891, vt-westminster-new

Abbott, Abram S. Jr., 6th VT INF, 01/12/1863, va-unknown

Abbott, Alba D., 3rd NH INF, 04/16/1900, de-wilmington-mtsalem

Abbott, Albert C., 6th VT INF, Before 06/27/1889, me-thomaston-thomaston

Abbott, Albert E., 4th VT INF, 04/08/1914, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Abbott, Alexander, 10th VT INF, 02/01/1864, vt-weston-maplegrove

Abbott, Allen C., 12th VT INF, 10/13/1886, vt-albany-village

Abbott, Almond C., 26th MA INF, 01/08/1892, ma-malden-forestdale

Abbott, Amos W Jr., 15th VT INF, 02/18/1882, vt-barnet-walterharvey

Abbott, Austin C., 16th VT INF, 1931, vt-woodstock-riverside

Abbott, Azro A., 4th VT INF, 02/11/1921, mn-roundlake-roundlake

Abbott, Calvin B., 8th VT INF, after 1905, mn-parkers-prairie

Abbott, Charles, 1st VT CAV, after 1892, ne-unknown

Abbott, Charles, 2nd USSS, 11/05/1864, va-arlington-national

Abbott, Charles W., 4th VT INF, 02/27/1892, nh-haverhill-horsemeadow

Abbott, Collamer P., 9th VT INF, 12/15/1913, vt-royalton-riverview

Abbott, Cornelius, 5th VT INF, 07/09/1907, vt-jericho-center

Abbott, Curtis, 2nd USSS, 4th VT INF, 11/25/1935, ma-ashland-wildwood

Abbott, Daniel, 4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 09/28/1927, vt-bethel-east

Abbott, Ephraim M. C., 6th VT INF, 11/25/1911, vt-bradford-upperplain

Abbott, George A., USN, 11/19/1901, ca-losangeles-national

Abbott, George B., 13th NH INF, 03/20/1914, nh-stewartstown-hollow

Abbott, George T., 4th VT INF, 12/12/1903, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Abbott, George W., 4th VT INF, VRC, 09/02/1903, vt-barton-willoughby

Abbott, George Washington, 14th VT INF, 11/21/1902, vt-middlebury-prospect

Abbott, Henry C., 8th VT INF, 2nd LA INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Abbott, Horace M., 1st VT CAV, 01/01/1865, va-richmond-national

Abbott, Ira Anson, 9th VT INF, 10/18/1921, ma-haverhill-linwood

Abbott, Ira S., 9th NH INF, 07/21/1871, nh-contoocook-village

Abbott, Isaac Whacker, 16th VT INF, 09/05/1910, ca-unknown

Abbott, James B., 1st VT CAV, 06/19/1900, id-boise-fortboise

Abbott, James H., 16th VT INF, 08/08/1889, vt-landgrove-new

Abbott, James N., 11th VT INF, 12/06/1900, vt-glover-westlook

Abbott, John Franklin, 6th VT INF, 05/13/1914, vt-thetford-postmills

Abbott, John J., 16th VT INF, 08/03/1863, vt-windham-center

Abbott, John P., 2nd VT INF, 02/20/1914, ma-malden-holycross

Abbott, Lemuel Abijah, 10th VT INF, 97th US CINF, 02/03/1911, vt-barre-wilson

Abbott, Leonard, Unknown, 12/11/1864, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Abbott, Marcus S., 11th VT INF, 03/27/1863, vt-windham-center

Abbott, Martin, 11th VT INF, 06/16/1918, vt-glover-westlook

Abbott, Moses, 6th VT INF, 07/10/1863, vt-troy-north

Abbott, Nathan A., 11th VT INF, 05/13/1914, mn-pelicanrapids-memorial

Abbott, Nathaniel O., 7th VT INF, 08/26/1868, vt-chester-northst

Abbott, Nelson Edwin, Unknown, 12/26/1863, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Abbott, Ora S., 6th MA INF, 04/19/1920, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Abbott, Peter M., 3rd VT INF, 09/08/1922, vt-barnet-walterharvey

Abbott, Royal Jr., 15th VT INF, 11/16/1895, vt-brookfield-old

Abbott, Samuel Jr., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Abbott, Stearns Kendall, 14th NH INF, after 1911, pa-unknown

Abbott, Sylvester G., 10th VT INF, 02/08/1865, vt-brookfield-old

Abbott, Thomas, 47th IA INF, 06/23/1901, ia-independence-oakwood

Abbott, Timothy D., 5th VT INF, 10/25/1895, vt-troy-north

Abbott, William Nathaniel, 3rd VT INF, 08/14/1917, ia-lamoni-rosehill

Abby, Osmond, 2nd USSS, 09/19/1925, tx-saintjo-mtnpark

Abby, William, 2nd NY HARTY, 9th NY ARTY, 1882, mo-pierce-city

Abell, Charles Emmet, 5th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 05/20/1913, vt-orwell-mtview

Abell, Durham O., 2nd VT INF, 05/21/1909, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Abell, James H., 1st VT CAV, Before 09/25/1865, va-unknown

Abels, Eugene H., 1st VT CAV, 11/27/1909, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Abernathy, Alexander A., 43rd WI INF, 01/13/1922, ia-postville-postville

Abernathy, Robert, 1st MN HARTY, 10/11/1926, ca-losangeles-national

Abraham, George B., 2nd VT LARTY, 11/10/1914, dc-unknown

Acker, Daniel, 2nd US INF, 05/07/1863, vt-grandisle-hoag

Ackerman, Abram C., 12th VT INF, 07/17/1905, ks-plainville-plainville

Ackerman, Edmund Truman, 23rd NY LARTY , 01/26/1927, ny-hague-hague

Ackerman, Francis J., 23rd NY LARTY , 1908, ny-hague-hague

Ackerman, Silas R., 23rd NY LARTY, 05/24/1921, vt-orwell-mtview

Ackerson, Daniel, 60th NY INF, 01/15/1922, vt-unknown

Ackerson, George, 13th NY HARTY, 04/15/1904, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Ackley, Lewis Everett, 4th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 09/29/1925, mi-portland-portland

Acome, Franklin, 9th VT INF, 06/02/1924, wa-unknown

Actis, Charles, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Adams, Abel, 7th MA LARTY, 08/04/1920, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Adams, Adin, 16th VT INF, 04/04/1892, vt-wilmington-intervale

Adams, Albert B., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 07/24/1874, vt-cavendish-village

Adams, Albert J., 5th VT INF, 5th NH INF, 04/24/1865, va-citypoint-national

Adams, Albert M., MA INF, 2nd IA CAV, 01/14/1915, ia-humboldt-union

Adams, Albert Moses, 123rd NY INF, 08/12/1922, ca-losangeles-angelus

Adams, Alfred Buck, 22nd MI INF, 09/18/1892, mi-utica-utica

Adams, Alvin W., 9th VT INF, 06/22/1918, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Adams, Amasa, 4th VT INF, 01/27/1918, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Adams, Anson Jr., 108th IL INF, 1909, vt-northfield-elmwood

Adams, Arba Nelson, 9th VT INF, 10/17/1924, or-joseph-joseph

Adams, Austin V., 4th VT INF, 04/05/1900, vt-barnard-east

Adams, Benjamin Henry, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 11/07/1909, vt-chelsea-highland

Adams, Benjamin W., 2nd NH INF, 04/25/1909, nh-lebanon-west

Adams, Caleb, 2nd NY VET CAV, After 1892, ny-blockville-union

Adams, Calvin Alphonso, 9th NH INF, 01/18/1916, in-columbus-garlandbrook

Adams, Calvin S, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Adams, Cephas Gardner, Civilian, 04/12/1901, vt-derby-center

Adams, Charles, 1st US Vet Corps, unknown, un-unknown

Adams, Charles, 4th VT INF, 04/26/1909, vt-peacham-corner

Adams, Charles Abraham, 1st VT CAV, 03/11/1902, mo-chillicothe-jones

Adams, Charles B., 9th MN INF, Before 4/08/1899, ca-longbeach-municipal

Adams, Charles L., 7th VT INF, Before 10/22/1879, vt-cavendish-village

Adams, Charles S., 12th VT INF, 128th OH INF, 12/04/1864, oh-brownhelm-brownhelm

Adams, Charles S., 13th VT INF, 09/12/1902, vt-cabot-village

Adams, Cyrus A., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT BGD Band, 09/19/1888, pa-unknown

Adams, Daniel, 1st VT CAV, unknown, ma-orange-central

Adams, Daniel, 11th VT INF, 08/02/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Adams, Daniel C., 4th VT INF, 09/27/1862, vt-danville-green

Adams, Daniel Orison, 7th VT INF, 06/23/1913, ca-losangeles-national

Adams, Daniel V., 57th MA INF, 10/02/1912, ne-moorefield-moorefield

Adams, Daniel W., 14th VT INF, 06/1894, ny-unknown

Adams, Delphus Masen, 7th VT INF, after 1914, ok-unknown

Adams, Edgar A., 4th VT INF, 01/03/1863, vt-pomfret-hewittville

Adams, Edgar Emery, 2nd VT INF, NH, 73rd USCI, 75th USCI, 96th USCI, 03/21/1923, la-neworleans-masonic1

Adams, Edrick W. Jr., 11th VT INF, 07/15/1912, vt-vergennes-prospect

Adams, Edward C., 7th VT INF, 01/14/1924, ca-losangeles-national

Adams, Edward R., 15th VT INF, 05/02/1922, ct-waterbury-oldpinegrove

Adams, Edwin H., 9th MN INF, 02/19/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Adams, Elias Daniel, 4th VT INF, USN, 12/31/1878, wi-darien-darienrural

Adams, Elliott, 16th VT INF, 01/03/1919, ma-everett-woodlawn

Adams, Elmer L., 7th VT INF, 05/24/1862, vt-chester-northst

Adams, Ephraim, 5th NH INF, 09/15/1909, vt-hartford-mtolivet

Adams, Everett E., 2nd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 02/16/1912, vt-peru-village

Adams, Frank S., 15th NH INF, 02/10/1864, vt-eden-corners

Adams, Franklin F., 2nd VT INF, 01/05/1915, vt-vergennes-prospect

Adams, Franklin J., 100th IL INF, 1923, il-peotone-peotone

Adams, George, 42nd MA INF, 01/15/1910, ma-unknown

Adams, George H., 2nd USSS, 06/10/1923, vt-wilmington-riverview

Adams, George S., 8th VT INF, 01/20/1899, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Adams, George Sherburne, 2nd VT INF, 04/26/1918, vt-chelsea-highland

Adams, George W., 16th VT INF, 04/23/1922, vt-grafton-village

Adams, George W., 2nd VT INF, 05/04/1867, vt-vergennes-prospect

Adams, George W., 8th IL CAV, 1924, il-peotone-peotone

Adams, George Washington, 5th VT INF, 11/23/1912, vt-stowe-westbranch

Adams, Harrison S., 3rd VT INF, 03/1904, mn-unknown

Adams, Henry, 4th VT INF, 12/06/1916, oh-grandrapids-beavercreek

Adams, Henry, 19th MA INF, 1909, wi-oshkosh-riverside

Adams, Henry C., 5th US CAV, 04/10/1910, ca-losangeles-national

Adams, Henry H., 5th VT INF, 13th NY CAV, 3rd NY PROV CAV, 04/23/1922, vt-burlington-elmwood

Adams, Henry H., 10th VT INF, 10/19/1915, ca-losangeles-national

Adams, Henry J., 14th VT INF, 06/16/1909, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Adams, Henry M., 7th VT INF, 07/13/1881, vt-middlebury-prospect

Adams, Horace B., 8th NH INF, 09/13/1898, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Adams, James, 2nd KS CLRD INF, 83rd USCI, 02/10/1908, ca-losangeles-national

Adams, James H., 11th VT INF, 04/10/1863, vt-johnson-plot

Adams, James R., 14th VT INF, 03/03/1883, ma-unknown

Adams, Jarvis W., 5th VT INF, 01/14/1864, vt-middlebury-prospect

Adams, Jesse, 3rd VT INF, 11/08/1861, vt-cavendish-center

Adams, John, 7th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Adams, John, 8th VT INF, 12/21/1879, vt-danville-green

Adams, John, 1st US Vet Corps, unknown, un-unknown

Adams, John L., 6th NH INF, 14th NH INF, 09/12/1902, nh-charlestown-foresthill

Adams, John Q., 1st VT INF, 11th VT INF, 30th USCI, 01/10/1893, vt-addison-lakeview

Adams, John S., 7th VT INF, 04/29/1876, vt-chester-northst

Adams, John Wesley, 2nd VT INF, 06/12/1864, va-alexandria-national

Adams, Joseph, 3rd OH Cav, After 1880, ks-unknown

Adams, Josiah H., 1st VT CAV, 05/16/1922, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Adams, Leonard B., 11th VT INF, 08/11/1917, vt-rutland-evergreen

Adams, Levi Blanchard, 11th VT INF, 07/30/1877, vt-johnson-plot

Adams, Loren D., 3rd VT LARTY, 03/21/1898, ma-ayer-woodlawn

Adams, Lucius C., 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 12/11/1865, vt-newport-holebrook

Adams, Lucius Ortho, 7th MA LARTY, before 3/07/1894, ma-unknown

Adams, Luther J., 6th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Adams, Mark, 4th VT INF, 07/18/1920, vt-peacham-corner

Adams, Martin, 5th VT INF, 10/05/1862, va-alexandria-national

Adams, Milo P., 3rd VT INF, 05/13/1863, vt-pomfret-hewittville

Adams, Nelson D., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT BGD Band, 11/21/1909, va-arlington-national

Adams, Newell H. H., 8th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 03/27/1924, ia-traer-westunion

Adams, Norman F., 11th VT INF, unknown, sc-florence-national

Adams, Norman Lewis, 14th NH INF, 07/09/1908, nh-langdon-lower

Adams, Oliver E., 3rd VT LARTY, 10/18/1864, nj-beverly-national

Adams, Orange S., 31st ME INF, 06/05/1906, ca-hollywood-forever

Adams, Orlando E., 7th VT INF, 12/31/1928, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Adams, Orrin J., 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 01/25/1912, vt-newport-center

Adams, Orrin S., 1st VT INF, 2nd NH INF, 04/06/1913, nh-marlborough-graniteville

Adams, Placide, 5th NH INF, 11/26/1880, vt-wrj-oldcatholic

Adams, Royal, USN, 04/18/1865, ma-mattapan-mthope

Adams, Samuel Emery, USV, 03/29/1912, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Adams, Sidney C., 27th IA INF, 07/24/1869, ne-unknown

Adams, Simeon Jr., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 03/17/1917, nh-rindge-hillside

Adams, Stephen, 1st MA CAV, 06/27/1874, vt-windham-northwindham

Adams, Thomas, 9th VT INF, 06/19/1864, nc-newbern-national

Adams, Thomas Jefferson, 125th NY INF, 11/1889, vt-chester-brookside

Adams, Walter F., 2nd VT LARTY, 01/28/1915, vt-chelsea-highland

Adams, Wayland L., 10th VT INF, 06/27/1897, vt-weston-maplegrove

Adams, William C. B., 27th IA INF, 10/16/1906, ia-independence-oakwood

Adams, William Henry, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Adams, William Henry, 16th VT INF, 10/04/1913, nh-keene-woodland

Adams, Willis Croyden, 11th VT INF, 11/17/1923, ma-winchendon-riverside

Adgate, Eleazer B., 5th VT INF, 01/11/1920, mi-grandrapids-vets

Adle, Cornelius, 17th VT INF, 05/13/1865, va-alexandria-national

Adrian, George W., 1st MN CAV, 12/26/1915, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Agan, Michael, 7th VT INF, 0, un-unknown

Agen, James Herman, 19th NY CAV, 104th NY INF, 10/05/1921, tx-houston-glenwood

Aggus, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Agin, Peter, 7th VT INF, 04/09/1900, vt-hydepark-sttheresa

Agin, Thomas, 14th VT INF, After 08/25/1885, un-unknown

Ahistrom, Alexander F. E., 37th IL INF, USN, 07/06/1912, ma-brockton-union

Aikee, Francis, 5th VT INF, VRC, 05/19/1928, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Aiken, Alonzo, 6th VT INF, 11/28/1861, va-arlington-national

Aiken, Benjamin O., 1st VT CAV, 03/01/1908, vt-albany-village

Aiken, Charles E., 41st WI INF, 12/25/1897, ca-losangeles-national

Aiken, Enoch, 1st VT CAV, 03/02/1909, nh-keene-woodland

Aiken, Hiram, 10th VT INF, VRC, 06/14/1913, vt-peacham-corner

Aiken, James H., 14th VT INF, 09/10/1926, vt-benson-old

Aiken, John B., 1st IA CAV, 1st MMB US VOL CAV, 1910, vt-troy-troy

Aiken, John E., 4th VT INF, 01/27/1862, un-unknown

Aiken, Walter A., 6th VT INF, 06/09/1902, vt-dover-dovercenter

Aiken, William, 12th VT INF, After 04/28/1879, nh-westmoreland-canoemeadow

Aiken, William A., 11th VT INF, 11/19/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Aiken, William Appleton, USN, 11/07/1929, ct-norwich-yantic

Aiken, William D., 9th VT INF, 11/12/1911, vt-dummerston-baptist

Aiken, William H., 40th WI INF, 44th WI INF, 10/11/1919, ca-losangeles-national

Aiken, William S., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-corinth-meadow

Aikens, Charles C., 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 01/02/1918, vt-barnard-village

Aikens, Cyrus H., 16th VT INF, 07/22/1922, ks-louisburg-louisburg

Aikens, George, 3rd VT INF, 10/28/1908, vt-brandon-forestdale

Aikens, George C., 1st VT CAV, 10/30/1908, vt-brandon-forestdale

Aikens, Joseph P., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 02/09/1924, vt-hartford-point

Aikins, Henry D., 1st NV CAV, 04/03/1865, nv-carsoncity-lonemtn

Ailes, Edward M., 11th VT INF, 12/25/1864, sc-florence-national

Ailes, Sylvanus F., 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, vt-cambridge-mtview

Ainley, William, 4th VT INF, 09/12/1864, ma-lowell-hildreth

Ainsworth, Alanson D., 4th MI INF, 08/29/1886, mi-ransom-doty

Ainsworth, Albert, 6th VT INF, 10/29/1862, vt-unknown

Ainsworth, Alfred, 3rd VT LARTY, 03/13/1919, vt-hardwick-westhill

Ainsworth, Charles, 9th VT INF, 09/07/1916, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Ainsworth, Charles F., 4th VT INF, 04/01/1906, vt-calais-fairview

Ainsworth, Eugene D., 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, VRC, 02/24/1911, ca-unknown

Ainsworth, George J., 12th US INF, unknown, vt-waitsfield-village

Ainsworth, George Julius, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 08/28/1909, ri-providence-northburial

Ainsworth, George Prentiss, 4th VT INF, 11/21/1921, nm-raton-fairmont

Ainsworth, George W., 11th VT INF, 02/19/1902, vt-calais-fairview

Ainsworth, Harrison E., 9th VT INF, 04/04/1906, vt-peacham-corner

Ainsworth, Henry A., 9th VT INF, 1928, ri-cranston-pocasset

Ainsworth, Ira McCloud, 4th VT INF, 02/07/1919, ne-fremont-ridge

Ainsworth, Ira Washington, 177th NY INF, 07/10/1876, ny-menands-albanyrural

Ainsworth, James S., 6th VT INF, 08/10/1915, ia-desmoines-woodland

Ainsworth, Jefferson F., 8th VT INF, 10/30/1896, vt-woodbury-anb

Ainsworth, Judah Troop, 6th VT INF, 06/02/1919, oh-medina-springgrove

Ainsworth, Lavake, 11th VT INF, 1928, vt-calais-ainsworth

Ainsworth, Llewellyn Ebenezer, 3rd VT INF, 11/14/1912, sd-vermillion-bluffview

Ainsworth, Llewellyn M., 11th VT INF, 05/27/1887, vt-hardwick-mainst

Ainsworth, Luther, 6th VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Ainsworth, Marcus, 11th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 07/20/1887, vt-calais-fairview

Ainsworth, Martin V. B., 74th NY INF , 07/10/1912, me-togus-national

Ainsworth, William, 15th IA, After 1880, ks-unknown

Ainsworth, William W., 9th VT INF, 05/01/1890, vt-calais-robinson

Aitkin, Andrew, 15th VT INF, 02/10/1928, vt-newbury-oxbow

Akeley, Clark Barney, 8th VT INF, 08/28/1910, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Akeley, Healey Cady, 2nd MI CAV, 07/30/1912, vt-stowe-memorial

Akeley, J. A., USN, 07/14/1901, ny-newbrighton-sailors

Akeley, Jotham E., 8th VT INF, 03/03/1930, ma-leominster-evergreen

Akeley, Lifus, 11th VT INF, 12/18/1890, ma-leominster-evergreen

Akeley, Willard H., 8th VT INF, 02/15/1903, ma-fitchburg-laurelhill

Akey, Peter, 2nd VT INF, 03/23/1932, ny-cypresshills-national

Albee, Calvin S., 9th VT INF, 11/17/1917, ma-amherst-north

Albee, Charles H., 8th IA INF, After 1890, mn-unknown

Albee, Davis, 6th VT INF, 02/01/1862, va-arlington-national

Albee, Elijah J., 4th VT INF, 11/22/1928, oh-crooksville-crooksville

Albee, Francis L., 8th CT INF, 01/10/1894, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Albee, George K., 7th US INF, 10/02/1924, ks-silverlake-silverlake

Albee, John H., 16th VT INF, 03/08/1925, vt-rockingham-meetinghouse

Albee, Justin V., 5th VT INF, 11/30/1915, tx-unknown

Albee, Merrill Austin, 11th US INF, 29th US INF, 10/13/1925, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Albee, Silas, 11th VT INF, 09/09/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Albee, Stephen C., 8th VT INF, 05/04/1865, vt-barre-elmwood

Albee, Vietts Warren, 7th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 08/15/1907, ia-waterloo-elmwood

Albee, William A., 8th VT INF, 05/26/1917, vt-barre-elmwood

Albert, Peter, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Albia, John, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Albro, Charles, 14th VT INF, 06/12/1918, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Alcott, John W., 13th IL INF, 05/01/1905, me-togus-national

Alden, Edward, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Alden, Harry H., 17th VT INF, 06/29/1864, va-poplargrove-national

Alden, James Everett, 4th VT INF, 11/26/1921, ma-springfield-springfield

Alden, Sylvester O., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1916, vt-middlesex-northbr

Alden, William, 192nd NY INF , 04/05/1885, ny-newcomb-methodist

Alden, William Seymour, 2nd VT LARTY, 05/17/1908, vt-leicester-brookside

Aldous, John H., 16th NY HARTY, 12/06/1910, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Aldrich, Alfred, 6th VT INF, 12/18/1917, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Aldrich, Almon, 6th VT INF, 08/05/1899, vt-thetford-postmills

Aldrich, Alonzo, 8th MN INF, 09/07/1906, mn-castlerock-valley

Aldrich, Amasa, 1st NY LARTY, Before 11/07/1870, ny-unknown

Aldrich, Anson L., 4th VT INF, 184th NY INF, 05/21/1898, vt-bennington-vetshome

Aldrich, Arthur R., 2nd NH INF, 13th NH INF, 11/27/1918, vt-canaan-village

Aldrich, Caleb A., 2nd VT INF, 07/05/1892, vt-cambridge-north

Aldrich, Charles, 1st NH HARTY, 06/21/1909, ma-bedford-shawsheen

Aldrich, Charles H., USN, 05/31/1918, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Aldrich, Charles W., 8th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 05/14/1901, vt-northfield-elmwood

Aldrich, Chester T., 3rd VT INF, 10/15/1906, il-elgin-bluffcity

Aldrich, Dan Y., 4th VT INF, 07/17/1864, va-citypoint-national

Aldrich, Edgar Dow, 15th NH INF, 1/19/1917, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Aldrich, Elisha, 8th VT INF, 05/30/1896, pq-orford-cherryriver

Aldrich, Emerson, 5th VT INF, 06/21/1909, ma-bedford-shawsheen

Aldrich, Ezra E., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Aldrich, Francis H., 11th VT INF, 02/25/1903, vt-wilmington-riverview

Aldrich, George F., 9th VT INF, 11/07/1908, vt-mtholly-mtholly

Aldrich, George S., 9th VT INF, after 1910, ny-troy-oakwood

Aldrich, Harlan P., 1st VT CAV, 09/12/1917, ca-inglewood-park

Aldrich, Harrison, 21st MA INF, 09/05/1909, vt-newfane-williamsville

Aldrich, Harvey B., 11th VT INF, 10/20/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Aldrich, Henry, 1st VT CAV, 02/15/1886, vt-vernon-south

Aldrich, Henry, 12th NH INF, 06/18/1893, nh-concord-blossomhill

Aldrich, Henry, 4th VT INF, 03/02/1918, vt-lyndon-center

Aldrich, Henry H., 15th VT INF, 1880, vt-dorset-maplehill

Aldrich, Henry H., 1st NH CAV, 08/26/1884, nh-concord-blossomhill

Aldrich, Hosea, 8th VT INF, 08/16/1911, vt-lunenburg-riverside

Aldrich, Ira Franklin, 15th VT INF, 01/12/1863, nh-littleton-wheelerhill

Aldrich, James D., 1st VT CAV, 02/27/1887, vt-vernon-south

Aldrich, Joel, 6th VT INF, before 07/16/1879, nh-bath-bath

Aldrich, John B., 4th VT INF, 10/21/1887, vt-hancock-newvillage

Aldrich, John Greaves, 3rd VT INF, VRC, 11/19/1921, vt-lyndon-center

Aldrich, John H., 8th VT INF, 03/18/1863, la-chalmette-national

Aldrich, John L., 1st VT CAV, 12/07/1918, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Aldrich, Joseph C., 8th NH INF, 05/27/1867, vt-chester-smokeshire

Aldrich, Joseph Inverness, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/16/1891, ma-montague-elmgrove

Aldrich, Joshua, 96th NY INF, 05/08/1907, vt-vergennes-prospect

Aldrich, Lanson E., 11th VT INF, 10/11/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Aldrich, Leonard Frost, 13th VT INF, 1898, vt-barre-elmwood

Aldrich, Leonard J., 1st VT CAV, Before 02/23/1866, un-unknown

Aldrich, Levi H., 3rd VT INF, 05/27/1913, oh-rudolph-bethel

Aldrich, Liberty, 6th VT INF, 1887, ia-smithland-littlesioux

Aldrich, Lucien C., 2nd VT INF, 15th VT INF, 01/17/1916, vt-vershire-village

Aldrich, Lyman, 9th VT INF, 12/18/1904, mo-stjames-wishon

Aldrich, Lyman C., 11th VT INF, 08/12/1909, nh-sugarhill-sunnyside

Aldrich, Milo David, 8th VT INF, 10/04/1883, ma-shadley-falls

Aldrich, Morey S., 2nd VT INF, Before 07/08/1886, oh-fowler-north

Aldrich, Orange C., 17th VT INF, 08/05/1864, vt-thetford-postmills

Aldrich, Ozro L., 15th VT INF, 12/22/1862, vt-troy-north

Aldrich, Ransom, 15th VT INF, 11/01/1873, vt-thetford-postmills

Aldrich, Robert P., 1st NH HARTY, 05/21/1897, nh-portsmouth-southst

Aldrich, Roswell O., 16th NH INF, 02/28/1899, nh-winchester-evergreen

Aldrich, Rufus B., 6th VT INF, 12/24/1883, nh-haverhill-east

Aldrich, S. Frederick, President's MTD Guard, 04/29/1900, vt-grafton-village

Aldrich, Samuel R., 11th VT INF, Before 08/04/1883, un-unknown

Aldrich, Simeon C., 44th IN INF, 08/14/1864, in-pleasant-lake

Aldrich, Theodore Rose, 11th VT INF, 08/26/1897, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Aldrich, Timothy C., 6th VT INF, VRC, 01/08/1886, ca-unknown

Aldrich, William A., 57th MA INF, 03/11/1915, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Aldrich, William T., 17th VT INF, 02/26/1893, vt-thetford-postmills

Aldrich, William Warrington, 3rd VT INF, 10/25/1862, vt-lyndon-center

Alexander, Abraham, 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Alexander, Arthur, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/13/1909, vt-stalbans-bay

Alexander, Caleb H., 2nd USSS, VRC, 06/23/1873, vt-brattleboro-mhh

Alexander, Charles E., 15th VT INF, 08/25/1863, vt-rochester-littlehollow

Alexander, Charles O., 16th VT INF, 03/18/1912, vt-hartland-jenneville

Alexander, Charles Wesley, 1st VT LARTY, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 07/04/1892, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Alexander, Daniel S., 3rd NH INF, 05/16/1864, va-unknown

Alexander, Emery W., NH National GDS, 01/25/1918, nh-peterborough-pinehill

Alexander, Eugene, 2nd VT LARTY, 01/13/1903, vt-rutland-evergreen

Alexander, Freeman Royal, 13th VT INF, 03/10/1871, vt-morristown-lakeview

Alexander, Hazen C., 9th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 01/21/1865, vt-tunbridge-straffordroad

Alexander, Henry Consider, Recruit, 01/25/1864, vt-quechee-hilltop

Alexander, Henry Harrison, 7th VT INF, 02/05/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Alexander, Hiram, 4th VT INF, 05/05/1934, vt-clarendon-east

Alexander, Isaac H., 5th VT INF, VRC, 09/25/1926, ma-franklin-union

Alexander, Jabez, 8th VT INF, 09/01/1901, vt-moretown-jonesbrook

Alexander, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 11/22/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Alexander, Joseph, 7th VT INF, 04/14/1916, ny-marion-marion

Alexander, Lewis L., 12th VT INF, 08/15/1871, vt-unknown

Alexander, Robert, 10th VT INF, 03/22/1890, mi-saginaw-forestlawn

Alexander, Robert J., 10th VT INF, 12/23/1862, va-unknown

Alexander, Samuel C., 6th VT INF, 10/07/1862, md-unknown

Alexander, Samuel C., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, After 04/17/1871, vt-goshen-goshen

Alexander, Samuel P., 5th WI INF, 6th WI INF, 1903, ia-hamburg-hamburg

Alexander, Thomas B., 2nd USSS, 12/22/1882, vt-troy-north

Alexander, Thomas C., 13th VT INF, 11/27/1869, vt-unknown

Alexander, William, 15th VT INF, 12/17/1862, va-alexandria-national

Alford, Albert Gallatin, US ENGRS, 01/02/1925, md-unknown

Alford, Thomas, 10th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Alford, William H., 11th VT INF, 09/11/1923, vt-poultney-poultney

Alfred, Daniel, 17th VT INF, 04/24/1923, nj-unknown

Alfred, Reuben, USN, 12/18/1864, tn-unknown

Alger, Aaron Prosper, 16th VT INF, 08/20/1918, vt-strafford-evergreen

Alger, Charles, 84th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Alger, David L., 4th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 03/18/1913, ny-franklinville-mtprospect

Alger, Edson, 1st VT INF, 11/22/1927, vt-franklin-east

Alger, Henry L., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, Before 02/23/1866, vt-westford-plains

Alger, Jerious D., 1st VT CAV, 07/25/1865, va-arlington-national

Alger, Martin V. B., 1st VT INF, 10th VT INF, after 07/15/1880, ks-unknown

Alger, Seth L., 7th VT INF, 10/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Alipaw, Edward, 125th NY INF, 169th NY INF, 01/16/1865, nc-unknown

Alix, Hypolite, 4th VT INF, 05/14/1914, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Allaire, Mitchell, 10th NY INF, 100th NY INF, 8th NY HARTY, Unknown, ks-zion-zion

Allard, Alanson H., 3rd VT INF, 11/27/1916, vt-brownington-east

Allard, Albert A., 4th VT INF, 01/16/1907, md-loudonpark-national

Allard, Albert J., 9th VT INF, USA, 07/02/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Allard, Ambrose, 10th VT INF, 01/06/1899, vt-lyndon-center

Allard, Asa, 7th VT INF, 01/09/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Allard, Charles, 11th VT INF, 11/11/1864, va-winchester-national

Allard, Charles W., 7th VT INF, 04/08/1865, la-chalmette-national

Allard, Chauncey McClure, 9th VT INF, USA, 03/30/1910, me-washington-levensaler

Allard, David Jr., 6th VT INF, 06/08/1862, un-unknown

Allard, Edwin R., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Allard, George H., 3rd VT INF, , vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Allard, George M., 8th VT INF, 06/26/1880, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Allard, Henry J., 4th VT INF, 05/17/1885, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Allard, Hollis F., 6th VT INF, 05/07/1912, nh-enfield-oakgrove

Allard, Ira H., 11th VT INF, 02/04/1903, nh-colebrook-village

Allard, John, 6th VT INF, 05/12/1894, pa-smethport-rosehill

Allard, Joshua, 9th VT INF, 10/17/1885, nh-plainfield-east

Allard, Kinglsey G., 9th VT INF, 10/13/1863, vt-brownington-east

Allard, Nelson, 2nd NY VET CAV, 08/28/1862, va-unknown

Allard, Peter, 8th VT INF, 05/27/1914, ma-unknown

Allard, Pierre, 28th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Allard, Prosper, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 10/22/1890, nh-manchester-staugustin

Allard, Rufus G., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 04/14/1911, nh-littleton-glenwood

Allard, William Christopher, 123rd NY INF , 03/20/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Allard, William H., 6th VT INF, 03/15/1864, vt-hartford-point

Allard, William H., 1st NH INF, 1st NENG CAV, 03/18/1914, ma-everett-woodlawn

Allard, William S., 15th VT INF, 09/20/1905, vt-unknown

Allard, Wilman D., 2nd USSS, 04/15/1906, vt-reading-south

Allchinn, Charles Thomas, 5th VT INF, 08/11/1877, wi-fennimore-prairie

Allen, Abel, 97th NY INF, 04/07/1892, ia-marshalltown-vets

Allen, Abel G., 21st IA INF , unknown, ia-edgewood-greenhill

Allen, Abram J., 16th NY HARTY , Before 03/13/1885, ny-unknown

Allen, Adelbert, 16th VT INF, 03/11/1913, ma-millbury-central

Allen, Albert, 16th VT INF, 01/14/1863, vt-wilmington-restland

Allen, Albert H., 10th VT INF, 09/14/1864, vt-highgate-sherwood

Allen, Albert W., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/10/1915, ma-leominster-evergreen

Allen, Alexander G., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 09/13/1912, vt-brattleboro-west

Allen, Alford Herbert, 10th NY HARTY, 02/14/1910, ny-adams-elmwood

Allen, Alfred R., 10th WI INF, 01/09/1909, mn-plainview-woodland

Allen, Alonzo, 10th VT INF, 05/03/1863, va-arlington-national

Allen, Alva M., 11th VT INF, After 02/14/1890 - Before 03/08/1893, un-unknown

Allen, Amory, 11th VT INF, 07/01/1903, vt-barre-elmwood

Allen, Anderson, 7th VT INF, 08/05/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Allen, Andrew H., 2nd VT INF, 07/26/1861, vt-berlin-colby

Allen, Arthur A., 4th VT INF, 06/09/1891, vt-colchester-methodist

Allen, Arthur A., 11th VT INF, 22nd NY INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Austin E., 36th MA INF, 01/22/1911, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Allen, Benjamin, 16th WI INF, 07/05/1873, wi-pepin-oakwood

Allen, Benjamin B., 1st VT CAV, 08/04/1870, vt-randolph-southview

Allen, Benjamin F., 7th VT INF, 04/1916, ma-clinton-woodlawn

Allen, Brenton H., 142nd NY INF, 11/18/1899, wi-ashland-mthope

Allen, Calvin Jr., 14th NH INF, 06/19/1904, nh-rindge-meetinghouse

Allen, Charles, 7th VT INF, 03/13/1879, vt-rutland-wscatholic

Allen, Charles, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Charles A., 4th VT INF, 03/29/1915, nh-marlborough-graniteville

Allen, Charles J., 16th NH INF, 06/07/1863, la-unknown

Allen, Charles Linnaeus, USV, 07/02/1890, pa-butler-middlesexpresby

Allen, Charles N., 1st RI CAV, 08/21/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Allen, Charles P., 125th NY INF , Before 07/27/1865, ny-troy-oakwood

Allen, Charles S., NENG CAV, 03/19/1899, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Allen, Charles W., 3rd VT INF, 05/30/1915, wi-janesville-oakhill

Allen, Chauncey M., 1st VT CAV, 02/24/1918, sd-woonsocket-eventide

Allen, Cyrus A., 16th WI INF, 05/09/1915, wi-pepin-oakwood

Allen, Cyrus Hamilton, 5th VT INF, 8th VT INF, 09/07/1908, ca-fremont-centerville

Allen, Daniel W., 10th VT INF, 10/09/1895, vt-charleston-west

Allen, David, 7th VT INF, 08/11/1862, la-chalmette-national

Allen, David, 1st MN CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, David R., 15th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Delevan C., USN, 11/27/1905, vt-unknown

Allen, Edson K., 15th IL CAV, 05/1901, il-elgin-bluffcity

Allen, Edward L., 5th VT INF, 04/02/1916, ca-placerville-union

Allen, Edwin, 14th VT INF, 02/13/1893, vt-dorset-morse

Allen, Edwin P., 12th US INF, 02/28/1910, ar-littlerock-pilgrimsrest

Allen, Elisha, 116th IL INF, 01/11/1863, il-decatur-boilingspr

Allen, Ephraim E., 5th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 05/12/1891, vt-morristown-laporte

Allen, Ethan, 128th NY INF , 03/29/1924, ny-unknown

Allen, Ethan A., 12th US INF, 02/1896, vt-morristown-randolph

Allen, Frank, NENG CAV, after 1895, ma-unknown

Allen, Frank H., 22nd IL INF, USV, unknown, ks-atchison-mtvernon

Allen, Frank Orlando, 4th VT INF, 1928, vt-roxbury-east

Allen, George, 11th VT INF, 12/06/1864, ny-lewis-roscoe

Allen, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, George B., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 11/04/1910, ma-lowell-westlawn

Allen, George Charles, 11th VT INF, 10/16/1906, vt-chester-northst

Allen, George D., 1st WI INF, 02/11/1863, tn-unknown

Allen, George E., 1st VT LARTY, 04/24/1911, ma-hubbardston-ruralglen

Allen, George E., 2nd VT INF, 07/09/1862, vt-chelsea-old

Allen, George Edward, 5th VT INF, 02/06/1862, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Allen, George H., 7th VT INF, 09/10/1862, la-chalmette-national

Allen, George P., 25th OH INF, 11/28/1892, oh-dayton-woodland

Allen, George Root, 26th NY CAV, 06/10/1923, il-alton-alton

Allen, George W., 8th NH INF, 1890, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Allen, George W., 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 03/23/1882, vt-coventry-village

Allen, George W., 6th NH INF, 9th NH INF, 08/20/1902, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Allen, George W., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Gilbert L., 6th WI INF, 08/19/1919, sk-moosejaw-city

Allen, Harmon S., 6th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 09/09/1926, pa-yeagertown-lutheran

Allen, Harrison, 192nd NY INF , 02/28/1871, ny-elizabethtown-oldpost

Allen, Harrison P., 4th VT INF, 06/01/1903, vt-northfield-falls

Allen, Harvey, 11th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Harvey H., 10th VT INF, 04/16/1915, vt-bennington-village

Allen, Heman F., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, after 1890, ny-norfolk-highst

Allen, Heman Woods, 13th VT INF, 06/06/1915, vt-burlington-lakeview

Allen, Henry, 1st VT INF, 2nd VT INF, 12/06/1916, nh-charlestown-hopehill

Allen, Henry, 46th NY INF , 12/29/1916, ny-northelba-north

Allen, Henry, 125th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Henry B., 14th VT INF, 04/25/1919, vt-bristol-greenwood

Allen, Henry C., 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Allen, Henry C., 1st VT CAV, 04/09/1909, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Allen, Henry J., 11th VT INF, 07/08/1927, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Allen, Hiram, 2nd VT INF, 09/20/1916, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Allen, Hiram E., 60th NY INF, 04/20/1897, vt-brandon-stmarys

Allen, Ira H., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Allen, Ira H., 2nd VT INF, 12th US INF, 05/12/1864, vt-morristown-randolph

Allen, Isaac K., 4th VT INF, VRC, 11/03/1913, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Allen, J. Harvey, 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1887, vt-berlin-corner

Allen, James, 2nd VT INF, 09/20/1881, vt-tunbridge-village

Allen, James, 11th VT INF, 06/26/1898, vt-charleston-blyhill

Allen, James, 8th VT INF, 05/09/1918, ca-unknown

Allen, James, 2nd VT INF, After 09/12/1864, un-unknown

Allen, James C. M., 25th MA INF, 05/21/1900, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Allen, James H., 1st VT INF, 16th VT INF, 08/08/1926, ma-holden-grove

Allen, James Madison, 31st MA INF, 10/31/1915, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Allen, John, 45th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, John, 7th VT INF, 06/02/1919, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Allen, John, 15th VT INF, 07/07/1896, vt-lyndon-center

Allen, John, 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, John, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, John Hamilton, 14th VT INF, 11/03/1914, vt-hinesburg-village

Allen, John Henry, 1st NH HARTY, 05/20/1910, nh-surry-village

Allen, John K., 11th VT INF, 02/21/1887, mn-minneapolis-pioneers

Allen, Jonathan Vaile, 8th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Allen, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 16th VT INF, 01/30/1907, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Allen, Joseph W., 1st VT CAV, 03/14/1930, ks-atchison-mtvernon

Allen, Leander, 1st NH CAV, 03/28/1940, vt-troy-north

Allen, Lee K., 11th VT INF, 04/20/1895, ma-unknown

Allen, Lester H., 2nd NH INF, 08/15/1888, nh-farmington-pinegrove

Allen, Leverett, 7th VT INF, 05/27/1908, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Allen, Levi C., 3rd VT INF, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Allen, Lewis J., 1st USSS, 11/02/1915, mi-grandrapids-vets

Allen, Lorenzo D., 3rd VT INF, after 1880, ca-unknown

Allen, Loyal, 14th VT INF, 08/08/1863, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Allen, Lucas, 91st NY INF , before 02/13/1871, ny-brushton-sunnyside

Allen, Luzerne, 14th VT INF, After 06/26/1880, il-poplargrove-poplargrove

Allen, Lyman, 4th VT INF, 02/24/1886, ma-agawam-center

Allen, Major F., 12th VT INF, 08/27/1897, vt-brandon-forestdale

Allen, Marcellus C., 12th VT INF, 07/25/1916, vt-chelsea-highland

Allen, Martin, USN, Before 03/03/1871, un-unknown

Allen, Matthew, 22nd CT INF, 05/09/1904, vt-topsham-west

Allen, Melvin J., 14th VT INF, 04/18/1863, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Allen, Milton J., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 1904, nh-franklin-franklin

Allen, Nathan, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Nathan F., 100th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Allen, Noel, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 02/11/1889, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Allen, Nye J., 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 1925, il-harvard-mtauburn

Allen, Obadiah W., 14th VT INF, 12/30/1862, vt-ferrisburgh-basinharbor

Allen, Orville E., 7th VT INF, 05/13/1904, vt-shelburne-village

Allen, Oscar, USN, 04/26/1905, va-hampton-national

Allen, Otis J., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 01/08/1885, wi-whitehall-lincoln

Allen, Otis S., 27th IA, After 1880, ks-unknown

Allen, Pardon W., 8th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 03/21/1928, nh-haverhill-center

Allen, Philander, 10th VT INF, 03/04/1923, ma-dedham-brookdale

Allen, Phineas H., 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 04/11/1920, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Allen, Rodolphus Warrington, 2nd USSS, 07/26/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Allen, Ruel W., 2nd VT LARTY, 04/07/1916, wa-yakima-tahoma

Allen, Rufus Jefferson, 33rd WI INF, 1902, ks-sedgwick-hillside

Allen, Samuel J., 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1926, vt-vergennes-prospect

Allen, Samuel James, 17th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Allen, Samuel Johnson, 4th VT INF, USV, 08/08/1886, vt-hartford-point

Allen, Samuel Johnson, 25th MA INF, 12/28/1930, vt-hartford-point

Allen, Solomon Theophilus, 14th VT INF, 09/04/1914, wi-king-vets

Allen, Stephen E., 12th VT INF, 02/16/1912, vt-hubbardton-east

Allen, Sylvester, 6th VT INF, 04/20/1907, vt-coventry-village

Allen, Sylvester, 1st CO Mtd Militia, 12/13/1915, co-fremont-newhope

Allen, Theodore Jonas, Unknown, 04/20/1887, vt-reading-baileysmill

Allen, Wallace C., 8th CT INF, unknown, vt-plymouth-tyson

Allen, Warren, 9th VT INF, After 06/27/1892, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Allen, Washington Irving, 21st MA INF, 03/14/1918, nj-newton-newton

Allen, Wilbur F., 7th VT INF, 09/11/1862, la-chalmette-national

Allen, William, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/13/1865, vt-lowell-mtnview

Allen, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Allen, William E., 1st MN BTRY, 07/20/1908, or-longcreek-longcreek

Allen, William H., 11th VT INF, 04/06/1891, vt-middlebury-west

Allen, William H. H., 9th VT INF, After 02/03/1867, un-unknown

Allen, William H. H., USV, 04/26/1893, ny-unknown

Allen, William I., 12th VT INF, 12/13/1917, vt-hartland-village

Allen, William J., 9th VT INF, 03/19/1901, vt-sunderland-lawrence

Allen, William S., 4th VT INF, 05/18/1926, vt-springfield-oakland

Allen, Wilmarth, 1st VT CAV, 11/08/1894, vt-bridport-central

Allen, Wyman H., 2nd VT INF, 8th VT INF, 09/27/1921, vt-greensboro-village

Allex, Dennis H., 5th VT INF, After 1889, ri-pawtucket-stfrancis

Allis, Egbert Harris, USN, 08/21/1863, died-at-sea

Allison, Everett M., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Alloway, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Alls, Dearborn, 1st VT CAV, 1873, nh-colebrook-village

Alls, Horace, 8th VT INF, 06/04/1913, vt-newfane-williamsville

Allyn, Paschal W., 8th VT INF, 12/24/1864, va-unknown

Almane, Peter, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Alsop, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Alston, Robert, 3rd VT INF, 11/28/1894, nh-hooksett-martins

Alverson, George F., 10th WI INF, after 11/05/1884, wi-unknown

Alvord, Benjamin, USA, USV, 10/16/1884, vt-rutland-evergreen

Alvord, Francis A., 53rd MA INF, 01/23/1926, ma-fitchburg-foresthill

Amadon, Ansel Lyman, 1st MA HARTY, 04/13/1865, ma-nadams-hillside

Amadon, Henry Austin, 4th VT INF, 05/20/1864, vt-pownal-oakhill

Amadon, John Henry, 11th VT INF, 06/01/1938, vt-hydepark-north

Amadon, John Quincy, 11th VT INF, 05/05/1900, vt-burke-meetinghouse

Amadon, Newman, 6th VT INF, 12/19/1861, un-unknown

Ambler, Henry C., 4th WI INF, 21st NY CAV, 07/22/1891, wi-wood-national

Ambler, James J., 13th VT INF, 02/23/1905, ia-wapello-wapello

Amblo, Globe, 3rd VT INF, VRC, After 10/31/1890, un-unknown

Amblow, William Henry, 2nd VT INF, 06/02/1864, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Ambrose, John G., 1st VT CAV, After 09/20/1882, un-unknown

Amell, Louis, 3rd VT LARTY, 11/17/1906, vt-middlesex-center

Amell, Louis, 8th VT INF, 05/04/1872, vt-middlesex-center

Ames, Aaron S., 6th IA CAV, 01/17/1917, mn-rockford-elmwood

Ames, Albert D., 2nd WI INF, 02/22/1905, ks-leavenworth-national

Ames, Avery, 94th NY INF, 05/08/1907, il-kaneville-kaneville

Ames, Azro D., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, VRC, 11/10/1864, in-crownhill-national

Ames, Benjamin A., 1st NY Dragoons, 09/01/1880, ny-angelica-until

Ames, Franklin A., 15th VT INF, 01/25/1911, il-elgin-bluffcity

Ames, George, 6th MN INF, 06/26/1877, mn-bloomington-bloomington

Ames, George W., 2nd WI CAV, 12/10/1884, wi-portage-oakgrove

Ames, John R., 4th VT INF, 11/16/1861, va-arlington-national

Ames, Kendall P., 16th VT INF, 12/14/1913, vt-wilmington-riverview

Ames, Luman E., 15th VT INF, 03/21/1911, tn-mtnhome-national

Ames, Lyman Daniel, 29th OH INF, 01/22/1879, vt-randolph-southview

Ames, Mandrin H., 16th VT INF, 12/17/1862, vt-marlboro-center

Ames, Marshall L., 15th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 07/30/1939, vt-derby-line

Ames, Orville, 1st MN BTRY, 06/30/1864, died-at-sea

Ames, Oscar P., 98th NY INF, Before 02/09/1899, ny-malone-morningside

Ames, Richard P., 9th VT INF, 05/13/1898, vt-tunbridge-hutchinson

Amidon, Albert, 2nd VT INF, 03/16/1918, vt-shaftsbury-center

Amidon, George H., 4th VT INF, 01/04/1871, ma-oxford-south

Amidon, Henry, 193rd NY INF , 04/14/1897, nh-winchester-evergreen

Amidon, Hollis H., 2nd IL LARTY, 08/07/1921, ca-losangeles-national

Amidon, John, 100th NY INF, 164th NY INF, 06/21/1886, ny-steam-burg

Amidon, Marshal, 16th NY INF , 10/19/1909, vt-unknown

Amidon, Truman, 2nd VT INF, 02/12/1864, vt-shaftsbury-center

Amlaw, Napoleon, 4th VT INF, 05/07/1864, va-unknown

Amlow, Tuffield, 7th VT INF, 09/03/1909, ny-keeseville-stjohns

Amsden, Abel, 1st VT CAV, 05/27/1898, vt-walden-northwalden

Amsden, Alzaman Decator, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/17/1865, vt-reading-felchville

Amsden, Burt B., 1st VT CAV, 1902, vt-walden-northwalden

Amsden, Frank H., 11th VT INF, 11/05/1921, nh-tilton-park

Amsden, Marcellus R., 11th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 05/21/1886, vt-northfield-mthope

Amsden, Marcus E., USN, 2nd MA HARTY, 09/17/1905, ma-clinton-woodlawn

Amsden, Mark Alonzo, 10th VT INF, 03/05/1882, vt-walden-northwalden

Amsden, Solon V., 1st USSS, Before 01/12/1898, un-unknown

Amsden, William Elmer, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-reading-felchville

Anderson, Calvin Brewer, 1st VT CAV, 08/30/1914, tx-sanantonio-national

Anderson, Charles, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, Charles, 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, Edgar, 102nd NY INF, 03/19/1864, vt-franklin-prouty

Anderson, Emery, 54th MA INF, 01/26/1923, md-loudonpark-national

Anderson, Franklin, 5th VT INF, 10/27/1861, va-arlington-national

Anderson, George, 4th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, George, USN, 03/02/1868, pn-unknown

Anderson, Henry Beach, 104th IL INF, 1917, ks-maize-maize

Anderson, Hiram S., 12th VT INF, 10/18/1885, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Anderson, Homer, 8th NY CAV, 12/12/1862, va-unknown

Anderson, James, 91st NY INF , 04/02/1902, ny-redford-assumption

Anderson, John, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, John, 4th US ARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, John W., 13th NY CAV, After 12/19/1892, un-unknown

Anderson, Peter, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, Robert, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, Stephen, 2nd VT INF, 06/30/1862, mi-midland-jasper

Anderson, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Anderson, William H., USN, 1873, vt-burlington-lakeview

Anderson, William H., 8th NY HARTY, 2nd VRC, 10/12/1882, ny-gasport-chestnutridge

Anderson, Zachariah, 41st USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Andress, John, 13th VT INF, 01/31/1922, vt-richford-hillside

Andrew, John, 15th VT INF, 01/22/1910, ny-frewsburg-maplegrove

Andrew, Nathan L., 5th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 05/20/1902, vt-arlington-evergreen

Andrew, Noel H., 24th NY INF , 09/17/1903, ia-johns-concord

Andrew, Wesley R., 77th IL INF, 03/27/1915, ne-tilden-ioof

Andrews, Aaron, 6th MA INF, 07/19/1892, ma-lowell-edson

Andrews, Alexander, 4th VT INF, 11/26/1861, un-unknown

Andrews, Charles Loveland, 8th VT INF, 02/23/1900, vt-berlin-corner

Andrews, Charles T., 8th CT INF, 11/12/1909, vt-pownal-oakhill

Andrews, Chester A., 150th NY INF , 01/28/1906, ct-sharon-ellsworth

Andrews, Cleveland D., 5th VT INF, 11/20/1924, ny-cambridge-woodlands

Andrews, Eleazer, 27th MA INF, unknown, vt-northfield-loomis

Andrews, Emery B., 10th NH INF, 02/14/1902, ca-yountville-vets

Andrews, Ezra B., 3rd MN INF, after 1880, nd-unknown

Andrews, Francis, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Andrews, Franklin, 47th MA INF, before 07/26/1900, ma-medford-oakgrove

Andrews, George Martin, 17th VT INF, 07/27/1864, vt-berlin-corner

Andrews, Gustavus A., 3rd VT INF, 03/10/1881, vt-unknown

Andrews, Ira H., 11th NY CAV, 05/19/1910, il-belvidere-belvidere

Andrews, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Andrews, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Andrews, John S., 11th VT INF, 09/23/1864, va-unknown

Andrews, John S., 2nd VT INF, 05/07/1902, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Andrews, Marcus A., 13th VT INF, 1908, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Andrews, Martin, 17th VT INF, 07/27/1864, va-unknown

Andrews, Norman, 16th NY CAV, 04/26/1915, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Andrews, Salmon F., 17th VT INF, 07/14/1919, vt-richmond-riverview

Andrews, Samuel W., 2nd VT LARTY, After 04/23/1870, vt-montpelier-cutler

Andrews, Sumner A., 13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 06/16/1905, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Andrews, Titus Z., 15th MI INF, Aft 1920, wa-orting-soldiers

Andros, John C., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Andross, Charles M., 26th NY CAV, 12/11/1922, vt-topsham-west

Andross, Dudley Kimball, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/28/1910, vt-bradford-upperplain

Andross, Elbridge F., 3rd MN INF, 03/17/1891, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Andross, Leonard A., 12th VT INF, 10/19/1900, oh-dayton-national

Andross, Noble, 8th VT INF, 10/07/1890, vt-bradford-upperplain

Andrus, Edward G., 12th MA INF, 03/04/1897, ma-weymouth-fairmount

Andrus, Eleazer P., 15th NH INF, 12/16/1904, nh-piermont-cedargrove

Andrus, John, 1st VT LARTY, After 02/29/1888, un-unknown

Andrus, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 09/20/1910, vt-castleton-hillside

Andrus, Lewis C., 1st VT CAV, 2nd VT LARTY, 11/09/1912, ny-mexico-village

Andrus, Mark L., 11th VT INF, 7/1/1907, vt-wolcott-davenport

Andrus, Orrin R., 12th VT INF, 05/13/1899, vt-wolcott-davenport

Angell, Alpheus O., 6th MN INF, 04/16/1893, mn-brooklyn-crystal

Angell, Chauncey L., 16th VT INF, 09/04/1863, vt-barnard-village

Angell, Franklin D., 11th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 08/13/1895, vt-barnard-village

Angell, Nehemiah L., USN, USA, 01/25/1892, ri-unknown

Angell, Rufus M., 9th VT INF, 02/01/1892, vt-randolph-southview

Angell, Sylvester, 7th VT INF, 07/29/1924, nh-hillsborough-mapleave

Angier, Jacob B., 2nd VT INF, 02/01/1871, vt-sutton-village

Angier, Thaddeus R., 9th NH INF, 06/23/1881, vt-weathersfield-ascutneyville

Angus, Felix, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Annis, Aaron Hunt, 18th WI INF, 02/25/1887, ks-lebo-lincoln

Annis, Benjamin B., 11th WI INF, 04/15/1917, wi-necedah-bayview

Annis, George H., 15th VT INF, 09/04/1932, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Annis, Josiah W., 15th VT INF, 1899, nh-colebrook-titus

Annis, Levi, 1st WI INF, 14th WI INF, 16th WI INF, 32nd WI INF, 02/04/1929, wi-merrill-merrill

Annis, Nathaniel Edwin, 8th VT INF, 12/15/1882, ma-saugus-riverside

Annis, Richard Stephen, 11th MN INF, 03/18/1910, mn-mapleton-chase

Annis, Salmon Pulsifer, 11th VT INF, VRC, 09/01/1876, wi-richland-center

Annis, William, 11th WI INF, Unknown, mn-chatfield-chatfield

Annis, William Hunt N., 3rd VT INF, 10/11/1919, il-quincy-sunset

Annis, William Kimball, 15th VT INF, 06/02/1919, vt-albany-village

Anroka, Charles, USN, 10/13/1866, un-unknown

Ansell, George, 3rd VT INF, 30th PA INF, Before 08/02/1887, un-unknown

Anson, Charles Henry, 11th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 02/15/1928, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Anson, Frank A., 11th VT INF, 12/12/1909, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Anson, George D., 1st VT CAV, 1902, ny-essex-briarhill

Anstey, George R., 4th NY HARTY, 03/27/1909, ca-losangeles-national

Anthony, Fabian, 1st NY HARTY, 1/29/1911, vt-rutland-calvary

Anthony, Francis H., 54th MA INF, After 09/29/1886, ny-saratoga-greenridge

Anthony, Henry G., 6th VT INF, 1912, vt-pittsfield-village

Anthony, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Anton, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Appel, Conrad, 10th VT INF, after 1908, co-unknown

Applebee, Cephas, 11th VT INF, 08/30/1910, nj-vineland-siloam

Applebee, Charles R., 11th VT INF, 1877, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Appleby, Edward, 12th MA INF, VRC, 11/17/1909, ri-unknown

Appleton, Edward W., 2nd VT INF, 07/12/1908, oh-unknown

Appleton, Giles F., 10th VT INF, 04/12/1899, ks-williamsburg-mthope

Arbitraca, Giovanni, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Arbuckle, Hyman, 9th NY CAV, 08/28/1894, vt-middlesex-northbr

Archambault, Oliver T., 7th VT INF, 08/19/1862, la-chalmette-national

Archer, Abner P., 16th VT INF, 01/06/1897, vt-cavendish-hillcrest

Archer, Albert N., 8th VT INF, 04/07/1865, va-alexandria-national

Archer, Albertus I., 7th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 03/28/1906, vt-windsor-ascutney

Archer, Alfred, 9th VT INF, 10/24/1921, vt-chester-pleasantview

Archer, Bezaleel F., 3rd VT INF, 04/06/1892, wi-menomonie-evergreen

Archer, Charles, 17th VT INF, 08/02/1864, va-citypoint-national

Archer, Coit N., 44th WI INF, 06/25/1908, mn-brainerd-evergreen

Archer, Foster E., 2nd VT INF, 1st USSS, 03/11/1927, vt-rutland-evergreen

Archer, Franklin L., 16th VT INF, 12/12/1901, vt-randolph-southview

Archer, George C., 96th NY INF, 10/17/1918, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Archer, Jacob S., 3rd VT INF, 03/26/1863, nh-orford-village

Archer, Josiah L., 9th NH INF, 08/28/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Archer, Lawson E., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 09/22/1910, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Archer, Lucian J., 14th VT INF, 01/04/1916, vt-danby-cook

Archer, Nathan H., 4th VT INF, 03/07/1925, ia-marshalltown-vets

Archer, Norman, 6th VT INF, VRC, 11/02/1866, vt-plymouth-tyson

Archer, Richard C., 14th VT INF, 07/14/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Archibald, Henry, 12th VT INF, 04/19/1903, oh-unknown

Argy, William L., 6th VT INF, 09/12/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Argy, William Philip, 6th VT INF, 09/11/1911, ny-unknown

Arial, John N., USN, 12/29/1916, vt-salisbury-village

Arling, Solomon S., 8th VT INF, 07/23/1863, la-unknown

Armel, Frank, 14th VT INF, Before 07/05/1873, vt-charlotte-grandview

Armington, Alonzo C., 3rd VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Armington, Charles, 6th VT INF, 06/20/1898, vt-duxbury-south

Armington, Samuel W., 15th MA INF, 03/11/1913, ma-holden-grove

Arms, Austin Davis, USA, 09/19/1896, vt-montpelier-cutler

Arms, Charles Carroll, 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 1931, fl-ocala-greenwood

Arms, Ebenezer B., Recruit, 10/28/1862, vt-springfield-summerhill

Arms, Edwin Herbert, 4th VT INF, 1926, on-toronto-mtpleasant

Arms, Robert Bruce, 16th VT INF, 03/05/1901, vt-burlington-lakeview

Armstrong, Alpheua, 14th NH INF, Unknown, nh-hinsdale-oaklawn

Armstrong, Alpheus, 14th NH INF, 09/22/1864, dc-unknown

Armstrong, Alva David, 13th MI INF, 07/21/1884, ia-shenandoah-rosehill

Armstrong, Edward, 193rd NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Armstrong, Edward H., 11th VT INF, 06/23/1914, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Armstrong, Ethan Allen, 1st VT CAV, 12/25/1873, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Armstrong, Foster, 12th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Armstrong, James, 17th VT INF, 08/07/1914, vt-glover-westlook

Armstrong, John, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Armstrong, John, 1st VT CAV, 01/29/1864, vt-berkshire-episcopal

Armstrong, John, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Armstrong, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 03/04/1903, nh-stratford-center

Armstrong, Martin V. B., 14th VT INF, 02/24/1917, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Armstrong, Thomas, 1st VT LARTY, 1865, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Armstrong, William, 4th VT INF, 09/09/1912, vt-holland-meadhill

Arno, Joseph, 7th VT INF, 01/25/1865, la-chalmette-national

Arnold, Alvin, 16th NY INF, After 1891, vt-rutland-evergreen

Arnold, Benjamin, 32nd MA INF, 06/01/1913, vt-richford-hillside

Arnold, Benjamin F., 8th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 12/30/1864, nc-salisbury-national

Arnold, Charles W., 123rd NY INF, Before 4/28/1915, wa-seattle-lakeview

Arnold, George A., 2nd VT INF, 06/02/1919, tn-memphis-national

Arnold, George S., 7th IA INF, 09/06/1861, mo-unknown

Arnold, Jacob, 5th VT INF, 06/27/1922, pq-roberval-sthedwidge

Arnold, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 06/22/1864, va-arlington-national

Arnold, Lyman, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Arnold, Lyndon C., 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 45th MA INF, 06/24/1924, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Arnold, Nelson L., 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 06/19/1864, va-unknown

Arnold, Norman H., 118th NY INF , 05/09/1903, ne-glenwood-glenwood

Arnold, Robert, 9th VT INF, 09/24/1906, nh-haverhill-east

Arnold, Samuel B., 13th MA INF, 06/28/1926, vt-mtholly-hortonville

Arnold, Samuel D., 16th VT INF, 01/10/191, mo-belnor-valhalla

Arrell, Ami, 9th VT INF, 10/23/1918, vt-unknown

Arsino, Jerry, 6th VT INF, 03/08/1897, vt-swanton-churchst

Arsino, Philip D., 10th VT INF, 1st MA HARTY, 06/23/1864, vt-stalbans-bay

Arsino, Philip D., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, after 1870 - before 01/05/1899, vt-unknown

Arthur, Charles, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Arthur, Chester Alan, NY State, 11/18/1886, ny-menands-albanyrural

Arthur, Elliott J., USN, 01/26/1886, vt-burlington-lakeview

Arthur, John, 15th VT INF, 10/05/1922, vt-glover-westlook

Arthur, William, 4th NY HARTY, US ARMY, 02/27/1915, ma-jamaica-foresthills

Aseltine, Charles W., 28th MA INF, 12/16/1866, vt-alburgh-center

Aseltyne, Alanson M., 10th VT INF, 09/1908, vt-westfield-association

Aseltyne, John M., 10th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Aseltyne, Merritt B., 10th VT INF, 12/27/1863, va-alexandria-national

Ash, Antoine, 2nd VT INF, 07/13/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Ash, Benjamin Jr., 11th VT INF, 09/29/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Ash, David, 9th VT INF, 02/15/1913, vt-sutton-village

Ash, Francis P., 9th VT INF, 08/18/1919, vt-randolph-southview

Ash, Lewis, 7th NH INF, 01/22/1890, vt-islandpond-oldcath

Ash, Samuel B., 9th VT INF, After 1890, vt-unknown

Ash, William H., 3rd VT INF, 12/01/1895, vt-peacham-corner

Ashey, John, 13th VT INF, 14th NH INF, 09/24/1886, vt-wrj-oldcatholic

Ashley, Charles R., 16th VT INF, 05/12/1883, vt-woodstock-riverst

Ashley, Elburtus Marshall, 31st IA INF, 12/15/1893, ks-sabetha-sabetha

Ashley, Eli, 9th VT INF, 06/11/1909, vt-essex-common

Ashley, Jerry, 9th VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Ashley, Joseph, 16th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Ashley, Joseph, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/17/1900, ma-townsend-hillside

Ashley, Lucian, 10th IL CAV, 07/29/1863, vt-barnard-ellisashley

Ashley, Lucius Foster, 1st MI ENG & MECHS, 07/06/1921, ca-sacramento-city

Ashley, Martin V. B., 153rd NY INF, 12/20/1930, vt-castleton-hillside

Ashley, Norris Jr., 20th IL INF, 12/25/1864, vt-barnard-ellisashley

Ashline, James, 11th VT INF, Before 8/6/1890, ny-unknown

Ashline, John J., 11th VT INF, 06/06/1935, ok-lawton-highland

Ashline, Solomon, 118th NY INF, 07/26/1913, vt-orwell-mtview

Ashton, Daniel, 39th IL INF, 07/11/1918, ks-nickerson-wildmead

Ashwell, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 03/26/1923, vt-westminster-new

Ashworth, George, 154th NY INF , 02/26/1864, va-richmond-national

Askert, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Atcherson, Charles E., 3rd VT INF, 01/26/1908, id-boise-pioneer

Atcherson, Joseph Warren, 6th MN INF, 06/28/1930, mn-medo-central

Atchinson, Albert B., 13th VT INF, 12/17/1930, ct-woodstock-bungay

Atchinson, Bliss A., 1st VT CAV, 01/26/1905, me-togus-national

Atchinson, J. Blinn, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 04/25/1875, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Atherton, A. M., 2nd MN CAV, 09/28/1898, co-montevista-homelake

Atherton, Asa C., 13th VT INF, 09/12/1885, vt-waterbury-village

Atherton, Austin, 1st MN CAV, After 08/02/1890, un-unknown

Atherton, Charles W., 13th VT INF, 12/10/1889, vt-underhill-flats

Atherton, David B., 65th NY INF, 04/14/1906, vt-readsboro-village

Atherton, Elinus L., 1st VT LARTY, 07/26/1862, la-chalmette-national

Atherton, Eliza N., 6th IL CAV, 01/16/1906, il-unknown

Atherton, Francis M., 2nd VT INF, 12/28/1946, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Atherton, Frank H., 17th VT INF, 11/28/1900, vt-waterbury-village

Atherton, Frederick F., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Atherton, Galen W., 9th VT INF, 11/18/1926, nh-marlborough-pinegrove

Atherton, George F., 17th VT INF, 06/25/1909, vt-essex-mtview

Atherton, Henry Brydge, 4th VT INF, 02/06/1906, nh-nashua-edgewood

Atherton, John, 8th VT INF, 02/18/1909, vt-whitingham-green

Atherton, John B., 17th VT INF, 03/11/1888, vt-waitsfield-village

Atherton, Lorenzo D., 1st VT CAV, 09/27/1900, vt-pownal-towsley

Atherton, Omri S., 17th VT INF, 11/06/1864, vt-montpelier-elmst

Atherton, Sanford Adolph, 2nd NH INF, 04/11/1900, ia-dubuque-linwood

Atherton, Stephen, USN, 01/20/1912, pa-centerville-sunnyside

Atkins, Almon, 9th VT INF, 09/02/1862, un-unknown

Atkins, Alson D., 9th VT INF, 10/29/1909, vt-bristol-greenwood

Atkins, Burton, 5th ME INF, unknown, un-unknown

Atkins, David, 3rd VT INF, 10/01/1862, un-unknown

Atkins, David W., 5th MN INF, After 11/14/1862, un-unknown

Atkins, Edwin G., 13th VT INF, 05/10/1926, vt-duxbury-south

Atkins, Enos H., 9th VT INF, VRC, after 1865, vt-unknown

Atkins, George A., 9th VT INF, 04/05/1910, vt-lincoln-maple

Atkins, Henry A., 15th VT INF, 1910, sd-watertown-mthope

Atkins, Hial, 13th VT INF, 11/03/1905, vt-stowe-riverbank

Atkins, M. Franklin, 2nd VT INF, 13th VT INF, 03/09/1868, vt-duxbury-corners

Atkins, William H. G., 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Atkins, William Prentis, 183rd NY INF, 188th NY INF, 10/03/1900, ny-fentonville-fentonville

Atkins, William W., 4th MA HARTY, 10/09/1918, vt-waterbury-village

Atkinson, William H., 12th VT INF, 04/24/1922, vt-newbury-oxbow

Attridge, Nathaniel, 2nd VT INF, 06/20/1887, vt-randolph-center

Atwater, Alfred, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 11/26/1920, vt-wells-town

Atwater, Alonzo, 10th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 07/10/1923, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Atwater, Edgar Warren, US Military Telegraph Corps, 1st NY MILITIA, 05/23/1905, vt-burlington-elmwood

Atwater, Frederick A., 42nd IL INF, before 03/24/1906, ca-unknown

Atwater, Henry Harrison, US Military Telegraph Corps, 03/27/1921, nj-montclair-mthebron

Atwater, Lucius Augustus, 50th NY ENG, 09/26/1876, ca-unknown

Atwell, Frank B., 7th VT INF, 03/26/1888, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Atwell, Joseph D., USV, before 4/19/1907, ny-unknown

Atwell, Marshall Burton, 2nd VT INF, 06/11/1932, ca-unknown

Atwell, Robert H., 2nd KS CAV, After 11/21/1873 - Before 09/18/1895, un-unknown

Atwood, Albert P., 14th VT INF, 11/06/1914, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Atwood, Alfred, 2nd NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Atwood, Alfred A., 2nd VT LARTY, 03/04/1912, vt-brandon-pinehill

Atwood, Augustus Adelbert, 2nd VT INF, 06/18/1867, vt-sharon-pinehill

Atwood, Benjamin D., 3rd VT INF, 03/29/1920, mi-long-rapids

Atwood, Chester L., 83rd IL INF, 10/23/1862, tn-ftdonelson-national

Atwood, Cournel Buel, 86th IL INF, 01/12/1905, ks-parkcity-kechi

Atwood, Darwin F., 1st WI HARTY, 11/17/1891, wi-unknown

Atwood, Eben, 142nd NY INF, 05/16/1864, va-unknown

Atwood, Edward, 2nd USSS, 11/05/1883, vt-pittsfield-village

Atwood, Elijah, 18th PA INF, 3rd NY INF, 04/23/1898, in-gascity-riverside

Atwood, Erasto F., 16th VT INF, 04/26/1895, vt-woodstock-highland

Atwood, George Albert, 12th VT INF, 05/02/1911, mo-springfield-maplepark

Atwood, George H., 2nd VT INF, 06/07/1909, vt-lincoln-maple

Atwood, Hammond Benjamin, 26th NY CAV, 06/01/1926, mn-anoka-foresthill

Atwood, Harvey A., 6th VT INF, VRC, Before 1890, vt-lincoln-lee

Atwood, Henry C., 5th VT INF, 08/09/1876, vt-castleton-hillside

Atwood, Henry L., 4th VT INF, 1/27/1915, ca-sanbernardino-mtnview

Atwood, Horace G., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/27/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Atwood, Irving H., 8th VT INF, 08/12/1864, la-chalmette-national

Atwood, James M., 14th VT INF, unknown, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Atwood, John B., 10th VT INF, 02/28/1909, vt-chelsea-highland

Atwood, Lorenzo, 7th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 05/14/1915, vt-burlington-lakeview

Atwood, Lorenzo D., 43rd WI INF, 02/19/1899, ny-hopkinton-fortjackson

Atwood, Lorenzo M., 6th VT INF, VRC, 05/10/1898, vt-bethel-lympus

Atwood, Lyman, 2nd MA ARTY, 1887, vt-randolph-southview

Atwood, Marcus, 10th VT INF, 11/27/1863, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Atwood, Martin S., 4th VT INF, VRC, 03/04/1923, vt-dover-westvillage

Atwood, Martin V. B., 108th IL INF, 12/16/1908, il-elliott-waggoner

Atwood, Nelson H., 6th VT INF, 05/23/1865, vt-woodstock-riverst

Atwood, Norman, 5th VT INF, 04/05/1909, vt-lincoln-maple

Atwood, Oliver Augustus, 16th VT INF, 02/23/1923, vt-royalton-north

Atwood, Oliver W., 3rd VT LARTY,130th NY INF, 1st NY DRAGOONS, 33rd NY LARTY, 05/01/1906, ny-chatham-rural

Atwood, Orlando F., 14th VT INF, 08/20/1902, vt-shoreham-east

Atwood, Parker J., 26th NY CAV, unknown, vt-barnard-south

Atwood, Royal E., 6th WI INF, 02/19/1918, vt-sudbury-willowbrook

Atwood, Samuel Adams, 4th VT INF, 03/13/1909, ma-easton-village

Atwood, Samuel P., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Atwood, Samuel Perrin, 137th OH INF, 1908, oh-milford-greenlawn

Atwood, Stephen Andrew, 47th IL INF, 01/05/1892, ks-hutchinson-eastside

Atwood, William Doe, 8th VT INF, 07/20/1894, wi-wood-national

Atwood, William P., 12th VT INF, 08/07/1914, ny-unknown

Aubery, Harvey F., 2nd VT INF, 07/26/1861, un-unknown

Aubery, James Madison, 36th WI INF, 12/13/1926, ca-losangeles-angelus

Aubery, William H., 2nd VT INF, 05/24/1867, vt-burlington-greenmt

Aubrey, Cornelius E., 2nd VT INF, 05/28/1910, ny-unknown

Aubrey, Rufus, USN, after 1891, vt-unknown

Audette, Eusebe, 11th VT INF, 11/22/1906, ct-norwich-sacredheart

Audette, George W., 1st VT INF, After 04/02/1890, pq-glensutton-brock

Auger, Alfred Edward, 96th NY INF, 06/03/1927, ma-worcester-hope

Auld, Robert, 100th NY INF, 9th NY CAV, After 05/22/1863, un-unknown

Austiguy, Wilfred, 12th VT INF, After 08/22/1891, un-unknown

Austin, Abraham, 9th VT INF, 04/20/1865, va-hampton-national

Austin, Addison A., 26th NY CAV, 08/26/1908, vt-townshend-oakwood

Austin, Adoniram N., 5th VT INF, USV, 05/10/1886, vt-burlington-greenmt

Austin, Albert, 6th VT INF, 12/11/1861, va-arlington-national

Austin, Almond L., 1st MN CAV, before 01/18/1887, mn-unknown

Austin, Alonzo, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Austin, Alonzo, 7th OH INF, 11/18/1908, oh-beachwood-beachwood

Austin, Alonzo G., 2nd VT INF, 8th VT INF, 02/14/1932, vt-troy-north

Austin, Alpha Miller, 10th VT INF, 08/18/1863, va-arlington-national

Austin, Amariah Chandler, 6th KS INF, 04/03/1899, vt-orleans-pleasantview

Austin, Anthony, 14th VT INF, 05/01/1907, vt-rutland-stjoseph

Austin, Arthur A., 15th NH INF, 02/19/1909, nh-canaan-west

Austin, Benjamin, 7th VT INF, 09/05/1909, mi-quincy-lakeview

Austin, Burr John, 3rd VT INF, 02/24/1904, ny-fredonia-foresthill

Austin, Charles Henry, 12th VT INF, 05/22/1920, mt-houndcreek-chesnut

Austin, Daniel A., 7th VT INF, after 1885, wi-unknown

Austin, Edward, 12th VT INF, 03/15/1863, vt-georgia-hope

Austin, Edwin E., 13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 02/28/1912, id-boise-morrishill

Austin, Elias E., 6th VT INF, 01/26/1923, ca-coulterville-public

Austin, Erastus S., 4th VT INF, 05/11/1865, vt-rochester-oldvillage

Austin, Francis, 11th VT INF, 05/20/1905, vt-shoreham-lakeview

Austin, Frank A., 10th VT INF, 08/05/1923, tx-marshall-greenwood

Austin, Franklin L., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 10/28/1895, vt-colchester-merrill

Austin, George, 11th VT INF, 1878, vt-milton-village

Austin, George, 6th VT INF, 03/21/1900, vt-williston-morse

Austin, George A., 1st VT CAV, 10/08/1914, nh-piermont-cedargrove

Austin, George A., 3rd VT LARTY, After 11/22/1910, un-unknown

Austin, George E., 8th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Austin, George E., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 09/20/1908, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Austin, George H., 8th VT INF, 10/20/1917, al-montgomery-stmargarets

Austin, George M. D., 10th VT INF, 01/18/1898, vt-highgate-east

Austin, George W., 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1908, vt-burlington-greenmt

Austin, Gilman Barnes, US Navy, 01/11/1898, wi-janesville-bethel

Austin, Harvey K., 2nd VT INF, 10/21/1915, fl-zephyrhills-oakside

Austin, Heman, 1st VT INF, 2nd USSS, VRC, 02/12/1899, vt-essex-village

Austin, Henry Richard, 13th VT INF, 01/25/1908, or-forestgrove-forestview

Austin, Horace R., 14th VT INF, 193rd NY INF, 06/23/1901, wi-amery-amery

Austin, Ira B., 9th VT INF, before 05/11/1907, ny-unknown

Austin, James N., 176th NY INF , 09/21/1863, la-chalmette-national

Austin, James P., 2nd VT INF, 10/04/1863, vt-hartland-plains

Austin, Jeremiah Corliss, 31st IA INF, Before 07/14/1902, ia-marion-oakshade

Austin, John, 9th VT INF, 11/01/1936, vt-pittsfield-village

Austin, John F., 7th VT INF, 04/02/1876, vt-rutland-westst

Austin, Joseph John, 12th VT INF, 05/23/1885, wi-durand-foresthill

Austin, Julius Raymond, 1st VT CAV, 08/09/1920, ny-northcreek-union

Austin, Julius T., 9th VT INF, 01/13/1912, vt-barre-hope

Austin, L. D., 4th MI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Austin, Lewis A., 2nd VT LARTY, 07/10/1902, vt-bennington-village

Austin, Orange J., 8th MN INF, 11/06/1910, wa-seattle-lakeview

Austin, Orlo Henry, 11th VT INF, 09/15/1893, vt-orleans-pleasantview

Austin, Reuben, 6th VT INF, 08/02/1862, va-unknown

Austin, Riley C., 8th VT INF, 09/22/1864, va-unknown

Austin, Royal Melvin, 4th VT INF, 01/13/1922, vt-townshend-oakwood

Austin, Samuel, 13th VT INF, 09/15/1884, vt-randolph-east

Austin, Sidney O., 4th VT INF, 01/17/1862, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Austin, Steven L., 147th IL INF, 08/23/1904, ia-osage-osage

Austin, Truman M., 8th VT INF, 02/01/1871, vt-rochester-oldvillage

Austin, Willard M., 13th VT INF, 09/13/1913, vt-calais-fairview

Austin, William, 5th VT INF, 02/06/1907, vt-bennington-vetshome

Austin, William H., 2nd VT INF, 6th VT INF, 5th NY CAV, After 11/30/1885, un-unknown

Austin, William H., 7th VT INF, 10/25/1862, la-chalmette-national

Austin, William H., 6th NY CAV, 07/08/1916, ny-fayetteville-fayetteville

Austin, William Henry, 11th PA INF, 1898, ny-cutting-cutting

Austin, William W., 5th VT INF, 11/14/1926, vt-unknown

Austin, Willis, 24th US INF, unknown, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Austine, William, USA, 09/04/1904, ct-hartford-cedarhill

Averill, Charles, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Averill, Charles Seneca, 1st IA CAV, 05/19/1923, ia-cedarrapids-oakhill

Averill, David M., 23rd MI INF, 11/30/1864, vt-barre-elmwood

Averill, Franklin, 9th VT INF, 07/25/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Averill, George E., 12th VT INF, 03/24/1895, wi-wood-national

Averill, Henry L., 1st VT CAV, 03/21/1910, nh-piermont-cedargrove

Averill, James W., 8th VT INF, 04/12/1921, mi-otisville-smithhill

Averill, John W., 8th VT INF, 04/05/1919, vt-barre-elmwood

Averill, Joseph E., 6th VT INF, 06/06/1864, va-arlington-national

Averill, Obed, 7th MN INF, 01/29/1911, mn-winona-woodlawn

Averill, Philetus, 2nd USSS, 10/21/1898, ct-winsted-forestview

Averill, Rufus, 15th VT INF, 04/08/1911, ks-hays-mountallen

Avery, Abner S., 12th VT INF, 3rd RI CAV, 04/22/1923, vt-unknown

Avery, Albert S., 15th VT INF, 01/26/1929, ca-pomona-pomona

Avery, Alfred C., 9th VT INF, 10/27/1864, va-citypoint-national

Avery, Amplius Blake, 23rd WI INF, 11/01/1902, wi-prairiedusac-prairiedusac

Avery, Charles M., USN, 16th NH INF, 01/23/1920, vt-corinth-corners

Avery, Charles N., 3rd MA INF, 3rd USA?, 117th US CINF, after 1890, oh-unknown

Avery, Cortic H., 9th VT INF, 02/03/1912, vt-corinth-corners

Avery, Frederick B., 3rd VT INF, 03/13/1865, ga-andersonville-national

Avery, George S., 9th VT INF, 11/25/1867, vt-corinth-meadow

Avery, George W., 8th VT INF, 06/28/1862, la-unknown

Avery, Gideon H., 9th VT INF, USA, 10/26/1919, vt-tunbridge-village

Avery, Henry, 11th KS CAV, 1916, ks-wakefield-highland

Avery, Hiram, 26th NY CAV, after 1920, ia-unknown

Avery, John, 3rd NY LARTY, 24th NY LARTY, 09/29/1932, ia-chariton-chariton

Avery, John H., 9th VT INF, 02/13/1917, nh-meredith-plymouthst

Avery, John W., 9th VT INF, 05/14/1895, vt-strafford-evergreen

Avery, Lorenzo B., 3rd VT LARTY, 04/08/1876, vt-strafford-evergreen

Avery, Matthew Henry, 10th NY CAV, 1st NY PROV CAV, USV, 09/01/1881, ny-syracuse-oakwood

Avery, Nathan Ayers, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 03/23/1863, ma-wakefield-lakeside

Avery, Park, 12th VT INF, 03/17/1905, ks-claycenter-greenwood

Avery, Peter, 10th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-unknown

Avery, Samuel S., 7th VT INF, 10/19/1862, la-chalmette-national

Avery, Seymour, 1st VT CAV, 11/21/1923, vt-fairfield-herrick

Avery, Sylvester H., 8th VT INF, 06/03/1863, la-unknown

Avery, William H., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Avery, William H., 153rd NY INF , 10/12/1862, vt-islelamotte-north

Avery, William H. H., 113th OH INF, 7th USCI, 05/21/1917, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Axtell, F. Channing, 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Axtell, Loren S., 9th VT INF, 12/17/1926, vt-windham-center

Axtell, Lorenzo D., 10th VT INF, 07/10/1864, va-hampton-national

Axtell, Richmond, 17th VT INF, 10/31/1915, nh-bristol-homeland

Axtell, William H., 10th VT INF, before 02/24/1894, ny-unknown

Ayer, Albert J., 10th VT INF, 09/16/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Ayer, Dana C., 6th VT INF, VRC, 01/01/1866, vt-goshen-goshen

Ayer, Don Carlos, 11th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 01/28/1917, wa-wallawalla-mtnview

Ayer, Frederick, 2nd IA CAV, 05/09/1862, ia-waterloo-waterloo

Ayer, Henry M., 15th VT INF, 05/12/1899, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Ayer, James McMillan, 15th VT INF, 08/22/1892, vt-danville-green

Ayer, Loren, 6th VT INF, 10/16/1913, vt-burke-woodmont

Ayer, Orange S., 1st VT CAV, 11/30/1864, sc-florence-national

Ayer, Reuben W., 15th VT INF, 01/12/1913, pq-unknown

Ayer, William L., 15th VT INF, 01/04/1863, va-arlington-national

Ayers, Albert D., 24th NY CAV, 12/16/1888, mi-bigrapids-highland

Ayers, Albert R., 16th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 03/02/1911, ct-meriden-walnutgrove

Ayers, Alfred Y., 10th VT INF, 06/21/1864, sc-florence-national

Ayers, Andrew J., USN, 12/10/1893, ma-unknown

Ayers, Branch Flagg, 21st MA INF, 03/12/1917, ma-worcester-hope

Ayers, Charles M., Unknown, 02/03/1918, vt-berlin-riverton

Ayers, Danforth, 5th VT INF, 01/07/1921, wi-milton-milton

Ayers, Edwin, 7th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/31/1917, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Ayers, Elisha, 9th NH INF, 05/16/1899, nh-keene-woodland

Ayers, Ezra, 5th VT INF, unknown, vt-goshen-goshen

Ayers, Franklin G., 12th VT INF, 01/29/1910, in-laporte-pinelake

Ayers, George, 9th VT INF, VRC, 05/25/1900, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Ayers, George A., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Ayers, Hiram, 5th VT INF, 1883, ny-duane-hoose

Ayers, Hiram D., 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, vt-goshen-goshen

Ayers, Jerome, 10th VT INF, 06/04/1928, vt-waterbury-old

Ayers, John, 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 1920, ma-unknown

Ayers, John, 12th VT INF, 03/17/1916, vt-brandon-pinehill

Ayers, John H., 2nd USSS, 10/03/1862, vt-grafton-village

Ayers, Jonathan, 5th VT INF, VRC, 01/20/1887, vt-vergennes-old

Ayers, Joseph, 10th VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-unknown

Ayers, Joseph, 13th VT INF, 01/27/1863, un-unknown

Ayers, Orris J., 10th US INF, 08/14/1910, vt-waterbury-old

Ayers, Sanford, 2nd VT INF, 01/25/1862, vt-vergennes-old

Ayers, Wilmoth, 11th VT INF, 11/01/1864, sc-florence-national

Aylesworth, Frank Perry, 5th VT INF, 10/08/1892, vt-arlington-evergreen

Aylward, James, 17th VT INF, 03/12/1865, va-unknown

Babb, Richard, 8th VT INF, 07/11/1873, ma-methuen-walnutgrove

Babb, Richard F., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Babbitt, Amos Wooster, 96th NY INF, 07/03/1919, vt-brandon-pinehill

Babbitt, Cyrus R., 39th IA INF, 10/16/1917, ca-losangeles-national

Babbitt, Elbridge Harris, 1st NC INF, 17th US INF, 01/24/1920, va-arlington-national

Babbitt, James E., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Babbitt, John H., 96th NY INF , 08/23/1915, ca-unknown

Babbitt, Oscar L., 5th VT INF, 08/15/1894, vt-castleton-hillside

Babbitt, Putnam Pope, 11th NY CAV, 1888, vt-danville-green

Babbitt, Robert Augustus, 8th CT INF, 1st NC INF, 10/18/1864, vt-randolph-southview

Babbitt, William L., NH LARTY, 08/29/1862, vt-castleton-oldchurch

Babbitt, William S., 20th IN INF, 02/20/1897, in-crownpoint-maplewood

Babcock, Abel A., 2nd VT LARTY, 02/26/1866, vt-bennington-whitechapel

Babcock, Adelbert, 121st NY INF , 05/03/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Babcock, Alden G., 14th VT INF, 08/14/1863, vt-lincoln-lee

Babcock, Alvin Roy, 1st USSS, 07/01/1864, pa-york-prospecthill

Babcock, Amos Rice, 2nd MA HARTY, 11/27/1931, ma-medway-evergreen

Babcock, David C., 6th VT INF, 05/10/1864, va-unknown

Babcock, Elias Jackson, 1st IA CAV, 05/02/1909, co-denver-fairmount

Babcock, Frelon J., 3rd VT INF, 41st USCI, 11/02/1891, or-salem-pioneer

Babcock, George C., 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-poultney-ward

Babcock, George W., 8th IA INF, 07/22/1893, ks-dodge-vets

Babcock, James M., 1st MN INF, after 1885, mn-unknown

Babcock, James Martin, 11th VT INF, 12/14/1907, ma-gardner-greenbower

Babcock, James Palmer, 10th VT INF, unknown, vt-bennington-village

Babcock, James S., 12th VT INF, 02/23/1906, vt-burlington-lakeview

Babcock, Jonathan, 8th VT INF, 10/27/1905, vt-stratton-ball

Babcock, Lyman A., 10th WI INF, 12/17/1915, ks-leavenworth-national

Babcock, Marshall S., 7th VT INF, 07/21/1862, vt-johnson-whitinghill

Babcock, Maynard, 65th NY INF , Unknown, mi-belleville-martinsville

Babcock, Nathan, 3rd MN INF, 10/04/1863, tn-memphis-national

Babcock, Orville Elias, USV, 06/02/1884, va-arlington-national

Babcock, Reuben M., 13th VT INF, 01/29/1863, vt-jericho-church

Babcock, Sanford G., 1st NY ENG, After 2/14/1889, la-unknown

Babcock, Silas Brount, USN, 06/01/1908, ca-ventura-cemeterypark

Babcock, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 11/05/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Babcock, Volney Chauncey, 13th VT INF, 05/04/1912, vt-stowe-westbranch

Babcock, William Henry, 11th VT INF, 09/16/1922, ks-hiawatha-hiawatha

Bachand, Augustus, 7th VT INF, 06/09/1913, nh-newipswich-sacredheart

Bachelder, John, 12th IL CAV, 05/26/1893, ks-leavenworth-national

Bachum, Albert, 3rd VT INF, 09/11/1903, vt-morrisville-riverside

Back, George E., 40th MA INF, 08/08/1881, ma-lakeville-richmond

Back, Henry S., MN MTD RNGRS, 06/28/1929, id-caldwell-canyon

Backum, David A., 7th VT INF, 12/10/1920, vt-lowell-mtnview

Backum, John C., 3rd VT INF, 02/22/1920, me-togus-national

Backus, Charles C., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 04/14/1874, vt-rutland-westst

Backus, Dana Converse, 1st VT INF, 05/10/1887, nh-hamburg-hillcrest

Backus, Henry Clay, 6th VT INF, 02/05/1910, vt-duxbury-south

Backus, William Enoch Jr., 13th VT INF, 12/07/1888, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Bacon, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 02/13/1918, nh-concord-maplegrove

Bacon, Charles H., 3rd CA INF, 8th CA INF, 08/04/1914, az-quartzsite-hijolly

Bacon, David F., 2nd VT INF, VRC, before 1/19/1917, ma-unknown

Bacon, Edward, 94th NY INF, 12/14/1920, vt-winooski-sfx

Bacon, Eliakim C., 15th VT INF, 10/18/1894, vt-danville-green

Bacon, Elias, 8th VT INF, 10/28/1863, la-unknown

Bacon, Eugene, 7th VT INF, 12/29/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Bacon, George W., 8th VT INF, 02/14/1892, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Bacon, George W., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, After 1890, ma-hopedale-hopedalevillage

Bacon, Harrison K., 9th VT INF, 07/22/1866, vt-dummerston-greenwood

Bacon, Hiram Jr., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-strafford-evergreen

Bacon, Horace A., 17th VT INF, 02/06/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Bacon, James T., 2nd VT INF, 11/30/1876, vt-barre-elmwood

Bacon, John, 1st VT CAV, 12/08/1864, un-unknown

Bacon, John W., 3rd VT INF, 8th VT INF, 08/09/1908, vt-williamstown-easthill

Bacon, Joseph, 12th VT INF, 06/17/1889, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Bacon, Joseph M., 7th VT INF, 09/10/1906, ia-ames-municipal

Bacon, Moses C., 10th VT INF, 09/30/1873, vt-vershire-village

Bacon, Olcott M., 9th VT INF, 08/14/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bacon, Rozeme E., 15th VT INF, 03/05/1863, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Bacon, Stillman, 24th MA INF, 01/14/1882, vt-brattleboro-retreat

Bacon, Timothy F., USN, 11/03/1898, ma-unknown

Bacon, William A., 2nd MN INF, 04/16/1884, wi-lacrosse-oakgrove

Bacon, William W., 1st VT LARTY, after 1890 - before 12/23/1892, vt-unknown

Badger, Aaron C., 15th NH INF, 06/07/1910, nh-laconia-bayside

Badger, Alphonzo H., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, unknown, vt-sharon-pinehill

Badger, Caleb, 1st MA CAV, VRC, 04/06/1869, ma-unknown

Badger, Charles F., 4th VT INF, 07/04/1909, vt-danville-green

Badger, Charles M., 11th VT INF, 02/14/1908, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Badger, Denison C., 1st VT CAV, 11/01/1864, sc-florence-national

Badger, Edwin A., 15th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 12/23/1924, nh-laconia-hillside

Badger, Elisha, 4th VT INF, 02/26/1915, oh-cleveland-lakeview

Badger, George N., 10th VT INF, 05/18/1919, vt-burlington-lakeview

Badger, George W. Jr., 16th VT INF, 10/16/1904, vt-sharon-pinehill

Badger, Horace, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Badger, Horace W., 7th NH INF, 01/22/1862, un-unknown

Badger, Ira J., 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Badger, Kneeland, 4th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-northfield-falls

Badger, Levi Franklin, 3rd VT INF, 04/02/1902, vt-danville-green

Badger, Oliver Morse, 4th VT INF, VRC, 02/17/1916, nh-enfield-oakgrove

Badger, Philip D., 2nd VT LARTY, 01/17/1891, vt-greensboro-village

Badger, Ransom, 1st VT CAV, 12/02/1920, ny-norwood-riverside

Badger, Willard, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/17/1894, me-togus-national

Badger, William, 1st VT CAV, 05/22/1902, vt-sharon-pinehill

Badger, William Clifford, 7th VT INF, 07/13/1934, ia-newton-union

Badger, William H. H., 6th VT INF, 03/15/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Badger, Zenas A., 15th VT INF, 01/09/1863, va-arlington-national

Bador, Frank T., 14th US INF, 1894, vt-stalbans-holycross

Bador, George E., 13th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bador, Victor A., US INF, 08/18/1915, vt-calais-robinson

Bagley, Adoniram J., 6th VT INF, 10/25/1862, va-hampton-national

Bagley, Alonzo, 33rd NY INF, 49th NY INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Bagley, Charles, 9th VT INF, 04/11/1864, vt-chelsea-highland

Bagley, Charles, 9th VT INF, 03/13/1863, va-hampton-national

Bagley, Cornelius, 3rd VT LARTY, unknown, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Bagley, Cyrus R., 1st VT CAV, 12th VT INF, 03/02/1911, vt-hartland-village

Bagley, Dwight, 3rd VT LARTY, 06/23/1904, ca-losangeles-national

Bagley, Elon H., 4th VT INF, 1868, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bagley, Frank M., 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 06/24/1883, nh-piermont-cedargrove

Bagley, George W., 9th VT INF, 12/29/1902, ma-holland-holland

Bagley, Henry J., 17th VT INF, 09/131921, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bagley, Hollis A., 11th VT INF, 02/26/1864, pq-leadville-leadville

Bagley, James, 6th VT INF, VRC, 12/17/1886, vt-essex-common

Bagley, John Jr, 11th VT INF, 08/08/1880, vt-albany-village

Bagley, John M., 5th IA INF, 05/19/1910, ca-losangeles-national

Bagley, John Smith, 1st RI CAV, 11/1/1913, ri-cranston-oakland

Bagley, Moses O., 3rd VT INF, 02/15/1895, vt-randolph-southview

Bagley, Olin Henry, 1st RI CAV, 03/20/1908, or-knappa-prairie

Bagley, Richard Downing, 3rd VT INF, 02/05/1931, nd-fairmount-fairmount

Bagley, Roderick, 3rd VT INF, before 1890, ma-unknown

Bagley, Walter A., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 04/10/1905, vt-warren-warren

Bagley, William, 6th VT INF, 06/18/1918, vt-topsham-west

Bagley, William H., 35th IA INF, 06/30/1909, ia-desmoines-woodland

Bagley, William H., 31st OH INF, 1/21/1903, ia-tipton-masonic

Bagley, William J. D., 12th VT INF, 1911, ct-preston-city

Bagley, William W., 12th VT INF, 03/11/1926, vt-hartland-jenneville

Bagley, Wm, 4th NY HARTY , Unknown, ny-menands-albanyrural

Bahan, George Welch, 4th VT INF, 08/28/1915, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Bahan, Patrick, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bahne, Deidrich, 8th VT INF, 10/23/1862, un-unknown

Baiard, Francis, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, Abijah, 15th VT INF, 09/26/1891, vt-craftsbury-village

Bailey, Albert L., 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, Alexander, 5th VT INF, 02/10/1921, vt-peacham-corner

Bailey, Alonzo, 21st MA INF, 02/04/1929, nh-hinsdale-pinegrove

Bailey, Alvin C., 2nd VT INF, 05/25/1908, vt-rutland-northmain

Bailey, Amos, 8th VT INF, 06/22/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bailey, Andrew A., 3rd VT INF, 04/17/1862, va-yorktown-national

Bailey, Ara/Ara A., 2nd IA INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bailey, Auburn F., 4th VT INF, 01/22/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Bailey, Augustus, 5th NH INF, 01/15/1862, va-alexandria-national

Bailey, Austin A., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, Bentley, 11th VT INF, 10/15/1864, vt-ferrisburgh-gage

Bailey, Caldwell, 8th IA INF, 12/28/1861, ia-columbus-city

Bailey, Charles F., 3rd VT INF, 06/04/1900, vt-newbury-boltonville

Bailey, Charles Francis, 6th VT INF, 05/01/1862, vt-troy-north

Bailey, Charles H., 2nd VT INF, 06/18/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Bailey, Charles Plastridge, 7th VT INF, 09/14/1911, vt-berlin-riverton

Bailey, Clinton, 11th US INF, unknown, vt-elmore-village

Bailey, Daniel C., 11th VT INF, 04/03/1866, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Bailey, Daniel W., 7th VT INF, 01/30/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Bailey, Eben Jr., 14th VT INF, 02/20/1921, ia-spencer-riverside

Bailey, Edmund, 3rd VT INF, After 12/20/1862, un-unknown

Bailey, Edward M., 13th VT INF, 05/31/1922, ma-tewksbury-tewksbury

Bailey, Elisha, 17th VT INF, 02/03/1923, ok-norman-ioof

Bailey, Elnathan, 4th VT INF, 02/04/1865, ga-andersonville-national

Bailey, Ephraim M., 36th WI INF, 10/23/1905, vt-unknown

Bailey, Erastus H., 85th NY INF, 197th NY INF, 04/12/1926, ny-peasleeville-peasleeville

Bailey, Ethan A., 1st VT CAV, 05/26/1869, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bailey, Francis, 10th VT INF, 06/06/1864, va-arlington-national

Bailey, Franklin J., 5th VT INF, 11/20/1861, va-arlington-national

Bailey, George, 10th VT INF, 07/19/1921, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Bailey, George, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, George A., 11th VT INF, 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 06/26/1867, vt-woodstock-swmethodist

Bailey, George C., 1st NH CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, George Curtis, 13th VT INF, 06/30/1918, il-rockford-greenwood

Bailey, George E., 8th VT INF, after 1895, nh-unknown

Bailey, George Edward, 5th IA INF, 50th US CINF, 03/24/1937, il-rockisland-chippiannock

Bailey, George F., 11th VT INF, 01/01/1915, nh-concord-pinegrove

Bailey, George G., 3rd VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, George G., 3rd VT INF, 09/18/1918, ma-worcester-hope

Bailey, George Hamilton, 6th VT INF, 02/22/1913, ny-moravia-indianmound

Bailey, George W., 8th VT INF, 07/22/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bailey, Gustavus, 10th VT INF, Before 06/30/1880, ny-unknown

Bailey, Harrison C., 42nd PA INF, 08/15/1919, pa-mansfield-oakwood

Bailey, Harry J., 6th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 09/07/1912, wi-wood-national

Bailey, Henry, 4th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-burke-meetinghouse

Bailey, Henry C., 5th VT INF, 05/10/1864, sc-florence-national

Bailey, Henry J., 10th VT INF, 05/21/1919, vt-lyndon-center

Bailey, Henry L., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 03/17/1868, vt-rutland-calvary

Bailey, Henry M., 27th IA INF, 04/03/1921, ia-fayette-grandview

Bailey, Henry M., 1st VT CAV, after 1913, ny-unknown

Bailey, Henry S., 15th NH INF, 10/13/1926, nh-haverhill-laddst

Bailey, Hiram, 3rd VT INF, 11/17/1896, vt-morristown-mtview

Bailey, Hiram, 2nd VT INF, 10/13/1906, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bailey, Hiram C., 2nd VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Bailey, Hiram N, 3rd VT INF, 01/08/1889, vt-unknown

Bailey, Hiram Sanford, 2nd MN INF, 6th MN INF, 04/20/1901, mn-jackson-riverside

Bailey, Hollis Hovey, 11th VT INF, 06/14/1922, ny-norwood-riverside

Bailey, Hosford H., 8th IA INF, 09/12/1913, or-portland-mausoleum

Bailey, Jacob, 10th VT INF, 03/04/1912, nh-rumney-highland

Bailey, Jacob S., 1st USSS, 05/01/1873, wi-gilmanton-gilmanton

Bailey, James, 2nd VT INF, 07/11/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bailey, James, 6th VT INF, 10/22/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Bailey, James, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, James E., USN, 05/21/1883, ny-downsville-paige

Bailey, James H., 8th VT INF, After 1910, ny-unknown

Bailey, James J., 1st USSS, 2nd USSS, unknown, un-unknown

Bailey, Jehial S. Jr., 2nd VT INF, 06/27/1912, vt-cambridge-south

Bailey, Joel C., 7th VT INF, 05/08/1928, vt-derby-center

Bailey, John, 5th VT INF, 01/29/1876, vt-chelsea-highland

Bailey, John W., 8th VT INF, 07/14/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bailey, Jonathan, 12th VT INF, 01/01/1921, ma-unknown

Bailey, Jonathan E., 8th IA INF, 4/29/1911, mo-eldridge-rogers

Bailey, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 04/04/1865, va-arlington-national

Bailey, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 10/01/1914, nh-franklin-franklin

Bailey, Joseph S., 8th VT INF, 09/11/1900, vt-troy-north

Bailey, Joseph W., 1st VT CAV, 11/21/1880, vt-royalton-north

Bailey, Joshua Merrill, 13th VT INF, 08/05/1874, vt-craftsbury-east

Bailey, Josiah L., 16th NH INF, 06/07/1863, vt-bradford-upperplain

Bailey, Leonard H., 16th VT INF, 02/22/1910, vt-weathersfield-ascutneyville

Bailey, Lorenzo, 16th NY HARTY , 05/18/1889, ny-northcreek-union

Bailey, Lucius S., 17th VT INF, After 3/6/1907, ny-syracuse-onondaga

Bailey, Lyman P., 16th VT INF, 10/23/1918, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Bailey, Merrill, 1st USSS, 05/10/1912, vt-springfield-oakland

Bailey, Milo C., 12th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 10/07/1900, vt-newbury-townhouse

Bailey, Myron W., 3rd VT INF, 1898, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bailey, Nathaniel, 4th VT INF, 05/27/1864, md-loudonpark-national

Bailey, Otis, 4th VT INF, 5th VT INF, 03/20/1918, vt-winhall-bondville

Bailey, Philip C., 4th VT INF, 11/17/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Bailey, Rawson E., 57th MA INF, 10/24/1914, vt-troy-north

Bailey, Richard M., 9th VT INF, 07/23/1914, me-biddeford-greenwood

Bailey, Robert Nelson, 15th VT INF, 08/05/1909, vt-peacham-corner

Bailey, Robert W., 11th VT INF, Before 08/14/1865, vt-calais-fairview

Bailey, Samuel, , 03/13/1865, vt-chester-simsbury

Bailey, Samuel A., 8th VT INF, 09/23/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bailey, Samuel H., 8th VT INF, 10th US CINF, 03/13/1880, vt-townshend-oakwood

Bailey, Samuel I., 18th NH INF, 12/20/1902, vt-lemington-blodgett

Bailey, Samuel P., 1st VT CAV, 07/28/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bailey, Samuel W., 2nd VT INF, 10/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Bailey, Simon E., 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bailey, Stephen R., 16th NH INF, 08/24/1863, nh-sutton-north

Bailey, Theodore, 1st VT CAV, 11th CT INF, Before 11/23/1907, ny-rochester-riverside

Bailey, Theron L., 6th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Bailey, Theron L., 1st MA HARTY, , ia-spencer-riverside

Bailey, Thomas H., 32nd MA INF, 09/06/1862, un-unknown

Bailey, Thomas M., 4th VT INF, 01/09/1862, va-arlington-national

Bailey, Thomas Peach, 3rd VT INF, 03/17/1907, vt-newbury-oxbow

Bailey, Thomas Sheldon, 10th VT INF, 08/04/1920, mi-jackson-woodland

Bailey, Valton C., 1st VT CAV, 07/20/1910, nh-windsor-blackpond

Bailey, Walter, 1st VT CAV, 44th MA INF, 3rd US INF, After 04/05/1907, vt-unknown

Bailey, Warren D., 16th VT INF, 03/21/1894, vt-cavendish-twentymilestream

Bailey, William H., 10th VT INF, 07/02/1918, vt-berkshire-berkshire

Bailey, William H., 1st VT CAV, 04/04/1916, vt-morristown-laporte

Bailey, William Henry, 6th CT INF, 11/14/1925, vt-weathersfield-plain

Bailey, William L., 9th VT INF, 08/19/1862, un-unknown

Bailey, William W., 11th VT INF, VRC, 04/29/1901, vt-reading-felchville

Bailey, William W., 1st NH HARTY, 01/29/1928, vt-unknown

Baillet, George Washington, 37th NY INF, 09/15/1903, vt-swanton-riverside

Bain, Charles H., 2nd USSS, VRC, 01/131917, vt-middlebury-case

Bain, John, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/27/1874, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bain, John J. Jr., 2nd VT INF, 12/07/1911, va-arlington-national

Bain, William T., Bracketts MN BTLN, After 06/08/1885, un-unknown

Baine, James Wilson, 1st VT CAV, 06/22/1908, ca-smith-river

Baird, Alexander, 9th VT INF, 12/23/1916, sd-hotsprings-national

Baird, David Jr., 7th VT INF, 08/14/1895, vt-chittenden-horton

Baird, Ebenezer Josiah, 6th OH INF, 12/19/1890, mi-cheshire-baseline

Baird, Edward James, 3rd VT LARTY, before 11/28/1891, ca-ferndale-ferndale

Baird, Freeman E., 5th VT INF, 04/02/1928, vt-chittenden-horton

Baird, Henry, 22nd NY INF, 09/04/1918, vt-chittenden-horton

Baird, John, 13th VT INF, 09/19/1863, vt-waitsfield-village

Baird, John, 2nd NY VET CAV, 04/17/1901, vt-chittenden-horton

Baird, Lester L., 14th VT INF, 07/17/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Baird, Oran E., 9th VT INF, USA, unknown, un-unknown

Baird, Thomas E., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/23/1894, vt-chittenden-horton

Baird, Wolcott Jr., 9th VT INF, 06/10/1899, vt-goshen-goshen

Baisnor, Carlos, 9th VT INF, 1903, vt-hinesburg-village

Baker, Aaron Hadley, 5th VT INF, 04/03/1921, vt-dorset-maplehill

Baker, Albert A., 5th VT INF, 07/22/1862, va-unknown

Baker, Albert N., 3rd VT INF, 06/15/1862, vt-lyndon-center

Baker, Allen, 1st NY ENG, 03/30/1896, vt-readsboro-heartwellville

Baker, Alonzo, 10th VT INF, 12/15/1864, vt-springfield-summerhill

Baker, Alonzo F., 11th VT INF, 02/20/1898, vt-burlington-lakeview

Baker, Alonzo H., USN, 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-bridgewater-bakerhill

Baker, Archibald C., 4th VT INF, 06/23/1865, va-unknown

Baker, Artemas Chandler, 16th VT INF, 02/19/1895, vt-rutland-evergreen

Baker, Artemus C., 21st MA INF, 04/11/1892, vt-brandon-forestdale

Baker, Asahel, 27th MA INF, 05/18/1926, vt-bennington-parklawn

Baker, Asahel W., 153rd NY INF, 10/22/1910, vt-waterbury-village

Baker, Byron K., 11th NH INF, 05/14/1906, nh-newlondon-elkins

Baker, Charles A., 16th NH INF, 02/19/1895, vt-unknown

Baker, Charles E., 9th VT INF, 08/31/1923, ma-springfield-springfield

Baker, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 03/17/1930, vt-burlington-elmwood

Baker, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 01/19/1909, mi-grandrapids-vets

Baker, Charles S., 1st VT CAV, 04/02/1929, or-portland-rosecity

Baker, Charles W., 4th IA INF, 11/28/1863, tn-chattanooga-national

Baker, Clarence W., 13th WI INF, 22nd WI INF, 14th US CINF, 09/15/1928, tn-chattanooga-national

Baker, David G., 9th VT INF, 1919, vt-guilford-baker

Baker, Edward, 17th VT INF, After 1930, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Baker, Edward, 9th VT INF, Unknown, UN-unknown

Baker, Edward D., 11th VT INF, 08/20/1922, nh-keene-greenlawn

Baker, Edward L., 3rd MN INF, after 1880, mn-unknown

Baker, Edwin E., 3rd US CAV, 04/09/1904, co-boulder-columbia

Baker, Elias Stephan, 14th VT INF, 07/03/1916, vt-danby-baker

Baker, Elias W., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, Erastus T., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, Francis, 3rd VT INF, 06/07/1864, va-alexandria-national

Baker, Frank, 11th VT INF, After 05/10/1866, un-unknown

Baker, Frank, 5th VT INF, 03/24/1896, vt-salisbury-west

Baker, Freeman, 9th VT INF, 09/29/1864, va-ftharrison-national

Baker, Freeman, 5th NY HARTY , 04/1896, ny-gainesville-maplegrove

Baker, George, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, George A., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 10/13/1906, vt-brandon-pinehill

Baker, George Archer, 71st OH INF, 03/31/1891, wi-wood-national

Baker, George H., 1st VT CAV, before 11/16/1889, ca-unknown

Baker, George Henry, 124th IL INF, 06/28/1870, il-aurora-springlake

Baker, George S., 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, vt-danby-scottsville

Baker, George W., 6th VT INF, 10/05/1906, vt-dorset-maplehill

Baker, George W., 11th VT INF, 08/17/1925, vt-glover-westlook

Baker, Henry J., 6th VT INF, 06/06/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Baker, Henry L., 2nd VT INF, 10/30/1912, vt-bridgewater-mtpleasant

Baker, Herbert C., 9th VT INF, 01/17/1919, vt-guilford-baker

Baker, Holden D., 9th VT INF, 02/13/1932, ny-unknown

Baker, Isaac, 14th NY HARTY, 01/27/1928, vt-barre-wilson

Baker, Jefferson H., 6th VT INF, 06/06/1922, vt-unknown

Baker, Jerry, 1st MI LARTY, 06/27/1894, mi-ovid-maplegrove

Baker, Joel Clarke, 9th VT INF, 06/06/1904, vt-rutland-evergreen

Baker, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, John, 3rd VT INF, 02/07/1871, vt-newport-holebrook

Baker, John B., 16th VT INF, 03/17/1909, vt-guilford-baker

Baker, John F., 14th VT INF, 11/26/1918, vt-danby-scottsville

Baker, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 10/26/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Baker, Julius, 5th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-unknown

Baker, Lewis A., 5th VT INF, 03/03/1919, vt-leicester-brookside

Baker, Loren H., 2nd VT LARTY, 12/02/1893, vt-brandon-forestdale

Baker, Lucius J., 2nd VT LARTY, 02/25/1901, mn-unknown

Baker, Miles M., 147th NY INF , before 12/07/1907, ny-granby-lewiscorners

Baker, Mitchell, 192nd NY INF, unknown, vt-montgomery-village

Baker, Nahum C., 2nd VT INF, 1st MN INF, 12/11/1909, vt-woodstock-riverside

Baker, Nathan F., 6th VT INF, 08/20/1862, md-loudonpark-national

Baker, Nelson, 11th VT INF, 05/25/1913, vt-southhero-southhero

Baker, Norman A., 6th VT INF, 01/09/1862, va-arlington-national

Baker, Oscar F., 2nd NY VET CAV, 05/13/1925, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Baker, Oscar M., 2nd NY VET CAV, 05/13/1925, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Baker, Otis, 5th VT INF, 03/19/1901, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Baker, Perry Alverton, 1st VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/27/1872, vt-fairhaven-westst

Baker, Peter, 2nd VT LARTY, 10/14/1862, vt-brandon-maple

Baker, Peter H., 27th MA INF, 02/04/1862, vt-guilford-baker

Baker, Peter L., 33rd MA INF, 34th MA INF, 01/08/1876, vt-guilford-baker

Baker, Royal Flint, USN, 16th VT INF, 03/02/1929, or-newport-eureka

Baker, Schuyler T. Jr., 2nd VT LARTY, 03/19/1905, vt-burlington-lakeview

Baker, Silas, 8th VT INF, VRC, unknown, ny-salem-evergreen

Baker, Solomon, 9th VT INF, 06/22/1904, va-unknown

Baker, Thomas, 17th VT INF, 11/09/1922, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Baker, W. Wallace, 124th IL INF, 08/17/1871, il-aurora-springlake

Baker, Warren H., 15th VT INF, 09/01/1896, ma-unknown

Baker, Wesley F., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 11/28/1904, vt-bethel-fairview

Baker, Willard, 20th IA INF, 01/16/1922, ia-unknown

Baker, William, 9th VT INF, After 11/18/1892, un-unknown

Baker, William A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, William B., 1st WI INF, 04/28/1909, wi-wood-national

Baker, William H., 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Baker, William W., 11th US INF, Unknown, vt-fairfield-soule

Baker, Wyman, 3rd MN INF, After 1877, un-unknown

Balaw, Edward, 9th VT INF, 1924, vt-marshfield-eaton

Balaw, Simeon, 3rd VT INF, 02/23/1863, vt-peacham-corner

Balaw, William, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Balch, Alden, 15th VT INF, 02/07/1903, vt-lunenburg-baptisthill

Balch, Almon, 8th VT INF, 07/25/1926, or-silverton-miller

Balch, Charles M., 7th VT INF, 11/20/1862, la-chalmette-national

Balch, Charles N., 7th VT INF, 05/23/1865, vt-lyndon-center

Balch, Chauncey E., 1st VT LARTY, 1st US VET CORPS, 03/24/1869, vt-shaftsbury-center

Balch, Edward Ernest, 2nd VT INF, 03/16/1913, ne-omaha-prospecthill

Balch, Eliphalet E., 2nd VT INF, 12/13/1862, vt-shaftsbury-center

Balch, Enos C., 1st NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 09/07/1864, dc-unknown

Balch, Henry C., 6th VT INF, 04/07/1887, ma-leominster-evergreen

Balch, John C., 9th VT INF, 176th NY INF, 06/14/1925, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Balch, John H., 1st VT CAV, 57th NY INF, 12/04/1921, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Balch, John Jr., 4th NH INF, 03/28/1870, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Balch, Joseph A., 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 10/17/1906, ia-lakemills-salem

Balch, Lemuel I., 3rd VT INF, unknown, vt-colchester-merrill

Balch, Leonard, 7th VT INF, 07/26/1862, vt-lyndon-center

Balch, Newton A., 5th NH INF, 03/25/1915, mi-charlevoix-brookside

Balch, Samuel A., 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 02/20/1914, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Balch, William D., 7th VT INF, 10/12/1862, vt-northfield-falls

Balcom, George W., 118th NY INF, 09/19/1910, vt-rutland-evergreen

Balcom, Reuben A, 3rd NY CAV, 03/19/1929, tx-houston-forestpark

Baldwin, Absalom, 8th VT INF, 07/17/1916, me-togus-national

Baldwin, Alfred, 192nd NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Baldwin, Alfred H., 16th VT INF, 09/19/1863, vt-dover-westvillage

Baldwin, Alger J., 5th VT INF, 12/20/1925, vt-barre-elmwood

Baldwin, Alphonzo D., 8th VT INF, 10/22/1865, vt-dover-westvillage

Baldwin, Andrew, 11th VT INF, 08/22/1865, vt-windham-northwindham

Baldwin, Charles E., 14th VT INF, 03/25/1914, ny-glensfalls-west

Baldwin, Charles John, 17th IA INF, 04/20/1865, tn-chattanooga-national

Baldwin, Charles S., 49th IL INF, 06/19/1928, ca-losangeles-national

Baldwin, Charles W., 11th VT INF, After 1890, md-loudonpark-national

Baldwin, Daniel W., 11th VT INF, 12/25/1926, ia-whittemore-plainview

Baldwin, Edmund W., 14th VT INF, 01/30/1919, ca-hollywood-forever

Baldwin, Edward P., 2nd VT INF, 01/22/1862, va-arlington-national

Baldwin, Edwin M., 26th NY CAV, 09/03/1882, ks-unknown

Baldwin, Eri George, USN, 2nd VT INF, 12th VT INF, after 1900, ct-unknown

Baldwin, Frank J. W., 1st VT CAV, 03/04/1893, oh-jefferson-lowermiami

Baldwin, George L., 13th VT INF, 07/30/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Baldwin, George W., 7th VT INF, 08/01/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Baldwin, Henry Gilbert, 8th VT INF, 04/07/1894, ks-ada-baldwin

Baldwin, Henry M., 12th VT INF, 04/23/1881, vt-braintree-peth

Baldwin, Irving Benjamin, 16th VT INF, 05/02/1911, ia-grinnell-hazelwood

Baldwin, James T., 10th VT INF, 10/26/1864, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Baldwin, James W., 5th MA LARTY, 1885, vt-huntington-maplewood

Baldwin, Jay N., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 08/06/1917, vt-monkton-boro

Baldwin, Josiah, 2nd VT INF, 01/29/1905, vt-troy-north

Baldwin, Leander, 35th IA INF, 12/02/1897, ia-atalissa-overman

Baldwin, Leroy E., 44th NY INF, 30th USCT, 04/08/1897, md-baltimore-loudonpark

Baldwin, Lewis E., 46th IL INF, 10/06/1906, ks-leavenworth-national

Baldwin, Melvin Riley, 2nd WI INF, 04/15/1901, mn-duluth-foresthill

Baldwin, Moses P., 16th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Baldwin, Newton Holland, 12th IA INF, 03/20/1927, ks-baldwin-baldwin

Baldwin, Orange Alonzo II, 1st VT CAV, 01/24/1917, vt-hinesburg-village

Baldwin, Oscar W., 16th NH INF, Before 05/29/1907, nh-lebanon-schoolst

Baldwin, Rollin E., 10th IL INF, 1st US VET VOL ENGRS, 01/18/1899, vt-manchester-dellwood

Baldwin, Sherman Grant, 14th VT INF, 06/06/1929, il-prophetstown-riverside

Baldwin, Wallace E., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 01/24/1907, vt-rutland-evergreen

Baldwin, William, 93rd NY INF , 09/30/1916, ny-hague-hague

Baldwin, William A., 6th VT INF, unknown, ny-glensfalls-west

Baldwin, William E., 11th VT INF, 02/25/1883, ny-crownpoint-whitechurch

Baldwin, William H., 1st VT CAV, 10/11/1905, ny-hartford-south

Baldwine, M. C., 36th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bales, Asa A., 89th IND, After 1880, ks-unknown

Ball, Alamander L., 16th VT INF, 10/27/1902, nh-dublin-dublin

Ball, Albro, 4th VT INF, 08/09/1915, vt-newark-pleasantview

Ball, Augustus M., 17th VT INF, 10/09/1864, va-arlington-national

Ball, Celon J., 4th VT INF, VRC, 1932, fl-lynnhaven-lynnhaven

Ball, Charles H., 4th VT INF, 08/06/1921, ny-unknown

Ball, Curtis M., 12th VT INF, 04/22/1910, vt-springfield-summerhill

Ball, Daniel, 15th VT INF, 12/31/1871, vt-lunenburg-corners

Ball, Daniel Beckwith, USN, 12/10/191, ne-wilcox-wilcox

Ball, Daniel S., 9th VT INF, 11/23/1863, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Ball, David, 16th VT INF, 05/03/1909, ma-warwick-warwick

Ball, Edward C., 14th VT INF, 11/03/1883, vt-orwell-lakeview

Ball, Emery M. D., 14th NH INF, 01/01/1929, nh-stratford-center

Ball, Frederick, 8th VT INF, 07/26/1864, vt-lunenburg-corners

Ball, Gardner, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Ball, George W., 4th VT INF, 07/10/1863, md-unknown

Ball, George Washington, 9th WI LARTY, 01/18/1916, wi-birnamwood-forest

Ball, Henry J., 14th VT INF, 05/09/1913, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Ball, Henry L. C., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Ball, Homer E., 9th VT INF, 06/05/1879, vt-springfield-summerhill

Ball, James B., 15th VT INF, 12/06/1886, vt-newark-pleasantview

Ball, James Madison, 1st USSS, 01/16/1894, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Ball, Joel, 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Ball, Joseph, 194th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Ball, Kimball, 10th VT INF, 2nd NH INF, 12/11/1862, va-unknown

Ball, Leroy A., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 05/05/1920, ia-littlerock-pleasantview

Ball, Levi A., 4th VT INF, 01/04/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Ball, Lewis W. , 31st IA, After 1880, ks-unknown

Ball, Marvin W., 4th VT INF, 02/09/1899, vt-newark-pleasantview

Ball, Noah J., 61st MA INF, 08/03/1901, vt-athens-valley

Ball, Orange, 6th OH INF, Aft 1905, oh-perry-township

Ball, Peter B., 6th VT INF, 07/23/1863, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Ball, Rolla Branch, 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1912, ks-sterling-sterling

Ball, Sylvester B., 10th VT INF, 05/06/1865, va-danville-national

Ball, Thomas C., 10th VT INF, VRC, Before 10/22/1881, un-unknown

Ball, Wilbur Fiske, 3rd VT INF, 11/17/1893, nh-newton-highland

Ball, William D., Recruit, 12/26/1872, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Ball, William D., 16th VT INF, 10/26/1912, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Ball, Willis, 8th NH INF, After 1895, ne-beatrice-beatrice

Ballard, Alfred Cowles, 9th VT INF, 11/28/1874, vt-burlington-greenmt

Ballard, Dana L., 12th VT INF, After 05/13/1893, ma-worcester-hope

Ballard, David Ellenwood, 2nd KS CAV, 12/29/1926, ks-washington-washington

Ballard, Edwin L., 16th VT INF, 03/03/1867, vt-hartford-west

Ballard, Eugene A., 17th VT INF, 08/19/1904, ia-iowacity-woodlawn

Ballard, George, 2nd VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Ballard, George W., 2nd VT INF, 11/17/1892, ct-hartford-springgrove

Ballard, Henry, 5th VT INF, 09/26/1906, vt-burlington-lakeview

Ballard, Henry L., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 1896, ne-oxford-oxford

Ballard, Henry T., 15th MI INF, 01/16/1907, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Ballard, James N., 1st VT CAV, 09/12/1918, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Ballard, John, 5th VT INF, 01/09/1893, vt-rutland-calvary

Ballard, Marvin M., US INF, 07/21/1915, ca-unknown

Ballard, Orange G., 17th VT INF, 02/22/1896, vt-milton-village

Ballard, Samuel T., 17th VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Ballard, Stephen Hinsdell, 6th MI CAV, 11/09/1890, mi-grandrapids-fultonst

Ballord, Marion M., 12th US INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Ballou, Adin, 9th VT INF, 12/08/1911, ks-leavenworth-national

Ballou, Alvin, 128th IL INF, 04/09/1896, vt-halifax-west

Ballou, Augustus A., 16th VT INF, 03/27/1907, ks-delphos-delphos

Ballou, Charles E., 11th VT INF, 02/18/1864, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Ballou, Charles O., 5th NH INF, 12/13/1862, va-unknown

Ballou, Church G., Recruit, 10/23/1888, vt-bethel-east

Ballou, David S., 16th VT INF, 02/18/1908, vt-newfane-woodlawn

Ballou, Erastus G., 2nd VT INF, 05/23/1891, wi-wood-national

Ballou, George E., 7th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 1913, ks-stafford-stafford

Ballou, Harmon H., 13th VT INF, 02/12/1892, ne-juniata-juniata

Ballou, Horace Chester, 2nd VT INF, 7th US Cavalry, 02/02/1911, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Ballou, James, 8th NH INF, 02/04/1862, vt-tunbridge-straffordroad

Ballou, Jamin, 7th VT INF, 09/07/1935, nh-bristol-homeland

Ballou, Jerome Eli, 2nd VT INF, 13th VT INF, 3rd MI CAV, 01/24/1875, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Ballou, Joseph L., 16th VT INF, After 1915, ma-sturbridge-north

Ballou, Lorain M., 52nd MA INF, 1913, ks-ellsworth-old

Ballou, Luman Adolphus, 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/15/1933, vt-rupert-north

Ballou, Newton Herrick, 2nd VT INF, 09/09/1895, ny-mechanicville-hudsonview

Ballou, Oscar, 91st NY INF, 09/03/1890, ny-waddington-chamberlain

Ballou, Wallace Hosea, 13th VT INF, 01/03/1897, vt-unknown

Ballou, William Harrison, USN, 08/01/1871, vt-tunbridge-straffordroad

Ballou, William M., 16th VT INF, 09/14/1908, vt-wilmington-riverview

Baltch/Batch, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bamber, Archibald, 1st MN INF, 02/16/1912, mn-rochester-oakwood

Bancroft, Arvin M., 32nd MA INF, 9th VRC, 11/13/1916, ma-plymouth-vinehills

Bancroft, Carl N., 133rd OH INF, 02/09/1903, oh-columbus-greenlawn

Bancroft, Charles Edgar, 13th VT INF, 02/01/1879, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bancroft, Charles F., 4th VT INF, 04/30/1862, vt-calais-fairview

Bancroft, Charles F., 1st VT LARTY, 06/14/1862, la-unknown

Bancroft, Clarkson F., 15th MA INF, 1876, ma-webster-mtzion

Bancroft, Cortes, USN, 09/29/1894, me-byron-byron

Bancroft, Daniel P., 1st VT CAV, 09/06/1870, vt-tunbridge-durkee

Bancroft, Edwin R., 5th VT INF, 09/17/1878, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bancroft, Fernando O., 1st VT CAV, 12/15/1926, wi-sparta-woodlawn

Bancroft, Horace D., 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, la-unknown

Bancroft, John, 1st VT CAV, 04/29/1865, va-winchester-national

Bancroft, John W., 10th VT INF, 1910, id-unknown

Bancroft, Royal Jackson, 4th OH INF, 1905, oh-batavia-union

Bancroft, Timothy, 5th VT INF, After 08/21/1865, vt-enosburgh-center

Bancroft, William F., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, After 01/22/1892, ma-worcester-hope

Bandy, George, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, after 1890, vt-unknown

Banfill, George, OH Trumbull GRDS, 06/28/1895, ks-dodge-vets

Banfill, William, 3rd WI CAV, 08/16/1919, vt-canaan-alicehunt

Bangs, Herbert I., 16th VT INF, 03/17/1911, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bangs, Nathaniel A., 10th VT INF, 09/03/1906, vt-unknown

Banister, Frank O., 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 11/30/1897, mi-grandrapids-fultonst

Banister, Sylvester, 6th VT INF, 08/17/1905, vt-warren-warren

Banks, Alba M., 10th VT INF, 03/02/1922, vt-bradford-upperplain

Banner, Dennis G., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bannister, Foster L., 1st VT CAV, 03/07/1918, ma-weymouth-lakeview

Bannister, Francis H., 11th VT INF, 05/20/1915, me-vassalboro-nichols

Bannister, John, 9th VT INF, 12/21/1916, vt-roxbury-east

Bannister, Melvin E., 12th VT INF, 01/09/1922, vt-windsor-brownsville1

Bannister, William, 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, Unknown, nd-hillsboro-hillsboro

Bannister, William, 1st MA CAV, 12/10/1886, me-togus-national

Banyea, Edward, 5th VT INF, 07/13/1862, un-unknown

Banyea, Louis, 5th VT INF, unknown, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Bapp, Ezra Squires, 11th VT INF, 08/11/1913, sd-dellrapids-dellrapids

Bapp, Paul Edward, 11th VT INF, 10/10/1909, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Baptist, Jean, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baraba, Frank, 11th VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Barabo, John, 10th VT INF, 09/22/1864, va-arlington-national

Baraby, Benjamin L., 1st VT CAV, 12/17/1922, ma-unknown

Baraby, Joseph, 13th VT INF, 01/28/1926, ny-brunswick-stjean

Baraby, Joseph, 8th VT INF, 03/30/1909, ma-unknown

Baraby, Michael, 12th VT INF, 11/13/1904, vt-woodstock-taftsville

Baraw, Charles, 15th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 07/09/1908, vt-jay-center

Barber, Alpheus P., 8th VT INF, 03/11/1890, vt-bradford-upperplain

Barber, Amos C., 4th VT INF, 11/07/1861, un-unknown

Barber, Asahel, 5th VT INF, 03/03/1901, vt-richford-hillside

Barber, Austin George, 1st VT CAV, 11/05/1899, ma-cambridge-mtauburn

Barber, Benjamin, 91st NY INF, 04/18/1918, vt-dorset-maplehill

Barber, Brownson M., 5th VT INF, 07/20/1862, vt-richmond-riverview

Barber, Byron C., 4th VT INF, 06/07/1900, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Barber, Charles S., 8th VT INF, 02/26/1865, va-winchester-national

Barber, Charles S., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Barber, Daniel D., 10th VT INF, 10/20/1864, vt-unknown

Barber, David P., 7th VT INF, 04/14/1904, nh-nashua-edgewood

Barber, David S., 9th VT INF, 03/22/1869, vt-burlington-greenmt

Barber, Denslow, 8th VT INF, 06/07/1866, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Barber, Edgar, 2nd VT INF, 12/28/1909, vt-richmond-riverview

Barber, Edgar L., 6th VT INF, 12/14/1909, vt-richmond-riverview

Barber, Edward D., 9th VT INF, 02/27/1904, il-chicago-rosehill

Barber, George D., 5th NY CAV, 04/19/1914, ny-crownpoint-fairview

Barber, George P., 5th VT INF, 08/20/1920, vt-cavendish-hillcrest

Barber, George W., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barber, Gilbert A., 16th VT INF, 09/20/1905, ma-bernardston-center

Barber, Hardy F., 16th VT INF, 03/22/1912, vt-wilmington-riverview

Barber, Henry F., 1st VT CAV, 12/22/1893, vt-williston-east

Barber, Henry J., 7th VT INF, 11/01/1862, la-chalmette-national

Barber, Hiram H., 110th NY INF , 05/09/1894, ny-bath-national

Barber, Horace, 93rd NY INF, unknown, vt-poultney-poultney

Barber, Horace E., 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/06/1914, vt-benson-carterst

Barber, Isaac H., 8th VT INF, 03/05/1886, mi-kalkaska-evergreen

Barber, James K., Manchester Mechanics, Phalanx, 11/01/1908, vt-swanton-greenscorners

Barber, John, 188th NY INF , 04/16/1901, mo-stcatharine-pleasantview

Barber, John C., 15th VT INF, 1907, vt-sutton-village

Barber, John Parker, 14th VT INF, 01/30/1931, ia-manilla-nishnabotna

Barber, Joseph, 6th VT INF, 1914, vt-wheelock-village

Barber, Joseph H., 1st VT INF, 125th NY INF, 11/20/1928, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Barber, Joshua D., 14th VT INF, 1904, vt-brandon-pinehill

Barber, Lawson E., 14th VT INF, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, Before 7/27/1886, ny-unknown

Barber, Lemuel Timothy, 11th VT INF, 03/16/1922, vt-castleton-hillside

Barber, Mahlon L., 11th VT INF, 08/27/1904, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Barber, Marcellus J., 14th VT INF, 08/17/1868, vt-benson-old

Barber, Merritt L., 10th VT INF, USV, 04/19/1906, va-arlington-national

Barber, Milo G., 3rd VT INF, 05/12/1891, al-montgomery-oakwood

Barber, Royal H., 10th VT INF, 07/05/1864, va-alexandria-national

Barber, Royal P., 10th VT INF, 07/21/1873, vt-sandgate-center

Barber, Rufus G., 1st VT CAV, 02/10/1921, ca-losangeles-national

Barber, Samuel P., 5th VT INF, 12/09/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Barber, Samuel Stillman, 31st MA INF, 01/07/1919, ma-fitchburg-laurelhill

Barber, Scott, 126th NY INF , 1933, ia-ralston-dillavou

Barber, Sidney, 5th VT INF, 08/05/1902, vt-jericho-center

Barber, W. Alanson, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barber, William, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/17/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Barber, William, 123rd NY INF, Unknown, vt-jamaica-southwindham

Barber, William B., 4th VT INF, 02/04/1901, vt-pownal-towsley

Barber, William F., 21st CT INF, 05/24/1886, ks-gill-mizpah

Barber, William H., 11th VT INF, 11/16/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barbo, John, 5th VT INF, before 01/16/1890, ky-unknown

Barbour, Henry S., 11th RI INF, 08/17/1901, vt-bethel-east

Barbour, John, 14th NH INF, 03/05/1910, ma-quincy-mtwollaston

Barbour, Milo A., 15th VT INF, 12/29/1884, nh-unknown

Barbour, Volney Giles, 5th CT INF, 06/04/1901, vt-burlington-lakeview

Barce, Henry, 10th VT INF, 06/17/1865, vt-middletownsprings-village

Barchet, Charles, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barclay, Walter S., 2nd VT INF, 5th US CAV, 04/22/1926, ct-unknown

Bard, Goodnow D. I., 6th VT INF, 09/04/1862, un-unknown

Bard, Henry H., Phillip's GA Legion, unknown, un-unknown

Barden, Herbert H., 9th VT INF, 06/23/1922, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Barden, John T., 15th VT INF, 07/19/1896, ma-easton-pinegrove

Bardwell, Charles R., 16th VT INF, 04/08/1904, ks-linn-pleasanton

Bareau, Joseph F., 7th VT INF, 11/27/1905, il-quincy-sunset

Barker, Alexander L., 9th VT INF, 08/29/1914, nh-cornish-chase

Barker, Augustus A., 8th VT INF, 01/24/1913, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Barker, Barney, 18th NH INF, 12/01/1912, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Barker, Benjamin F., 93rd NY INF, 05/13/1907, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Barker, Charles A., 16th VT INF, 10/23/1921, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Barker, Dan, 10th VT INF, 01/31/1865, vt-barre-elmwood

Barker, Edmond P., 3rd USC INF, Aft 10/16/1908, co-manitou-crystalvalley

Barker, Edwin W., 6th VT INF, 12/29/1879, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Barker, Enoch G., 15th VT INF, 05/02/1895, nh-washington-east

Barker, Frederick L., 14th NH INF, 11/30/1900, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Barker, Freeman, 11th VT INF, 09/07/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barker, Henry J., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barker, Isaac, 7th VT INF, 08/03/1862, vt-unknown

Barker, Jairus J., 3rd KS LARTY, 10/27/1881, vt-andover-middletown

Barker, James Austin, 4th IA CAV, 11/18/1891, ne-omaha-forestlawn

Barker, Jared, 9th VT INF, 12/10/1893, vt-hinesburg-rhodeisland

Barker, John C., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, After 03/06/1884, un-unknown

Barker, Justus P., 5th VT INF, 12/03/1886, wi-plainfield-plainfield

Barker, Levi, 8th VT INF, 08/21/1896, vt-fairfield-herrick

Barker, Michael H., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 06/24/1864, vt-bridgewater-mtpleasant

Barker, Orville, 16th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 07/11/1893, nh-plainfield-plainfield

Barker, Owen, 1st NH CAV, 11/04/1864, va-arlington-national

Barker, Rolla, 11th VT INF, 1889, vt-rutland-evergreen

Barker, Samuel, 11th VT INF, VRC, 10/07/1899, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Barker, Seth W., 6th VT INF, 12/20/1862, vt-bridgewater-mtpleasant

Barker, Sewall, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 01/12/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Barker, Thomas, 5th VT INF, 04/04/1910, mn-brainerd-evergreen

Barker, Thomas F., 11th VT INF, 05/02/1868, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Barker, Thomas O., 6th VT INF, 05/10/1864, vt-bridgewater-mtpleasant

Barker, Warren H., 8th IA INF, unknown, ia-sigourney-pleasantgrove

Barker, William, 11th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barkman, Daniel, 11th VT INF, 07/21/1893, vt-brandon-forestdale

Barkum, Alfred, 4th VT INF, 3rd NY CAV, 1st NY MTD RFLS, 02/04/1914, ny-westvale-myrtlehill

Barkyoumb, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 09/18/1910, ks-olsburg-olsburg

Barless, Andrew J., 24th NY CAV, 05/10/1906, ny-sandycreek-woodlawn

Barlow, Alva K., 5th VT INF, 10/07/1864, un-unknown

Barlow, Clarence, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barlow, Frederick H., 9th VT INF, 11/12/1873, vt-springfield-summerhill

Barlow, George, USN, 7th VT INF, 11/19/1928, ct-killingly-new

Barlow, George E., 30th IL INF, 01/12/1880, il-robinson-old

Barlow, Horace, 12th VT INF, 02/06/1930, wi-hudson-willowriver

Barlow, Nathan C., 95th IL INF, 06/04/1902, ne-hastings-parkview

Barlow, Richard E., 1st VT CAV, before 06/01/1908, mo-unknown

Barnaby, Levi F., 11th VT INF, 05/31/1873, vt-woodstock-taftsville

Barnard, Albert D., 13th VT INF, 08/12/1863, vt-waitsfield-village

Barnard, Benjamin S., 2nd VT INF, 02/23/1921, or-portland-mausoleum

Barnard, Charles, 11th VT INF, 06/19/1922, vt-montgomery-center

Barnard, Cyrus P., 2nd NY VET CAV, 12/22/1864, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Barnard, Edwin C., 7th VT INF, 05/29/1908, vt-unknown

Barnard, Francis B., 8th VT INF, 05/22/1863, vt-charleston-west

Barnard, Frederick J., 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 12/19/1918, vt-cavendish-village

Barnard, George, 12th VT INF, 09/22/1915, vt-winhall-hollow

Barnard, Henry A., 4th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barnard, Isaac Edward, 16th VT INF, 03/19/1875, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barnard, Jabez Howard, 11th VT INF, after 1890, ca-unknown

Barnard, John P. W., 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 3rd NH INF, After 09/22/1885, un-unknown

Barnard, Lucius M., 3rd VT LARTY, 01/01/1873, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Barnard, Oliver C., 17th VT INF, 08/29/1899, vt-lincoln-lee

Barnard, Royal Woodbury, USV, 12/06/1922, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Barnard, Samuel, 6th VT INF, 10/04/1905, vt-lincoln-maple

Barnard, Samuel E., 16th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 03/08/1913, vt-bennington-vetshome

Barnard, Silas, 4th VT INF, 05/24/1864, va-arlington-national

Barnard, Sylvanus S., 7th VT INF, 11/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Barnard, Wellington, 8th KS INF, 03/29/1911, ia-eldora-city

Barnard, William, 9th VT INF, 08/12/1863, va-yorktown-national

Barnard, William, 9th VT INF, 01/09/1925, vt-richford-hillside

Barnard, Wilmer C., 10th VT INF, 08/07/1911, ca-altadena-mtnview

Barnell, Louis, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Barnes, Aaron, 37th IA INF, Unknown, ia-independence-oakwood

Barnes, Albert G., 16th VT INF, 03/16/1908, vt-randolph-southview

Barnes, Andrew J., 3rd VT LARTY, 02/25/1912, ny-brookfield-brookfield

Barnes, Ara E., 11th VT INF, 1901, ny-bangor-maplehill

Barnes, Azariah, 12th VT INF, 08/30/1916, vt-chelsea-highland

Barnes, Benjamin F., 92nd NY INF , 12/21/1916, sd-miller-gar

Barnes, Carlos James, 8th VT INF, 06/23/1927, vt-morgan-center

Barnes, Charles, 11th VT INF, 12/28/1913, vt-westford-osgood

Barnes, Chester W., 8th VT INF, 07/12/1863, la-unknown

Barnes, Daniel D., 2nd USSS, 02/28/1909, vt-halifax-pennelhill

Barnes, Darius C., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 10/10/1928, vt-montgomery-center

Barnes, David Ambune, 8th VT INF, 08/28/1873, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Barnes, David P., 9th VT INF, 03/17/1863, vt-morrisville-riverside

Barnes, Edward P., 9th VT INF, 04/24/1904, vt-randolph-southview

Barnes, Edwin D., 14th VT INF, 05/30/1900, vt-swanton-riverside

Barnes, Edwin Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 1926, vt-islandpond-lakeside

Barnes, Erastus P., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Barnes, Franklin, USN, 02/02/1914, vt-panton-adamsferry

Barnes, Frederick J., 13th VT INF, Before 11/23/1906, ma-worcester-hope

Barnes, George Franklin, 4th IA CAV, 04/28/1916, wa-shelton-shelton

Barnes, George S., 69th IL INF, 11/17/1884, mn-ellsworth-grandprairie

Barnes, George W., 8th MA INF, unknown, vt-barre-wilson

Barnes, George Washington, 8th VT INF, 05/21/1899, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Barnes, Granville W., 15th VT INF, 04/01/1910, vt-randolph-southview

Barnes, Harvey, 13th VT INF, 01/03/1900, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Barnes, Horace, 8th IL CAV, 06/02/1864, vt-shelburne-spearst

Barnes, Horace G., 11th VT INF, 03/25/1865, va-poplargrove-national

Barnes, Ira M., 10th VT INF, 09/24/1863, va-alexandria-national

Barnes, James M., 11th VT INF, 08/17/1886, vt-unknown

Barnes, James M., 7th VT INF, 12/01/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Barnes, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barnes, John Francis, 96th NY INF, 12/05/1914, vt-unknown

Barnes, John R., 11th VT INF, After 07/24/1885, un-unknown

Barnes, Jonathan Abbott, 12th NY CAV, 60th NY INF, 07/25/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barnes, Leonard A., 19th MA INF, 08/27/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barnes, Levi N., 17th VT INF, 11/23/1913, ia-boone-linwoodpark

Barnes, Lewis J., 3rd VT INF, 08/14/1913, ca-unknown

Barnes, Lucian, 6th VT INF, VRC, 1909, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Barnes, Lucius P., 1st VT INF, 17th MA INF, 04/06/1893, ma-unknown

Barnes, Luther S., 1st VT CAV, Before 01/21/1889, ny-ridgeway-tanner

Barnes, Morvalden, 4th VT INF, 04/06/1863, va-unknown

Barnes, Nicholas B., USN, 02/10/1925, nh-manchester-oldstjoseph

Barnes, Obediah H., 4th VT INF, After 05/05/1864, un-unknown

Barnes, Patrick, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barnes, Robert C., 3rd VT INF, 01/21/1902, vt-hydepark-hooper

Barnes, Russell H., 5th VT INF, 03/11/1881, vt-lincoln-lee

Barnes, Sanford R., 2nd VT INF, 10/05/1900, vt-georgia-hope

Barnes, Selden, 7th VT INF, 12/19/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Barnes, Shelden J., 10th VT INF, 01/02/1863, va-arlington-national

Barnes, Simon D., 7th MN INF, After 02/16/1907, un-unknown

Barnes, Walter W., 8th VT INF, 03/23/1864, la-chalmette-national

Barnes, William F., 1st VT CAV, 08/23/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barnes, William L., 16th VT INF, 01/31/1908, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Barnes, Willis Herbert, 11th VT INF, 04/12/1904, ia-saccity-oakland

Barnett, Chauncey W., 3rd VT INF, 5th NH INF, 02/17/1915, al-mobile-national

Barnett, Daniel, 5th VT INF, 01/09/1912, vt-bridport-central

Barnett, Eugene, 141st IL INF, 02/06/1914, ca-losangeles-national

Barnett, George B., 12th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 05/29/1931, vt-newbury-oxbow

Barnett, George W., 4th VT INF, 05/29/1931, vt-cabot-plains

Barnett, Henry A., 3rd VT INF, 12/16/1918, wa-tacoma-tacoma

Barnett, James, 12th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barnett, Joseph Orville, 1st NH HARTY, 08/03/1903, nh-lisbon-grovehill

Barnett, Lucius H., 13th VT INF, 10/1908, vt-montpelier-cutler

Barnett, Robert, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barnett, William Densmore, 1st VT CAV, 11/20/1910, vt-cabot-plains

Barnett, William Wallace, 15th VT INF, 08/19/1896, vt-canaan-hill

Barnett, William Wallace, 13th VT INF, 11/06/1912, ny-malone-morningside

Barney, Alonzo, 15th VT INF, 05/21/1923, fl-stcloud-mtpeace

Barney, Byron Burton, 7th VT INF, 11/05/1905, vt-swanton-stmary

Barney, Duane Carroll, 7th VT INF, 04/16/1905, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barney, Edwin A., 6th VT INF, 05/13/1906, vt-middlebury-west

Barney, Elisha L., 6th VT INF, 05/10/1864, vt-swanton-churchst

Barney, Friend H., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 11/09/1884, vt-swanton-churchst

Barney, George L., 13th VT INF, 08/14/1876, vt-swanton-churchst

Barney, Horace, 6th NH INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Barney, Horace, 12th VT INF, 10/19/1873, vt-rutland-evergreen

Barney, James, 7th VT INF, 08/10/1934, vt-tunbridge-button

Barney, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Barney, Leftridge, 8th VT INF, 04/26/1911, la-unknown

Barney, Martin F., 14th VT INF, 09/08/1913, vt-bennington-village

Barney, Martin H., 10th VT INF, 10/16/1921, wa-mtvernon-mtvernon

Barney, Martin V. B., 3rd MA CAV, 10/25/1908, il-chicago-oakwoods

Barney, Mason, 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Barney, Oliver P., 2nd Battl. VRC, 10/31/1868, oh-dayton-national

Barney, Rufus Lester, 26th NY CAV, 02/08/1898, vt-bennington-village

Barney, Valentine Goodrich, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 06/14/1889, ia-charlescity-riverside

Barney, William H., 12th IA INF, 06/26/1862, tn-nashville-national

Barnum, Buel Preston, 192nd OH INF, 05/14/1908, oh-dayton-woodland

Barnum, Henry E., 1st USSS, 07/14/1864, vt-monkton-east

Barnum, Jerome Philemon, 1st USSS, After 1910, wi-prairieduchien-evergreen

Barnum, Rodney R., 6th VT INF, 12/31/1912, vt-franklin-stmarys

Barnum, Thomas F., 13th KS INF, 01/09/1925, co-unknown

Barnum, Zalmon C., USN, 10/09/1872, ma-unknown

Baron, Lewis, 8th US ARTY, Unknown, co-montevista-homelake

Barowsky, Thomas H., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barr, Charles A., 13th VT INF, 09/25/1913, mn-brainerd-evergreen

Barr, Davidson Matthew, 11th VT INF, 02/13/1917, vt-cavendish-center

Barr, George, 6th VT INF, After 04/27/1865, un-unknown

Barr, James, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barr, John Clark, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 02/05/1919, oh-unknown

Barr, John T., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barr, Michael, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barrell, Edgar A., 6th NH INF, 07/06/1870, vt-hartland-village

Barrell, Hubbard, 15th CT INF, USN, 12/05/1890, vt-hartland-village

Barrera, Severo, 1st VT CAV, 11/22/1882, un-unknown

Barrett, Alonzo, 1st PA ARTY, 01/31/1915, pa-susquehannadepot-lakeview

Barrett, Benjamin, 1st VT CAV, 09/14/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Barrett, Cephas P., 2nd VT INF, 17th VT INF, 08/24/1915, nh-lisbon-salmonhole

Barrett, Charles, 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 05/09/1863, vt-pawlet-old

Barrett, Charles A. J., 8th VT INF, 11/25/1912, vt-unknown

Barrett, Charles G., 12th VT INF, 07/25/1889, vt-guildhall-courthousehill

Barrett, Charles S., 8th VT INF, 07/20/1924, ny-chautauqua-chautauqua

Barrett, Cortes P., 4th VT INF, 06/23/1886, vt-jamaica-southwindham

Barrett, Curtis S., USV, 06/20/1908, vt-strafford-evergreen

Barrett, Daniel E., 5th VT INF, 08/01/1907, va-arlington-national

Barrett, Daniel S., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Barrett, Frederick P., 1st VT CAV, 09/28/1910, vt-peacham-corner

Barrett, George F., 15th VT INF, 02/10/1924, mo-bearcreek-lindleyprairie

Barrett, George H., 8th VT INF, 08/12/1864, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barrett, George H., 25th MA INF, 08/29/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barrett, George W., 16th NY HARTY , 10/10/1914, pa-susquehanna-grandst

Barrett, George W., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-woodbury-center

Barrett, Harvey D., 2nd VT INF, 03/08/1929, ks-topeka-mthope

Barrett, Henry, 2nd VT INF, 14th VT INF, 1904, vt-rutland-evergreen

Barrett, Henry K., 11th VT INF, 09/28/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Barrett, Ira, 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, la-unknown

Barrett, Isaac S., 175th NY INF , Before 04/14/1899, un-unknown

Barrett, James, 1st VT CAV, 02/15/1919, vt-clarendon-flats

Barrett, James E., 15th VT INF, unknown, vt-thetford-evergreenrest

Barrett, Joel, 14th NH INF, 02/24/1863, md-unknown

Barrett, John, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barrett, John, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 09/25/1925, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barrett, John C., 1st VT CAV, 10/07/1906, ca-sandiego-mthope

Barrett, John S., 9th VT INF, 01/20/1867, vt-brookline-riverside

Barrett, John W., 2nd VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 04/22/1866, vt-brattleboro-west

Barrett, Levi, 8th VT INF, 10/04/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Barrett, Lorenzo G., 5th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 05/17/1897, vt-brandon-pinehill

Barrett, Marcellus M., 4th VT INF, Before 09/20/1888, un-unknown

Barrett, Merrit C., 1st VT CAV, 08/05/1862, un-unknown

Barrett, Oliver, 9th VT INF, , un-unknown

Barrett, Oliver, 11th VT INF, 12/31/1907, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Barrett, Patrick, 3rd VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Barrett, Samuel Jr., 16th VT INF, 05/06/1866, vt-bethel-lympus

Barrett, Solomon, 8th NH INF, 08/14/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Barrett, Washington Andrew, 3rd IA INF, 1905, ca-losangeles-angelus

Barrett, William A., 10th NH INF, 09/29/1864, va-unknown

Barrett, William H., 16th VT INF, 02/19/1891, vt-windsor-ascutney

Barrett, William Jarvis, 2nd VT INF, 05/30/1904, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barrett, William Jr., 11th VT INF, 06/03/1873, vt-morgan-clark

Barrie, Samuel, 3rd VT INF, after 1890, ny-schuylerville-notredame

Barrington, Henry M., 9th VT INF, 10/06/1862, md-antietam-national

Barron, Florentine Woods, 38th IA INF, 12/07/1910, ia-spiritlake-lakeview

Barron, Francis, 16th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barron, Harry V., 8th VT INF, 07/26/1874, vt-washington-cheney

Barron, John M., 9th VT INF, 1906, vt-woodstock-riverst

Barron, Lewis, 1st NH CAV, 03/12/1925, nh-lebanon-mtcalvary

Barron, Norman B., 1st MN INF, 11/18/1866, mt-helena-bentonave

Barron, Porter P., 1st VT BGD Band, 05/08/1902, ia-estherville-oakhill

Barron, Reuben L., 16th VT INF, 11/26/1872, vt-springfield-summerhill

Barron, William, USN, Before 1/16/1896, ct-unknown

Barron, William H., 6th VT INF, USA, unknown, mi-medina-canandaigua

Barrows, Alfred James, 1st VT CAV, 01/31/1893, vt-berlin-corner

Barrows, Alphonzo, 1st VT CAV, 03/19/1927, vt-burlington-lakeview

Barrows, Carlos A., 1st VT CAV, 03/02/1905, il-wilmington-oakwood

Barrows, Dustin, 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 04/08/1914, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Barrows, Dustin, 9th VT INF, 09/09/1920, vt-vergennes-prospect

Barrows, George, 9th VT INF, 09/04/1871, vt-brandon-maple

Barrows, George H., 3rd VT INF, 5th US CAV, 01/18/1879, vt-morrisville-riverside

Barrows, Henry, 4th US ARTY, 03/06/1896, vt-brandon-stmarys

Barrows, John, 12th IN INF, 04/16/1931, in-orland-greenlawn

Barrows, John Warren Jr., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barrows, Martin, 1st VT CAV, 06/26/1919, vt-middlebury-west

Barrows, Oscar A., 14th VT INF, Before 8/1/1910, mn-unknown

Barrows, Peter, 9th VT INF, 06/16/1887, vt-weathersfield-plain

Barrows, Waldo E., 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-dorset-east

Barrows, William Henry, 1st VT CAV, 03/25/1866, vt-swanton-churchst

Barry, Charles A., 9th VT INF, 06/23/1908, nh-warner-pinegrove

Barry, Charles E., 9th VT INF, 11/01/1863, ny-cypresshills-national

Barry, Daniel, USMC, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, Edward, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, Elias W., 1st VT CAV, 05/15/1900, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Barry, Erastus H., 1st NH HARTY, 05/07/1909, nh-rumney-highland

Barry, Francis, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, George W., 2nd USSS, 05/03/1908, ri-pawtucket-oakgrove

Barry, Henry, 1st VT CAV, VRC, After 12/21/1905, vt-unknown

Barry, Jeremiah, 1st VT CAV, after 4/1/1915, ma-unknown

Barry, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, John C., 12th VT INF, 05/10/1928, ny-fortedward-union

Barry, Richard S., USN, 12/13/1891, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Barry, Robert B., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Barry, Thomas, 14th VT INF, 05/12/1864, ma-nadams-hillside

Barry, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 11/08/1864, va-arlington-national

Barry, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 05/13/1864, un-unknown

Barstow, Edgar, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barstow, George Theodore, 26th NY CAV, 06/12/1908, ia-marshalltown-riverside

Barstow, Herman J., 36th IL INF, 01/20/1870, vt-sburlington-eldridge

Barstow, John Lester, 8th VT INF, 06/28/1913, vt-shelburne-village

Barstow, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 4th VT INF, 12/05/1932, vt-vershire-village

Barstow, Russell A., 8th VT INF, 03/27/1878, vt-corinth-west

Bart, Michael, 12th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barter, Edgar, 52nd IL INF, 05/25/1916, wi-wood-national

Barter, George W., 52nd IL INF, 05/02/1910, il-dundee-townshipwest

Bartholomew, Albert L., 3rd VT INF, 06/28/1864, vt-hartford-christianst

Bartholomew, Andrew J., 14th VT INF, 02/07/1917, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Bartholomew, Charles H., 6th NY CAV, 2nd NY PROV CAV, 1915, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Bartholomew, Eleazar W., 4th VT INF, 04/24/1903, vt-barnard-east

Bartholomew, Henry, 23rd CT INF, 05/12/1917, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Bartholomew, Henry C., 4th VT INF, 07/06/1880, vt-hartford-west

Bartholomew, John N., 9th VT INF, 12/02/1900, nh-auburn-village

Bartholomew, Luther H., 15th IN INF, VRC, 06/11/1875, in-morocco-murphy

Bartle, Arthur W. W., 5th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/08/1868, vt-sheldon-poorfarm

Bartleff, Thomas E., 1st VT CAV, 06/01/1864, va-unknown

Bartlett, Alonzo F., 10th VT INF, 04/10/1906, nh-warren-village

Bartlett, Amasa, 9th VT INF, 03/16/1864, vt-coventry-center

Bartlett, Amasa, 114th NY INF , 02/20/1864, fl-olustee-site

Bartlett, Charles, 8th VT INF, 05/27/1863, vt-townshend-maplegrove

Bartlett, Charles A., 14th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/18/1913, wi-lacrosse-oakgrove

Bartlett, Charles H., 7th VT INF, 10/25/1911, nh-northwood-fairview

Bartlett, Charles J., 5th VT INF, 11/04/1861, dc-soldiershome-national

Bartlett, Charles L., 5th VT INF, 12/19/1913, vt-bristol-varney

Bartlett, Charles P., 12th VT INF, 11/01/1904, vt-newbury-oxbow

Bartlett, Charles W., 8th VT INF, 11/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bartlett, Clarence A., 8th VT INF, before 12/08/1882, oh-unknown

Bartlett, Clark, 4th VT INF, 04/05/1903, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bartlett, Daniel S., 12th VT INF, 06/28/1912, ia-montour-maplehill

Bartlett, Daniel S., 14th NY ARTY, 05/19/1864, va-unknown

Bartlett, David, 14th VT INF, 08/27/1924, vt-unknown

Bartlett, Enoch H., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-coventry-center

Bartlett, George E., 4th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/18/1914, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Bartlett, George L., 41st OH INF, 04/07/1862, oh-munson-maplehill

Bartlett, George W., 10th VT INF, 01/19/1863, vt-arlington-west

Bartlett, Harvey J., 11th VT INF, 07/24/1908, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Bartlett, Horace, 123rd NY INF , 10/31/1907, tn-mtnhome-national

Bartlett, James M., 12th VT INF, Before 04/20/1887, mi-grandrapids-oakhill

Bartlett, John, 7th VT INF, 11/12/1914, ma-swampscott-swampscott

Bartlett, John Durrill, 1st VT CAV, 01/17/1907, ma-leominster-evergreen

Bartlett, John H., 8th VT INF, 04/03/1926, nh-barnstead-centre

Bartlett, John M., 12th VT INF, 11/18/1926, ia-marshalltown-vets

Bartlett, John W., 4th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 05/05/1918, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Bartlett, Joseph J., 9th VT INF, 02/28/1921, nh-claremont-mtnview

Bartlett, Justin, 8th VT INF, 04/17/1888, vt-unknown

Bartlett, Luther, 52nd MA INF, 08/11/1863, vt-brattleboro-west

Bartlett, Mark P., 12th VT INF, 04/20/1885, vt-plainfield-center

Bartlett, Marston H., 4th VT INF, 08/23/1863, md-antietam-national

Bartlett, Milton E., 8th VT INF, 10/29/1923, ny-morrisville-rural

Bartlett, Orison A., 12th VT INF, 04/08/1903, vt-quechee-hilltop

Bartlett, Orrin T., 11th VT INF, 06/22/1872, vt-morgan-clark

Bartlett, Oscar Fitzallan, 10th VT INF, 11/27/1939, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Bartlett, Phineas N., 3rd VT INF, 96th NY INF, 11/15/1863, nc-newbern-national

Bartlett, Sylvester P., 1st VT CAV, unknown, vt-arlington-west

Bartlett, Thomas J., 11th VT INF, 08/25/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Bartlett, William H., 11th NH INF, 02/06/1896, nh-epsom-epsom

Bartlett, William K., 134th IL INF, 11/12/1896, mn-fertile-concordia

Bartlett, William P., 5th VT INF, 02/16/1876, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bartley, Jeremiah J., 2nd VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 02/09/1916, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Bartley, John, 2nd VT INF, 06/20/1863, vt-vergennes-old

Bartley, Michael, 192nd NY INF, unknown, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Bartley, Owen, 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Bartman, John, 91st NY INF , 09/29/1908, ny-johnsburg-garnetlake

Barto, Alphonso, 52nd IL INF, 11/04/1899, mn-stcloud-saukcenter

Bartomy, Edward, 1st USSS, 02/02/1912, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Barton, Anthony, 13th IL INF, 09/28/1894, il-quincy-sunset

Barton, Austin, 7th VT INF, 04/06/1922, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Barton, Charles, 1st VT CAV, 07/14/1911, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Barton, Dana S., 1st MN INF, Unknown, vt-halifax-stafford

Barton, David, 10th VT INF, 07/29/1900, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Barton, Dennis L., 1st MN INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barton, Dorman, 4th VT INF, 06/08/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Barton, Francis, 14th VT INF, unknown, ma-worcester-hope

Barton, Frederick A., 10th MA INF, 02/23/1881, ma-newburyport-oakhill

Barton, George M., 3rd VT LARTY, 12/19/1909, ma-cambridge-cambridge

Barton, Gilbert J., 14th VT INF, 07/21/1908, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Barton, Harvey, 7th VT INF, After 1883, vt-newhaven-riverside

Barton, Henry H., 22nd NY INF , Unknown, or-grantspass-tokayheights

Barton, Hiram H., 96th NY INF, 04/06/1903, vt-bridport-central

Barton, Jacob Varney, 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 10/29/1917, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Barton, James, 17th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barton, John, 3rd VT INF, 05/15/1919, pq-unknown

Barton, John Jr, 11th VT INF, 06/28/1909, vt-calais-robinson

Barton, Joseph C., 2nd USSS, 08/26/1864, va-unknown

Barton, Joseph H., 5th NY CAV, 04/30/1883, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Barton, Lewis, 7th VT INF, 06/02/1926, ct-hartford-springgrove

Barton, Peter, 1st NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Barton, Peter, 9th VT INF, 04/20/1864, nc-salisbury-national

Barton, Phalney R., 2nd MN INF, 10/01/1863, tn-nashville-national

Barton, Rollin W., 2nd VT INF, After 01/04/1897, un-unknown

Barton, Rufus F., 3rd VT INF, 07/11/1919, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Barton, Wallace R., 12th VT INF, 03/09/1910, ne-tecumseh-tecumseh

Barton, William, 11th VT INF, 09/05/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Barton, William Powell, 14th VT INF, 05/29/1919, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Barton, Willias H., 21st MA INF, 36th MA INF, 53rd MA INF, 56th MA INF, 01/02/1911, ma-malden-forestdale

Barton, Ziba C., 14th NH INF, 07/04/1901, nh-newport-maplest

Bartram, Daniel P., 9th VT INF, 12/31/1908, or-roseburg-ioof

Bartro, Lewis, 13th VT INF, 05/27/1911, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Barzee, Charles, 12th NH INF, 1918, vt-woodstock-swmethodist

Bascom, Charles, 11th MI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bascom, George, 13th VT INF, 02/21/1874, vt-milton-village

Bascom, John T., 2nd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 05/30/1880, vt-milton-village

Bascom, Joseph J., 14th VT INF, 12/15/1918, nd-wimbledon-prairieview

Basford, Barnwell D., 96th NY INF, 06/03/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Basford, Frederick A., 6th VT INF, 01/31/1917, sd-redfield-greenlawn

Basford, Joseph K., 3rd NY HARTY , 07/14/1921, sd-redfield-greenlawn

Bashaw, Antoine, 5th VT INF, 06/16/1890, vt-sheldon-east

Bashaw, Charles, 1st NH HARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Bashaw, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 05/07/1918, vt-fairfield-stpatrick

Bashaw, Levi, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/16/1918, vt-brandon-stmarys

Bashaw, Lewis, 3rd VT INF, 03/31/1899, vt-unknown

Bashaw, Trifley, 9th VT INF, 06/29/1929, mn-minneapolis-sunset

Bashaw, William, 17th VT INF, 06/04/1914, ct-jewett-city

Bashaw, William, 5th VT INF, 04/21/1919, vt-troy-north

Basinait, Joseph, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Basley, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 09/07/1926, ny-ballstonspa-stmarys

Baslow, Frank, 17th VT INF, 03/26/1865, vt-lincoln-lee

Bass, Henry J., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Bass, James, 8th VT INF, 03/31/1921, tx-unknown

Bass, John T., 2nd VT INF, USA, 06/03/1895, in-marion-national

Bassalion, Joseph, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bassalow, Anthony, 5th VT INF, 11/20/1912, vt-lincoln-maple

Bassett, Albert Leroy, 14th VT INF, 03/04/1922, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bassett, Albert S., 1st VT CAV, 06/28/1866, ma-mattapan-mthope

Bassett, Alverdo Amos, 48th WI INF, 12/07/1927, il-danville-national

Bassett, Arba, 14th US INF, 09/22/1876, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bassett, Calvin, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 98th NY INF, 04/07/1911, vt-barre-maplewood

Bassett, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 03/17/1896, vt-barre-elmwood

Bassett, George Franklin, 13th IL INF, 06/30/1922, il-evergreenpark-evergreen

Bassett, Hiram, 2nd VT INF, 08/11/1918, vt-hinesburg-rhodeisland

Bassett, James Manning, 11th VT INF, 02/05/1916, vt-wilmington-restland

Bassett, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bassett, Lewis, 3rd VT INF, 03/24/1923, nh-unknown

Bassett, Peter, 45th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Bassett, Rodney G., 1st VT INF, 06/27/1895, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bassett, Safford L., 4th IA INF, 04/25/1862, mo-unknown

Bassett, William H., 17th VT INF, 07/01/1864, va-arlington-national

Bastin, William C., 7th VT INF, 03/09/1898, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Batchelder, Adna, 16th IA INF, 07/20/1912, ia-vinton-evergreen

Batchelder, Albert, 6th VT INF, 12/15/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Batchelder, Alfred H., 9th VT INF, 09/23/1930, vt-bradford-upperplain

Batchelder, Alonzo J., 4th VT INF, 01/21/1925, nd-valleycity-woodbine

Batchelder, Alvin B., 13th NH INF, 09/01/1867, nh-concord-blossomhill

Batchelder, Amos, 15th VT INF, 01/12/1863, vt-morgan-cargill

Batchelder, Byron A., 3rd VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/30/1864, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Batchelder, Charles M., 9th VT INF, 12/24/1910, vt-newport-pinegrove

Batchelder, Charles M., 11th VT INF, 12/17/1926, ma-unknown

Batchelder, Charles N., 5th VT INF, After 08/27/1874, vt-unknown

Batchelder, Daniel K., 13th MA INF, 05/26/1891, ma-reading-laurelhill

Batchelder, Frank L., 4th VT INF, 03/08/1918, vt-woodbury-south

Batchelder, George W., 13th VT INF, 09/15/1930, vt-underhill-flats

Batchelder, Harlan E., 2nd VT INF, 08/11/1867, vt-peru-village

Batchelder, Harvey, 13th VT INF, 1876, vt-marshfield-maplehill

Batchelder, Hazen J., 4th MA CAV, After 1890, vt-norwich-hillside

Batchelder, Ira, 1st VT CAV, 02/02/1910, vt-plainfield-village

Batchelder, Ira F., 11th VT INF, 12/09/1909, ma-reading-laurelhill

Batchelder, Isaac Sherman, 123rd NY INF, 2nd NY MTD RFLS, 05/06/1916, ia-akron-riverside

Batchelder, Isaac Watts, 17th VT INF, 06/09/1921, ny-cypresshills-national

Batchelder, James Edwin, 5th VT INF, 03/03/1888, mt-custer-national

Batchelder, James N., 15th VT INF, 04/13/1863, un-unknown

Batchelder, John, 3rd NH INF, 01/29/1896, vt-topsham-waitsriver

Batchelder, John D., 11th VT INF, 02/26/1864, vt-woodbury-south

Batchelder, John L., 7th VT INF, 10/17/1862, la-chalmette-national

Batchelder, Joseph Wentworth, 15th IL INF, 05/19/1888, mi-traversecity-oakwood

Batchelder, Lewis, 10th VT INF, 10/13/1864, vt-topsham-west

Batchelder, Martin A., 4th VT INF, 03/26/1864, va-culpeper-national

Batchelder, Millard Fillmore, 5th VT INF, 12/11/1923, vt-johnson-evergreenledge

Batchelder, Nathan G., 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-woodbury-center

Batchelder, Nathaniel J., 7th VT INF, 05/04/1905, vt-stannard-batchelder

Batchelder, Nathaniel Jr., 11th VT INF, 10/27/1864, ga-unknown

Batchelder, Ziba, 3rd VT INF, 02/13/1862, va-unknown

Batcheldor, Reuben H., 60th NY INF , Unknown, ny-rousespoint-maplehill

Bateman, Charles P., 12th VT INF, 05/26/1873, vt-poultney-east

Bateman, David P., 2nd VT INF, 07/15/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bateman, John S., 2nd VT INF, 04/14/1897, ny-johnsburg-bates

Bateman, Lewis L., 2nd VT INF, 10/30/1876, vt-poultney-east

Bateman, Merritt M., 8th NY HARTY , 03/12/1899, ny-elba-pinehill

Bates, Albert G., 8th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 1877, vt-barre-elmwood

Bates, Alfred C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bates, Andrew J., 1st MI CAV, 12/22/1888, ks-mccune-mccune

Bates, B. Walker, 14th VT INF, 05/27/1929, ne-nehawka-mtpleasant

Bates, Butler A., 5th VT INF, After 4/1/1915, ma-worcester-hope

Bates, Charles, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bates, Charles, 125th NY INF , 04/02/1892, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Bates, Charles L., 11th VT INF, 1923, or-canby-zion

Bates, Clark West, 1st VT INF, 05/16/1932, vt-essex-mtview

Bates, Daniel D., USN, 44th MA INF, 08/17/1908, ma-waltham-mtfeake

Bates, Davis H., 6th VT INF, 07/09/1881, vt-barre-elmwood

Bates, Edward E., 10th VT INF, 05/04/1913, ny-dickinson-ives

Bates, Elijah S., 5th VT INF, 08/10/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Bates, Frankford H., 8th VT INF, 03/25/1911, vt-springfield-summerhill

Bates, Frederick A., 4th VT INF, 7th VT INF, 01/15/1919, ma-lowell-edson

Bates, George, 1st NH CAV, 07/18/1864, va-unknown

Bates, George, 2nd VT INF, 02/26/1894, vt-essex-mtview

Bates, George Chapman, 8th VT INF, 04/26/1901, il-chicago-graceland

Bates, George D., 8th VT INF, 11/15/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bates, George D., 15th VT INF, 02/02/1919, vt-cavendish-village

Bates, George F., 11th VT INF, 08/23/1864, md-antietam-national

Bates, George L., 4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 04/29/1909, vt-windsor-ascutney

Bates, Heman D., 10th VT INF, 1887, vt-royalton-pleasanthill

Bates, Henry Clay, 4th MA HARTY, 03/12/1909, ia-smithland-littlesioux

Bates, Henry D., 4th VT INF, 1st US CAV, 08/22/1885, vt-fairlee-west

Bates, Hiram Proctor, 9th VT INF, 08/22/1913, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bates, Jesse H., 1st VT LARTY, 04/14/1867, vt-bennington-grandview

Bates, Jesse H., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 04/12/1867, vt-bennington-grandview

Bates, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bates, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bates, John F., 30th NY INF , 02/18/1899, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Bates, John R., 8th CA INF, 11/24/1882, ca-marysville-marysville

Bates, Joseph C., 1st VT INF, 10/15/1899, ma-waltham-mtfeake

Bates, Levi William, 9th VT INF, 06/20/1865, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bates, Lewis B., 8th VT INF, 09/03/1923, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Bates, Martin Jr., 2nd VT INF, 08/04/1861, vt-westford-brookside

Bates, Moses Pollard, 4th VT INF, 09/05/1872, vt-chester-brookside

Bates, Norman Francis, 4th IA CAV, 10/16/1915, ca-glendale-forestlawn

Bates, Oren W., 14th VT INF, 01/04/1911, vt-killington-riverside

Bates, Origin, 13th VT INF, 06/05/1906, mn-unknown

Bates, Orin, 11th VT INF, VRC, 11/17/1876, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bates, Peter N., 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-barre-elmwood

Bates, Robert, USMC, 07/11/1892, nh-portsmouth-proprietors

Bates, Rufus H., 15th IA INF, 01/06/1862, ia-keokuk-national

Bates, Samuel, 5th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bates, Sidney T., 2nd NH INF, 5th NH INF, 17th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 02/20/1904, fl-jackson-oldcity

Bates, Solomon W., 27th IA INF, 03/05/1901, ny-southhartford-morningside

Bates, Torrence, 4th VT INF, 12/02/1861, vt-westford-brookside

Bates, William, 10th VT INF, 12/28/1891, vt-stalbans-bay

Bates, William R., 1st NH INF, 05/25/1916, il-ridgefarm-crownhill

Batey, Isaac, 7th VT INF, 11/30/1917, me-saco-laurelhill

Batey, Jasper A., USN, 16th NY INF, 121st NY INF, 05/20/1905, vt-wilmington-riverview

Bathrick, Frank S., 10th WI INF, 12/14/1921, wi-hixton-sechlerville

Bathrick, John, 1st VT CAV, 07/14/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Batiest, Nicol, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Batise, George W., 9th VT INF, 12/09/1862, il-chicago-rosehill

Batley, Robert, 8th VT INF, VRC, 11/24/1913, nh-lisbon-grovehill

Battee, John W., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Batten, Albert James, 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Batten, Allen Stephen, 3rd VT INF, 08/18/1914, vt-stannard-stannard

Batten, George, 10th VT INF, 11/27/1863, vt-stannard-stannard

Batten, James Albert, 3rd VT INF, 04/22/1920, vt-stannard-stannard

Battis, Wilkins M., 19th IL INF, After 1880, mo-willow-springs

Battist, John, 11th VT INF, 10/04/1900, vt-bennington-vetshome

Battles, Alb. T. S., 2nd NY VET CAV, unknown, vt-cavendish-village

Battles, Charles W., 8th VT INF, 02/16/1910, ma-lowell-edson

Battles, Edward D., 6th MA INF, 03/22/1896, vt-waterbury-village

Battles, Edwin S., 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Battles, George W., 8th VT INF, 05/27/1863, la-unknown

Battles, Hiram S., 7th NH INF, 09/04/1862, sc-beaufort-national

Battles, Ira, 8th VT INF, 10/23/1902, vt-braintree-brown

Battles, James W., 118th NY INF , 06/29/1905, ma-newton-newton

Battles, Joseph, 8th MA INF, 05/30/1921, ma-adams-bellevue

Battles, Luther, 32nd MA INF, 06/01/1896, vt-sutton-village

Battles, William T., 1st USSS, 01/06/1862, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Baty, George H., 123rd NY INF , Before 01/14/1886, un-unknown

Bauder, John W., 153rd NY INF, 05/29/1916, vt-fairhaven-westst

Bauzmont, Leon, 8th VT INF, 09/07/1881, nj-unknown

Baxter, Algernon Sidney, USV, 04/29/1897, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Baxter, Benton E., 49th WI INF, 11/01/1893, wi-bangor-fairview

Baxter, Charles, 77th NY INF, 11/21/1905, wi-pinevalley-south

Baxter, Charles Deming, USN, 01/17/1862, vt-burlington-lakeview

Baxter, Elisha M., 118th NY INF , 08/09/1895, il-cortland-moundrest

Baxter, Frank W., 12th VT INF, 12/13/1897, vt-highgate-episcopal

Baxter, George, 4th VT INF, 01/06/1865, ga-andersonville-national

Baxter, Henry Clay, 11th VT INF, 09/15/1890, vt-strafford-strafford

Baxter, Horace Henry, State, 02/17/1884, vt-rutland-evergreen

Baxter, Jedediah Hyde, 12th MA INF, USV, 12/04/1890, va-arlington-national

Baxter, Luther Loren, 4th MN INF, 1st MN HARTY, 05/22/1915, mn-chaska-mtpleasant

Baxter, Myron Leslie, USA, 01/08/1895, vt-unknown

Baxter, Nelson L., 5th VT INF, 06/02/1862, vt-cornwall-central

Baxter, Portus, Congressman, 03/04/1868, vt-strafford-strafford

Baxter, Robert, 11th US INF, 08/19/1866, va-unknown

Baxter, Robert, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baxter, Stephen William, 6th VT INF, VRC, 06/06/1896, dc-washington-congressional

Baxter, Thomas, 7th VT INF, 1905, nh-ellenburg-sheldonhill

Baxter, William R., 9th MN INF, 06/11/1864, vt-cornwall-central

Bay, David, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bayard, Robert, 54th MA INF, unknown, ma-medford-oakgrove

Bayler, Foster, USN, 06/28/1920, va-hampton-national

Bayley, Abner, 3rd VT INF, 09/19/1892, nh-northumberland-northumberland

Bayley, George, 12th VT INF, 11/29/1892, vt-newbury-oxbow

Bayley, Henry Ward, 3rd VT INF, 03/13/1907, vt-newbury-oxbow

Bayliss, John, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Baylor, Harvey, 45th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Bayne, Thomas, 8th VT INF, 1906, sd-salem-wildwood

Bazner, Abraham, 11th VT INF, 09/12/1931, ma-uxbridge-stmarys

Bazner, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 06/13/1912, ma-northbridge-stpatricks

Beach, Abram K., 11th VT INF, VRC, 01/27/1869, vt-cambridge-mtview

Beach, Charles Edmund, 14th VT INF, 11/21/1934, vt-burlington-lakeview

Beach, Edgar A., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 12/09/1893, vt-essex-village

Beach, Edwin B., 9th VT INF, 12/21/1920, nh-lancaster-summerst

Beach, H. S., 97th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Beach, Henry, 4th VT INF, 05/13/1863, vt-westford-brookside

Beach, Henry C., 5th NY CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Beach, Irvin, 17th IL CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Beach, John S., 14th NY ARTY, 07/09/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Beach, John Titus, 2nd VT INF, 01/23/1906, vt-manchester-dellwood

Beach, Levi S., 9th VT INF, 06/23/1919, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Beach, Nathan A., 2nd MA CAV, 08/21/1923, pq-georgeville-macpherson

Beach, Nelson, 10th VT INF, 12/15/1914, vt-waterbury-village

Beach, Stephen S., 14th VT INF, 04/13/1917, vt-sandgate-west

Beach, Theodore, 10th VT INF, 09/21/1910, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Beach, Watson Oakley, 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-salisbury-village

Beach, William, 6th VT INF, unknown, ny-morrisonville-union

Beach, William E., 17th US INF, 12/15/1922, va-arlington-national

Beagle, Daniel M., 11th WI INF, 02/15/1915, wi-chetek-lakeview

Beagle, Elijah, 125th NY INF, 8/5/1917 or 5/9/1917, vt-unknown

Beal, Andrew J., 9th VT INF, after 4/1/1915, ma-unknown

Beal, Chauncy W., 10th VT INF, 08/14/1888, vt-barre-elmwood

Beals, Charles W., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 10/24/1925, ma-nadams-hillside

Beals, Frederick, 11th VT INF, 08/21/1864, vt-poultney-poultney

Beals, James M., 1st VT Cav, 01/06/1865, md-antietam-national

Beals, William, 2nd VT INF, 11/21/1894, vt-pownal-center

Beals, William W., 2nd VT INF, 10/27/1904, vt-bennington-vetshome

Beaman, Fernando Cortez, NY Congressman, 09/27/1882, mi-adrian-oakwood

Beaman, George William, USN, 05/03/1917, vt-rutland-evergreen

Beaman, Henry, 2nd MN INF, 05/11/1917, or-woodburn-bellepassi

Beaman, Henry E., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Beaman, Moses Sawyer, 15th MA INF, 04/04/1914, vt-woodstock-riverst

Bean, Albert, 2nd VT INF, 10/03/1864, md-antietam-national

Bean, Albro G., 11th VT INF, 06/01/1902, ma-everett-woodlawn

Bean, Alexander, 7th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 09/20/1911, vt-pittsford-stalphonsus

Bean, Alphronus, 1st VT CAV, 03/16/1921, mi-morley-aetna

Bean, Alvin C., 15th NH INF, 10/17/1892, vt-unknown

Bean, Asa, 1st NH INF, 13th NH INF, After 02/28/1907, un-unknown

Bean, Austin W., 15th VT INF, 02/20/1914, vt-lyndon-center

Bean, Benjamin, Unknown, 10/09/1916, vt-randolph-holycross

Bean, Curtis P., 3rd VT INF, 03/21/1916, un-unknown

Bean, Eleck, 11th VT INF, 09/19/1910, ma-clinton-woodlawn

Bean, Frank S., 11th NH INF, 11/25/1864, nh-enfield-oakgrove

Bean, Freeman F., 15th VT INF, 02/26/1901, vt-glover-westlook

Bean, George, 5th VT INF, 12/25/1916, ny-hogansburg-stpatrick

Bean, George H., 1st VT CAV, 07/16/1908, al-adger-oakgrove

Bean, George N. M., 8th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 01/20/1929, nh-franconia-elmwood

Bean, George W., 4th NH INF, 12/28/1916, vt-wheelock-village

Bean, Harrison, 11th VT INF, 08/13/1908, vt-plainfield-village

Bean, Ira, 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 01/16/1920, nj-vineland-home

Bean, Ira W., 7th VT INF, 07/20/1865, vt-hydepark-plains

Bean, Isaac, 17th VT INF, 07/12/1921, vt-troy-evergreen

Bean, James A., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bean, John, 16th VT INF, 07/08/1920, vt-randolph-center

Bean, John Wesley, 5th NH INF, USA, 11/26/1933, nh-andover-proctor

Bean, Joseph, 10th VT INF, 03/27/1864, vt-hardwick-sanborn

Bean, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 08/10/1916, vt-woodstock-riverst

Bean, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 02/12/1906, ma-gardner-crystallake

Bean, Joseph S., 8th VT INF, 03/13/1928, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bean, Levi Cass, 3rd IL CAV, 09/11/1916, il-northhampton-blueridge

Bean, Lewis A., 14th IL INF, 07/26/1865, il-fargo-cleaves

Bean, Loammi C., 15th VT INF, 04/22/1886, vt-danville-green

Bean, Merrill, 16th VT INF, 06/26/1915, tx-sherman-westhill

Bean, Nathaniel W., 11th NH INF, 06/29/1864, un-unknown

Bean, Norris, 37th WI INF, 02/17/1932, mt-butte-mtmoriah

Bean, Prentice, 11th VT INF, 10/19/1902, vt-ripton-cook

Bean, Reuben Jr., 1st VT CAV, 06/09/1866, vt-kirby-north

Bean, Richard C., 8th VT INF, 02/25/1907, nh-franconia-elmwood

Bean, Richard Lemuel, 6th IA CAV, 01/16/1869, ia-nashua-oakhill

Bean, Rufus, 1st VT CAV, 02/20/1863, un-unknown

Bean, Samuel, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bean, Silas F., 4th MA INF, 1908, vt-charleston-west

Bean, Simeon S., 11th VT INF, 10/15/1864, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Bean, Watson D., 11th VT INF, 03/12/1894, vt-kirby-south

Bean, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bean, William R., 2nd VT INF, 08/09/1894, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bean, William W., 1st VT CAV, 08/07/1911, vt-wheelock-south

Beard, Bartlett S., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 05/04/1890, vt-northfield-elmwood

Beard, Charles F., 1st VT CAV, 01/12/1920, vt-northfield-elmwood

Beard, Charles Wesley, 8th VT INF, 03/13/1910, nh-marlow-village

Beard, Curtis A., 8th VT INF, 01/02/1892, vt-waterville-mtnview

Beard, George G., 9th ME INF, 11/20/1864, me-dexter-elmwood

Beard, George W., 2nd VT LARTY, 10/23/1862, la-chalmette-national

Beard, Harrison K., 1st VT CAV, 02/13/1908, vt-northfield-elmwood

Beard, Henry, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Beard, Henry C., 6th VT INF, 03/16/1930, ca-losangeles-national

Beard, John, 1st VT CAV, 12/06/1863, vt-barnet-stevens

Beard, Merrill G., 1st VT INF, 11/16/1866, vt-bradford-upperplain

Beard, Orren, 7th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 02/16/1894, vt-chester-simsbury

Beard, Oscar L., 1st VT CAV, 28th MA INF, 03/01/1895, vt-northfield-elmwood

Beard, Randolph M., 55th OH INF, 5/15/1864, ga-unknown

Beard, Warren, 16th VT INF, 06/10/1912, vt-chester-pleasantview

Beard, William Harvey, 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 12/15/1872, ma-reading-laurelhill

Beardow, Thomas, 9th VT INF, 05/12/1898, ct-norwich-yantic

Beardsley, Erastus J., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Beaton, John O., 1st VT CAV, 11/11/1862, va-alexandria-national

Beattie, Alexander M., 3rd VT INF, 03/07/1907, nh-lancaster-summerst

Beatty, Jasper Alexander, 16th NY INF , 05/21/1905, vt-wilmington-riverview

Beauchemin, John B., 13th VT INF, 12/03/1909, ma-ware-mtcarmel

Beauchine, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Beauclerk, Thomas Wentworth Sydney, Cadet, 01/29/1938, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Beaudet, Urbain, 8th VT INF, 08/05/1909, vt-winooski-sfx

Beaudoin, Charles, 14th VT INF, 08/19/1907, ma-lowell-edson

Beaudry, Alexander, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Beaudry, Louis Napoleon, 5th NY CAV, 01/03/1892, il-chicago-oakwoods

Beaudry, Moses, 62nd NY INF, 10/05/1898, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Beaudry, Theophile, 96th NY INF, 09/20/1897, vt-bennington-vetshome

Beaulieu, Eugene, 8th VT INF, 01/21/1916, pa-brookfield-woodlawn

Beaumont, John, 14th VT INF, 05/21/1920, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Beaupre, George, 3rd VT INF, Before 12/20/1897, vt-unknown

Beauvais, Charles, 5th VT INF, 02/01/1909, vt-randolph-holycross

Beauvais, Jean Pierre, 13th VT INF, 02/20/1863, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Beauvais, Lewis, 5th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Beauvais, Philip Peter Felix, 5th VT INF, 02/23/1932, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Becker, Gustavus C., 8th VT INF, 10/23/1862, un-unknown

Beckett, Andrew W., 113th IL INF, 02/27/1869, il-freedville-oldburg

Beckhorn, William, 7th VT INF, 06/07/1862, fl-unknown

Beckley, Charles C., 4th NH INF, 02/18/1886, nh-plainfield-plainfield

Beckley, George I., 8th VT INF, VRC, 01/20/1920, vt-barre-maplewood

Beckley, Oren Jr., 2nd VT INF, 06/06/1864, ga-unknown

Beckwith, Albert D., 2nd VT INF, 05/23/1921, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Beckwith, Amos Smith, 1st US ARTY, USV, 10/25/1894, mo-jeffersonbks-national

Beckwith, Charles, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Beckwith, Charles C., 4th VT INF, 11/02/1863, va-arlington-national

Beckwith, George, 10th MI INF, 04/21/1877, mi-mtmorris-mtmorris

Beckwith, George A., 2nd VT INF, 05/14/1864, va-unknown

Beckwith, Henry R., 5th VT INF, 12th US INF, 04/29/1909, ny-chateaugay-eastside

Beckwith, Joseph D., 2nd VT INF, After 05/07/1878, ne-northloup-hillside

Beckwith, Milan N., 2nd VT INF, 11/17/1906, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Beckwith, Orrin L., 4th VT INF, 08/19/1906, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Beckwith, William H, 1st CT CAV, 7th VRC, 1907, vt-thetford-postmills

Becotte, Joseph, 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, la-unknown

Bedard, Ezra, 8th VT INF, 05/07/1863, la-unknown

Bedard, Victor, 14th US INF, 08/16/1915, vt-unknown

Bedell, Albert J., 11th VT INF, 01/12/1910, vt-elmore-mtnroad

Bedell, Albert M., 1st NH HARTY, After 1895, vt-corinth-old

Bedell, Charles N., 11th VT INF, 06/27/1864, md-annapolis-national

Bedell, Charles N., 8th VT INF, 10/03/1914, ny-gouverneur-riverside

Bedell, Frank, 15th VT INF, 02/02/1924, mi-bigrapids-highland

Bedell, Henry Edson, 11th VT INF, 03/15/1911, vt-newport-eastmain

Bedell, John P., 5th VT INF, 07/28/1916, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Bedell, Moody Clarance, 11th VT INF, 12/13/1933, vt-hartford-point

Bee, Lewis, 6th VT INF, 10/10/1902, vt-albany-rowell

Beebe, Charles, 23rd MI INF, 02/28/1913, mi-otisville-smithhill

Beebe, Ebenezer L., 5th VT INF, 06/21/1862, un-unknown

Beebe, Ephraim Carlos, 23rd MI INF, 05/14/1912, mi-owosso-oakhill

Beebe, George Allison, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 08/10/1862, vt-highgate-sherwood

Beebe, Harvey C., 7th VT INF, 05/15/1895, vt-unknown

Beebe, Henry B., 125th NY INF, 9th US CINF, 02/18/1933, fl-jacksonville-evergreen

Beebe, Henry M., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Beebe, Henry William, 7th VT INF, 03/08/1919, vt-poultney-poultney

Beebe, John Dane, 31st WI INF, 11/17/1904, wi-augusta-eastlawn

Beebe, Julius Adrian, 6th WI INF, 04/05/1926, mn-akeley-lemon

Beebe, Norman Augustus, 127th IL INF, 11/19/1916, il-marengo-city

Beebe, Silas Finch, 24th CT INF, 06/15/1898, vt-putney-maplegrove

Beebe, Wilder, 19th WI INF, 05/20/1892, wi-excelsior-westfork

Beebe, William H H, 16th WI INF, After 04/10/1877, ca-bishop-westline

Beecher, George, 6th VT INF, 09/18/1916, vt-essex-common

Beede, Almon O., 118th NY INF, 01/30/1869, ny-keene-norton

Beede, Bliss Damon, 11th VT INF, 07/15/1910, vt-orange-orangecenter

Beede, Caleb Sleeper, 29th OH INF, 04/17/1877, oh-lenox-east

Beede, Charles, 4th NH INF, 03/14/1865, nc-unknown

Beede, Charles H., 13th VT INF, 04/04/1911, vt-topsham-west

Beede, Clark J., 9th VT INF, 03/29/1888, vt-corinth-west

Beede, David, 4th NH INF, 10th NH INF, 04/05/1881, me-togus-national

Beede, George W., 179th NY INF , Before 07/15/1890, ny-unknown

Beede, Horatio G., 13th VT INF, 11/23/1864, vt-orange-east

Beede, James K., 15th VT INF, Before 04/13/1908, ma-marblehead-harborview

Beede, Jesse Rogers, 11th VT INF, 12/29/1889, sd-vermillion-bluffview

Beede, John C., 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-orange-east

Beede, Orrin E., 118th NY INF , 10/01/1864, ny-keene-norton

Beede, Orson Alan, 118th NY INF, 04/01/1863, ny-keene-norton

Beede, Silas Madison, 15th VT INF, 06/26/1905, ma-marblehead-harborview

Beede, Washington C., 9th VT INF, 09/06/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Beede, William, 4th NH INF, 03/13/1865, nc-unknown

Beedle, Charles C., 8th VT INF, 10/16/1929, nh-keene-greenlawn

Beedle, Elisha T., 4th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 08/19/1915, vt-royalton-riverview

Beedle, Eugene T., 17th VT INF, 02/07/1865, vt-royalton-north

Beedle, Henry A., 9th VT INF, 07/29/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Beedle, Thomas J., 6th VT INF, 09/27/1862, md-unknown

Beedy, Aaron H., 9th ME INF, 14th ME INF, 06/03/1908, me-madrid-dunham

Beeman, Andrew J., 13th VT INF, Before 07/18/1890, ny-plattsburgh-catholic

Beeman, Henry H., 5th VT INF, 13th VRC, 1877, me-alna-alna

Beeman, James Madison Jr., 20th NY CAV, 01/17/1864, va-hampton-national

Beeman, Lewis N, 6th VT INF, after 1890, vt-unknown

Beeman, Orris Pier, 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1863, vt-fairfax-northfairfax

Beeman, Samuel, 8th VT INF, 11/24/1880, vt-brookfield-new

Beeman, William M., 1st VT CAV, 11/22/1918, ct-hartford-cedarhill

Been, Andrew M., 9th VT INF, 02/07/1899, vt-newhaven-munger

Beer, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Beers, Elbridge G., 16th NH INF, 01/27/1907, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Beers, Nathaniel E., 5th NH INF, 1st NH CAV, 04/19/1903, ct-naugatuck-grove

Beggs, James, 5th WI INF, 01/03/1891, wi-almond-spiritland

Begnor, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Begor, Peter, 6th VT INF, 02/21/1893, vt-monkton-boro

Beham, Alfred, 7th NY HARTY, 10/01/1906, vt-orwell-stpaul

Belair, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Belau, Semeas, 3rd VT INF, unknown, ma-worcester-notredame

Belcer, William, 3rd VT INF, 06/20/1864, va-unknown

Belcher, Henry, 84th IN INF, unknown, vt-randolph-southview

Belcher, Henry H., 1st VT INF, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Belcher, James, 13th MA INF, 81st US CINF, 05/19/1911, ma-marlborough-maplewood

Belden, Alfred Phineas, 5th VT INF, 05/14/1880, ny-whitehall-boardman

Belden, Charles D., 7th VT INF, 09/15/1910, vt-ripton-galvin

Belden, Elisha, 5th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 04/16/1869, vt-unknown

Belden, George D., 1st NY Maritime LARTY, 09/17/1912, il-unknown

Belden, Henry D., 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 05/21/1903, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Belden, James W., 7th CT INF, 10/01/1864, sc-unknown

Belden, John H., 14th VT INF, 05/27/1918, vt-danby-scottsville

Belden, Selden, 5th VT INF, before 6/17/1875, vt-benson-old

Belden, William H., 3rd MA INF, 18th Co. MA INF, 1910, ma-somerset-palmerst

Belden, Zachary T., 9th VT INF, 01/07/1909, nh-kingston-plains

Belding, Edward, 192nd NY INF, 10/15/1898, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Belding, Elisher, , 04/16/1869, vt-troy-north

Belding, Heman, 9th VT INF, 03/11/1864, vt-jay-center

Belding, Josiah D., 4th VT INF, 01/19/1903, oh-dayton-national

Belding, William H., 1st VT CAV, Before 07/12/1898, vt-unknown

Beldon, Homer, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Belford, John, 1st VT CAV, 10/07/1907, ms-ancona-anconamethodist

Belknap, Amos, 8th VT INF, After 1890, nh-monroe-village

Belknap, Chester P., 2nd NH INF, 1900, vt-dummerston-taft

Belknap, Fenelon A., 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 01/22/1898, vt-barton-welcome

Belknap, Franklin, 3rd VT INF, 11/17/1925, pq-sherbrooke-elmwood

Belknap, George F., 11th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 01/06/1905, vt-bennington-vetshome

Belknap, Thomas E., 31st IA INF, 05/22/1920, ia-green-rosehill

Belknap, William L., 12th VT INF, 01/16/1915, vt-middlebury-prospect

Bell, Abraham, 12th VT INF, 09/24/1912, ct-essex-riverview

Bell, Abraham, 14th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bell, Alexander, 4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 02/06/1897, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bell, Alonzo H., 4th VT INF, 01/01/1862, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Bell, Alva T., 3rd VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Bell, Anson R., 98th NY INF, 12/30/1931, vt-enosburgh-methodist

Bell, Benjamin F., 3rd VT INF, 05/13/1863, va-unknown

Bell, Bowers H., 1st NH INF, 18th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bell, Charles James, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/25/1909, vt-walden-northwalden

Bell, Clarance, USN, After 1900, mi-unknown

Bell, David Crayton, 8th VT INF, 02/02/1871, la-neworleans-greenwood

Bell, Edmund, 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Bell, Frank J., 18th NH INF, 10/24/1926, vt-springfield-summerhill

Bell, Freeborn E., 1st VT INF, 1904, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bell, George, 84th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bell, George Washington, 3rd NH INF, 11/20/1922, vt-westminster-west

Bell, Henry Clark, 8th VT INF, 1929, vt-halifax-bell

Bell, Henry H., 7th VT INF, 01/01/1892, nh-sutton-north

Bell, James, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bell, Jed, 5th VT INF, 10/23/1912, vt-peru-north

Bell, Jerome W., 11th VT INF, VRC, 1899, ma-springfield-springfield

Bell, John H., 2nd VT INF, After 03/23/1880, vt-enosburgh-west

Bell, Lewis C., 11th VT INF, 12/29/1911, vt-middlebury-west

Bell, Norman O., 11th VT INF, VRC, 01/26/1917, ny-knox-knox

Bell, Orville M., 17th VT INF, VRC, 08/13/1914, ca-losangeles-angelus

Bell, Richard, 5th VT INF, 02/11/1898, mn-clearwater-acacia

Bell, Samuel, 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, After 03/21/1882, un-unknown

Bell, William, 2nd VT LARTY, After 03/20/1889, un-unknown

Bell, William H., 11th VT INF, 06/01/1864, vt-franklin-stmarys

Bell, William H., 1st VT INF, 08/07/1886, vt-swanton-churchst

Bellamy, Emerson E., 4th VT INF, 09/26/1926, ne-hastings-parkview

Bellamy, Francis, 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 07/01/1894, vt-rutland-stjoseph

Bellamy, Henry H., 4th VT INF, 07/14/1863, vt-townshend-twitchell

Bellamy, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 01/22/1911, vt-rutland-stjoseph

Bellefie, Nelson, 5th VT INF, unknown, ny-portleyden-calvary

Belleisle, Sidney, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Belloers, George, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Belloir, Albert, 10th VT INF, 07/22/1864, va-unknown

Belloir, Phillier, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bellows, Albert Parsons, 11th VT INF, 07/04/1923, ca-woodbridge-masonic

Bellows, C. S., 116th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bellows, Eugene, 13th VT INF, 01/27/1875, vt-eden-corners

Bellows, Eugene C., 2nd VT INF, 12/11/1913, ca-unknown

Bellows, Eugene Frederick, 1st VT CAV, 01/09/1864, va-richmond-national

Bellows, Franklin, 8th VT INF, 07/20/1864, vt-readsboro-heartwellville

Bellows, Nelson, 11th VT INF, 07/07/1907, vt-wilmington-riverview

Bellows, Osmond F., 1st VT INF, 8th VT INF, 1897, vt-fairfax-safford

Bellows, Ruluf L., 6th VT INF, 05/13/1862, vt-burlington-greenmt

Bellows, Willard, 16th VT INF, 09/14/1911, vt-marlboro-clarkwarren

Bellows, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bellus, Manley E., 11th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Bellville, Joseph, 8th VT INF, VRC, 07/13/1918, ks-atchison-mtvernon

Bellware, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, pq-montreal-notredame

Belonger, Michael, 3rd WI INF, 12/21/1924, wi-shullsburg-stmatthews

Belrose, Franklin, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Belrose, George, 6th VT INF, 12/14/1905, vt-swanton-stmary

Belrose, Joseph, 6th VT INF, 06/01/1901, vt-swanton-stmary

Belser, James, 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/23/1903, vt-granby-village

Belser, John, 13th MA INF, 11/30/1913, ma-marlborough-maplewood

Belvel, Edward, 9th VT INF, 12/23/1900, vt-worcester-village

Belville, Edward, 8th VT INF, 10/10/1864, va-unknown

Belville, Lewis, 11th VT INF, 09/25/1907, vt-morrisville-riverside

Bement, James Hudson, 8th VT INF, 03/07/1917, mi-lakeorion-evergreen

Bement, William B., 8th VT INF, 03/19/1919, ma-reading-laurelhill

Bemis, Artemas W., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, Before 07/21/1886, ny-crownpoint-forestdale

Bemis, Arvin C., 1st NH CAV, 5th NH INF, 06/22/1919, vt-chester-smokeshire

Bemis, Calvin H., 4th VT INF, 11/24/1862, vt-weathersfield-upham

Bemis, Charles C., 16th VT INF, 03/22/1885, vt-glover-westlook

Bemis, George E., 11th VT INF, 11/07/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Bemis, George F., 3rd VT INF, 05/08/1864, va-unknown

Bemis, George N., 9th VT INF, 12/12/1920, nh-plaistow-town

Bemis, H. A., 2nd US ARTY, 08/29/1872, vt-hartford-point

Bemis, Harrison Otis, 18th CT INF, 07/24/1915, ct-danielson-oldwestfield

Bemis, Henry H., 16th VT INF, 05/12/1864, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bemis, Horace C., 1st MA HARTY, 12/24/1895, wi-oshkosh-riverside

Bemis, James, 16th VT INF, 05/30/1911, vt-cavendish-village

Bemis, John Lowell, 9th VT INF, 01/12/1910, vt-chester-smokeshire

Bemis, John M., 7th NY ARTY, Before 04/25/1894, un-unknown

Bemis, Joseph S., 33rd MA INF, 11/16/1865, vt-stamford-houghton

Bemis, Joseph T., 1st VT CAV, 08/11/1909, nh-whitefield-pinest

Bemis, Leonard C., 8th VT INF, VRC, 06/08/1881, ma-orange-central

Bemis, Levi C., 51st MA INF, 01/17/1892, vt-dummerston-greenwood

Bemis, Lowell R., 16th VT INF, 12/18/1918, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bemis, Lyman Jr., 10th VT INF, 01/18/1887, nh-benton-east

Bemis, Martin V. B., 11th VT INF, 10/14/1925, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bemis, Nahum, 7th VT INF, 12/07/1902, vt-chester-northst

Bemis, Oliver D., 4th VT INF, 5th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 07/11/1925, vt-huntington-maplewood

Bemis, Phineas, 4th VT INF, 02/26/1865, nc-wilmington-national

Bemis, Sidney F., 11th VT INF, 05/02/1932, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bemis, Silas B., 15th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 1893, vt-barre-elmwood

Bemis, Stearnes, 14th US INF, 04/06/1909, me-togus-national

Bemis, Warren L., 9th VT INF, 07/06/1906, vt-chester-smokeshire

Bemis, Warren S., 11th VT INF, 02/12/1881, vt-vernon-north

Bemis, Willard M., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Bemis, William H., 10th MA INF, 03/20/1901, ma-shelburne-arms

Bemis, William Whiting, 16th VT INF, 07/01/1908, ma-quincy-mtwollaston

Bender, William M., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY, 1st US INF, 09/21/1911, ny-cheektowaga-buffalo

Benedict, Abner R., 4th US INF, 05/15/1867, ny-brooklyn-greenwood

Benedict, Addison C., 2nd USSS, 1st VT CAV, 11/28/1912, vt-bristol-greenwood

Benedict, Charles M., 2nd VT INF, unknown, vt-northfield-falls

Benedict, Cornelius N., 12th VT INF, After 06/22/1863, un-unknown

Benedict, E. F., 112th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Benedict, Erastus C., 12th NY CAV, 06/28/1933, vt-newfane-woodlawn

Benedict, Faber, 8th VT INF, 12/08/1920, vt-bethel-east

Benedict, George Grenville, 12th VT INF, 04/08/1907, vt-burlington-greenmt

Benedict, Jasper A., 2nd VT INF, 08/03/1912, vt-poultney-poultney

Benedict, Joseph, 96th NY INF, 01/21/1902, vt-georgia-plains

Benedict, Wait Moses, 2nd VT INF, 02/1929, ma-worcester-hope

Benedict, William H., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Bengough, William M., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Benham, Edward E., 26th NY CAV, 10/15/1919, vt-brookfield-new

Benies, Aaron B., 42nd IL INF, 05/26/1929, ia-moville-arlington

Benjamin, Abram, 13th VT INF, 03/27/1910, ms-corinth-national

Benjamin, Benjamin Buzzel, 13th VT INF, 09/14/1894, vt-marshfield-eaton

Benjamin, Edward, 7th VT INF, 07/17/1862, la-unknown

Benjamin, Elmer F., 12th VT INF, 09/14/1863, vt-windsor-sheddsville

Benjamin, George W., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Benjamin, Henry, 9th VT INF, 57th NY INF, 12/27/1920, vt-bennington-parklawn

Benjamin, John, 1st VT CAV, 11/25/1895, vt-underhill-stthomas

Benjamin, Joseph, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Benjamin, Joseph Steven Martin, 1st VT CAV, 02/24/1920, vt-plainfield-village

Benjamin, Reuben, 14th VT INF, 08/15/1863, vt-bennington-village

Benjamin, Royal Plummer, 13th VT INF, 01/05/1912, vt-middlesex-northbr

Benjamin, Russell H., 2nd VT INF, 07/21/1861, va-unknown

Benjamin, Samuel W., 13th VT INF, 05/29/1918, vt-berlin-corner

Benjamin, Thomas J., 16th VT INF, unknown, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Benjamin, Thomas W., 11th VT INF, 11/24/1883, vt-hardwick-mainst

Bennett, Alexander, 2nd VT INF, 10/10/1908, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Bennett, Alfred N., 7th NH INF, 07/18/1863, sc-unknown

Bennett, Allen J., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 1863, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Bennett, Alva D., USN, 2nd NY VET CAV, before 10/14/1889, ny-unknown

Bennett, Amos, 11th VT INF, 10/28/1906, nh-marlborough-pinegrove

Bennett, Amos N., 2nd VT INF, 05/03/1863, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bennett, Belona, 5th VT INF, US VRC, 09/28/1916, vt-huntington-maplewood

Bennett, Brooks, Recruit, 11/19/1905, vt-mendon-mountain

Bennett, Charles, 8th VT INF, 02/27/1894, vt-roxbury-east

Bennett, Charles, 9th VT INF, 12/24/1864, vt-hinesburg-rhodeisland

Bennett, Charles, Salem Cadets (MA), 12/02/1871, vt-pownal-gardner

Bennett, Charles, 117th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Bennett, Charles C., 1st VT CAV, 1915, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bennett, Charles F., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bennett, Chauncey, 1st VT CAV, 07/29/1891, ne-omaha-forestlawn

Bennett, Daniel B., 2nd USSS, Before 03/27/1885, un-unknown

Bennett, Daniel F., 10th VT INF, VRC, 05/11/1907, mi-byron-winchester

Bennett, Daniel W., 14th VT INF, 07/15/1907, ma-winchendon-riverside

Bennett, Edgar, 118th NY INF , 11/24/1864, ny-north-river

Bennett, Edward, 44th NY INF , Unknown, vt-bennington-village

Bennett, Ezra, Unknown, unknown, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bennett, Ezra B., 17th NH INF, 01/15/1923, nh-lancaster-summerst

Bennett, Francis J., 9th VT INF, 04/23/1863, va-unknown

Bennett, Franklin, 31st WI INF, 08/20/1905, wi-albany-hillcrest

Bennett, Frederick C., , 07/10/1870, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Bennett, George F., 1st VT CAV, 05/01/1864, un-unknown

Bennett, George Parker, 16th VT INF, 02/15/1906, wi-clintonville-graceland

Bennett, George S., 10th MA INF, 11th US INF, VRC, 02/11/1925, nh-tilton-park

Bennett, George W., 10th VT INF, 12/12/1875, vt-manchester-dellwood

Bennett, Gideon, 4th VT INF, 04/25/1904, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Bennett, Harrison Tyler, USN, 11/07/1909, vt-manchester-dellwood

Bennett, Hazard, 1st VT CAV, 1909, mi-bigrapids-highland

Bennett, Henry, 1st NH HARTY, 01/10/1884, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Bennett, Henry, 137th NY INF , 06/09/1865, va-unknown

Bennett, Henry Lewis, 7th MA LARTY, 10/21/1920, ma-templeton-greenlawn

Bennett, Henry Wallis, 1st VT INF, 06/26/1861, vt-middlebury-footst

Bennett, Herbert A., 25th MA INF, 02/28/1915, vt-hartford-west

Bennett, Jacob W., 16th VT INF, 03/20/1918, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Bennett, James W., 2nd VT INF, After 03/14/1864, un-unknown

Bennett, John F., 15th VT INF, 05/28/1913, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Bennett, John W., 9th VT INF, 12/01/1904, ks-leavenworth-national

Bennett, John Wesley, 1st VT CAV, 06/21/1920, il-forestpark-foresthome

Bennett, Joseph H., 125th NY INF, 01/04/1914, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bennett, Josiah, 22nd NY INF , Unknown, ny-north-river

Bennett, Lemuel A., 11th VT INF, 02/19/1863, vt-calais-fairview

Bennett, Leonard Edward, 3rd VT INF, 08/18/1919, mn-stpaul-oakland

Bennett, Leonard Jr., 118th NY INF , 10/25/1864, ny-north-river

Bennett, Marcius A., 5th VT INF, VRC, 03/15/1892, vt-bolton-west

Bennett, Royal Zebulon, 118th NY INF, 05/18/1907, ny-brant-lake

Bennett, Schuyler A., 4th VT INF, 11/28/1874, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bennett, Stephen S., 15th MA INF, 1922, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Bennett, Stutely J., 125th NY INF, 05/12/1908, vt-woodford-city

Bennett, Warren F., 16th VT INF, 02/25/1901, vt-royalton-north

Bennett, Willard K., 5th VT INF, 06/30/1862, vt-manchester-dellwood

Bennett, William, 12th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bennett, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bennett, William W., 177th NY INF, 02/24/1910, ny-unknown

Bennie, James W., 11th VT INF, 03/04/1920, ar-walnut-walnut

Benoit, Frederick, 1st VT CAV, 03/27/1926, il-forestpark-foresthome

Benoit, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 08/22/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Benoit, Joseph, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Benson, Allen J., 11th VT INF, 08/21/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Benson, Alonzo P., 11th VT INF, Before 09/28/1907, mo-excelsiorsprings-crownhill

Benson, Andrew E., 123rd NY INF , 04/07/1913, ok-chactaw-elmwood

Benson, Andrew E., 123rd NY INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Benson, Austin L., 2nd VT INF, 04/13/1865, vt-mtholly-carlton

Benson, Charles J., 11th VT INF, 12/27/1895, vt-burlington-lakeview

Benson, Charles M., 1st MN INF, 09/12/1921, mn-morristown-riverside

Benson, Dexter, 7th VT INF, 12/17/1906, vt-rockingham-meetinghouse

Benson, Ellis, 20th TX INF, 10/26/1896, tx-houston-washington

Benson, Frank J., , 1907, vt-stowe-riverbank

Benson, George E., 5th VT INF, 1st MA HARTY, 11/18/1902, vt-winhall-bondville

Benson, George S., 9th VT INF, 06/06/1921, me-togus-national

Benson, Hamden W., 9th VT INF, 12/19/1864, va-citypoint-national

Benson, Harmon, 10th WI INF, 1889, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Benson, Henry Ellis, 16th VT INF, 03/05/1922, fl-staugustine-national

Benson, Homer H., 1st VT CAV, 09/19/1918, mi-tekonsha-riverside

Benson, Homer Henry, 10th WI INF, 12/01/1899, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Benson, Ira F., 22nd MI INF, 1910, mi-warren-union

Benson, Irvin Waterman, 2nd MI CAV, 08/15/1891, mi-buckley-cornell

Benson, Jefferson T., 8th VT INF, VRC, 11/05/1921, nh-amherst-meadowview

Benson, John O., 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Benson, Levi A., 16th VT INF, 04/09/1884, vt-norwich-watermanhill

Benson, Lucius M, 8th VT INF, 07/31/1862, la-chalmette-national

Benson, Madison J., 6th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/03/1927, mo-kansascity-mtmoriah

Benson, Nelson E., 6th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 11/24/1919, wa-seattle-gar

Benson, Orson H., 5th VT INF, 08/05/1862, un-unknown

Benson, Rodney L., 9th VT INF, 10/28/1864, va-hampton-national

Benson, William A., 7th VT INF, After 1890, ma-greenfield-greenriver

Benson, William Harrison, 2nd USSS, 10/10/1862, vt-landgrove-old

Benson, William W., 6th VT INF, 01/05/1886, vt-woodstock-riverst

Bent, Alonzo, 1st VT LARTY, 05/19/1917, vt-bennington-village

Bent, Charles E., 9th VT INF, 07/26/1902, ma-lowell-edson

Bent, Charles Frederick, 7th VT INF, 02/08/1895, vt-bennington-village

Bent, Daniel C., 6th VT INF, 03/03/1924, vt-ripton-cook

Bent, David P., 4th VT INF, 05/07/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Bent, William Henry, 1st VT LARTY, 10/22/1931, vt-bennington-village

Bentley, Edgar A., 1st VT CAV, 05/19/1905, vt-morristown-wheeler

Bentley, Hiland Lavin, 10th VT INF, 03/29/1940, ny-cincinnatus-lower

Bentley, Judson Willard, 10th VT INF, 02/27/1888, ri-cranston-pocasset

Bentley, Loomis M., 13th VT INF, before 1910, mn-unknown

Bentley, Loren P., 13th VT INF, 03/14/1918, ma-newbedford-rural

Bentley, Merrill W., 6th VT INF, 08/07/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bentley, Royal S/E, 6th VT INF, 11/18/1929, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bentley, Samuel Erastus, 5th VT INF, 02/02/1918, ma-newbedford-rural

Bentley, Truman, 14th VT INF, 11/16/1899, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Bentley, Wilson Amos, 13th VT INF, 06/25/1863, va-alexandria-national

Benton, Caleb Henry, 5th VT INF, 11/10/1890, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Benton, Frank, 45th USCI, 08/01/1865, la-alexandria-national

Benton, Harvey, 7th VT INF, 08/22/1867, vt-northfield-aldrich

Benton, Josiah H. Jr., 12th VT INF, After 4/1/1915, ma-jamaica-foresthills

Benton, Reuben Clark, 5th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 01/08/1895, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Benway, Asa M., 1st VT CAV, 03/02/1865, va-unknown

Benway, Charles, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Benway, Eli Willard, 11th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 10/16/1897, ks-westphalia-city

Benway, Henry S., 13th WI INF, 11/22/1911, wi-wood-national

Benway, John Henry, 9th VT INF, 06/16//1904, vt-unknown

Benway, Joseph, 174th NY INF , 06/23/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Benway, Louis, 9th VT INF, 05/1933, oh-miamisburg-hillgrove

Benway, Teuse, 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Benwin, Peter, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Berard, Peter, 3rd VT LARTY, 10/16/1910, vt-charlotte-mtcarmel

Bergen, John, 6th VT INF, Before 11/12/1888, ma-unknown

Berges, Peter, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bergin, George D., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bergin, Michael, 3rd VT INF, 11/26/1885, ri-westwarwick-stmary

Berkley, Roderick, 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 10/01/1916, mn-unknown

Berkley, William H., 8th VT INF, 11/12/1915, ia-clearlake-clearlake

Bernard, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 09/18/1913, il-chicago-mtolive

Bernard, Joseph, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bernard, Samuel E., 16th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, unknown, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bernheim, Samuel, 5th VT INF, 03/25/1865, va-unknown

Bernor, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/08/1918, vt-burlington-greenmt

Bero, Joseph, Recruit, 05/10/1916, ny-hogansburg-mohawk

Bero, Oliver, 8th VT INF, 04/29/1896, vt-braintree-lowerbranch

Berry, Albert F., 1st NH HARTY, 08/22/1923, me-fryeburg-pinegrove

Berry, Allen W., 3rd VT INF, 06/10/1870, vt-derby-pinehill

Berry, Asa W., 22nd NY INF, 07/04/1876, vt-rutland-evergreen

Berry, Aylmer M., 6th VT INF, 03/21/1915, vt-sutton-village

Berry, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Berry, Chauncey R., 3rd VT INF, 09/26/1903, me-portland-evergreen

Berry, Edward, 3rd VT INF, VRC, 08/08/1881, vt-unknown

Berry, Edwin, 7th VT INF, 12/06/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Berry, H. H., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Berry, Jeremiah, 59th NY INF , 11/01/1920, fl-unknown

Berry, John, 3rd NY HARTY, 04/14/1906, vt-bennington-vetshome

Berry, Leonard C., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 1903, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Berry, Nelson H., 7th KS CAV, 09/13/1880, vt-bethel-east

Berry, Peter, 16th NY HARTY, 1910, vt-dorset-stjerome

Berry, Richard, 8th VT INF, 05/23/1864, la-chalmette-national

Berry, Solon K., 15th VT INF, 04/19/1900, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Berry, Stephen, 4th VT INF, 12/27/1911, vt-sutton-village

Berry, Thomas C., 15th VT INF, 12/06/1908, vt-lyndon-center

Berthiaume, John B., 10th VT INF, 11/14/1933, vt-islandpond-oldcath

Berto, Lucian Warren, 36th WI INF, 11/29/1900, wi-hixton-sechlerville

Bertram, Edward, 17th VT INF, 10/11/1904, il-quincy-sunset

Bertrand, Isaac, 7th MN INF, 09/14/1919, wi-unknown

Bertrand, John Henry, 1st MN HARTY, 03/16/1936, mn-unknown

Bertrand, Napoleon, 8th VT INF, After 03/14/1907, ny-littlefalls-fairview

Bertrand, Napoleon Jr., 1st VT INF, 8th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 10/14/1906, vt-stalbans-holycross

Bessett, Alexander, 11th VT INF, 03/25/1888, ma-gardner-crystallake

Bessett, Antoine, 17th VT INF, 04/03/1865, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Bessett, Edward, 9th VT INF, 1897, vt-richmond-stmary

Bessette, Frederick, 37th WI INF, 01/19/1905, wi-unknown

Bessette, John, 10th VT INF, 08/26/1902, vt-ferrisburgh-friends

Bessette, Joseph, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/12/1901, vt-charlotte-grandview

Bessey, Charles, 1st IA CAV, 06/13/1893, ca-losangeles-evergreen

Bessey, Edgar F., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bessey, Rodman, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 06/18/1864, va-arlington-national

Bessy, Daniel E., 1st USSS, 96th NY INF, 10/27/1864, ny-harrietstown-harrietstown

Best, Marcus A., 13th VT INF, 11/26/1896, vt-highgate-center

Betterley, Thomas F., 8th VT INF, 12/24/1933, vt-brattleboro-west

Betterly, Alfred A., 8th VT INF, 05/31/1927, vt-newfane-williamsville

Betterly, Franklin W., 1st VT CAV, 11/11/1892, tn-nashville-national

Betterly, George S., 8th VT INF, After 4/1/1915, ma-chicopee-fairview

Betterly, Gilbert W., 8th VT INF, 10/03/1912, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Betters, Austin, 10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY, 10/03/1921, mt-missoula-missoula

Betters, John B., 10th VT INF, VRC, after 1910, ca-unknown

Betters, John B., 10th VT INF, 05/11/1907, oh-dayton-national

Betters, Mitchell, 3rd VT INF, 05/11/1905, pq-stanstead-catholic

Bettey, John Henry, 9th IA CAV, 04/02/1940, wi-lonerock-lonerock

Bettis, John C., 1st VT INF, 05/10/1922, vt-morristown-mtview

Bettis, Lewis, 6th VT INF, VRC, 12/02/1891, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Betts, Henry, 118th NY INF , 1918, ny-crownpoint-forestdale

Betts, Willis W., 4th NY HARTY, 04/14/1898, vt-poultney-poultney

Betzler, Matthews, 2nd VT LARTY, 01/29/1864, la-porthudson-national

Beutch, Peter, 3rd VT LARTY, 04/21/1864, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Beverstock, Edward, 1st OH LARTY, 10/08/1903, oh-tontogany-washington

Bevins, Alvah, 9th IA INF, 03/07/1862, ar-fayetteville-national

Bevis, James, 93rd NY INF, 03/26/1895, vt-arlington-west

Biathrow, Henry H., 11th NH INF, 03/20/1883, vt-royalton-south

Biathrow, Lewis Jr., 16th NH INF, 06/05/1863, la-chalmette-national

Bickford, Almeron C., 11th VT INF, 04/09/1904, vt-halifax-west

Bickford, Charles, 6th VT INF, 10/11/1889, mn-albertlea-itasca

Bickford, Charles B., 15th VT INF, 11/03/1909, ok-okcity-fairlawn

Bickford, Charles W., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 03/15/1875, nh-unknown

Bickford, Dennis N., 8th VT INF, 10/06/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bickford, Edwin F., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 04/20/1886, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bickford, Frederick True, 5th VT INF, 01/14/1903, dc-washington-rockcreek

Bickford, George D., 1st VT CAV, 05/26/1913, vt-glover-westlook

Bickford, George W., 6th VT INF, unknown, vt-brunswick-connecticut

Bickford, George W., 4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 06/01/1906, vt-woodford-city

Bickford, George Washington, 6th VT INF, 08/14/1928, sd-artesian-mtpleasant

Bickford, Hannibal, 1st MN HARTY, 06/26/1909, wa-gigharbor-gigharbor

Bickford, Harley A., 15th VT INF, 01/25/1916, mn-unknown

Bickford, Henry, 1st VT CAV, 1st VT BGD Band, 07/17/1923, ct-hartford-springgrove

Bickford, Hiram R., 10th VT INF, 10/16/1864, vt-waterbury-old

Bickford, Ira E., 17th VT INF, 01/19/1897, vt-fletcher-binghamville

Bickford, James H., 11th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 06/07/1864, va-alexandria-national

Bickford, James Harvey, 1st VT CAV, 10/12/1909, nh-lebanon-west

Bickford, John William, 3rd VT INF, 07/20/1911, nh-rochester-rochester

Bickford, Joseph S., 1st USSS, 06/14/1864, va-unknown

Bickford, Noah E., 3rd NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bickford, Norris W., 48th IN INF, 02/19/1913, in-marion-national

Bickford, Oliver, 11th VT INF, 07/31/1864, va-arlington-national

Bickford, Oscar Campbell, 15th VT INF, 11/06/1915, pq-dudswell-lakeside

Bickford, Owen, 77th IL LARTY, 05/12/1903, vt-albany-south

Bickford, Rensallear, 3rd VT INF, 6th VT INF, 12/07/1885, ks-larned-larned

Bickford, Riley M., 2nd VT INF, 08/16/1907, nh-gilmanton-smithmeetinghouse

Bickford, Robert S., 10th VT INF, 09/07/1905, vt-waterbury-village

Bickford, Samuel, 15th VT INF, 07/25/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Bickford, Sylvester, 11th VT INF, 03/24/1909, ma-gill-riverside

Bickford, Thomas Jr., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 06/16/1915, nh-lisbon-salmonhole

Bickford, Walter, 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Bickford, Wilber E., 11th VT INF, 12/04/1920, on-unknown

Bickford, Zebina Y., 6th VT INF, 04/30/1862, va-yorktown-national

Bicknell, Dennis H., 2nd VT INF, USA, VRC, 01/10/1897, wa-kirkland-kirkland

Bicknell, F Wallace, USN, 08/08/1916, il-forestpark-foresthome

Bicknell, Frederick Thompson, 23rd WI INF, 07/16/1915, ca-inglewood-park

Bicknell, George C., 7th VT INF, 06/28/1920, vt-jericho-center

Bicknell, Orlando L., 12th VT INF, 10/21/1906, il-forestpark-foresthome

Bicknell, William, 4th VT INF, 01/06/1914, vt-norwich-hillside

Bicknell, William E., 17th VT INF, 08/28/1918, vt-bristol-greenwood

Biden, John, 11th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-unknown

Bidgood, William H., 13th NY CAV, unknown, vt-shrewsbury-northam

Bidwell, Edward, 2nd NY VET CAV, 9/17/1864, va-unknown

Bidwell, Emory Smith, 5th VT INF, 10/07/1864, vt-middlebury-prospect

Bienvenue, Lucius, 8th VT INF, 07/18/1919, vt-newport-eastmain

Biette, Edward, 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bigelow, Alexander T., 15th VT INF, 11/27/1923, va-arlington-national

Bigelow, Alonzo, 4th VT INF, 02/09/1869, vt-bennington-village

Bigelow, Alvah H., 3rd VT INF, 01/12/1923, ma-salem-harmonygrove

Bigelow, Amasa P., 7th VT INF, 10/07/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Bigelow, Charles A, 17th VT INF, 05/30/1864, vt-barre-wilson

Bigelow, Charles L., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bigelow, Ebenezer G., 2nd VT LARTY, After 11/26/1864, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bigelow, Edwin C., 15th VT INF, 09/17/1898, vt-unknown

Bigelow, Frank W., 2nd MA HARTY, 11/10/1865, vt-chelsea-village

Bigelow, George H., 6th VT INF, VRC, 07/01/1923, vt-peacham-corner

Bigelow, George Henry, 12th VT INF, 03/27/1888, vt-burlington-elmwood

Bigelow, George Lewis, 15th MI INF, 09/05/1913, mi-dayton-dayton

Bigelow, George M., 9th VT INF, 03/11/1914, vt-lyndon-center

Bigelow, George W., 10th MA INF, 06/10/1910, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Bigelow, Horace P., 8th VT INF, after 1890, vt-unknown

Bigelow, Hugh, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bigelow, James S., 8th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Bigelow, John B., 6th VT INF, Before 05/21/1888, vt-unknown

Bigelow, John Jr., 3rd MA CAV, 07/08/1911, ma-randolph-oakland

Bigelow, John L., 11th VT INF, 07/22/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Bigelow, Lewis F., 8th VT INF, 07/26/1891, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Bigelow, Lucius, 5th VT INF, 03/10/1916, vt-burlington-elmwood

Bigelow, Orson Thayer, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/23/1914, sd-watertown-mthope

Bigelow, Robert C., 15th VT INF, 07/04/1905, ne-ulysses-ulysses

Bigelow, Rufus, 8th VT INF, 11/23/1928, vt-peacham-corner

Bigelow, Samuel L., 2nd USSS, 06/14/1864, ny-salem-evergreen

Bigelow, William, 5th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bigelow, William G., 5th VT INF, 09/09/1927, oh-unknown

Bigelow, William H., 21st IL INF, 05/04/1900, il-danville-national

Biggs, J. S., MI ARTY, After 1880, ks-unknown

Biggs, Martin I., 93rd NY INF, 09/11/1916, vt-bennington-parklawn

Bigsby, Edgar, 14th VT INF, 06/30/1913, wi-wauwatosa-wauwatosa

Bill, Curtis Harvey, USA, 5th TN CAV, 07/24/1905, vt-albany-village

Bill, David, 3rd MN INF, 11/25/1912, or-oregoncity-mtnview

Bill, Edward S., 8th MN INF, unknown, mn-waterford-redrose

Bill, Joel B., 4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/12/1899, vt-unid

Bill, Silas, 9th VT INF, VRC, 05/31/1889, vt-woodbury-harvey

Billargon, Francis, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Billcock, John, 9th VT INF, 09/19/1909, wy-lander-mthope

Billings, Alexander, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Billings, Alfred E., 14th VT INF, USV, 03/18/1923, la-unknown

Billings, Benjamin F., 1st USSS, US Army, 06/09/1921, ma-waltham-mtfeake

Billings, Bertrand W., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 08/06/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Billings, Calvin, 11th VT INF, 5th NY CAV, Before 2/13/1891, ny-unknown

Billings, Charles, 10th VT INF, 07/08/1864, va-alexandria-national

Billings, Charles D., 13th VT INF, 05/19/1863, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Billings, David C., 1st VT INF, 10/05/1888, vt-rutland-evergreen

Billings, Edgar M., 4th MI INF, 07/25/1892, mi-flint-avondale

Billings, Edward L., 2nd WI INF, 01/24/1937, wa-monroe-oddfellows

Billings, George W., 16th VT INF, 01/24/1898, vt-weathersfield-ascutneyville

Billings, Jacob, 1st IN CAV, 03/07/1921, wa-orting-soldiers

Billings, Jeremiah, 5th MA CAV, 12/30/1913, ma-northampton-bridgest

Billings, John, 12th NY CAV, 10/22/1874, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Billings, John A., 193rd NY INF, 04/27/1914, ks-topeka-rochester

Billings, Lyman, 17th WI INF, 10/27/1862, wi-newlondon-floralhill

Billings, Orlando, 13th VT INF, 04/30/1901, mn-kasson-maplegrove

Billings, Stephen Jr., 2nd VT INF, 02/23/1920, vt-bennington-vetshome

Billings, William Wallace, 3rd VT INF, 04/28/1917, or-sweethome-liberty

Billow, John S., 4th US CAV, Before 5/9/1889, un-unknown

Bills, Allen, 2nd VT INF, 12/29/1864, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bills, Franklin, 2nd VT INF, 02/20/1899, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bills, George, 6th VT INF, 12/02/1862, md-unknown

Bills, Joel, 4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/12/1899, vt-unknown

Bingham, Albert H., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bingham, Aram, 7th VT INF, 05/01/1924, vt-williston-east

Bingham, Carlos S., 11th NH INF, 08/12/1916, vt-middlesex-center

Bingham, Charles, 7th MN INF, 04/09/1911, sd-madison-graceland

Bingham, Charles W., 2nd VT INF, 01/27/1918, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Bingham, Fenno Cummings, 17th VT INF, 05/16/1924, ks-junctioncity-highland

Bingham, George, 15th VT INF, 02/27/1863, vt-charleston-buck

Bingham, George A., 4th VT INF, 10/19/1872, vt-randolph-southview

Bingham, Henry O., USA, unknown, un-unknown

Bingham, Henry Smith, 19th WI INF, 02/19/1875, wi-sparta-woodlawn

Bingham, James E., 1st MN CAV, Before 08/01/1890, mn-unknown

Bingham, John A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bingham, Leonard P., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/30/1864, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Bingham, Leroy Monroe, 2nd VT INF, 11/27/1911, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bingham, Lucian Harvey, 17th VT INF, 05/28/1864, va-arlington-national

Bingham, Marlow, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/11/1923, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Bingham, Peter, 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-randolph-center

Bingham, Reginald Heber, 1st MN CAV, 07/14/1890, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Bingham, Solomon, 17th VT INF, 06/17/1864, va-unknown

Bingham, William Harrison, 14th VT INF, 11/08/1916, vt-cornwall-evergreen

Binnings, Daniel S., 118th NY INF , 08/17/1913, ny-plattsburgh-riverside

Birchard, Sardis, 11th VT INF, 08/22/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Birchard, Willard, 5th VT INF, 10/23/1911, vt-goshen-goshen

Bird, Daniel, 11th VT INF, 04/08/1898, vt-stalbans-mtcalvary

Bird, Edward, 5th VT INF, 02/23/1890, vt-brandon-stmarys

Bird, Elijah W., 9th VT INF, 12/14/1904, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Bird, James B., 5th VT INF, VRC, 11/24/1910, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Bird, Riley A., 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-bristol-greenwood

Birdsall, Tyler Fontain, 12th VT INF, 08/11/1878, vt-rutland-evergreen

Birge, Alpheus W., 7th MO INF, 11th MO INF, 02/11/1899, ks-leavenworth-national

Birmingham, John W., 52nd MA INF, 10/17/1895, vt-bennington-newcatholic

Birmingham, Thomas, 33rd MO INF, 01/16/1916, ok-newkirk-newkirk

Birney, Thomas J., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Birtel, John, 45th NY INF, 06/25/1915, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bisbee, Charles J., 11th VT INF, 11/30/1864, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Bisbee, George W., 9th VT INF, 10/30/1863, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Bisbee, James E., 11th VT INF, 12/26/1910, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Bisbee, John, 8th VT INF, 12/21/1917, vt-newport-pinegrove

Bisbee, Lewis Henry, 9th VT INF, 05/08/1898, il-chicago-graceland

Bisbee, Willard J., 11th VT INF, 11/18/1864, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Biscorner, Jeremiah, 13th VT INF, 12/11/1925, vt-morristown-randolph

Biscorner, Mitchell, 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Biscorner, Oliver, 5th VT INF, 06/21/1862, un-unknown

Biscorner, William, 17th VT INF, 05/20/1864, vt-morristown-randolph

Bishop, Albon Francis, 1st NH CAV, 11/15/1927, vt-unknown

Bishop, Anson John, 57th MA INF, 08/22/1923, nh-conway-north

Bishop, Charles, 3rd VT INF, After 09/01/1899, un-unknown

Bishop, Charles Levesque, 11th VT INF, 01/05/1920, ri-pawtucket-notredame

Bishop, Charles N., 4th IA INF, 03/25/1865, nc-wilmington-national

Bishop, Charles W., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/22/1864, va-hampton-national

Bishop, Eben W., 7th VT INF, 12/28/1931, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bishop, Elbert, 20th IA INF, 10/1927, ia-unknown

Bishop, Emerson, 11th VT INF, 01/08/1865, ga-andersonville-national

Bishop, George, 2nd VT LARTY, 11/26/1915, vt-washington-maplehill

Bishop, George H., 52nd IL INF, 10/26/1919, vt-barre-elmwood

Bishop, George Isaac, 8th VT INF, 11/07/1920, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bishop, George W., 134th NY INF , 04/04/1911, vt-unknown

Bishop, Harvey, 14th VT INF, 09/04/1920, vt-castleton-hillside

Bishop, Harvey W., 13th NH INF, 08/24/1914, vt-unknown

Bishop, Henry Hosea, 1st VT INF, 05/02/1915, nh-keene-west

Bishop, Hersey Major, 15th VT INF, 01/29/1863, pq-dudswell-lakeside

Bishop, Hiram, 14th VT INF, 04/17/1906, ne-lincoln-wyuka

Bishop, Hiram J., USN, 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF, 01/17/1865, died-at-sea

Bishop, Isaac D., 16th VT INF, 07/06/1886, vt-readsboro-village

Bishop, Jacob, 5th USC INF, 8th CT INF, 3rd CT INF, 02/02/1895, nh-winchester-sparish

Bishop, James, 20th IA INF, 06/17/1896, ks-axtell-rosehill

Bishop, Jeremiah, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/02/1889, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Bishop, Jerome, 3rd VT INF, 11/14/1933, vt-islandpond-lakeside

Bishop, Jesse F., 5th VT INF, 06/10/1900, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bishop, John C., 15th PA CAV, 09/02/1882, pa-coudersport-andrews

Bishop, John H., 4th VT INF, 07/03/1906, ma-groton-groton

Bishop, Leon, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/12/1927, vt-washington-maplehill

Bishop, Leonard N., 1st VT CAV, 12/01/1864, sc-florence-national

Bishop, Nathan, 16th VT INF, 06/30/1875, vt-readsboro-south

Bishop, Nathan, 14th NY ARTY, 01/22/1917, ny-adams-union

Bishop, Oriel D., 10th WI INF, 34th NJ INF, 02/05/1905, wi-chilton-hillside

Bishop, Orlando S., 1st VT CAV, 03/19/1918, vt-poultney-poultney

Bishop, Samuel, 11th VT INF, 07/25/1901, vt-orwell-mtview

Bishop, Seth M., 4th VT INF, 09/10/1879, vt-readsboro-south

Bishop, Smith B., 7th VT INF, 12/03/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bishop, Stephen, 6th VT INF, 12/30/1898, vt-woodstock-cushing

Bishop, Stephen Chester, 11th VT INF, 04/21/1914, vt-benson-fairview

Bishop, Thomas, 3rd VT INF, 01/13/1913, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Bishop, William Henry, 127th IL INF, 06/28/1899, pq-dixville-dixville

Bissaillon, Alexander, 1st VT CAV, After 04/11/1876, un-unknown

Bissell, Albert W., 9th VT INF, before 05/14/1891, md-unknown

Bissell, Allen B., 12th VT INF, After 09/16/1898, oh-cleveland-riverside

Bissell, Augustus H., 52nd MA INF, 02/02/1927, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Bissell, Edward B., 9th VT INF, 01/17/1928, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Bissell, Edward Moses, 6th VT INF, 06/17/1910, pa-noxen-orcutt

Bissell, Elbridge, 16th VT INF, 02/23/1899, ks-osagecity-ridgeway

Bissell, George M., 8th VT INF, 11/08/1876, vt-wardsboro-fairview

Bissell, Lucius W., 8th VT INF, 73rd USCI, 10/22/1900, nh-keene-west

Bissell, Simon B., USN, 02/18/1883, fr-unknown

Bissett, Abram, 17th VT INF, 06/19/1864, va-unknown

Bissett, Joseph, 17th VT INF, 05/15/1864, va-unknown

Bissette, Joseph, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bissette, Napoleon, 11th VT INF, 01/12/1932, vt-brandon-pinehill

Bissonett, John, 11th VT INF, 01/13/1924, vt-hinesburg-village

Bissonett, Marble, 14th VT INF, 09/01/1887, vt-hinesburg-village

Bissonett, Paschal, 8th VT INF, unknown, ma-nbrookfield-walnutgrove

Bissonette, Ambrose, Recruit, 2nd VT INF, 06/15/1877, vt-charlotte-mtcarmel

Bissonette, Dennis, 17th VT INF, 08/04/1904, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bissonette, Lewis N., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, VRC, 05/20/1909, vt-hinesburg-village

Bissonette, Napoleon, 5th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 09/13/1891, mt-milescity-custer

Bissonette, Theophile, 1st VT INF, 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Bitney, John, 6th VT INF, 11/09/1864, pa-philadelphia-national

Bixby, Almon, Recruit, 11/09/1862, md-annapolis-national

Bixby, Amos L., 1st NH HARTY, 04/21/1905, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Bixby, Anson C., 5th VT INF, After 01/30/1866, un-unknown

Bixby, Armentus B., 4th VT INF, 05/03/1909, vt-poultney-poultney

Bixby, Benjamin, 11th NH INF, 07/19/1925, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Bixby, Charles A., 3rd VT INF, 1925, ks-rossville-rossville

Bixby, Charles Henry, 1st VT CAV, 01/07/1919, ks-milford-milford

Bixby, Charles Wesley, 4th VT INF, 10/13/1925, ks-wichita-highland

Bixby, Clarence W., 11th NH INF, 08/07/1914, nh-charlestown-hopehill

Bixby, Cyrus, 9th VT INF, 04/24/1906, nh-meredith-plymouthst

Bixby, Dudley C., 3rd VT INF, 03/09/1911, un-unknown

Bixby, Franklin, 6th VT INF, 04/20/1910, vt-topsham-bixby

Bixby, Freeman, 13th VT INF, 12/18/1886, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bixby, George Parker, 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Bixby, Haskell Freeman, 5th VT INF, 04/25/1928, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Bixby, Henry Roger, 26th NY CAV, 09/19/1891, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bixby, Hiram P., 1st VT INF, 2nd VT INF, 07/05/1898, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Bixby, Jacob M., 12th VT INF, 09/22/1902, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bixby, Jacob S., 10th MN INF, unknown, mn-richville-oakwood

Bixby, James Austin, 5th VT INF, 05/11/1892, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Bixby, James P., 10th VT INF, 05/21/1881, vt-westford-osgood

Bixby, Jason R., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 12/12/1861, vt-topsham-bixby

Bixby, John Oscar, 5th VT INF, 12/14/1881, vt-unknown

Bixby, Luman Lewis, 10th VT INF, 12/22/1905, ia-estherville-eastside

Bixby, Marquis J., 16th VT INF, 04/11/1894, vt-unknown

Bixby, Martin J., 4th VT INF, 04/17/1914, nh-claremont-mtnview

Bixby, Nelson J., Recruit, unknown, vt-topsham-bixby

Bixby, Orville, 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-chelsea-highland

Bixby, Robert Jr., 5th VT INF, 11/10/1910, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Bixby, Russell C., 6th VT INF, 04/20/1883, nh-tilton-joshualane

Bixby, Russell C., 1st VT CAV, 02/15/1865, va-unknown

Bixby, Samuel S., 2nd MA INF, 01/1890, ny-heuvelton-hillcrest

Bixby, Solomon F., 15th VT INF, 08/31/1866, vt-chelsea-highland

Bixby, Thomas C., 7th VT INF, 04/02/1903, oh-cincinatti-wesleyan

Bixby, William H., 9th VT INF, 05/06/1912, wi-wood-national

Black, Charles H., 29th IA INF, 02/1863, tn-memphis-national

Black, Henry, 2nd ME INF, 07/09/1864, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Black, Henry, 3rd MA HARTY, 07/09/1864, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Black, Henry Harrison, 8th VT INF, 03/08/1914, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Black, Hyde H., 124th IL INF, 05/14/1917, ca-sanbernardino-mtnview

Black, James F., 8th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Black, John, 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Black, John H., 14th VT INF, 04/01/1910, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Black, John Ransom, 6th NH INF, 11/4/1903, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Black, Jotham A., 10th VT INF, 11/22/1906, pa-erie-lakeside

Black, Marcelon E., 29th IA INF, 9th IA CAV, 08/28/1902, wi-unknown

Black, Peter, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Black, Robert, 11th VT INF, 09/18/1864, va-unknown

Black, Robert T., 14th VT INF, 10/10/1911, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Black, Rollin Simon, 5th WI LARTY, 02/15/1932, ia-corning-walnutgrove

Black, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Black, William A., 14th VT INF, 03/14/1917, ne-westpoint-mthope

Blackburn, Charles William, 6th VT INF, 09/26/1917, az-bisbee-evergreen

Blackburn, William, 11th VT INF, VRC, After 1890, un-unknown

Blackman, Alpheus Theodore, 119th IN INF, 03/05/1916, ia-idagrove-idagrove

Blackmar, Armand Edward, Civilian, 10/28/1888, la-neworleans-greenwood

Blackmer, Barton T., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 08/29/1929, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Blackmer, Charles Johnson, 5th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 08/11/1892, mi-baldwin-pleasantplains

Blackmer, Dennis M., 1st VT CAV, 01/23/1904, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Blackmer, Franklin Ira, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/10/1929, vt-brandon-pinehill

Blackmer, Hiram G., Recruit, 03/13/1921, vt-westford-pleasantview

Blackmer, Hiram Warren, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/17/1908, vt-brandon-pinehill

Blackmer, John Collins, 135th IN INF, 10/27/1907, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Blackmer, Lewis W., 3rd VT INF, After 4/1/1915, ma-hardwick-hardwick

Blackmer, Rollin M., 2nd VT LARTY, 10/04/1908, mi-baldwin-pleasantplains

Blackstone, Benjamin Edward, 12th NH INF, 04/03/1912, nh-bristol-homeland

Blackstone, H. W., 33rd MA INF, 10/16/1899, vt-troy-north

Blaco, Joseph E., 14th VT INF, After 2/20/1907, un-unknown

Blain, Joseph C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Blain, Joseph C., 10th NH INF, 08/26/1911, nh-manchester-stjoseph

Blair, Charles R., 2nd VT INF, After 4/15/1907, mn-eyota-oakgrove

Blair, Enos, 2nd VT INF, After 05/21/1864, un-unknown

Blair, Frank E., 56th PA INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Blair, Frederick C., USN, 06/06/1917, ma-hingham-liberty

Blair, George P., 1st VT CAV, 06/18/1907, vt-peacham-corner

Blair, Henry, 1st NH HARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Blair, Henry, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Blair, Horace E., 118th NY INF , 04/07/1912, mn-burtrum-bearhead

Blair, Isaiah, 11th VT INF, 03/06/1914, vt-morrisville-riverside

Blair, Israel, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12/23/1926, ca-losangeles-national

Blair, James, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blair, James W., 2nd VT INF, After 06/08/1882, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Blair, John, 4th VT INF, 01/25/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Blair, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 1904, ma-uxbridge-prospecthill

Blair, Joseph C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Blair, Lewis, 9th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 10/30/1864, va-hampton-national

Blair, Matthew, 13th VT INF, 56th MA INF, 06/18/1864, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Blair, Peter, 6th VT INF, 10/04/1908, vt-enosburgh-newcatholic

Blair, Robert M., USN, 04/02/1899, ok-enid-enid

Blair, Samuel, 1st VT CAV, 10/20/1862, va-alexandria-national

Blair, Samuel N., 8th VT INF, 02/11/1925, sd-hotsprings-vets

Blair, Thomas, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blair, William, 13th VT INF, 06/07/1873, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Blaisdale, Frederick Emerson, 3rd VT INF, 5th US CAV, 1st VT CAV, 10/23/1883, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Blaisdell, Alonzo Charles, 1st VT INF, 01/09/1908, ma-everett-glenwood

Blaisdell, Darwin A., 6th VT INF, 07/07/1867, vt-swanton-browns

Blaisdell, Edson George, Civilian, 10/16/1923, vt-bridport-central

Blaisdell, Edward, 11th VT INF, 11/01/1904, vt-hartford-point

Blaisdell, Franklin, 16th VT INF, 02/10/1888, vt-hartford-point

Blaisdell, George, 4th VT INF, 11/29/1861, va-unknown

Blaisdell, Hartwell, 6th VT INF, 08/06/1932, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Blaisdell, Horace D., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/06/1926, ma-agawam-center

Blaisdell, Jerome, 1st NH INF, 4th NH INF, 08/16/1864, vt-swanton-woodshill

Blaisdell, Jonathan A., 11th VT INF, 08/01/1876, mn-mapleton-sterling

Blaisdell, Luman, 1st VT CAV, 12/11/1863, va-culpeper-national

Blaisdell, Oliver P., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, After 10/19/1865, un-unknown

Blaisdell, Solon G., 12th NH INF, 04/06/1897, ca-mokelumne-protestant

Blaisdell, William, 11th MA INF, 06/23/1864, va-unknown

Blaisdell, William W., 3rd VT INF, 12/05/1906, ma-lowell-edson

Blake, Albert A., 1st MN HARTY, 04/24/1925, ks-leavenworth-national

Blake, Alson H., 9th VT INF, 05/02/1921, ia-manchester-oakland

Blake, Arthur Parker, 4th VT INF, 6th VT INF, 12/13/1864, va-winchester-national

Blake, Asahel Jr., 11th VT INF, VRC, 04/02/1908, vt-northfield-mthope

Blake, Benjamin M., 6th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 02/14/1895, vt-topsham-west

Blake, Charles E., 6th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Blake, Charles N., 4th VT INF, 01/25/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Blake, Charles Wesley, 8th VT INF, 74th US CINF, 11/10/1905, vt-eden-corners

Blake, Clark Hamilton, 26th NY CAV, 10/28/1896, vt-swanton-churchst

Blake, Cyrus Oscar, USN, 06/25/1917, mo-carthage-park

Blake, Daniel W., 7th VT INF, 03/06/1896, vt-cabot-south

Blake, Don W., USN, 01/31/1916, vt-sharon-pinehill

Blake, Edgar R., 8th VT INF, 11/26/1877, ma-dorchester-cedargrove

Blake, Edgar R., USN, 0, un-unknown

Blake, Edward A., 16th CT INF, 02/02/1863, va-unknown

Blake, Elias C., 2nd USSS, 04/24/1920, wa-tumwater-masonic

Blake, Francis H., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, Frank V., 49th MA INF, 01/11/1864, vt-bennington-village

Blake, Frederick H., 2nd VT INF, After 04/16/1885, ny-chatham-rural

Blake, George, 1st VT CAV, 05/11/1910, wv-berkeleysprings-greenway

Blake, George Green, 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF, 11/24/1917, vt-swanton-churchst

Blake, George H., 15th VT INF, 02/26/1898, vt-barton-welcome

Blake, George S., 11th VT INF, 05/14/1906, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Blake, George W., Recruit, 04/09/1897, vt-newport-eastmain

Blake, Harrison Gray Otis, 166th OH INF, 04/16/1876, oh-medina-springgrove

Blake, Henry, 6th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, Henry H., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, Henry S., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 05/07/1903, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Blake, Hezekiah, 17th VT INF, 08/03/1864, va-alexandria-national

Blake, Horace K., 1st MN INF, 08/18/1872, mn-minneapolis-pioneers

Blake, Horatio C., 2nd VT INF, 02/23/1895, vt-royalton-branchview

Blake, Isaac, 8th VT INF, 75th US CINF, 09/29/1883, vt-holland-meadhill

Blake, John, USN, USA, 07/11/1893, vt-brandon-pinehill

Blake, John, 7th VT INF, 02/23/1893, vt-brandon-stmarys

Blake, John, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, John Libby, 3rd VT INF, VRC, 02/24/1930, vt-sheffield-dexter

Blake, Joseph E., 9th VT INF, USA, before 09/17/1892, vt-unknown

Blake, Lancelot Kelly, 1st VT CAV, 04/02/1870, vt-royalton-south

Blake, Levi F., 10th VT INF, 04/21/1925, ny-medina-westridgeway

Blake, Lewis O., 8th VT INF, 04/08/1899, pq-beebe-beebe

Blake, Lucius D., 17th VT INF, 03/11/1915, vt-morgan-center

Blake, Miranda R., 2nd VT LARTY, After 10/05/1876, ca-unknown

Blake, Norman Nelson, 136th OH INF, 09/07/1884, il-johnsonville-johnsonville

Blake, Nye O., 9th VT INF, 04/01/1930, vt-newport-pinegrove

Blake, Orwell, 8th VT INF, 75th USCI, 09/02/1905, ia-desmoines-woodland

Blake, Sarvarnard/Savanah J., 2nd VT INF, unknown, vt-unknown

Blake, Stephen D., 11th VT INF, 05/17/1899, vt-woodbury-south

Blake, Stephen M., 98th NY INF, 04/25/1883, wi-baraboo-walnuthill

Blake, Sylvester, 29th MA INF, 36th MA INF, 01/09/1909, ma-haverhill-hillside

Blake, Theophilus William, 37th IA INF, 09/05/1865, ia-blakesburg-blakesburg

Blake, Thomas, 13th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Blake, W. W. , 3rd WI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Blake, William, 2nd MN LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, William B., 3rd VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY, 12/28/1914, ny-potsdam-bayside

Blake, William H., 1st USSS, 09/07/1901, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Blake, William H., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, William H., 1st VT INF, 02/29/1904, vt-swanton-churchst

Blake, William H., 10th VT INF, 11/30/1905, vt-morgan-center

Blake, William H. H., 2nd MN INF, 03/03/1867, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Blake, William L., 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF, 04/14/1922, ma-unknown

Blake, William P., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Blake, William Plyn, 1st MI LARTY, 11/11/1913, mi-glennie-glennie

Blake, Worthington, 2nd WI INF, 08/20/1908, ia-northfield-northfield

Blakely, Adoniram Judson, 14th VT INF, 01/30/1922, ia-grinnell-hazelwood

Blakely, George, 2nd VT INF, After 1890, vt-unknown

Blakely, Lewis J., 7th VT INF, 04/28/1928, vt-randolph-pview

Blakely, Roger T., 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Blakely, Silas S., 15th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, unknown, vt-chelsea-westhill

Blakely, William, 13th VT INF, 03/01/1881, in-ftwayne-lindenwood

Blakeslee, Selden, 15th VT INF, 03/13/1925, ny-unknown

Blakesley, Horace, 4th VT INF, 09/21/1886, me-togus-national

Blakesley, James, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Abner Lewis, 11th VT INF, VRC, 12/24/1873, vt-marlboro-clarkwarren

Blanchard, Adolphus, 8th VT INF, 04/12/1863, la-unknown

Blanchard, Albert Elmer, 1st MN CAV, 10/31/1895, mn-newulm-city

Blanchard, Amos A., 6th VT INF, 07/03/1912, nh-keene-west

Blanchard, Amos P., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 06/23/1922, ma-northfield-center

Blanchard, Andrew J., 3rd VT INF, 05/21/1903, il-sycamore-elmwood

Blanchard, Asa W., 19th IN INF, 07/01/1863, dc-washington-congressional

Blanchard, Azial N., 1st USSS, 08/27/1923, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Blanchard, Benjamin, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Charles, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 08/09/1919, nh-charlestown-stcatherines

Blanchard, Charles, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Charles, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Charles A., 4th VT INF, 09/13/1864, va-unknown

Blanchard, Daniel, 9th VT INF, 02/09/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Blanchard, Edmund S., USN, 03/27/1889, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Blanchard, Edward, 9th VT INF, 12/24/1864, nc-salisbury-national

Blanchard, Enoch, 7th VT INF, 1889, il-bloomington-evergreen

Blanchard, Francis, 9th VT INF, 02/03/1917, vt-newport-stmarys

Blanchard, Frank F., 2nd VT INF, 05/29/1922, ne-gibbon-riverside

Blanchard, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, George F., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Blanchard, George T., 10th VT INF, 08/01/1864, pa-philadelphia-national

Blanchard, George W., 11th VT INF, 12th US INF, 16th US INF, 01/02/1923, ok-enid-enid

Blanchard, George W., 8th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 11/11/1887, vt-barre-elmwood

Blanchard, Harlin S., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Harvey B., 21st MA INF, unknown, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Blanchard, Henry K., 2nd USSS, VRC, 03/01/1890, vt-unknown

Blanchard, Henry R., 3rd VT INF, 10/10/1866, ia-guthrie-valley

Blanchard, Henry S., 12th VT INF, 12/19/1867, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Blanchard, Hiram K., 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, VRC, 05/29/1876, vt-norwich-beavermeadow

Blanchard, Ira S., 16th VT INF, 02/14/1890, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Blanchard, Isaac N., 9th VT INF, 12/16/1864, va-citypoint-national

Blanchard, Israel, 5th VT INF, 02/11/1907, un-unknown

Blanchard, Jacob A., 16th NY HARTY , 01/27/1918, ma-williamstown-eastlawn

Blanchard, James C., 12th VT INF, After 05/07/1889, un-unknown

Blanchard, Jared Jr., 11th VT INF, 05/18/1897, pq-unknown

Blanchard, Jasper, 2nd MN INF, 07/24/1864, tn-chattanooga-national

Blanchard, John, 3rd VT INF, 10th VT INF, unknown, mi-moran-groscap

Blanchard, John, 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 01/11/1912, vt-marlboro-center

Blanchard, John C., 15th VT INF, 11/06/1883, vt-peacham-corner

Blanchard, John D., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, John F., 1st VT LARTY, 10/16/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Blanchard, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 07/20/1864, un-unknown

Blanchard, Joseph W., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Blanchard, Joy N., 1st VT CAV, 04/19/1908, ks-delphos-delphos

Blanchard, Levi H., 16th VT INF, 02/13/1904, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Blanchard, Lucien J., USN, 07/25/1863, died-at-sea

Blanchard, Lyman S., 16th NY HARTY , 04/01/1895, ny-weedsport-rural

Blanchard, Merritt, 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 12/24/1910, ny-saratoga-greenridge

Blanchard, Moses W., 9th NH INF, 05/26/1898, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Blanchard, Nathaniel, 11th IL INF, 11/19/1864, vt-peacham-corner

Blanchard, Newell Hall, 11th VT INF, 06/13/1917, ia-creston-graceland

Blanchard, Norman H., 6th VT INF, 12/21/1862, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Blanchard, Oliver H., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Origen A., 2nd VT INF, 01/12/1911, vt-williamstown-village

Blanchard, Orville F., 3rd VT INF, 22nd NY INF, 04/08/1909, ny-saratoga-greenridge

Blanchard, Osgood, 1st VT INF, Before 6/8/1908, pq-unknown

Blanchard, Peleg B., 21st IA INF, 03/23/1906, ia-pleasanthill-oakwood

Blanchard, Prudent, 1st VT CAV, 12/25/1920, ma-wakefield-forestglade

Blanchard, Rollin P., 60th IL INF, 05/23/1901, mt-helena-forestvale

Blanchard, Seth, 9th VT INF, 02/02/1864, vt-windsor-brownsville1

Blanchard, Thomas, USN, 03/18/1897, un-unknown

Blanchard, Timothy, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 04/29/1925, vt-roxbury-east

Blanchard, Tristian C., 3rd VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Blanchard, Wellington, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Blanchard, Willard W., 16th VT INF, 04/04/1863, vt-pittsfield-village

Blanchard, William, 6th VT INF, 05/23/1908, nh-fitzwilliam-village

Blanchard, William B., 16th VT INF, unknown, or-brownsville-pioneer

Blanchard, William Riley, 11th VT INF, VRC, 04/02/1914, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Blanchard, Winslow L., 13th VT INF, 12/17/1918, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Blankly, Hiram, 11th KS CAV, 12/05/1862, ar-fayetteville-national

Blanshaw, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 08/28/1864, va-unknown

Blasdell, Horatio, USN, unknown, mn-elkriver-meadowvale

Blashfield, Henry C., 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, vt-newfane-williamsville

Blatchley, Henry D., 10th VT INF, 01/02/1865, va-danville-national

Blatchley, Leonard E., 1st VT CAV, 07/06/1864, va-unknown

Blatchley, Oscar B., 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, ny-whitehall-greenmount

Blay, Charles A., 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, USA, After 1890, vt-unknown

Blay, John C., 6th VT INF, 09/05/1905, vt-strafford-robinson

Blayes, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 08/17/1863, va-yorktown-national

Blazo, George W. D., 14th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 05/1904, ca-sonora-city

Blennerhasset, Walter, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blinn, Charles Henry, 1st VT CAV, 05/11/1926, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Blinn, Henry H., 12th VT INF, 1874, vt-shelburne-spearst

Blinn, Horace C., 1st VT CAV, 07/24/1905, vt-essex-village

Blinn, Orvis F., 5th NH INF, unknown, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Blinn, William Franklin, 1st VT CAV, 12/15/1913, ny-wadhams-oldburt

Blish, Albert, 1st VT CAV, 04/30/1926, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Bliss, Abel C., 52nd MA INF, 09/06/1894, vt-stamford-houghton

Bliss, Alanson H., 203rd PA INF, 02/03/1920, ks-neodesha-neodesha

Bliss, Albert, 12th WI INF, 02/25/1886, sd-madison-graceland

Bliss, C. F., 51st IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bliss, Charles F., 22nd NY INF, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bliss, Charles Miller, 2nd VT INF, 12/21/1905, ct-hartford-cedarhill

Bliss, Cyrus H., 12th VT INF, 03/04/1904, ky-louisville-cavehill

Bliss, Cyrus M., 14th VT INF, 08/23/1863, vt-poultney-poultney

Bliss, Earl Warren, 4th VT INF, VRC, 03/26/1930, vt-calais-fairview

Bliss, Edgar, 15th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 01/30/1925, il-unknown

Bliss, Edgar J., 12th VT INF, After 09/07/1891, ma-cambridge-mtauburn

Bliss, Enos H., 92nd NY INF, 96th NY INF, 28th USCI, 114th USCI, 06/10/1921, vt-guildhall-nelliesmart

Bliss, Frederick Dustin, 11th VT INF, 08/10/1918, ma-worcester-hope

Bliss, Frederick F., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 1911, vt-georgia-hope

Bliss, Frederick H., 1st VT CAV, 08/15/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bliss, George Abner, 1st VT CAV, 06/01/1863, vt-georgia-hope

Bliss, George C., 6th VT INF, 07/20/1864, va-alexandria-national

Bliss, George J., 6th VT INF, 08/06/1882, vt-williston-east

Bliss, George S., 13th VT INF, 1925, ma-worcester-hope

Bliss, Henry H., 1st KS BTRY, 1923, ks-centropolis-pleasanthill

Bliss, Henry N., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bliss, Hobart E., 6th VT INF, VRC, 1916, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Bliss, Homer S., 1st VT CAV, 08/07/1863, vt-georgia-plains

Bliss, James Monroe, 30th AR INF, 12/07/1892, ar-littlerock-oakland

Bliss, Joel, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bliss, Joel Whitney, 13th VT INF, 01/08/1863, vt-sheldon-east

Bliss, John B., 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1905, vt-williston-east

Bliss, John P., 17th VT INF, 07/14/1864, va-citypoint-national

Bliss, John W., 4th VT INF, 10/01/1895, nh-concord-blossomhill

Bliss, Joseph F., 17th KS INF, 05/07/1896, ks-oskaloosa-pleasantview

Bliss, Julius, 13th VT INF, 07/25/1914, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Bliss, Malary, , 02/23/1862, vt-calais-robinson

Bliss, Marcellus N., 77th NY INF , 1927, wi-baraboo-walnuthill

Bliss, Marshall S., 10th VT INF, 11/24/1905, vt-richford-center

Bliss, Nathan G. Jr., 11th VT INF, 07/24/1864, vt-castleton-blissville

Bliss, Orlando M., 9th IA INF, 03/25/1865, ia-decorah-phelps

Bliss, Philetas, 3rd VT INF, 11/29/1889, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Bliss, Rufus M., 1st VT CAV, 09/25/1911, ia-charlescity-riverside

Bliss, Rufus W., 2nd MI CAV, 01/25/1862, mi-grandrapids-cascade

Bliss, Samuel P. Jr., 3rd VT INF, 03/23/1911, ia-manson-rosehill

Bliss, Sidney E., 11th VT INF, 12/23/1932, ca-unknown

Bliss, Thomas B., 67th NY INF, 1911, me-togus-national

Bliss, Waitstill, 2nd USSS, before 08/28/1875, vt-unknown

Bliss, William A., 11th VT INF, VRC, 01/12/1887, vt-highgate-episcopal

Bliss, William C., 8th VT INF, VRC, 06/30/1906, vt-newfane-woodlawn

Bliss, Willis R., 8th VT INF, 10/14/1916, vt-corinth-corners

Bliss, Zenas H., 9th VT INF, 28th USCI, 01/26/1929, nm-albuquerque-fairview

Blo, Alexander, USN, 1st VT CAV, 05/13/1920, oh-dayton-national

Block, Joseph, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blodah, Theophilus, 9th VT INF, 08/07/1880, vt-richford-allsts

Blodgett, Andrew J., 16th VT INF, 03/23/1899, vt-grafton-village

Blodgett, Andrew Jackson, 11th VT INF, 12/01/1864, md-antietam-national

Blodgett, Benjamin F., 1st USSS, 10/18/1913, vt-randolph-east

Blodgett, Calvin A., 2nd NH INF, Before 5/7/1889, un-unknown

Blodgett, Charles E., 18th NH INF, Aft 1910, wa-tacoma-tacoma

Blodgett, Charles Elisha, 5th VT INF, 04/16/1920, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Blodgett, Charles O., 4th VT INF, 02/28/1865, vt-stannard-stannard

Blodgett, Charles S., 11th VT INF, 05/14/1921, vt-danville-green

Blodgett, Clark P., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, Before 3/21/1904, vt-newbury-oxbow

Blodgett, Elliott J., 6th NH INF, 05/30/1864, va-arlington-national

Blodgett, Enos, 14th NH INF, 09/08/1896, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Blodgett, Ephraim F., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1884, vt-walden-south

Blodgett, Frank, 2nd MA HARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Blodgett, Frank E., 15th VT INF, USA, 11/21/1911, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Blodgett, Gaius Mills, USA, 11/17/1884, ny-cooperstown-lakewood

Blodgett, Gardner Spring, USV, USA, 04/16/1909, vt-burlington-greenmt

Blodgett, George M., USN, 11/06/1862, vt-burlington-greenmt

Blodgett, George W., , 01/14/1918, vt-wrj-oldcatholic

Blodgett, George W., 10th VT INF, 02/07/1916, vt-ryegate-pinehurst

Blodgett, Henry L., 6th NH INF, 12/28/1926, ma-leominster-evergreen

Blodgett, Henry Philander, 1st VT INF, 03/20/1905, vt-middlesex-northbr

Blodgett, James Elijah, 10th VT INF, 10/28/1909, il-forestpark-foresthome

Blodgett, Joseph, 10th VT INF, 07/02/1866, vt-randolph-center

Blodgett, Lorenzo W., 6th VT INF, 08/30/1864, va-arlington-national

Blodgett, M. F., 12th IL INF, Unknown, co-montevista-homelake

Blodgett, Milo, 15th VT INF, 11th MN INF, Before 1/15/1894, ne-unknown

Blodgett, Nelson, 3rd VT INF, 04/14/1862, va-hampton-national

Blodgett, Orrin O., 4th VT INF, 03/04/1862, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Blodgett, Pearl Davis, 10th VT INF, VRC, 05/15/1903, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Blodgett, Stephen Blaney, 4th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 10/16/1915, vt-cabot-durant

Blodgett, Truman E., 4th VT INF, 05/28/1866, vt-brookfield-east

Blodgett, William Henry, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 03/29/1926, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Blodgett, William J., USN, 5th VT INF, After 07/16/1900, un-unknown

Blodgett, Ziba, 24th MA INF, 08/29/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Blondin, Charles, 6th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Blondin, Joseph Jr., 7th VT INF, 11/06/1912, vt-winooski-sfx

Blonger, Louis Herbert, 142nd IL INF, 04/20/1924, co-denver-fairmount

Blongy, Ebenezer, 1st VT CAV, 05/24/1864, un-unknown

Blood, Alvin, 32nd WI INF, 09/01/1882, wi-belmont-first

Blood, Amos, 1st VT CAV, 06/01/1862, va-arlington-national

Blood, Aretus B., 12th VT INF, 02/11/1892, vt-windsor-sheddsville

Blood, Artemas A., 16th VT INF, 05/11/1899, vt-jamaica-southwindham

Blood, Austin L., 12th VT INF, 1st NH CAV, 11/30/1864, va-winchester-national

Blood, Charles J., 8th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Blood, Charles S., 3rd VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Blood, Charles W., 7th VT INF, 10/06/1862, la-chalmette-national

Blood, Daniel Franklin, 18th NH INF, 05/17/1918, nh-plainfield-plainfield

Blood, Darius Priest, 15th NY CAV, 08/05/1896, mi-mcbride-palmer

Blood, Dorr, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 10/04/1895, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Blood, Edgar E., 42nd MA INF, 02/12/1910, vt-randolph-southview

Blood, Franklin J., 1st VT CAV, 07/08/1864, un-unknown

Blood, Gilman W., 8th VT INF, 12/25/1905, vt-bennington-vetshome

Blood, Herman, 14th NH INF, 12/10/1927, wi-wood-national

Blood, Horace, 1st VT CAV, before 03/29/1901, mn-unknown

Blood, Milo N., 1st MN BTRY, 02/12/1912, mn-winona-woodlawn

Blood, Oliver, 8th VT INF, 05/16/1876, vt-landgrove-old

Blood, Oscar, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Blood, Phineas H., 7th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1906, vt-newhaven-munger

Blood, Robert R., 2nd VT INF, Before 04/30/1886, un-unknown

Blood, Truman W., 6th VT INF, 08/18/1863, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Blood, Willard F., 6th VT INF, 02/17/1897, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Blood, William H., 6th VT INF, 0313/1912, mn-owatonna-foresthill

Blood, Zaccheus, 4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-cavendish-proctor

Bloomfield, John C., 112th NY INF , 1909, ny-stockton-greenwood

Bloomfield, Samuel P. 2nd, 112th NY INF , Unknown, ny-stockton-greenwood

Blossom, Frederick C., 7th VT INF, 10/11/1864, la-chalmette-national

Blossom, George Edward, 5th VT INF, Before 03/14/1896, vt-unknown

Blossom, Henry G., 10th MA INF, 4th USVetCorps, 02/24/1881, vt-morrisville-riverside

Blossom, Hiram, 2nd VT INF, 05/26/1869, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Blossom, James W., 10th MA INF, 10/11/1906, ca-unknown

Blossom, William A., 11th KS CAV, 01/07/1917, ks-holton-holton

Blowers, Alexander P., 169th NY INF, 01/16/1865, vt-castleton-hillside

Blowers, Andrew J., 14th VT INF, unknown, ny-comstock-comstock

Blowers, David, 123rd NY INF, 06/19/1873, vt-pawlet-northeast

Blowers, George E., 2nd VT INF, 12/18/1863, va-unknown

Blowers, William, 151st NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Blowers, William Charles, 2nd VT INF, after 5/17/1907, va-unknown

Bloxsom, Edward G., 7th VT INF, 09/23/1909, vt-weathersfield-plain

Blunt, Asa Peabody, 3rd VT INF, 6th VT INF, 12th VT INF, USA, 10/04/1889, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Blush, Edward C., 6th US CAV, 09/12/1916, il-danville-springhill

Blush, Edwin, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/31/1913, va-arlington-national

Bly, Charles H., 37th MA INF, 01/25/1921, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Bly, Jerry W., 8th NH INF, 05/31/1863, la-unknown

Bly, Lott A., 3rd IA CAV, 01/29/1892, vt-salisbury-village

Boardman, Albert S., 12th VT INF, 05/21/1917, mi-grandhaven-lakeforest

Boardman, Charles Bainbridge, 1st MN INF, 06/27/1908, ia-greeley-grantview

Boardman, Charles Wright, 5th VT INF, 07/31/1912, vt-morristown-lakeview

Boardman, Clinton Alonzo, 51st WI INF, 07/27/1887, wi-boardman-boardman

Boardman, Henry J., 14th VT INF, 03/21/1909, mo-bluesprings-bluesprings

Boardman, Joel D., 14th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 09/29/1910, mi-rives-draper

Boardman, Norman W., 26th NY CAV, 03/19/1917, vt-middlebury-case

Bocash, George, 6th VT INF, After 02/10/1881, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Bocash, Lewis Jr., 6th VT INF, 10/25/1914, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Boden, Edward Henry, 1st VT CAV, 08/1931, ca-monrovia-memorial

Bodett, Peter, 8th VT INF, 08/07/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bodfish, John F., 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Bodfish, William H., 30th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Bodoin, James, 1st VT CAV, After 1913, vt-shoreham-stgenevieve

Bodwell, Charles A., 11th VT INF, 03/06/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Bodwell, Edwin B., 11th VT INF, 02/24/1893, vt-glover-westlook

Bodwell, Joseph C. Jr., 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 04/17/1913, me-unknown

Bogart, William Edgar, 11th VT INF, 179th NY INF, 02/27/1918, fl-bartow-wildwood

Bogle, Edward W., 16th VT INF, 11/05/1921, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Bogue, Charles D., 10th VT INF, after 1880, ia-desmoines-woodland

Bogue, Chester, 7th VT INF, 08/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bogue, George W., USN, 06/14/1905, un-unknown

Bogue, Oliver Perry, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/16/1870, vt-pittsford-mtnghouse

Bogue, Oscar, 7th VT INF, 12/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bohannan, Jesse, 11th VT INF, 12/19/1897, vt-alburgh-reynolds

Bohannan, Leonard Reid, 193rd NY INF , Unknown, mi-unknown

Bohannon, William Briggs, 193rd NY INF , 03/09/1912, ma-billerica-foxhill

Bohonan, Alba F., 9th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 09/29/1908, vt-washington-maplehill

Bohonan, Alvah, 9th VT INF, 10/22/1922, vt-unknown

Bohonan, Fifield Jr., 9th VT INF, 05/01/1876, vt-chelsea-highland

Bohonan, Harris, 9th VT INF, 11/25/1864, vt-washington-cheney

Bohonan, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 10/24/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bohonan, Silas B., 9th VT INF, 07/21/1885, vt-williamstown-village

Boies, Manley L., 14th VT INF, 03/21/1902, vt-weybridge-hill

Boine, Alphonzo, 7th VT INF, 02/10/1924, ma-brockton-melrose

Bokart, John, 10th VT INF, 04/03/1917, ia-ottumwa-shaul

Bolin, Alexander H., 2nd MN INF, 02/01/1862, ky-unknown

Bolin, Patrick, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bolin, Thomas, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bolio, John, 10th NH INF, 12/26/1933, ma-worcester-notredame

Bolio, Ombro, 7th VT INF, 11/01/1864, un-unknown

Bolles, Charles Edwin, 13th IL INF, 10/25/1929, il-forestpark-foresthome

Bolles, David, 4th VT INF, 12/18/1916, vt-barre-elmwood

Bolles, Frank P., 1st VT CAV, After 1890, vt-unknown

Bolles, James E., 1st USSS, 04/14/1899, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Bolles, Lyman H., 4th VT INF, 10/05/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bolster, Alfred, 16th VT INF, 09/27/1912, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Bolster, David, 2nd VT INF, 16th VT INF, 12/18/1932, ct-haddam-center

Bolster, David Warren, 2nd USSS, 10/18/1864, va-arlington-national

Bolster, George W., USN, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 10th MA INF, 08/06/1917, sd-pierre-riverside

Bolster, Jared, 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Bolster, Joseph L., 16th NY HARTY , 02/08/1931, ny-unknown

Bolton, Carlos E., 9th VT INF, 08/11/1920, az-douglas-calvary

Bolton, Eugene S. P., 11th VT INF, 12/15/1924, wa-spokane-greenwood

Bolton, George W., 11th US INF, 06/04/1891, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bolton, Henry Danforth, 11th VT INF, 03/21/1921, vt-danville-green

Bolton, James F., 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 04/23/1894, vt-roxbury-east

Bolton, James H., 3rd VT INF, 07/12/1894, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Bolton, Jeremiah, 2nd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 03/31/1929, ct-newhaven-fairhavenunion

Bolton, John, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/23/1903, vt-shaftsbury-center

Bolton, John, 9th VT INF, 02/14/1905, vt-danville-green

Bolton, John Henry, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, After 07/08/1891, un-unknown

Bolton, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 04/12/1863, vt-shoreham-east

Bolton, Leonard S., 3rd VT INF, after 1908, ks-unknown

Bombard, Alonzo Henry, 8th VT INF, 05/24/1865, va-arlington-national

Bombard, Carlos, 5th VT INF, 01/12/1903, ma-holyoke-forestdale

Bombard, Franklin, 2nd VT INF, After 10/18/1882, un-unknown

Bombard, Napoleon, 11th VT INF, Before 07/10/1882, un-unknown

Bomen, Anthony, 8th VT INF, unknown, la-unknown

Bona, Napoleon, 11th VT INF, 03/02/1923, me-togus-national

Bond, Calvin T., 15th VT INF, 12/01/1905, vt-barre-wilson

Bond, Charles S., 2nd USSS, 12/02/1931, ca-santa-barbara

Bond, Charles W., 16th VT INF, 12/28/1890, ia-otho-otho

Bond, Darling J., 25th NY CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Bond, Edson, UNATT NH CO, 03/09/1882, nh-unknown

Bond, George Herbert, 16th VT INF, 05/03/1928, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bond, George J., 17th VT INF, 02/11/1929, vt-wilmington-riverview

Bond, Henry A., 11th VT INF, 04/24/1914, vt-chester-pleasantview

Bond, LeRoy L., 16th VT INF, 05/10/1916, vt-dummerston-greenwood

Bond, Nathaniel, 16th MA INF, 03/31/1924, vt-barre-elmwood

Bond, Rice F., 24th MI INF, Howland's MI ENG, 05/14/1919, wi-wood-national

Bond, Thomas C., 10th VT INF, 04/19/1905, ma-everett-woodlawn

Bond, William H., 2nd VT INF, 10/10/1909, vt-danby-scottsville

Bond, William W., 9th VT INF, 10/20/1919, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Bone, Gilbert H., 2nd MN INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bonett, James K., 8th VT INF, 1916, vt-concord-village

Bonett, Lewis L., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 03/23/1866, vt-lyndon-center

Bonett, Martin D., 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Bongonne, Ferdinand, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bonhotel, Jacques, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, before 12/21/1897, va-unknown

Bonneau, Joseph, 7th VT INF, 02/28/1886, ny-jewell-stmarys

Bonner, Alfred Austin, 5th VT INF, 10/26/1916, mi-lansing-mthope

Bonner, Joseph, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Bonner, Lewis Henry, 1st VT CAV, 1st US VET CORPS, 01/23/1922, ca-altadena-mtnview

Bonnett, Dallas R., 8th VT INF, 10/15/1870, nh-monroe-north

Bonnett, George W., 3rd VT INF, 01/19/1908, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Bonnett, Luther C., 11th VT INF, VRC, 10/09/1899, vt-concord-village

Bonnett, Reuben D., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 09/03/1880, vt-lyndon-center

Bonnett, Sewall H., 8th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 08/06/1869, nh-monroe-north

Bonney, Newton, 8th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY, 09/23/1889, me-paris-pinegrove

Bonney, William S., 3rd VT INF, unknown, ma-fitchburg-laurelhill

Bontell, Amos L., 4th VT INF, 10/03/1864, ga-unknown

Bonville, Adolphus, 7th VT INF, 11/07/1915, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Bonville, William, 7th VT INF, 05/15/1912, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Boodry, Charles, 8th VT INF, VRC, 8th S, After 10/12/1909, ma-unknown

Boodry, Charles D., 8th VT INF, Before 08/11/1873, un-unknown

Boodry, Edward, 8th VT INF, 04/03/1915, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Boody, John, 106th NY INF , 12/18/1912, ny-hannawa-riverside

Boomhour, Herbert A., 1st VT CAV, 03/24/1910, vt-fletcher-binghamville

Boomhower, Albro, 1st VT CAV, 07/24/1878, pq-unknown

Boone, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Boore, John T., 14th VT INF, 06/22/1919, ne-sidney-grandprairie

Boorn, Jonathan H., 27th IA INF, 1907, ny-belmont-foresthills

Booth, Cassius M., USN, 13th VT INF, 06/24/1903, vt-essex-village

Booth, Charles, 4th VT INF, 02/24/1901, nh-weare-center

Booth, Charles A., 14th VT INF, After 4/16/1904, un-unknown

Booth, Jed Gibbs, 153rd NY INF , 1901, ca-truckee-sierra

Booth, Lucius M., 13th VT INF, 10/18/1914, vt-essex-village

Booth, Walter N., 4th VT INF, FRON CAV, 26th NY CAV, unknown, ma-lynn-pinegrove

Booth, William, 8th VT INF, 03/14/1918, vt-randolph-southview

Bootle, William W., 16th NY HARTY , 09/16/1864, va-hampton-national

Bordeau, Francis, 7th VT INF, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bordeau, Julius, 8th VT INF, 07/28/1914, vt-enosburgh-bordoville

Bordeau, Leander, 11th VT INF, 07/31/1912, vt-woodstock-riverside

Bordo, Emerson W., 7th VT INF, 1926, mi-battlecreek-oakhill

Bordo, Eugene L., 7th VT INF, 02/22/1911, vt-stalbans-bay

Bordo, Frank, 1st VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Bordo, Joseph, 7th VT INF, 11/15/1862, la-chalmette-national

Borell, Oliver, 8th VT INF, 11/10/1897, ct-staffordsprings-stedward

Borgor, Joseph Jr., 11th VT INF, 02/21/1918, vt-unknown

Boria, Lewis M., 11th VT INF, 12/21/1915, ri-cranston-pocasset

Borke, Christian, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Borne, Dennis A., 12th VT INF, 1900, vt-windsor-brownsville2

Bornheft, Peter, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY, Before 03/08/1901, pa-philadelphia-holyredeemer

Bornstein, Meyer, 3rd VT INF, 19th MA INF, 08/21/1910, ma-malden-forestdale

Boschi, Joseph, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bosley, Nelson, 46th NY INF, 05/01/1917, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Bosquett, Francis O., 3rd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Boston, Daniel W., 193rd NY INF , 1905, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Boston, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bostwick, Charles, 9th VT INF, 12/17/1904, vt-richmond-holyrosary

Bostwick, Charles H., 5th MN INF, 07/27/1890, ny-allegany-allegany

Bostwick, Coit H., 1st VT INF, After 9/29/1902, un-unknown

Bostwick, Homer, 9th VT INF, 1932, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bostwick, John G., 1st VT INF, 10th VT INF, 08/13/1909, vt-hinesburg-gilmanroad

Bostwick, Lewis, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bostwick, Lucius H., 13th VT INF, 06/04/1863, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bostwick, Noble C., 5th VT INF, 05/15/1864, vt-pawlet-old

Bostwick, Royal E., 1st VT CAV, 11/07/1923, vt-unknown

Boswell, James S., 1st VT CAV, 1st RI CAV, 01/05/1914, sd-castlewood-castlewood

Bosworth, Amos L., 34th IL INF, 04/23/1862, tn-unknown

Bosworth, Caleb Allen, 26th CT INF, 08/18/1885, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bosworth, David G. F., 1st MA CAV, 01/10/1884, vt-royalton-pleasanthill

Bosworth, Frederick D., 7th IA INF, 12/19/1881, ia-newhampton-newhampton

Bosworth, Isaac C., 14th VT INF, After 03/21/1892, un-unknown

Bosworth, Julius H., 14th VT INF, 05/09/1881, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Bosworth, Levi E., 27th MA INF, 09/23/1918, ma-athol-mtpleasant

Bosworth, William J., 14th NH INF, 01/19/1864, vt-springfield-summerhill

Botchford, William, 14th VT INF, Before 4/11/1908, un-unknown

Bottom, John, 3rd MN INF, 6th MN INF, 05/1883, wi-chetek-lakeview

Bottom, Norman, 5th MN INF, After 1900, ia-unknown

Bottum, Edwin Augustus, 31st WI INF, 03/05/1895, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Boucher, Alfred Oliver, 10th VT INF, 10/20/1896, ma-haverhill-stjames

Boudreau, Casmear, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Boudreau, Stephen, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Boudrey, Andrew, 11th VT INF, 07/17/1903, oh-dayton-national

Bougee, Peter, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Boughton, William, 2nd VT INF, After 1890, ma-unknown

Bouldry, Welcome, 39th MA INF, 02/14/1865, vt-cabot-durant

Bourasso, Napoleon, 12th VT INF, 10/22/1925, ny-unknown

Bourbo, Joseph, 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-unknown

Bourdon, Louis, 4th VT INF, 02/25/1912, vt-woodstock-riverst

Bourdon, Oliver, 7th VT INF, 02/23/1921, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bourke, Clement, 8th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 05/25/1910, ma-unknown

Bourke, John, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bourn, Elliott A., 4th VT INF, After 12/07/1889, un-unknown

Bourne, Charles E., 197th PA INF, 07/03/1892, vt-danby-scottsville

Bourne, Charles W., 11th VT INF, 02/10/1925, ny-hamburg-prospectlawn

Bourne, William Frank, 4th VT INF, 02/10/1862, vt-wallingford-sugarhill

Bouskey, Paul, 8th VT INF, 11/16/1933, vt-montgomery-center

Boutcher, Joseph J., 17th VT INF, 10/13/1864, va-unknown

Boutelle, W. L., 1st NY ARTY, 11/29/1916, vt-middlebury-prospect

Boutin, Charles W., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 01/05/1912, ia-hampton-hampton

Boutwell, Albert P., 11th VT INF, 05/26/1915, vt-barre-elmwood

Boutwell, Almon Clark, 10th VT INF, 04/29/1906, vt-rutland-evergreen

Boutwell, Augustus A., 10th VT INF, 08/04/1864, vt-moretown-village

Boutwell, Clark, 13th VT INF, 1901, vt-barre-elmwood

Boutwell, Daniel Webster, 5th KS CAV, 11/18/1912, ks-topeka-topeka

Boutwell, Dave, 5th KS CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Boutwell, Eli Allen, 106th IL INF, 01/20/1905, nh-hopkinton-new

Boutwell, Elisha P., 16th VT INF, 04/21/1917, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Boutwell, Elmer Williams, 6th VT INF, 04/29/1894, nh-hopkinton-new

Boutwell, Frank A., 3rd VT INF, 04/09/1902, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Boutwell, Henry H., 6th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 11/17/1881, vt-williamstown-village

Boutwell, John Wilder, 18th NH INF, 12/11/1920, va-arlington-national

Boutwell, R. Thurston, 4th VT INF, 05/13/1864, vt-craftsbury-common

Boutwell, Rodney M., 11th VT INF, 06/14/1864, va-unknown

Boutwell, Samuel Edson, 16th MA INF, 12/12/1897, nh-hopkinton-new

Boutwell, Thomas N., 4th VT INF, Between 1870 - 1880, vt-unknown

Bouvier, Antoine (Simeon), 1st VT INF, 08/05/1865, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Bouvier, Joseph Alexandre, 7th VT INF, 03/27/1906, nh-keene-stjoseph

Bouvier, Peter, 5th VT INF, 03/27/1921, nh-keene-stjoseph

Bovan, Lewis, 13th VT INF, 01/15/1914, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bovat, Henry, 7th VT INF, 02/19/1876, vt-highgate-episcopal

Bovatt, Peter, 10th VT INF, unknown, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Bovee, Clark G., 3rd VT INF, 2/7/1905, me-unknown

Bover, David, 2nd VT INF, After 09/10/1863, un-unknown

Bovia, Charles, 7th VT INF, 04/08/1910, vt-readsboro-village

Bovia, John, 1st VT CAV, 04/14/1915, nd-chaseley-chaseley

Bovia, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 05/08/1864, va-unknown

Bow, John Q. A., 17th VT INF, 06/29/1923, ny-unknown

Bowdish, Isaac B., USV, 04/10/1863, vt-burlington-greenmt

Bowdish, Joseph Samuel, 1st MN INF, 07/16/1861, vt-fairfield-herrick

Bowditch, Elijah, 21st IA INF, 09/30/1864, la-chalmette-national

Bowditch, Josiah B., 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 03/29/1918, vt-fairfield-herrick

Bowen, Abraham C., 1st USCI, Before 04/11/1900, ri-unknown

Bowen, Albert, 15th NH INF, 02/28/1917, vt-newbury-oxbow

Bowen, Azro B., 9th VT INF, 08/03/1933, vt-randolph-southview

Bowen, Benjamin F., 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bowen, Dustin Jr., 8th VT INF, 12/09/1864, va-winchester-national

Bowen, George, Recruit, 04/22/1930, ny-gainesville-maplegrove

Bowen, Hiram, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bowen, Isaac, 2nd VT INF, 02/04/1863, vt-hardwick-maplest

Bowen, J. Dennis, 21st NY INF, unknown, vt-bennington-grandview

Bowen, James C., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 06/17/1921, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bowen, James C., USMC, VRC, 1906, nh-penacook-woodlawn

Bowen, James F., 9th VT INF, 10/10/1863, va-unknown

Bowen, James L., 27th MA INF, 09/23/1919, ma-nadams-hillside

Bowen, John, 13th VT INF, 1st USSS, 06/15/1864, md-loudonpark-national

Bowen, John, 14th VT INF, 1892, vt-dorset-stjerome

Bowen, John, 8th VT INF, 04/29/1876, vt-bellowsfalls-restland

Bowen, John Henry, 136th NY INF , 1908, ny-gainesville-maplegrove

Bowen, John P., 4th CT INF, 09/13/1861, va-arlington-national

Bowen, Lemuel S., 5th VT INF, 11/21/1861, un-unknown

Bowen, Lorenzo D., 16th VT INF, 10/27/1908, vt-bethel-gilead

Bowen, Marcellus, 1st VT CAV, 06/17/1876, ne-nebraskacity-wyuka

Bowen, Nelson, 1st MA CAV, 09/09/1873, vt-readsboro-south

Bowen, Oliver, 2nd NY VET CAV, 06/01/1901, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bowen, Oscar W., 141st PA INF, 12/21/1915, vt-sheldon-missisquoivalley

Bowen, Otis M., 16th VT INF, 09/09/1863, vt-windsor-ascutney

Bowen, Warren C., 6th VT INF, 01/11/1913, vt-topsham-east

Bowen, William Burnett, 1st VT CAV, 05/05/1929, mt-bozeman-sunsethills

Bowen, William C. Jr., 5th VT INF, before 09/17/1894, ny-unknown

Bowen, William H., 7th VT INF, 06/19/1913, tn-unknown

Bowen, Zenas C., 10th VT INF, 1930, ct-waterbury-oldpinegrove

Bowers, Alphonzo, 3rd VT INF, 12/23/1862, va-unknown

Bowers, Barzilla Pierson, 11th VT INF, 06/15/1917, ia-mcgregor-pleasantgrove

Bowers, Charles, 5th VT INF, 03/20/1877, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bowers, Charles B., 12th VT INF, 08/12/1916, vt-windsor-sheddsville

Bowers, Charles Henry, 7th VT INF, 09/22/1913, wi-chetek-twinlakes

Bowers, Cyrus, 2nd VT INF, 04/06/1919, vt-addison-lakeview

Bowers, Henry, 5th VT INF, 05/16/1864, va-unknown

Bowers, Henry, 34th NY INF , 03/16/1887, ny-crownpoint-forestdale

Bowers, James, 14th IN INF, 06/04/1909, vt-dorset-stjerome

Bowers, James H., 12th VT INF, 12/31/1909, vt-windsor-sheddsville

Bowers, Joseph W., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bowker, Charles Smith, 4th VT INF, 14th NH INF, 12/23/1879, vt-wilmington-restland

Bowker, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bowker, John Wesley, 28th MIN INF, 11/14/1908, mi-coldwater-oakgrove

Bowker, L. Fay, 2nd VT INF, 02/18/1910, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Bowker, Martin U., 123rd NY INF, 09/15/1879, vt-westpawlet-mtnview

Bowker, Walter K., Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, 08/24/1868, mn-hastings-lakeside

Bowker, Wilbur F., 8th VT INF, 05/27/1863, la-unknown

Bowker, William H., 3rd IA INF, 06/02/1928, vt-lyndon-center

Bowker, William H., 3rd VT INF, 08/19/1887, ny-cypresshills-national

Bowker, William James, 1st MA CAV, 11/09/1931, vt-cavendish-village

Bowler, James, 29th OH INF, 02/17/1919, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bowles, Charles, 1st VT CAV, 11/28/1908, vt-woodford-city

Bowles, George W., 11th VT INF, 05/27/1909, vt-bennington-whitechapel

Bowles, Laurin A, 1st VT BGD Band, 08/30/1916, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bowley, Abner G., 9th VT INF, 12/26/1889, vt-newport-eastmain

Bowley, Addison, 3rd VT INF, 02/27/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Bowley, Sumner D., 11th VT INF, 08/18/1870, pq-leadville-leadville

Bowline, Peter H., 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Bowman, Albert H., 8th VT INF, 10/21/1910, ca-losangeles-national

Bowman, Alphonzo, 17th VT INF, 11/03/1873, vt-unknown

Bowman, Amos B., 8th VT INF, After 01/07/1897, mi-kalamazoo-riverside

Bowman, Baxter, 3rd VT INF, 03/08/1925, vt-newport-holebrook

Bowman, Benjamin F., 8th VT INF, 09/05/1912, vt-coventry-village

Bowman, Edward E., 9th VT INF, 05/17/1905, vt-rutland-evergreen

Bowman, Edwin C., 13th NH INF, 02/04/1921, vt-waterford-lowerwaterford

Bowman, Edwin N., 1st VT CAV, 1895, vt-barre-elmwood

Bowman, Frank J., 16th VT INF, 10/28/1899, mo-stlouis-bellefontaine

Bowman, Franklin, 14th ME INF, 06/21/1892, me-oldtown-foresthill

Bowman, Franklin A., 11th MA INF, 03/06/1863, nh-unknown

Bowman, H. Edward, Recruit, 10/20/1864, va-arlington-national

Bowman, Henry A., 2nd NY INF, 01/23/1892, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Bowman, Jeffery, 1st US Vet Corps, 08/21/1883, vt-arlington-evergreen

Bowman, John, 15th VT INF, After 06/05/1876 - Before 1890, un-unknown

Bowman, John D., 3rd VT INF, 07/12/1916, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bowman, Justice C., 4th US INF, 09/16/1931, vt-dorset-maplehill

Bowman, Nathan Parish, Paymaster, 07/30/1906, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Bowman, Selwyn R., 5th NH INF, 1903, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Boyce, Eli, 10th VT INF, 02/02/1927, vt-unknown

Boyce, George Alden, 11th VT INF, 05/15/1914, vt-brookfield-west

Boyce, George Benjamin, 2nd NY VET CAV, 12/01/1915, vt-poultney-poultney

Boyce, George C., 6th VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Boyce, George Orange, 13th VT INF, 02/19/1914, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Boyce, Guy, 44th MA INF, 11/22/1900, vt-waterbury-village

Boyce, Henry M., 11th VT INF, 02/08/1918, vt-brookfield-west

Boyce, Henry W., 1st MN INF, 01/23/1911, mn-unknown

Boyce, James M., 10th VT INF, 10/06/1863, vt-granby-boyce

Boyce, John, 4th VT INF, 02/11/1865, ga-unknown

Boyce, John W., 8th VT INF, 03/01/1862, vt-granby-boyce

Boyce, Nelson J., 6th VT INF, VRC, 11/28/1884, vt-fayston-north

Boyce, Orza, 4th VT INF, 04/17/1905, vt-roxbury-east

Boyce, Richard Titcomb, 8th VT INF,15th VT INF, 10/04/1896, vt-granby-boyce

Boyce, Robert P., 11th VT INF, 02/04/1929, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Boyce, William H., 14th VT INF, 03/25/1863, vt-poultney-ward

Boyd, A. H., 8th IL CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Boyd, Albert H., 8th IL CAV, 117th VRC, 01/05/1911, mo-independence-mtwashington

Boyd, Augustus M., 1st VT CAV, 08/03/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Boyd, Charles E., 17th VT INF, 06/17/1864, va-unknown

Boyd, Charles H., 16th VT INF, 02/23/1894, vt-weathersfield-ascutneyville

Boyd, Charles H., 10th VT INF, 09/19/1914, vt-windsor-ascutney

Boyd, Dana, 3rd VT INF, 07/20/1902, nh-unity-center

Boyd, Francis J., 8th VT INF, 07/08/1898, ma-orange-central

Boyd, Franklin H., 3rd VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Boyd, Frederick W., 100th IL INF, 02/1918, ks-dodge-maplegrove

Boyd, H. H., 10th NY CAV, 06/19/1863, va-unknown

Boyd, Kingsbury, 3rd VT INF, 06/07/1892, nh-unity-center

Boyd, Nelson, 46th IL INF, 10th IL INF, 05/02/1889, dc-washington-stelizabeth

Boyd, Robert, 17th VT INF, After 01/18/1893, un-unknown

Boyden, Dexter Edmund, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, VRC, 01/29/1915, vt-townshend-west

Boyden, Francis Henry, 14th WI INF, 02/18/1915, wi-royalton-royalton

Boyden, Henry, 21st WI INF, 07/16/1864, ga-marietta-national

Boyden, John H., 6th VT INF, 06/19/1862, vt-duxbury-south

Boyden, Samuel B., 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, After 1907, vt-guilford-christchurch

Boyden, Warren L., 2nd VT LARTY, 06/14/1862, un-unknown

Boyden, William Herbert, 2nd OH HARTY, 1913, wi-ogdensburg-ogdensburg

Boyden, William O., 12th VT INF, 12/18/1862, vt-georgia-plains

Boydre, Joseph, 8th NH INF, 10/17/1864, ms-unknown

Boyer, George William, 5th IA INF, 10/15/1918, or-portland-gar

Boyes, Joseph D., 1st VT CAV, 04/29/1902, vt-hydepark-village

Boyes, Levi A., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 05/14/1916, oh-unknown

Boylan, James, 6th VT INF, 26th MA INF, 04/09/1913, vt-bakersfield-stgeorge

Boylan, Michael, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Boyland, Peter, 17th MA INF, 10/10/1865, vt-fairfield-stpatrick

Boyle, James, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Boyle, James H., 17th VT INF, After 1890, ma-unknown

Boyle, John, 11th NY LARTY , 07/31/1920, tn-mtnhome-national

Boyle, John J., 6th VT INF, 11/30/1902, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Boyle, John T., 61st NY INF, 1905, vt-unknown

Boyles, Orvis P., 13th VT INF, 04/06/1923, vt-calais-fairview

Boynton, Amos B., 14th VT INF, 07/11/1875, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Boynton, Austin L., 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Boynton, Charles W., 8th VT INF, VRC, 09/24/1896, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Boynton, Edmund, 7th VT INF, 11/06/1862, la-unknown

Boynton, Edward Carlisle, 11th US INF, 29th US INF, 05/13/1893, vt-windsor-ascutney

Boynton, Emerson A., 3rd VT INF, 05/12/1864, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Boynton, Guy D., 14th VT INF, 03/15/1912, vt-hinesburg-village

Boynton, Henry, 7th NH INF, 01/30/1905, vt-unknown

Boynton, John Dustin, 6th VT INF, 08/08/1890, il-plainville-stewart

Boynton, Jonas T., Unknown, 03/09/1884, vt-bradford-upperplain

Boynton, Joseph J., 13th VT INF, 06/17/1897, ma-framingham-edgell

Boynton, Martin I., 6th VT INF, 10/08/1869, vt-ripton-cook

Boynton, Myron L., 8th VT INF, 05/01/1903, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Boynton, Noah, 8th VT INF, 08/06/1898, vt-hydepark-center

Boynton, Samuel C., 3rd VT INF, 12/17/1862, va-fredericksburg-national

Boynton, William C., 3rd VT INF, 1914, vt-pomfret-burns

Boynton, William H., 1st VT INF, 09/06/1885, vt-northfield-elmwood

Boys, Lewis C, 26th NY CAV, unknown, vt-hydepark-village

Brace, Erskine, 39th NY INF, 02/07/1916, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Brace, Peter, 54th MA INF, 10/13/1913, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Brace, Phyletus Jeremiah, 10th VT INF, 07/10/1020, on-bracebridge-pioneer

Bracken, Thomas, 4th VT INF, 12/17/1930, ct-bridgeport-mtngrove

Brackett, Aurick S., 8th VT INF, 03/04/1929, ca-unknown

Brackett, Clarence A., 17th VT INF, 2nd NH INF, 10/13/1909, nh-unknown

Brackett, Daniel, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Brackett, Richardson Elijah, 11th VT INF, 04/03/1863, vt-stowe-sterling

Brackett, William H., 10th VT INF, 08/07/1924, mi-petersburg-pleasantview

Brackinreed, Hammond L., 2nd VT INF, 12/08/1894, mo-ashland-hope

Bracy, George, 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Bracy, Oscar, 1st VT CAV, before 05/25/1886, ny-unknown

Bradbury, Albert A., 15th NH INF, 05/15/1901, vt-unknown

Bradbury, Charles Augustus, USN, 08/26/1910, vt-vergennes-prospect

Bradbury, Frank B., 6th VT INF, 03/20/1897, dc-washington-rockcreek

Bradbury, Laurel O., 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Braddish, Levi, 18th NH INF, 01/10/1885, co-grandjunction-municipal

Bradford, Amos C., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 02/25/1930, ny-utica-foresthill

Bradford, Arwin A., 14th WI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bradford, Caleb, 2nd CA CAV, 07/09/1895, ca-yountville-vets

Bradford, Francis I., 7th NH INF, After 02/28/1864, ny-bangor-bangor

Bradford, Frank N., 17th VT INF, 03/31/1923, vt-bennington-village

Bradford, George B., 11th VT INF, 04/05/1917, ct-hartford-oldnorth

Bradford, Hosea J., 1st VT INF, After 07/17/1893, un-unknown

Bradford, Ira B., 13th VT INF, After 06/05/1880, vt-barre-elmwood

Bradford, Ira. A., 36th WI INF, 04/24/1895, wi-plymouth-union

Bradford, James Henry, 12th CT INF, 12/22/1913, va-arlington-national

Bradford, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bradford, John M. Jr., 2nd VT INF, 09/19/1926, ma-salem-greenlawn

Bradford, Joseph Freeman, 83rd PA INF, 09/19/1904, pa-spartansburg-brittonrun

Bradford, Nelson C., 2nd VT INF, unknown, vt-bennington-village

Bradford, Philander Drury, 5th VT INF, 07/16/1892, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bradford, Philemon A., 30th ME INF, 08/08/1864, un-unknown

Bradford, Samuel, 7th VT INF, 12/13/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Bradford, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bradish, Azro D., 9th VT INF, 12/11/1927, vt-cavendish-hillcrest

Bradish, Charles E., 3rd MN INF, 01/30/1930, id-unknown

Bradish, Elisha, 54th MA INF, 08/13/1865, sc-beaufort-national

Bradish, Elliot, 16th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bradish, John E., 6th US CAV, 03/13/1920, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Bradish, Rosalvo, 7th VT INF, 16th VT INF, unknown, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bradley, Albert G., 2nd VT INF, 01/24/1910, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Bradley, Charles A., 91st NY INF , 01/17/1917, ny-madrid-madrid

Bradley, Charles D., 9th VT INF, 12th IN CAV, After 01/05/1891, il-durand-durand

Bradley, Charles H., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 11/05/1906, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bradley, Charles L., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, Chester A., 7th VT INF, 01/16/1926, ca-losangeles-national

Bradley, Cornelius, 12th VT INF, 07/08/1906, vt-pittsford-stalphonsus

Bradley, Edward M., 6th VT INF, 10/20/1867, vt-unknown

Bradley, George B., 1st VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/08/1905, nh-charlestown-foresthill

Bradley, George H. M., USN, 05/14/1893, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bradley, Henry H., 17th VT INF, 05/17/1912, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bradley, Henry M., 10th VT INF, 11/12/1865, vt-williston-chittenden

Bradley, Henry S., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, Henry S., 9th VT INF, 10/01/1862, un-unknown

Bradley, Homer, 10th VT INF, 02/28/1888, vt-glover-westlook

Bradley, Horace, Unknown, 02/03/1903, vt-wheelock-village

Bradley, Horace A., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 02/22/1916, vt-woodstock-riverside

Bradley, Horace H., 1st VT CAV, 04/02/1863, va-unknown

Bradley, James, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, James, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, John E., , 01/30/1864, un-unknown

Bradley, John H., 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, John W. Jr., 5th NH INF, before 08/08/1890, ny-unknown

Bradley, Joseph Clark, 2nd USSS, 10/27/1864, va-unknown

Bradley, Joshua H., 12th VT INF, 05/26/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Bradley, Lowell S., 6th VT INF, 09/14/1915, vt-winhall-bondville

Bradley, Lyman Cummings, 93rd NY INF , before 3/31/1881, ca-unknown

Bradley, Merritt Henry, 1st VT BGD Band, 10/13/1900, vt-unknown

Bradley, Michael, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, Richard, 8th VT INF, 01/01/1902, vt-bridgewater-bridgewaterhill

Bradley, Robert, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, Roswell Brainard, 17th VT INF, VRC, 02/18/1922, il-ringwood-ringwood

Bradley, Samuel Jr., 4th VT INF, 02/07/1896, vt-brattleboro-west

Bradley, Thomas, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Bradley, Walter, 17th VT INF, 03/16/1866, vt-middlebury-prospect

Bradley, Warren, 3rd VT INF, 06/20/1863, vt-wheelock-village

Bradshaw, James C., 46th WI INF, 06/10/1916, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Brady, Patrick, , 04/05/1878, vt-stjohnsbury-mtcalvary

Brady, Patrick, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 04/20/1912, vt-sheldon-poorfarm

Brady, Peter, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brady, Peter, 5th VT INF, 07/03/1864, vt-shrewsbury-northam

Brady, Thomas, 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-shrewsbury-northam

Brady, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bragg, Alonzo, 10th VT INF, After 1880, ca-unknown

Bragg, Edmund C., 2nd VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-unknown

Bragg, Edwin S., 22nd NY INF , 07/23/1914, nh-unknown

Bragg, Elmer, 9th NH INF, 08/20/1864, vt-quechee-hilltop

Bragg, James T., 2nd VT INF, After 08/07/1890, un-unknown

Bragg, Miles W., 9th MI CAV, 1901, mi-whitelake-oxbow

Bragg, Randall N., 5th NH INF, 10/21/1913, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Bragg, Valentine H., 11th VT INF, 07/04/1904, vt-dummerston-greenwood

Bragg, William John, 8th NY HARTY, 06/1864, ia-dallas-masonic

Brailey, John, 128th OH INF, 05/12/1912, oh-colton-heath

Brainard, Charles A., 3rd VT INF, 07/26/1907, vt-hancock-newvillage

Brainard, Charles F., 9th VT INF, 12/28/1902, ma-hydepark-fairview

Brainard, Friend A., 5th VT INF, 04/25/1873, vt-bridport-central

Brainard, Harvey H., 13th NY INF, 12/14/1911, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Brainard, Lorenzo F., 9th VT INF, After 05/01/1869, un-unknown

Brainard, Samuel J., 2nd VT INF, 04/01/1920, wy-buffalo-willowgrove

Brainerd, Aldis Owen, 5th VT INF, 04/25/1906, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Brainerd, Charles Deming, 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 03/27/1935, vt-danville-green

Brainerd, Herbert, 1st VT CAV, 02/26/1900, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Brainerd, Joseph Augustus, 1st VT CAV, 08/15/1864, va-unknown

Brainerd, Joseph Partridge, 1st VT CAV, 09/12/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Brainerd, Lucratus F., 15th NH INF, 1st MN HARTY, 04/18/1890, mn-unknown

Brainerd, Otis H., 1st VT CAV, 01/04/1864, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Brainerd, Porter E., 5th VT INF, 10/21/1862, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Brainerd, Wilson B., 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 1924, mi-covert-covert

Braisier, Richard, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Braisted, Nelson P., 1st VT CAV, 09/02/1863, ny-wadhams-oldburt

Braisted, Rollin, 23rd NY LARTY, 8th NY HARTY, 03/03/1910, ny-keene-norton

Braisted, William Charles, 1st VT CAV, 1924, ny-wadhams-riverside

Braley, Alson Henry, 9th VT INF, 1921, ia-wesley-evergreen

Braley, George W., 6th NH INF, 11/17/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Braley, John, 6th VT INF, 05/24/1913, me-togus-national

Braley, John W., 4th VT INF, 05/01/1922, vt-hartford-mtolivet

Braman, Benjamin F., 11th VT INF, 05/01/1912, vt-richford-hillside

Braman, Cyrus J., Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, after 1880, mn-unknown

Braman, Morris D., 11th VT INF, 04/01/1865, vt-montgomery-center

Bramble, John W., 12th VT INF, 10/18/1881, vt-hartland-village

Branagan, Patrick, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Branch, Charles Franklin, 9th VT INF, Before 09/07/1907, ma-unknown

Branch, Elias, 4th MN INF, 12/12/1912, ok-unknown

Branch, Phineas Clover, 13th IA INF, 01/1912, ks-sterling-sterling

Branch, Sidney J., 6th NY CAV, 09/16/1910, ca-riverside-evergreen

Branden, John, 20th USCI, Unknown, un-unknown

Brandt, Aleck, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Branigan, Patrick, 1st VT LARTY, Before 07/06/1888, un-unknown

Brannan, James, 3rd VT INF, 11/01/1914, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Brannan, Malachi, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brannock, George, 123rd NY INF, 07/06/1900, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Brannock, Henry Rumrill, 1st VT CAV, 03/15/1909, vt-windsor-sheddsville

Brannon, Michael, 4th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 17th US INF, 10/01/1912, il-danville-national

Brannon, Patrick, 1st VT CAV, 07/10/1898, vt-bennington-vetshome

Brant, Henry, 27th MA INF, 10/31/1897, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Braque, Sylester, 1st MI INF, 06/06/1917, mi-wisner-wisner

Brassau, John, 2nd NH HARTY, 05/22/1916, me-togus-national

Brassaw, John, 1st NH HARTY, 05/22/1916, me-togus-national

Brassy, Michael, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brasted, Nathan R., 112th NY INF , Unknown, ok-carnegie-carnegie

Brastow, Lewis Orsmond, 12th VT INF, 09/10/1912, ct-newhaven-grovest

Bray, Henry Michael, 17th VT INF, 07/07/1926, ia-grinnell-hazelwood

Bray, Oliver, 27th IA INF, 03/15/1893, mi-shelby-benona

Bray, Thomas Edward, 17th VT INF, 12/30/1908, ia-grinnell-hazelwood

Brayman, Lewis Sidney, 8th VT INF, 06/03/1896, vt-marlboro-center

Braynard, J. P., 13th WI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Braynard, Joseph A., 10th VT INF, 06/21/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Braynard, Lysander A., 10th VT INF, 01/13/1892, vt-morgan-clark

Brayson, William, 14th VT INF, Before 05/29/1879, vt-sandgate-west

Brayton, Whipple Mason, 127th IL INF, 07/30/1919, ca-losangeles-national

Brayton, William, 8th OH INF, 09/10/1908, vt-brattleboro-west

Breau, John W., 13th VT INF, After 1900, vt-stalbans-bay

Breck, George R., 6th VT INF, After 12/18/1865, un-unknown

Breck, Martin V. B., 3rd VT INF, 1907, ma-rockland-mtpleasant

Breed, Augustus L., 9th VT INF, 1917, vt-brandon-pinehill

Breed, George F., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Breed, John Allen, 6th NH INF, 02/28/1909, nh-swanzey-oakhill

Breed, William H., 5th VT INF, 11/11/1914, vt-pittsfield-village

Bremmer, William, 5th WI INF, 1873, wi-arnott-morrill

Brennan, William David, 142nd NY INF, 03/07/1881, ny-malone-morningside

Brent, Frederick, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bresee, Niram, 37th WI INF, 10/07/1887, wi-wood-national

Bresette, Abraham, 17th VT INF, 07/21/1865, vt-essex-village

Bresette, Augustus, 3rd VT LARTY, 11/17/1928, ma-fallriver-oakgrove

Bresette, Frederick, 9th VT INF, 04/20/1924, ny-waterford-stjosephs

Bresette, Peter, 1st VT LARTY, 1st US VET CORPS, before 11/14/1894, ny-troy-oakwood

Breslin, Barney, 7th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 08/28/1896, vt-brattleboro-stmichaels

Bresnahan, Maurice, USN, 03/18/1887, ma-unknown

Bressette, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 07/12/1919, vt-montgomery-center

Brett, Thomas, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brewer, Alanson T., 11th MA LARTY, 08/04/1908, ma-brighton-evergreen

Brewer, Charles, 7th MN INF, 09/14/1913, fl-zephyrhills-oakside

Brewer, Charles W., 6th VT INF, 01/18/1862, va-arlington-national

Brewer, Edwin B., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Brewer, Elwyn S., 17th VT INF, VRC, 02/1906, pq-warden-warden

Brewer, H. Harrison, 3rd VT INF, 12th VT INF, 01/17/1917, nh-fitzwilliam-village

Brewer, Ira C., 1st MN CAV, 07/20/1917, mn-stcharles-hillside

Brewer, Joseph E., 1st VT CAV, 10/20/1863, un-unknown

Brewer, Samuel R. Jr., 9th VT INF, 12/19/1863, nc-newbern-national

Brewin, James, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 03/27/1896, la-neworleans-carrollton

Brewin, John, 5th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 01/20/1875, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Brewin, William, 5th US ARTY, 03/11/1933, ri-eastprovidence-mtstmarys

Brewster, Edwin, Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, 05/01/1900, mn-howardlake-howardlake

Brewster, Elihu B., 2nd VT INF, After 07/14/1892, ma-shrewsbury-mtnview

Brewster, Ephraim H., 1st VT CAV, 12/05/1864, md-annapolis-national

Brewster, Leroy S., 8th VT INF, 06/09/1876, vt-randolph-center

Brewster, Oliver E., 14th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 09/06/1920, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Brewster, Robert R., USN, 1889, vt-middlebury-west

Briar, Louis, 4th NH INF, 06/07/1864, un-unknown

Brickett, George E., 21st ME INF, 01/28/1910, me-china-south

Brickett, Willard P., 1st VT CAV, 08/11/1920, vt-danville-green

Brickett, William, 7th VT INF, 12/07/1885, vt-danville-green

Bride, Henry A., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 08/21/1926, il-pulaski-liberty

Bridge, George Allen, 11th VT INF, 11/26/1937, vt-morrisville-riverside

Bridge, George E., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/12/1884, vt-weathersfield-plain

Bridge, George S., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 10/20/1922, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Bridge, Gifford M., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 03/10/1910, ct-putnam-grovest

Bridge, Mitchell, 3rd NH INF, After 1887, ma-mattapan-mthope

Bridge, Olin B., 10th VT INF, 1936, me-brewer-north

Bridge, Peter, 11th VT INF, 8/28/1921, ny-unknown

Bridge, Rodolphus, 6th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/27/1920, vt-woodstock-riverside

Bridgeman, George W., 2nd VT INF, 09/11/1917, vt-hardwick-mainst

Bridges, Alfred, 3rd VT INF, 07/26/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Bridges, Charles W., 9th VT INF, 07/27/1928, vt-springfield-oakland

Bridges, David A., 112th NY INF , Before 5/22/1906 , nj-vineland-oakhill

Bridges, John C., 5th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, unknown, ne-talmage-grantevergreen

Bridges, Perry S., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 04/15/1890, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Bridges, William Jr., 12th VT INF, 01/10/1899, vt-bennington-vetshome

Bridgman, Christopher C., 11th VT INF, 04/16/1907, sd-vermillion-bluffview

Bridgman, Jabez Delano, 16th VT INF, 04/07/1887, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Bridgman, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brien, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brierly, William, 6th VT INF, After 08/20/1890, ma-lynn-oldeast

Briesh, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Briggs, Alfred S., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Briggs, Alvin, 10th KS INF, 10/28/1892, ks-leavenworth-national

Briggs, Carmi R., 7th VT INF, 07/03/1873, mi-kalamo-cogsdill

Briggs, Charles R., 16th VT INF, 06/10/1903, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Briggs, Charles R., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 04/24/1910, ma-newsalem-mtnview

Briggs, Chauncey, 54th MA INF, 03/25/1865, sc-unknown

Briggs, Chester J., 16th VT INF, 01/19/1905, ia-missourivalley-rosehill

Briggs, Dana, 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Briggs, Edwin, 4th VT INF, 01/03/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Briggs, Eli, 16th VT INF, 01/15/1924, vt-bennington-village

Briggs, Eli Sanford, 8th VT INF, 11/23/1872, ma-conway-pinegrove

Briggs, Elmore, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 09/05/1894, vt-brandon-forestdale

Briggs, Erastus Allen, 16th VT INF, 03/15/1911, vt-woodford-city

Briggs, George H., 22nd NY INF , Before 07/12/1884, ny-glens-falls

Briggs, George L., 5th VT INF, 06/15/1862, un-unknown

Briggs, George W., 9th VT INF, 01/08/1884, vt-brandon-pinehill

Briggs, George W., 11th US CHARTY, 12/10/1907, ny-fortedward-union

Briggs, Gordon N., 9th VT INF, 04/22/1883, vt-brandon-pinehill

Briggs, Henry H., 8th VT INF, 06/01/1891, ma-weymouth-north

Briggs, Henry S., 42nd OH INF, 01/05/1932, oh-mantua-hillside

Briggs, Horace, 3rd VT INF, 08/20/1862, un-unknown

Briggs, Horace B., 6th VT INF, 01/25/1913, vt-northfield-mthope

Briggs, Isaac, 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 02/13/1892, wi-menomonie-ford

Briggs, James, 10th VT INF, 08/09/1866 - 03/04/1875, vt-unknown

Briggs, James Elbert, 94th NY INF, 06/11/1906, ny-newark-newark

Briggs, James T., 1st VT CAV, 09/21/1863, vt-fairhaven-westst

Briggs, Joseph, 7th VT INF, unknown, ma-greenfield-greenriver

Briggs, Lucius E., 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-unknown

Briggs, Orville H., 12th VT INF, 04/14/1896, vt-williamstown-easthill

Briggs, Rodolphus D., 6th VT INF, 08/06/1930, vt-weston-maplegrove

Briggs, Royal A., 54th MA INF, 04/27/1879, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Briggs, Sylvester F., 4th VT INF, 11/13/1862, md-antietam-national

Briggs, Warren, 5th VT INF, 02/20/1863, va-unknown

Brigham, Anson O., 6th VT INF, unknown, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Brigham, Antipas, 1st VT CAV, 10/24/1916, ny-hudson-city

Brigham, Charles A., 3rd MA CAV, after 2/13/1918, oh-newlondon-grovest

Brigham, Charles Edward, 16th VT INF, 05/01/1924, fl-miami-woodlawnpark

Brigham, Charles O., 1st CT ARTY, 06/27/1890, vt-derby-line

Brigham, Charles W., 1st VT CAV, 10/07/1912, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Brigham, Daniel P., 108th NY INF, 07/26/1890, vt-brookfield-east

Brigham, Don A., 3rd VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 03/18/1866, vt-unknown

Brigham, Edmund, 1st VT INF, 06/19/1921, vt-stalbans-bay

Brigham, Francis E., US VOLS, 07/18/1922, vt-wardsboro-west

Brigham, Frank, 4th NH INF, 10/02/1932, nh-goffstown-westlawn

Brigham, Frederick George, 45th MA INF, 11/15/1867, tn-memphis-elmwood

Brigham, George W., 6th VT INF, 11/01/1874, vt-worcester-village

Brigham, Harrison, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brigham, Henry, 16th VT INF, 07/27/1863, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Brigham, Henry O., USA, Before 01/17/1873, mi-detroit-woodmere

Brigham, Loren M., 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Brigham, Nelson H., 30th WI INF, 05/01/1927, wi-crystallake-crystallake

Brigham, Ozro A., 57th MA INF, 03/25/1865, ma-fitchburg-laurelhill

Brigham, Sidney S., 3rd VT INF, 05/11/1921, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Brigham, Silas H., 11th VT INF, 08/31/1871, vt-worcester-village

Brigham, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, unknown, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Brigham, William H., 15th VT INF, 10/23/1862, vt-strafford-strafford

Brigham, William Oakley, 13th VT INF, 11/03/1909, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Bright, Joseph W., 13th NH INF, 04/18/1917, vt-royalton-riverview

Brill, David Nelson, 8th VT INF, 08/28/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Brill, Frederick W., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 06/26/1916, ny-mooers-union

Brimhall, Frederick E., 8th VT INF, 46th MA INF, 03/22/1878, ny-menands-albanyrural

Brimmer, Jefferson L., 11th VT INF, 1st NH INF, 10/21/1930, nh-pembroke-evergreen

Brink, Charles D., 16th VT INF, after 1900, ne-unknown

Brink, Consider W., 13th VT INF, 12/06/1904, vt-waterbury-village

Brink, Darwin Azro, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 12/16/1927, vt-brandon-pinehill

Brink, Henry Francis, 5th VT INF, 05/17/1920, vt-castleton-hillside

Brink, Horace A., 4th VT INF, 06/18/1920, il-chicago-graceland

Brink, Norman A., 3rd VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Brink, Truman L., 1st VT CAV, 2nd VT LARTY, 10/10/1895, vt-rochester-bingo

Brink, William F., 2nd VT INF, 10/23/1908, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Brinn, David, 4th VT INF, 7th VT INF, After 07/13/1882, un-unknown

Brinn, John, 7th VT INF, After 1883, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Brinn, William H., 7th VT INF, 10/31/1864, fl-barrancas-national

Brinneck, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brinsmaid, George B., 1st VT INF, 11/30/1863, vt-burlington-elmwood

Brintnall, Horace Clark, 52nd IL INF, 11/03/1910, il-elgin-bluffcity

Brislin, Michael, 13th US INF, 02/07/1907, vt-unknown

Bristol, Aaron, USN, 2nd VT INF, 12/17/1886, vt-bridport-central

Bristol, Henry, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bristol, Levi E., 6th VT INF, VRC, 09/08/1924, ca-losangeles-national

Britell, Rufus Horton, USN, 3rd IL CAV, 04/05/1912, mo-deepwater-teayschapel

Brittell, Cornelius, 93rd NY INF, 12/02/1904, vt-lincoln-maple

Brittell, Harry, 7th MN INF, 01/20/1904, wi-elmwood-poplar

Brittell, Joshua H., 2nd VT INF, 5th NY INF, 09/17/1897, ny-northelba-north

Brittell, Oramel, 2nd NY VET CAV, 10/06/1892, in-marion-national

Brittle, John, 7th VT INF, 06/21/1911, ma-clinton-woodlawn

Britton, George, 20th MA INF, USA, 08/06/1915, nh-hinsdale-pinegrove

Britton, George F., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 01/11/1896, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Britton, James S., 8th MA INF, 1912, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Britton, Laroy A., 10th VT INF, 12/17/1862, vt-mttabor-mttabor

Bro, Nelson, 3rd VT INF, 11/17/1870, vt-fairfield-stpatrick

Bro, Peter, 11th VT INF, 08/25/1925, ma-unknown

Broadwell, Jonathan, 41st OH INF, Before 05/30/1877, vt-rutland-evergreen

Broadwell, Wallace H., 3rd VT INF, before 04/11/1904, mi-unknown

Brock, Alonzo, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brock, Andrew, 9th VT INF, 05/14/1888, me-togus-national

Brock, Charles H., 6th VT INF, 10/18/1862, va-alexandria-national

Brock, Edward A., 6th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Brock, Henry, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brock, Isaac, 2nd IA CAV, 12/23/1901, ne-west-branch

Brock, John N., 11th VT INF, 06/24/1864, va-arlington-national

Brock, John N. Jr., 11th VT INF, 06/24/1864, va-unknown

Brock, Leonard W., 15th VT INF, 09/25/1909, nh-conway-north

Brock, Maynor D., 15th VT INF, 09/03/1888, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Brock, Reuben A., 4th VT INF, 12/13/1862, va-unknown

Brock, Robert G., 15th VT INF, 05/30/1929, vt-newbury-wellsriver

Brock, Robert M., 15th VT INF, 05/05/1887, vt-barnet-center

Brock, Samuel, 11th VT INF, 12/13/1896, vt-barnet-west

Brock, Thomas A., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 11/17/1908, vt-newbury-oxbow

Brock, Walter D., 3rd VT INF, 12/17/1885, vt-barnet-west

Brock, William Stuart Jr., 15th VT INF, 10/17/1925, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Brockham, George M., 7th VT INF, 09/13/1862, la-chalmette-national

Brockney, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 96th NY INF, VRC, 04/06/1920, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Brockway, Alexander M., 100th NY INF , after 1892, ny-unknown

Brockway, Edward H., 91th NY INF, 1907, vt-danby-scottsville

Brockway, George B., 16th VT INF, 06/06/1873, vt-hartford-point

Brockway, Harris Jr., 25th MA INF, 08/21/1863, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Brockway, Horace E., 15th VT INF, 03/06/1900, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Brockway, John R., 2nd USSS, unknown, un-unknown

Brockway, Joseph F., 37th IA INF, Unknown, ia-hawkeye-bethel

Brockway, Martin, 3rd VT INF, VRC, 05/01/1892, ca-losangeles-angelus

Brockway, Stephen H., 4th VT INF, 10/21/1906, ct-northashford-eastford

Brockway, William Hadley, 16th MI INF, 10/21/1891, mi-albion-riverside

Brodar, Joseph, 1st VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Broe, Eleazer, 26th NY CAV, 01/09/1918, vt-troy-north

Broe, Nelson, 9th VT INF, USA, 06/05/1909, ny-keene-hull

Bromley, Erwin Eugene, 1st VT CAV, 10/23/1932, mn-claremont-claremontst

Bromley, Henry, 14th VT INF, After 5/10/1907, ny-wadhams-oldburt

Bromley, James W., 2nd VT INF, 04/02/1865, vt-danby-read

Bromley, Joshua, 5th NH INF, 06/06/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Broner, Frank, 5th VT INF, after 05/28/1912, ny-unknown

Bronson, Alexander, 1st NV CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Bronson, Austin S., 16th VT INF, After 1890, vt-weathersfield-bow

Bronson, Charles, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Bronson, Daniel, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bronson, John, 11th VT INF, 03/10/1904, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bronson, Leonard J., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 12/22/1917, vt-hinesburg-village

Bronson, Martin V. B., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 05/17/1903, ca-healdsburg-oakmound

Bronson, Simon N., 16th VT INF, 03/25/1897, vt-weathersfield-bow

Brooker, Charles H., 1st NY Dragoons, 1875, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Brooker, Peter H., 1st VT CAV, 11/21/1914, ny-johnsoncity-floral

Brookins, Albert, 5th VT INF, 05/11/1879, vt-wells-town

Brookins, George W., 3rd MN INF, 11/11/1885, ny-ithaca-city

Brookins, Harvey S., 8th MN INF, 09/01/1907, vt-shoreham-east

Brooks, Antoine, Unknown, 03/11/1911, vt-montgomery-village

Brooks, Benjamin Johnson, 26th NY INF, 09/27/1916, vt-bennington-parklawn

Brooks, Benton V., 1st MA CAV, 12/14/1924, vt-shrewsbury-northam

Brooks, Charles, 16th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brooks, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 10/01/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Brooks, Charles M., 193rd NY INF , Unknown, vt-stalbans-point

Brooks, Charles S., 4th VT INF, 11th US CHARTY, after 1890, before 06/15/1906, ny-unknown

Brooks, Charles W., 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brooks, Daniel G., 11th VT INF, 06/19/1917, vt-unknown

Brooks, Delos Ferdinand, 7th VT INF, 05/30/1935, ny-ballstonspa-village

Brooks, Dwight E., 5th MN INF, 01/1904, ia-siouxcity-floyd

Brooks, Edgar B., 17th VT INF, 07/09/1864, vt-stalbans-point

Brooks, Edward E., 5th MN INF, 11/27/1886, mn-unknown

Brooks, Edward M., 113th IL INF, 11/20/1919, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Brooks, Edward M., 113th IL INF, After 1880, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Brooks, Elbridge Paul, 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Brooks, Elihu J., 12th VT INF, 09/25/1888, wi-marshall-medina

Brooks, Eugene M., 16th VT INF, 12/10/1863, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Brooks, Henry, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 04/04/1890, vt-bristol-greenwood

Brooks, Henry D., 3rd VT INF, 12/06/1898, ct-newhaven-evergreen

Brooks, Herbert, 10th MA INF, 01/20/1911, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Brooks, Isaac N., 13th VT INF, 10/28/1862, vt-underhill-flats

Brooks, James Byron, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 06/17/1914, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Brooks, James J., 54th MA INF, After 01/02/1885, nj-neptune-mtprospect

Brooks, John, 15th VT INF, 11/18/1911, vt-coventry-village

Brooks, John D., 17th VT INF, 15th NH INF, VRC, 12/30/1913, nh-lisbon-grovehill

Brooks, John H., 3rd VT INF, 04/10/1938, vt-unknown

Brooks, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 02/20/1896, vt-dorset-maplehill

Brooks, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 07/14/1896, vt-barton-stpauls

Brooks, Joseph, 10th VT INF, 1895, vt-troy-north

Brooks, Joseph, 1st VT LARTY, 01/24/1928, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Brooks, Joseph C., 9th VT INF, After 1880, vt-unknown

Brooks, Joseph M., 2nd VT INF, 08/27/1896, vt-bennington-vetshome

Brooks, Josiah P., 12th VT INF, 07/27/1912, vt-northfield-elmwood

Brooks, Lewis, 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-hinesburg-village

Brooks, Lorenzo Dow, 7th VT INF, 07/23/1862, vt-stalbans-point

Brooks, Lyman P., 11th VT INF, 12/06/1914, vt-morgan-clark

Brooks, Martin F., 14th VT INF, 05/22/1922, vt-dorset-east

Brooks, Nathaniel Grout, 16th VT INF, USA, 03/17/1918, nh-acworth-acworth

Brooks, Orville R., 8th VT INF, 11/30/1886, sd-yankton-city

Brooks, Reuben E., 1st VT CAV, 01/22/1916, vt-albany-rowell

Brooks, Robert, 10th VT INF, 12/23/1864, va-danville-national

Brooks, Robert C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brooks, Royce, 7th VT INF, 08/10/1908, vt-stalbans-bay

Brooks, Seymour J., 11th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 10/22/1886, vt-dorset-maplehill

Brooks, Stephen, 6th NH INF, 08/13/1862, un-unknown

Brooks, Stephen, 1st VT LARTY, 1st US VET CORPS, 01/05/1929, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Brooks, Thomas, 8th VT INF, After 03/25/1891, un-unknown

Brooks, Uriel, 1st VT CAV, 03/12/1909, vt-vernon-tyler

Brooks, Warren, 5th VT INF, 07/25/1862, va-hampton-national

Brooks, William, 3rd VT INF, 02/11/1900, vt-danville-green

Brooks, William Alonzo, 16th VT INF, 11/16/1929, vt-newfane-south

Brooks, William H., 54th MA INF, 12/01/1904, ct-newhaven-evergreen

Brooks, William Thomas Harbaugh, USA, 07/19/1870, al-huntsville-maplehill

Brophy, Harvey A., 2nd USSS, 11/02/1920, vt-dorset-east

Broseau, Sorell, 8th VT INF, VRC, 1st US VET CORPS, 05/09/1901, vt-bennington-vetshome

Brother, Frank, 7th WI INF, 02/21/1913, ca-unknown

Brother, Tuffiel, 11th VT INF, 12/01/1864, md-annapolis-national

Brothers, Andrew, 7th VT INF, 05/28/1908, vt-rutland-calvary

Brothers, Existe, 11th NY CAV, 12/20/1919, or-lebanon-ioof

Brothers, Lewis, 3rd VT LARTY, 11/14/1915, vt-unknown

Brothers, William H., 16th VT INF, 1912, vt-hartland-village

Broughton, Henry S., 8th MN INF, 07/22/1915, or-salem-cityview

Broughton, John D., 11th VT INF, 07/28/1905, vt-tunbridge-button

Broughton, Pharcellus A., 7th VT INF, 93rd NY INF, before 01/26/1899, ny-unknown

Broughton, Rufus Maynard, 93rd NY INF, 03/07/1926, vt-poultney-poultney

Broughton, Thomas Francis, 2nd VT INF, 10/03/1901, vt-tunbridge-hunt

Broughton, William H., 11th NY LARTY, 09/28/1864, vt-poultney-east

Broullir, Maxim, , 1915, vt-wallingford-stpatricks

Brov, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brow, Benjamin F., 10th VT INF, 01/16/1908, vt-swanton-riverside

Brow, Charles D., 3rd NH INF, 5th NH INF, 08/01/1879, vt-unknown

Brow, Charles W., 10th VT INF, 07/18/1864, va-arlington-national

Brow, Dennis, 4th MA CAV, 02/20/1865, un-unknown

Browe, John, 11th VT INF, After 06/23/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Browe, Loren, 1st VT CAV, 06/14/1897, vt-richmond-stmary

Browe, Moses Eugene, 11th VT INF, 03/27/1933, ca-selma-northselma

Browelette, Joseph, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Abel David, 6th VT INF, 12/24/1915, ma-quincy-mtwollaston

Brown, Abram P., 15th VT INF, 09/04/1877, vt-unknown

Brown, Addison F., 12th IA INF, Unknown, fl-lynnhaven-mthope

Brown, Addison Jr., 4th VT INF, 5th VT INF, 03/03/1865, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Brown, Addison Levi, 12th IA INF, Unknown, ia-riceville-riverside

Brown, Ai, 1st VT INF, 1st USSS, after 1870, ar-unknown

Brown, Alba B., 3rd US INF, 10/10/1877, vt-bradford-upperplain

Brown, Albert, 11th VT INF, 08/23/1902, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Brown, Albro R., 3rd VT INF, 04/10/1867, vt-charleston-west

Brown, Alfred C., 2nd USSS, 07/10/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Brown, Alfred H., 15th VT INF, 12/21/1897, vt-coventry-village

Brown, Allan Danvers, USN, 04/03/1904, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Brown, Almon E., 17th ME INF, 07/16/1905, vt-groton-groton

Brown, Alonzo, 5th VT INF, before 08/29/1890, vt-unknown

Brown, Alonzo, 4th WI INF, 4th WI CAV, 10/12/1912, wi-jefferson-greenwood

Brown, Amos, 13th VT INF, 02/11/1924, va-hampton-national

Brown, Amos J., 2nd VT INF, 05/11/1881, ks-unknown

Brown, Andrew Chandler, 13th VT INF, 10/29/1911, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Brown, Andrew Jackson, 5th VT INF, 05/20/1894, vt-monkton-ridge

Brown, Ari, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Arunah Allen, 1st VT CAV, 02/22/1878, ne-kearney-kearney

Brown, Asa O., 7th VT INF, 07/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Brown, Benjamin F., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Benjamin P., 8th VT INF, 02/07/1896, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Brown, Bertram F., 13th VT INF, 08/29/1933, vt-williston-east

Brown, Bowen Baker, 4th IA INF, 04/27/1915, ia-jefferson-brandon

Brown, Byron D., 9th VT INF, 02/27/1931, nh-goffstown-westlawn

Brown, Calvin C., 9th VT INF, 02/14/1865, vt-unknown

Brown, Carmichael A., 1st VT CAV, 10/12/1900, ma-brockton-coweeset

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles F., 8th VT INF, 11/16/1918, vt-putney-oldnorth

Brown, Charles F., 2nd IA INF, 11/03/1863, tn-memphis-national

Brown, Charles G., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles H., 17th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 01/11/1894, vt-derby-line

Brown, Charles H., 17th VT INF, 09/26/1864, vt-bradford-upperplain

Brown, Charles J., 11th VT INF, 2nd USCI, 12/25/1920, la-batonrouge-national

Brown, Charles J., 2nd VT LARTY, 07/05/1919, vt-brandon-forestdale

Brown, Charles L., 11th VT INF, 06/22/1877, vt-bridgewater-bakerhill

Brown, Charles N., 2nd VT INF, 01/08/1920, vt-stamford-houghton

Brown, Charles S., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Charles T., 9th VT INF, unknown, ma-worcester-hope

Brown, Charles W., 3rd VT INF, 03/29/1912, ny-unknown

Brown, Charles W., 8th VT INF, 03/31/1908, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Brown, Charles W., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Chauncey W., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 04/18/1913, vt-burlington-lakeview

Brown, Chester, 2nd VT INF, 04/04/1898, vt-northfield-aldrich

Brown, Christopher Page, 2nd VT INF, 06/06/1913, vt-stowe-riverbank

Brown, Clark, 8th VT INF, After 12/12/1876, un-unknown

Brown, Clark L., 8th VT INF, 01/01/1912, vt-newfane-south

Brown, Cyrus M., 55th WI?, After 1880, il-lasalle-oakwood

Brown, Daniel Bryant, 14th VT INF, 03/25/1916, vt-goshen-goshen

Brown, Daniel C., 17th VT INF, 10/27/1864, va-danville-national

Brown, Daniel R., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 02/28/1905, il-winchester-winchester

Brown, Darwin Ticknor, USA, 01/24/1897, in-unknown

Brown, David D., 3rd VT INF, 10/08/1924, vt-morristown-wheeler

Brown, David D., 41st USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, David J., 1st VT INF, 14th VT INF, 01/07/1912, vt-whiting-village

Brown, Dennis W., 66th IL INF, 55th USCT, 12/22/1910, mo-unknown

Brown, Dexter I., 3rd VT INF, 05/03/1904, vt-elmore-village

Brown, Eben, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Edgar A., 1st NY SS, 07/21/1863, vt-williston-east

Brown, Edmund, 45th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Edward L., 6th VT INF, After 1890, ma-lowell-edson

Brown, Edward Marcus, 5th VT INF, 8th VT INF, 07/31/1903, mn-unknown

Brown, Edward S., 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Edwin, 1st MN HARTY, 1909, wi-weston-lower

Brown, Edwin Nehemiah, 3rd VT INF, 1st NH INF, 09/08/1904, ma-dedham-brookdale

Brown, Edwin P., 13th VT INF, 12/13/1894, vt-enosburgh-center

Brown, Eli, 13th VT INF, 01/07/1911, wi-durand-foresthill

Brown, Elijah Scott, 2nd VT INF, 02/04/1863, vt-craftsbury-common

Brown, Ellery E., 15th VT INF, 10/13/1916, vt-bennington-vetshome

Brown, Elliott Jr., 106th NY INF , 10/10/1909, ny-willsboro-gilliland

Brown, Emerson E., 2nd IA INF, 1910, ia-centerjct-smineralcreek

Brown, Ephraim, 3rd VT INF, 03/21/1890, vt-waterville-mtnview

Brown, Ezra Harvey, 8th VT INF, 02/24/1914, vt-danville-green

Brown, Ezra M., 49th MA INF, 06/21/1873, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Brown, Fayette P., 11th RI INF, 05/21/1885, ri-providence-swanpoint

Brown, Fitch C., 8th VT INF, VRC, 03/06/1911, ny-bloomingdale-brookside

Brown, Francis, 1st NH HARTY, 09/01/1909, nh-chichester-leavitt

Brown, Francis N., 1st USSS, After 05/13/1878, un-unknown

Brown, Frank, 8th VT INF, 98th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Franklin, 5th VT INF, 11/05/1863, vt-sudbury-hill

Brown, Franklin J., 7th VT INF, 03/09/1891, vt-underhill-flats

Brown, Franklin S., 2n WI INF, 46th WI INF, 01/13/1907, wi-oshkosh-riverside

Brown, Freeman W., 1st OR INF, 06/12/1917, wa-tacoma-oakwoodhill

Brown, G, , 10/04/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Brown, Gardiner E., 7th VT INF, 03/27/1867, vt-rutland-evergreen

Brown, George, 7th VT INF, After 01/06/1911, un-unknown

Brown, George, 1st VT CAV, 01/23/1903, vt-waterbury-village

Brown, George, 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 12/12/1904, vt-ira-riverside

Brown, George, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, George, 1st VT CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Brown, George, 10th VT INF, 07/26/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Brown, George A., 2nd USSS, 06/01/1864, va-unknown

Brown, George A., 3rd VT INF, After 08/23/1892, un-unknown

Brown, George B., 10th VT INF, 04/17/1907, sd-canton-foresthill

Brown, George D., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-putney-oldnorth

Brown, George E., 2nd USSS, 12/01/1864, vt-weathersfield-plain

Brown, George F., 14th VT INF, 03/06/1930, vt-rutland-evergreen

Brown, George Francis, 3rd VT INF, 01/09/1910, il-chicago-oakwoods

Brown, George G., 10th VT INF, 07/22/1920, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Brown, George Henry, 6th VT INF, 07/07/1934, vt-essex-mtview

Brown, George L., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, George L., 1st VT CAV, 08/24/1905, ks-leavenworth-national

Brown, George M., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, George N., 5th VT INF, 12/04/1910, ca-stockton-rural

Brown, George S., 11th VT INF, 02/06/1916, wi-wood-national

Brown, George T., 2nd USSS, 06/05/1864, va-arlington-national

Brown, George W., 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, la-unknown

Brown, George W., 4th VT INF, 10th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, George W., 1st VT CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Hamilton W., 1st MN HARTY, 1919, ks-junctioncity-highland

Brown, Harrison D., 1st MA HARTY, 08/11/1906, vt-burlington-lakeview

Brown, Harvey, 11th VT INF, 02/13/1879, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Brown, Harvey W., 2nd VT INF, 08/22/1927, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Brown, Henry, 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-warren-warren

Brown, Henry, USN, 03/19/1871, ma-unknown

Brown, Henry Bradley, 8th VT INF, 01/07/1927, vt-halifax-niles

Brown, Henry G., 10th VT INF, 04/08/1865, vt-lyndon-center

Brown, Henry H., 2nd MI CAV, 02/02/1888, ks-neodesha-neodesha

Brown, Henry H., 7th SQDRN RI CAV, After 1895, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Brown, Henry Harte, 14th VT INF, 03/08/1908, vt-rutland-evergreen

Brown, Henry R., 14th VT INF, 04/26/1927, vt-salisbury-holman

Brown, Henry T., 31st MA INF, 09/11/1900, vt-stamford-houghton

Brown, Henry W., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Henry W., 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Herbert Augustus, USN, 04/09/1919, ia-marengo-ioof

Brown, Herbert C., 12th VT INF, After 1890 - Before 08/08/1899, vt-unknown

Brown, Hezekiah N., 44th MA INF, 06/22/1898, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Brown, Hiram A., Unknown, 02/27/1916, vt-northfield-elmwood

Brown, Hiram N., 15th VT INF, before 07/11/1890, il-unknown

Brown, Hiram S., 12th VT INF, 04/11/1903, ma-gardner-crystallake

Brown, Hobart Jr., 8th VT INF, 07/15/1918, ma-unknown

Brown, Horace, 2nd VT LARTY, 07/21/1889, vt-brandon-forestdale

Brown, Horace, 7th WI INF, 08/03/1882, mn-janesville-janesville

Brown, Horace E., 15th VT INF, 01/10/1908, vt-thetford-evergreenrest

Brown, Horace W., 9th VT INF, 03/25/1931, ca-unknown

Brown, Ira Nelson, 11th VT INF, 02/14/1910, vt-rochester-bingo

Brown, Isaac A., 7th VT INF, 05/04/1894, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Brown, Jacob, 3rd VT INF, 12/29/1872, vt-unknown

Brown, James, 1st VT INF, 07/10/1920, vt-plymouth-notch

Brown, James, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, James, 7th VT INF, 12/22/1864, died-at-sea

Brown, James, 17th VT INF, unknown, nh-gilmanton-buzzell

Brown, James, 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Brown, James, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, James A., 17th VT INF, 05/26/1865, vt-weathersfield-plain

Brown, James Byron, 154th NY INF , 11/26/1872, mi-flushing-city

Brown, James E., 24th IA INF, Unknown, ia-scranton-township

Brown, James H., 1st VT CAV, 08/24/1864, va-winchester-national

Brown, James R., 51st NY INF, 109th NY INF , 03/27/1884, pa-orwell-north

Brown, James W., 11th VT INF, 05/15/1896, vt-brownington-center

Brown, Jason, 2nd WI INF, 07/21/1861, va-unknown

Brown, Jeremiah, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Jerome, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Jerome A., 14th VT INF, 07/25/1912, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Brown, Joel A., 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, Before 4/27/1906, la-unknown

Brown, Joel W., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 1st VT CAV, 06/25/1914, vt-richford-hillside

Brown, John, 1st VT CAV, 07/07/1888, ny-utica-herkimerroad

Brown, John, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 5th VT INF, 04/30/1902, pq-leadville-leadville

Brown, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 12th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, John A., 85th NY INF, Before 10/06/1882, ny-unknown

Brown, John A., 7th VT INF, 08/12/1862, la-chalmette-national

Brown, John B., 13th VT INF, 02/26/1917, ma-unknown

Brown, John B., 16th VT INF, 05/28/1911, ma-lowell-edson

Brown, John C., 85th NY INF, unknown, vt-danby-maplegrove

Brown, John C., 1st RI CAV, 1891, ri-providence-lakeside

Brown, John G., 71st NY INF, 14th KS CAV, 03/27/1896, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Brown, John H., 3rd VT LARTY, 09/16/1864, va-citypoint-national

Brown, John Harrison, US VOLS, 01/20/1890, mn-willmar-fairview

Brown, John L. T., 2nd NH INF, 06/15/1920, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Brown, John M., 16th VT INF, After 1910, wi-elkhorn-hazelridge

Brown, John M., 38th MA INF, 06/26/1909, vt-brookfield-new

Brown, John S., 6th VT INF, unknown, ks-topeka-topeka

Brown, John W., 14th VT INF, 09/02/1911, vt-brandon-forestdale

Brown, Joseph, USN, 10th VT INF, After 2/27/1907, ma-mattapan-mthope

Brown, Joseph, 13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 02/17/1926, wi-arkansaw-memorial

Brown, Joseph Booty, 11th VT INF, 10/17/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Brown, Josiah, 7th VT INF, 04/22/1864, fl-barrancas-national

Brown, Josiah Edwin, 8th VT INF, 05/05/1918, co-canoncity-lakeside

Brown, Josiah Jr., 9th VT INF, 01/14/1901, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Brown, Jude, 1st VT CAV, 10/01/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Brown, Kirk Fales, 8th VT INF, 03/19/1911, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Brown, Lansford H., 8th VT INF, 05/24/1865, vt-whitingham-cutting

Brown, Leonard, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Lewis G., 26th NY CAV, 03/28/1873, vt-newfane-williamsville

Brown, Lorenzo, 1st VT CAV, 10/16/1922, vt-lunenburg-riverside

Brown, Luther T., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Lyman C., 1st NY ENG, 05/13/1911, ma-lynnfield-foresthill

Brown, Lyman J., 10th VT INF, 05/28/1913, vt-bradford-upperplain

Brown, Lyman Wesley, 1st IN CAV, 12/19/1875, wi-wood-national

Brown, Martin V. B., 12th VT INF, 01/13/1914, ks-ottawa-hope

Brown, Marvin J., 2nd NY CAV, 08/14/1929, ks-leavenworth-national

Brown, Merritt A., 17th VT INF, 09/15/1885, ny-perinton-bushnellbasin

Brown, Mervin M., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 06/20/1918, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Brown, Michael, 4th US INF, After 05/05/1864, un-unknown

Brown, Mills O., 26th NY CAV, 07/31/1873, vt-unknown

Brown, Mills O., 8th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 07/20/1873, vt-bradford-upperplain

Brown, Milton S., 1st VT CAV, 12/24/1864, vt-craftsbury-common

Brown, Mitchell, 1st VT CAV, 02/11/1918, un-unknown

Brown, Mortimer W., 12th US INF, 03/11/1891, vt-burlington-lakeview

Brown, Moses F., 3rd VT INF, unknown, vt-danville-green

Brown, Moses T., 7th NH INF, 03/11/1893, nh-lebanon-schoolst

Brown, Nathan, 4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 04/30/1886, vt-hartford-point

Brown, Nathan L., 4th VT INF, 10/31/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Brown, Nelson H., 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 08/03/1909, vt-randolph-southview

Brown, Oliver Abraham, 15th VT INF, 09/07/1896, ma-plymouth-vinehills

Brown, Oliver W., 3rd VT INF, 03/09/1910, ne-fallscity-steele

Brown, Oramel B, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 10/11/1862, un-unknown

Brown, Orrin E., 6th NH INF, 9th NH INF, 03/02/1917, vt-waterbury-old

Brown, Orsamus E., 16th NY HARTY , 03/14/1879, mi-stjohns-mountrest

Brown, Orville H., USN, 09/04/1899, vt-unknown

Brown, Oscar G., 10th VT INF, 05/18/1870, vt-jericho-center

Brown, Osman C., 15th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 03/31/1893, vt-corinth-center

Brown, Otis L., 8th VT INF, 01/28/1893, mi-grandrapids-oakhill

Brown, Portus H., 5th NH INF, 03/20/1929, mi-manistique-lakeview

Brown, Portus L., 9th VT INF, 06/02/1924, vt-barre-elmwood

Brown, Ralph, 6th NH INF, 06/27/1863, ms-vicksburg-national

Brown, Richard, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, Richard A., 4th VT INF, Before 04/23/1894, nc-tarboro-calvary

Brown, Robert H., 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, unknown, vt-barnard-nye

Brown, Robert J., 9th VT INF, 14th US CHARTY, 1st NC HARTY, 09/25/1885, ks-lansing-mtmuncie

Brown, Robert R., 54th MA INF, 45th USCI, 41st USCI, 01/28/1919, vt-castleton-hillside

Brown, Royal C., 14th VT INF, After 04/04/1891, un-unknown

Brown, Rufus, 11th VT INF, 02/14/1907, vt-chelsea-highland

Brown, Samuel B., 8th VT INF, 09/28/1866, vt-holland-meadhill

Brown, Samuel G., 1st VT INF, 05/02/1891, vt-swanton-churchst

Brown, Samuel G. Jr., 17th VT INF, 07/05/1864, vt-swanton-churchst

Brown, Samuel H., 16th NY INF, 02/18/1892, vt-waterville-mtnview

Brown, Samuel R., 12th VT INF, 1st NH INF, 02/06/1929, ca-sangabriel-sangabriel

Brown, Sherrod, 1st USSS, VRC, 12/11/1924, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Brown, Sidney B., 9th VT INF, 05/06/1889, mi-petoskey-greenwood

Brown, Sidney W., 12th VT INF, 07/12/1915, vt-hartland-village

Brown, Silas H., 177th NY INF , 06/24/1873, ny-menands-albanyrural

Brown, Simon Benjamin, USV, 03/19/1889, il-chicago-oakwoods

Brown, Stephen, 9th VT INF, 11/07/1877, vt-elmore-village

Brown, Stephen Flavius, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 09/08/1903, vt-swanton-churchst

Brown, Stephen S., 1st MN CAV, unknown, wa-orting-soldiers

Brown, Stephen W., 14th NY ARTY, 01/23/1864, ny-elmira-woodlawn

Brown, Stillman A., 9th VT INF, 03/08/1866, vt-troy-troy

Brown, Thomas, 15th NH INF, 11/12/1927, vt-weybridge-hill

Brown, Thomas, 80th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Brown, Thomas F., 1st NY MTD RFLS, 08/17/1872, ny-salem-evergreen

Brown, Thomas H., 1st USSS, 05/12/1864, vt-ryegate-hillside

Brown, Truman O., 2nd VT INF, 05/07/1863, va-unknown

Brown, Volney N., 9th IA INF, 2/4/1915, ia-westunion-westunion

Brown, Warren, 12th US INF, 11/23/1921, il-unknown

Brown, Warren C. B. Jr., 12th VT INF, 04/17/1877, ma-dorchester-cedargrove

Brown, Wickliffe L., 9th VT INF, 02/20/1865, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Brown, Willard C., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 03/04/1923, ca-altadena-mtnview

Brown, Willard L., 15th VT INF, 05/06/1880, vt-peacham-corner

Brown, Willard Thaddeus, 6th VT INF, 7th VT INF, 10/21/1898, vt-peacham-corner

Brown, William, USCI, 05/02/1906, ny-unknown

Brown, William, 12th VT INF, 08/10/1887, vt-windsor-oldsouth

Brown, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brown, William A., 7th VT INF, 08/13/1862, la-chalmette-national

Brown, William G., 5th VT INF, 08/24/1862, va-hampton-national

Brown, William H., 8th VT INF, 03/07/1863, un-unknown

Brown, William H., 3rd VT INF, 12/28/1931, me-coopersmills-howe

Brown, William Henry, 2nd VT INF, After 03/10/1877, ks-great-bend

Brown, William L., 16th VT INF, 08/27/1904, vt-norwich-hillside

Brown, William L., 7th VT INF, 01/17/1877, vt-enosburgh-west

Brown, William N., 6th VT INF, 06/14/1903, vt-bradford-upperplain

Brown, William P., 10th VT INF, After 1890, ny-malone-sthelens

Brown, William P., 7th VT INF, before 06/23/1898, tx-unknown

Brown, William Whittier, 7th NH INF, 01/06/1874, nh-manchester-valley

Brown, Wright H., 14th VT INF, 01/08/1912, ks-dodge-vets

Browne, Francis Fisher, 46th MA INF, 05/11/1913, ca-altadena-mtnview

Browne, William Frank, 15th VT INF, 09/12/1867, vt-berlin-deweywright

Brownell, Elias L., 9th VT INF, 12/02/1914, ia-spiritlake-lakeview

Brownell, George J., 3rd VT INF, 12/20/1902, vt-unknown

Brownell, George S., 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1863, vt-colchester-village

Brownell, Horace W., 6th VT INF, 04/03/1894, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Brownell, Julian W., 6th VT INF, 08/03/1864, vt-colchester-village

Brownell, Marcus, 6th MN INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brownell, Martin, 6th VT INF, 12/15/1895, ca-montague-littleshasta

Brownell, Moses, 6th VT INF, unknown, ri-pawtuxet-memorial

Brownell, Philander, 10th VT INF, 01/28/1929, ny-southeston-brownell

Brownell, Thomas, 1st NH CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Brownell, Zimri, 10th VT INF, 11/05/1906, mi-grandrapids-vets

Browning, Henry C., 2nd VT LARTY, Before 10/11/1890, un-unknown

Brownlee, Edward, 5th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-poplargrove-national

Brownlee, James T., 6th VT INF, 09/22/1910, wi-mondovi-oakpark

Brownson, Bailey B., 13th VT INF, 09/16/1919, vt-stalbans-bay

Brownson, Harry, 12th VT INF, 09/07/1891, ne-omaha-prospecthill

Brownson, Mark, 27th IA INF, Before 5/2/1865, ia-quasqueton-quasqueton

Brownson, Martin Josh, 5th VT INF, VRC, After 1889, ks-unknown

Bruce, Alexander, 3rd VT LARTY, 09/16/1865, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Bruce, Alexander, 1st VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, After 10/08/1864, un-unknown

Bruce, Alonzo James, 13th VT INF, 05/10/1909, ma-montague-elmgrove

Bruce, Calvin E., 3rd VT INF, 04/29/1864, vt-danville-green

Bruce, Charles Samuel, 10th MN INF, 01/20/1921, mn-luverne-maplewood

Bruce, David R., 9th VT INF, 03/04/1864, nc-unknown

Bruce, Ebenezer J., 10th VT INF, 01/28/1918, vt-charleston-west

Bruce, Edmund H., 12th VT INF, 07/06/1908, vt-randolph-pview

Bruce, Edward R., 13th NY CAV, After 1900, ny-unknown

Bruce, Eli, 71st NY INF, 07/05/1899, vt-unknown

Bruce, George A., 16th VT INF, 02/12/1922, co-denver-riverside

Bruce, George E., 50th MA INF, 09/01/1910, vt-danville-green

Bruce, George E., 8th VT INF, 05/02/1902, vt-warren-warren

Bruce, George W., 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bruce, Harry Jr., 9th VT INF, After 1890, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bruce, Harvey N., 1st VT INF, 16th VT INF, 1903, vt-woodstock-riverside

Bruce, Henry C., 6th MA INF, 1st MA CAV, 08/15/1903, vt-hancock-newvillage

Bruce, Henry C., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 08/15/1903, vt-burke-howland

Bruce, Horatio P., 2nd USSS, 06/20/1864, vt-woodbury-center

Bruce, Joel, 4th VT INF, 12/13/1862, va-fredericksburg-national

Bruce, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bruce, John H., 11th VT INF, 10/06/1864, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bruce, Joseph T., 11th VT INF, 02/21/1864, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bruce, Lorin E., 12th VT INF, 09/10/1903, vt-randolph-southview

Bruce, Lucien, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 12/18/1921, ca-losangeles-national

Bruce, Martin L., 8th VT INF, 06/07/1913, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Bruce, N. P., 11th NY CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bruce, Robert, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bruce, Samuel B. O., 11th VT INF, 02/15/1918, vt-sharon-pinehill

Bruce, Simeon B., 1st NY MTD RIFLES, 04/17/1896, ny-salem-evergreen

Bruce, Thomas Todd, 12th NY CAV, 06/08/1897, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Bruce, Twing, 1st VT CAV, 10/31/1903, vt-randolph-southview

Bruce, Warren Ellis, 13th MA INF, 05/21/1909, vt-marlboro-collins

Bruce, William, 10th VT INF, 10/08/1906, vt-brownington-center

Brudenell, Thomas, 9th VT INF, unknown, il-hillside-mtcarmel

Bruffee, George A., 61st MA INF, 12/10/1903, vt-bennington-grandview

Bruidnell, William, 2nd VT INF, Before 06/29/1905, il-hillside-mtcarmel

Bruire, Narcisse, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brundage, Edgar A., 11th MI CAV, 03/26/1888, ks-wilsey-highland

Brundage, Harrison, 11th NY CAV, 12/13/1907, ks-concordia-stconcordia

Brunell, George, 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-underhill-irish

Brunell, S. Toussaint, 1st VT CAV, 1922, vt-islandpond-oldcath

Brunelle, John, 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Brunet, Emanuel, 10th VT INF, 10/31/1920, vt-swanton-stmary

Brunnel, Gilbert, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Brunning, William, 6th VT INF, VRC, 03/11/1923, vt-barton-welcome

Brunson, Ashael A., 106th NY INF , 08/04/1900, ia-algona-riverview

Brunson, Jessie H., 106th NY INF , 06/19/1864, va-alexandria-national

Brunson, William, 1st NV CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Brush, Azel N., 1st VT CAV, 01/04/1905, vt-fairfax-plains

Brush, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 06/06/1923, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Brush, Cyrus, 14th VT INF, 12/03/1908, vt-middlebury-prospect

Brush, Daniel Harmon, 18th IL INF, 02/10/1890, il-carbondale-woodlawn

Brush, Edwin Ruthven, 1st VT INF, 2nd VT INF, 12/27/1908, vt-cambridge-mtview

Brush, George Wilbur, 1st VT CAV, 10/02/1921, vt-proctor-southst

Brush, Henry, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Brush, Henry B., 2nd VT INF, 02/28/1891, ma-unknown

Brush, Henry P., 30th WI INF, After 08/25/1890, vt-underhill-flats

Brush, Josephus Wilson, 14th IA INF, 25th IA INF, 08/13/1911, ne-peru-london

Brush, Myron W., 132nd OH INF, 06/1872, oh-antwerp-clark

Brush, Salmon Mortimer, 1st VT CAV, 07/02/1927, vt-stowe-riverbank

Bruso, Frederick, 11th VT INF, After 1890, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Bruso, Joseph H., USN, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Brust, Louis, 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, la-unknown

Bruya, Charles, 14th VT INF, 01/04/1902, vt-middlebury-stmarys

Bruya, Francis, 14th VT INF, 01/05/1891, ma-unknown

Bryan, Andrew, 3rd VT INF, before 12/07/1907, ca-unknown

Bryan, William J., 25th NY CAV, 06/12/1906, ny-ticonderoga-valleyview

Bryant, Alpheus W., 139th IL INF, 03/29/1889, il-meredosia-weeks

Bryant, Amasa O., 6th VT INF, After 1880, vt-unknown

Bryant, Anson N., 7th VT INF, 02/24/1925, vt-thetford-ricesmills

Bryant, Berton Benjamin, 2nd VT INF, 02/07/1878, ma-charlemont-zoar

Bryant, Calvin R., 9th VT INF, 12/21/1921, pa-tioga-hammond

Bryant, Carlos C., 1st VT CAV, 1st US VET CORPS, 03/04/1920, vt-reading-felchville

Bryant, Charles, 15th VT INF, before 09/29/1890, vt-unknown

Bryant, Charles O., 26th NY CAV, 01/10/1924, il-rockford-sts

Bryant, Charles V., 7th VT INF, 05/27/1905, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Bryant, Clark R., 2nd VT INF, 03/14/1925, ma-granby-north

Bryant, Cornelius, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bryant, Cyrus, 3rd VT INF, 08/11/1910, ma-lowell-edson

Bryant, Daniel M., 5th VT INF, 5th US CAV, 01/24/1928, ca-sanjose-oakhill

Bryant, David, 14th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 08/21/1890, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Bryant, Edgar C., 5th VT INF, 07/17/1865, vt-dorset-maplehill

Bryant, Edward S., 1st VT CAV, 11/08/1871, vt-lyndon-center

Bryant, Eliphalet E., 2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12th US INF, 09/17/1866, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bryant, George, 17th VT INF, After 12/17/1869, un-unknown

Bryant, George D., 1st VT CAV, 5th VT INF, 12/18/1894, vt-whiting-village

Bryant, George E., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT BGD Band, 04/06/1927, ma-lowell-westlawn

Bryant, George W., 15th VT INF, 04/15/1914, vt-morgan-center

Bryant, George W., 5th VT INF, 06/16/1872, vt-hubbardton-pleasantview

Bryant, Henry, 1st RI LARTY, 1917, ri-westwarwick-stmary

Bryant, Henry N., 12th VT INF, 10/13/1925, vt-reading-felchville

Bryant, Henry O., Unknown, 05/20/1904, vt-chelsea-highland

Bryant, Ira S., 1st VT CAV, 08/08/1875, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Bryant, James G., 2nd VT INF, 01/11/1911, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Bryant, James H., 16th VT INF, 07/09/1904, wi-colby-colby

Bryant, James H., 5th VT INF, 05/13/1919, vt-williston-east

Bryant, John Carleton, 34th NJ INF, 07/26/1907, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Bryant, John Proctor, 9th VT INF, 02/20/1865, va-citypoint-national

Bryant, Jonathan, 2nd VT INF, 11/25/1920, vt-holland-meadhill

Bryant, Joseph C., 8th VT INF, 09/02/1864, vt-wardsboro-fairview

Bryant, Leroy L., 9th VT INF, 09/29/1864, va-ftharrison-national

Bryant, Lester A., 12th VT INF, 05/01/1935, vt-lincoln-lee

Bryant, Lewis, 11th VT INF, 12/14/1896, nh-colebrook-village

Bryant, Lewis A., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Bryant, Lorenzo S., 176th NY INF, before 2/19/1904, mn-stpaul-elmhurst

Bryant, Luther S., 118th NY INF, 09/22/1908, ny-vermontville-union

Bryant, Monroe Hiram, 16th VT INF, 02/15/1927, sd-alexandria-greenhill

Bryant, Oscar B., 7th VT INF, 04/22/1920, vt-reading-felchville

Bryant, Samuel John, 6th MI CAV, 08/08/1892, mi-grandrapids-standrews

Bryant, Thomas D., 1st VT CAV, 1st US VET CORPS, 03/20/1905, vt-unknown

Bryant, Warren S., 2nd VT INF, After 1910, tx-unknown

Bryant, William F., 5th VT INF, 12th US INF, 10/08/1913, in-marion-national

Bryant, William H., 14th NH INF, 01/31/1883, nh-meriden-mill

Brydon, John, 118th NY INF, 07/01/1881, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Buasia, John, 10th VT INF, 07/19/1904, vt-essex-holyfamily

Buchanan, George, 1st VT CAV, 12/15/1903, ma-worcester-hope

Buchanan, George L., USN, 10/07/1904, vt-topsham-east

Buchanan, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 08/01/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Buchanan, Peter M., 15th VT INF, 04/18/1867, vt-barnet-center

Buchanan, William, 11th VT INF, 09/26/1887, vt-islelamotte-north

Buck, Ambrose D., 12th VT INF, 09/24/1899, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Buck, Azro A., 13th IL INF, 01/04/1880, ks-unknown

Buck, Charles, 2nd NH INF, 04/19/1930, vt-newport-center

Buck, Charles E., 39th WI INF, 05/06/1891, wa-cheney-fairview

Buck, Charles W., USN, 02/11/1910, ny-hoosick-maplegroveold

Buck, Chester H., 2nd NJ INF, 2nd OH HARTY, 01/12/1912, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Buck, Edward, 11th MN INF, unknown, mn-unknown

Buck, Edward M., 9th VT INF, 11/11/1893, ny-jay-mtnview

Buck, Elton F., 12th VT INF, 05/21/1926, vt-unknown

Buck, Erastus, 3rd VT INF, 05/22/1864, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Buck, Erastus H., 17th VT INF, 04/01/1864, vt-bethel-east

Buck, Francis E., 6th VT INF, 06/09/1922, vt-worcester-village

Buck, George H., 27th MI INF, 10/05/1890, mi-monroe-woodland

Buck, George Jr., 2nd VT INF, 04/02/1927, ne-franklin-greenwood

Buck, George Washington, 28th MA INF, 09/26/1923, vt-coventry-village

Buck, Harmon A., 150th IL INF, 03/07/1924, vt-burlington-greenmt

Buck, Horace L., 12th ME INF, 07/06/1895, me-calais-calais

Buck, Ira P., 3rd VT LARTY, 03/05/1914, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Buck, Isaac D., USN, 05/10/1905, ma-everett-woodlawn

Buck, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Buck, Julius M., 11th VT INF, After 1890, nj-newark-fairmount

Buck, Oscar H., , 02/19/1895, vt-victory-hill

Buck, Ruben, 23rd WI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Buck, Samuel L., 2nd NJ INF, 02/05/1892, nj-newark-fairmount

Buck, Sidney S., 103rd IL INF, 1886, ks-coffeyville-elmwood

Buck, Walter, 1st CA CAV, 08/27/1882, vt-charleston-hillside

Buck, Walter, 14th NH INF, 18th NH INF, 09/13/1864, md-loudonpark-national

Buck, William, 9th VT INF, 02/04/1865, va-citypoint-national

Buck, William H., 28th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Buck, William H. H., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 06/22/1899, vt-middlesex-center

Buck, William L., 6th VT INF, 06/15/1898, vt-brookfield-new

Buck, William N., 1st VT CAV, after 1913, nh-manchester-valley

Buck, William Peter, 14th VT INF, 10/13/1915, vt-arlington-evergreen

Buckely, Dennis, 26th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Buckland, Niram, 5th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 4th MA HARTY, before 08/11/1881, vt-unknown

Buckley, Charles H., 8th VT INF, 06/23/1862, la-chalmette-national

Buckley, Dennis, 1st VT INF, 8th VT INF, Before 11/14/1890, un-unknown

Buckley, Edward, 1st VT LARTY, unknown, ny-hoosick-rural

Buckley, George E., 4th VT INF, 1908, ma-orange-central

Buckley, James W., 8th VT INF, After 1880, nh-unknown

Buckley, James W., 3rd VT INF, VRC, After 05/15/1877, nh-hinsdale-pinegrove

Buckley, John M., 1st VT INF, before 4/19/1894, vt-unknown

Buckley, John M., 6th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, After 1913, ma-unknown

Buckley, William H. H., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Buckley, William L., 5th VT INF, 01/18/1872, vt-northfield-elmwood

Bucklin, Charles M., 2nd VT LARTY, 81st USCI, 10/05/1867, vt-sudbury-hill

Bucklin, Daniel E., 33rd MA INF, 11/20/1917, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Bucklin, George A., 10th VT INF, 04/14/1865, vt-danby-read

Bucklin, George D., 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1863, vt-wallingford-sugarhill

Bucklin, Mason Charles, 8th VT INF, 03/10/1901, ia-bayard-highland

Bucklin, Merrill R., 6th VT INF, 08/17/1862, vt-warren-warren

Bucklin, Milo, 8th VT INF, 03/27/1919, vt-warren-warren

Bucklin, Nathaniel A., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 01/19/1923, vt-sudbury-wallace

Buckman, Abner M., 17th VT INF, 06/05/1865, va-unknown

Buckman, Alzo, 16th VT INF, 03/07/1890, vt-woodstock-prosper

Buckman, Andrew, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Buckman, George Proctor, 4th VT INF, 10/18/1905, ma-lowell-edson

Buckman, Gilbert D., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/09/1924, ca-unknown

Buckman, Henry F., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/07/1864, nh-whitefield-pinest

Buckman, Lyman S., 4th VT INF, After 1890, sd-ipswich-southside

Buckminster, Henry, 11th VT INF, 03/24/1909, vt-concord-village

Buckway, Robert J., 20th US CINF, Unknown, un-unknown

Budlong, William D., 23rd MA INF, 7/17/1916, ma-springfield-springfield

Buel, Lucas, 8th VT INF, 01/16/1908, vt-danville-green

Buell, Edward H., 26th NY CAV, 04/15/1907, vt-brandon-pinehill

Buell, Emery C., 15th VT INF, after 01/15/1898, mn-unknown

Buell, James N., 10th VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-unknown

Buell, Oliver S., 6th VT INF, 03/06/1925, il-chicago-mthope

Buell, Samuel T., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 04/26/1913, ia-mechanicsville-rosehill

Buffington, Charles A., 1st NH HARTY, 08/29/1872, nh-colebrook-reed

Buffum, David M., 9th VT INF, 1883, vt-pawlet-northeast

Buffum, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 07/03/1863, vt-mttabor-mttabor

Buffum, Leonard C., 9th VT INF, 09/14/1905, vt-unknown

Buffum, Seth, 7th VT INF, 12/29/1921, vt-rockingham-cambridgeport

Buffum, William L., 7th VT INF, 05/05/1913, vt-landgrove-new

Bugbee, Abel H., 6th NY INF, 14th NY ARTY, 10/30/1864, md-loudonpark-national

Bugbee, Alfred Freeman, 6th NH INF, 07/02/1927, il-chicago-rosehill

Bugbee, Alfred S., 16th VT INF, 05/18/1920, ny-unknown

Bugbee, Alvah, 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/11/1898, vt-orange-orangecenter

Bugbee, Benjamin F., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Bugbee, Benjamin F. Jr., 3rd VT LARTY, 11/24/1928, vt-woodstock-taftsville

Bugbee, Carlos, 3rd VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/10/1910, vt-morrisville-riverside

Bugbee, Carlos A., 14th VT INF, Before 04/07/1904, wi-westprairie-greenwood

Bugbee, Carlos R., 11th VT INF, 02/25/1865, nc-unknown

Bugbee, Charles, 15th VT INF, 05/29/1863, vt-orange-orangecenter

Bugbee, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, After 04/20/1870, un-unknown

Bugbee, Charles P., 8th VT INF, 11/28/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bugbee, Danforth A., 2nd VT INF, 05/09/1908, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Bugbee, Ducell O., 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, After 10/22/1883, un-unknown

Bugbee, Dudley W., 1st VT CAV, 12/24/1920, ma-montague-locusthill

Bugbee, Edward, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bugbee, Edwin, 18th NH INF, After 1895, vt-barnard-east

Bugbee, Edwin William, 2nd VT INF, 09/12/1906, ma-orange-west

Bugbee, Henry W., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bugbee, Samuel C., 3rd MA CAV, Before 12/02/1890, vt-dummerston-baptist

Bugbee, Stanford H., 92nd NY INF, 08/16/1908, ny-lawrence-maplegrove

Bugbee, Sylvester M., 14th NH INF, 01/29/1897, nh-cornish-child

Bugbee, Van H., 10th VT INF, 12/05/1921, wi-waukesha-prairiehome

Bugbee, Willard W., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/27/1864, va-arlington-national

Bugbee, William H., 3rd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Buley, John, 2nd VT INF, 04/15/1912, vt-richmond-holyrosary

Bulkeley, Rowland T., 13th VT INF, after 1910, il-minonk-township

Bulkley, Addison, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Bulkley, Solomon, 5th VT INF, 06/30/1874, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Bull, Asahel J., 2nd VT INF, Before 06/29/1888, ri-northsmithfield-union

Bull, Elisha, 7th VT INF, 04/26/1865, la-chalmette-national

Bull, Eugene M., 4th VT INF, 08/09/1915, ma-unknown

Bull, Horace Cole, 97th IL INF, 04/22/1900, ne-edgar-edgar

Bull, John Jr., 7th VT INF, 09/04/1904, vt-sunderland-iraallen

Bull, Jonathan A., 118th NY INF , 01/16/1917, ma-westfield-middlefarms

Bullard, Edgar, 5th VT INF, 04/27/1913, vt-hydepark-village

Bullard, Edgar Nelson, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 05/13/1911, vt-swanton-churchst

Bullard, Edmund E., 11th VT INF, 1901, nh-amherst-meadowview

Bullard, Edwin, 8th IA INF, 05/23/1914, ia-tama-hayes

Bullard, Franklin, 6th VT INF, 01/23/1918, vt-brookfield-new

Bullard, Gates Bezaleel, 15th VT INF, 09/04/1901, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Bullard, George, 6th VT INF, 03/04/1864, vt-woodstock-prosper

Bullard, Harlan P., 13th VT INF, 03/01/1907, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Bullard, Joseph A., 10th VT INF, 01/27/1864, va-culpeper-national

Bullard, Lucian C., 4th VT INF, 05/20/1914, pa-bradford-oakhill

Bullard, Martin L., 1st VT CAV, 01/22/1918, ca-losangeles-national

Bullard, Romeo W., 1st VT INF, before 07/19/1889, ny-unknown

Bullard, Ryland N., 3rd VT INF, 05/19/1864, va-unknown

Bullett, Charles B., 7th VT INF, 10/17/1902, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Bullett, Joseph, 3rd VT LARTY, 02/12/1917, vt-newport-holebrook

Bullis, Hiram Comfort, 15th NY ENG, 10/20/1894, mn-eaglelake-burgess

Bullock, Amasa R., 57th MA INF, After 1904, ma-unknown

Bullock, Atwood C., 1st MA HARTY, 12/30/1910, vt-unknown

Bullock, Byron, 4th VT INF, 06/01/1864, vt-marshfield-dwinell

Bullock, David M., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 03/23/1923, vt-readsboro-village

Bullock, David O., 8th VT INF, 12/23/1907, vt-milton-west

Bullock, George W., 11th MA INF, 07/04/1864, vt-sheffield-heightscass

Bullock, Henry, 3rd VT LARTY, 02/08/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Bullock, Lyman Jr, 10th VT INF, 04/04/1888, vt-milton-boro

Bullock, Lyman Sr., 10th VT INF, 01/21/1865, vt-milton-boro

Bullock, Merritt Erwin, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 09/19/1874, vt-readsboro-village

Bullock, Norman, 7th RI INF, 156th IL INF, Aft 02/10/1904, ia-vinton-evergreen

Bullock, Prentice, 8th VT INF, 02/19/1920, vt-jericho-pleasantview

Bullock, Silas Warren, 15th VT INF, 03/09/1909, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Bullock, Thaddeus S., 4th VT INF, 12/21/1862, vt-marshfield-wooster

Bullock, William S., , 07/17/1904, vt-burlington-lakeview

Bullson, George H., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bully, Louis, 3rd VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Bully, Nelson, 17th VT INF, 06/19/1864, va-unknown

Bump, Alfred, 4th VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAV, After 06/20/1881, un-unknown

Bump, Charles Wesley, 16th WI INF, 11/12/1926, mn-austin-oakwood

Bump, Christopher Columbus, 11th VT INF, 08/14/1913, ma-winchendon-riverside

Bump, George W., 16th WI INF, 11/20/1915, mn-warsaw-warsaw

Bump, Henry F., 31st WI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Bump, Morris C., 14th VT INF, 02/06/1866, vt-salisbury-west

Bump, Ruel J., 5th VT INF, 11/13/1861, un-unknown

Bump, Velarous L., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 08/24/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bumps, Alden O., 11th VT INF, 09/20/1864, sc-florence-national

Bumps, John S., 6th VT INF, 03/14/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Bumps, Seth, 6th VT INF, 12/21/1861, va-arlington-national

Bumpus, Charles W., 24th MA INF, 05/05/1940, vt-calais-fairview

Bunce, Albert I., 124th NY INF, 1923, vt-castleton-hillside

Bundy, Aaron W., 9th VT INF, 03/28/1882, vt-montgomery-village

Bundy, Charles, 15th VT INF, 10/17/1907, vt-sutton-village

Bundy, Charles A., 14th VT INF, Before 2/24/1915, ny-unknown

Bundy, Elijah A., 11th VT INF, 04/18/1904, ny-parishville-hillcrest

Bundy, George, 15th VT INF, 02/19/1868, vt-sutton-village

Bundy, George Gilson, 11th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12/16/1918, vt-hydepark-north

Bundy, Lewis, 118th NY INF , 05/07/1888, ny-ellenburg-sheldonhill

Bundy, Lewis S., 4th VT INF, 11/15/1914, vt-bethel-lympus

Bundy, Loren D., 1st WI HARTY, 01/06/1903, ks-goff-fairview

Bundy, Lorin S., 11th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/22/1884, vt-hydepark-plains

Bundy, Marcus H., 1st NH LARTY, 06/24/1904, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Bundy, Urial, 7th VT INF, 09/12/1911, vt-highgate-center

Bundy, William G., 11th VT INF, 04/10/1887, vt-hydepark-plains

Bundy, Willis G., 11th MN INF, 09/06/1907, mn-madelia-riverside

Bunker, Amos Hegas, 1st USSS, 02/15/1867, vt-burlington-greenmt

Bunker, Clark, 4th VT INF, 10/11/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Bunker, George Hall, 7th VT INF, 12/17/1925, mo-nevada-newton

Bunker, Ira Sweet, 7th VT INF, 03/04/1904, wa-collegeplace-mthope

Bunker, Leander Laroy, 6th MI INF, 05/19/1887, mi-buchanan-oakridge

Bunker, Luther J., 6th VT INF, After 7/1/1913, un-unknown

Bunker, Marvin S, 1st NM CAV, 07/17/1890, dc-washington-stelizabeth

Bunker, William B., 8th VT INF, 1900, vt-newark-pleasantview

Bunkley, John J., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burbank, Abial H., 156th NY INF , 02/28/1864, ny-tottenville-village

Burbank, Andrew S., 7th VT INF, 08/15/1918, wa-cashmere-cashmere

Burbank, Asher S., 4th VT INF, 1913, nh-antrim-northbranch

Burbank, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Burbank, Dennis V., 1st NH HARTY, NH Martin GDS, unknown, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Burbank, Franklin, 14th NH INF, 06/28/1896, vt-unknown

Burbank, George B., 2nd VT INF, After 1929, un-unknown

Burbank, George S., 17th VT INF, 11/17/1896, ks-muscotah-muscotah

Burbank, Horace Hall, 16th VT INF, 1920, ca-pomona-pomona

Burbank, Horace J., 1st MA CAV, 05/23/1887, vt-morgan-cargill

Burbank, Jerome M., 3rd VT INF, 10/18/1882, sd-aberdeen-riverside

Burbank, John Alvin, 4th VT INF, 12/20/1861, vt-pomfret-burns

Burbank, Milo H., Unknown, 08/16/1896, vt-wheelock-village

Burbank, Morgan A., 2nd VT INF, After 01/09/1863, oh-northbend-congressgreen

Burbank, Nathaniel, USN, 4th VT INF, 11/10/1913, vt-walden-heights

Burbank, Sidney H., 10th WI INF, 12/07/1908, wi-king-vets

Burbank, Walter H., 1st VT CAV, 05/28/1907, il-sycamore-elmwood

Burbank, William B., 17th VT INF, 11/05/1870, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Burbank, William H., 3rd NH INF, 05/09/1903, vt-barnard-south

Burbank, William R., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burbee, George P., 11th VT INF, 07/26/1912, vt-winhall-bondville

Burbee, Horace A., 11th VT INF, 11/30/1912, vt-danby-scottsville

Burbee, Peter D., 11th VT INF, 12/30/1864, va-winchester-national

Burbee, Simon, 1st NY Dragoons, 1919, ny-wethersfield-union

Burbee, William H. H., 11th VT INF, 11/12/1901, vt-winhall-bondville

Burbey, Milo E., 115th NY INF , 04/01/1871, ny-greenfield-hutchings

Burbridge, Samuel L., USN, 07/29/1911, vt-castleton-hillside

Burckhardt, Franz, 9th VT INF, 09/08/1899, ny-unknown

Burdett, James, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burdett, Thomas E., 20th MA INF, 07/16/1915, vt-woodstock-riverside

Burdette, Frank D., 6th MN INF, 09/10/1907, tn-mtnhome-national

Burdick, Aaron P., 6th VT INF, 05/17/1916, vt-highgate-center

Burdick, Arthur Franklin, 5th VT INF, 02/21/1921, vt-underhill-flats

Burdick, Charles F., 15th VT INF, 12/10/1862, va-arlington-national

Burdick, Elias C., 1st MN HARTY, 1922, ny-ogdensburg-ogdensburg

Burdick, Francis Benjamin, 22nd IA INF, 05/28/1931, ok-hartshorne-elmwood

Burdick, Frank Noyes, 88th IL INF, 02/22/1917, ny-manhassett-christchurch

Burdick, Henry Thompson Edwin, 11th VT INF, 12th US CHARTY, 05/04/1897, vt-guilford-baker

Burdick, James, 15th OH BTRY, 05/13/1905, nd-fargo-riverside

Burdick, Judson J., 96th NY INF, 08/15/1904, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Burdick, Noah W., 15th VT INF, 12/29/1913, vt-danville-green

Burdick, Norman, 4th NH INF, 05/14/1908, ny-menands-albanyrural

Burdick, Oscar F., 5th VT INF, VRC, 04/03/1900, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Burdick, Ozias W., 1st MN LARTY, 10/12/1914, wa-portangeles-oceanview

Burdick, Peter W., 151st NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Burdick, Willaby Z., 10th VT INF, VRC, 04/28/1913, ny-unknown

Burdoo, Silas, 54th MA INF, 11/18/1900, vt-unknown

Buren, James, 9th VT INF, 02/15/1924, ny-glens-falls

Burford, James A., 9th IL CAV, 10/31/1897, vt-stalbans-holycross

Burge, Howard H., 1st VT CAV, 04/11/1900, vt-bridport-central

Burgess, Albert H., 2nd USSS, 12/01/1918, vt-grafton-village

Burgess, Ambrose Herbert, 11th VT INF, 09/17/1886, vt-grafton-burgess

Burgess, Augustus B., 7th MA BTRY, 1902, vt-barre-hope

Burgess, Charles, 10th VT INF, 03/17/1895, vt-northfield-elmwood

Burgess, Charles H., 14th NH INF, 01/31/1881, vt-unknown

Burgess, Edwin D., 4th VT INF, 08/10/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Burgess, George N., 1st MN INF, 06/29/1862, va-unknown

Burgess, Giles Jewett, 2nd VT INF, 12/31/1920, vt-unknown

Burgess, James, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burgess, John, 136th PA INF, 02/01/1863, pa-sullivan-bakerburg

Burgess, Osman, 1st MN CAV, 05/18/1921, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Burgess, Reuben, 7th NY CAV, 01/23/1903, vt-rutland-evergreen

Burgess, Samuel Wadsworth, 1st MN CAV, 05/04/1916, mn-mankato-glenwood

Burgess, Seth, 9th VT INF, 05/10/1928, wi-pardeeville-marcellon

Burgess, Warren A., 147th NY INF , 08/09/1903, ny-syracuse-north

Burgess, William, 19th MA INF, 10/28/1908, vt-corinth-old

Burgess, William, 13th VT INF, 03/25/1863, un-unknown

Burgin, John W., 9th VT INF, 07/20/1920, vt-washington-maplehill

Burgin, Patrick, 2nd VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Burgin, Walter S., 17th NH INF, 07/02/1912, ca-cerritos-artesia

Burgoir, Dennis, 5th VT INF, 12/12/1922, vt-colchester-mallettsbay

Burgoyne, Charles, 12th VT INF, 12/01/1916, vt-coventry-village

Burham, Alfred W., 2nd NH INF, 11/15/1901, va-hampton-national

Burk, Marcus Moses, 7th WI INF, 06/26/1919, wa-kent-hillcrest

Burke, Albert E., 11th VT INF, 04/21/1910, vt-morrisville-riverside

Burke, Asa, 1st VT CAV, 05/02/1901, ny-salem-evergreen

Burke, Charles, 26th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Frederick, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, George, 11th VT INF, after 1890, mo-unknown

Burke, George, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Harris Ahira, 19th MI INF, 03/21/1898, mi-owosso-oakhill

Burke, Henry, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, James, 17th VT INF, 11/12/1923, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Burke, John, 3rd VT INF, 08/18/1893, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Burke, John, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, John, 10th VT INF, 11/09/1863, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Burke, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Joseph G., 11th VT INF, 10/31/1895, vt-hancock-newvillage

Burke, Julius W., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Lawrence, 10th VT INF, 12/08/1895, oh-dayton-national

Burke, Mason P., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-pomfret-hewittville

Burke, Michael, 5th VT INF, 02/23/1862, un-unknown

Burke, Michael, 8th VT INF, 02/02/1899, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Burke, Michael, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 07/31/1917, mo-unknown

Burke, Michael, US VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Michael, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Oscar F., 8th VT INF, 01/14/1926, wa-tumwater-masonic

Burke, Paul, 3rd VT INF, After 1890, nh-peterborough-stpeter

Burke, Paul M., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Peter E., 11th VT INF, 1897, vt-richmond-stmary

Burke, Robert Jackson, 6th OH SS, 12/01/1891, vt-derby-line

Burke, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 02/28/1902, vt-orwell-stpaul

Burke, Thomas, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burke, Toby T., 7th VT INF, 12/08/1868, vt-unknown

Burke, Walter, 13th VT INF, 03/04/1863, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Burke, William, 1st Btln MA CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Burleson, Asa R., 5th VT INF, 130th NY INF, 10/04/1917, mn-spring-valley

Burleson, George Washington, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 07/19/1920, vt-fairfield-egypt

Burleson, Hanson, 13th VT INF, 07/14/1889, vt-berkshire-berkshire

Burleson, Ossian, 1st VT CAV, 11/01/1864, vt-berkshire-berkshire

Burleson, Robert B., 10th VT INF, 02/07/1904, vt-pownal-oakhill

Burlett, Abram, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/13/1909, ny-unknown

Burley, Daniel Quimby, 7th MN INF, 01/05/1915, mn-minnesotacity-oakland

Burley, Haverhill S., 10th VT INF, 06/20/1864, va-arlington-national

Burley, John, 9th VT INF, 07/29/1924, vt-hinesburg-village

Burlingame, Charles, 2nd NY HARTY , 03/21/1893, ny-unknown

Burlingame, Cyrus, 5th VT INF, 10/16/1896, vt-rutland-evergreen

Burlingame, Edwin R., 105th OH INF, 11/19/1899, oh-geneva-evergreen

Burlingame, Milford J., 12th KS INF, 1st IN GDS, 01/26/1892, ks-lawrence-oakhill

Burlingame, Norman, 20th NY CAV, 10/28/1914, vt-newfane-woodlawn

Burlingame, Stephen, 8th VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Burlingame, Sylvester C., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 12/16/1903, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Burlingame, Zelotus, 2nd USSS, 10/07/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Burnap, Asa Jr., 7th VT INF, 04/26/1893, vt-somerset-somerset

Burnap, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 02/26/1923, vt-calais-fairview

Burnap, Erasmus L., , 06/20/1890, vt-calais-fairview

Burnap, Wilder Luke, 7th RI CAV, 07/15/1905, vt-burlington-lakeview

Burnap, Wyman R., 11th VT INF, 09/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Burnell, Charles A., 13th VT INF, 10/05/1925, vt-pomfret-burns

Burnell, F. J., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Burnell, Franklin J., 9th VT INF, 08/13/1903, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Burnell, George W., 10th VT INF, 19th US CINF, 10/1921, wi-oshkosh-riverside

Burnell, Homer A., 13th VT INF, 08/26/1868, vt-sheldon-stanthony

Burnell, Ralph E., 6th VT INF, 11/28/1872, vt-franklin-willard

Burnes, James, 3rd VT INF, 12/31/1906, on-unknown

Burnes, James, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Burnes, James, 10th VT INF, 12/10/1872, vt-rutland-calvary

Burnett, Abram, 17th VT INF, 05/04/1918, vt-stowe-riverbank

Burnett, Abram B., 12th VT INF, 05/05/1899, ca-murrieta-laurel

Burnett, Charles F., 23rd PA INF, 01/03/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Burnett, Charles F., 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Burnett, Francis W., 5th VT INF, 1913, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Burnett, George, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burnett, Hollis H., 16th VT INF, 10/03/1930, vt-guilford-christchurch

Burnett, John F., 16th VT INF, 07/31/1863, vt-guilford-west

Burnett, John Henry, 1st VT CAV, 09/02/1864, va-hampton-national

Burnett, Louis, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burnett, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Burnette, Daniel D., 7th IL CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Burney, Anthony, 5th VT INF, 03/27/1903, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Burney, Simon, 96th NY INF, unknown, vt-stalbans-mtcalvary

Burnham, Albert, 4th VT INF, 03/12/1911, vt-woodbury-south

Burnham, Alfred S., 1st USSS, 07/20/1906, ca-lakeelsinore-elsinorevalle

Burnham, Almeron, 3rd VT LARTY, 02/17/1864, vt-woodstock-randall

Burnham, Andrew J., 2nd VT INF, 01/28/1893, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Burnham, Arthur H., USA, 09/12/1877, ma-lowell-lowell

Burnham, Benjamin F., 8th VT INF, 84th USCI, 87th USCI, 05/21/1898, vt-groton-groton

Burnham, Charles, 4th VT INF, after 06/23/1864, ga-unknown

Burnham, Charles W., 2nd VT INF, 02/15/1923, ma-melrose-wyoming

Burnham, Denison S., 15th VT INF, 08/16/1880, nj-trenton-mercer

Burnham, Ebenezer, 11th VT INF, after 1890, la-amite-amite

Burnham, Edwin, 4th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 08/10/1913, vt-cabot-village

Burnham, Edwin K., 15th VT INF, 111th NY INF, 03/17/1915, ny-newark-newark

Burnham, Edwin R., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Burnham, Ezra S., 3rd VT LARTY, 10/09/1901, vt-stockbridge-maplewood

Burnham, Frank E., 1st VT CAV, 11/07/1916, nh-littleton-glenwood

Burnham, Franklin J., 9th NH INF, 4/17/1898, mt-moorhead-prairie

Burnham, George E., 83rd NY INF, 97th NY INF, 1904, vt-lyndon-center

Burnham, George H., USN, 09/24/1912, me-togus-national

Burnham, George M., 15th VT INF, 12/24/1921, nj-unknown

Burnham, George P., 13th VT INF, 06/13/1873, vt-huntington-center

Burnham, George P., 141st NY INF, 01/12/1864, vt-milton-village

Burnham, Henry J., 16th VT INF, unknown, vt-putney-maplegrove

Burnham, Henry P., 10th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-williamstown-easthill

Burnham, Horace, 1st VT CAV, 06/19/1919, vt-calais-fairview

Burnham, John, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Burnham, Jonathan C., 11th VT INF, 07/01/1864, va-unknown

Burnham, Joseph, 6th NH INF, VRC, 05/26/1878, vt-norwich-hillside

Burnham, Lorenzo D., 16th VT INF, 08/03/1887, vt-woodstock-highland

Burnham, Luther, 10th VT INF, 11/10/1935, vt-washington-maplehill

Burnham, Martin, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burnham, Melville V., 9th VT INF, 03/11/1863, il-chicago-rosehill

Burnham, Morrison, 2nd USSS, VRC, 06/02/1917, vt-barnard-east

Burnham, Nelson, 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Burnham, Oresties E., 49th MA INF, 02/02/1916, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Burnham, Oscar E., 106th NY INF, 08/29/1886, vt-montpelier-cutler

Burnham, Philander, 1st VT CAV, 1st US Vet Corps, 06/25/1877, ia-villisca-villisca

Burnham, Roswell, 11th VT INF, 01/25/1874, ma-gill-riverside

Burnham, Samuel Emmons, 5th VT INF, 09/22/1900, vt-manchester-dellwood

Burnham, Thomas F., 7th VT INF, 07/13/1862, ms-vicksburg-national

Burnham, Thomas Jefferson, 4th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Burnham, Watson C., 16th VT INF, 01/31/1863, vt-putney-maplegrove

Burnham, William G., 12th VT INF, 11th NY INF, USA, 1888, ny-canton-evergreen

Burnham, William T., 2nd VT INF, 06/10/1862, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Burno, Charles, 57th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burnor, Felix, 3rd VT INF, unknown, vt-franklin-marsh

Burnor, Gedos, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burnor, Louis, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Angus C., 1st USSS, 12/16/1920, me-togus-national

Burns, Chester R., 17th VT INF, 10/28/1922, vt-swanton-riverside

Burns, Daniel G., 7th VT INF, 08/22/1862, la-chalmette-national

Burns, David, 6th VT INF, After 06/21/1880, vt-fairfield-stpatrick

Burns, David, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Edgar T., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 06/14/1913, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Burns, Edward A., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Elias, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 01/10/1916, ia-prairiecity-waveland

Burns, George H., 16th VT INF, 12/25/1904, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Burns, James, 10th VT INF, After 09/28/1867, un-unknown

Burns, James, 10th VT INF, Unknown, UN-unknown

Burns, James, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, James Garland, 2nd NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, NH GDS, 1922, ri-kingstown-riverside

Burns, James Jr., 1st VT CAV, 10/01/1864, md-antietam-national

Burns, James N., 13th VT INF, 01/14/1911, vt-highgate-center

Burns, James R., 11th VT INF, 30th US INF, 06/05/1902, vt-dorset-stjerome

Burns, John, 7th VT INF, 11/28/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Burns, John, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, John H., 15th US INF, 12/20/1914, vt-enosburgh-methodist

Burns, Joseph, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Joseph, 4th VT INF, 06/05/1872, vt-troy-troy

Burns, Patrick, Unknown, 04/24/1918, vt-underhill-stthomas

Burns, Robert, 10th USCI, unknown, vt-castleton-hillside

Burns, Robert, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Robert, NY 82nd INF, 07/25/1923, vt-highgate-east

Burns, Shubael, 17th VT INF, After 07/12/1900, vt-unknown

Burns, Sylvester, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burns, Syndal A., 11th VT INF, 02/09/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Burns, Thomas, 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Burpee, Charles, 115th NY INF , 07/08/1927, ny-unknown

Burr, Adoniram J., 1st VT CAV, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Burr, Albert F., 12th VT INF, 04/01/1863, vt-sudbury-hill

Burr, Charles H., 10th VT INF, 04/23/1906, wa-yakima-tahoma

Burr, Frank, 1st NH INF, 4th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burr, Franklin Charles, 16th VT INF, 08/11/1909, on-unknown

Burr, Henry A., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/18/1905, mn-roseville-dalerice

Burr, Henry O., US VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Burr, William F., 15th VT INF, 07/23/1907, vt-thetford-postmills

Burres, John S., 7th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 11/10/1866, vt-unknown

Burrill, Albert James, 8th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 05/15/1917, vt-worcester-village

Burrill, George Clinton, 9th VT INF, 59th MA INF, 05/24/1864, va-unknown

Burrill, John G., 4th MA INF, 08/03/1912, vt-burke-hillside

Burrington, Edward E., 16th VT INF, 01/14/1863, ma-heath-maplegrove

Burrington, Joseph, 10th WI INF, 10/20/1905, wi-wood-national

Burrington, Robert, 4th VT INF, 02/03/1873, vt-wilmington-restland

Burrington, William, 14th VT INF, 04/25/1871, vt-pownal-center

Burritt, Guy L., 14th VT INF, Before 06/12/1880, vt-hinesburg-burritt

Burritt, James M., 2nd VT INF, 07/19/1922, ca-losangeles-national

Burritt, William P., 2nd MO CAV, 11/17/1902, oh-dayton-national

Burroughs, Abel W., 29th MA INF, 10/16/1901, me-kennebunk-pinegrove

Burroughs, Alfred, 9th VT INF, 12/07/1862, il-chicago-rosehill

Burroughs, Charles, 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-strafford-strafford

Burroughs, Charles, 21st MA INF, unknown, vt-woodford-city

Burroughs, Daniel C., 11th VT INF, 10/11/1898, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Burroughs, Ethan Ernest, 6th VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Burroughs, Eugene C., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 08/01/1909, vt-morgan-center

Burroughs, Henry, 9th VT INF, 12/14/1863, va-alexandria-national

Burroughs, Henry M., 10th NH INF, 05/10/1904, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Burroughs, Hiram, 11th VT INF, 09/10/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Burroughs, John F., 139th IL INF, 10/06/1916, co-pueblo-roselawn

Burroughs, John P., 9th VT INF, 09/14/1910, wi-eauclaire-lakeview

Burroughs, Leavitt F., 2nd USSS, 06/17/1864, va-unknown

Burroughs, Olin, 11th VT INF, 05/25/1888, mo-sparta-abundance

Burroughs, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 03/11/1919, va-alexandria-stmarys

Burroughs, Warren, 11th MA INF, 3rd MA HARTY, unknown, vt-woodford-city

Burroughs, William, 9th VT INF, 03/25/1865, va-citypoint-national

Burroughs, William, 17th VT INF, 01/13/1921, vt-underhill-flats

Burroughs, William A. Jr., 26th NY CAV, 12/20/1923, vt-hartford-point

Burroughs, William H., 11th VT INF, 02/20/1864, vt-brookfield-east

Burrows, George P., 8th VT INF, Before 05/14/1879, ct-putnam-grovest

Burrows, Hunt Wright, 11th VT INF, 07/03/1874, ma-bernardston-center

Burrows, James A., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, after 05/01/1920, ny-unknown

Burrows, Stephen, 9th VT INF, 05/16/1904, vt-brownington-center

Bursch, Oscar Otto, 1st VT INF, 84th NY INF, 7th CT INF, 15th CT INF, 10/07/1916, ma-hydepark-fairview

Burt, Adolphus Colton, 10th VT INF, 03/12/1939, vt-enosburgh-center

Burt, Allen, 1st USSS, 48th NY INF, VRC, After 03/14/1864, un-unknown

Burt, Amasa M. Jr., 4th VT INF, 61st MA INF, 04/04/1893, mo-saratoga-springs

Burt, Arunah, 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-newark-pleasantview

Burt, Asahel Jr., 139th NY INF, 04/05/1901, ks-wakefield-highland

Burt, Buel, 13th VT INF, 05/11/1894, ma-westfield-pinehill

Burt, Charles C., 8th VT INF, 03/17/1917, me-paris-pinegrove

Burt, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 08/1926, ma-lynn-pinegrove

Burt, Charles T., 1st VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY, 12/27/1922, vt-bennington-village

Burt, Daniel Jr., 11th VT INF, 04/29/1920, vt-highgate-east

Burt, Dawson, 10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY, unknown, vt-newport-eastmain

Burt, Dunham G., 1st VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY, 1907, vt-castleton-hillside

Burt, George, 1st MN INF, 03/24/1864, mn-fortsnelling-national

Burt, George E., 9th VT INF, 02/21/1916, nj-kearny-arlington

Burt, George W., 3rd VT INF, 03/30/1909, vt-stowe-westbranch

Burt, Henry S., 14th VT INF, 05/11/1912, vt-unknown

Burt, Irving C., 17th VT INF, 07/14/1894, vt-pownal-oakhill

Burt, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Burt, James B., 7th VT INF, 12/26/1913, nh-goffstown-westlawn

Burt, Linus, 13th VT INF, 02/07/1911, ma-westfield-pinehill

Burt, Marshall J., 8th VT INF, 08/29/1915, vt-sheldon-missisquoivalley

Burt, Orrin, 4th VT INF, 05/12/1864, vt-newport-eastmain

Burt, William H., 3rd VT INF, 01/29/1914, vt-belvidere-center

Burtch, Fayette W., 13th VT INF, 08/20/1912, il-chicago-oakwoods

Burtch, William A., 9th VT INF, 01/24/1879, ia-desmoines-woodland

Burton, Anthony, 11th VT INF, 03/12/1905, vt-chittenden-baird

Burton, Augustus Wells, 12th KS INF, 10/09/1915, ks-moundcity-woodland

Burton, Edward, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Burton, Elijah P., 7th IL INF, 12th IL INF, 04/23/1903, ia-millerton-newyork

Burton, Gideon H., 4th VT INF, Before 07/09/1904, vt-bennington-village

Burton, Henry Stanton, 1st NY INF, 3rd US ARTY, 04/04/1869, ny-westpoint-post

Burton, Isaac M., 5th VT INF, 7th VT INF, 09/20/1896, ks-ftscott-evergreen

Burton, John C., 8th VT INF, 07/12/1886, vt-mtholly-mtholly

Burton, John H., 1st IL LARTY, 12/06/1913, mo-kansascity-union

Burton, Lawrence, 5th VT INF, unknown, mi-reading-maplewood

Burton, Orlando J., 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Burton, Reuben, 54th MA INF, 34rd USCI, 08/16/1869, vt-unknown

Burton, Sheldon T., 8th CA INF, 10/10/1902, nv-reno-knightsofpythias

Burton, William, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Burtt, Milo B., 27th WI INF, 04/22/1895, wi-larrabee-larrabeechurch

Burwell, Henry C., 14th US INF, 12/30/1892, vt-bridport-central

Burwell, Lewis S., 14th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 05/14/1919, vt-bridport-central

Busby, Alonzo, 30th Co. MA HARTY, 10/12/1921, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Busby, James, 4th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bush, Aaron V., 1st MA CAV, 11/21/1863, vt-lincoln-lee

Bush, Alonzo P., 8th VT INF, 08/26/1862, la-chalmette-national

Bush, Charles E., 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 10/26/1914, vt-shoreham-village

Bush, Charles H., 9th VT INF, 10/26/1914, pq-farnham-stromuald

Bush, Commodore D., 41st USCI, 06/03/1865, vt-townshend-oakwood

Bush, Francis A., 2nd VT INF, 12/16/1892, ny-westchazy-rural

Bush, George, 15th VT INF, 1st ME HARTY, 03/16/1919, vt-brownington-center

Bush, George R., 6th VT INF, 12/22/1903, nh-lancaster-summerst

Bush, Henry, 6th CA INF, 1879, ca-martinez-alhambra

Bush, Henry J., 4th VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Bush, Horace W., 42nd MA INF, 04/07/1899, ma-wbrookfield-pinegrove

Bush, James M., 2nd NH INF, 05/05/1862, va-unknown

Bush, Joseph, 1st VT INF, USA, 11/30/1884, pa-unknown

Bush, Lewis, 100th IL INF, 12/21/1894, il-homerglen-brooks

Bush, Lorenzo W., 9th VT INF, 11/30/1925, vt-brookline-riverside

Bush, Mansel H., 16th VT INF, 01/11/1922, ma-jamaica-foresthills

Bush, Melancthon O., 17th VT INF, 07/14/1894, mi-hastings-riverside

Bush, Napoleon B., 5th VT INF, 8th VT INF, 07/26/1905, vt-bristol-greenwood

Bush, Nelson H., 12th VT INF, 03/13/1899, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Bush, Peter Henry, , 04/20/1864, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Bush, Sidney J., 3rd VT INF, 09/23/1862, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Busha, Battice, 11th VT INF, 04/17/1904, ny-bangor-staugustine

Bushaw, Henry, 3rd VT INF, 09/26/1920, vt-barton-stpauls

Bushee, Charles Henry, 112th NY INF , 12/08/1863, ny-chautauqua-bond

Bushee, George, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bushee, Leroy S., 11th VT INF, 01/11/1892, vt-pawlet-old

Bushee, Moses, 6th VT INF, 09/01/1914, vt-lincoln-maple

Bushee, Orlando James, 14th VT INF, 06/16/1917, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Bushee, Peter, 12th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bushey, Albert G., 15th NY INF, 10/03/1917, vt-middlebury-prospect

Bushey, Charles, 7th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 01/24/1918, vt-milton-stann

Bushey, Charles S., 3rd WI INF, 12/04/1879, wi-wood-national

Bushey, Henry, 5th VT INF, 11/25/1913, vt-salisbury-village

Bushey, Henry H., 2nd VT INF, 08/08/1899, ks-lillis-stjoseph

Bushey, John, 5th VT INF, 03/24/1912, vt-monkton-boro

Bushey, John B., 1st NY INF, Before 03/24/1923, vt-richmond-stmary

Bushey, Levi, 1st US Vet Corps, before 1890, vt-unknown

Bushey, Octave, 9th VT INF, 02/17/1934, vt-winooski-sfx

Bushey, Oliver, 1st VT CAV, 07/22/1864, va-arlington-national

Bushey, Oliver Jr., 7th VT INF, 12/20/1865, un-unknown

Bushley, Norman H., 4th VT INF, VRC, 09/23/1893, ny-norwich-aldrich

Bushnell, Augustus T., 9th VT INF, 1910, vt-georgia-plains

Bushnell, Edward, 10th VT INF, 11/02/1917, vt-brattleboro-morningside

Bushnell, Fordis O., 13th VT INF, 1923, ma-worcester-hope

Bushnell, Henry A., 12th VT INF, 12/20/1904, vt-georgia-plains

Bushnell, Henry N., 6th VT INF, 02/19/1920, vt-waitsfield-village

Bushnell, Matthias, 1st WI CAV, 08/03/1862, vt-waitsfield-common

Bushor, Narcissus, 135th IL INF, 09/18/1908, in-marion-national

Bushwa, Joseph, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bushway, Franklin Charles, 126th IL INF, 05/15/1889, il-lincoln-oldunion

Bushway, Julius, 1st VT CAV, 07/30/1897, vt-pomfret-burns

Busier, Antoine, 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-hinesburg-village

Busier, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Buskey, Franklin, 17th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Buskey, Harvey, 17th VT INF, 08/31/1877, vt-unknown

Buskey, Jay, 17th VT INF, 04/19/1940, mn-minneapolis-stanthony

Buskey, Philo, 1st VT CAV, 06/16/1911, nh-laconia-union

Buss, Albee, 10th VT INF, 02/06/1915, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Buss, Martin J., 3rd NH INF, 02/24/1917, nh-marlborough-graniteville

Bussce, Frederick A., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Bussell, Hiram D., 6th VT INF, 10/16/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Bussey, Henry, 7th VT INF, 04/26/1928, on-unknown

Bussey, Oliver, 12th VT INF, 12/18/1928, ks-unknown

Buswell, Albert, 8th VT INF,12th ME INF, 03/11/1883, me-buckfield-village

Buswell, Brigham, 1st USSS, 07/13/1942, wa-elma-ioof

Buswell, George M., 8th NH INF, 10/04/1874, vt-worcester-village

Butcher, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, Abram, 7th VT INF, 07/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Butler, Albert H., 29th MA INF, 4th US ARTY, 08/02/1890, vt-castleton-hillside

Butler, Albert S., 11th VT INF, 12/07/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Butler, Alonzo, 5th MA INF, 13th MA INF, 3rd MA HARTY, after 1864, ma-unknown

Butler, Andrew H., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 03/03/1907, vt-enosburgh-bordoville

Butler, Andrew J., 6th VT INF, 03/20/1887, vt-reading-baileysmill

Butler, Charles, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, Charles P., 9th VT INF, USA, 5th NH INF, 07/02/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Butler, David, 7th VT INF, 04/05/1929, id-boise-morrishill

Butler, Dewitt Clinton, 8th IL CAV, 12/15/1908, il-naperville-naperville

Butler, Eben P., 2nd VT INF, After 1880, ma-avon-avon

Butler, Edward, 7th VT INF, 10/13/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Butler, Edward, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, Edwin, 12th NY INF, 03/13/1926, vt-woodstock-riverside

Butler, Elisha, 5th VT INF, 03/08/1900, vt-groton-groton

Butler, Erastus Darwin, 13th VT INF, 07/02/1908, ca-sacramento-oddfellows

Butler, Euclid C., 1st USSS, 1st NY MTD INF, 09/04/1898, ny-hagaman-mills

Butler, Ezra C., 5th VT INF, 03/09/1902, vt-albany-village

Butler, G. K., 10th KS INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Butler, Harmon, USN, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 08/25/1908, vt-newport-center

Butler, Henry, 13th VT INF, 1924, co-buenavista-mtolivet

Butler, Henry, 15th MA INF, 11/14/1862, md-unknown

Butler, Henry, Unknown, 1924, co-buenavista-mtolivet

Butler, Henry, 14th VT INF, 02/22/1908, vt-bristol-greenwood

Butler, Henry Farrar, 169th NY INF , 07/23/1910, ny-nassau-schodack

Butler, Herbert J., 8th VT INF, 07/13/1864, va-arlington-national

Butler, Isaac, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, James A., 9th VT INF, VRC, 04/30/1875, vt-castleton-hillside

Butler, James B., 14th NY HARTY, 02/02/1905, wi-augusta-eastlawn

Butler, James D., 9th VT INF, 11/05/1912, ia-north-english

Butler, Jed C., 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF, After 1887, wa-tacoma-oakwoodhill

Butler, John, 5th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12/29/1926, ny-middlegranville-elmwood

Butler, John, 17th VT INF, After 1890, ma-unknown

Butler, John E., 6th NY HARTY, 14th NY ARTY, 12/25/1864, dc-unknown

Butler, John M., 14th NY ARTY, 03/22/1894, ny-potsdam-west

Butler, Joseph, 14th NH INF, After 6/1/1880, un-unknown

Butler, Judah A., 22nd NY INF , After 11/29/1875, un-unknown

Butler, Leonard, 4th NH INF, 02/19/1913, nh-nashua-stlouis

Butler, Loren A., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, Martin, 10th VT INF, 03/10/1896, ny-unknown

Butler, Marvin B., 44th IN INF, 06/17/1914, in-salem-block

Butler, Oliver B., 6th VT INF, 05/20/1910, vt-reading-baileysmill

Butler, Omar D., 9th VT INF, 10/20/1862, il-chicago-rosehill

Butler, Orrin S., 6th VT INF, 04/05/1898, vt-unknown

Butler, Orrin S., 11th VT INF, 04/05/1889, vt-newport-center

Butler, Seymour S., 29th IN INF, 04/20/1882, in-salem-block

Butler, Sidney D., 5th VT INF, 1903, vt-jay-center

Butler, Stephen M., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 12/14/1889, vt-plymouth-fivecorners

Butler, Thomas, 6th VT INF, VRC, After 07/14/1879, ny-crownpoint-ironville

Butler, Thomas, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Butler, Thomas, 6th VT INF, VRC, 08/13/1876, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Butler, William B., 5th VT INF, Before 08/13/1863, un-unknown

Butler, William C., 1st VT CAV, 07/15/1893, vt-brattleboro-locust

Butler, William G., 9th VT INF, After 1895, un-unknown

Butler, William O., 9th VT INF, 10/06/1863, un-unknown

Butman, Charles F., 12th VT INF, 1902, vt-windsor-ascutney

Butman, Henry, 16th NY CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Butterfield, Abner W., 2nd USSS, 01/13/1920, ca-escondido-oakhill

Butterfield, Albert B., 26th NY CAV, 06/14/1919, vt-topsham-east

Butterfield, Alonzo C., 6th VT INF, 08/12/1909, ny-unknown

Butterfield, Bill C., 1st NH CAV, 1908, nh-antrim-maplewood

Butterfield, Byron H., 2nd VT INF, 09/10/1900, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Butterfield, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, 06/15/1862, un-unknown

Butterfield, Clark H., 13th VT INF, 11/02/1917, vt-swanton-riverside

Butterfield, David J., 7th MN INF, 09/06/1864, tn-memphis-national

Butterfield, Erasmus C., 17th VT INF, 01/12/1933, vt-stockbridge-maplewood

Butterfield, Franklin George, 6th VT INF, 01/06/1916, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Butterfield, Frederick David, 8th VT INF, 07/12/1918, vt-derby-line

Butterfield, George Donnelly, 37th IA INF, 7/15/1872, ia-castlegrove-baptist

Butterfield, George P., 2nd VT INF, 02/13/1874, vt-brattleboro-west

Butterfield, Henry Jr., 8th VT INF, 05/27/1863, vt-topsham-east

Butterfield, Jacob S., 6th VT INF, 03/06/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Butterfield, Joel P., 2nd VT INF, After 01/13/1880, vt-brattleboro-west

Butterfield, John H., 3rd VT INF, 05/04/1862, va-hampton-national

Butterfield, Joseph, 7th VT INF, 12/06/1911, vt-chester-brookside

Butterfield, Joseph Edwin, 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-winhall-middletown

Butterfield, Sylvester C., 16th NY HARTY , Unknown, vt-berlin-riverton

Butterfield, Welbee J., 3rd NH INF, VRC, 11/28/1891, nh-dover-pinehill

Butterfield, William H., 9th VT INF, 07/12/1916, vt-dummerston-baptist

Butterfield, Zenias A, 9th MA INF, 32nd MA INF, 01/19/1865, vt-dummerston-baptist

Butterfly, Charles, 7th VT INF, 08/19/1917, ri-unknown

Butterfly, Frank, 3rd VT LARTY, 11/04/1903, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Butterfly, George, 2nd VT INF, 176th NY INF, 03/07/1915, vt-shrewsbury-northam

Butterfly, James, 2nd VT INF, 07/25/1904, vt-rutland-stjoseph

Butterfly, William, 7th VT INF, 176th NY INF, 03/20/1909, ma-lowell-edson

Butterly, William, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Butters, James C., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 01/26/1917, vt-grafton-houghtonville

Buttles, Hiram S., 12th VT INF, 07/23/1914, vt-brandon-pinehill

Buttles, William W., 9th NH INF, 07/30/1864, va-unknown

Buttolph, Oscar G., 110th NY INF , 09/19/1898, il-rockford-greenwood

Button, Amasa G., 9th VT INF, 09/03/1903, vt-washington-maplehill

Button, Francis, 6th MA INF, Unknown, vt-lowell-mtnview

Button, John D., 7th VT INF, 11/16/1919, vt-hydepark-north

Button, Jonathan, USN, 2nd VT INF, 10/03/1894, vt-hydepark-center

Button, William H., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Button, William Harvey, 12th VT INF, 08/30/1870, vt-middlebury-west

Butts, Andrew Howard, 5th VT INF, VRC, 01/26/1920, vt-stowe-riverbank

Butts, Charles R., 13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 11/29/1928, sd-faith-faith

Butts, Harvey Rufus, 1st VT CAV, 01/21/1865, vt-cambridge-mtview

Butts, Lemuel Porter, 5th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 11/09/1932, vt-stowe-riverbank

Buxton, Albert, 2nd USSS, 05/06/1864, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Buxton, Anson, 2nd VT INF, 17th VT INF, 04/25/1930, nh-bristol-homeland

Buxton, Bernice M., 7th VT INF, 03/26/1865, la-chalmette-national

Buxton, Charles, 11th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Buxton, Charles B., 4th VT INF, 10/06/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Buxton, Edwin R., 10th VT INF, 11/16/1909, ne-orchard-pleasantvalley

Buxton, Frank A., 11th VT INF, 08/26/1865, vt-brownington-village

Buxton, Harris Boyden, 11th VT INF, 02/20/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Buxton, Henry H., 5th NY INF, 10/21/1862, vt-westminster-west

Buxton, Homer F., 16th VT INF, 06/03/1925, ca-santamonica-woodlawn

Buxton, Horace, 11th VT INF, 04/03/1863, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Buxton, John Healy, USN, USMC, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 11/19/1914, md-baltimore-druidridge

Buxton, Otis Franklin, 16th VT INF, 04/26/1901, vt-westminster-west

Buxton, Richard, 2nd MA LARTY, unknown, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Buxton, Samuel Fitch, 7th VT INF, 05/06/1917, vt-pawlet-mettaweevalley

Buxton, Stephen L., 1st VT CAV, 1917, ia-waukonjct-spaulding

Buxton, Willard, 2nd VT INF, 02/04/1927, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Buxton, William Bradbury, USSC, 05/18/1879, vt-worcester-village

Buxton, William Frank, 2nd MA INF, 02/23/1916, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Buzzell, Azro, 2nd VT INF, 02/27/1865, vt-bethel-gilead

Buzzell, Ezekiel D., 6th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Buzzell, George W., 22nd ME INF, 11th ME INF, 10/10/1917, vt-unknown

Buzzell, Henry Arthur, 9th VT INF, 08/03/1919, vt-newport-holebrook

Buzzell, James E., 6th VT INF, 07/03/1863, vt-northfield-aldrich

Buzzell, James M., 7th VT INF, 06/01/1929, vt-northfield-elmwood

Buzzell, John Porter, 3rd VT INF, 03/04/1917, vt-burke-hillside

Buzzell, John W., 15th VT INF, 12/17/1908, me-rumford-east

Buzzell, Reuben A., US VRC, 01/09/1871, vt-unknown

Buzzell, Samuel D., 12th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Buzzell, Sheldon Alexander, 9th VT INF, 11/22/1864, va-citypoint-national

Buzzell, Solon D., 8th VT INF, 04/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Buzzell, Stillman C., 2nd VT INF, 07/22/1915, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Byam, Abel, 16th VT INF, 06/22/1900, vt-randolph-southview

Byran, Michael K., 25th NY NG, 175th NY INF, 06/14/1863, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Byrne, Patrick, 11th VT INF, 06/14/1894, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Byrnes, Thomas, 1st VT INF, 09/13/1910, me-togus-national

Byron, Oscar E., 6th VT INF, After 01/12/1863, un-unknown

Byron, Theophilus, 5th NY CAV, 10/09/1916, mi-grandrapids-vets

Byron, Thomas J., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 01/01/1864, un-unknown

Cabana, Charles, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cabana, John, 6th VT INF, 1915, pq-mansonville-catholic

Cable, Samuel, 3rd VT INF, 10/18/1932, vt-canaan-village

Cable, Thomas, 10th VT INF, VRC, 02/02/1911, vt-lyndon-center

Cabot, Calvin C., 11th VT INF, 1898, mi-eatonrapids-oakwood

Cabot, Charles F., 12th VT INF, 05/31/1864, vt-chelsea-highland

Cade, Charles W., 4th VT INF, 01/23/1898, vt-cabot-village

Cade, William H., 10th VT INF, 11/02/1864, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Caderit, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 02/14/1938, ny-plattsburgh-stpeters

Cadogan, James, 10th VT INF, 03/08/1885, ny-keeseville-immaculate

Cadret, Zevia, 8th VT INF, 05/30/1911, vt-duxbury-holycross

Cadue, John, 17th VT INF, 10/25/1865, vt-cambridge-mtview

Cadue, Luther, 17th VT INF, 02/07/1929, nh-tilton-park

Cadwell, Charles Buckley, 7th IND MA LARTY, 08/11/1862, va-yorktown-national

Cadwell, Linus M., 7th VT INF, 6th MA INF, 07/29/1877, nh-unknown

Cadwell, Miles Powell Squier, 22nd NY INF, 08/13/1862, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Cady, Aaron L., 8th VT INF recruit, 02/10/1864, un-unknown

Cady, Alonzo D., 26th IA INF, Aft 10/11/1889, ia-unknown

Cady, Alonzo James, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 09/11/1883, vt-waitsfield-common

Cady, Anthony W., 2nd MN INF, Unknown, mn-chatfield-chatfield

Cady, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 01/28/1907, ma-foxboro-rockhill

Cady, Chester, 16th VT INF, 02/07/1920, vt-barnard-village

Cady, Curtis A., 15th MA INF, 06/03/1864, ma-grafton-pinegrove

Cady, Edson, 7th VT INF, after 1901, pq-unknown

Cady, Edward, 11th VT INF, 07/31/1864, va-arlington-national

Cady, Frederick F., 12th VT INF, 06/13/1894, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Cady, George H., 1st VT CAV, 13th VT INF, 1902, mn-dover-evergreen

Cady, Henry, 24th IA INF, 07/19/1863, ia-wyoming-wyoming

Cady, Henry, 8th VT INF, 10th MA INF, 10/28/1910, vt-windsor-ascutney

Cady, Henry Clay, 1st MN INF, 04/26/1878, vt-northfield-elmwood

Cady, Henry Kirk, 4th MA CAV, 34th US CINF, 06/21/1910, ma-grafton-pinegrove

Cady, John W., 12th VT INF, 02/28/1897, vt-windsor-brownsville1

Cady, Leonard S., 11th VT INF, 12/22/1905, nh-walpole-village

Cady, Lucius H., 21st NY LARTY , before 01/29/1890, ny-unknown

Cady, Samuel A., 4th VT INF, 10/21/1862, vt-windsor-oldsouth

Cady, Sherburne, 2nd MN INF, unknown, mn-fremont-scotchgreenwood

Cady, Sidney C., 13th VT INF, 1909, vt-westmore-lakeview

Cady, Stephen G., 7th MN INF, 03/20/1910, mn-unknown

Cady, Thaddeus Sobieski, 25th MI INF, 06/17/1890, tx-gonzales-city

Cady, Uberto A., 50th NY ENGRS, 11/05/1909, mn-anoka-foresthill

Cady, Wilbur F., 4th VT INF, 02/18/1863, vt-windsor-brownsville1

Cady, Willard S., 11th VT INF, 05/18/1892, nh-alstead-mapleside

Cady, William H., 2nd VT INF, 02/24/1879, vt-bennington-village

Cady, William Lucien, 1st VT INF, 14th VT INF, 04/30/1923, vt-middlebury-west

Cady, William P., 12th VT INF, 12/27/1901, vt-rutland-evergreen

Caen, P. H., 16th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Caffrey, Christopher, 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1908, ok-okcity-fairlawn

Caffrey, John, 2nd VT INF, 12/21/1861, vt-bristol-greenwood

Caffrey, John M., 1st VT INF, 01/24/1889, vt-middlebury-stmarys

Cagle, Isaac, 7th VT INF, 10/25/1923, wi-lacrosse-catholic

Cahee, Robert Jr., 12th VT INF, 07/09/1897, vt-brandon-forestdale

Cahill, Patrick, 1st VT LARTY, 08/14/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cahill, Thomas, 17th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 1905, nh-amherst-meadowview

Cahill, Timothy, 1st VT LARTY, unknown, la-chalmette-national

Cain, Avery Billings, 4th US INF, 03/16/1879, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cain, Henry, Unknown, Before 01/08/1862, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cain, Henry Harrison, 11th ME INF, 11th VRC, 09/20/1905, ma-shelburne-arms

Cain, James H., 10th VT INF, 11/10/1864, va-unknown

Cain, John, 13th VT INF, 08/27/1899, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cain, John, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cain, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cain, John D., 45th MA INF, 03/24/1900, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Cain, Oliver J., 7th VT INF, 01/08/1893, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cain, William, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cain, William Jesse, 2nd VT INF, USA, 01/15/1879, vt-rutland-evergreen

Caine, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 08/11/1890, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cairns, William, 14th VT INF, 07/04/1863, pa-unknown

Calderwood, Andrew, 1st VT CAV, 04/03/1865, vt-craftsbury-village

Calderwood, Luther M. Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 03/03/1869, vt-craftsbury-east

Caldwell, George W., Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, 12/25/1914, ks-oswego-oswego

Caldwell, Homer A., 12th VT INF, 05/12/1891, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Caldwell, James, 10th VT INF, VRC, 11/01/1926, nh-bradford-union

Caldwell, John Curtis, 11th ME INF, USV, 08/31/1912, nb-ststephen-rural

Caldwell, Patrick Henry, 1st VT CAV, Before 05/04/1888, ia-nashua-oakhill

Caldwell, Peter, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Caldwell, Robert, 2nd VT INF, 01/21/1923, il-mazon-wheeler

Caldwell, William R., 151st NY INF , 01/27/1903, mi-flushing-flushing

Calhoun, James, 129th NY INF, 8th NY HARTY, 02/14/1909, oh-ravenna-maplegrove

Calhoun, Joseph N., 10th VT INF, 03/09/1874, vt-newport-holebrook

Calihan, Michael, 14th VT INF, 05/05/1898, vt-bristol-varney

Calkins, Arthur H., 5th VT INF, 01/04/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Calkins, Daniel, 5th VT INF, before 08/26/1895, mi-montague-oakgrove

Calkins, Daniel, 16th WI INF, 06/02/1913, wi-wood-national

Calkins, Ezra G., 2nd USSS, 02/01/1913, vt-morgan-center

Calkins, Fernando C., 3rd VT INF, 10/24/1864, vt-charleston-west

Calkins, Franklin, 5th VT INF, 07/23/1888, vt-pownal-north

Calkins, George H., 1st VT CAV, 05/28/1864, va-unknown

Calkins, William Henry, 10th VT INF, 03/19/1915, vt-morgan-clark

Call, Albert G., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 09/19/1910, nc-wilmington-national

Call, Alfred Loyal, 1st IL LARTY, 06/24/1926, ca-yountville-vets

Call, Elias C., 22nd NY INF , 09/02/1913, il-altona-altona

Call, Henry, 5th VT INF, 01/06/1918, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Call, Stephen R., 12th OH CAV, 07/27/1886, oh-unknown

Call, William, 6th VT INF, 10/04/1862, md-annapolis-national

Callaghan, Alexander, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Callaghan, Jeremiah, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Callaghan, Patrick, 12th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Callaghan, Thomas, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Callaghen, Patrick, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 01/31/1917, vt-rutland-stbridgets

Callahan, James, 9th VT INF, After 01/04/1886, un-unknown

Callahan, Thomas, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Callahan, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Callan, Patrick, 5th VT INF, 07/05/1885, vt-stalbans-holycross

Calleen, John, Unknown, 09/13/1876, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Calvert, George D., 11th VT INF, after 1890, nv-unknown

Calvert, Thomas, 13th VT INF, 05/17/1863, vt-colchester-village

Calvert, William P., 13th VT INF, 07/29/1876, vt-essex-village

Calvin, John, 3rd PA CAV, 08/12/1920, pa-factoryville-ew

Cambridge, Henry, 11th NH INF, 01/25/1871, vt-grafton-village

Camel, Frank, 4th VT INF, 01/15/1911, vt-unknown

Camel, Magney, 7th VT INF, 07/04/1862, ms-vicksburg-national

Camere, Philip, 11th VT INF, 08/25/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cameron, Aseph P., 11th VT INF, 08/16/1897, vt-worcester-village

Cameron, Cleson, 11th VT INF, 09/23/1864, va-winchester-national

Cameron, Cynthia Taber (Worth), 18th IA INF, 06/08/1874, ia-hesper-public

Cameron, Henry, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Cameron, Henry Graham, 13th NH INF, 09/27/1915, nh-hollis-east

Cameron, Ira C., 6th VT INF, 02/24/1914, ma-hudson-forestvale

Cameron, James, 2nd VT INF, 01/15/1907, vt-middlesex-center

Cameron, John C., 1st VT CAV, 02/14/1901, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cameron, John Stark, 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 07/21/1914, vt-ryegate-bluemtn

Cameron, Nathaniel B., 98th IL INF, before 08/01/1879, il-unknown

Cameron, Patrick, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cameron, Phillip, 11th VT INF, 12/15/1925, ca-unknown

Cameron, Sylvester, 6th VT INF, 10/17/1913, vt-barre-elmwood

Cameron, Uz, 7th RI INF, 06/11/1863, ms-unknown

Cameron, William W., 1st VT CAV, 02/04/1865, un-unknown

Camil, Frank, 12th VT INF, 01/15/1911, vt-northfield-calvary

Cammel, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 11/22/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Cammell, John, 7th VT INF, 11/05/1864, la-unknown

Cammell, Joseph, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Camp, Cassius P., 3rd MN INF, Before 10/28/1892, mn-unknown

Camp, Charles O., 4th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Camp, D. M., 47th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Camp, Frank Bronson, 5th NH INF, 5th US ARTY, 03/17/1917, nh-etna-etna

Camp, George, 10th VT INF, 03/07/1864, va-unknown

Camp, Harley W., 17th VT INF, 03/02/1902, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Camp, Henry G., 4th VT INF, 04/27/1924, vt-bennington-village

Camp, Iram N., 2nd VT INF, 02/03/1918, il-chicago-rosehill

Camp, John A., 17th VT INF, 02/08/1869, vt-elmore-village

Camp, Jonathan E., 2nd VT INF, 08/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Camp, Lyman Lovell, 3rd VT INF, 04/14/1926, vt-morrisville-riverside

Camp, Nathan J., 15th VT INF, 07/30/1886, vt-berlin-black

Camp, Norman Henry, 4th NJ INF, 02/16/1912, va-arlington-national

Camp, Norman William, USV, 11/10/1898, dc-washington-rockcreek

Camp, Royce, 26th NY CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Camp, William Henry H., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 1895, ny-troy-newmtida

Camp, William James, 4th VT INF, 10/04/1902, vt-bennington-village

Campbell, Abner T., 11th VT INF, 02/15/1864, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Campbell, Abraham, 11th VT INF, 03/05/1934, vt-swanton-stmary

Campbell, Albert, 11th VT INF, after 4/12/1927, wi-unknown

Campbell, Alexander, USN, 04/25/1905, un-unknown

Campbell, Alexander Jr., 6th VT INF, 07/26/1905, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Campbell, Anderson, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Campbell, Beman H., 6th VT INF, 05/22/1907, vt-barnard-methodist

Campbell, Bertrand D., 6th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/19/1864, vt-waitsfield-wait

Campbell, David Jr., 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Campbell, Edgar, 7th IL INF, 04/27/1910, il-yorkville-auxsable

Campbell, Edward, 98th NY INF, 10/21/1918, vt-arlington-stcolumban

Campbell, Edward Romanz, 11th VT INF, 03/12/1936, dc-battleground-national

Campbell, Edwin R., 9th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 10/11/1894, nh-milton-mills

Campbell, Fred H., 2nd NY VET CAV, 09/01/1921, ky-allensville-belmont

Campbell, Frederick Thompson, 23rd IA INF, 12/15/1907, ia-saccity-corygrove

Campbell, George F., 118th NY INF , 0, un-unknown

Campbell, George F., 47th WI INF, 06/15/1918, co-longmont-mtnview

Campbell, George H., 2nd NH INF, 11/07/1925, vt-stowe-riverbank

Campbell, George R., 11th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Campbell, Giles, 17th VT INF, 03/31/1910, mi-unknown

Campbell, Henry, 3rd VT INF, 12/12/1910, vt-newport-pinegrove

Campbell, Henry, 17th VT INF, unknown, ma-hadley-preciousblood

Campbell, Henry, 4th VT INF, 07/10/1898, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Campbell, Henry C., 2nd VT INF, Before 11/26/1890, ny-unknown

Campbell, Henry E., 10th VT INF, 11/04/1868, vt-washington-cheney

Campbell, Henry L., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 12/22/1919, ma-foxborough-rockhill

Campbell, Hiland G., 3rd VT LARTY, 07/17/1879, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Campbell, Hiram, 1st MN LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Campbell, Hiram W., 4th VT INF, 08/23/1914, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Campbell, Hugh Crawford, 6th VT INF, 10/18/1912, mo-rockport-greenhill

Campbell, Humphrey, 3rd VT LARTY, 06/02/1907, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Campbell, James, 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 04/12/1909, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Campbell, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Campbell, James Henry, 5th VT INF, 02/25/1907, vt-stowe-westbranch

Campbell, Jason K., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, Before 05/07/1880, vt-brandon-pinehill

Campbell, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Campbell, John, 6th VT INF, 05/18/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Campbell, John, 24th MA INF, before 03/21/1897, ma-unknown

Campbell, John Harold, 2nd WI CAV, 02/12/1863, mo-jeffersonbks-national

Campbell, John R., 4th VT INF, 05/06/1864, vt-putney-maplegrove

Campbell, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 03/30/1883, vt-stalbans-holycross

Campbell, Lucius J., 15th VT INF, 11/05/1917, vt-sutton-village

Campbell, Mitchel, 11th VT INF, After 1900, ma-unknown

Campbell, Nehemiah W., 1st MN HARTY, 05/18/1865, tn-chattanooga-national

Campbell, Oliver C., 9th VT INF, VRC, 02/05/1920, ne-omaha-forestlawn

Campbell, Oscar F., 9th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 04/06/1921, vt-royalton-branchview

Campbell, Peter F., 10th VT INF, 05/16/1902, ma-agawam-center

Campbell, Robert G., 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Campbell, Rodney M., 10th MN INF, after 8/3/1908, mn-unknown

Campbell, Warren O., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 04/20/1879, vt-montgomery-center

Campbell, Wesley N., 4th VT INF, 10/08/1862, va-alexandria-national

Campbell, Willard B., 12th VT INF, 07/05/1866, vt-rutland-evergreen

Campbell, William O., 14th VT INF, 09/09/1883, vt-arlington-evergreen

Campbell, Zeri, 8th VT INF, After 06/02/1866, un-unknown

Campeau, Louis, 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Canady, Allen S., 10th VT INF, 06/20/1889, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Canady, Peter, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cane, Martin, 10th VT INF, 01/29/1865, va-danville-national

Caneda, Philo, 10th MA INF, 09/05/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Caneday, David A., 7th MN INF, 10/31/1916, mn-taylorsfalls-kahbakong

Canedy, John C., 13th VT INF, 01/19/1863, vt-duxbury-graves

Canedy, Simeon, 8th VT INF, 31stMA INF, 04/22/1902, ma-williamstown-eastlawn

Canedy, Thomas, 8th VT INF, 05/16/1923, ma-nadams-southview

Caney, Cornelius, 28th MA INF, 09/17/1913, vt-bristol-greenwood

Canfield, Albert, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/11/1887, nj-westfield-fairview

Canfield, Charles, 15th VT INF, 09/09/1906, vt-guildhall-ridgwell

Canfield, Edward, 6th VT INF, 10/10/1862, va-hampton-national

Canfield, George H., 5th NH INF, 07/13/1866, nh-unknown

Canfield, James, 5th NH INF, 12/21/1862, va-alexandria-national

Canfield, Thaddeus A., 1st VT CAV, 01/09/1864, un-unknown

Canfield, Thomas Hawley, US GOVT RR, 01/20/1897, vt-burlington-rockpoint

Canfield, Thomas S., 1st IA INF, 30th IA INF, 02/21/1863, ms-vicksburg-national

Cannell, William, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Canning, Charles C., 2nd VT INF, 1st US Vet Corps, After 11/17/1894, ma-natick-dellpark

Canning, William C., 12th VT INF, 05/08/1901, vt-unknown

Cannon, Barney, 6th VT INF, 09/13/1906, vt-bellowsfalls-immanuel

Cannon, Daniel, 2nd VT INF, 06/10/1927, ny-bath-national

Cannon, Feargus, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 11/16/1885, ne-hebron-rosehill

Cannon, James, 6th VT INF, 01/12/1863, va-hampton-national

Cannon, Michael, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/15/1864, va-unknown

Cannon, Stilman P., 10th NH INF, 03/29/1917, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Canouts, George, 4th VT INF, unknown, ny-adamscenter-union

Cantell, John, 1st VT CAV, After 10/11/1863, va-unknown

Cantine, George A., 7th VT INF, 02/05/1917, ny-newburgh-cedarhill

Cantwell, Edward, 13th VT INF, 08/22/1903, vt-swanton-riverside

Capen, Abraham, 5th VT INF, 02/26/1891, mi-elsie-village

Capen, James H., 16th VT INF, 11/19/1896, wi-delavan-springgrove

Capen, Nathan Sidney, 11th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 02/04/1908, vt-brandon-pinehill

Capien, David, 107th OH INF, 06/10/1883, oh-akron-glendale

Capien, George W., 107th OH INF, 07/13/1898, oh-akron-glendale

Caples, Thomas, 11th VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Caples, Thomas, 9th VT INF, 11/01/1864, va-hampton-national

Capron, Charles, 59th IL INF, 08/21/1865, tx-sanantonio-national

Capron, Edwin R., 1st NENG CAV, unknown, vt-newport-holebrook

Capron, Freeman, , 05/22/1894, vt-walden-noyesville

Capron, Freeman, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Capron, Henry Edward, 3rd VT LARTY, 08/10/1864, va-arlington-national

Capron, Henry L., 12th VT INF, After 08/25/1891, vt-rutland-evergreen

Capron, Hiram W., 4th VT INF, 04/09/1863, vt-walden-northwalden

Capron, Nathan B., 7th VT INF, 07/09/1888, ri-providence-northburial

Capron, Nathaniel F., 3rd VT LARTY, 07/16/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Capron, Nelson, 15th VT INF, 02/01/1863, un-unknown

Capron, Stephen A., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-bridgewater-mtpleasant

Capron, Stephen B., 17th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-citypoint-national

Capron, William W., 17th VT INF, 05/20/1883, vt-morrisville-riverside

Carasaw, William, 26th USCI, 09/17/1886, vt-vergennes-prospect

Caraway, Daniel, 1st VT CAV, 01/09/1892, ma-unknown

Caraway, John, 15th NH INF, 11/23/1863, nh-orford-village

Caraway, John B., 1st VT CAV, 07/12/1865, nh-orford-village

Caraway, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 5th NH INF, 12/09/1925, nh-goffstown-westlawn

Caraway, Joseph, 6th VT INF, 08/05/1862, un-unknown

Caraway, Tallus F., 6th VT INF, 4th MA HARTY, 10/13/1917, ca-losangeles-national

Carbee, Edward, 11th VT INF, 11/19/1919, vt-guildhall-crawford

Carbee, Henry C., 2nd VT LARTY, 12/13/1907, vt-newbury-wellsriver

Carbee, James B., 11th VT INF, 1905, ma-unknown

Carbee, John F., 15th VT INF, 05/1906, ma-greenfield-greenriver

Card, Alfred, 2nd VT INF, 08/17/1890, vt-pownal-north

Card, Job Eldred, 5th NY INF, 8/26/1901, ia-atlantic-atlantic

Card, Stephen H., 7th VT INF, After 1890, ny-boyntonville-warren

Cardell, Elias R., 10th IA INF, 11/01/1905, mo-springfield-national

Cardell, Samual G., 5th NY CAV, 01/02/1902, ny-bath-national

Cardinal, Francis, 1st VT CAV, 10/16/1931, wa-orting-soldiers

Carew, Michael, 14th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carey, B., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carey, Bartholomew J., USN, 02/21/1894, ma-unknown

Carey, Benjamin, 4th VT INF, 03/05/1862, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Carey, Byron C., 17th VT INF, 03/15/1920, vt-shaftsbury-center

Carey, Charles H., 1st MN HARTY, unknown, mn-plato-ferguson

Carey, George, 1st VT LARTY, 01/13/1920, vt-arlington-evergreen

Carey, Gilman C., 5th NH INF, 02/01/1923, nh-keene-woodland

Carey, Gordon, 42nd WI INF, 12/23/1921, ma-everett-woodlawn

Carey, Henry F., USN, 02/08/1909, ma-malden-forestdale

Carey, Ira, 4th VT INF, 05/25/1894, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Carey, Jacob H., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carey, John, 8th MI CAV, 06/13/1910, vt-stowe-riverbank

Carey, Josiah M., 13th VT INF, 01/09/1913, vt-colchester-village

Carey, Luther, 4th VT INF, 02/08/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Carey, Oliver, 4th VT INF, 09/25/1895, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Carey, Patrick, 5th NY HARTY , 08/26/1864, va-unknown

Carey, Seymour, 77th NY INF, 01/24/1886, vt-colchester-methodist

Carey, Stephen P., 14th VT INF, 06/1924, ma-shirley-village

Carey, Theodore M., 9th VT INF, 12/23/1864, va-hampton-national

Carey, Thomas, Unknown, 08/13/1864, un-unknown

Carey, William W., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 12/09/1919, vt-proctor-southst

Cargill, Benjamin D., 2nd VT INF, 08/12/1864, va-arlington-national

Cargill, Charles Guy, 16th VT INF, 06/18/1900, ca-sanjuanbautista-town

Cargill, George C., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Cargill, John D., 5th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Carl, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 02/08/1916, vt-huntington-maplewood

Carl, Octavius, 4th VT INF, 09/16/1914, wi-hillsboro-mtvernon

Carl, Rollin M., 10th VT INF, 12/14/1908, vt-bristol-greenwood

Carl, William, 1st VT CAV, After 03/18/1907, un-unknown

Carle, Nelson E., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 1908, ca-losangeles-evergreen

Carleton, Charles, 1st VT CAV, 05/11/1926, il-forestpark-foresthome

Carleton, Charles F. H., 1st VT CAV, before 04/30/1888, ny-unknown

Carleton, Charles H., 4th VT INF, 07/13/1872, vt-burke-hillside

Carleton, David G., 4th VT INF, Unknown, ks-collyer-collyer

Carleton, Edwin O., 16th VT INF, Before 06/07/1892, ia-grandjunction-grandjunction

Carleton, George C., 1st VT LARTY, 11/05/1862, la-chalmette-national

Carleton, Newell, 4th VT INF, 11/16/1861, vt-barre-maplewood

Carleton, Noah Jr., 8th VT INF, 1895, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carley, Allen D., 5th NY HARTY , Unknown, ny-harrisville-harrisville

Carley, Andrew A., 7th VT INF, 11/02/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Carley, Charles, USN, 6th VT INF, 04/03/1920, nh-washington-new

Carley, Charles H., 10th VT INF, 1885, il-sycamore-elmwood

Carley, Henry, 6th VT INF, 06/14/1918, vt-calais-fairview

Carley, Henry M., 17th VT INF, 06/16/1864, md-loudonpark-national

Carley, Moses, 17th VT INF, 04/06/1909, vt-stalbans-mtcalvary

Carley, Peter W., 17th VT INF, 1921, ny-harrietstown-harrietstown

Carley, William, 8th VT INF, 11/01/1890, vt-calais-fairview

Carlile, Andrew, 4th WI INF, Before 01/28/1925, wa-unknown

Carlin, Charles B., 3rd VT INF, 01/14/1905, vt-rutland-calvary

Carlin, James K. P., 3rd VT INF, 09/05/1909, vt-barnard-village

Carlin, John A., 1st VT INF, Before 03/07/1889, un-unknown

Carlin, John A., 169th NY INF, 05/13/1875, vt-burlington-lakeview

Carlin, Thomas P., 3rd VT INF, 12th MA NF, 32nd MA INF, 39th MA INF, 47th MA INF , 09/20/1920, ca-losangeles-national

Carlisle, Ara M., 9th VT INF, 03/23/1894, vt-chester-northst

Carlisle, David, 1st NENG CAV, VRC, unknown, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Carlisle, David H., 18th NH INF, 1st NENG CAV, After 1895, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Carlisle, Edwin Martin, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 07/06/1925, vt-chester-northst

Carlisle, George, 11th NY CAV, 03/30/1867, ny-crownpoint-fairview

Carlisle, Henry H., 16th VT INF, 08/31/1863, vt-cavendish-village

Carlisle, Henry L., 6th VT INF, 01/21/1914, vt-plymouth-notch

Carlisle, James, 11th VT INF, 06/25/1864, va-unknown

Carlisle, John, 16th VT INF, 05/19/1910, vt-quechee-hilltop

Carliston, Charles, 3rd VT INF, 10/17/1908, ct-seymour-union

Carlos, Michael, 2nd VT INF, After 11/13/1908, un-unknown

Carlton, Alfred Lathrop, 11th VT INF, USV, 05/1874, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Carlton, Asa B., 4th MN INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carlton, Byron, 8th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, after 02/24/1908, wa-unknown

Carlton, Charles F., 17th VT INF, 04/15/1915, vt-cavendish-village

Carlton, Dexter, 10th MN INF, 04/03/1890, mn-merton-merton

Carlton, Edward, 5th IA CAV, unknown, ia-grandjunction-grandjunction

Carlton, Edwin P., 5th IA CAV, 04/06/1918, fl-unknown

Carlton, Elijah S., 5th NH INF, 01/04/1920, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Carlton, Henry J., 18th MI INF, 02/27/1917, mi-holloway-holloway

Carlton, Jerome Warren, 1st MA INF, before 08/19/1902, ca-unknown

Carlton, John C., 9th VT INF, 12/11/1900, vt-vershire-village

Carlton, John F., 15th VT INF, 04/14/1915, nh-unknown

Carlton, John H., 7th VT INF, 09/26/1895, vt-cavendish-village

Carlton, Merrill, 53rd MA INF, 04/09/1878, vt-pownal-oakhill

Carlton, Rush B., 3rd VT INF, 05/27/1864, va-alexandria-national

Carlton, Stephen, 14th NY ARTY, after 1900, ny-unknown

Carlyle, Julius, 19th MI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Carmody, Cornelus, 8th VT INF, 07/23/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Carmody, John, 3rd VT INF, 08/1892, nh-charlestown-stcatherines

Carmody, Thomas, 16th VT INF, 1902, vt-springfield-stmarys

Carnegie, John L., 141st NY INF, 01/25/1865, in-newalbany-national

Carner, Michael, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carney, Earl P., 5th VT INF, 11/01/1873, vt-dorset-stjerome

Carney, Henry, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/29/1864, un-unknown

Carney, James, 1st VT CAV, 07/01/1922, mi-centrallake-southern

Carney, John, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carney, Patrick, 14th VT INF, 0, un-unknown

Carney, Patrick, 6th VT INF, 01/12/1867, vt-wallingford-stpatricks

Carney, Patrick, 11th VT INF, 06/10/1911, fl-unknown

Carney, Patrick, 7th VT INF, 01/14/1867, vt-pittsford-stalphonsus

Carpenter, Abel F., 6th VT INF, 02/26/1889, vt-waterford-riverside

Carpenter, Albert, US VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Carpenter, Albert, 4th VT INF, VRC, 01/15/1889, vt-chelsea-highland

Carpenter, Albert A., 7th VT INF, after 1883, co-unknown

Carpenter, Allen F., 12th VT INF, 03/25/1923, ma-unknown

Carpenter, Amasa W., 4th VT INF, 06/14/1892, ks-leavenworth-national

Carpenter, Andrew J., 15th VT INF, 12/06/1908, vt-groton-groton

Carpenter, Beniah S., 3rd VT INF, 04/14/1882, vt-walden-noyesville

Carpenter, Benjamin F., 11th VT INF, 12th VT INF, Before 1890, ny-unknown

Carpenter, Benjamin Walter, 2nd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 03/20/1906, vt-burlington-greenmt

Carpenter, Chaplin H., 8th KS INF, 01/18/1914, ks-kansascity-quindaro

Carpenter, Charles, 11th VT INF, 02/04/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Carpenter, Charles D., 1st VT CAV, 1912, vt-barre-elmwood

Carpenter, Charles O., USN, 03/07/1902, ma-holyoke-elmwood

Carpenter, Charles P., 13th VT INF, 02/15/1913, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carpenter, Charles W., 1st VT INF, 01/22/1900, ks-minneapolis-highland

Carpenter, Chauncey H., 2nd VT INF, 09/27/1919, wa-orting-soldiers

Carpenter, Chauncey P., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 11/03/1905, vt-brookfield-east

Carpenter, Chester M., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carpenter, Chester W., 7th VT INF, 10/28/1875, vt-hinesburg-gilmanroad

Carpenter, Clifford A., 1st MN HARTY, 06/24/1903, mn-hutchinson-oakland

Carpenter, Cornelius N., 15th VT INF, 05/21/1907, wi-brodhead-greenwood

Carpenter, Curtis A., 15th VT INF, 11/28/1906, nh-lebanon-schoolst

Carpenter, Cyrus C., 12th VT INF, 03/16/1863, vt-corinth-center

Carpenter, Daniel A., 11th IL INF, 02/11/1932, ar-littlerock-national

Carpenter, Darwin E., 1st VT INF, 15th VT INF, 06/12/1910, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Carpenter, David Jr., 9th VT INF, after 1920, vt-unknown

Carpenter, Edmund, 8th VT INF, 11/03/1864, vt-strafford-evergreen

Carpenter, Edward Lothrop, 8th VT INF, 05/06/1918, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Carpenter, Edward P., 5th VT INF, 10/15/1912, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carpenter, Edwin G., 4th VT INF, 05/07/1864, vt-putney-oldnorth

Carpenter, Edwin J. H., 2nd VT INF, After 04/20/1863, un-unknown

Carpenter, Elias Dana, 3rd IA CAV, 08/12/1902, vt-randolph-center

Carpenter, Elon B., 8th VT INF, 07/16/1870, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Carpenter, Erastus, 10th VT INF, VRC, 1896, ny-malone-morningside

Carpenter, Everlyn R., USN, 07/04/1925, pa-lansdowne-fernwood

Carpenter, Frank, 3rd VT INF, 09/12/1921, nh-newport-maplest

Carpenter, Franklin, 3rd VT INF, Before 12/09/1921, NY-unknown

Carpenter, Franklin, 2nd VT INF, 12/12/1919, vt-waterbury-village

Carpenter, Franklin R., 8th VT INF, 08/13/1903, vt-swanton-riverside

Carpenter, Frederick A., 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 05/25/1926, ia-cedarfalls-greenwood

Carpenter, Frederick E., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 03/04/1894, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carpenter, George, 11th VT INF, 01/23/1919, me-togus-national

Carpenter, George H., 13th MA INF, 11/29/1899, ma-colrain-westbranch

Carpenter, George L., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carpenter, George N., 9th VT INF, 08/09/1906, vt-cabot-durant

Carpenter, George Nathaniel, 8th VT INF, USV, 07/08/1896, vt-northfield-elmwood

Carpenter, Gideon, Unknown, unknown, vt-belvidere-center

Carpenter, Harry I., 9th VT INF, USA, 07/16/1904, ny-unknown

Carpenter, Haynes, 3rd VT INF, 08/31/1862, va-hampton-national

Carpenter, Helon M., 4th VT INF, 03/27/1915, vt-springfield-summerhill

Carpenter, Henry, 8th VT INF, 07/06/1867, vt-belvidere-center

Carpenter, Henry, 1st NJ CAV, 12/23/1908, ks-trading-post

Carpenter, Henry, 11th VT INF, 10/02/1864, vt-woodstock-cushing

Carpenter, Henry Addison, 11th VT INF, 09/24/1925, vt-newfane-woodlawn

Carpenter, Henry D., 9th VT INF, VRC, 04/25/1929, pa-media-media

Carpenter, Henry H., 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carpenter, Hiram H., 2nd VT LARTY, 06/01/1902, vt-unknown

Carpenter, Horace, 1st MN HARTY, 06/02/1906, wi-eauclair-foresthill

Carpenter, Ira, 15th VT INF, 01/26/1930, vt-brookfield-old

Carpenter, Ira M., 2nd VT INF, After 06/09/1866, un-unknown

Carpenter, Isaac, 8th VT INF, 1889, vt-derby-line

Carpenter, James H., 11th VT INF, 06/07/1889, vt-unknown

Carpenter, James M., 9th VT INF, 02/11/1917, vt-huntington-maplewood

Carpenter, James P., NH LARTY, 11/04/1910, ma-unknown

Carpenter, James T., 7th VT INF, 11/04/1919, ia-nevada-municipal

Carpenter, James W., USA, 10/10/1880, vt-readsboro-north

Carpenter, James W., 52nd MA INF, 06/12/1914, ma-colrain-northriver

Carpenter, Jedediah, 8th VT INF, 09/03/1870, vt-derby-line

Carpenter, Joel V., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 03/06/1907, vt-bristol-greenwood

Carpenter, John, 1st VT CAV, After 1890, nh-peterborough-stpeter

Carpenter, John Draper, 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 11/22/1916, vt-bennington-village

Carpenter, John W., 10th VT INF, 06/15/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Carpenter, Joseph, 6th VT INF, Before 8/26/1880, nh-unknown

Carpenter, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 03/10/1901, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Carpenter, Joseph McN., 1st VT CAV, 10/11/1912, ma-petersham-eastst

Carpenter, Joseph O., 6th VT INF, Before 08/26/1880, un-unknown

Carpenter, Joseph W. D., 4th VT INF, 13th MA INF, 05/05/1864, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carpenter, Josiah B., 17th VT INF, 09/04/1881, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Carpenter, Josiah Deming, 8th VT INF, 12/02/1862, vt-belvidere-center

Carpenter, Lafayette, 15th VT INF, 12/28/1903, vt-ryegate-hillside

Carpenter, Lewis Elijah, 11th VT INF, After 10/04/1865, un-unknown

Carpenter, Lucius, 2nd VT INF, 05/01/1862, va-unknown

Carpenter, Lucius W., 6th VT INF, 11/11/1862, vt-brownington-center

Carpenter, Luther, 4th VT INF, 05/29/1864, va-arlington-national

Carpenter, Marshall A., 15th VT INF, 04/22/1908, vt-brookfield-east

Carpenter, Mason Bill, 13th VT INF, 03/08/1913, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Carpenter, Nathan B., 4th VT INF, 12/04/1861, vt-shaftsbury-center

Carpenter, Orvis D., 13th VT INF, 01/12/1927, ny-saratoga-greenridge

Carpenter, Phineas, 8th VT INF, 01/28/1890, vt-belvidere-center

Carpenter, Ralph W., 11th VT INF, 04/21/1911, ks-leavenworth-national

Carpenter, Riley, 150th PA INF, 07/21/1910, pa-townville-kingsley

Carpenter, Robert P., 105th NY INF , 03/18/1898, ny-parishville-hillcrest

Carpenter, Samuel, 2nd VT INF, 03/25/1865, va-poplargrove-national

Carpenter, Solon B., 11th VT INF, 05/07/1907, ne-redcloud-redcloud

Carpenter, W. W. , 1st IA CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Carpenter, Walter W., 15th VT INF, 01/01/1911, vt-randolph-southview

Carpenter, William, 16th ME INF, 07/23/1907, me-jay-stubbsmill

Carpenter, William B., 6th VT INF, 05/26/1895, vt-hartford-point

Carpenter, William E., 8th VT INF, 01/10/1871, vt-thetford-govehill

Carpenter, William Thomas, USSC, USA, 1911, mi-ironmountain-park

Carpenter, Zephaniah L., 8th VT INF, 09/19/1895, mo-kansascity-elmwood

Carr, Albert B., 15th VT INF, after 6/30/1880 - before 1890, nh-unknown

Carr, Alonzo P., 10th VT INF, 11/05/1862, va-arlington-national

Carr, Alonzo P., 15th VT INF, 03/29/1872, vt-danville-green

Carr, Anson K., 9th VT INF, 04/19/1915, vt-middlebury-west

Carr, Anthony, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 07/02/1918, vt-bennington-vetshome

Carr, Arnold E., 1st NENG CAV, 11/20/1924, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carr, Benjamin F., 1st VT CAV, After 1901, pq-unknown

Carr, Benjamin P., 10th VT INF, VRC, 01/10/1895, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carr, C. S., 33rd KS INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Carr, Carlos Wellington, 4th VT INF, 09/11/1914, vt-brandon-pinehill

Carr, Charles, 125th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Carr, Charles, 1st VT CAV, Before 03/04/1892, un-unknown

Carr, Charles H., 21st NY LARTY, 12/01/1863, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carr, Charles S., 33rd WI INF, Aft 04/12/1904, ks-beverly-beverly

Carr, Chester, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carr, Columbus N., 9th VT INF, 11/29/1862, vt-georgia-plains

Carr, Daniel W., 2nd VT LARTY, 07/25/1864, vt-salisbury-west

Carr, David G., 6th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 02/22/1920, vt-chelsea-highland

Carr, Edmund L., 11th VT INF, 11/29/1890, vt-burke-hillside

Carr, Edwin G., 12th VT INF, 11/23/1919, vt-brandon-pinehill

Carr, Edwin P., USN, After 1920, ca-losangeles-evergreen

Carr, Enoch K., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carr, Ethan E., 15th VT INF, 10/21/1921, vt-danville-green

Carr, George W., 9th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 02/06/1888, vt-chelsea-highland

Carr, Harlow, 9th VT INF, 11/27/1901, vt-unknown

Carr, Henry C., 2nd VT LARTY, 08/01/1862, la-chalmette-national

Carr, Hezekiah B., 1st VT CAV, 1924, vt-stgeorge-village

Carr, Hugh, 10th VT INF, 08/06/1920, vt-glover-westlook

Carr, Ira, 2nd USSS, 07/11/1902, vt-morristown-lakeview

Carr, Isaac B., 2nd VT INF, After 1929, vt-unknown

Carr, James, 5th VT INF, 12/25/1862, vt-bolton-west

Carr, James, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 06/23/1923, ny-endicott-riverhurst

Carr, James A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carr, James M., 10th VT INF, 07/01/1864, va-citypoint-national

Carr, James W., 15th VT INF, 11/27/1862, un-unknown

Carr, Jason, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 06/13/1865, la-porthudson-national

Carr, Jeremiah, 3rd VT LARTY, 03/16/1877, vt-middlesex-northbr

Carr, John, 8th VT INF, 04/12/1905, vt-poultney-poultney

Carr, John W., 2nd NY VET CAV, 04/02/1905, un-unknown

Carr, Lemuel B., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-calais-robinson

Carr, Lewis, 5th VT INF, 11/04/1863, vt-underhill-sandhill

Carr, Luther D., 24th MO INF, 07/26/1916, mi-detroit-mthazel

Carr, Martin V. B., 104th NY INF, 09/07/1915, vt-stamford-millard

Carr, Michael, 8th VT INF, 63rd NY INF, After 07/13/1868, vt-stjohnsbury-mtcalvary

Carr, Nelson H., 9th VT INF, 1911, vt-georgia-plains

Carr, Orson S., 13th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Carr, Rial F., 11th VT INF, 11/13/1864, vt-brandon-pinehill

Carr, Samuel, 9th VT INF, 1925, vt-worcester-village

Carr, Silas B., 3rd VT LARTY, 01/07/1922, ma-swampscott-swampscott

Carr, Silas Sumner, 192nd NY INF, 09/30/1921, wi-wood-national

Carr, Stephen L., 152nd NY INF , 05/24/1864, va-unknown

Carr, Stephen P., 14th VT INF, 11/23/1900, ny-whitehall-brickchurch

Carr, William, NH LARTY, 08/25/1902, nh-manchester-valley

Carr, William B., 6th VT INF, 07/28/1910, pa-scranton-cathedral

Carrick, Andrew, 4th VT INF, 03/28/1887, vt-danville-green

Carrick, Frank French, 4th VT INF, 05/20/1915, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Carrick, John, 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-groton-groton

Carrier, Doctor Joel, 5th VT INF, 11/30/1865, vt-bridport-central

Carrier, Edson David, 11th VT INF, 1920, ny-ticonderoga-mthope

Carrier, Harvey Judson, 5th VT INF, 03/13/1922, vt-cambridge-east

Carrier, Henry, 5th VT INF, 11/03/1909, vt-weybridge-hill

Carrigan, Edward C., 11th VT INF, 11/08/1888, co-unknown

Carrigan, Frank H., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carrigan, James B., 2nd VT INF, 1923, vt-poultney-poultney

Carrigan, John, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Carrigan, Michael, 1st VT CAV, 05/22/1902, ca-losangeles-national

Carrigan, Michael, 14th VT INF, 04/13/1870, vt-bennington-oldcatholic

Carrigan, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 10/10/1915, ma-worcester-stjohns

Carrington, William J., 3rd VT INF, 5th US CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Carriveaux, Antoine, 5th VT INF, 08/25/1906, mi-easttawas-stjoseph

Carroll, Charles M., 11th VT INF, 07/08/1928, ma-roslindale-mtcalvary

Carroll, Charles R., 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, la-unknown

Carroll, Edward, 1st VT CAV, 11/09/1906, vt-bennington-vetshome

Carroll, Edwin, 13th VT INF, 02/1894, vt-fairfax-carrollhill

Carroll, Edwin R., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 11/25/1902, vt-cabot-durant

Carroll, Grant, 11th MA INF, 2nd MA HARTY, 08/01/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Carroll, Henry L., 17th VT INF, 03/11/1909, ma-lowell-edson

Carroll, Henry W., 8th VT INF, 06/19/1865, va-arlington-national

Carroll, James, 10th VT INF, After 08/15/1883, un-unknown

Carroll, James, 1st VT CAV, 04/28/1914, vt-underhill-stthomas

Carroll, James H., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, John, 8th VT INF, 08/05/1912, ca-losangeles-national

Carroll, John, 10th VT INF, 10/09/1928, vt-rutland-stbridgets

Carroll, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, John C., 1st VT CAV, 05/03/1917, ma-northfield-stmarys

Carroll, Michael, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, Michael, 5th VT INF, 5th US CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, Michael Edmund, 8th VT INF, 05/22/1872, ma-greenfield-greenriver

Carroll, Obed J., 11th MA INF, 2nd MA HARTY, 07/31/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Carroll, Patrick, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Carroll, Patrick, 17th VT INF, 05/15/1864, va-unknown

Carroll, Patrick, USN, 05/15/1864, un-unknown

Carroll, Peter, USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, Peter E., USN, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, After 08/13/1890, un-unknown

Carroll, Robert, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carroll, Roger A., 35th WI INF, 02/21/1925, wi-beloit-oakwood

Carroll, Theodore, 41st USCI, 10/15/1919, va-arlington-national

Carroll, Wesley Philemon, 3rd VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, After 1903, wy-cheyenne-lakeview

Carroll, William, USA, 04/16/1910, vt-bennington-vetshome

Carroll, William M., 9th VT INF, 03/1929, mi-jackson-mtevergreen

Carron, Duncan, 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Carruth, Andrew, 50th OH INF, 10/08/1897, oh-cincinnati-springgrove

Carruth, Robert B., 3rd VT INF, 09/01/1911, vt-ryegate-hillside

Carson, Charles H., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Carson, Joseph, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carson, Philip, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Carswell, Franklin H., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carswell, Norman Williams, 15th VT INF, 08/18/1898, ct-waterbury-riverside

Carswell, William T., 1st VT CAV, 08/01/1864, un-unknown

Carte, Nelson, 141st IL INF, 10/05/1915, il-elgin-bluffcity

Cartee, Henry H. C., 2nd VT LARTY, 05/09/1890, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Cartelege, Jacob, 43rd PA INF, 11/11/1919, vt-brattleboro-west

Carter, Albert, 15th VT INF, 1st NH HARTY, 05/02/1915, wi-redgranite-fosterroad

Carter, Albert A., 4th VT INF, 1st CT INF, 03/23/1899, mo-jeffersonbks-national

Carter, Allen H., 1st VT CAV, 04/08/1924, vt-groton-groton

Carter, Charles, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, Charles E., 4th MA CAV, Aft 09/27/1917, ar-malvern-oakridge

Carter, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 03/31/1919, ny-chazy-riverview

Carter, Charles P., USA, 01/31/1931, vt-fairfax-plains

Carter, Charles W., 9th NH INF, 4th MA CAV, 02/25/1913, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Carter, Constant, 1st VT CAV, before 1890, ne-unknown

Carter, Edward D., 17th VT INF, 10/16/1864, va-unknown

Carter, Edward W., 4th VT INF, 19th PA INF, after 1890, mo-unknown

Carter, Elery H., 11th VT INF, 02/16/1918, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Carter, Enoch B., USN, 11/05/1886, un-unknown

Carter, Fernando J., 14th MO CAV, 03/29/1915, ks-leavenworth-national

Carter, Franklin Temple, 17th VT INF, 07/07/1864, md-annapolis-national

Carter, George Hiram, 3rd VT INF, 06/18/1862, un-unknown

Carter, George M., 11th VT INF, 11/03/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Carter, Henry Gray, 4th TX CAV, 06/02/1896, tx-marlin-calvary

Carter, Herbert, 5th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, Hiram, 141st PA INF, 08/02/1864, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Carter, James R., 31st USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, John, 11th VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Carter, John H., 1st MN INF, 0910/1862, nj-newark-fairmount

Carter, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 02/12/1895, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Carter, Justin, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, Martin V., 11th VT INF, VRC, 06/12/1916, vt-albany-hovey

Carter, Peter, 7th VT INF, after 1883, la-unknown

Carter, Robert, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, Rodney Forsyth, USN, 07/17/1912, md-baltimore-loudonpark

Carter, Stephen P., 11th VT INF, 11/26/1906, vt-barnet-center

Carter, Thomas, 45th USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Carter, Wright C., 3rd VT INF, After 1890, ma-lynn-pinegrove

Cartier, Dolce, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cartland, Patrick, , 1900, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Cartwright, Abel L., 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carty, Michael, 8th VT INF, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Carver, Patrick, 5th VT INF, 11/26/1924, ma-lynn-stjoseph

Carver, Rufus J., 1st VT CAV, 02/04/1863, vt-barre-elmwood

Cary, Carroll P., 11th US CAV, 09/30/1903, vt-colchester-methodist

Cary, Emory, 57th NY INF , 08/16/1888, ma-nadams-hillside

Cary, John, 16th VT INF, 03/31/1903, vt-cavendish-hillcrest

Cary, Lewis, 10th VT INF, After 05/16/1907, ct-newhaven-evergreen

Cary, Samuel, 16th NY HARTY, 09/29/1918, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Cary, Stephen, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cary, Thomas, USN, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Caryl, Aram, 1st VT LARTY, 07/24/1864, la-batonrouge-national

Caryl, John C., 16th NH INF, 1st NH CAV, 08/29/1903, oh-dayton-national

Casavan, John M., 3rd VT LARTY, 05/14/1907, ma-springfield-stmichaels

Casavant, Alfred L., 12th VT INF, After 4/2/1907, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Casavant, Jerome B., 10th VT INF, 05/19/1918, sd-unknown

Casavant, Joseph, 17th VT INF, 09/30/1864, va-unknown

Casavant, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 11/21/1913, vt-brandon-stmarys

Casavant, Joseph F., 10th VT INF, VRC, Unknown, un-unknown

Casavant, Oliver, 17th VT INF, unknown, ma-warren-stpaul

Casavaw, Frank L., 3rd VT LARTY, 03/19/1904, vt-rutland-calvary

Casavaw, George E., 26th NY CAV, 03/19/1913, mo-carthage-oakhill

Case, Adelbert C., 2nd MN INF, 07/29/1921, ca-longbeach-sunnyside

Case, Albert, 16th NY INF, 2nd NY VET CAV, Before 03/26/1910, ny-plattsburgh-riverside

Case, Albert B., 6th NY HARTY, 11/08/1895, ny-utica-foresthill

Case, Alfred L., 6th VT INF, 01/22/1916, vt-northfield-falls

Case, Charles C., 2nd NY VET CAV, 07/13/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Case, Charles E., 16th VT INF, 1921, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Case, Charles M., USN, 05/29/1894, ks-enterprise-mthope

Case, Douglas E., 1st IND BTRY MN ARTY, 11/01/1920, nd-mandan-union

Case, George F., 189th NY INF , 08/081875, ny-howard-mtpleasant

Case, Harrison F., 42nd OH INF, 03/03/1898, vt-poultney-east

Case, Heman Gehial, 2nd MN INF, 05/02/1914, mn-chatfield-chatfield

Case, Jehial, 8th MN INF, 08/01/1907, wa-seattle-lakeview

Case, Jerome Bonaparte, 2nd VT INF, 03/10/1891, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Case, Jerome Bonaparte Jr., 8th VT INF, 06/30/1863, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Case, Levi, 1st NH HARTY, 11/16/1892, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Case, Norman Edward, 2nd MN INF, 09/19/1863, mn-chatfield-chatfield

Case, William H., 14th VT INF, 01/20/1899, vt-arlington-evergreen

Casey, Daniel, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, Daniel, 1st NH HARTY, 01/31/1934, mi-grandrapids-vets

Casey, Edward, 2nd VT INF, After 06/01/1880, un-unknown

Casey, James, 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Casey, John, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, John H., 7th VT INF, 05/10/1910, ab-unknown

Casey, John W., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, Joshua B., 14th VT INF, 10/30/1907, id-unknown

Casey, Martin, 7th VT INF, 10/11/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Casey, Michael, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, Michael, 6th VT INF, VRC, 09/04/1865, un-unknown

Casey, Peter, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Casey, Philip, 14th VT INF, 02/19/1894, vt-bennington-oldcatholic

Casey, Thomas, 1st VT LARTY, Unknown, un-unknown

Casey, William, 44th NY INF, 05/20/1929, vt-bakersfield-stgeorge

Casey, William, 1st NH CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cashier, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cashman, Richard, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 06/11/1889 - 05/11/1901, ky-unknown

Casman, William, 5th VT INF, 05/20/1864, va-unknown

Cason, Oliver Berry, 2nd NY VET CAV, 12/16/1884, ar-batesville-oaklawn

Cass, Albert, 1st VT CAV, 03/03/1899, vt-craftsbury-village

Cass, Elisha B., 2nd VT INF, 08/11/1886, ma-brookfield-brookfield

Cass, Harlan P., 3rd VT INF, 01/24/1862, vt-craftsbury-village

Cass, Hollis Hanket, 8th VT INF, 10/25/1914, mo-tina-vanhorn

Cass, James, 8th VT INF, 06/04/1925, vt-warren-warren

Cass, James M., 4th VT INF, Before 07/05/1890, vt-unknown

Cass, Laton M., 9th VT INF, 04/03/1915, me-togus-national

Cass, Lewis O., 4th VT INF, 01/04/1924, vt-northfield-falls

Cass, Lewis T., 1st VT CAV, 06/12/1904, vt-craftsbury-village

Cass, Reuben, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cass, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 9th MA INF, after 4/1/1915, ma-unknown

Cass, William, 4th VT INF, before 09/26/1890, vt-unknown

Cassady, James, 15th VT INF, 04/28/1863, vt-peacham-corner

Cassady, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cassady, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 07/22/1907, vt-peacham-corner

Cassady, William, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/03/1893, vt-peacham-corner

Cassavant, Henry B., 11th VT INF, 08/28/1902, ny-cortland-rural

Cassavant, Thomas L., 2nd VT INF, 07/23/1914, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cassidy, Patrick, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cassidy, Thomas, 1st VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Cassidy, William P., 7th VT INF, 06/26/1899, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Castle, Charles D., 2nd VT INF, 01/04/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Castle, Charles W., 16th VT INF, 09/06/1910, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Castle, Daniel Jr., 14th NY ARTY, 12/15/1925, ny-norfolk-hale

Castle, David H., 6th VT INF, 10/22/1917, ks-beloit-elmwood

Castle, Harrison Samuel, 1st MI SS, 04/30/1930, mi-northbranch-burlington

Castle, Harvey Stevens, 11th VT INF, 11/16/1915, wi-ogdensburg-ogdensburg

Castle, Jeremiah, 6th NY HARTY, 14th NY ARTY, 12/25/1863, va-alexandria-national

Castle, John, 5th VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Castle, Samuel B., 4th VT INF, 12/23/1922, vt-winhall-bondville

Castle, William H., 9th VT INF, 01/12/1904, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Castle, William Henry, 11th VT INF, 09/28/1890, vt-rutland-stjoseph

Castor, Lewis, 9th VT INF, unknown, nh-keene-woodland

Caswell, Alonzo F., 7th MA LARTY, 03/28/1898, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Caswell, Bingham M., 7th VT INF, 01/22/1923, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Caswell, Bowman L., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Caswell, Charles, 16th VT INF, 03/02/1884, vt-strafford-evergreen

Caswell, Charles L., 15th MA INF, 12/13/1862, va-unknown

Caswell, Dyer, 1st VT CAV, 05/11/1873, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Caswell, Edward F., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 48th MA INF, 12/30/1907, ma-beverly-central

Caswell, Edward R., 4th VT INF, 09/21/1909, vt-rutland-evergreen

Caswell, Franklin, 9th VT INF, 06/30/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Caswell, Freeman A., 9th VT INF, 1937, mn-minneapolis-sunset

Caswell, George Henry, 59th IN INF, 04/11/1933, ne-fullerton-fullerton

Caswell, George S., 1st VT CAV, 02/18/1863, vt-shaftsbury-center

Caswell, Homer B., 9th VT INF, 10/15/1935, vt-johnson-evergreenledge

Caswell, James E., USMC, 01/17/1910, vt-milton-village

Caswell, James S., 13th VT INF, 03/21/1917, vt-worcester-village

Caswell, Lindorf Lindsey, 7th ME INF, 09/29/1893, vt-ripton-galvin

Caswell, Ozro H., 5th VT INF, VRC, 01/16/1908, ct-newhaven-evergreen

Caswell, Seth Jr., 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Caswell, Willard S., 9th VT INF, 12/18/1905, nh-grantham-hilldale

Caswell, William E., 7th VT INF, 07/17/1898, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Caswell, William H., 1st NENG CAV, 1st RI CAV, 08/27/1862, va-culpeper-national

Cataract, Nelson, 13th VT INF, 09/17/1928, wi-arkansaw-memorial

Cate, Orson, 10th VT INF, 04/24/1891, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Cate, Rufus H., 26th NY CAV, 01/25/1916, mi-grandrapids-vets

Cate, Samuel W., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Catlin, Henry Guy, 12th VT INF, 02/17/1925, vt-burlington-greenmt

Catlin, Thomas G., USV, 03/10/1874, ny-unknown

Caton, James, 117th NY INF, 1923, vt-essex-mtview

Caton, James, 6th VT INF, 06/28/1912, un-unknown

Caton, John, 7th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 10/16/1865, un-unknown

Cattley, Andrew, 8th VT INF, unknown, wi-sparta-mthope

Catton, G. Byron, 11th KS CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Catura, Louis, 7th VT INF, 1899, ny-stregis-stannes

Catury, Joseph, 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-unknown

Cavanah, Arthur Albion, 7th OH INF, 12/22/1910, oh-cleveland-lakeview

Cavanaugh, James, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 04/04/1923, fl-stcloud-mtpeace

Cavanaugh, Martin D., 10th VT INF, 09/28/1909, vt-clarendon-cavanaugh

Cavanaugh, Michael, 10th VT INF, After 11/30/1896, un-unknown

Cavanaugh, Patrick, 2nd MA INF, unknown, vt-wrj-oldcatholic

Cave, George Henry, 11th VT INF, 01/19/1905, pq-montreal-mtroyal

Cave, James B., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 04/29/1901, vt-barre-hope

Caverly, Benjamin F., 12th NH INF, 06/22/1889, nh-unknown

Cavino, Charles, USN, 6th VT INF, 5th US ARTY, After 08/19/1896, un-unknown

Caya, Duncan, 7th VT INF, After 12/16/1895, un-unknown

Cayhue, Jesse, 3rd VT LARTY, 12/12/1913, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Cayhue, Tuffield Jr., 10th VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Celley, Charles M. D., 2nd VT INF, 06/29/1920, vt-berlin-riverton

Celley, Chester W., 13th NH INF, 07/29/1902, vt-calais-robinson

Cenneville, Felix, 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-unknown

Center, Franklin T., 2nd VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAV, 06/16/1910, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Center, George G., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 05/31/1906, ca-modesto-citizens

Center, Samuel, 3rd VT INF, 06/28/1910, nh-unknown

Chabino, Henry, 3rd WI CAV, 06/14/1909, ok-seiling-brumfield

Chabot, Tuffiel, 11th VT INF, 07/18/1900, nh-keene-stjoseph

Chadborn, Edmond B., 5th NH INF, 04/24/1862, va-unknown

Chadderton, Jonas G., 7th IL INF, 02/16/1893, ks-newton-greenwood

Chadwick, Alonzo E., 12th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 06/1906, ar-unknown

Chadwick, Andrew Jackson, 13th VT INF, 08/06/1908, vt-enosburgh-mainst

Chadwick, Constantine, 11th VT INF, 12/29/1906, vt-randolph-southview

Chadwick, Edwin, 12th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Chadwick, Edwin H., 2nd VT INF, 1923, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Chadwick, Edwin S., 12th VT INF, 05/14/1863, vt-randolph-southview

Chadwick, Henry E., 3rd VT LARTY, 07/28/1864, va-alexandria-national

Chadwick, Jerome J., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-randolph-southview

Chadwick, John A., 7th MA INF, 02/21/1892, ri-centralfalls-moshassuck

Chadwick, Marcus V., 15th VT INF, 05/21/1914, ct-waterbury-oldpinegrove

Chadwick, Milo, 123rd NY INF, 1886, ny-queensbury-mthermon

Chadwick, Silas, 1st USSS, 06/30/1923, vt-randolph-southview

Chadwick, Theodore A., 12th VT INF, 03/29/1920, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Chafey, William, 1st MN BTRY, 04/13/1924, sd-unknown

Chaffee, Edwin Elisha, 6th VT INF, 01/16/1922, mi-dayton-west

Chaffee, Ezra J., , 04/15/1920, vt-albany-village

Chaffee, George A., 10th VT INF, 02/12/1917, on-unknown

Chaffee, George Reuben, 53rd MA INF, 12/05/1896, ma-gardner-crystallake

Chaffee, Henry Harrison, 4th VT INF, 1912, vt-rochester-northhollow

Chaffee, Horace Powers, 28th MI INF, 02/07/1912, mi-howard-reynolds

Chaffee, Jerome, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 01/09/1864, la-chalmette-national

Chaffee, Joel Washington, 11th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Chaffee, John F., 5th VT INF, 09/18/1872, vt-starksboro-jerusalem

Chaffee, Marion, 4th VT INF, Before 07/29/1891, oh-dayton-national

Chaffee, Marshall, 6th VT INF, 1902, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Chaffee, Oliver W., 12th KY INF, 12/24/1901, ky-unknown

Chaffee, Ransom Nathaniel, 2nd VT INF, 05/09/1917, oh-mansfield-mansfield

Chaffee, Willard P., 11th VT INF, 01/08/1906, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Chaffey, Russell Joseph, 11th VT INF, 12/10/1863, vt-wolcott-davenport

Chaffin, William F., 1st VT CAV, After 05/08/1882, un-unknown

Chaine, Bernard, 7th RI CAV, unknown, vt-swanton-stmary

Chaine, Edward, 7th NH INF, 02/18/1924, vt-swanton-stmary

Chalifaux, Narcisse, 3rd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Challis, Robert A., 3rd NH INF, 06/12/1903, nh-manchester-valley

Challis, Timothy W., 4th NH INF, 02/01/1890, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Chalmers, Alexander W., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, After 03/10/1877, un-unknown

Chalmers, George Jr., 15th VT INF, 10/15/1864, vt-newbury-oxbow

Chalmers, William W., 15th VT INF, 11/20/1905, vt-newbury-oxbow

Chalyfoux, Maxy, 11th US INF, 08/15/1866, un-unknown

Chamberlain, Amaziah Dutton Barber, 57th IL INF, 05/04/1923, il-westjersey-westjersey

Chamberlain, Converse P., 6th VT INF, 07/29/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chamberlain, Edgar, 5th VT INF, 05/10/1864, va-unknown

Chamberlain, Edson A., 3rd VT INF, 03/24/1864, vt-rochester-bingo

Chamberlain, Franklin, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF, VRC, 06/10/1865, vt-stowe-westbranch

Chamberlain, George O., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chamberlain, George W., 1st TN BTRY, unknown, un-unknown

Chamberlain, Horace H., 13th NY CAV, 02/11/1914, ca-modesto-citizens

Chamberlain, John, 11th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chamberlain, John E., 6th VT INF, After 1890 - Before 02/07/1907, vt-unknown

Chamberlain, John F. E., 3rd MA HARTY, 1923, ma-springfield-springfield

Chamberlain, Orrin S., 36th MA INF, 04/02/1914, vt-randolph-southview

Chamberlain, Percioses R., 44th WI INF, 05/08/1904, ia-newell-newell

Chamberlain, Russell Tyron, 4th VT INF, 12/03/1918, or-portland-gar

Chamberlain, Silas T., 10th MA INF, 11/08/1914, il-chicago-greenwood

Chamberlain, Solon Thomas, 9th VT INF, 02/02/1919, vt-brandon-pinehill

Chamberlain, Willard H., 11th VT INF, 10/30/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Chamberlin, Albert, 15th NH INF, 09/05/1863, la-neworleans-carrollton

Chamberlin, Alphonzo, 13th VT INF, 11/18/1863, vt-franklin-east

Chamberlin, Amos B., 16th VT INF, 01/21/1891, vt-bethel-fairview

Chamberlin, Amos J., 9th VT INF, 12/21/1919, vt-newbury-boltonville

Chamberlin, Asahel D., 18th NH INF, After 1895, nh-orford-village

Chamberlin, Austin E., 12th VT INF, 06/26/1914, ia-rhodes-eden

Chamberlin, Benjamin F., 11th VT INF, 04/08/1933, vt-stannard-stannard

Chamberlin, Benjamin F., 8th VT INF, 08/12/1864, la-chalmette-national

Chamberlin, Benjamin F., 11th VT INF, after 1890, vt-stannard-stannard

Chamberlin, Burt J., 13th VT INF, 06/28/1907, vt-middlesex-center

Chamberlin, C. L., 3rd US CAV, unknown, vt-newbury-boltonville

Chamberlin, Charles, 9th NH INF, 12/01/1862, va-unknown

Chamberlin, Charles H., 4th VT INF, 07/21/1914, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Chamberlin, Charles J., 13th VT INF, 19th MA INF, unknown, co-montevista-homelake

Chamberlin, Charles L., 9th VT INF, USA, 09/09/1864, vt-tunbridge-hunt

Chamberlin, Charles N., 17th VT INF, 08/24/1916, vt-rutland-evergreen

Chamberlin, Charles P., 3rd VT INF, 6th NY INF, 03/16/1864, vt-brownington-village

Chamberlin, Charles T., 60th MA INF, 03/27/1901, vt-bennington-vetshome

Chamberlin, Cutler A., 3rd VT INF, After 04/23/1890, nh-lisbon-grovehill

Chamberlin, Dana J., 11th VT INF, 1904, vt-whitingham-jacksonville

Chamberlin, Daniel M., 3rd VT LARTY, 02/26/1914, vt-randolph-southview

Chamberlin, Edward M., 67th IL INF, 11/30/1916, ca-fallbrook-oddfellows

Chamberlin, Everett, 12th VT INF, 39th WI INF, 02/19/1875, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Chamberlin, Francis H., 2nd NH INF, 05/07/1862, va-unknown

Chamberlin, Franklin, 7th VT INF, 12/22/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Chamberlin, Frederick W., 2nd VT INF, 05/03/1863, va-unknown

Chamberlin, George C., 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chamberlin, George C., 9th VT INF, 11/08/1896, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chamberlin, George Ephraim, 11th VT INF, 08/22/1864, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Chamberlin, Harrison H., 16th VT INF, 12/04/1924, vt-townshend-oakwood

Chamberlin, Harvey S., 1st VT CAV, 01/27/1875, vt-canaan-south

Chamberlin, Hatch, 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 09/24/1930, vt-chelsea-highland

Chamberlin, Henry, 92nd NY INF, 09/12/1896, vt-rutland-evergreen

Chamberlin, Henry D., 3rd VT INF, 05/10/1904, vt-jay-center

Chamberlin, Henry R., 16th VT INF, 03/17/1863, vt-barnard-village

Chamberlin, Ira T., 7th VT INF, 01/16/1865, la-chalmette-national

Chamberlin, James A., 4th VT INF, 01/23/1904, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Chamberlin, James C., 3rd VT LARTY, 07/17/1911, ca-unknown

Chamberlin, Jesse P., 134th NY INF , 07/01/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Chamberlin, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 02/28/1863, un-unknown

Chamberlin, Joseph A., 12th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chamberlin, Joseph E., 16th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 10/20/1906, vt-barnard-methodist

Chamberlin, Joseph W., 8th VT INF, 01/11/1864, la-unknown

Chamberlin, Lawrence K., 8th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 2nd LA CAV, 01/1894, sd-unknown

Chamberlin, Mark A., 8th MN INF, 07/30/1905, ia-independence-oakwood

Chamberlin, Nathan B., 4th VT INF, VRC, 10/13/1898, ma-unknown

Chamberlin, Ozro B., 3rd VT INF, 12/08/1892, vt-jay-center

Chamberlin, Peter, 11th VT INF, 07/01/1917, ny-putnam-meadowknoll

Chamberlin, Preston S., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 04/27/1916, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chamberlin, Remembrance Edson, 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 01/30/1913, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chamberlin, Samuel H., USN, 4th VT INF, 10/11/1914, nh-haverhill-center

Chamberlin, Simon Elliott, 118th NY INF, 25th NY Cav, 04/20/1908, va-arlington-national

Chamberlin, Sylvanus, 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 11/23/1920, ri-unknown

Chamberlin, William A., 1st VT CAV, 09/05/1909, ca-riverside-evergreen

Chamberlin, William A., 4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 04/11/1886, vt-stockbridge-maplewood

Chamberlin, William A., 1st VT CAV, 04/28/1865, ny-cypresshills-national

Chambers, Alexander, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chambers, Charles H., 8th VT INF, 09/28/1931, vt-ira-riverside

Chambers, Henry, 27th IA INF, 11/03/1891, ia-mitchell-oakgrove

Chambers, Henry, 26th MA INF, 07/11/1919, vt-hartford-point

Chambers, James C., 3rd IA INF, 12/20/1898, ia-norasprings-rockgrove

Chambers, William J., 1st VT CAV, 47th NY INF, Les Enfant Perdu INF (NY), 05/03/1923, ny-sherburne-christchurch

Champagne, Charles, 7th VT INF, 10/01/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Champagne, Fred, 118th NY INF , 10/17/1902, ny-porthenry-union

Champagne, Peter, 7th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 11/30/1903, vt-middlebury-stmarys

Champaigne, Charles, 8th VT INF, 07/23/1917, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Champaigne, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 03/15/1907, un-unknown

Champang, David, 50th NY ENGRS, 06/17/1918, vt-swanton-stmary

Champany, John, 8th VT INF, 11/29/1914, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Champeau, Alexander L., 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 05/04/1914, vt-hydepark-sttheresa

Champeau, Joseph L., 7th VT INF, 10/18/1921, nh-keene-stjoseph

Champeau, Peter, 15th VT INF, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Champeau, Theophilus, 1st VT CAV, 05/02/1885, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Champigny, Joseph, 17th VT INF, 05/25/1930, pq-sthyacinthe-catholic

Champion, Thomas T., 15th VT INF, 01/14/1863, vt-westmore-lakeview

Champlain, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 10/07/1864, va-unknown

Champlin, Ezra Thomas, 3rd MN INF, 02/05/1928, mn-vernon-center

Champlin, Roderick A., 5th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Chandler, Adoniram J., 9th VT INF, 04/06/1926, ct-newlondon-cedargrove

Chandler, Albert Brown, Civilian, 02/03/1923, vt-randolph-southview

Chandler, Alexander B., 1st VT CAV, 05/21/1870, vt-unknown

Chandler, Anson L., 1st VT CAV, 04/12/1915, vt-unknown

Chandler, Charles Guy, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 10th VT INF, 02/07/1875, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Chandler, Charles Marcellus, 6th VT INF, 03/19/1889, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Chandler, Dana Pitt, 16th VT INF, 07/15/1863, vt-wilmington-chandler

Chandler, Daniel B., 11th VT INF, 12/12/1928, vt-chester-brookside

Chandler, Edward Aiken, 3rd VT INF, 04/03/1886, mn-unknown

Chandler, Frank Hilton, 4th VT INF, 12/28/1930, ny-unknown

Chandler, George G., 88th IL INF, 11/02/1886, nh-concord-blossomhill

Chandler, Harlan Willard, 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 07/21/1914, vt-chester-brookside

Chandler, James C., 175th NY INF, 05/17/1895, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Chandler, John H., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 01/09/1880, ks-rose-oliver

Chandler, Josiah S., 5th VT INF, 12/15/1920, vt-ripton-cook

Chandler, Julius Converse, 2nd WI INF, 40th WI INF, 08/28/1878, wi-baraboo-walnuthill

Chandler, Martin D., 11th VT INF, 09/08/1892, vt-calais-poplarhill

Chandler, Martin L., 13th VT INF, 05/12/1912, vt-middlesex-center

Chandler, Oscar, 2nd VT LARTY, 01/24/1917, vt-bennington-whitechapel

Chandler, Wilbur F., 15th VT INF, 07/02/1923, nh-keene-woodland

Chandler, William B., 3rd VT INF, 06/25/1934, nh-keene-woodland

Chapel, William G., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chapin, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chapin, Charles B., 1st VT CAV, 01/17/1865, vt-williston-east

Chapin, Charles Church, 4th VT INF, 06/09/1922, al-unknown

Chapin, Charles D., 146th IL INF, 01/15/1916, ny-brockport-lakeview

Chapin, Cornelius Augustus, 6th VT INF, 09/24/1863, vt-williston-east

Chapin, David W., 4th VT INF, 12/06/1861, vt-charleston-west

Chapin, Edgar W., 26th NY CAV, 04/16/1916, vt-williston-east

Chapin, George, USN, 01/31/1886, vt-groton-groton

Chapin, Howard Church, 4th VT INF, 03/19/1917, co-denver-fairmount

Chapin, Josiah L., 11th MA INF, 07/09/1895, me-lewiston-riverside

Chapin, Nelson D., 17th VT INF, 04/24/1865, va-citypoint-national

Chapin, Oliver Howard, IL INF, 04/28/1883, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Chapin, Ovette W., 14th VT INF, 09/1890, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Chapin, Walter S., 30th NY INF , 04/26/1894, vt-manchester-dellwood

Chapin, Willard H., 193rd OH INF, 06/20/1912, oh-willoughby-village

Chapin, William A. Jr., 10th VT INF, 11/27/1876, ny-liverpool-liverpool

Chapin, William H., 3rd MA HARTY, 03/06/1902, vt-calais-fairview

Chapin, William H., 111th PA INF, 2nd PA CAV, 06/02/1889, pa-pittsburgh-uniondale

Chapin, William H., 3rd VT INF, 04/07/1923, nh-stoddard-newtown

Chapleau, Alphonso, 2nd VT INF, 05/15/1908, ny-menands-stagnes

Chaplin, Ira, 9th VT INF, 05/09/1868, vt-chittenden-baird

Chaplin, Joseph Morris, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 11/05/1918, vt-morristown-mtview

Chaplin, Richard W., 10th VT INF, VRC, 12/18/1893, vt-lyndon-center

Chaplin, Roderick, 10th VT INF, 01/14/1920, vt-montgomery-center

Chaplin, Roswell A., 13th VT INF, 04/12/1897, ar-unknown

Chaplin, Samuel C., 3rd VT INF, 10th VT INF, 11/22/1896, vt-charleston-hillside

Chaplin, William, 36th WI INF, 12/23/1914, wi-plymouth-union

Chapman, Albert, 6th VT INF, 05/14/1916, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Chapman, Albert W., 11th VT INF, Before 6/12/1909, ny-salem-evergreen

Chapman, Albert W., 6th VT INF, VRC, 08/13/1866 - 01/25/1869, un-unknown

Chapman, Alvin A., 3rd VT INF, 10/19/1927, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Chapman, Benjamin G., 1st VT CAV, 10/14/1890, vt-enosburgh-center

Chapman, Calvin H., 7th VT INF, After 1914, vt-rutland-evergreen

Chapman, Chandler D., 6th WI INF, USV, 1877, wi-madison-foresthill

Chapman, Charles, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chapman, Charles C., 15th VT INF, 11/13/1872, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Chapman, Charles W., 14th VT INF, 08/24/1873, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Chapman, George S., 13th VT INF, 03/24/1899, vt-moretown-jonesbrook

Chapman, Henry, 123rd NY INF , 07/20/1864, ga-unknown

Chapman, Henry W., MA INF, 11/03/1892, vt-burlington-lakeview

Chapman, J. Dow, 2nd VT INF, 21st NY CAV, After 03/26/1895, un-unknown

Chapman, Jacob, 3rd VT INF, VRC, 08/20/1865, vt-sutton-village

Chapman, John, 17th VT INF, 1889, vt-danville-green

Chapman, John B., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Chapman, Jonathan B., 1st NENG CAV, 02/15/1917, nh-laconia-union

Chapman, Joseph Stanley, 7th SQDRN RI CAV, after 1895, tn-unknown

Chapman, Martin V. B., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 10/04/1862, vt-chester-brookside

Chapman, Melvin O., 16th VT INF, 10/17/1920, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Chapman, Myron C., 4th VT INF, 05/05/1864, vt-grafton-village

Chapman, Orrin P., 22nd NY CAV, 04/02/1916, ct-hartford-springgrove

Chapman, Parker A., 16th VT INF, 02/03/1877, vt-grafton-village

Chapman, Richard, 3rd VT INF, VRC, Before 09/21/1885, ma-andover-westparish

Chapman, Stephen, 7th VT INF, 02/20/1900, ma-springfield-springfield

Chapman, Stephen G., 6th VT INF, 04/29/1891, ny-moriah-south

Chapman, Warren H., 6th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Chapman, William A., 15th VT INF, 10/06/1887, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Chapman, William C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chapman, William H. H., 17th VT INF, 06/26/1927, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Chapman, William R., 6th VT INF, 07/22/1914, ny-porthenry-union

Chappel, John, 13th VT INF, 03/21/1893, vt-highgate-episcopal

Chappel, Loring, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 04/08/1880, vt-highgate-episcopal

Chappell, Albert, 5th VT INF, 1918, ny-wadhams-riverside

Chappell, Almon, 7th VT INF, 1917, ny-wadhams-riverside

Chappell, Edson K., 9th VT INF, 12/31/1920, vt-westmore-lakeview

Chappell, Eugene L., 5th VT INF, 02/08/1920, vt-belvidere-center

Chappell, Jesse C., 1st OH LARTY, 02/02/1911, mi-stlouis-oakgrove

Charbonneau, John, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Charland, Peter, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Charles, Benjamin F., 1st VT CAV, 11/19/1896, vt-williston-east

Charter, King D., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1886, vt-newfane-south

Charter, Samuel, 8th VT INF, 08/30/1896, ne-bladen-plainview

Chase, Albert H., 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 09/25/1880, vt-northfield-mthope

Chase, Albert J., 17th VT INF, 03/24/1914, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chase, Algernon F., 2nd NH INF, 08/27/1862, va-unknown

Chase, Alonzo H., Recruit, 04/03/1903, nh-keene-greenlawn

Chase, Amos B., 2nd USSS, 06/18/1864, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chase, Amos C., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 08/06/1901, vt-windsor-ascutney

Chase, Amos E., , unknown, vt-windsor-ascutney

Chase, Amos J., 1st VT CAV, 04/30/1906, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Chase, Aquilla E., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 01/02/1915, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Chase, Arthur Highland, 11th VT INF, 04/10/1902, ne-omaha-forestlawn

Chase, Arthur L., 8th NY HARTY , 06/07/1864, ny-unknown

Chase, Augustus P., 11th VT INF, 05/01/1864, vt-hubbardton-pleasantview

Chase, Augustus Willard, 12th NY CAV, 03/24/1907, ny-dickinson-ives

Chase, Austin A., 1st VT CAV, 09/08/1862, vt-middlesex-carr

Chase, Bingham K., 2nd VT INF, 02/01/1911, vt-fletcher-binghamville

Chase, Cassius M., 7th VT INF, 11/21/1861, fl-barrancas-national

Chase, Cassius N., 5th VT INF, 05/04/1915, vt-bolton-west

Chase, Charles, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chase, Charles B., 11th VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-unknown

Chase, Charles M., 13th IL INF, 11/01/1902, vt-lyndon-center

Chase, Charles W., 7th VT INF, 01/28/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Chase, Dennis, 2nd VT INF, 09/22/1861, dc-soldiershome-national

Chase, Edward, 4th VT INF, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chase, Edwin B., 2nd VT INF, 11/27/1864, va-winchester-national

Chase, Edwin J., 6th VT INF, 01/15/1862, va-arlington-national

Chase, Elias S., 11th VT INF, 09/18/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chase, Enoch B., 1st VT CAV, 05/26/1868, vt-derby-chase

Chase, Francis L., 11th VT INF, 10/02/1918, me-carmel-highland

Chase, Gardner W., 11th VT INF, 01/21/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Chase, George, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 12/12/1915, vt-burlington-lakeview

Chase, George, 4th VT INF, 01/19/1862, vt-woodstock-riverst

Chase, George, , 1911, vt-craftsbury-common

Chase, George A., 9th VT INF, 01/06/1903, vt-whitingham-sadawga

Chase, George C., 3rd VT INF, 01/03/1897, me-togus-national

Chase, George Dudley, 13th NH INF, After 1895, nh-monroe-north

Chase, George L., 2nd NH INF, 18th NH INF, 06/13/1865, nh-henniker-old

Chase, George S., Recruit, 01/21/1864, vt-jamaica-southhill

Chase, George T., 9th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 01/21/1864, vt-jamaica-rawsonville

Chase, George W., 1st VT CAV, 08/23/1863, va-unknown

Chase, George W., 2nd USSS, 4th VT INF, 11/27/1915, me-biddeford-stmarys

Chase, Heman Gehial, 2nd MN INF, 05/02/1914, mn-chatfield-chatfield

Chase, Henry B., 11th VT INF, 09/16/1864, ga-unknown

Chase, Henry C., 9th VT INF, 04/29/1916, mn-janesville-janesville

Chase, Henry D., 19th ME INF, 1904, vt-underhill-flats

Chase, Henry E., 3rd VT INF, 08/24/1862, nj-newark-fairmount

Chase, Henry G., 16th NY INF, unknown, vt-calais-robinson

Chase, Henry M., 11th VT INF, 09/21/1870, vt-concord-graves

Chase, Henry Melville, USN, 1st VT INF, 06/15/1903, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Chase, Henry P., 9th VT INF, 01/18/1927, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Chase, Henry Rogers, 11th VT INF, 06/29/1930, ia-maquoketa-mthope

Chase, Henry Rufus, 11th VT INF, 03/07/1907, vt-guilford-west

Chase, Horatio M., 60th NY INF, 05/16/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Chase, Hosea Q., 6th VT INF, 06/20/1902, nh-meredith-plymouthst

Chase, Ichabod E., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 09/07/1921, mn-blueearth-riverside

Chase, Ira E., 1st VT INF, 3rd VT INF, Before 1890, un-unknown

Chase, Ira E., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chase, Isaac, 5th NY HARTY , 1934, ny-portleyden-penny

Chase, Isaac T., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 07/04/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Chase, J. B., 1st MN MTD RFLS, After 1880, ks-unknown

Chase, James Francis, 154th NY INF , 07/31/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Chase, John, 8th VT INF, 06/17/1909, vt-essex-village

Chase, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chase, John B., 1st VT CAV, 04/28/1862, vt-danville-green

Chase, John B., MN MTD RNGRS, Brackett's MN BTLN, 1911, ks-greenleaf-greenleaf

Chase, John Clark, 98th NY INF, 01/30/1918, mi-battlecreek-oakhill

Chase, John F., 44th NY INF , 05/14/1862, ny-unknown

Chase, John J., 6th VT INF, 1907, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Chase, John J., 8th VT INF, 08/05/1887, vt-lunenburg-riverside

Chase, John M., 11th VT INF, 03/22/1864, vt-hubbardton-pleasantview

Chase, John W., 2nd VT LARTY, 06/30/1892, vt-brandon-pinehill

Chase, Jonathan E., 2nd VT INF, 1st USSS, VRC, 05/05/1908, vt-jay-center

Chase, Kinsman P., 9th VT INF, 07/06/1866, vt-bolton-west

Chase, Lemuel R., 10th VT INF, 11/19/1863, va-unknown

Chase, Lorenzo A., 6th VT INF, 09/21/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Chase, Loring Jr., 1st VT CAV, 09/14/1912, vt-peacham-corner

Chase, Lucius A., 93rd NY INF , After 05/23/1887, ny-unknown

Chase, Luther, 6th VT INF, 01/30/1862, vt-waitsfield-irasville

Chase, Mark C., 6th VT INF, 06/03/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chase, Moses L., 1st VT CAV, before 10/03/1889, vt-unknown

Chase, Nason F., 85th NY INF , 08/13/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chase, Nelson W., 6th VT INF, 05/07/1907, az-douglas-calvary

Chase, Oren Gould, 11th VT INF, 01/31/1914, vt-lyndon-center

Chase, Ossian T., 1st CA CAV, 04/30/1863, vt-jamaica-southhill

Chase, Peter S., 2nd VT INF, 09/16/1927, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Chase, Philip E. O., 7th VT INF, Before 05/18/1867, vt-unknown

Chase, Phillips E., 2nd VT INF, 11/27/1864, va-winchester-national

Chase, Raselus D., 9th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HAC, 12/13/1903, vt-bristol-greenwood

Chase, Reuben, 7th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Chase, Reuben L., 7th VT INF, 05/25/1908, wa-bothell-pioneer

Chase, Samuel, 32nd ME INF, Before 05/16/1868, un-unknown

Chase, Silas A., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chase, Sylvester S., 14th VT INF, 05/13/1909, vt-chittenden-horton

Chase, Theodore, 1st VT CAV, 04/29/1869, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Chase, Thurston Purdy, 35th IA INF, 01/26/1926, ca-sandiego-mthope

Chase, Trescott Abell, 3rd VT INF, 12/17/1917, vt-bradford-upperplain

Chase, Wallace M., 9th NH INF, VRC, 01/05/1865, me-unknown

Chase, Walter, 2nd VT INF, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, After 07/29/1868, ny-ischua-fitch

Chase, Walter H., 15th VT INF, 03/13/1914, vt-sheffield-dexter

Chase, William E., 8th VT INF, 11/19/1862, la-chalmette-national

Chase, William L., 12th MI INF, 07/23/1923, il-aurora-springlake

Chase, William S., 1st VT CAV, 1882, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Chase, William Valentine, 7th VT INF, 05/19/1902, vt-chester-northst

Chase, Willis R., 193rd NY INF , 02/03/1879, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Chase, Willis Samuel, 1st WI CAV, 04/29/1902, sd-ashton-ashton

Chase, Worthy N. H., 110th IL INF, 53rd USCI, 06/07/1903, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Chase, Zolva W., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Chates, Cyrus A., 6th VT INF, 08/13/1862, pa-philadelphia-mtmoriah

Chates, William, 9th VT INF, 04/04/1865, va-hampton-national

Chatfield, Benjamin G., 10th VT INF, 01/24/1903, ma-lowell-edson

Chatfield, Dexter L., 16th VT INF, 09/18/1919, vt-randolph-southview

Chatfield, William, 3rd VT INF, 10th VT INF, 05/20/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chatsey, Job Luke, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chatterton, Fifield S., 3rd VT INF, after 1900, md-unknown

Chauncey, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, 08/06/1923, mi-girard-evergreen

Chauncey, George H., 2nd NH INF, 07/19/1917, ca-unknown

Chauncey, Moses, 8th MI CAV, 28th MI INF, 02/05/1923, tn-mtnhome-national

Chauvain, Benjamin, 11th VT INF, 07/12/1864, va-arlington-national

Chayer, John B., 8th VT INF, 03/08/1892, vt-underhill-stthomas

Chedel, George A., 16th VT INF, 04/18/1863, va-alexandria-national

Chedell, George C., 78th IL INF, 07/30/1892, co-salida-fairview

Cheeseman, Richard C., 1st VT LARTY, 1st US VET CORPS, 09/25/1889, ct-bridgeport-park

Cheever, Charles E., 15th VT INF, 12/20/1862, vt-hardwick-sanborn

Cheever, Francis W., 15th VT INF, 02/10/1915, vt-danville-green

Cheever, George N., 2nd NH INF, 01/23/1909, mt-milescity-custer

Cheever, Josiah, 15th VT INF, 04/28/1863, va-alexandria-national

Cheever, Moses R., 4th VT INF, 01/25/1900, ca-unknown

Chehin, Daniel, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cheisen, Peter, 14th VT INF, 111th NY INF, 4th NY HARTY, After 03/24/1891, un-unknown

Chellis, Brenton M., 14th VT INF, After 01/09/1886, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Chellis, Stephen B., 1st VT CAV, 7th NY INF, VRC, before 01/18/1905, ny-unknown

Chelsea, William Henry, 2nd VT INF, 09/26/1909, ct-stratford-stmichaels

Chenette, Francis, 11th VT INF, 03/22/1886, vt-unknown

Chenette, Francis Jr., 11th VT INF, 11/03/1864, va-winchester-national

Cheney, Abial, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 1st NH INF, 07/05/1913, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Cheney, Albert G., Recruit, 7th VT INF, 02/17/1865, died-at-sea

Cheney, Alpheus H., 10th VT INF, 41st US CINF, 04/30/1926, ia-spencer-riverside

Cheney, Byron O., 16th NH INF, 06/04/1890, vt-lyndon-center

Cheney, Carlos E., 13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, After 1880, me-unknown

Cheney, Carlos Zadoc, 9th VT INF, 03/20/1891, wa-yakima-tahoma

Cheney, Carlton Ruthven, 15th IL INF, 03/29/1896, ca-santaclara-missioncity

Cheney, Charles, 8th VT INF, 08/25/1900, vt-lunenburg-riverside

Cheney, Charles B., 26th NY CAV, 12/12/1867, vt-morristown-mtview

Cheney, David, 35th NY INF, 12/11/1864, ny-antwerp-oldtown

Cheney, Edwin R., 4th VT INF, 09/18/1905, in-anderson-maplewood

Cheney, Elias, 98th NY INF, 06/27/1894, ny-nicholville-moundhill

Cheney, Erastus, 10th VT INF, 03/05/1914, pq-starmand-russell

Cheney, Frank, 8th VT INF, After 12/04/1862, un-unknown

Cheney, Frank, US VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Cheney, Frederick Porter, 11th VT INF, 12/23/1896, vt-glover-westlook

Cheney, George A., 7th VT INF, 12/15/1862, fl-barrancas-national

Cheney, George A., 4th VT INF, 12/20/1918, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Cheney, Gilman D., Recruit, 01/02/1864, vt-washington-cheney

Cheney, Harry, 10th VT INF, 12/03/1901, vt-westmore-lakeview

Cheney, Henry M., 26th NY CAV, 05/06/1920, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Cheney, Henry W., 12th VT INF, 02/25/1911, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cheney, Ichabod D., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 07/22/1899, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Cheney, John S., 13th NH INF, Before 03/29/1875, nh-unknown

Cheney, Leonard C., 8th VT INF, After 07/19/1888, vt-barnet-pleasantview

Cheney, Lorenzo, 7th VT INF, 03/12/1913, nh-unknown

Cheney, Lyman H., 7th NH INF, 03/21/1882, ga-unknown

Cheney, Nathan C., 8th VT INF, 10/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Cheney, Nelson, 8th VT INF, After 05/04/1866, un-unknown

Cheney, Oscar F., 1st MN INF, 04/30/1910, wi-wood-national

Cheney, Ozro F., 1st VT CAV, 09/21/1907, wi-wood-national

Cheney, Perley C. J., 1st VT CAV, 10/27/1916, mn-unknown

Cheney, Royal, 10th NH INF, 1922, nh-bedford-center

Cheney, Smith C., 10th VT INF, 09/05/1863, va-alexandria-national

Cheney, Spencer C., 14th VT INF, 05/30/1902, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cheney, Wales, 18th MA INF, 12/05/1923, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Cheney, Warren, 5th WI INF, 34th WI INF, 02/08/1899, wi-baron-wayside

Cheney, Watson, 6th VT INF, 08/13/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Cheney, William H., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, unknown, vt-chester-brookside

Cheney, William J., 11th VT INF, 03/09/1906, vt-stowe-riverbank

Cheney, William Stedman, 1st VT CAV, 06/05/1905, ny-troy-oakwood

Cheney, Winchester, 2nd NE CAV, 1st NE CAV, 12/08/1912, mo-unknown

Cherbino, George, 2nd VT INF, 08/26/1917, tx-unknown

Cherrier, Francis Edward, 3rd VT LARTY, 06/22/1926, or-unknown

Cherrier, Oliver J., 13th VT INF, 01/06/1892, vt-fairfax-plains

Cherry, Henry, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Chesamore, William I., 6th VT INF, 1910, pq-mansonville-protestant

Chesemore, Newton Luther, 25th WI INF, 02/08/1923, wi-gillingham-fancy

Chesley, Albert, 11th VT INF, 06/27/1867, vt-sheffield-baptist

Chesley, Asa Joel, 11th VT INF, 08/09/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Chesley, Cassius, 42nd MA INF, 01/31/1929, vt-waterbury-village

Chesley, Joseph, 3rd NH INF, 11/29/1864, nc-unknown

Chesley, Oren, 114th OH INF, Before 05/29/1905, il-unknown

Chesmore, Alwyn Harding, 5th VT INF, 01/27/1891, vt-richmond-riverview

Chessmore, David Asahel, 13th VT INF, 02/07/1923, ks-ludell-rosehill

Chevall, Alfred, 29th MA INF, 10/07/1898, vt-coventry-village

Chewning, Reuben J., 4th MN INF, before 04/05/1900, mn-unknown

Chickering, Charles P., 7th VT INF, 03/01/1923, nh-milford-westst

Child, Andrew J., 14th VT INF, 1913, vt-newhaven-west

Child, Darius Griffin, 1st VT INF, 8th VT INF, 07/20/1862, vt-fairlee-village

Child, Hiram Gardiner, 10th VT INF, 11/14/1873, ny-chateaugay-smithgreen

Child, Lewis, 8th VT INF, 8th VT INF, 04/29/1893, vt-fairlee-village

Child, Myron, 4th VT INF, 11/05/1918, ca-unknown

Child, Oscar Barron, State, 06/07/1910, ca-hollywood-forever

Child, Willard Augustus, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 10th VT INF, 02/01/1878, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Child, Willard Hosford, 8th VT INF, 10/18/1903, vt-fairlee-village

Childe, Charles Bigelow, 8th VT INF, 08/28/1913, oh-cincinatti-springgrove

Childs, Alfred, 16th VT INF, 06/11/1914, vt-londonderry-riverside

Childs, Asaph Parmalee, 16th VT INF, 04/24/1906, vt-castleton-hillside

Childs, Barnard F., 2nd VT INF, After 1904, ks-unknown

Childs, Daniel P., 16th NY HARTY, 1st NY MTD RFLS, 04/04/1905, vt-rutland-pleasantst

Childs, Francis A., 12th VT INF, 08/11/1906, nh-laconia-stlamberts

Childs, George F., 1st NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Childs, George T., 5th MA INF, 05/03/1912, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Childs, Israel, 30th WI INF, before 11/01/1904, mn-unknown

Childs, Joseph S., USN, unknown, ok-purcell-hillside

Childs, Otis F., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Childs, Royal S., 13th VT INF, 12/02/1918, me-togus-national

Childs, Samuel Stillman, 8th VT INF, 11/28/1864, va-unknown

Chiley, Ambrose, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Chillson, King Ahasuerus, 3rd VT INF, 06/29/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Chilson, Eugene, 1st VT CAV, 10/16/1919, ia-ocheyedan-town

Chilson, Eugene D., 5th VT INF, 1915, vt-vergennes-prospect

Chilson, Lucius H., 2nd MA INF, 4th US ARTY, 10/29/1869, ma-ware-aspengrove

Chilson, Van Rensellaer, 6th VT INF, 03/11/1917, ca-napa-tulocay

Chilton, Alexander W., 1st VT INF, 10th VT INF, 01/08/1882, dc-washington-oakhill

Chilton, Steven, 106th NY INF , 05/09/1906, mi-unknown

Chiott, Henry, 1st VT CAV, 1907, vt-burlington-lakeview

Chipman, Alonzo Searle, USN, After 1880, un-unknown

Chipman, Daniel Webster, USN, 1931, wi-milwaukee-foresthome

Chipman, Henry Laurens, 11th US INF, 10/27/1910, mi-detroit-elmwood

Chipman, Horace A., 1st MN INF, 06/06/1923, mn-spring-valley

Chipman, Jesse P., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/16/1917, ne-friend-andrew

Chipman, John Q. A., 26th NY LARTY, 12th US INF, 01/15/1894, wi-wood-national

Chipman, Lafayette, 1st MN HARTY, 10/25/1917, mn-unknown

Chipman, Seymour, 21st IA INF, 12/15/1904, or-corvallis-crystallake

Chittenden, Cassius Clay, 8th VT INF, 12/30/1935, ca-corning-sunsethill

Chittenden, Daniel E., 12th VT INF, 09/21/1891, vt-rutland-evergreen

Chittenden, Linus O., 11th VT INF, 11/28/1872, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Chittenden, Lucius Eugene, State, Civilian, 07/22/1900, vt-burlington-lakeview

Choate, Orville David, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 03/26/1918, ms-meridian-rosehill

Christian, Lewis Oliver Jr., 6th VT INF, 07/24/1893, vt-highgate-center

Christie, Joel P., 15th VT INF, 1926, vt-glover-westlook

Christmas, George Henry, 11th VT INF, VRC, 11/21/1928, vt-pittsford-stalphonsus

Christy, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Chubb, George W., 118th NY INF , After 03/15/1880, un-unknown

Chubb, John G., 1st NENG CAV, 12/24/1876, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Chubb, Rolla Harrison, 65th IL INF, 11/08/1884, oh-perrysburg-fortmeig

Chulip, Henry, 55th OH INF, 130th OH INF, 1936, oh-sylvania-association

Church, Abner H., 10th VT INF, 08/03/1879, vt-pownal-towsley

Church, Allen Truman, 9th VT INF, 05/13/1866, vt-jericho-center

Church, Almon S., 15th NH INF, 08/29/1863, tn-memphis-national

Church, Andrew J., Brackett's MN BTLN, 11/29/1865, un-unknown

Church, Andrew J., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Church, Benjamin A., 12th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, Before 12/31/1892, nv-unknown

Church, Benjamin O., 1st VT CAV, 02/07/1909, pa-erie-erie

Church, Carlos C., 9th VT INF, 05/05/1921, mn-taylor-pleasanthill

Church, Charles F., 11th VT INF, 02/24/1916, vt-leicester-brookside

Church, Charles P., 8th VT INF, 01/07/1919, vt-newport-eastmain

Church, Chauncey Langdon, 2nd VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Church, Erastus, 4th VT INF, after 1890, vt-williamstown-village

Church, Erastus D., 8th VT INF, 12/02/1920, ma-nadams-hillside

Church, Frederick A., 7th VT INF, 06/11/1885, vt-burlington-elmwood

Church, Freeman L., 9th VT INF, 2nd NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Church, George K., 6th VT INF, unknown, vt-topsham-west

Church, George T., 10th VT INF, unknown, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Church, Gilbert, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Church, Henry, 8th VT INF, 01/02/1891, vt-dover-mtnview

Church, Henry H., 1st VT INF, 2nd USSS, 02/10/1921, nh-francestown-cemetery3

Church, Ira A., 17th IL INF, 05/29/1891, tx-texarkana-rosehill

Church, Isaiah B., Recruit, 06/03/1893, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Church, James B., 1st IL ARTY, 10/06/1906, ks-corning-corning

Church, Jonathan, 16th NY HARTY , 10/17/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Church, Joseph P., 9th VT INF, 09/09/1864, nc-newbern-national

Church, Joshua, 15th VT INF, 10/25/1863, vt-newport-eastmain

Church, Julius H., 4th VT INF, 12/17/1917, vt-hancock-newvillage

Church, Martin, 4th VT INF, 02/19/1906, vt-chester-northst

Church, Stephen C., 15th NH INF, 09/03/1863, tn-memphis-national

Church, Sullivan R., 9th VT INF, 09/12/1889, vt-brattleboro-retreat

Church, Thomas C., USN, 12/15/1863, ny-unknown

Church, Warner, 7th VT INF, After 1883, vt-chester-brookside

Church, William, 5th VT INF, 08/19/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Church, William, 7th VT INF, 08/08/1865, tx-unknown

Church, William A., 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF, 07/03/1863, vt-swanton-churchst

Church, William T., 8th VT INF, 1st US Vet Corps, 1891, vt-stalbans-bay

Church, William Walter, 65th IL INF, 10/09/1913, ca-sthelena-public

Church, Winslow, 11th VT INF, 01/04/1865, md-unknown

Churchill, Azem B., 12th VT INF, 04/12/1863, vt-chittenden-wetmore

Churchill, Charles Henry, 1st VT CAV, VRC, 11/20/1928, vt-chittenden-wetmore

Churchill, Charles L., 11th VT INF, 01/30/1867, vt-townshend-oakwood

Churchill, Columbus C., 10th VT INF, VRC, 03/19/1927, nc-glenville-hamburg

Churchill, David, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Churchill, David B., 1st RI INF, 3rd RI HARTY, 04/09/1889, ny-unknown

Churchill, Edwin Ruthvern, 1st VT CAV, 11/05/1912, ne-northplatte-northplatte

Churchill, Henry, 15th VT INF, 12/04/1913, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Churchill, Henry C. W., 6th MN INF, 11/11/1918, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Churchill, Henry P., 15th VT INF, before 10/01/1898, vt-northfield-elmwood

Churchill, Horace M., 53rd MA INF, 08/13/1863, vt-woodstock-highland

Churchill, James Munroe, USN, 11/18/1876, ma-unknown

Churchill, Joseph, 12th US INF, 03/15/1887, vt-stowe-riverbank

Churchill, Lorenzo D., 6th MN INF, 01/13/1897, mn-unknown

Churchill, Luther B., 12th IA INF, 01/12/1923, ca-sonora-masonic

Churchill, Lyman Alonzo, 2nd VT INF, 05/20/1891, vt-stowe-riverbank

Churchill, Lyman N., 13th VT INF, 1894, vt-craftsbury-branch

Churchill, Nathan W., 1st VT CAV, 07/05/1886, vt-brandon-forestdale

Churchill, Oliver Erastus, 10th VT INF, 01/28/1921, il-libertyville-lakeside

Churchill, Royal M., 11th VT INF, 05/24/1880, vt-brandon-pinehill

Churchill, Samuel Joseph, 2nd IL ARTY, 06/03/1932, ks-lawrence-oakhill

Churchill, Sylvester, 3rd US ARTY, 12/07/1862, dc-washington-oakhill

Churchill, William H., 2nd USSS, 10/27/1864, vt-londonderry-resthaven

Churchill, William L., USN, Before 1890, UN-unknown

Churchill, Wilson B., 14th VT INF, 10/04/1918, vt-brandon-forestdale

Cilley, Charles H., 2nd USSS, 10/27/1864, vt-plymouth-kingdom

Cilley, Charles L., Recruit, 12/22/1863, vt-thetford-hillside

Cilley, Charles S., 9th VT INF, 10/18/1864, va-hampton-national

Cilley, Daniel P., 1st VT INF, 15th VT INF, 12/09/1915, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Cilley, Daniel W., 6th VT INF, 1st NH INF, 04/21/1863, vt-thetford-hillside

Cilley, Don B., 9th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 1st ME INF, 08/28/1921, vt-northfield-mthope

Cilley, Edwin H., 2nd VT INF, 07/02/1920, vt-woodbury-south

Cilley, Edwin J., 1st VT CAV, 02/17/1924, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Cilley, Henry W., 6th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 1st NH INF, 04/04/1898, vt-thetford-hillside

Cilley, James M., 6th VT INF, 04/23/1916, vt-topsham-waitsriver

Cilley, James M. D., Recruit, 05/06/1901, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Cilley, John A., 2nd VT INF, 09/04/1869, vt-royalton-branchview

Cilley, Joseph C., 16th VT INF, 04/16/1914, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Claflin, Elias B., 4th VT INF, 08/14/1915, vt-hancock-newvillage

Claflin, George W., 7th VT INF, 09/29/1862, la-chalmette-national

Claflin, Henry G., 29th OH INF, 06/09/1913, oh-unknown

Claflin, Hollis O., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/21/1880, tn-knoxville-national

Claflin, Horace N., 7th VT INF, 10/09/1862, vt-belvidere-center

Claflin, Ira Wallace, 6th US CAV, 11/18/1867, la-alexandria-national

Claflin, Levi D., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 08/24/1864, va-arlington-national

Claflin, Malverton R., 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 05/21/1864, va-unknown

Claflin, Nathan C., 1st VT INF, 11th VT INF, 11/06/1908, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Claflin, Nathan L., 17th VT INF, 04/30/1888, vt-hancock-newvillage

Claflin, William N. S., 6th VT INF, 05/20/1863, va-unknown

Claghorn, Charles A., 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 03/06/1902, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Clair, Anthony P., 1st VT CAV, USA, After 01/19/1887, un-unknown

Clair, Calvin, 2nd VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Clair, Harrison, 2nd VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Clair, Isaiah, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clair, John, USN, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clair, John, 8th VT INF, 07/30/1912, me-waterville-stfrancis

Clair, Joseph, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 06/04/1904, vt-bridport-central

Clair, Oliver, 2nd VT INF, 10/15/1910, vt-granville-elmwood

Clancey, Daniel W., 7th OH INF, 12/24/1905, oh-cincinnati-springgrove

Clancey, James, 1st VT LARTY, Before 08/08/1890, un-unknown

Clancey, Thomas, 2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, After 12/14/1920, un-unknown

Clancy, Michael, 8th VT INF, 12/28/1909, pa-erie-trinity

Clandiana, Diogenes, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clapp, Albert S., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/02/1919, co-longmont-mtnview

Clapp, Alonzo D., 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 10/29/1864, vt-woodstock-riverst

Clapp, Alonzo D., 17th VT INF, 10/29/1864, va-unknown

Clapp, Edward, 3rd VT LARTY, After 06/18/1892, un-unknown

Clapp, Franklin, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Clapp, George, 9th VT INF, 12/06/1862, il-chicago-rosehill

Clapp, George, 123rd NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Clapp, Marshall N., 4th VT INF, 07/10/1907, vt-bennington-village

Clapp, Oliver, 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-woodbury-center

Clapp, Palmer, 1st VT CAV, 12/19/1863, va-richmond-national

Clapp, Richard E., 15th MA INF, 01/23/1914, ny-alden-evergreen

Clapp, Rollin M., 1st VT BGD Band, 10/17/1886, vt-jericho-center

Clapp, Stephen, 1st VT CAV, 12/17/1925, ks-unknown

Clapp, William A., 1st VT CAV, 08/07/1925, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Clapp, William Daniels, 3rd IA CAV, 3/30/1919, ia-tipton-masonic

Clapper, Charles, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 1928, vt-bristol-greenwood

Clapper, Clark C., 6th VT INF, 07/23/1888, ma-chelmsford-west

Clapper, Clufus, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clapper, George, 8th VT INF, 09/21/1862, la-unknown

Clapper, Harrison, 6th VT INF, 11/02/1890, vt-holland-meadhill

Clapper, Jacob, 8th VT INF, 01/18/1916, vt-troy-north

Clapper, Joseph D., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 03/10/1920, ma-leominster-evergreen

Clapsaddle, George M., 12th OH CAV, 04/28/1914, vt-weathersfield-plain

Clarey, Horatio, 6th VT INF, 11/23/1861, un-unknown

Clarey, Patrick, 6th VT INF, After 01/15/1868, un-unknown

Clarey, Patrick, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clarey, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 09/30/1924, me-togus-national

Clark, Abel N., 2nd VT INF, 06/20/1905, vt-underhill-flats

Clark, Alanda W., 14th VT INF, 10/05/1903, ca-altadena-mtnview

Clark, Albert E., 184th NY INF , 1892, ny-volney-mtpleasant

Clark, Albert S., 11th ME INF, 06/06/1864, me-richmond-evergreen

Clark, Albert Warren, 12th VT INF, 06/07/1921, ma-newton-newton

Clark, Albion T., 7th SQDRN RI CAV, 07/01/1909, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Clark, Alfred, 10th VT INF, before 10/13/1890, vt-northfield-elmwood

Clark, Alonzo K., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/1905, wa-rockford-fairview

Clark, Alonzo N., 10th VT INF, 07/20/1930, vt-bennington-vetshome

Clark, Alvin F., 43rd WI INF, 04/18/1918, sd-redfield-greenlawn

Clark, Amos, 5th VT INF, unknown, vt-poultney-east

Clark, Andrew, 6th NY CAV, 1932, vt-castleton-hillside

Clark, Asaph, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 09/17/1886, me-togus-national

Clark, Augustus M., 2nd RI INF, 07/12/1901, ks-leavenworth-national

Clark, Aurelian M., 4th VT INF, 1923, vt-calais-fairview

Clark, Azariah L., 3rd NH INF, 04/07/1898, nh-whitefield-pinest

Clark, Azro, 15th VT INF, 07/29/1879, vt-northfield-falls

Clark, B. Brooks, 10th VT INF, 11/02/1864, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Clark, Barney, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Benjamin C., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Benjamin F., 7th NH INF, 06/03/1890, vt-woodstock-ransomkendall

Clark, Benjamin F., 1st VT LARTY, 11/23/1863, la-chalmette-national

Clark, Benjamin R., 11th VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Clark, Burton S., 6th VT INF, before 05/12/1900, ca-unknown

Clark, Byron, CT INF, unknown, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Clark, C., 3rd MA INF or CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, C. D., 11th IL INF, After 9/30/1882, ks-unknown

Clark, Caleb G., 20th NY LARTY , Unknown,

Clark, Calvin Peter, 1st MN INF, 02/05/1917, ia-humboldt-union

Clark, Carlos E., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 12/22/1907, vt-lyndon-center

Clark, Carlos S., 8th VT INF, 05/19/1910, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Clark, Charles, 2nd VT INF, After 05/11/1862, un-unknown

Clark, Charles, 7th VT INF, 06/27/1911, vt-rutland-evergreen

Clark, Charles A., 16th VT INF, 1922, nh-chesterfield-west

Clark, Charles C., 35th IA INF, 01/07/1863, ia-atalissa-timberlake

Clark, Charles Edgar, USN, 10/01/1922, va-arlington-national

Clark, Charles F., 16th VT INF, 10/21/1923, vt-cavendish-village

Clark, Charles H., 2nd NH INF, 01/28/1914, ma-acton-mthope

Clark, Charles H., 11th VT INF, After 1890, un-unknown

Clark, Charles M., 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Charles M., 1st USSS, 11/01/1886, ia-siouxrapids-lonetree

Clark, Charles P., 16th VT INF, 12/11/1862, vt-halifax-west

Clark, Charles T., 17th VT INF, 07/10/1864, va-arlington-national

Clark, Charles W., 11th VT INF, 10/11/1896, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Clark, Charles W., 11th VT INF, before 08/05/1908, ma-middleborough-central

Clark, Chauncey L., 14th VT INF, 07/29/1917, vt-leicester-brookside

Clark, Chester M., 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1885, nd-caledonia-caledonia

Clark, Chester W., 4th VT INF, VRC, 03/18/1918, il-chicago-rosehill

Clark, Christopher Martin, 12th VT INF, 04/23/1903, ma-lowell-edson

Clark, Clinton, 6th IA CAV, 01/02/1863, vt-northhero-hyde

Clark, Cornelius L., 17th VT INF, 11/13/1894, vt-greensboro-village

Clark, Cyrus B., 15th VT INF, 12/21/1862, va-alexandria-national

Clark, Dan, 1st VT LARTY, 04/17/1917, vt-chelsea-highland

Clark, Daniel, 6th VT INF, After 09/08/1886, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Clark, David, 51st NY INF , 12/01/1864, ny-unknown

Clark, David Fenton, 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 04/06/1933, sd-watertown-mthope

Clark, David William, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 02/09/1920, vt-sudbury-wallace

Clark, Dayton Perry, 2nd VT INF, 11/10/1915, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Clark, Dwight S., 1st VT INF, 05/15/1919, ma-unknown

Clark, Edward A., 5th VT INF, 08/24/1878, vt-northhero-hyde

Clark, Edward C., 7th NH INF, After 3/23/1867, before 1890, nh-unknown

Clark, Edward J. L., 15th NH INF, After 1895, vt-newbury-townhouse

Clark, Edward Payson, 12th VT INF, 10/22/1921, mo-normandy-stpeters

Clark, Edward R., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Edwin R., 15th VT INF, 08/26/1924, ma-unknown

Clark, Elam A., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, After 01/30/1862, vt-winhall-middletown

Clark, Elias E., 5th VT INF, 08/08/1885, vt-winhall-winhall

Clark, Elisha L., 60th NY INF , 04/27/1890, il-naperville-naperville

Clark, Erasmus D., 8th NH INF, 08/27/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Clark, Ervin E., 11th IL INF, After 6/30/1892, mt-sun-river

Clark, Eugene, 16th VT INF, 10/19/1910, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Clark, Eugene W., 5th VT INF, 04/13/1900, vt-stockbridge-maplewood

Clark, Ezra, 12th VT INF, 01/03/1909, ma-lowell-lowell

Clark, Ezra, 1st VT INF, After 1880, vt-unknown

Clark, Ezra L., 15th VT INF, 04/03/1896, vt-glover-westlook

Clark, Francis, 2nd VT INF, 10/21/1889, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Clark, Francis, 6th VT INF, VRC, 06/30/1926, vt-lincoln-maple

Clark, Francis, 123rd NY INF , 1896, ny-patten-mills

Clark, Francis E., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 08/13/1930, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Clark, Francis Gray, 16th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 02/03/1921, ia-unknown

Clark, Fred, 26th NY CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Frederick E., 2nd USSS, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/21/1921, vt-newbury-oxbow

Clark, Frederick H., 9th VT INF, 12/17/1906, ne-stockham-farmersvalley

Clark, George, 5th VT INF, After 1890, vt-unknown

Clark, George, 12th VT INF, 04/09/1914, vt-barre-elmwood

Clark, George, 127th USCI, 09/28/1867, vt-springfield-summerhill

Clark, George A., 14th VT INF, 10/03/1908, vt-charlotte-morningside

Clark, George H., 118th NY INF , 07/21/1914, ny-olmstedville-federal

Clark, George Merrill, 16th VT INF, 06/05/1885, vt-reading-felchville

Clark, George T., 9th VT INF, 02/07/1890, ca-unknown

Clark, George W., 7th VT INF, 09/17/1901, ny-porthenry-union

Clark, George Wellington, 3rd VT INF, 11/16/1927, vt-randolph-moulton

Clark, Gilbert, 1st VT CAV, 01/29/1890, vt-guilford-center

Clark, Harley B., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Harmon J., 11th NY CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Harmon J., 38th MA INF, 04/09/1864, un-unknown

Clark, Harvey O., 6th VT INF, 06/01/1919, ma-holliston-lakegrove

Clark, Henry, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Henry, 7th VT INF, 07/18/1870, me-togus-national

Clark, Henry, 16th VT INF, 1/21/1905, tx-corpuschristi-newbayview

Clark, Henry, 1st RI CAV, 1905, vt-burlington-lakeview

Clark, Henry L., 10th VT INF, 01/29/1863, vt-barre-elmwood

Clark, Henry M., 2nd VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Clark, Henry M., 16th VT INF, After 02/07/1879, vt-grafton-village

Clark, Henry M., 11th VT INF, After 04/26/1864, un-unknown

Clark, Henry N., 15th VT INF, 11/23/1903, ma-lawrence-bellevue

Clark, Henry Orville, 13th VT INF, 06/07/1914, vt-burlington-lakeview

Clark, Henry W., 2nd NY VET CAV, 09/05/1906, ny-hartford-morningside

Clark, Herbert S., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-vernon-tyler

Clark, Hiram E., 15th NH INF, 09/01/1908, vt-bennington-vetshome

Clark, Hugh, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Ira D., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Clark, Isaac, 4th VT INF, 03/11/1923, vt-bradford-upperplain

Clark, Isaac, 11th VT INF, 06/26/1864, va-unknown

Clark, Isaac F., 11th VT INF, 11/29/1889, nh-manchester-valley

Clark, Israel B., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-northfield-falls

Clark, Jacob, 77th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Jairus D., 8th VT INF, 01/01/1917, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Clark, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, James, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, James, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/30/1864, va-unknown

Clark, James, 6th VT INF, 06/07/1916, pq-cowansville-anglican

Clark, James, 6th VT INF, 07/19/1862, vt-bristol-briggs

Clark, James B., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 11/17/1880, ca-chico-chico

Clark, James H., 1st VT LARTY, unknown, la-chalmette-national

Clark, James H., 11th VT INF, 01/07/1900, ma-stoneham-lindenwood

Clark, James H., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Clark, James H., 112th IL INF, 10/30/1905, mn-excelsior-oakhill

Clark, James L., 5th VT INF, After 01/06/1880, un-unknown

Clark, James W., 2nd MN LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Jasper N., 2nd VT INF, 04/05/1927, mi-scottville-brookside

Clark, Jed Peter, 1st VT CAV, 08/23/1884, pq-bromelake-fulford

Clark, Jehial P., 8th VT INF, Before 06/02/1873, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Clark, Jesse, 10th VT INF, 02/10/1865, vt-topsham-waitsriver

Clark, Joel Hunt, 16th VT INF, 1922, vt-westminster-west

Clark, John, 13th OH INF, 09/16/1864, vt-brattleboro-stmichaels

Clark, John, USCI, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 11th VT INF, 12/25/1926, vt-northfield-falls

Clark, John, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/14/1862, la-chalmette-national

Clark, John, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 11th VT INF, 08/31/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Clark, John, 89th IL INF, after 11/15/1875, il-unknown

Clark, John, USMC, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, 1st MI SS, 1906, vt-lincoln-maple

Clark, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John C., 84th NY INF, 1931, vt-bennington-village

Clark, John C., 8th NH INF, After 02/19/1890, un-unknown

Clark, John F., 8th VT INF, 05/16/1916, ca-yountville-vets

Clark, John Jr., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, John K., 9th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-bennington-village

Clark, John L., USN, 10/15/1919, il-rockford-cedarbluff

Clark, John S., 8th VT INF, 03/20/1863, la-neworleans-hopemausoleum

Clark, John S., 15th VT INF, 10/06/1898, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Clark, John W., 13th OH INF, 09/16/1864, vt-brattleboro-stmichaels

Clark, John W., 9th ME INF, 07/23/1899, me-bethel-woodland

Clark, John Wesley, 6th VT INF, USV, 08/04/1898, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Clark, Joseph, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Joseph, 9th VT INF, Before 11/05/1889, un-unknown

Clark, Joseph H., 10th VT INF, 08/21/1925, vt-orleans-pleasantview

Clark, Joseph O., 1st VT CAV, 04/01/1865, nh-whitefield-pinest

Clark, Joseph Ozias, 14th VT INF, 03/29/1915, wa-yakima-tahoma

Clark, Joseph S., 6th VT INF, After 01/18/1892, un-unknown

Clark, Joseph S., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Joseph S., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Joseph S., 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 05/15/1865, vt-montgomery-village

Clark, Josiah, 10th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-topsham-waitsriver

Clark, Junius L., 93rd NY INF, 1927, vt-poultney-poultney

Clark, Justus C., 7th VT INF, After 1891, vt-rutland-evergreen

Clark, L. M., 13th CT INF, After 3/31/1882, ks-unknown

Clark, Lawrence D., 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF, 06/12/1892, vt-swanton-churchst

Clark, Leonard E., 92nd NY INF , Before 01/28/1890, un-unknown

Clark, Leonard G., 1st VT CAV, 12/12/1931, oh-sylvania-memorial

Clark, Lewis A., 8th VT INF, 11/01/1863, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Clark, Lewis L., 4th VT INF, 01/11/1863, vt-worcester-village

Clark, Lewis P., 6th VT INF, 03/22/1864, vt-sutton-village

Clark, Lewis T., 2nd USSS, 5th NH INF, 08/12/1889, ca-chico-chico

Clark, Loren Wayne, 2nd MI INF, 11/12/1914, ok-manchester-manchester

Clark, Lucian G., 15th VT INF, 08/09/1913, vt-strafford-evergreen

Clark, Lucius L., 9th VT INF, 09/07/1888, vt-unknown

Clark, Lyman W., 108th IL INF, 1896, vt-bennington-village

Clark, Major, 18th NY LARTY , 04/13/1881, ny-unknown

Clark, Malcolm G., 13th IL INF, 07/12/1917, ks-unknown

Clark, Martin Lester, 11th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 08/31/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Clark, Martin V. B., 16th VT INF, 12/02/1916, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Clark, Marvin Taylor, 9th VT INF, 12/11/1926, fl-palatka-oakhille

Clark, Merrill M., Brackett's MN BTLN, 05/10/1912, mn-unknown

Clark, Miles D., 11th MA INF, 1916, vt-springfield-summerhill

Clark, Myron A., 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Clark, Nathaniel, 12th VT INF, 01/19/1908, vt-montpelier-eastvillage

Clark, Nelson A., 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Nelson L., 14th NY ARTY, 08/17/1922, ny-philadelphia-sandyhollow

Clark, Nicholas A., 11th VT INF, 06/15/1908, ma-stoughton-evergreen

Clark, Oliver Hibbard, 1st MA CAV, 12/22/1896, pa-lansdowne-fernwood

Clark, Oscar Allen, 10th WI LARTY, 02/26/1901, wi-osceola-pleasantprairie

Clark, Oscar F., 3rd VT INF, 05/16/1920, ma-natick-dellpark

Clark, Osman G., 10th VT INF, 07/11/1864, vt-moretown-common

Clark, Ovid H., 5th VT INF, 01/16/1893, vt-salisbury-village

Clark, Paul, 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-chittenden-horton

Clark, Philip C., 18th MA INF, 09/07/1877, ma-unknown

Clark, Plymon Orlando, 91st NY INF, 11/30/1882, vt-berkshire-congregational

Clark, Portus B., 6th NH INF, 9th NH INF, 06/20/1916, vt-glover-westlook

Clark, Prentiss B., 2nd IA INF, 8th IA INF, 04/17/1892, ia-tabor-tabor

Clark, Prosper D., 3rd VT INF, Before 11/17/1881, vt-newport-holebrook

Clark, Ranslure W., USV, 01/27/1899, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Clark, Ransom W., 1st VT INF, 02/20/1898, vt-rutland-evergreen

Clark, Reuben, 5th VT INF, 03/07/1864, vt-hydepark-village

Clark, Robert A., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Rufus H., 8th VT INF, 75th USCI, After 10/14/1863, vt-elmore-village

Clark, Samuel, 20th NY CAV, 09/27/1864, va-hampton-national

Clark, Samuel B., 1st VT CAV, 05/28/1923, ma-templeton-greenlawn

Clark, Samuel B., 17th VT INF, 11/27/1890, vt-morristown-lakeview

Clark, Samuel H., 1st VT CAV, before 1890, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Clark, Samuel M., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Samuel O., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Seth L., 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF, 0423/1913, va-arlington-national

Clark, Simeon, 11th VT INF, after 04/27/1885, ma-unknown

Clark, Simeon B., 92nd NY INF , 1896, ny-fillmore-pinegrove

Clark, Smith, 2nd VT INF, 1st VT LARTY, 08/16/1877, vt-strafford-clough

Clark, Solomon D., 27th MI INF, 01/12/1865, mi-portland-portland

Clark, Stephen A., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 04/27/1907, sd-willowlake-collins

Clark, Stephen B., 7th VT INF, 06/26/1862, la-chalmette-national

Clark, Stephen Benjamin, 16th WI INF, 05/31/1908, mn-rushcity-williamtaylor

Clark, Stephen E., 8th VT INF, 01/14/1928, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Clark, Sylvester, 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 02/14/1918, vt-randolph-pview

Clark, Thaddeus H., 1st VT CAV, 11/15/1864, ga-unknown

Clark, Theodore A., 35th IA INF, 03/22/1863, ia-atalissa-timberlake

Clark, Thomas, 12th VT INF, 04/11/1863, vt-sudbury-wallace

Clark, Thomas, 8th VT INF, 03/15/1907, vt-benson-fairview

Clark, Thomas A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, Thomas E., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-lincoln-lee

Clark, Thomas R., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 1868, vt-chester-brookside

Clark, Thornton, Recruit, after 5/28/1908, nm-unknown

Clark, Urial Abbott Jr., 10th VT INF, 05/23/1897, vt-brookfield-new

Clark, Waldo J., 1st VT CAV, 04/12/1919, ca-losangeles-national

Clark, Wallace S., 1st MA CAV, 10/18/1921, vt-bellowsfalls-oakhill

Clark, Walter C., 9th VT INF, before 11/04/1889, vt-barnard-village

Clark, Warren D., 11th VT INF, 04/28/1896, vt-addison-grandview

Clark, Warren S., 8th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-northfield-mthope

Clark, Wellington W., 13th VT INF, 11/03/1864, vt-swanton-greenscorners

Clark, William, 2nd VT INF, After 09/23/1863, un-unknown

Clark, William, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, William, 2nd VT INF, After 09/23/1863, un-unknown

Clark, William, 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Clark, William, 10th VT INF, 1905, vt-barre-elmwood

Clark, William, USN, 09/03/1905, vt-barre-elmwood

Clark, William, 9th NH INF, 04/06/1863, va-hampton-national

Clark, William A., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 03/13/1913, vt-alburgh-bush

Clark, William Frederick, 16th VT INF, 08/07/1896, vt-wardsboro-fairview

Clark, William H., 2nd VT INF, After 03/02/1863, un-unknown

Clark, William H., US VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Clark, William H., 13th NH INF, 12/19/1887, vt-lemington-blodgett

Clark, William H. H., 4th VT INF, 06/07/1862, un-unknown

Clark, William J., 1st VT BGD Band, US SIG CORPS, After 1870, vt-unknown

Clark, William L., 12th VT INF, 05/10/1863, vt-tunbridge-springroad

Clark, William M., Unknown, 03/03/1920, vt-morrisville-riverside

Clark, William O., 123rd NY INF, Before 05/15/1906, vt-unknown

Clark, William W., 150th NY INF, unknown, vt-shrewsbury-center

Clark, William W., 2nd VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Clark, William W., 17th VT INF, 11/03/1864, va-unknown

Clark, William W., 93rd NY INF, 01/27/1906, ny-brant-lake

Clark, Zimri E., Recruit, 01/18/1864, vt-whitingham-cutting

Clarke, Albert, 13th VT INF, 07/16/1911, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Clarke, Almon, 10th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 05/1904, wi-unknown

Clarke, Charles Whittle, 42nd OH INF, 03/09/1915, mo-kansascity-elmwood

Clarke, Claude H., 1st VT CAV, 05/05/1863, vt-peacham-corner

Clarke, Isaac Lewis, 96th IL INF, 09/22/1863, il-waukegan-oakwood

Clarke, Joel B., 16th VT INF, unknown, vt-chester-brookside

Clarke, John, 15th NH INF, 08/11/1863, nh-bath-swiftwater

Clarke, Josiah Dunham, 5th VT INF, 04/24/1862, vt-salisbury-west

Clary, Cornelius C., 9th VT INF, 04/30/1922, vt-lyndon-center

Clary, Edward D., 9th VT INF, 10/03/1864, nc-newbern-national

Clary, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clary, Orrin A., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 1896, vt-georgia-hope

Clary, Silas S., 9th VT INF, 1896, vt-georgia-hope

Clason, Pell, 1st ME INF, 7th ME INF, 24th ME INF, 01/07/1892, me-gardiner-oakgrove

Claxton, William, 14th VT INF, 12/24/1901, vt-charlotte-morningside

Clay, Benjamin M., 3rd VT LARTY, 03/11/1891, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Clay, C. H., 11th IL INF, After 9/30/1884, ks-unknown

Clay, Charles H., 96th NY INF, 1925, vt-waitsfield-village

Clay, George A., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 10/26/1918, ct-hazardville-new

Clay, George G., 74th IL INF, 08/25/1911, ca-losangeles-national

Clay, Henry, 13th IL INF, 1903, ks-almena-mthope

Clay, Henry, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clay, Smith M., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 08/16/1896, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Clay, William, 1st VT CAV, before 03/05/1894, mo-unknown

Clayton, Austin W., 11th VT INF, 03/26/1896, vt-jamaica-east

Clayton, George, 4th NH INF, before 02/02/1880, nh-unknown

Clayton, Horace C., 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Clayton, Simeon S., 12th MA INF, 12/16/1910, ma-haverhill-hilldale

Clayton, William H., 12th VT INF, 1st NH INF, 8/9/1864, nh-unknown

Cleason, Henry, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clemens, Charles, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clemens, George, 8th VT INF, Before 02/23/1887, un-unknown

Clemens, Sylvester W., 115th NY INF , 03/08/1887, ny-unknown

Clemens, William S., 115th NY INF , 10/20/1912, ny-unknown

Clement, Alfred M., 15th VT INF, unknown, vt-topsham-west

Clement, Almon, 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, unknown, vt-topsham-west

Clement, Alvah, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clement, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 6th NH INF, 14th NH INF, 10/13/1913, nh-newport-maplest

Clement, Charles H., Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Clement, Dwight E., 10th VT INF, 04/15/1932, ma-orange-tully

Clement, Edwin C., 10th VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Clement, Freeman K., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-fairlee-village

Clement, George W., 11th VT INF, 03/08/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Clement, Guy C. C., 1st VT CAV, before 09/16/1884, pa-unknown

Clement, Henry H., 5th VT INF, 05/27/1864, va-arlington-national

Clement, James Henry, 8th VT INF, 01/10/1863, la-chalmette-national

Clement, John B., 7th VT INF, before 09/24/1891, mi-unknown

Clement, Lyman H., 4th VT INF, 03/31/1922, ca-yountville-vets

Clement, Octave, 17th VT INF, Before 09/09/1879, un-unknown

Clement, Oliver F., 4th VT INF, VRC, 09/24/1886, nh-unknown

Clement, Rodolphus, 4th VT INF, unknown, nh-keene-north

Clement, Russell L., 11th VT INF, 12/04/1864, va-unknown

Clement, William, 7th SQDRN RI CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clement, William A., 10th VT INF, 12/26/1864, nh-cornish-flat

Clement, Wyman R., 2nd NH INF, 08/01/1861, nh-claremont-pleasantst

Clements, Curtis, 96th NY INF, 118th NY INF , 05/03/1913, ny-porthenry-union

Clements, Thaddeus S., 22nd NY INF, 01/04/1864, un-unknown

Clemons, Edwin, 1st VT CAV, 09/21/1864, va-unknown

Clemons, Hugh, 3rd MD CAV, 05/28/1910, ny-lake-luzerne

Cleveland, Charles Alonzo, 6th VT INF, VRC, 11/14/1900, nh-goffstown-hillside

Cleveland, Charles B., 4th VT INF, 12/13/1862, va-unknown

Cleveland, Charles C., 4th VT INF, 6th VT INF, 05/18/1864, va-unknown

Cleveland, Charles H., 3rd VT INF, 11/02/1863, va-arlington-national

Cleveland, Charles J., 3rd NY CAV, 05/22/1900, me-togus-national

Cleveland, Charles W., 4th VT INF, 07/23/1916, ny-unknown

Cleveland, Dwight S., 6th VT INF, After 06/24/1880, vt-franklin-stmarys

Cleveland, Edmund F., 9th VT INF, After 1885, il-dundee-west

Cleveland, George, 98th NY INF, 07/29/1900, ny-constable-constable

Cleveland, Henry C., Recruit, 03/24/1864, vt-royalton-north

Cleveland, Henry C., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 108th USCI, 08/14/1899, il-rockisland-chippiannock

Cleveland, James P. Jr., 12th VT INF, 04/29/1908, vt-randolph-southview

Cleveland, John K., 46th IL INF, Before 06/08/1891, vt-stalbans-point

Cleveland, John L., 3rd VT INF, 2/15/1907, vt-bridgewater-bridgewaterhill

Cleveland, Joseph H., 3rd NY CAV, 12/04/1940, vt-burlington-lakeview

Cleveland, Reuben B., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 06/17/1867, vt-newport-center

Cleveland, William, 6th VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Cleveland, William H., 1st VT CAV, After 1913, vt-tunbridge-button

Cleveland, William P., 1st OH CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Cliffare, Peter, 17th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clifford, Amplius B., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/04/1915, vt-montpelier-eastvillage

Clifford, Azgill, 11th NY CAV, Unknown, vt-bennington-vetshome

Clifford, Benjamin F., 1st VT CAV, 10/05/1921, vt-danville-pope

Clifford, Benjamin F., 2nd VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Clifford, Carroll H., 1st MN INF, 06/30/1911, mn-spruce-grove

Clifford, Charles L., 16th VT INF, 01/01/1912, vt-pomfret-hewittville

Clifford, Charles W., 9th VT INF, 04/24/1906, nh-rumney-highland

Clifford, Commodore Wallace, 1st VT CAV, 06/27/1926, nh-holderness-trinity

Clifford, Cotrell C. J., 6th VT INF, 1865, ny-troy-oakwood

Clifford, Francis E. J., 5th VT INF, 11/29/1874, pq-potton-protestant

Clifford, Franklin M., 8th MN INF, 05/15/1895, mn-clearwater-acacia

Clifford, George C., 2nd MN INF, 01/07/1910, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Clifford, George W., 13th MA INF, After 1894, ma-gardner-crystallake

Clifford, Gilbert M., 6th VT INF, 06/05/1864, md-annapolis-national

Clifford, Isaac W., 6th VT INF, 13th VT INF, After 04/14/1864, un-unknown

Clifford, Israel P., 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clifford, James, 4th VT INF, 05/17/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Clifford, John, 11th VT INF, After 06/30/1895, un-unknown

Clifford, Joseph, 11th VT INF, 1924, vt-bennington-village

Clifford, Kimball E., 10th VT INF, 01/15/1921, vt-holland-meadhill

Clifford, Leonard, 16th MA INF, 08/07/1862, un-unknown

Clifford, Moses S., 4th VT INF, 02/20/1893, ma-saugus-riverside

Clifford, Simeon, 3rd VT INF, 04/01/1862, va-yorktown-national

Clifford, Sylvester H., 12th VT INF, After 12/03/1881, un-unknown

Clifford, Thomas, 12th VT INF, 05/21/1907, wi-wood-national

Clifford, Wells W., 2nd MA SS, 10/06/1920, vt-unknown

Clifford, William M., 11th IA INF, 11/18/1097, ok-beckham-northelm

Clift, Henry R., 111th NY INF, 04/12/1912, vt-middletownsprings-pleasantview

Cliggitt, James, 13th IL INF, 06/21/1918, il-oswego-township

Clindinning, Charles, 2nd VT INF, After 7/8/1911, un-unknown

Cline, Ethan, 16th NY INF , 12/02/1888, ny-cadyville-cadyville

Cline, Heman H., 118th NY INF , 08/21/1881, vt-swanton-churchst

Cline, Jonas C., 153rd NY INF , 07/19/1906, ny-unknown

Cline, William, 153rd NY INF , 04/1899, ny-plattsburgh-south

Clines, James P., 9th VT INF, 10/27/1865, va-richmond-national

Clinton, Charles, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clinton, James M., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clogston, Andrew Jackson, 10th VT INF, 07/1909, ca-pomona-pomona

Clogston, Charles Henry, 8th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/01/1929, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Clogston, Charles S., 4th VT INF, 07/28/1922, vt-barton-welcome

Clogston, George B., 6th VT INF, 07/16/1925, ca-whittier-rosehills

Clogston, Henry H., 9th VT INF, 04/04/1865, vt-strafford-evergreen

Clogston, Luman, 2nd MA BTRY, 1925, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Clogston, Oramel Curtis, 2nd MA HARTY, 04/03/1920, vt-montpelier-cutler

Clogston, Sylvester, 8th NH INF, 08/21/1864, nh-unknown

Cloran, James, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Closson, Alanson F., 13th NH INF, 05/11/1863, va-unknown

Closson, Charles, 1st NH HARTY, 02/24/1893, nh-littleton-glenwood

Closson, Harlan P., 3rd VT LARTY, 07/28/1886, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Closson, Henry Whitney, 1st US ARTY, 4th US ARTY, 5th US ARTY, 07/15/1917, va-arlington-national

Closson, Josiah Taylor, USCC, 12/04/1911, nh-eastrochester-coldsprings

Closson, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Clough, Albert, 4th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clough, Alfred, 96th NY INF, 03/13/1891, vt-rutland-evergreen

Clough, Alonzo P., 9th VT INF, 09/05/1900, vt-jamaica-west

Clough, Amos S., 4th VT INF, 11/28/1861, vt-strafford-clough

Clough, Burchard, 9th VT INF, 06/30/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Clough, Charles, 27th ME INF, 09/07/1907, me-kittery-orchardgrove

Clough, Charles E., 2nd VT INF, 07/09/1863, md-loudonpark-national

Clough, Daniel M., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 07/20/1864, la-chalmette-national

Clough, Daniel Moulton, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/16/1911, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Clough, David A., 15th VT INF, 08/06/1863, vt-albany-hovey

Clough, Edward Wadleigh, 13th VT INF, 07/16/1915, vt-morristown-mtview

Clough, Ephraim, 2nd VT INF, 03/26/1905, vt-braintree-lowerbranch

Clough, Ezra M., 4th VT INF, VRC, 03/21/1909, vt-barton-willoughby

Clough, Fernando Eugene, 9th IA CAV, 11/10/1939, ks-elksfalls-elksfalls

Clough, Franklin H., 1st VT CAV, 07/14/1911, nh-wilmot-bunkerhill

Clough, Gardner Spaulding, 27th IA INF, 02/27/1877, ia-siouxrapids-lonetree

Clough, George, 8th VT INF, 11/19/1878, vt-arlington-evergreen

Clough, George E., 3rd VT INF, 08/06/1904, nd-unknown

Clough, Harrison M., 7th NH INF, 03/08/1899, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Clough, Henry Harrison, 16th VT INF, 06/17/1921, ma-lowell-woodbine

Clough, Horace E., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 01/21/1934, vt-bennington-vetshome

Clough, Isaac H., 3rd VT INF, 12/07/1862, va-fredericksburg-national

Clough, Joel, 8th VT INF, 07/23/1862, la-chalmette-national

Clough, John, 2nd VT INF, 12/09/1861, vt-unknown

Clough, John, 10th VT INF, VRC, 12/18/1914, vt-washington-fish

Clough, John D., 11th VT INF, 07/25/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Clough, John E., 2nd VT INF, 06/19/1924, vt-montpelier-cutler

Clough, John Zerah, 4th VT INF, 03/19/1923, vt-vershire-village

Clough, Judson, 8th VT INF, 1st NH INF, after 3/2/1891, tx-unknown

Clough, Marcus M., 2nd VT INF, 08/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Clough, Reuben C., 4th VT INF, 06/26/1889, vt-washington-fish

Clough, Rodney, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Clough, Thomas S., USN, unknown, vt-norwich-hillside

Clough, Warren, 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 02/18/1907, ny-lysander-jacksonville

Clough, Willard, 7th RI CAV, 1910, vt-washington-maplehill

Clough, William H., 6th VT INF, Unknown, ca-losangeles-national

Clough, William W., USN, 02/18/1916, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Clow, Charles M., 6th VT INF, VRC, After 10/20/1865, un-unknown

Clowrey, Michael, 14th VT INF, 10/08/1917, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Cloyes, Gideon H., 2nd VT INF, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 08/28/1925, vt-brandon-pinehill

Cloyes, Lothrop J., 12th VT INF, 09/17/1909, ma-unknown

Clucas, William, 17th VT INF, After 4/1/1915, ma-athol-silverlake

Clukay, Frank, 7th VT INF, 07/22/1862, ms-unknown

Clukay, Patrick, 8th VT INF, 12/05/1891, nh-peterborough-pinehill

Clune, Peter M., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Clune, William H., Pvt, Co. I, 6th IA INF, pr QMSGT, Co. K, 1LT, Co. H, CAPT, Co. I, , Before 12/2/1869, tx-unknown

Clury, Thomas, 2nd VT INF, unknown, ok-lenora-riley

Clutter, Henry, 4th OH INF, 09/02/1864, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Coagle, Edward, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coagle, William, 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 7/12/1909, vt-castleton-hillside

Coan, Charles H., 129th IL INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Coan, William S., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coats, Albert C., 12th VT INF, 4/29/1907, ma-scituate-union

Coats, Darwin C., 14th NH INF, 03/03/1915, ma-fitchburg-foresthill

Coats, Ezekiel B., 16th VT INF, 12/24/1905, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Coats, Henry M., 11th VT INF, 1895, vt-benson-fairview

Coats, James Granville, 12th VT INF, 12/03/1900, nh-newport-maplest

Coats, John C., 5th VT INF, VRC, 11/21/1915, ny-locustvalley-locustvalley

Coats, William R., 52nd WI INF, 04/27/1904, mn-waseca-woodville

Cobb, Abner, 14th OH INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Cobb, Alfred, 15th VT INF, after 1890 - before 10/09/1899, vt-unknown

Cobb, Alphonzo C., 16th VT INF, 1927, vt-putney-east

Cobb, Carlos M., 11th VT INF, 03/12/1865, vt-albany-chamberlinhill

Cobb, Chandler L., 9th VT INF, 05/27/1867, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Cobb, Curtis C., 3rd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Cobb, Daniel H., 2nd MN INF, 03/17/1862, ky-lebanon-national

Cobb, Daniel R., 15th VT INF, After 1890, vt-albany-south

Cobb, David W., 3rd VT INF, 11/17/1907, ma-georgetown-union

Cobb, Edgar C., 12th IA INF, 03/12/1919, ia-keokuk-oakland

Cobb, Edson R., 9th VT INF, 11/10/1863, vt-huntington-center

Cobb, Farnsworth, 24th IA INF, 10/9/1904, ia-saccity-oakland

Cobb, Fred W., 2nd NH INF, 04/22/1889, vt-barton-welcome

Cobb, Frederick Rasom, 5th MA INF, 03/24/1923, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Cobb, George W., 1st VT INF, 05/26/1893, vt-woodstock-prosper

Cobb, George W., 9th VT INF, 04/28/1910, vt-weybridge-hill

Cobb, Guy Lewis, 1st WI INF, 03/25/1905, ca-guerneville-redwood

Cobb, Henry, 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 10/14/1913, me-togus-national

Cobb, Henry H., 5th VT INF, 12/16/1865, vt-middlebury-prospect

Cobb, Henry H., 4th VT INF, 04/21/1923, pa-coudersport-eulalia

Cobb, Hiram O., 12th VT INF, unknown, vt-woodstock-prosper

Cobb, Hollis B., 16th VT INF, 03/23/1917, vt-putney-mtpleasant

Cobb, James A., 1st NH INF, 7th NH INF, aft1895, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Cobb, James H., 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cobb, James W., 17th VT INF, 10/08/1925, vt-lincoln-maple

Cobb, Leonard A., 13th US INF, 09/30/1862, vt-hubbardton-east

Cobb, Lewis B., 13th US INF, 04/03/1915, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Cobb, Norman E., 3rd NH INF, 11/10/1887, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Cobb, Roswell D., 27th MA INF, unknown, vt-windsor-ascutney

Cobb, Samuel C., 13th WI INF, 08/10/1912, wi-janesville-oakhill

Cobb, William B., 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/28/1886, vt-middlebury-prospect

Cobb, William H., 10th VT INF, 1922, vt-newhaven-evergreen

Cobb, William N., 10th VT INF, 02/29/1912, nh-charlestown-foresthill

Cobban, Simon C. F., 3rd VT INF, 8th VT INF, 04/12/1929, wi-unknown

Cobleigh, Edward J., 15th IL CAV, 06/13/1912, il-chicago-rosehill

Cobleigh, Franklin E., 15th VT INF, 15th MA INF, 1922, vt-lyndon-center

Cobleigh, Orville D., 4th VT INF, 03/01/1911, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Cobleigh, Rollin, 94th NY INF , 12/26/1917, ny-unknown

Cobleigh, Silas J., 3rd VT INF, 03/12/1863, vt-sutton-northridge

Cobleigh, Solomon W., 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 03/28/1865, va-arlington-national

Coburn, Abel H., 1st VT CAV, 04/02/1863, va-arlington-national

Coburn, Amasa, 106th NY INF, 10/01/1864, vt-highgate-oldcatholic

Coburn, Ansel Orpheus, 4th VT INF, 02/04/1918, vt-springfield-summerhill

Coburn, Anson P., 11th VT INF, After 1900, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Coburn, Benjamin F., 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 08/11/1921, vt-northfield-falls

Coburn, Charles, 22nd NY IINF, 16th NY HARTY, 06/12/1905, vt-georgia-plains

Coburn, Charles G., 15th VT INF, 03/15/1891, nh-unknown

Coburn, Charles H., 17th VT INF, 10/04/1869, vt-northfield-falls

Coburn, Charles J., 26th NY CAV, 11/24/1868, vt-chelsea-highland

Coburn, Charles T., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coburn, Curtis A., 10th VT INF, 11/07/1866, vt-unknown

Coburn, David, 1st VT CAV, 03/02/1923, nh-orford-village

Coburn, Edward, 13th ME INF, 30th ME INF, 10/06/1911, me-biddeford-greenwood

Coburn, Francis J., 4th VT INF, 04/18/1863, vt-reading-felchville

Coburn, Frank J., 4th VT INF, 04/18/1863, va-fredericksburg-national

Coburn, George A., 9th VT INF, 04/01/1946, wy-vantassell-vantassell

Coburn, George F., 1st VT INF, 11/24/1862, vt-northfield-falls

Coburn, James M., 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-northfield-falls

Coburn, James M., 44th NY INF, 146th NY INF, 04/11/1909, vt-orwell-stpaul

Coburn, John B., 7th VT INF, 06/12/1924, vt-berlin-riverton

Coburn, John H., 3rd VT INF, after 12/10/1895, ri-unknown

Coburn, John M., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coburn, John M., 5th VT INF, 12/05/1862, vt-orwell-mtview

Coburn, Joseph, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coburn, Joseph P., 10th MA INF, 01/07/1897, ma-hatfield-mainst

Coburn, Lewis Larned, 13th VT INF, 12/23/1910, il-chicago-graceland

Coburn, Luman, 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-thetford-postmills

Coburn, Lyman F., 15th VT INF, 10/16/1902, ma-lexington-new

Coburn, Milton S., 16th Company, Unattached MA INF, 12/04/1878, vt-reading-south

Coburn, Monroe Orlando, 11th VT INF, 02/28/1925, vt-chelsea-highland

Coburn, Newell, 122nd NY INF, 11/01/1920, vt-georgia-plains

Coburn, Oscar, 2nd USSS, VRC, 07/21/1874, vt-unknown

Coburn, Ransford C., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-roxbury-roxbury

Coburn, Ransom, 9th VT INF, 10/08/1931, nh-manchester-amoskeag

Coburn, Royal L., 5th VT INF, 05/18/1868, va-arlington-national

Coburn, Seldon Hackett, 10th VT INF, 08/14/1879, vt-unknown

Coburn, Silas, 7th VT INF, 12/31/1913, vt-troy-north

Coburn, Washington, 11th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 03/21/1894, vt-northfield-falls

Coby, Jacob, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cochran, Edmund Winchester, 5th MA INF, 01/02/1916, vt-northfield-falls

Cochran, Joseph, 12th MA INF, VRC, 1st US VET CORPS, 12/08/1911, va-arlington-national

Cochran, Milton Byron, 1st IA CAV, 05/31/1898, ia-davenport-oakdale

Cochran, Thomas, 2nd VT INF, 03/11/1918, vt-albany-village

Cochran, Walter Wardrobe, 3rd VT INF, 10/29/1904, nh-concord-blossomhill

Cochran, Warren, 6th WI INF, 03/02/1900, ne-ohama-mthope

Cochran, William Ottoson, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 02/11/1907, ne-palmer-glenwood

Cochrane, William G., 1st NH CAV, 08/19/1901, nh-manchester-valley

Cocq, Gustavus, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Codding, George W., 9th VT INF, 10/07/1862, il-unknown

Codey, Peter, 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-norwich-hillside

Cody, Michael, Unknown, after 1890, ne-unknown

Coe, Charles, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coe, Chester, 29th IND INF, 07/13/1914, or-unknown

Coe, Hollis, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coe, John W., 11th MI INF, 03/01/1908, ca-eureka-myrtlegrove

Coe, Miles Washington, 42nd IN INF, 06/02/1907, mi-bigrapids-highland

Coffee, George W. B., 14th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coffey, Jeremiah, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coffey, John, 10th VT INF, 08/12/1912, ma-wroxbury-stjoseph

Coffey, Patrick, 17th VT INF, 05/05/1914, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Coffey, Robert John, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 07/09/1901, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Coffey, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coffin, Benjamin F., 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF, 03/17/1917, vt-unknown

Coffin, Henry W., 3rd VT INF, Before 07/08/1869, un-unknown

Coffin, James B., 3rd VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 1892, vt-montpelier-cutler

Coffran, John A., 6th VT INF, 11/21/1861, un-unknown

Coffran, Roswell L., 6th VT INF, After 1930, ks-unknown

Coffrin, James H., 9th VT INF, unknown, vt-topsham-oldwest

Cofrin, William E., 6th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Cogan, Bernard, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coggin, Frederick Griswold, USN, 04/13/1902, un-unknown

Cogswell, Jonn Kinney, 15th VT INF, 04/02/1885, vt-bethel-east

Cogswell, L. Smith, 18th IN INF, 03/26/1908, ks-winfield-union

Cogswell, Luman H., 1st VT INF, 14th VT INF, 01/15/1914, vt-richford-hillside

Cohaskey, Nelson A., 6th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 02/23/1865, md-annapolis-national

Cohen, Burnett, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cokeley, James, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Colburn, Albert V., USA, 06/17/1863, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Colburn, Almon J., 3rd VT INF, 02/14/1864, vt-glover-westglover

Colburn, Amanda M., 3rd VT INF, Nurse, 12/31/1893, co-canoncity-greenwood

Colburn, Chandler E., 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Colburn, Charles C., 13th VT INF, 01/26/1863, vt-calais-robinson

Colburn, Charles O., 14th NH INF, 04/06/1906, nh-winchester-evergreen

Colburn, Curtis C., 13th VT INF, 02/27/1912, wi-pardeeville-marcellon

Colburn, Daniel L. C., 5th VT INF, 06/06/1877, wi-baraboo-walnuthill

Colburn, Edgar, 28th MA INF, 11/08/1866, ma-mattapan-mthope

Colburn, Egbert C., 3rd VT INF, unknown, vt-sheldon-sheldon

Colburn, Elbridge Gerry, 8th VT INF, 09/11/1933, ia-unknown

Colburn, Everett, 11th KS CAV, 09/10/1894, ks-manhattan-sunset

Colburn, Freeman L., 2nd VT INF, After 09/18/1868, vt-royalton-havens

Colburn, George, 24th MI INF, 1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Colburn, George H., 10th VT INF, 11/17/1923, vt-weston-maplegrove

Colburn, George Lyman, 7th MN INF, 1921, ca-sanrafael-mttamalpais

Colburn, Henry H., 3rd VT INF, 03/13/1872, nh-unknown

Colburn, Henry H., 11th VT INF, 04/22/1867, vt-stowe-westbranch

Colburn, Humphrey W., 16th VT INF, unknown, vt-pomfret-hewittville

Colburn, John C., 1st NH CAV, 04/24/1891, nh-manchester-piscataquog

Colburn, Myron S., USN, 11/15/1916, vt-norwich-unionvillage

Colburn, Richard A., 16th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, unknown, vt-royalton-pleasanthill

Colburn, Sanford, 3rd NH INF, After 1895, nh-enfield-town

Colburn, Solomon C., 1st VT LARTY, 09/20/1862, un-unknown

Colburn, Sumner W., 7th VT INF, 09/24/1911, vt-mtholly-mechanicsville

Colburn, Thomas J., 15th VT INF, 06/13/1907, nh-weare-collins

Colburn, Warren, 11th VT INF, 10/04/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Colburn, William, 2nd VT INF, 06/02/1922, vt-grafton-village

Colburn, William, 30th WI INF, 02/07/1892, wi-lincoln-volga

Colburn, William H., 3rd VT INF, 09/11/1861, dc-soldiershome-national

Colby, Alpha H., 12th VT INF, 03/07/1906, vt-tunbridge-springroad

Colby, Bailey K., 11th VT INF, 06/22/1865, nh-newbury-marshall

Colby, Charles, 11th VT INF, 04/02/1865, va-unknown

Colby, Cornelius Orlando, 10th VT INF, 10/22/1904, ma-unknown

Colby, David H., 1st MA CAV, 10/16/1916, me-togus-national

Colby, Edward P., USN, 12/31/1869, tx-jefferson-oakwood

Colby, Ernest C., 10th VT INF, 03/06/1905, ma-springfield-springfield

Colby, Francis Milton, 1st MI CAV, 03/15/1924, mi-traversecity-oakwood

Colby, Frederick H., 11th VT INF, 02/23/1920, vt-barnet-mcindoefalls

Colby, George, 10th VT INF, After 1908, vt-woodstock-prosper

Colby, George A., 12th VT INF, 08/26/1927, vt-victory-victory

Colby, George W., 2nd VT INF, 03/28/1921, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Colby, Hason J., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Colby, Henry, 193rd NY INF , 08/06/1914, mi-alpena-evergreen

Colby, Henry B., USN, 12th VT INF, 04/16/1883, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Colby, Henry Gillette, USN, 1923, vt-vergennes-prospect

Colby, Henry W., 2nd VT INF, 1925, nh-claremont-mtnview

Colby, Jesse Jewell, USN, 1925, ca-glendale-forestlawn

Colby, Jesse M., 13th NH INF, 02/26/1905, vt-unknown

Colby, John A., 6th VT INF, 18th NH INF, VRC, 09/10/1918, vt-wilmington-riverview

Colby, John Bigford, 1st IL LARTY, 03/25/1925, il-mchenry-woodland

Colby, John F., 4th VT INF, 08/29/1893, vt-bennington-vetshome

Colby, John H., 2nd VT INF, 03/1863, vt-plymouth-tyson

Colby, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 12/21/1926, vt-lincoln-maple

Colby, Joseph, 2nd VT INF, 07/05/1890, ny-moriah-stpatrick

Colby, Joseph, MN MTD RNGRS, Before 04/19/1889, ks-unknown

Colby, Joseph A., 10th VT INF, 07/13/1893, vt-corinth-center

Colby, Marcellus L., 4th VT INF, 01/01/1907, vt-burke-hillside

Colby, Orrin B., 5th VT INF, 07/13/1914, vt-unknown

Colby, Russell D., 8th VT INF, 18th NY CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Colby, Stephen R., 8th VT INF, 09/21/1914, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Colby, Stoddard, US Treasury, 09/21/1867, nh-unknown

Colby, Sylvanus, 4th NH INF, 09/10/1917, vt-woodstock-smith

Colby, Thomas, 3rd VT INF, 05/10/1929, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Colby, William E., 1st VT CAV, 06/22/1892, or-mcminnville-masonic

Colby, William H., 3rd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Colby, Winslow A., 1st VT CAV, 05/01/1864, va-richmond-national

Colcott, Joseph, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Alanson, 1st VT CAV, 11/05/1899, vt-walden-south

Cole, Alexander, 2nd WI INF, 02/18/1911, mn-elysian-cedarhill

Cole, Alonzo B., 2nd WI INF, Aft 11/11/1907, mn-elysian-cedarhill

Cole, Alson, 39th WI INF, 12/18/1897, wi-wisconsinrapids-foresthill

Cole, Alvah A., 11th VT INF, 1904, vt-marshfield-dwinell

Cole, Alvin H., 9th VT INF, 07/15/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cole, Ambrose D., Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, before 02/24/1904, wi-unknown

Cole, Burr T., 2nd VT INF, After 02/03/1879, co-chaffee-fairview

Cole, Charles G., 4th VT INF, 1896, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Cole, Charles H., 15th VT INF, 05/19/1907, vt-lunenburg-riverside

Cole, Chauncey M., 3rd VT INF, 06/09/1862, md-loudonpark-national

Cole, Daniel, 8th VT INF, 07/06/1863, la-batonrouge-national

Cole, Daniel W., 17th VT INF, Before 12/27/1884, un-unknown

Cole, David F., 12th VT INF, 107th US CINF, 01/07/1865, va-arlington-national

Cole, Edgar Z., 14th NY INF, 09/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cole, Edwin F., 5th MN INF, 04/18/1862, mn-fort-ridgely

Cole, Erastus O., 2nd NH HARTY, 01/28/1896, nh-cornish-child

Cole, Erskine A., 10th VT INF, 54th NY INF, 07/03/1924, vt-unknown

Cole, Eugene O., 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF, 1907, co-montevista-homelake

Cole, Felix G., 4th VT INF, 01/05/1915, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Cole, George C., 3rd VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, before 11/07/1901, vt-walden-south

Cole, George W., 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-williston-east

Cole, Harrison A., 16th VT INF, 02/18/1922, ca-losangeles-national

Cole, Harvey G., 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Henry, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Henry Clay, 1st WI IND ARTY, 07/12/1920, mo-washington-wesleychapel

Cole, Henry H., 8th VT INF, 10/17/1905, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Cole, Horace B., 6th VT INF, VRC, 08/12/1922, vt-bethel-gilead

Cole, Horace F., 21st WI INF, 09/10/1909, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Cole, Horace H., 13th VT INF, 08/26/1863, vt-morristown-mtview

Cole, Ira B., 10th VT INF, 12/06/1863, dc-soldiershome-national

Cole, James Henry, 41st OH INF, 03/16/1918, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cole, John T., 10th VT INF, 06/21/1895, vt-walden-noyesville

Cole, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF, After 1900, vt-unknown

Cole, Joseph B., 15th VT INF, 10/05/1907, vt-walden-houstonhill

Cole, Lewis B., 88th IL INF, 10/26/1866, vt-williston-chittenden

Cole, Lorren, 176th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Lorrin, 157th NY INF, 158th NY INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Nelson S., 2nd VT INF, 06/05/1920, ct-enfield-thompsonville

Cole, Norman D., 4th VT INF, After 11/05/1880, un-unknown

Cole, Obadiah, 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 06/17/1870, un-unknown

Cole, Orra C., 10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY, 11/16/1899, vt-walden-northwalden

Cole, Oscar, 22nd NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Parker, 1st VT CAV, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Cole, Patrick, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Peter, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cole, Reuben M., 12th VT INF, 09/04/1894, vt-randolph-southview

Cole, Rufus L., 153rd NY INF , 05/25/1919, ny-ellenburg-riverside

Cole, Uel A., 149th NY INF , 03/25/1889, ny-unknown

Cole, Warren, 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, ma-fitchburg-foresthill

Cole, William, 2nd VT INF, 05/04/1864, va-unknown

Cole, William A., 2nd NJ INF, unknown, vt-clarendon-east

Cole, William D., 1st NY CAV, 06/28/1894, ny-rome-rome

Cole, William T., 2nd VT INF, 11/27/1861, vt-newhaven-west

Colegrove, Harley Ingersoll, 20th IL INF, 10/14/1881, ut-fillmore-city

Colegrove, Jairus, 7th VT INF, 08/25/1862, la-chalmette-national

Coleman, Chauncey B. Jr., 4th VT INF, 01/21/1863, va-unknown

Coleman, Chester W., 9th VT INF, 03/24/1899, vt-orange-east

Coleman, Henry C., 23rd NY INF , Before 01/08/1889, dc-unknown

Coleman, John, 5th VT INF, 12/07/1898, vt-charlotte-grandview

Coleman, Philander, 9th VT INF, Before 8/25/1898, ny-hannawa-riverside

Coleman, Royal L., 9th VT INF, 10/03/1863, il-sandwich-oakridge

Coleman, Willard F., 17th IA INF, 04/25/1886, ia-decorah-phelps

Coles, George W., 8th VT INF, 09/19/1928, ri-unknown

Coles, Henry, 8th VT INF, 06/14/1863, la-unknown

Coles, Seymour N., 8th VT INF, After 03/04/1884, vt-unknown

Coles, William M., 20th IA INF, 12/03/1889, ia-lyons-oakland

Colgrove, George W., 11th VT INF, 06/23/1864, va-unknown

Colgrove, John S., 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Colhoes, John, 1st MN BTRY, 04/04/1930, mn-immerman-lovonia

Collamer, George H., 12th VT INF, 10/30/1862, vt-shelburne-village

Collamer, Jacob, Senator, 11/09/1865, vt-woodstock-riverst

Collett, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 06/15/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Collett, Joseph, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Collette, Gideon V., 12th VT INF, 03/20/1915, ma-lee-stmarys

Collette, Joseph Jr., 17th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-stalbans-holycross

Collette, Richard, 11th VT INF, after 1890, vt-richford-hillside

Collier, George, 8th VT INF, 12/24/1915, ca-altadena-mtnview

Collier, George W., 6th VT INF, 05/22/1867, vt-worcester-village

Collier, Isaac, USN, 11th VT INF, 11/02/1931, ma-unknown

Collins, Albert A., 11th VT INF, VRC, 10/25/1884, vt-corinth-corners

Collins, Alvin Delos, 7th VT INF, 01/23/1922, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Collins, Ambrose C., 13th VT INF, 04/09/1904, vt-hydepark-village

Collins, Andrew J., 17th VT INF, 96th NY INF, 03/03/1910, ny-essex-oldburt

Collins, Artemas Arthur, 1st VT LARTY, 10/27/1920, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Collins, Ashley, , 06/12/1868, vt-albany-chamberlinhill

Collins, Augustus H., 2nd VT INF, 04/11/1864, vt-stowe-westbranch

Collins, Benoni, 1st MI LARTY, 11/28/1893, mi-allegan-oakwood

Collins, Byron H., 1st VT CAV, 05/31/1903, ct-unknown

Collins, C. B., 2nd MI INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Collins, Charles, 8th VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, Charles N., 2nd VT INF, 12/17/1861, va-arlington-national

Collins, Charles P., 12th IA INF, After 02/18/1907, un-unknown

Collins, Charles W., 7th VT INF, 05/05/1915, vt-middlebury-stmarys

Collins, Daniel, 6th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-moretown-stpatricks

Collins, Dwight P., 31st MA INF, 1922, vt-danby-scottsville

Collins, Edmond T., 9th VT INF, 05/09/1905, vt-huntington-maplewood

Collins, Edward, USN, 01/31/1894, me-togus-national

Collins, Elisha, 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, After 1890, vt-chester-northst

Collins, Ethiel, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, Ezra S., 9th VT INF, 09/19/1896, vt-monkton-boro

Collins, George, 5th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Collins, George, USN, 05/05/1864, un-unknown

Collins, George, 2nd MA INF, 03/26/1865, vt-colchester-village

Collins, George E., 11th VT INF, 10/07/1866, vt-monkton-boro

Collins, George H., USN, 2nd USSS, 10/04/1907, ma-quincy-hall

Collins, Hartwell L., 3rd VT INF, Before 04/05/1878, un-unknown

Collins, Henry Wallace, 6th VT INF, VRC, 01/06/1911, vt-pittsfield-village

Collins, Isaac N., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 11/04/1865, vt-middlebury-west

Collins, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, James, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, James, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, James B., 3rd MA HARTY, 08/15/1913, wi-wood-national

Collins, James S., 17th VT INF, 09/30/1864, va-unknown

Collins, James S., 6th VT INF, After 09/25/1862, un-unknown

Collins, James Sylvester, 5th VT INF, VRC, 06/17/1917, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Collins, John, 13th VT INF, 09/12/1892, un-unknown

Collins, John A., 11th VT INF, 2nd NY INF, After 2/23/1907, un-unknown

Collins, John A., 6th VT INF, After 1890, ma-unknown

Collins, John S., 26th NY CAV, 11/29/1869, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Collins, John S., 2nd USSS, 2/11/1916, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Collins, Joseph S., 13th VT INF, 03/27/1901, ne-wahoo-sunrise

Collins, Levi W., 17th VT INF, 05/09/1928, ok-weatherford-greenwood

Collins, Luther M., 17th VT INF, 12/08/1871, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Collins, Moses, 12th VT INF, 05/17/1896, vt-brookfield-new

Collins, Orlando E., 4th VT INF, 03/25/1863, vt-corinth-corners

Collins, Oscar E., 1st VT CAV, 1900, vt-coventry-village

Collins, Philip, US VRC, 6th WI INF, 12/27/1891, wi-wood-national

Collins, Reuben, 45th USCI, 08/13/1865, md-loudonpark-national

Collins, Robert, 1st VT LARTY, 06/01/1907, vt-shaftsbury-southvillage

Collins, Robert H., 6th VT INF, VRC, Before 10/17/1898, mi-pontiac-oakhill

Collins, Rolla W., 14th VT INF, 09/12/1899, ia-marshalltown-vets

Collins, Stillman S., 15th VT INF, After 1890, vt-coventry-village

Collins, Thomas, 11th VT INF, 03/30/1863, vt-woodbury-center

Collins, Thomas, 13th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, Thomas, 1st US VET CORPS, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, Thomas, 1st NH CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Collins, Timothy, 2nd VT LARTY, 04/30/1897, vt-rutland-stbridgets

Collins, Virgil H., 5th VT INF, 08/19/1905, vt-burlington-greenmt

Collins, William, 150th NY INF, 08/09/1877, vt-rutland-stbridgets

Collins, William D., 1st VT CAV, before 09/18/1896, ia-unknown

Collins, William Eli, 5th VT INF, 1926, ma-grafton-pinegrove

Collins, William W., 7th VT INF, before 08/31/1904, vt-unknown

Collison, James R., 15th VT INF, 1914, vt-barton-welcome

Collison, Silas G., 4th VT INF, 1921, vt-lyndon-center

Collister, Erastus G., 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-barton-welcome

Colliston, John, 15th VT INF, 01/28/1925, vt-lyndon-center

Collopy, Francis, MA INF, after 11/05/1908, va-unknown

Collson, Freeman Sykes, 14th VT INF, 1896, vt-bennington-village

Colman, Henry, 11th VT INF, 02/11/1915, vt-cambridge-north

Colomb, John, 6th VT INF, 01/21/1919, vt-swanton-stmary

Colomb, Joseph, 6th VT INF, 08/19/1862, va-unknown

Colomb, Richard, 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Colpoyes, George L., 10th VT INF, VRC, After 04/16/1879, in-marion-national

Colson, Peter J., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Colston, Charles Ellery, 10th VT INF, 07/22/1906, vt-hartland-village

Colston, Charles F., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Colston, Charles T., USN, 10/20/1866, un-unknown

Colston, Henry N., 4th NH INF, 07/16/1879, nh-amherst-meadowview

Colston, John Flavel, 12th VT INF, 05/12/1921, vt-hartland-village

Colt, Daniel Jr., 6th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-brookfield-old

Colt, Frank, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 1919, vt-essex-holyfamily

Colt, George M., 2nd VT INF, 07/28/1895, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Colt, Moses, 6th VT INF, 1884, ca-unknown

Colton, Charles C., 8th VT INF, 74th US CINF, 15th MA LARTY, 10/20/1874, al-unknown

Colton, G. A., 5th KS CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Colton, George, 11th VT INF, 07/11/1881, vt-unknown

Colton, Henry F., 14th VT INF, 02/09/1863, vt-killington-riverside

Colton, Ira F., 1st VT INF, 09/12/1881, vt-unknown

Colton, John J., USV, 09/23/1912, ma-lowell-woodbine

Columbia, Franklin, 10th VT INF, Before 03/31/1865, un-unknown

Colvin, Alonzo Nelson, 14th VT INF, 01/27/1886, vt-danby-scottsville

Colvin, Andrew J., 17th VT INF, 03/14/1912, ny-keeseville-evergreen

Colvin, Job H., 10th VT INF, unknown, vt-danby-scottsville

Colvin, Stephen, 11th VT INF, 06/09/1889, vt-danby-scottsville

Colvin, William, 11th VT INF, 10/18/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Colvocoresses, George Musalas, USN, 06/03/1872, ct-litchfield-east

Colvocoresses, George Partridge, USN, 09/10/1932, ct-litchfield-east

Comaford, Christopher C., 11th VT INF, 08/17/1870, vt-salisbury-west

Comaford, James Carson, 5th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 01/04/1911, wa-unknown

Comaford, Julius M., 11th VT INF, after 1895, mn-monticello-riverside

Comar, Obediah S., 4th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 08/12/1903, ne-lyons-lyons

Comar, William A., 4th VT INF, 08/26/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Combs, Carroll L., 14th NH INF, 05/19/1899, vt-dummerston-baptist

Combs, Harrison, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, After 02/09/1864, ga-unknown

Combs, John, 13th VT INF, 02/17/1903, vt-montgomery-village

Combs, John Marshall, 2nd IA INF, 05/07/1862, wi-token-creek

Combs, Nelson, 2nd NY VET CAV, 06/10/1863, va-unknown

Combs, Seth, 5th VT INF, 11/07/1861, va-arlington-national

Comer, David A., 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Comings, David Lawrence Morrill , 4th NH INF, 08/01/1863, nh-cornish-comings

Comings, Edward D., 1st NH INF, 16th NH INF, 1903, wa-seattle-mtpleasant

Comings, Erastus Darwin, 6th NH INF, After 1895, nh-croydon-east

Como, William, 14th VT INF, After 04/29/1872, un-unknown

Comstock, Calvin, 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 03/30/1900, vt-monkton-ridge

Comstock, George W., 12th US INF, 09/01/1864, vt-shelburne-village

Comstock, Henry Alonzo, 2nd VT INF, 08/11/1892, nh-acworth-acworth

Comstock, James H., 4th VT INF, 12/07/1862, un-unknown

Comstock, John Mazlorm, 2nd VT INF, 12/12/1900, vt-vergennes-stpeters

Comstock, Joseph, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/16/1862, la-chalmette-national

Comstock, Lewis, 2nd VT INF, VRC, 11/09/1913, vt-bristol-greenwood

Comstock, Olney A., 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 06/29/1862, va-sevenpines-national

Comstock, Orange A., 13th VT INF, 05/05/1903, vt-swanton-churchst

Comstock, Solomon C., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, unknown, un-unknown

Comstock, Willard, 7th VT INF, 04/07/1900, nh-rumney-highland

Conant, Abel B., 7th KY INF, 12/22/1864, nc-chapelhill-greenwood

Conant, Alphonso, 2nd MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Conant, Edmund, 6th VT INF, 04/22/1906, vt-cabot-village

Conant, Estus, 6th VT INF, unknown, vt-tunbridge-dickermanhill

Conant, Ezra W., 10th VT INF, VRC, unknown, vt-waterbury-maplest

Conant, Freeman C., 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 12/15/1904, ia-wilton-oakdale

Conant, Henry A., 1st OH INF, 07/13/1907, ks-enterprise-mthope

Conant, Henry C., 3rd VT INF, Before 06/09/1879, un-unknown

Conant, Ira, 1st MA INF, 01/09/1883, ma-unknown

Conant, John A., 4th VT INF, 10/21/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Conant, John W., 8th VT INF, 02/03/1893, me-westbrook-woodlawn

Conant, Joseph B., 15th VT INF, 04/12/1863, vt-waterbury-old

Conant, Marvel Johnson, 26th NY CAV, 06/18/1909, ma-unknown

Conant, Samuel G., 2nd VT INF, 03/19/1913, ny-fulton-mtadnah

Conant, Samuel P., 10th VT INF, 03/08/1864, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Conant, William D., 16th VT INF, Before 12/04/1889, un-unknown

Conant, William John, 2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12/05/1916, vt-vergennes-prospect

Condon, James, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Condon, James L., 2nd VT INF, After 08/18/1881, UN-unknown

Condon, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Condon, John C., 5th US ARTY, 06/21/1923, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Condon, Patrick J., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cone, Charles Jr., 2nd VT INF, After 11/29/1865, vt-bennington-village

Cone, Charles W., 2nd VT INF, 08/02/1864, va-arlington-national

Cone, Herman Augustus, 1st CT HARTY, 08/04/1902, mn-windom-lakeview

Cone, Hugh E., 2nd VT INF, 02/04/1929, vt-shaftsbury-waite

Cone, Lyman Howard, 5th NH INF, 06/02/1904, vt-windsor-ascutney

Cone, Patrick, 10th VT INF, 01/02/1915, vt-bennington-oldcatholic

Conelly, Peter, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coney, Patrick H., 111th NY INF, 4th NY HARTY, 07/24/1932, ks-topeka-mtcalvary

Congdon, Albert, 3rd RI HARTY, 07/03/1904, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Congdon, Amos, 17th PA CAV, 06/19/1906, ny-oswego-waits

Congdon, Gilbert, 2nd WI CAV, 12/18/1891, wi-mindoro-farmington

Congdon, Henry C., 2nd USSS, unknown, vt-clarendon-east

Congdon, Henry E., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 10/16/1908, vt-rutland-calvary

Congdon, James L., 1st VT INF, 4/27/1897, vt-clarendon-east

Conger, Charles, 1st TN INF, 1865, tn-nashville-city

Conger, George Parker, 1st VT CAV, 04/07/1895, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Conger, Harrison, 12th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/18/1878, un-unknown

Conger, Henry R., 10th VT INF, VRC, 1919, ny-unknown

Conger, Jonas, 2nd NY VET CAV, 02/01/1862, un-unknown

Conger, Lewis S., 1st VT CAV, 03/07/1864, va-unknown

Conger, Rufus, 5th VT INF, Before 02/24/1902, ia-gilman-prairie

Conger, Seymour, 2nd NY VET CAV, 12th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 08/26/1924, ia-idagrove-idagrove

Conger, Warren W., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 1st US Vet Corps, 01/13/1930, vt-stalbans-bay

Conkey, William J., 5th VT INF, Before 03/03/1909, un-unknown

Conklin, Aaron, 36th IN INF, 17th IN MTD INF, 07/31/1910, in-marion-national

Conklin, James, 13th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Conklin, John, 2nd VT INF, After 02/24/1893, un-unknown

Conklin, William, 7th VT INF, Before 6/1/1885, vt-unknown

Conland, Martin, 17th VT INF, 12/11/1897, vt-brookfield-old

Conlay, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conley, Charles W., 10th VT INF, 11/06/1908, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Conley, Frank, 5th VT INF, 10/07/1864, va-unknown

Conley, George H., 10th VT INF, unknown, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Conley, James, 118th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Conley, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conley, John, 10th VT INF, 08/10/1864, ga-unknown

Conlin, James, 7th VT INF, 07/26/1912, vt-rutland-calvary

Conlin, James, 9th VT INF, 07/1878, vt-southhero-southhero

Conlin, John, 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 07/07/1907, vt-rutland-calvary

Conline, John, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, USA, 10/16/1916, va-arlington-national

Conlon, James H., 2nd VT LARTY, 07/15/1898?, vt-westford-pleasantview

Conn, Granville Priest, 12th VT INF, 03/24/1916, nh-concord-blossomhill

Connal, James, 9th VT INF, USA, 01/24/1930, vt-newport-center

Connell, David, 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Connell, James, 7th VT INF, 01/26/1863, la-unknown

Connell, James, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Connell, Jerry, 17th VT INF, 02/28/1925, nh-unknown

Connell, John, 10th NY CAV, 04/1899, vt-dorset-stjerome

Connell, Patrick, 5th VT INF, 05/11/1890, ks-leavenworth-national

Connell, Philip, 6th VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Connell, Stephen, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Connell, Thomas, 3rd VT INF, 07/04/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Connell, William, 7th VT INF, 08/10/1862, la-chalmette-national

Connelly, Bernard, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Connelly, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Connelly, John, 1st VT CAV, 08/02/1865, un-unknown

Connelly, John C., 14th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 04/28/1899, vt-bennington-vetshome

Connelly, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Connelly, Kerrey, 6th VT INF, 1926, vt-duxbury-graves

Conner, David, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conner, David A., 1st NH CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Conner, Dorman, 13th VT INF, 1892, vt-calais-fairview

Conner, Francis Blar, 26th NY CAV, 01/19/1927, nh-hanover-dartmouthcollege

Conner, Harvey, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conner, J. D., 9th KS CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Conner, James, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Conner, James C., 9th NY CAV, 08/12/1902, vt-richford-hillside

Conner, Jeremiah, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conner, John N., 5th VT INF, 05/16/1910, vt-troy-troy

Conner, Martin V. B., 7th VT INF, 08/31/1862, la-chalmette-national

Conner, Osmer G., 151st IL INF, Unknown, co-montevista-homelake

Conner, Servetus E., 16th VT INF, 12/17/1862, vt-weathersfield-ascutneyville

Conner, Thomas, 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Conners, John, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Connery, James, 6th VT INF, 04/18/1862, va-unknown

Connolly, Michael, 11th US INF, unknown, un-unknown

Connolly, Michael, 8th VT INF, After 1890, nh-unknown

Connor, Charles, 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 05/23/1918, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Connor, Frederick, 14th VT INF, 05/21/1903, ks-leavenworth-national

Connor, George McConnell, 1st VT CAV, 4/22/1918, id-boise-morrishill

Connor, Selden, 1st VT INF, 19th ME INF, USV, 07/09/1917, me-augusta-forestgrove

Connor, Wesley W., 13th NY INF, 25th NY INF, 1903, vt-brandon-pinehill

Connors, William, 7th VT INF, 12th VT INF, 05/07/1895, vt-bennington-vetshome

Conro, Henry White, 2nd VT INF, 11/23/1916, vt-southhero-southhero

Conroe, Bertrand A., 1st VT CAV, 07/10/1902, ma-marion-evergreen

Conry, Hiram, 16th WI INF, 01/22/1919, wi-sunprairie-sunprairie

Consigney, George J., 6th VT INF, VRC, 05/10/1917, ia-cedarrapids-oakhill

Consigny, Eugene, 1st VT CAV, 08/08/1900, ia-avoca-graceland

Consigny, John F., 1st VT CAV, 06/13/1926, co-fortcollins-grandview

Constantine, Geroge W., 3rd NH INF, 01/27/1865, nc-salisbury-national

Constantine, John, 7th VT INF, 12th VT INF, After 05/25/1891, un-unknown

Constantine, Suppliant/Cyprien, 7th VT INF, 10/16/1864, fl-barrancas-national

Constantinople, Cyrus, 2nd VT LARTY, 03/05/1873, ma-lowell-edson

Contant, Augustus, 2nd VT INF, 09/06/1893, ma-unknown

Converse, Asa E., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 03/26/1895, vt-wilmington-intervale

Converse, Blinn A., USN, 22nd NY INF, 03/12/1910, mn-minneapolis-pioneers

Converse, Charles Bell, 16th VT INF, 1912, vt-norwich-fairview

Converse, Charles H., 11th VT INF, 03/26/1915, vt-jamaica-east

Converse, George Albert, USN, 03/29/1909, va-arlington-national

Converse, George W., 2nd VT INF, 07/20/1891, vt-bridport-townline

Converse, Henry Buck, 2nd WI INF, 08/09/1920, mn-dundas-groveland

Converse, Jesse G., 2nd VT INF, 05/31/1926, vt-vergennes-prospect

Converse, John Rollin, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/30/1864, vt-panton-adamsferry

Converse, Justin C., 13th VT INF, 08/09/1905, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Conway, Daniel, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 01/22/1890, vt-rutland-evergreen

Conway, Daniel, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conway, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conway, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Conway, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Conway, John, 15th VT INF, 06/30/1902, vt-barre-stmonica

Conway, Michael, 2nd VT INF, 02/05/1914, vt-unknown

Conway, Michael J., 30th NY INF, 04/11/1914, vt-northfield-stjohns

Conwell, William, 8th IN INF, 1911, vt-northfield-calvary

Coocher, Welcome C., 11th VT INF, Before 1890, vt-burke-hillside

Cook, Abram S., 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-springfield-summerhill

Cook, Alanson, 123rd NY INF, 07/17/1901, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Cook, Albert M., 15th VT INF, unknown, vt-danville-green

Cook, Allen L., 16th VT INF, 1918, vt-townshend-oakwood

Cook, Alonzo, 16th WI INF, 12/12/1925, ks-leavenworth-national

Cook, Alonzo P., 26th IA INF, 1874, ia-wheatland-english

Cook, Alvin Joseph, 3rd VT LARTY, 09/26/1917, mi-ionia-stspeterpaul

Cook, Amos G., 7th VT INF, 10/18/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cook, Atwell J., 6th WI INF, 07/05/1907, wi-cumberland-lakeside

Cook, Barney, 1st NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Benj., 106th NY INF, 1903, ks-gaylord-gaylord

Cook, Benjamin, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Benjamin P., 3rd VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-arlington-national

Cook, Calvin E., 15th VT INF, 02/02/1865, vt-craftsbury-common

Cook, Calvin Leonard, 8th VT INF, 07/30/1908, vt-vernon-tyler

Cook, Charles, 4th VT INF, 11/27/1861, un-unknown

Cook, Charles, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Charles, 20th ME INF, 03/15/1928, me-portland-evergreen

Cook, Charles A., 3rd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Cook, Charles A., 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 07/04/1924, ks-newton-greenwood

Cook, Charles Jr., 12th IA INF, 12/26/1886, ia-dunkerton-lester

Cook, Charles M., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, After 12/15/1865, un-unknown

Cook, Charles O., 9th VT INF, 04/04/1899, vt-corinth-center

Cook, Charles P., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Charles W., 15th VT INF, 07/03/1913, vt-glover-westglover

Cook, Clark C., 4th VT INF, 07/24/1864, ny-cypresshills-national

Cook, Dana, 6th VT INF, VRC, After 08/19/1865, vt-barton-welcome

Cook, Denison, 6th VT INF, 10/19/1864, vt-calais-poplarhill

Cook, Ebenezer M., 4th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, 03/26/1872, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Cook, Edson A., 1st VT CAV, 08/11/1919, oh-sandusky-vets

Cook, Edward R., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 02/08/1918, vt-wilmington-intervale

Cook, Eldon Truman, 5th MN INF, 06/09/1930, sd-dellrapids-dellrapids

Cook, Elisha W., 2nd NY VET CAV, 03/09/1907, ny-unknown

Cook, Enos, 155th NY INF , 12/18/1863, ny-dryden-greenhills

Cook, Francis, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Francis F., 9th VT INF, 10/04/1899, vt-guilford-christchurch

Cook, Franklin, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Franklin M., 2nd VT INF, 06/02/1864, va-arlington-national

Cook, Frederick, 15th NY ENG, before 10/29/1887, ny-campbell-east

Cook, Frederick W., 1st VT CAV, 10/05/1912, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Cook, George, 10th RI INF, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, George, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, George H., 27th NY INF , before 03/27/1901, ny-hemlock-hemlocklake

Cook, George M., 7th VT INF, 11/19/1865, un-unknown

Cook, George Seldon, 16th VT INF, 01/28/1909, vt-springfield-summerhill

Cook, George W., 12th VT INF, 1901, wa-cheney-fairview

Cook, George W., 1st VT CAV, VRC, 12/07/1906, vt-stjohnsbury-center

Cook, Harrison, 11th NH INF, unknown, vt-strafford-evergreen

Cook, Henry, 18th MA INF, 32nd MA INF, After 07/16/1874, un-unknown

Cook, Henry, 9th VT INF, 02/26/1919, vt-newport-center

Cook, Henry, 11th VT INF, Before 08/07/1895, nh-kensington-kensington

Cook, Henry M., 3rd VT INF, 12/10/1862, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Cook, Henry M., 1st VT CAV, 07/21/1912, ma-fitchburg-foresthill

Cook, Henry S., 11th VT INF, 1907, co-denver-riverside

Cook, Hiram H., 5th VT INF, Before 8/10/1900, KS-unknown

Cook, Hollis C., 1st MA INF, 02/06/1896, ma-montague-springdale

Cook, Horace A., 4th VT INF, 01/07/1921, vt-thetford-postmills

Cook, Jacob L., 4th VT INF, 5th VT INF, 06/27/1921, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Cook, James, 96th NY INF, 06/23/1935, vt-charlotte-grandview

Cook, James F., 16th VT INF, 07/03/1863, vt-newfane-williamsville

Cook, Jesse, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Jesse M., 9th VT INF, 12/25/1921, vt-sharon-pinehill

Cook, John, 15th VT INF, 07/02/1900, vt-unknown

Cook, John, 3rd VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Cook, John, 7th VT INF, after 1914, co-pueblo-pioneer

Cook, John, 31st IA INF, 11/22/1862, ia-dunkerton-lester

Cook, John Bray, 14th IA INF, 7th IA CAV, 09/02/1919, vt-greensboro-lincoln

Cook, John F., 3rd VT INF, 03/26/1905, vt-fairfax-northfairfax

Cook, John J., 1st VT CAV, 09/10/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cook, John L., 49th MA INF, 03/04/1909, vt-ripton-cook

Cook, John S., 14th VT INF, 03/04/1865, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Cook, Joseph, 4th VT INF, after 1890, ma-unknown

Cook, Lafayette, 16th VT INF, 10/29/1915, ma-greenfield-greenriver

Cook, Lewis B., 6th VT INF, 08/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Cook, Lewis Bionson, 13th MI INF, 02/11/1909, vt-unknown

Cook, Lyman N., 11th VT INF, 07/06/1930, co-denver-riverside

Cook, Madison, 2nd VT INF, 05/04/1863, vt-guilford-fairbanks

Cook, Marshall L., 1st MN HARTY, 09/26/1865, mn-fortsnelling-national

Cook, Marshall L., 1st MN HARTY, 09/26/1865, mn-fortsnelling-national

Cook, Martin, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Martin J., 16th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-gettysburg-national

Cook, Marvin J., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 10/02/1908, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Cook, Morris H., 7th VT INF, 09/09/1892, vt-castleton-hillside

Cook, Nelson O., 10th VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Cook, Orin B., 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 1st ME INF, 12/13/1898, nh-nashua-nashua

Cook, Oscar O., 11th VT INF, 08/22/1903, vt-sudbury-wallace

Cook, Palmedus F., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 06/18/1905, tx-unknown

Cook, Prentice, 14th NY ARTY, 02/13/1923, ny-chateaugay-sandyknollunion

Cook, Robert, USN, 12/14/1928, vt-northfield-elmwood

Cook, Royal J., 96th NY INF, 06/16/1863, vt-stalbans-greenwood

Cook, Samuel, 5th VT INF, Unknown, ma-dorchester-cedargrove

Cook, Samuel B., 10th MA INF, 03/03/1902, ks-leavenworth-national

Cook, Sandy, 4th VT INF, 05/07/1894, vt-barre-stmonica

Cook, Seymour O., 3rd VT INF, 7th VT INF, 01/18/1887, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Cook, Simeon E., 11th VT INF, 08/03/1863, vt-pawlet-northeast

Cook, Stephen F., 4th VT INF, 09/14/1862, va-hampton-national

Cook, Sylvester O., 146th NY INF , 03/11/1900, ny-boonville-boonville

Cook, Thaddeus, 106th NY INF, 09/04/1901, wi-edgerton-fassett

Cook, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, Walter, 16th VT INF, 09/13/1863, vt-springfield-pinegrove

Cook, Wendel Romanzo, 5th NH INF, 11/17/1913, ok-ripley-oakpark

Cook, William, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cook, William A., 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Cook, William S., 7th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 02/01/1915, ny-poughkeepsie-rural

Cook, William Wallace, 2nd VT INF, 11/05/1916, ks-unknown

Cooke, Henry W., 1st VT CAV, 02/11/1901, vt-castleton-hillside

Cookman, James, 3rd VT INF, 04/16/1862, va-yorktown-national

Cool, Charles V., 5th VT INF, 01/29/1895, vt-brandon-pinehill

Coolbeth, Daniel, 7th VT INF, unknown, vt-eden-corners

Coolbeth, Erastus W., 5th NH INF, 05/16/1918, vt-newport-center

Coolbeth, Ransom, 8th VT INF, VRC, 03/18/1911, vt-cabot-village

Coolbeth, Winthrop D., 7th VT INF, 01/09/1863, fl-barrancas-national

Cooledge, Henry W., 18th WI INF, 05/10/1910, mn-zumbrota-zumbrota

Cooley, Asa A., 5th VT INF, 12/15/1902, ma-hudson-mainst

Cooley, Benjamin S., 7th VT INF, 02/05/1867, vt-pittsford-mtnghouse

Cooley, Charles W., 9th VT INF, 10/05/1863, va-hampton-national

Cooley, Ebenezer M., 154th NY INF , 06/14/1894, ny-greatvalley-chamberlain

Cooley, Eugene A., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 07/18/1886, vt-pittsford-baptist

Cooley, George C., 4th VT INF, 03/03/1917, vt-newfane-williamsville

Cooley, Henry L., 2nd VT INF, 01/11/1863, va-unknown

Cooley, Hiram M., 1st MN HARTY, 12/12/1908, mn-shakopee-valley

Cooley, Newton S., USN, 09/27/1895, nh-littleton-glenwood

Cooley, William, 1st USSS, unknown, un-unknown

Cooley, William, 2nd VT INF, 11/23/1864, ga-unknown

Coolidge, Amos H., 16th VT INF, 02/01/1910, vt-plymouth-notch

Coolidge, Daniel F., 2nd VT INF, After 3/11/1907, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Coolidge, Daniel Nathan, 2nd USSS, 07/21/1903, vt-rochester-northhollow

Coolidge, George Henry, 30th ME INF, 04/19/1904, vt-fairfield-egypt

Coolidge, Henry W., 1st MA HARTY, 11/16/1891, vt-bristol-greenwood

Coolidge, Henry W., 18th WI INF, 1910, wi-unknown

Coolidge, John Tyler, 2nd USSS, 04/01/1866, vt-plymouth-notch

Coolidge, Lorenzo Gilbert, 16th VT INF, 01/12/1896, vt-reading-felchville

Coombs, Arthur W., 7th RI CAV, 08/15/1862, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Coombs, Benjamin E., 2nd VT INF, VRC, 11/03/1907, vt-burlington-greenmt

Coombs, Edmond G., 5th IA CAV, 1st US VET CORPS, 03/04/1880, ia-sergeantbluff-bluff

Coombs, John S., 1st VT CAV, 08/27/1891, vt-thetford-evergreenrest

Coombs, Tolman T., 12th VT INF, 05/14/1884, vt-londonderry-glebeview

Coomer, Elias S., Recruit, 12/15/1862, vt-glover-westlook

Coomes, Elias, 10th MA INF, 05/31/1862, ma-longmeadow-longmeadow

Coon, Alanson E., 1st VT CAV, 05/23/1892, il-aurora-springlake

Coon, Almon G., 17th VT INF, 01/21/1928, nh-croydon-east

Coon, Benjamin F., 20th NY CAV, 10/21/1918, ny-russell-north

Coon, Charles, 154th NY INF , 02/10/1894, wi-wood-national

Coon, Daniel H., 5th VT INF, 06/16/1914, fl-wpalmbeach-woodlawn

Coon, Ephraim P., USN, 06/11/1893, nj-unknown

Coon, Horace H., 92nd NY INF , 04/12/1907, ny-pierrepont-beechplains

Coon, Oliver E., 8th VT INF, 07/24/1904, vt-milton-village

Coon, William H., 3rd VT INF, 08/25/1922, ma-springfield-ashley

Coon, William H., 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coon, William H., 17th VT INF, 04/03/1930, ny-unknown

Coonerty, Patrick, 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 01/17/1906, vt-bristol-stjoseph

Cooney, Francis, 5th VT INF, 11/28/1922, mo-ridgeway-yankeeridge

Cooney, Richard, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cooney, Thomas, 12th VT INF, 01/03/1922, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cooney, William I., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coons, George, 30th NY INF, 09/15/1865, vt-bennington-grandview

Cooper, Aaron K., 8th VT INF, 10/18/1864, va-winchester-national

Cooper, Abraham H., 1st USSS, 07/02/1863, nh-hinsdale-pinegrove

Cooper, Charles H., 2nd USSS, 01/16/1865, vt-windham-center

Cooper, Charles S., 8th VT INF, 05/18/1915, fl-stcloud-mtpeace

Cooper, Edgar H., 10th IL INF, 1st IL LARTY, 02/14/1914, tn-mtnhome-national

Cooper, Edward S., 4th VT INF, VRC, 06/19/1924, mi-saginaw-forestlawn

Cooper, Edwin J., 21st NY INF , 07/02/1895, ny-buffalo-forestlawn

Cooper, Elijah E., 13th WI INF, After 1890, vt-unknown

Cooper, Frank, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cooper, Henry A., 4th VT INF, 06/24/1879, nh-alstead-mapleside

Cooper, James A., 21st MA INF, 02/29/1912, vt-hartford-point

Cooper, John, 11th VT INF, after 1890, vt-unknown

Cooper, John T., 16th VT INF, 08/02/1919, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Cooper, Seth Hundson, 2nd MA CAV, 03/03/1911, mo-blanche-blanche

Cooper, William, 37th IL INF, 08/25/1883, tx-houston-hollywood

Cooper, William, 3rd VT INF, 11/12/1862, va-hampton-national

Cooper, William, 22nd NY INF, 06/17/1934, vt-wells-town

Cooper, William Allen, 13th VT INF, 01/27/1917, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Copeland, Andrew J., 6th VT INF, 01/01/1865, va-danville-national

Copeland, Charles K., 9th VT INF, 07/03/1864, nc-newbern-national

Copeland, Edgar Francis, 9th VT INF, 12/23/1925, ma-colrain-brickschool

Copeland, J. Wesley, 12th VT INF, 04/08/1919, vt-lyndon-center

Copeland, John, 1st VT CAV, After 01/22/1867, un-unknown

Copeland, John N., 11th VT INF, 08/21/1864, va-winchester-national

Copeland, Zion C., 12th VT INF, 07/25/1925, vt-woodstock-riverside

Copp, David D., 19th MA INF, 1877, vt-worcester-village

Copp, Ezra Jr., 15th VT INF, 09/13/1910, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Copp, George W., 9th VT INF, Before 03/07/1913, vt-unknown

Copp, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coppins, Calmer/Palmer E., 7th VT INF, 06/21/1862, vt-unknown

Coppins, Edward, 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF, 08/02/1868, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cor, William A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Corbell, George E., 6th VT INF, 11/05/1926, vt-chester-pleasantview

Corbell, Leander, 6th VT INF, 12/17/1861, vt-woodstock-taftsville

Corbett, Charles A., 8th WI INF, 02/18/1915, wi-greenbush-greenbush

Corbett, John F., 16th VT INF, 05/22/1923, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Corbett, Lester M., 14th WI INF, 01/08/1935, wi-greenbush-greenbush

Corbett, Myron L., 9th VT INF, 1927, ma-bernardston-center

Corbett, Ransom, 8th NH INF, 03/05/1872, nh-newipswich-central

Corbett, Simeon, 93rd NY INF, 07/27/1914, vt-bennington-parklawn

Corbey, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Corbin, Chauncey L., 10th VT INF, 14th NH INF, 10/16/1907, nh-charlestown-foresthill

Corbin, David Timothy, 3rd VT INF, 12/07/1905, il-chicago-rosehill

Corbin, George, 2nd VT LARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Corbin, George C., 11th VT INF, After 05/26/1864, un-unknown

Corbin, Job, USN, 06/14/1915, ny-brooklyn-greenwood

Corbitt, Edward, 17th VT INF, 08/23/1901, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Corbitt, Frederick, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Corcoran, John, 8th VT INF, 01/29/1916, vt-nbennington-stjohns

Corcoran, John, 13th VT INF, Unknown, un-unknown

Corena, Dennis, 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Corey, Albert R., 1st NH HARTY, 05/20/1915, vt-chester-pleasantview

Corey, Alfred, 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-franklin-east

Corey, Allen H., 13th VT INF, Before 08/21/1863, vt-franklin-east

Corey, Benjamin C., 23rd IA INF, 29th IA INF, 10/18/1888, mo-pattonsburg-muddy

Corey, Charles, 1st VT CAV, USA, 05/09/1904, ga-valdosta-sunsethill

Corey, Charles A., 1st VT CAV, 05/12/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Corey, Charles W., 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 04/38/1868, ct-hartford-oldnorth

Corey, George H., 17th VT INF, 05/16/1907, va-arlington-national

Corey, George S., 1st MN HARTY, 1910, mn-money-creek

Corey, Gilbert M., 7th MN INF, unknown, mn-money-creek

Corey, James, 13th VT INF, 12/22/1885, vt-rutland-stbridgets

Corey, Job, 1st VT CAV, 05/30/1863, vt-danby-cook

Corey, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Corey, Melvin Barnes, 13th VT INF, 06/16/1901, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Corey, Nelson, 15th VT INF, unknown, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Corey, Patrick, 13th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Corey, Stephen, 1st VT CAV, 01/30/1910, va-unknown

Corey, Thomas Grover, 16th WI INF, 09/14/1896, wi-cumberland-lakeside

Corey, Waterman F., 3rd VT INF, 1904, va-arlington-national

Corey, William, 10th VT INF, VRC, unknown, un-unknown

Corey, William H., 6th VT INF, 2nd US ART, unknown, ia-dunlap-pleasanthill

Corey, William Merrill, 14th VT INF, 07/11/1906, vt-shoreham-lakeview

Corivan, Louis, 2nd VT LARTY, 02/02/1899, ma-unknown

Cork, Eugene A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Corkron, Thomas, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Corlew, Henry M., 11th VT INF, 11/17/1902, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Corlew, James, 27th WI INF, Unknown, co-fortlupton-hillside

Corlew, Roswell, 115th NY INF , 03/25/1865, nc-unknown

Corliss, Albert Alden, 8th VT INF, 12/19/1923, nd-caledonia-caledonia

Corliss, Amos F., 15th VT INF, 12/20/1867, vt-corinth-old

Corliss, Asa Emerson, 6th VT INF, 03/07/1936, vt-duxbury-south

Corliss, Charles Bingley, 6th VT INF, 09/17/1931, vt-duxbury-south

Corliss, Dennison F., 15th VT INF, unknown, ma-spencer-pinegrove

Corliss, Ebenezer Ezekiel, 2nd MN INF, 07/21/1917, mn-fergusfalls-oakgrove

Corliss, Edwin R., 8th VT INF, 03/14/1924, vt-corinth-old

Corliss, Francis L., 4th VT INF, 09/28/1863, va-alexandria-national

Corliss, Frederick, 13th VT INF, 08/25/1911, vt-waterford-passumpsic

Corliss, James F., 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 07/11/1862, un-unknown

Corliss, John B., 12th VT INF, 11/23/1910, vt-chelsea-highland

Corliss, John F., 10th VT INF, VRC, 12/02/1903, nh-londonderry-pleasantview

Corliss, Leonard Bgrigham, 2nd NH INF, 2nd US CAV, 09/19/1916, id-stmaries-woodlawn

Corliss, Martin J., 12th VT INF, 10/21/1910, vt-stalbans-point

Corliss, Milo J., 1st VT CAV, 1911, nh-franconia-elmwood

Corliss, Stephen, 8th VT INF, 04/22/1863, la-unknown

Corliss, William H. H., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Corliss, William M., 2nd MN INF, 11/15/1871, mn-clitherall-mtpleasant

Cormick, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cormier, Francis, 8th VT INF, 03/16/1885, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Cornell, Charles M., 1st VT CAV, 01/27/1913, ma-chelmsford-riverside

Cornell, Clarence H., 1st VT CAV, 03/28/1916, ny-unknown

Cornell, Joseph R., 10th VT INF, 02/14/1880, vt-cambridge-mtview

Cornell, Thomas, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cornell, William H., 11th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 03/01/1929, wi-eauclaire-lakeview

Cornish, Robert, 5th VT INF, 01/03/1865, va-unknown

Cornish, Stephen, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Correll, Henry, 2nd VT INF, 09/02/1899, ma-douglas-evergreen

Corruth, Albert M., 6th VT INF, 07/29/1927, vt-topsham-east

Corry, Michael M., 2nd VT LARTY, 3rd VT LARTY, 03/19/1914, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Corry, Thomas H., USN, 06/20/1925, vt-montpelier-staugustine

Corse, George C., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 07/02/1903, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Corse, Henry P., 2nd VT INF, 11th VT INF, 07/28/1865, va-alexandria-national

Corse, Lewis H., 7th VT INF, 05/15/1897, ma-hudson-forestvale

Corse, Malcolm Sears, 1st VT CAV, 04/29/1923, tx-fortworth-foresthill

Corse, Rodney V., 4th VT INF, 5th VT INF, 03/03/1905, vt-stowe-riverbank

Corse, Thomas H., 7th VT INF, 01/24/1922, vt-jeffersonville-jeffersonville

Corse, Warren, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/14/1864, vt-newport-eastmain

Corse, Wells, 2nd VT INF, 1917, vt-duxbury-corners

Corser, Guy T., 12th VT INF, Before 1890, vt-unknown

Corser, Henry C., 7th VT INF, 10/16/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Corser, Willard Snow, 15th IL INF, 04/08/1900, il-waukegan-oakwood

Corson, George J., 8th VT INF, 09/04/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cory, Joseph, 1st RI CAV, US VRC, 06/15/1886, vt-woodstock-swmethodist

Cory, Lewis M., 74th IL INF, 04/13/1865, wi-sunprairie-pierceville

Cory, Milo, 29th WI INF, 11/21/1888, ca-ojai-nordhoff

Coryea, Michel, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cosgriff, Thomas V., 7th VT INF, 02/27/1918 , me-togus-national

Cosgrove, Francis B., 4th VT INF, 06/06/1872, vt-unknown

Cosgrove, John, 10th VT INF, 06/01/1864, va-unknown

Cosgrove, Samuel, 1st VT CAV, 02/20/1895, ny-keeseville-evergreen

Cosgrove, Thomas, 7th VT INF, 12/30/1914, vt-bennington-vetshome

Cosley, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Costello, Edward, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Costello, Michael, 123rd NY INF, VRC, Before 07/10/1891, vt-bennington-newcatholic

Costello, Peter, USN, after 1890, ma-unknown

Cota, Charles H., 1st VT CAV, 1937, vt-burlington-lakeview

Cota, Dennis, 11th VT INF, After 1890, nh-hillsborough-appleton

Cota, Henry, 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Cota, Peter, 11th VT INF, After 05/10/1890 - Before 06/06/1904, vt-unknown

Cote, Joseph, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cote, Louis, 15th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cote, Tillisfort, 15th VT INF, After 02/01/1890, un-unknown

Coter, Joseph, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cotey, John, 5th VT INF, After 04/30/1890, un-unknown

Cotie, John E., Jr., 118th NY INF , 1919, ny-porthenry-union

Cotton, Aaron Davis, 10th ME INF, 04/13/1925, vt-windsor-ascutney

Cotton, Edward, 3rd IN INF, 03/02/1892, ks-unknown

Cotton, G. R., 11th KS CAV, After 12/31/1909, ks-unknown

Cotton, Ira F., 14th VT INF, 09/12/1881, vt-middlebury-west

Cotton, Simon B., 10th MA INF, 61st MA INF, 02/05/1870, ma-unknown

Cotton, Willard H., 2nd VT INF, 09/16/1914, ny-salem-evergreen

Coty, Gideon, 3rd NH INF, 8th NH INF, 07/05/1898, vt-stockbridge-maplewood

Coty, Ira, 1st VT CAV, 04/23/1905, ma-worcester-notredame

Coty, Jesse, 6th VT INF, 02/05/1912, vt-lincoln-maple

Coty, Joseph, 17th VT INF, 03/18/1910, pa-unknown

Coty, Julius, 151st NY INF , after 1898, nj-unknown

Coughlin, Daniel, 1st VT CAV, 12/20/1900, vt-woodstock-riverside

Coughlin, George L., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coughlin, James, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coughlin, Jeremiah, 11th MA INF, 09/02/1868, ms-vicksburg-national

Coughlin, John, 10th NH INF, 05/20/1912, va-arlington-national

Coughlin, John, USN, 14th VT INF, After 01/16/1891, vt-brandon-stmarys

Coughlin, Robert, 6th VT INF, Before 10/01/1891, ri-unknown

Coulter, George, 14th VT INF, 10/25/1891, vt-shaftsbury-maplehill

Coulter, William J., 5th VT INF, 03/16/1927, vt-shaftsbury-maplehill

Counter, Gilbert, 14th VT INF, 1/15/1882, ma-unknown

Counter, Octave, USN, 06/28/1914, ma-pittsfield-stjoseph

Courser, George, 11th VT INF, 12/29/1924, vt-johnson-lamoilleview

Courser, Jesse G., 6th VT INF, 03/03/1915, ma-unknown

Courser, Moses Elkins, 3rd NY HARTY , 09/20/1897, pq-glensutton-brock

Courser, Peter P., 6th VT INF, 01/24/1875, vt-troy-north

Courser, Robert D., 4th VT INF, 3rd NH INF, 03/19/1919, me-unknown

Courtney, Henry W., 12th VT INF, 05/30/1886, nh-unknown

Courtney, Joseph, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Courtney, Michael, 5th VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-unknown

Courtney, Patrick, 9th VT INF, 06/11/1865, vt-chelsea-old

Courtney, Thomas, 1st VT CAV, 06/18/1882, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Courtwright, Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1900, ma-haydenville-highst

Cousins, Cornelius, 18th IA INF, 11/16/1862, mo-springfield-national

Cousins, Moses, 36th IA INF, 11/24/1868, ia-albia-oakview

Coutermarsh, Bartama, 12th VT INF, 07/09/1909, vt-stalbans-mtcalvary

Couture, Alexis, 1st CO CAV, 11/20/1909, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Couture, Jacques, 1st VT CAV, 03/26/1898, ma-unknown

Couture, Zephirin, 1st VT INF, 05/08/1916, ma-chicopee-strose

Coutware, Charles, 26th NY CAV, 1932, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Covel, James, 1st VT CAV, 03/09/1895, ct-unknown

Covell, John S., 8th MI INF, 01/28/1903, or-eugene-pioneer

Covell, Mason W., 2nd NY VET CAV, 01/01/1922, ny-patten-mills

Covell, Timothy, 13th NH INF, 05/25/1911, vt-canaan-alicehunt

Coveney, John A., 5th NH INF, 01/14/1876, vt-unknown

Coveney, John W., 2nd VT INF, 01/14/1876, vt-northfield-elmwood

Covey, Andes Boyde, 9th VT INF, 12/31/1916, il-danville-springhill

Covey, Daniel J., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Covey, John Riley, 18th NY CAV, 03/25/1896, ia-cresco-neworegon

Covey, Joseph N., 9th VT INF, 10/12/1892, vt-newfane-fairview

Covey, S. Clark, 16th VT INF, 10/10/1864, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Covey, Samuel J., 10th VT INF, After 10/21/1869, un-unknown

Covey, Suel Pierson, 4th VT INF, VRC, 02/22/1901, ne-octavia-edholmvalley

Coville, William, 3rd VT INF, 08/12/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cowan, Robert H., 3rd VT INF, 09/09/1903, me-togus-national

Cowan, William H., 11th VT INF, After 05/18/1908, un-unknown

Cowden, James, 37th MA INF, unknown, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Cowdin, Robert, 1st MA INF, USV, 07/09/1874, ma-cambridge-mtauburn

Cowdrey, Albert R., 15th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 04/16/1920, il-virden-virden

Cowdrey, Burnham, 1st VT INF, 9th VT INF, 01/22/1914, vt-bradford-upperplain

Cowdrey, Milo G., 15th VT INF, after 1890, ma-montague-highland

Cowen, Andrew, 7th VT INF, 06/20/1896, vt-hydepark-village

Cowen, Charles E., 7th VT INF, 09/25/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cowen, Charles W., 15th VT INF, After 05/29/1877, vt-unknown

Cowen, Isaac, 3rd VT INF, 08/26/1863, vt-waterville-mtnview

Cowen, William F., 4th VT INF, 04/14/1907, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Cowette, George, 11th VT INF, After 1890, vt-unknown

Cowette, Michael, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cowin, Robert, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cowing, Emerson D., 8th VT INF, 01/26/1887, vt-morgan-cargill

Cowing, Ezra B., 11th VT INF, VRC, 06/22/1890, nh-whitefield-pinest

Cowle, Harvey H., 3rd VT INF, after 1913, vt-unknown

Cowles, Albert Eleazer, 1st VT CAV, 12/13/1915, vt-craftsbury-common

Cowles, Charles C., 1st VT CAV, 05/19/1865, un-unknown

Cowles, Edward, USV, 07/03/1868, vt-craftsbury-common

Cowles, Lewis G., 4th VT INF, 09/03/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Cowles, Patrick, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cowles, Russell W., 1st VT CAV, 01/11/1911, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Cowley, Charles, 1st VT CAV, After 11/16/1908, un-unknown

Cowley, Frederick, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 10/28/1863, vt-highgate-episcopal

Cowley, James B., 14th VT INF, After 01/07/1892, un-unknown

Cowley, James M., 1st VT CAV, 06/15/1864, ga-unknown

Cox, Abram, 12th NH INF, 11/26/1885, nh-meredith-plymouthst

Cox, Albert Freeman, 1st VT CAV, 01/25/1915, ri-pawtucket-mineralspring

Cox, Allen Vail, 15th NH INF, 02/25/1917, vt-brattleboro-locust

Cox, Amariah, 4th VT INF, 03/26/1902, vt-unknown

Cox, Augustus T., 6th VT INF, 10/22/1864, vt-monkton-beers

Cox, Charles W., 12th VT INF, 04/16/1922, mi-unknown

Cox, Elias Edson, 7th VT INF, 03/24/1917, ri-providence-swanpoint

Cox, Gardner, 16th VT INF, 05/02/1912, ma-holyoke-forestdale

Cox, George, 7th VT INF, 07/03/1924, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cox, Ira, USN, 03/18/1900, ny-unknown

Cox, Joel E., 7th MN INF, 11/30/1912, ok-blackwell-ioof

Cox, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cox, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cox, John, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cox, Lorenzo H., 6th VT INF, 09/06/1862, pa-philadelphia-national

Cox, Samuel W., 12th VT INF, 08/01/1904, vt-woodstock-prosper

Cox, Stephen, Recruit, 06/15/1900, ny-keeseville-evergreen

Cox, William, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Coxwell, Levi, 14th NY ARTY, 07/21/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Coy, Carlos C., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 08/22/1864, died-at-sea

Coy, Charles P., 16th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 07/03/1908, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Coy, Chauncey P., 123rd NY INF , 06/10/1911, ne-elkhorn-prospecthill

Coy, George E., 8th VT INF, 05/03/1914, vt-royalton-havens

Coyer, Moses, 38th NY INF, 01/24/1893, vt-ferrisburgh-gage

Coyier, Jonathan Bradley, 36th WI INF, 03/05/1866, wi-towerville-towerville

Coyle, Thomas J., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Coyle, William T., 2nd NY VET CAV, 12/22/1864, died-at-sea

Coyne, James, 5th VT INF, 05/16/1913, ny-bath-national

Coyne, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Coyne, Joseph, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cozen, John, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crabtree, Charles, 31st CT INF, 05/11/1890, vt-burlington-elmwood

Crady, Lewis, 5th VT INF, 06/03/1864, va-coldharbor-national

Crady, Peter W., 10th VT INF, VRC, 12/08/1886, il-northhampton-blueridge

Crafts, Eben R., 5th VT INF, 02/19/1878, vt-islelamotte-north

Crafts, Lucius C., 3rd VT LARTY, After 1870, vt-unknown

Craggy, William, 15th VT INF, 1864, vt-topsham-waitsriver

Craig, Albert Edward, 6th VT INF, 12/26/1914, nh-haverhill-horsemeadow

Craig, Archibald, 6th VT INF, 05/24/1914, vt-wheelock-village

Craig, Daniel R., 6th VT INF, 09/07/1864, md-annapolis-stjohns

Craig, James A., 11th RI INF, 04/03/1876, vt-rochester-woodlawn

Craig, James M., 9th VT INF, 03/25/1906, vt-burke-hillside

Craig, Myron George, 1st VT CAV, 09/07/1922, vt-highgate-east

Craig, Samuel George Parish, 8th VT INF, 05/04/1863, vt-braintree-braintreehill

Craig, Thomas, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Craig, Walton R., 2nd NY VET CAV, 01/29/1902, wi-unknown

Craig, William Parker, 6th VT INF, 07/10/1863, vt-ryegate-west

Craigie, Peter L., 3rd NH INF, 04/21/1879, vt-groton-groton

Craigue, Azro, 10th VT INF, 06/21/1864, va-citypoint-national

Craigue, Nelson Francis, 4th WI CAV, 1916, vt-weathersfield-greenbush

Craigue, William, 1st NH CAV, 1881, nh-concord-maplegrove

Crain, Amos F., 16th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 05/1882, ks-sterling-sterling

Crain, Frederick, 3rd VT INF, USV, 11/06/1871, vt-springfield-summerhill

Craine, Franklin, Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, 12/09/1905, mn-unknown

Cram, Abram E., 8th VT INF, 03/22/1914, fl-stcloud-mtpeace

Cram, Amariah C., 4th VT INF, 03/09/1882, vt-brookfield-old

Cram, Charles J., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 02/13/1921, vt-williamstown-village

Cram, Dewitt Clinton, 6th IA CAV, 04/18/1903, ia-dubuque-linwood

Cram, Eliphalet B., 3rd VT INF, 09/22/1864, va-winchester-national

Cram, George B., 26th MA INF, 11/08/1922, ma-unknown

Cram, George W., 8th VT INF, 06/06/1908, ri-unknown

Cram, Henry, 12th VT INF, 10/01/1921, ri-barrington-princeshill

Cram, Henry O., 1st VT INF, 08/15/1865, vt-brandon-pinehill

Cram, Horatio N., 9th VT INF, 04/10/1898, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Cram, Landon, 10th VT INF, 10/18/1863, va-alexandria-national

Cram, Merrill H., 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 05/04/1923, wi-unknown

Cram, William, USN, 09/16/1865, un-unknown

Cram, William H. H., 16th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 01/06/1912, vt-chester-pleasantview

Cramer, George H., 7th VT INF, 10/06/1876, in-mccordsville-mccordsville

Crandall, Albert, 1st VT CAV, 06/09/1890, vt-dorset-maplehill

Crandall, Daniel L., 14th VT INF, 08/13/1887, vt-dorset-east

Crandall, Everard, 7th VT INF, 07/30/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Crandall, Horace M., 17th VT INF, 05/17/1907, vt-winhall-hollow

Crandall, John A., 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crandall, John B., 6th VT INF, 13th VT INF, USA, 10/20/1911, il-sterling-riverside

Crandall, John James, 11th VT INF, After 1900, nv-unknown

Crandall, Lovill D., 34th NY INF, 10/18/1901, vt-reading-south

Crandall, Orange, 83rd NY INF , 03/15/1872, wi-newton-newton

Crandall, Oscar C., 45th MA INF, 02/16/1911, vt-bristol-greenwood

Crandall, Richard Bailey, 6th VT INF, 06/07/1864, vt-berlin-corner

Crandall, Sylvanus, 15th VT INF, 03/08/1917, oh-oregon-willow

Crandall, Willard, 1st VT CAV, 04/04/1915, vt-dorset-maplehill

Crandall, William H., 9th VT INF, 10/26/1864, vt-brownington-village

Crane, Aaron Martin, 1st VT CAV, 118th USCI, 10/22/1914, vt-irasburg-irasburg

Crane, Albert Abijah, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-fredericksburg-national

Crane, Albert C., 26th NY CAV, 10/10/1901, vt-middlesex-northbr

Crane, Andrew Jackson, 5th VT INF, 03/05/1876, vt-richmond-oldvillage

Crane, Andrew M., 7th MN INF, after 1890, mn-unknown

Crane, Augustus Jason, 10th VT INF, 01/06/1912, vt-bristol-greenwood

Crane, Azariah, 17th VT INF, 10/09/1914, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Crane, Byron W., 14th VT INF, 05/28/1909, vt-middlebury-west

Crane, Charles, Conscript, after 1896, ny-unknown

Crane, Charles E., USN, 12/18/1866, ma-mattapan-mthope

Crane, Chauncey Mervin, 5th VT INF, 05/12/1864, vt-bridport-central

Crane, Cyrus R., 5th VT INF, 07/21/1888, ny-brooklyn-greenwood

Crane, Daniel Franklin, 10th MN INF, 2nd WI INF, 10/12/1897, ia-lamoni-rosehill

Crane, Franklin A., 5th VT INF, 02/15/1911, vt-craftsbury-village

Crane, George W., 7th VT INF, 08/18/1900, mn-worthington-worthington

Crane, Harry D., 18th IN INF, After 1880, ks-unknown

Crane, Henry A., 8th VT INF, 12/16/1904, vt-danville-green

Crane, James, 9th KS CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Crane, John D., 56th MA INF, 08/17/1889, vt-waitsfield-common

Crane, Porter C. Jr., 6th VT INF, 1919, nh-concord-blossomhill

Crane, Thomas S., 9th VT INF, 04/18/1909, vt-townshend-oakwood

Crane, Vernon F., 13th VT INF, 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Crane, William B., 11th VT INF, 17th VT INF, Before 06/02/1886, un-unknown

Crane, William O., 12th VT INF, 08/12/1896, vt-burlington-lakeview

Cranmore, Joseph E., 15th VT INF, 03/09/1895, me-medford-center

Cranston, Henry R., 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/12/1864, la-chalmette-national

Crapo, Benjamin E., 11th VT INF, 14th VT INF, 1915, ca-losangeles-sunnyside

Crapo, Francis E., 14th VT INF, 1911, ma-plymouth-oakgrove

Crapo, John Francis, 11th VT INF, 09/07/1864, vt-danby-scottsville

Crapo, Josiah W., 14th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 12/29/1897, vt-shrewsbury-laurelglen

Crary, Edwin M., 14th VT INF, 06/02/1916, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Crawford, Ampudia, 3rd MN INF, 07/17/1921, ca-losangeles-national

Crawford, Andrew Jackson, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 06/11/1918, ks-wilson-wilson

Crawford, Bradford M., 17th VT INF, unknown, vt-newport-holebrook

Crawford, Elliot Osin, 13th VT INF, 04/10/1930, ne-haysprings-haysprings

Crawford, George, 9th VT INF, 01/16/1901, vt-newport-center

Crawford, George P., USN, 04/25/1926, vt-bennington-parklawn

Crawford, Henry A., 1st NH HARTY, 03/22/1911, vt-concord-oldoverlook

Crawford, Isaac, 14th VT INF, 12/24/1905, vt-bennington-village

Crawford, James, 13th VT INF, After 11/17/1890, un-unknown

Crawford, James H., 4th VT INF, 06/19/1924, vt-mttabor-tabor

Crawford, John, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crawford, John, 5th VT INF, After 12/13/1865, un-unknown

Crawford, Luman J., 2nd NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crawford, Phineas White, 3rd IA INF, 4th US VET VOLS, 12/09/1910, ia-dubuque-linwood

Crawford, Prentice H., 3rd VT INF, 02/20/1926, nh-holderness-trinity

Crawford, Stephen O., 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY, 04/21/1904, ne-wahoo-sunrise

Crawford, William, 3rd VT INF, 01/25/1863, ny-cypresshills-national

Crawford, William, 3rd MA CAV, 02/21/1917, ma-holbrook-union

Crawley, Joseph, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cray, Carlos L., 10th VT INF, 12/13/1863, vt-highgate-center

Cray, Parkman, 4th WI INF, 08/01/1914, wi-almacenter-stanford

Cray, William H., 7th VT INF, 12/01/1871, vt-alburgh-south

Cray, William Henry, 2nd NY INF, 12/19/1906, vt-highgate-center

Cree, S. Evander, 13th VT INF, 02/08/1872, vt-unknown

Cree, Stephen Gilman, 15th VT INF, 04/24/1917, vt-wheelock-village

Cressa, John, 10th VT INF, 12/14/1862, va-arlington-national

Cressa, Orrick, 10th VT INF, 09/30/1898, vt-bennington-village

Cressey, Clark D., 13th VT INF, 09/30/1864, vt-berlin-riverton

Cressey, Everett Jonathan, 2nd USSS, 11/22/1875, mi-plainwell-hillside

Cressey, George, 2nd VT INF, 02/10/1868, vt-berlin-riverton

Cressey, Martin V. B., 2nd USSS, 10/10/1904, ma-rowe-east

Cressey, Orange J., 24th NY INF , 02/09/1911, ar-hotsprings-greenwood

Cressy, George Washington, 2nd USSS, 08/10/1905, ma-colrain-westbranch

Cressy, Henry Wheeler, 25th WI INF, 07/24/1864, ga-marietta-national

Crichton, Peter, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Crisis, Frank, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Critchett, Martin C., 15th VT INF, 08/26/1863, vt-newport-center

Critchett, William B., 15th VT INF, 05/08/1891, vt-craftsbury-village

Crocker, Charles H., 10th VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-unknown

Crocker, Chauncey Brewer, 4th VT INF, VRC, 07/09/1924, vt-hydepark-north

Crocker, David, 5th VT INF, 07/22/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Crocker, Henry, unit_abb, 03/22/1920, ri-pawtucket-riverside

Crocker, Henry W., 8th VT INF, 06/15/1863, la-unknown

Crocker, Jedadiah, 16th NY INF , 11/24/1864, sc-unknown

Crocker, Lewis G., 117th NY INF, 12/19/1882, vt-fairhaven-cedargrove

Crocker, Thomas J., 14th US INF, 1868, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Crockett, James, 51st MA INF, 03/06/1866, ma-worcester-hope

Croff, Abraham, 22nd NY INF , Unknown, ny-malone-morningside

Croff, Daniel V., 14th VT INF, 06/22/1894, vt-danby-read

Croff, Ezra, 14th VT INF, 08/14/1863, vt-danby-read

Croff, George E., 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 03/31/1867, vt-danby-read

Croff, Israel T., 10th VT INF, 01/06/1863, vt-wallingford-westhill

Croft, George F., 3rd VT INF, 12/15/1913, mo-stlouis-bellefontaine

Croft, John W., 7th VT INF, 08/05/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Cronan, Thomas, 4th VT INF, After 11/16/1865, un-unknown

Cronan, William, 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 08/21/1910, vt-rutland-calvary

Cronan, William, 17th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 09/09/1912, me-togus-national

Crone, James, 5th VT INF, 03/14/1909, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Crone, Joseph, 4th US INF?, 07/04/1882, vt-hubbardton-ehortonville

Crone, Louis Napoleon, 14th VT INF, 08/02/1863, vt-hubbardton-ehortonville

Cronin, Dennis, 9th VT INF, After 09/23/1891, un-unknown

Cronin, Joseph Jr., 7th VT INF, 10/23/1862, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cronin, Patrick, 1st VT CAV, 1888, vt-cavendish-proctor

Cronin, Patrick, 26th NY CAV, 06/07/1913, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cronin, Patrick, 2nd VT LARTY, 05/12/1896, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cronin, William, 2nd VT LARTY, 02/25/1911, vt-bennington-newcatholic

Cronin, William L., 11th VT INF, 03/13/1898, vt-windham-center

Cronk, Chauncey, 9th VT INF, 07/23/1928, ne-norfolk-prospecthill

Cronk, Samuel B., 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 03/12/1922, vt-unknown

Crook, Charles K., 9th VT INF, 10/15/1862, il-chicago-rosehill

Crooker, Charles A., 55th IL INF, 12/19/1894, il-dixon-oakwood

Crooker, Isaac, 10th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crooker, Lucian Bonaparte, 12th IL INF, VRC, 1st US Vet Corps, 10/14/1926, il-mendota-restland

Crooker, Phillip, 8th IL CAV, After 1880, ks-unknown

Crooks, Herbert D., 12th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 01/14/1930, vt-brandon-pinehill

Crooks, William, 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crosby, Alfred R., 1st NH HARTY, 1st IND NH LARTY, 04/01/1923, ma-attleboro-woodlawn

Crosby, Charles R., 13th IL INF, Aft 02/24/1902, ia-unknown

Crosby, George R., 1st VT CAV, 05/23/1908, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Crosby, George W., 7th VT INF, unknown, ma-springfield-oakgrove

Crosby, Henry, 44th MA INF, 09/06/1898, me-togus-national

Crosby, Henry H., 4th VT INF, 06/11/1909, me-togus-national

Crosby, John, 2nd VT INF, 01/28/1918, vt-rutland-calvary

Crosby, Oscar C., USN, 07/03/1918, vt-bradford-upperplain

Crosby, Philip W., 2nd VT INF, 05/03/1863, va-unknown

Crosby, Robert, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Crosby, William, 13th VT INF, 12/08/1931, vt-vergennes-prospect

Crosby, William K., 8th VT INF, 1st LA NG, 02/07/1912, ma-worcester-hope

Crosier, Albert L., 16th VT INF, 02/01/1891, fl-tampa-woodlawn

Crosier, Eugene, 54th MA INF, 02/1880, vt-bristol-briggs

Crosier, James K. P., 4th VT INF, 09/19/1864, vt-halifax-center

Crosier, John H., 4th VT INF, 04/13/1869, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Crosier, Lewis F., 4th VT INF, 9/20/1916, ma-florence-springgrove

Crosier, Nelson, 54th MA INF, 05/03/1870, vt-bristol-briggs

Crosier, Otis L., 136th NY INF , 07/15/1909, ny-oakland-hill

Crosier, Rufus, 16th VT INF, 03/26/1903, vt-halifax-whitneyville

Crosier, Silas, 54th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crosier, Warren H., 4th VT INF, After 1900, wa-toledo-toledo

Crosier, William J., 1st NY LARTY, 10/15/1914, ne-omaha-westlawn

Crosman, Alonzo M., 2nd NY VET CAV, Unknown, un-unknown

Cross, Addison, 11th MA INF, 9th VT INF, After 09/22/1882, un-unknown

Cross, Almeron, 14th NH INF, 04/27/1917, me-cornish-riverside

Cross, Andrew J., 1st USSS, VRC, 06/19/1908, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cross, Artemas Cassius, 1st USSS, 05/05/1864, vt-waltham-sunset

Cross, Charles A., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cross, Daniel H., 2nd VT INF, 1918, wi-highland-highland

Cross, Daniel K., 5th NH INF, 03/03/1896, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cross, Dennis W., 15th NH INF, 11/24/1916, nh-meriden-mill

Cross, Ebenezer F., 11th VT INF, 11/02/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cross, Edgar, 4th NY HARTY, after 1891, vt-unknown

Cross, Ferrin A., 13th NH INF, 06/03/1864, vt-goshen-goshen

Cross, Frank Edmond, Recruit, 09/01/1900, vt-williamstown-village

Cross, Henry A., 7th VT INF, 11/30/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cross, Henry Clark, 12th VT INF, 06/11/1911, vt-brandon-old

Cross, James Madison, Jr., 8th VT INF, 1908, ny-brighton-stjohns

Cross, John, 2nd VT INF, 12/09/1901, pq-lennoxville-methodist

Cross, John, 10th VT INF, After 1890, ny-unknown

Cross, John, 10th VT INF, VRC, Unknown, UN-unknown

Cross, John K., 13th VT INF, 11/25/1917, ma-worcester-hope

Cross, John W., 3rd VT INF, 07/09/1862, ny-cypresshills-national

Cross, Levi A., 17th VT INF, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Cross, Lewis Bartlett, 3rd VT INF, after 1900, vt-unknown

Cross, Martin V. B., 3rd VT INF, 06/20/1920, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cross, Nathan, 2nd VT INF, After 11/19/1885, un-unknown

Cross, Nelson N., 5th VT INF, 07/10/1863, md-antietam-national

Cross, Oliver W., 2nd VT INF, 12/18/1905, vt-walden-south

Cross, Oscar N., 26th NY CAV, 12/14/1903, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cross, Peter, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Cross, Peter B., , 02/12/1914, vt-burlington-mtcalvary

Cross, Reuben T., 1st NH CAV, 1893, nh-lebanon-glenwood

Cross, Samuel, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cross, Simeon, 5th VT INF, before 04/23/1892, pq-unknown

Cross, Solomon A., 16th VT INF, 05/12/1879, vt-bethel-lympus

Cross, Theodore L., 57th MA INF, 1917, vt-grandisle-grandisle

Cross, Thomas, 2nd VT INF, VRC, After 09/01/1886, un-unknown

Cross, William, 2nd VT INF, unknown, ma-spencer-pinegrove

Cross, William Francis, Hatch's BTLN, MN CAV, 05/04/1914, id-boise-morrishill

Crossan, John C., 3rd VT INF, 05/04/1863, va-unknown

Crossett, Edgar, 10th VT INF, 05/07/1891, vt-unknown

Crossett, Edwin C., 10th VT INF, 01/22/1915, vt-waterbury-village

Crossett, Franklin M., 2nd VT INF, 01/16/1899, mi-constantine-constantine

Crossett, George, 10th VT INF, 08/18/1863, vt-duxbury-corners

Crossett, Henry Willis, 10th VT INF, 03/27/1864, vt-duxbury-corners

Crossett, William S., 12th VT INF, After 1911, PQ-unknown

Crossett, Willis H., 10th VT INF, 11/21/1892, vt-duxbury-holycross

Crossett, Zerah H., 25th WIINF, 03/08/1888, wi-tomah-oakgrove

Crossman, Curtis R., 3rd VT INF, 10/26/1884, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Crossman, Dexter, 2nd VT INF, 10/19/1864, va-winchester-national

Crossman, Henry N., 3rd VT INF, 04/23/1863, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Crossman, Horace F., 2nd VT INF, 08/05/1867, va-arlington-national

Crossman, James M., 4th VT INF, 07/01/1919, nh-concord-maplegrove

Crossman, John F., 36th MA INF, 09/09/1902, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Crossman, Lowell M., 8th VT INF, unknown, vt-hinesburg-village

Crossman, Milton Thomas, 16th VT INF, 01/11/1899, vt-rochester-westhill

Crossman, Ransom F., Recruit, 1st VT CAV, 02/20/1864, dc-soldiershome-national

Croteau, Joseph, 8th VT INF, 06/18/1862, un-unknown

Croteau, Samuel, Recruit, 01/16/1923, vt-southhero-southhero

Crothers, John C. W., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crothers, William Ayers, 1st VT INF, 01/23/1906, ca-hanford-hanford

Croto, Jerry, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 03/21/1937, vt-southhero-southhero

Croto, Joseph, 13th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO, 11/05/1907, vt-southhero-southhero

Crouch, Darius, 51st MO INF, 03/01/1891, ks-leavenworth-national

Crouch, Seymour Nelson, 4th VT INF, 1st NH HARTY, 02/24/1922, ca-unknown

Crow, Henry, 5th VT INF, 08/06/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Crow, Hugh, 3rd VT INF, 05/24/1864, va-arlington-national

Crow, John, 2nd VT LARTY, 06/16/1864, ga-unknown

Crowe, Hugh, 2nd MA INF, 09/09/1893, vt-randolph-holycross

Crowell, Alexander, 1st VT CAV, 02/07/1913, vt-barnard-village

Crowell, Cromwell G., 9th MA INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crowell, George E., 16th NH INF, 10/14/1916, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Crowell, Philo J., 5th VT INF, 01/10/1883, vt-hydepark-village

Crowell, William H., 16th VT INF, 10/19/1909, vt-barnard-village

Crowell, William H., 3rd VT INF, 09/19/1864, nh-nashua-woodlawn

Crowley, Charles B., 5th VT INF, After 08/05/1876, un-unknown

Crowley, Charles B., 30th NY INF , Unknown, un-unknown

Crowley, Cornelius, 14th VT INF, 07/30/1864, vt-unknown

Crowley, Divine, 11th VT INF, 09/25/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Crowley, Frederick W., 14th VT INF, 08/20/1902, vt-mtholly-mtholly

Crowley, James, 2nd VT LARTY, 09/01/1864, la-porthudson-national

Crowley, John, 11th VT INF, 02/24/1898, vt-albany-village

Crowley, John, 2nd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crowley, John H/P, 13th VT INF, 03/12/1918, vt-rutland-calvary

Crowley, Noah S., 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Crowley, Timothy, 123rd NY INF, 04/26/1902, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Crown, Andrew J., 5th NH INF, VRC, 06/14/1901, vt-unknown

Crown, Augustus H., 10th VT INF, 04/07/1913, ny-kenmore-elmlawn

Crown, George, 2nd VT INF, 05/31/1914, vt-essex-village

Crown, Henry W., 1st MN INF, 1st US Vet Corps, VRC, 12/26/1917, vt-milton-village

Crown, Jesse, 14th VT INF, After 02/07/1863, un-unknown

Crown, John, 5th VT INF, 06/13/1864, vt-fletcher-binghamville

Crown, Samuel, 2nd VT INF, 12/16/1915, vt-milton-village

Crown, William E., 8th VT INF, 05/29/1926, me-portland-evergreen

Crowther, Summersgill Clarkson, 5th VT INF, 09/30/1908, vt-wallingford-maplegrove

Crozier, George L., 2nd VT INF, After 1910, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Crozier, Samuel, 13th VT INF, Before 12/20/1879, un-unknown

Crumb, Sylvester F., 1st VT CAV, 10/13/1862, dc-soldiershome-national

Cuddely, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cudworth, Edgar Eugene, 5th VT INF, 12/05/1922, mo-richland-cudworth

Cudworth, Edwin, 13th VT INF, 03/01/1910, sd-crandon-crandon

Cudworth, Franklin J., 4th VT INF, 05/31/1864, vt-woodbury-center

Cudworth, Harlan P., 16th VT INF, 04/12/1904, ma-nadams-hillside

Cudworth, Irwin C., 14th VT INF, 07/31/1881, vt-shoreham-east

Cuff, Daniel O., 21st MI INF, 08/22/1928, mi-stlouis-oakgrove

Culiton, Patrick, 16th VT INF, 06/17/1902, vt-putney-maplegrove

Cull, Francis E., 123rd NY INF , 05/03/1863, va-unknown

Cull, Frank J., 11th VT INF, VRC, After 09/01/1865, un-unknown

Cull, Freeman, 1st VT INF, 11/03/1905, oh-akron-glendale

Cull, Henry, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/12/1930, il-rivergrove-elmwood

Cull, Henry H., 12th VT INF, 10/17/1890, in-richmond-earlham

Cull, John H., 8th VT INF, 1926, vt-georgia-plains

Cull, Richard T., 7th VT INF, 07/28/1862, la-batonrouge-national

Cullen, Patrick, 17th VT INF, After 10/26/1891, un-unknown

Culligan, Dennis, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Culligan, Joseph H., 1st USSS, Before 02/24/1888, ma-unknown

Culligan, Thomas J., 13th VT INF, After 07/10/1890, un-unknown

Cullin, Charles, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cullum, John, 56th NY INF, 19th NY MIL INF, 12/15/1912, vt-unknown

Culver, Albert F., 2nd USSS, VRC, 12/07/1868, vt-wells-town

Culver, Daniel L., 2nd USSS, 11/23/1912, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Culver, Edwin G., 11th MN INF, 12/18/1911, ks-madison-blakely

Culver, Eliphalet, 9th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/09/1887, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Culver, Elisha W., 15th VT INF, 05/09//1910, mo-kirkwood-oakhill

Culver, Ellery C., 34th OH INF, 36th OH INF, 04/17/1922, ca-losangeles-national

Culver, Elmer A., 5th WI INF, 04/24/1933, wi-oakfield-avoca

Culver, Harry, 2nd USSS, 01/10/1865, vt-wallingford-greenhill

Culver, James Newton, 11th NH INF, 06/20/1910, vt-richford-hillside

Culver, Luke, 19th WI INF, 12/21/1916, wi-king-vets

Culver, Marshall L., 8th NH INF, 12/06/1906, ca-sanfrancisco-national

Culver, Seymour, 8th VT INF, 05/07/1914, vt-royalton-pleasanthill

Culver, Theodore H., 16th NY CAV, 3rd NY PROV CAV, 04/20/1932, mo-jennings-memorial

Culver, William, 8th IA CAV, 10/02/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cummings, Benjamin F., 3rd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 11/19/1928, or-centralpoint-town

Cummings, Charles, 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 09/30/1864, ma-cambridge-mtauburn

Cummings, Charles A., 9th NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cummings, Charles W., 4th VT INF, Before 04/29/1896, un-unknown

Cummings, Cyrus R., 4th MA HARTY, 1900, vt-highgate-center

Cummings, Dennis P., 41st WI INF, 02/26/1920, ca-whittier-mtolive

Cummings, Edmund M., 5th VT INF, 07/02/1862, va-unknown

Cummings, Edward Norris, 17th NH INF, 02/01/1902, nh-colebrook-village

Cummings, Edwin A., 4th VT INF, 02/26/1873, vt-montpelier-cutler

Cummings, Ephraim Chamberlain, 15th VT INF, 12/14/1897, me-portland-evergreen

Cummings, George, 3rd MA CAV, 09/06/1864, vt-northfield-elmwood

Cummings, George P., Unknown, unknown, vt-northfield-elmwood

Cummings, George S., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, 04/06/1911, nh-laconia-bayside

Cummings, George W., 6th VT INF, before 07/29/1893, vt-unknown

Cummings, George W., 6th VT INF, 07/11/1893, vt-danby-scottsville

Cummings, Harlan B., 15th VT INF, 06/06/1914, vt-thetford-pleasantridge

Cummings, Henry, 5th VT INF, 03/11/1885, vt-manchester-factorypoint

Cummings, Henry A., 15th VT INF, 03/05/1894, vt-thetford-evergreenrest

Cummings, Henry J., 3rd NH INF, 08/04/1900, nh-lancaster-summerst

Cummings, Henry O., 4th VT INF, 2ns USSS, 16th VT INF, 1908, ca-colma-greenlawn

Cummings, Hiram P., 5th VT INF, 07/07/1862, va-unknown

Cummings, Hiram R., 15th VT INF, 11/04/1906, vt-burke-hillside

Cummings, James, 4th US CAV, 12/18/1924, vt-fairhaven-stmarys

Cummings, James, 21th IA INF, 08/27/1865, vt-unknown

Cummings, James M., 15th VT INF, 1st NH HARTY, 04/09/1877, nh-littleton-glenwood

Cummings, James M., 4th NH INF, 1st NH HARTY, 04/26/1881, nh-manchester-piscataquog

Cummings, John, MN MTD RNGRS, After 1890, vt-unknown

Cummings, John, 9th VT INF, 01/12/1919, vt-bridport-pinehill

Cummings, John, 1st VT CAV, 12/18/1901, vt-underhill-flats

Cummings, John D., 4th VT INF, unknown, vt-barre-elmwood

Cummings, John W., 11th MN INF, 01/10/1906, nh-manchester-pinegrove

Cummings, Joseph W., 14th NH INF, 11/29/1918, nh-keene-greenlawn

Cummings, Langdon Joseph, 1st VT CAV, 07/05/1919, ia-clinton-springdale

Cummings, Leonard N., 4th VT INF, 04/29/1867, vt-wilmington-intervale

Cummings, Lyman Clark Stewart, 26th NY CAV, 02/08/1916, vt-norwich-newboston

Cummings, Merrilll, 15th VT INF, 10th NY HARTY, 6th NY HARTY, 08/27/1895, vt-unknown

Cummings, Nathan, 6th VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Cummings, Oramel S., 1st VT INF, 01/19/1889, vt-highgate-episcopal

Cummings, Oscar H., 11th VT INF, 01/26/1864, va-arlington-national

Cummings, Owen T., 5th NH INF, 01/03/1910, pa-unknown

Cummings, Silas A., 5th VT INF, 07/04/1862, va-unknown

Cummings, Thomas R., 7th VT INF, 09/27/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Cummings, Timothy Vient, 13th VT INF, 06/01/1913, ma-shadley-notredame

Cummings, William, 14th VT INF, 1926, vt-orwell-stpaul

Cummings, William G., 1st VT CAV, 12/17/1918, ia-cedarrapids-oakhill

Cummings, William H. H., 5th VT INF, 08/02/1862, md-loudonpark-national

Cummings, William H. H., 5th VT INF, 6th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 1916, vt-benson-fairview

Cummins, Jed W., 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cummins, Jesse D., 2nd VT INF, 05/05/1864, va-unknown

Cumston, William, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cune, Dexter, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cunliffe, Thomas, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, Abner Jr., 12th VT INF, 01/19/1900, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Cunningham, Charles, 1st VT CAV, 10/28/1864, sc-beaufort-national

Cunningham, Daniel M., 7th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, Eugene, 39th MA INF, 01/23/1921, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Cunningham, Frank, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, George E., 5th VT INF, 04/06/1923, vt-bolton-west

Cunningham, Henry, 1st NH HARTY, 3/25/1887, ma-unknown

Cunningham, James, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, John, 15th VT INF, 11/05/1882, vt-danville-green

Cunningham, John, Recruit, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, Joseph M., 13th KS INF, 04/30/1916, mn-unknown

Cunningham, Julius, 1st VT CAV, 09/03/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Cunningham, Michael, 4th VT INF, 1st USSS, 02/05/1897, sd-lead-south

Cunningham, Michael, 4th VT INF, VRC, 07/04/1895, vt-burlington-lakeview

Cunningham, Michael, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, Patrick, 9th VT INF, 06/15/1902, ia-farrar-holycross

Cunningham, Robert T., 5th VT INF, 10/09/1864, md-antietam-national

Cunningham, Thomas, 10th VT INF, After 1908, vt-brandon-forestdale

Cunningham, Thomas, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cunningham, Thomas R., 4th VT INF, 04/07/1866, vt-stockbridge-abbott

Cunningham, William, 4th VT INF, 05/10/1864, va-unknown

Cunningham, William, 8th VT INF, after 1880, ny-unknown

Cunningham, William Jr., , 09/06/1862, vt-bolton-west

Curavoo, Antoine, 9th VT INF, 04/18/1911, vt-hinesburg-village

Curby, Abraham, 3rd NH INF, 10/19/1928, ma-unknown

Curler, Charles Sylvanis, 192nd NY INF, 01/05/1944, ia-perry-violethill

Curler, Hiram Jr., 2nd VT LARTY, 04/21/1896, vt-ferrisburgh-basinharbor

Curler, Jesse, 192nd NY INF , 03/26/1901, vt-ferrisburgh-gage

Curler, Lyman D., 2nd VT LARTY, 10/25/1906, ia-perry-violethill

Curran, Daniel, USN, Unknown, un-unknown

Curran, Edward, USMC, 04/12/1908, vt-rutland-evergreen

Curran, Michael, 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Curran, Michael, 1st VT CAV, After 1889, ks-unknown

Curran, Patrick, 1st VT CAV, 1905, vt-islandpond-oldcath

Curran, Patrick, 8th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Currie, David C., 7th VT INF, 05/06/1924, vt-swanton-churchst

Currie, Edgar, 13th VT INF, 05/09/1916, pq-unknown

Currie, Michael, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Currier, Aaron T., 19th IL INF, 03/23/1912, vt-peacham-corner

Currier, Alburn L., 10th VT INF, 10/30/1911, vt-royalton-riverview

Currier, Alonzo J., 3rd VT INF, VRC, 03/19/1920, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Currier, Benjamin O., 6th VT INF, 03/02/1920, pa-unknown

Currier, Daniel Q., 16th VT INF, 04/27/1883, vt-norwich-hillside

Currier, Elijah R. Sabine, 4th VT INF, 06/17/1862, vt-corinth-center

Currier, Frank, 5th VT INF, 10/26/1862, va-alexandria-national

Currier, Frederick P., 15th VT INF, 1907, ma-northampton-bridgest

Currier, George, 15th VT INF, 01/08/1866, vt-thetford-east

Currier, George, 9th VT INF, 11/04/1864, va-hampton-national

Currier, George A., 1st VT CAV, 02/07/1908, vt-bloomfield-bloomfield

Currier, George A., 2nd USSS, 05/06/1864, va-unknown

Currier, George W., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 02/03/1919, vt-unknown

Currier, George W., 3rd VT INF, 12/02/1922, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Currier, Henry A., 9th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 08/26/1913, vt-cornwall-evergreen

Currier, Henry M., 4th VT INF, VRC, 1907, vt-brattleboro-prospecthill

Currier, Isaac B., 17th VT INF, 01/28/1913, ct-middlefield-middlefield

Currier, Isaac S., 3rd VT INF, 08/12/1927, pa-unknown

Currier, Israel I., 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 11/15/1878, vt-wolcott-fairmount

Currier, John S., 16th VT INF, 08/28/1899, vt-hartford-west

Currier, John W., 4th VT INF, 10/28/1905, vt-bradford-upperplain

Currier, John Winnick, 10th MA INF, 1st VA INF, USA, 05/21/1914, nh-goffstown-westlawn

Currier, Joseph E., 8th VT INF, 12/26/1921, vt-hartford-springfield

Currier, Joseph L., 3rd VT INF, 09/26/1919, pa-philadelphia-mtvernon

Currier, Leander F., 15th VT INF, 10/15/1910, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Currier, Lewis, 7th VT INF, 11/10/1862, la-neworleans-carrollton

Currier, Lucian A., 15th VT INF, 12/15/1862, va-alexandria-national

Currier, Martin L., 10th VT INF, 03/03/1900, il-quincy-woodland

Currier, Milo L., 1st VT CAV, 1924, nh-gorham-lary

Currier, Morrill, 5th VT INF, 02/18/1892, vt-richford-hillside

Currier, Samuel Hammond, 8th VT INF, 05/24/1895, vt-norwich-fairview

Currier, Selden B., 4th VT INF, 01/15/1910, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Currier, Simeon, 7th VT INF, 10/14/1900, nh-canaan-west

Currier, Stephen, 11th VT INF, 09/19/1864, va-unknown

Currier, William H., 1st VT CAV, After 06/17/1875 - Before 1890, un-unknown

Currier, William M., 3rd VT INF, 03/31/1900, vt-islandpond-oldprot

Currin, Robert, 5th VT INF, USA, after 1904, ny-unknown

Currin, Valentine M., 15th VT INF, 12/23/1911, nh-unknown

Curry, Charles D., 10th VT INF, 12/10/1915, vt-fairfax-sanderson

Curry, Hiram Scott, 1st VT INF, 03/18/1927, co-pueblo-roselawn

Curry, John, 2nd ME CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Curry, John, 1st MN INF, 05/05/1911, mn-minneapolis-lakewood

Curtin, Lorenzo D., 4th MI INF, After 06/30/1884, ks-unknown

Curtis, Abram B., 12th VT INF, After 1890, ny-ticonderoga-mthope

Curtis, Alfred, 11th VT INF, 12/23/1863, vt-stockbridge-mtpleasant

Curtis, Antipas H., 1st VT CAV, 09/27/1928, nh-stratford-center

Curtis, Charles D., 16th NY CAV, 06/22/1888, va-hampton-national

Curtis, Charles D., 192nd NY INF , 06/22/1888, va-hampton-national

Curtis, Charles L., 16th NY CAV, 13th MI INF, 02/25/1890, vt-burlington-lakeview

Curtis, Charles S., 11th VT INF, Before 05/19/1887, un-unknown

Curtis, Clark, 2nd VT INF, 08/21/1864, va-unknown

Curtis, Cornelius P., 11th VT INF, 04/1893, oh-piqua-foresthill

Curtis, Edward J., 11th VT INF, After 1890, ma-worcester-hope

Curtis, Edward Malcolm, 1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 6th VT INF, 05/12/1874, vt-burlington-lakeview

Curtis, Francis, 9th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Curtis, Francis, 17th VT INF, 06/17/1864, va-arlington-national

Curtis, George A., 1st VT CAV, Unknown, UN-unknown

Curtis, George L., 5th VT INF, after 04/17/1911, ct-unknown

Curtis, George W., 1st VT CAV, 11/10/1910, ny-syracuse-myrtlehill

Curtis, Henry, 11th VT INF, 05/30/1896, vt-orange-orangecenter

Curtis, Henry Adams, 1st VT CAV, 03/21/1905, dc-washington-tacomapark

Curtis, Hiram William, 4th IA CAV, 10/25/1864, ks-moundcity-woodland

Curtis, Hosea B., 10th VT INF, 08/29/1916, mi-clio-thetford

Curtis, J. Dudley, 57th NY INF, Unknown, vt-bennington-hinsdillville

Curtis, James W., 15th VT INF, 12/03/1891, vt-waterford-west

Curtis, John B., 13th MA INF, 07/27/1909, wi-wood-national

Curtis, John W., 1st VT CAV, After 1890, ma-unknown

Curtis, Joshua T., 33rd IA INF, 10/04/1894, ia-knoxville-graceland

Curtis, Lafayette, USN, 09/11/1902, ny-jordan-maplegrove

Curtis, Loren, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Curtis, Martin M., 53rd WI INF, Unknown, wi-ontario-oldontario

Curtis, Mason B., 12th VT INF, 09/02/1906, vt-orange-orangecenter

Curtis, Seth, 15th NY ENG, 04/24/1911, ny-alfred-rural

Curtis, Stephen Hampshire, 9th VT INF, 06/17/1920, pq-clarenceville-baptist

Curtis, Timothy C., 7th VT INF, 06/28/1895, nh-franklin-franklin

Curtis, Warren, 1st VT LARTY, 06/04/1862, la-unknown

Curtis, William, 10th VT INF, 05/06/1932, vt-newport-eastmain

Curtis, William Buckingham, 19th IL INF, 06/30/1900, ny-bronx-woodlawn

Curtis, William C., 1st VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Curtis, William H., 16th NY INF, 08/27/1905, vt-cambridge-mtview

Curtiss, John Barney, 13th MA INF, 07/27/1909, wi-wood-national

Cusack, James, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 02/15/1889, vt-rutland-calvary

Cushing, Alexander M., 2nd MA INF, 11/24/1864, vt-townshend-oakwood

Cushing, Amos Louis, 4th VT INF, 06/03/1920, vt-greensboro-stmichaels

Cushing, Charles C., 7th MN INF, 1876, mn-afton-mthope

Cushing, George W., 9th VT INF, 08/16/1921, vt-montgomery-village

Cushing, Nathan, 9th NH INF, 60th MA INF, 08/01/1928, vt-woodstock-riverside

Cushing, Noah L, 44th NY INF, 01/04/1936, vt-bakersfield-stgeorge

Cushing, Oliver T., 112th PA INF, 06/03/1864, va-unknown

Cushman, Adolphus J., 6th VT INF, 12/23/1918, vt-bristol-briggs

Cushman, Albert H., 33rd NY LARTY, 3rd VT LARTY, 10/21/1917, vt-royalton-riverview

Cushman, Carlos B., 3rd VT LARTY, Before 02/27/1877, vt-tunbridge-village

Cushman, Charles J. F., 10th VT INF, 12/24/1891, vt-unknown

Cushman, Clarence E., 1st VT CAV, 05/08/1864, va-unknown

Cushman, Cornelius J., 12th VT INF, 01/19/1915, ok-lamont-lamont

Cushman, Daniel W., 2nd VT INF, 05/12/1864, va-unknown

Cushman, Edmond E., 3rd VT INF, 04/25/1918, vt-bethel-cherryhill

Cushman, Elijah L., 6th VT INF, 07/01/1884, vt-burlington-stjoseph

Cushman, Francis Clark, 8th VT INF, 09/14/1912, ne-kimball-kimball

Cushman, George H., 4th VT INF, 06/23/1864, va-unknown

Cushman, Harley, 16th NY HARTY , 03/12/1918, ny-unknown

Cushman, Henry, 121st NY INF, 1919, vt-charleston-west

Cushman, Henry Theodore, 4th VT INF, 05/11/1922, vt-bennington-village

Cushman, Holmes, 10th VT INF, 07/01/1894, vt-morrisville-pleasantview

Cushman, John Halsey, 4th VT INF, 10/28/1877, vt-bennington-village

Cushman, Joseph, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cushman, Milo H., 3rd VT LARTY, 02/11/1916, ma-merrimac-locustgrove

Cushman, Myron, 8th IL CAV, 10/27/1916, ks-kirwin-kirwin

Cushman, Oliver Tucker, 1st VT CAV, 06/03/1864, vt-hartland-village

Cuthbert, Andrew, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Cuthbert, John, 3rd VT INF, 07/10/1863, va-unknown

Cuthbert, Robert Jr., 1st VT CAV, 11/27/1901, nh-keene-greenlawn

Cutler, Aaron P., 3rd VT INF, 09/29/1913, vt-northfield-mthope

Cutler, Charles, 3rd VT INF, after 1890 - before 01/21/1901, vt-springfield-summerhill

Cutler, Charles A., 8th VT INF, 70th USCI, 03/09/1900, vt-brookline-riverside

Cutler, Charles F., 7th VT INF, 09/03/1862, la-chalmette-national

Cutler, Clark, 13th MI INF, Aft 09/19/1903, mi-grandrapids-vets

Cutler, Cornelius W., 4th VT INF, 05/26/1903, vt-woodford-city

Cutler, Daniel W., 6th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cutler, Dean P., 2nd MI CAV, 08/16/1925, mi-badaxe-colfax

Cutler, Edward A., USN, 12/11/1887, vt-whitingham-riverview

Cutler, Ezekiel, 31st IA INF, after 05/16/1870 - before 12/04/1893, ia-unknown

Cutler, Fred L., 4th MN INF, 2nd MN CAV, After 05/01/1886, un-unknown

Cutler, George A., USN, 10/11/1905, vt-stamford-houghton

Cutler, Harvey M., 1st VT LARTY, VRC, 1920, vt-northfield-aldrich

Cutler, Henry, 11th VT INF, 06/15/1887, ma-holyoke-forestdale

Cutler, James M., 3rd VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cutler, Jerome, 2nd VT INF, 09/21/1899, va-vashon-vashonisland

Cutler, John A., 1st VT LARTY, 06/09/1864, la-unknown

Cutler, John D., 16th VT INF, 1908, vt-springfield-summerhill

Cutler, Loren George, 22nd IA INF, Before 5/29/1916, ia-dumont-harland

Cutler, Lorenzo D., 13th VT INF, 07/24/1863, vt-montpelier-cutler

Cutler, Marcus M., 7th OH INF, 08/11/1896, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Cutler, William, 31st MA INF, 03/18/1893, vt-pownal-center

Cutler, William H., 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cutter, Calvin L., 193rd NY INF , After 1870, ny-unknown

Cutter, Foster C., 8th MN INF, unknown, mn-unknown

Cutter, Marshall, 1st MN BTRY, unknown, un-unknown

Cutting, Abraham, 11th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Cutting, Addison H., 19th US INF, 09/16/1933, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cutting, Asa, 9th VT INF, 12/13/1906, ma-colrain-northriver

Cutting, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 01/20/1923, mi-unknown

Cutting, Daniel F., 7th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 02/22/1907, ma-northampton-bridgest

Cutting, Edgar W., 11th NY CAV, 03/13/1905, oh-dayton-national

Cutting, George E., 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, unknown, un-unknown

Cutting, George E., 13th VT INF, before 01/10/1896, mt-unknown

Cutting, Henry C., 7th IA CAV, 01/16/1927, la-unknown

Cutting, Hiram B., 2nd MN INF, 01/26/1872, ia-hesper-public

Cutting, Hiram E., 5th CA INF, 03/01/1890, ca-losangeles-national

Cutting, Horace W., 11th VT INF, 04/29/1914, vt-concord-graves

Cutting, James K., 5th VT INF, 03/24/1898, vt-bristol-greenwood

Cutting, Myron D., 7th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 04/22/1927, vt-starksboro-greenmount

Cutting, Oliver B., 11th VT INF, 01/16/1924, vt-concord-village

Cutting, Orange P., 16th VT INF, 02/28/1863, vt-fairlee-south

Cutting, Samuel C., 1st VT CAV, 12/19/1899, vt-guilford-center

Cutting, Samuel Upton, 13th VT INF, 04/30/1890, vt-bakersfield-maplegrove

Cutting, Wallace B., 4th VT INF, VRC, 10/24/1881, vt-bennington-oldfirstchurch

Cutting, William J., 4th VT INF, 05/07/1864, va-unknown

Cutting, William W., 1st USSS, 05/30/1895, vt-rutland-evergreen

Cutts, Allen E., 9th VT INF, 03/28/1933, vt-barre-elmwood

Cutts, Frank E., 9th VT INF, 08/26/1907, vt-barre-elmwood

Cutts, Loren, 9th VT INF, 01/10/1863, md-annapolis-national

Cutts, Moses M., 13th US INF, 12/23/1861, vt-pittsford-evergreen

Cutts, Samuel K., 93rd NY INF, 07/13/1862, vt-brandon-pinehill

Cutts, Thomas M., 5th VT INF, 01/13/1896, ne-lincoln-wyuka

Cutts, Tildon, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS, unknown, un-unknown

Cuturia, Joseph L., 8th VT INF, After 1890, ny-stregis-stannes

Cyr, Jean, 6th NH INF, 03/26/1904, vt-canaan-assumption

Cyr, Leander, 9th NY CAV, 06/29/1895, vt-charlotte-barber

Dabney, Jose, USN, 09/21/1909, bz-unknown

Dachno, Antoine, 14th VT INF, 02/06/1881, mi-michigamme-lakeview

Dady, Ebenezer L., 15th US INF, 04/20/1898, vt-jamaica-southwindham

Daflin, George A., 1st MN HARTY, unknown, un-unknown

Daggett, Albert M., 14th NH INF, 05/01/1925, vt-grafton-village

Daggett, Calvin W., 11th VT INF, Before 09/20/1904, ma-brockton-melrose

Daggett, Charles R., 6th VT INF, 07/29/1864, va-yorktown-national

Daggett, David O., 1st USSS, VRC, After 01/09/1888, un-unknown

Daggett, Frank E., 1st VT INF, 5th MN INF, 117th US CINF, 10/14/1876, mn-litchfield-litchfield

Daggett, Hiram S., 2nd VT INF, 12/25/1861, un-unknown

Daggett, James C., 2nd USSS, 07/21/1912, vt-jamaica-pleasantview

Daggett, James H., 33rd MA INF, 11/25/1890, vt-westminster-new

Daggett, Joseph Nathaniel, 10th VT INF, 43rd USCI, 03/24/1902, ny-brooklyn-greenwood

Daggett, Samuel L., 11th VT INF, 08/23/1923, vt-saxtonsriver-village

Dailey, Andrew, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Dailey, Andrew, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Dailey, Daniel, 5th US ARTY, 01/18/1903, vt-dorset-stjerome

Dailey, George, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Dailey, Timothy Jr., 7th VT INF, 12/03/1904, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Dailey, Zimri Richard, 4th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Daily, Edmund, 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 04/12/1906, vt-strafford-evergreen

Daines, Anson F., 2nd NY HARTY , 12/16/1891, ny-hannawa-riverside

Dainton, Jacob, 31st MA INF, 02/15/1888, ct-meriden-west

Daire, Joseph, 9th VT INF, 04/26/1896, mn-minneapolis-stmarys

Daisey, Edward, 17th VT INF, 11/11/1920, ma-unknown

Dake, Charles H., 12th VT INF, 12/08/1864, vt-windsor-oldsouth

Dake, George W., 100th IL INF, 09/13/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Dake, Isah, 30th WI INF, After 12/31/1883, ks-unknown

Dake, Orrin L., 2nd VT INF, 12/13/1925, ca-losangeles-national

Dake, William, 2nd VT INF, 1922, ny-portville-chestnuthill

Dakin, Henry, 13th VT INF, Before 08/12/1896, un-unknown

Dakin, Peter, 4th VT INF, 07/25/1916, vt-ferrisburgh-north

Dalaba, James, 93rd NY INF, 02/20/1909, ny-johnsburg-bates

Dalaba, John, 11th VT INF, 07/21/1923, fl-newportrichey-pinehill

Dale, John J., 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF, 05/15/1896, vt-townshend-oakwood

Daley, James, 5th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Daley, John, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Daley, John, 10th VT INF, 05/02/1911, vt-ludlow-pleasantview

Daley, John, 17th VT INF, unknown, un-unknown

Daley, John, 10th VT INF, unknown, mi-oscoda-pinecrest

Daley, Jonathan, 5th NY INF, unknown, vt-brattleboro-stmichaels

Daley, Joseph, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Daley, O. P., 40th IA INF, After 09/30/1882, ks-unknown

Daley, Orrin, 6th VT INF, 04/13/1916, vt-montpelier-greenmount

Daley, Patrick, 17th VT INF, 08/26/1928, ri-burrillville-stpatricks

Daley, Robert Barnard, 13th OH CAV, 03/16/1910, ne-tekamah-tekamah

Daley, Vespucius, 3rd VT INF, unknown, nh-haverhill-east

Dallas, Ned, Slave, 08/26/1917, vt-stowe-riverbank

Dalley, Daniel, 10th VT INF, 11/17/1925, vt-waterbury-village

Dalliston, James W., 14th VT INF, 07/03/1863, pa-unknown

Dalphy, William, 1st VT CAV, 01/14/1899, il-chicago-greenwood

Dalrymple, David Henry, 115th NY INF, 06/25/1912, mi-fisherville-pinegrove

Dalton, Caleb S., 13th NH INF, 1895, vt-canaan-village

Dalton, Cornelius M., USN, unknown, un-unknown

Dalton, David, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Dalton, Flavius J., 8th VT INF, 15th VT INF, 09/22/1884, vt-stjohnsbury-mtpleasant

Dalton, James, USN, unknown, un-unknown

Dam, Charles A., 4th VT INF, 08/21/1917, ma-unknown

Damon, Aaron D., 26th NY CAV, 02/22/1885, vt-springfield-summerhill

Damon, Andrew J., 7th NY ARTY, 10/11/1864, ga-andersonville-national

Damon, Charles A. J., 23rd WI INF, 1913, wi-mazomanie-mazomanie

Damon, George, 14th VT INF, 03/14/1863, vt-arlington-stjames

Damon, George B., 10th VT INF, 04/20/1885, ia-desmoines-woodland

Damon, George B., 2nd NH INF, unknown, un-unknown

Damon, George M., 3rd VT INF, 10/29/1862, va-alexandria-national

Damon, Herman Cooms, 7th VT INF, 01/09/1906, vt-ripton-cook

Damon, Hiram, 3rd VT INF, 03/12/1905, ne-tilden-ioof

Damon, Holman W., 15th VT INF, 05/09/1918, vt-stjohnsbury-grove

Damon, John E., 30th MA HARTY, 02/19/1914, ma-springfield-springfield

Damon, John Griffen, 11th VT INF, 12/01/1913, ca-sanpedro-harborview

Damon, Major S., 7th VT INF, 04/1905, or-medford-