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Weybridge Hill Cemetery, Weybridge, VT

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 44.03985,-73.21312

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Boies, Manley L.

- Brown, Thomas

- Carrier, Henry

- Cobb, George W.

- Elliott, Edwin C.

- Fiske, Edgar H.

- Halo, Thomas

- Harrington, John H.

- Howe, George Gameliel

- Hurlburt, Ward B.

- Lamour, Francis Xavier

- Mack, James H.

- Moody, Edson L.

- Newton, William

- Parkill, Edwin B.

- Randall, Milo B.

- Sneden, George Walter

- Sneden, James

- Walker, Joseph Foster

- Warner, Martin Leroy

Cenotaphs here with photographs:

- Hayward, Azel D.

- Sampson, Merrill T.

- Wilder, Henry Harrison

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