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Burials of Vermont-born Sailors

Jackson, Lorenzo - Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Portland, OR (USN)
Jaquith, William P. - Easton Cemetery, Easton, PA (USN)
Johndrew, John - St. Marys Cemetery, Norwalk, CT (USN)
Johnson, Frederick A. - Pleasant Street Cemetery, Claremont, NH (USN, 5th NH INF)
Johnson, Henry Lewis - Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT (USN)
Johnson, Joshua G. - Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, NJ (USN)
Johnston, David - Riverside Cemetery, Swanton, VT (USN)
Jones, Nelson - Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, OH (USN)
Jones, William Hugh - Poultney Cemetery, Poultney, VT (USN)
Judd, George M. - Bath National Cemetery, Bath, NY (USN)
Judkins, Emery Glidden - Pleasant Street Cemetery, Claremont, NH (USN)