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Virtual Cemeteries

Burials of Vermont-born Soldiers

Fairbanks, Wayland E. - Fairview Cemetery, Newfane, VT (8th VT INF, 16th VT INF)
Fairchild, Henry Clark - Hanover Cemetery, Hanover, NJ (3rd VT INF)
Fairfield, George W. - Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA (8th VT INF, US CMSRY DEPT)
Farmer, George W. - Holman Cemetery, Salisbury, VT (9th VT INF, USA)
Farnham, Eugene - Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. Johnsbury, VT (12th US INF)
Farnham, Joseph C. - Holy Cross Cemetery, Duxbury, VT (1st VT CAV)
Farnham, Lorenzo Dow - Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA (11th VT INF)
Farr, Alvan E. - St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Henryville, IN (12th VT INF, 198th PA INF, 10th US INF, 16th US INF, 17th US INF, 26th US INF)
Farr, Edward P. - Riverside Cemetery, Pierre, SD (10th VT INF, USV)
Farrar, Jerome S. - Riverton Cemetery, Berlin, VT (9th VT INF)
Faulkner, Morgan L. - Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, VT (116th NY INF, 88th US CINF)
Fenn, Francis - Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, VT (1st VT INF)
Fernau, Franklin W. - Warren Cemetery, Warren, VT (12th US INF)
Fifield, Benjamin F. - Woodland Cemetery, Monroe, MI (US VOLS)
Finley, George - Old Catholic Cemetery, Highgate, VT (56th MA INF, 34th US INF)
Finney, William G. - St. Bernards Cemetery, Fitchburg, MA (9th NH INF, USA)
Fisher, Albert G. - Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA (6th VT INF)
Flanders, Abner - Pleasant View Cemetery, Ludlow, VT (9th VT INF, 17th US INF)
Fletcher, William W. - Lakeview Cemetery, South Haven, MI (9th VT INF)
Fogret, Adolphus - Final resting place unknown, , Unknown (17th US INF)
Follansbee, George W. - Riverview Cemetery, Warren, ME (12th US INF)
Foster, George Perkins - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (4th VT INF)
Foster, George Washington - Fairview Cemetery, Calais, VT (173rd NY INF, 74th USCI)
Foster, Jones L. - Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, IA (11th VT INF, 30th USCI)
Foster, Samuel - Beaver Lodge Cemetery, Ekalaka, MT (2nd MN INF)
Fowler, Thomas - Sadawga Cemetery, Whitingham, VT (31st MA INF)
Fox, Patrick - Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI (USMC, 5th VT INF, USA)
Freeman, Henry James - Veterans Home Cemetery, Bennington, VT (9th VT INF, 11th VT INF)
Freeman, Israel L. - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (43rd USCI)
Freeman, Nelson Orlando - West Batavia Cemetery, Batavia, IL (66th IL INF, 63rd US CINF)
Freeman, William - East Monkton Cemetery, Monkton, VT (1st VT INF, 6th VT INF)
Fremont, Sewell Lawrence - Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC (1st Corps NC ARTY and ENG)
French, Albert V. - Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Augusta, ME (19th ME INF, US VRC)
French, Edward - Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. Johnsbury, VT (1st USSS)
French, George Foster - Lunenburg Corners Cemetery, Lunenburg, VT (8th VT INF)
Frizzell, Charles H. - Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT (5th NH INF)
Fuller, Dennis Moulton - Linwood Park Cemetery, Boone, IA (6th WI INF)
Fuller, George H. - Evergreen Cemetery, Delhi, IA (27th IA INF, 87th US CINF)