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Virtual Cemeteries


Waitsfield, Irasville Cemetery
Waitsfield, Wait Cemetery
Waitsfield, Waitsfield Common Cemetery
Waitsfield, Waitsfield Village Cemetery
Walden, Houston Hill Cemetery
Walden, North Walden Cemetery
Walden, Noyesville Cemetery
Walden, South Walden Cemetery
Walden, Stevens Cemetery
Walden, Walden Heights Cemetery
Wallingford, Green Hill Cemetery
Wallingford, Maple Grove Cemetery
Wallingford, St. Patricks Cemetery
Wallingford, Sugar Hill Cemetery
Wallingford, West Hill Cemetery
Waltham, Sunset View Cemetery
Wardsboro, Fairview Cemetery
Wardsboro, South Wardsboro Cemetery
Wardsboro, West Wardsboro Cemetery
Warren, East Warren Cemetery
Warren, Warren Cemetery
Washington, Cheney Cemetery
Washington, Fish Cemetery
Washington, Maple Hill Cemetery
Washington, South Washington Cemetery
Waterbury, Demeritt Cemetery
Waterbury, Hope/Village Cemetery
Waterbury, Johnson Cemetery
Waterbury, Maple Street Cemetery
Waterbury, Old Cemetery
Waterford, Lower Waterford Cemetery
Waterford, Passumpsic Village Cemetery
Waterford, Riverside Cemetery
Waterford, Stiles Cemetery
Waterford, West Waterford Cemetery
Waterville, Mountain View Cemetery
Weathersfield, Ascutneyville Cemetery
Weathersfield, Greenbush Cemetery
Weathersfield, Plain Cemetery
Weathersfield, Upham-Aldrich Cemetery
Weathersfield, Weathersfield Bow Cemetery
Wells, East Wells Cemetery
Wells, Wells Town Cemetery
West Haven, Carvers Falls Cemetery
West Haven, Center Cemetery
West Haven, Hackett Dam Cemetery
West Rutland, Pleasant Street Cemetery
West Rutland, Sacred Heart Cemetery
West Rutland, St. Bridgets Cemetery
West Windsor, Brownsville Cemetery (1)
West Windsor, Brownsville Cemetery (2)
West Windsor, Sheddsville Cemetery
Westfield, North Cemetery
Westfield, Westfield Association Cemetery
Westford, Brookside Cemetery
Westford, Cloverdale Cemetery
Westford, Osgood Hill Cemetery
Westford, Plains Cemetery
Westford, Pleasant View Cemetery
Westford, Richardson Cemetery
Westminster, New Westminster Cemetery
Westminster, Old Westminster Cemetery
Westminster, St. Charles Cemetery
Westminster, Westminster West Cemetery
Westmore, Lakeview Cemetery
Weston, Maple Grove Cemetery
Weston, Weston Island Cemetery
Weybridge, Weybridge Hill Cemetery
Wheelock, South Wheelock Cemetery
Wheelock, West Wheelock Cemetery
Wheelock, Wheelock Village Cemetery
White River Junction, St. Anthony Cemetery
Whiting, Whiting Village Cemetery
Whitingham, Carley Cemetery
Whitingham, Cutting Cemetery
Whitingham, Green Cemetery
Whitingham, Jacksonville Cemetery
Whitingham, Jewell Cemetery
Whitingham, Riverview Cemetery
Whitingham, Sadawga Cemetery
Whitingham, Schuyler Murdock Farm Cemetery
Wilder, Adventist Campground
Williamstown, East Hill Cemetery
Williamstown, Village Cemetery
Williamstown, West Hill Cemetery
Williston, East Williston Cemetery
Williston, Morse Cemetery
Williston, Thomas Chittenden Cemetery
Wilmington, Chandler Family Cemetery
Wilmington, Intervale Cemetery
Wilmington, Restland Cemetery
Wilmington, Riverview Cemetery
Windham, North Windham Cemetery
Windham, Windham Center Cemetery
Windsor, Ascutney Cemetery
Windsor, Fitch Cemetery
Windsor, Houghton Cemetery
Windsor, Old South Church Cemetery
Windsor, St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery
Winhall, Bondville Cemetery
Winhall, Hollow Cemetery
Winhall, Middletown Cemetery
Winooski, St. Francis Xavier Cemetery
Winooski, St. Stephens Cemetery
Wolcott, Davenport Cemetery
Wolcott, Fairmount Cemetery
Wolcott, Taylor Cemetery
Woodbury, Ainsworth-North-Bradish Cemetery
Woodbury, Harvey Cemetery
Woodbury, South Woodbury Cemetery
Woodbury, West Woodbury Cemetery
Woodbury, Woodbury Center Cemetery
Woodford, City Cemetery
Woodstock, Cushing Cemetery
Woodstock, Highland Cemetery
Woodstock, Methodist Burying Ground
Woodstock, Prosper Cemetery
Woodstock, Randall Cemetery
Woodstock, Ransom-Kendall Cemetery
Woodstock, River Street Cemetery
Woodstock, Riverside Cemetery
Woodstock, Shaw Cemetery
Woodstock, Smith Cemetery
Woodstock, Taftsville Cemetery
Woodstock, Walker-Jaquith Cemetery
Worcester, Worcester Village Cemetery

You can also get a list of soldiers by town who died in or were last known living in Vermont.