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Virtual Cemeteries

Burials of Vermont-born Soldiers

Manney, John - Prospect Cemetery, Middlebury, VT (9th VT INF)
Mansfield, John B. - Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, KS (US INF)
Marden, Riley Hull - Oak Grove Cemetery, Fergus Falls, MN (4th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 127th USCI)
Marr, John - St. Johns Cemetery, Northfield, VT (17th US INF)
Marr, Patrick Jr. - St. Mary Cemetery, New Britain, CT (16th VT INF)
Martin, William P. - Fairmount Cemetery, Wolcott, VT (1st VT CAV)
Mason, Dan - Westlook Cemetery, Glover, VT (6th VT INF, 19th US CINF)
Mathews, James A. - Union Cemetery, Lincolnville, ME (8th VT INF, 76th US CINF)
Maynard, Edgar Monroe - Mountain View Cemetery, Waterville, VT (1st US ARTY)
McAvoy, Edward - St. Joseph Cemetery, Burlington, VT (4th US INF)
McDougall, Thomas Mower - Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA (7th US CAV, 48th USC INF, 5th US Vol., 14th US INF, 10th LA INF)
McGibbon, James R. - Goshen Cemetery, Goshen, VT (USMC, 5th VT INF, USA)
McGovern, Patrick - St. Mary Cemetery, Richmond, VT (9th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 4th US INF)
McKay, Luther W. - Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, NY (4th VT INF, USA, 7th VT INF)
McKinstry, Horace L. - Natchez National Cemetery, Natchez, MS (4th IL INF, 4th IL CAV, 5th US CHARTY)
McLaughlin, Napoleon B. - Maple Grove Cemetery, Worcester, NY (57th MA INF, 4th US CAV, USV)
McLeran, Benjamin F. - Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA (USN)
McMahon, John - Holy Cross Cemetery, Duxbury, VT (7th US INF, 13th US INF)
Merchant, Thomas William - Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, TX (44th US INF, 17th US INF, 12th US INF)
Merriam, Samuel E. - Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY)
Miles, Austin - Lyndon Center Cemetery, Lyndon, VT (3rd VT INF, 5th US CAV)
Miles, Hiram B. - Pleasant View Cemetery, Barnet, VT (14th US INF)
Miles, Jeremiah - Middlesex Center Cemetery, Middlesex, VT (26th USCI)
Miller, Allen P. - Edson Cemetery, Lowell, MA (4th VT INF, 2nd USSS)
Miller, Crosby Park - Post Cemetery, West Point, NY (16th VT INF, USA)
Millis, Wesley J. - Groton Cemetery, Groton, VT (MA CAV)
Miner, Nelson - Lee Cemetery, Lincoln, VT (9th VT INF, USA)
Monroe, William Leander - East Poultney Cemetery, Poultney, VT (1st US Vet Corps)
Montgomery, Marshall - Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. Johnsbury, VT (3rd VT INF, 10th USCI)
Monty, Laben Leroy - Evergreen Cemetery, Everett, WA (118th NY INF, 1st VT CAV, 5th US ARTY)
Moody, Nathaniel Robinson - Riverbank Cemetery, Stowe, VT (12th US INF)
Moore, William Archibald - Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, SD (45th IL INF, 4th US VET VOL INF)
Morey, Arthur Paine - Crown Hill Cemetery, Sedalia, MO (7th SQDRN RI CAV, 22th US CINF)
Morgan, Jay Hosford Morgan - Pine Grove Cemetery, Warner, NH (2nd NY VET CAV)
Morgan, William Henry - Edson Cemetery, Lowell, MA (12th US INF)
Morris, John E. - Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland, OR (132nd NY INF )
Mott, Langdon - Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA (9th VT INF, USA)
Mower, Joseph Anthony - Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA (1st US INF, 11th MO VOLS, USV, 39th US INF)
Mower, Oscar G. - Elmwood Avenue Cemetery, Burlington, VT (1st VT INF, USA)
Mudge, Harry Henry - Fort McCoy Cemetery, Fort McCoy, FL (5th VT INF, 9th VT INF, USA)
Munn, Ira Gray - Holy Cross Cemetery, Duxbury, VT (12th US INF)
Munson, Charles P. - Munson Cemetery, Colchester, VT (12th US INF)
Myers, Winslow S. - Odd Fellows Cemetery, The Dalles, OR (6th VT INF, 49th USCI)