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Soldiers buried in Vermont who served in Illinois Units

Adams, Anson Jr. -- 108th IL INF -- Elmwood Cemetery, Northfield
Ashley, Lucian -- 10th IL CAV -- Ellis-Ashley Cemetery, Barnard
Ashley, Norris Jr. -- 20th IL INF -- Ellis-Ashley Cemetery, Barnard
Baldwin, Rollin E. -- 10th IL INF, 1st US VET VOL ENGRS -- Dellwood Cemetery, Manchester
Ballou, Alvin -- 123rd IL INF -- West Halifax Cemetery, Halifax
Barnes, Horace -- 8th IL CAV -- Spear Street Cemetery, Shelburne
Barstow, Herman J. -- 36th IL INF -- Eldridge Cemetery, South Burlington
Bickford, Owen -- 77th IL LARTY -- South Albany Cemetery, Albany
Bishop, George Hubbard -- 52nd IL INF -- Elmwood Cemetery, Barre
Blanchard, Nathaniel -- 11th IL INF -- Peacham Corner Cemetery, Peacham
Brock, Robert Harvey -- 77th IL INF -- Pleasant View Cemetery, Barnet
Buck, Harmon A. -- 150th IL INF -- Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington
Bullett, Charles B. -- 7th VT INF, 142nd IL INF -- Greenwood Cemetery, St. Albans
Burford, James A. -- 9th IL CAV -- Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Albans
Chapin, Oliver Howard -- Sturgis Rifles IL INF -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro
Chase, Charles M. -- 13th IL INF -- Lyndon Center Cemetery, Lyndon
Chase, Worthy N. H. -- 110th IL INF, 53rd USCI -- Glebe View Cemetery, Londonderry
Clark, Lyman W. -- 108th IL INF -- Village Cemetery, Bennington
Clark, Orrin R. -- 95th IL INF, VRC -- Village Cemetery, Essex
Cleveland, John K. -- 46th IL INF -- St. Albans Point Cemetery, St. Albans
Cole, Lewis B. -- 88th IL INF -- Thomas Chittenden Cemetery, Williston
Currier, Aaron T. -- 19th IL INF -- Peacham Corner Cemetery, Peacham
Draper, Theodore -- 69th IL INF -- Shaftsbury Village Cemetery, Shaftsbury
Dunton, Henry R. -- 95th IL INF -- Maple Hill Cemetery, Dorset
Evans, Charles H. -- 134th IL INF -- Danville Green Cemetery, Danville
Farrington, David Cornelius -- 4th IL CAV -- Groton Cemetery, Groton
Frost, Bradley M. -- 104th IL INF -- Groton Cemetery, Groton
Gates, Fordyce Alanson -- 105th IL INF -- Hunt Cemetery, Tunbridge
Gilchrist, Ezra K. -- 89th IL INF -- McIndoe Falls Cemetery, Barnet
Gordon, Thomas H. -- 69th IL INF -- Fairview Cemetery, Wardsboro
Green, Hiland Edgar -- 11th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland
Griswold, Charles M. -- 5th IL CAV -- Randolph Center Cemetery, Randolph
Harding, Benjamin Franklin -- 104th IL INF -- Methodist Cemetery, Barnard
Heald, Dwight Smith -- 9th IL CAV -- Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington
Hill, David N. -- 9th VT INF, 14th IL CAV -- New Mechanicsville Cemetery, Mount Holly
Howard, Lysander J. -- 8th IL CAV -- East Jamaica Cemetery, Jamaica
Hudson, Roswell S. -- 122nd IL INF -- Hudson Cemetery, Marshfield
Hunt, Luther B. -- 45th IL INF, 138th IL INF -- Sanderson Corners Cemetery, Fairfax
Hutchinson, William Alpheus -- 9th IL INF -- West Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield
Jones, Charles H. -- 10th IL CAV -- Maple Grove Cemetery, Wallingford
Keith, Cyrus E. -- 19th IL INF -- East Barnard Cemetery, Barnard
Kelley, Isaac Dixon -- 105th IL INF -- West Street Cemetery, Rutland
Kelley, Thomas Benton -- 8th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland
Kelly, Anson W. -- 28th IL INF -- Derby Line Cemetery, Derby
Keyes, Asahel -- 33rd IL INF -- Veterans Home Cemetery, Bennington
Lamb, Albert -- 129th IL INF -- South View Cemetery, Randolph
Lee, Diton -- 39th IL INF -- Maple Hill Cemetery, Dorset
Loomis, Charles -- UNID IL INF -- Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier
Loveland, Julian Merrill -- Pvt, Co. H, 146th IL INF -- Hillside Cemetery, Castleton
Luce, Ira -- 25th IL INF -- May be buried in ...,
McGaffey, Andrew -- 15th IL INF -- Elmwood Avenue Cemetery, Burlington
McWain, Nathaniel -- 96th IL INF -- Maple Hill Cemetery, Dorset
Meacham, Marshal E. -- 104th IL INF -- Old Cemetery, Benson
Mills, Sanford James -- 138th IL INF -- Common Cemetery, Craftsbury
Morehouse, Warren E. -- 46th IL INF -- Underhill Flats Cemetery, Underhill
Olena, Medore -- 89th IL INF -- Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Albans
Parker, George W. -- 129th IL INF -- West Bradford Cemetery, Bradford
Parkhurst, Irving Wright -- 36th IL INF -- Cedar Grove Cemetery, Fair Haven
Peabody, James G. -- 3rd IL CAV -- McIndoe Falls Cemetery, Barnet
Price, Samuel H. -- 9th IL CAV -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro
Ray, Henry J. -- 36th IL INF, 14th VT INF -- Village Cemetery, Hinesburg
Rowland, Alexander -- USN, 14th IL INF -- Fairfax Plains Cemetery, Fairfax
Slattery, William F. -- 153rd IL INF -- Park Lawn Cemetery, Bennington
Smith, Eugene A. -- 34th IL INF -- Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington
Smith, Frank W. -- 91st IL INF -- Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington
Smith, George F. -- UNID IL INF -- Maple Hill Cemetery, Washington
Smith, Thurston -- 89th IL INF -- May be buried in ...,
Spicer, Forest D. -- 13th IL CAV, 3rd VT INF -- Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Bridgewater
Stannard, Curtis Young -- 17th VT INF, 18th IL INF -- Maple Hill Cemetery, Dorset
Stearns, Mahlon A. -- 13th IL INF -- Old Cemetery, Waterbury
Stevens, Charles -- 25th IL INF -- South View Cemetery, Randolph
Straight, J. Henry -- 65th IL INF -- Oak Hill Cemetery, Bellows Falls
Sweet, Orlando P. -- 93rd IL INF -- Mountain View Cemetery, Lowell
Swinyer, Stephen Jefferson -- 17th IL INF -- Woodlawn Cemetery, Rochester
Taft, Daniel E. -- 6th VT INF, 134th IL INF, 2nd IL INF -- Taftsville Cemetery, Woodstock
Thatcher, Alfred H. -- 134th IL INF -- Village Cemetery, Bennington
Thomas, Chester G. -- 129th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Pittsford
Timony, James P. -- 2nd IL LARTY -- Hillside Cemetery, Castleton
Town, Hanson M. -- 8th IL CAV -- Maple Grove Cemetery, Franklin
Walker, George W. -- 13th IL INF -- Forestdale Cemetery, Brandon
Walker, Joseph M. -- 36th IL IN, 23rd IL INF -- Village Cemetery, Williamstown
Warner, Charles Benjamin -- 3rd IL CAV -- Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington
Waters, Alonzo -- 10th VT INF, 53rd IL INF -- May be buried in ...,
Way, Harvey L. -- 65th IL INF, 146th IL INF -- Stannard Cemetery, Stannard
Webster, Lewis Benajah -- 14th WI INF, 58th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland
Whipple, William C. -- 147th IL INF -- Hewittville Cemetery, Pomfret
Williams, John K. -- 104th IL INF -- Gilead Cemetery, Bethel
Wilson, George W. -- 76th IL INF, 16th VRC -- Poultney Cemetery, Poultney
Woodbury, Henry Harrison -- 46th IL INF -- Highland Cemetery, Woodstock
Woodhouse, George W. -- 146th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland
Worcester, Charles J. -- 138th IL INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Pittsford
Wright, Charles Hall -- 25th IL INF -- East Shoreham Cemetery, Shoreham
Young, Alexander K. -- 18th IL INF -- Green Hill Cemetery, Wallingford