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Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 40.6522,-73.9911

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Benedict, Abner R.

- Catlin, Thomas G.

- Corbin, Job

- Crane, Cyrus R.

- Daggett, Joseph Nathaniel

- Erhardt, Joel Benedict

- Foster, Merrill T.

- Gage, Orange Charles

- Gale, George Spaulding

- Gay, David S.

- Giberson, Charles H.

- Graham, John Hodges

- Ilsley, Silas Augustine

- Kimball, Edgar Addison

- Leavenworth, Mark F.

- Martin, Guy C.

- Matthews, Henry C.

- Palmer, Hoyt

- Pierce, Henry D.

- Pierson, Henry M.

- Prentiss, Samuel Frederick

- Strong, George Crockett

- Tinker, Charles Almerin

- Tullar, Byron

- Wilcox, Edward T.

- Willard, Edwin Dorr

- Williston, Christopher Lincoln

- Winchester, Benjamin Frank

- Winchester, Locke W.

- Worster, Rodney R.

Graves believed to be here (no photos yet)

- Conant, Abel Blood

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