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NY - Lakewood Cemetery, Cooperstown
NY - Schenevus Cemetery, Schenevus
NY - Cobleskill Cemetery, Cobleskill
NH - Old Main Street Cemetery, New London
MN - Lexington Baptist Cemetery, Lexington
VT - St. Marys Cemetery, Swanton
NV - Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City
FL - Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow
CO - Loveland Burial Park , Loveland
OK - Cottonwood Cemetery, Hitchcock
MN - Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis
DE - Mount Salem Cemetery, Wilmington
DC - Soldiers Home National Cemetery, Washington
DC - Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington
DC - Glenwood Cemetery, Washington
DC - Congressional Cemetery, Washington
IA - Osage Cemetery, Osage
VT - New Cemetery, Landgrove
CO - Tomichi Cemetery, White Pine
NE - Maple Grove Cemetery, Cedar Bluffs

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