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The Draft


Notifictions from Rolla Gleason, Captain and Provost Marshal of the 3rd Congressional District` in Burlington gives lists of men exempted from the recent draft that appeared in the August 6, 1863 edition of the St. Albans Daily Messenger.
Some were already in service (and probably added to the list by mistake)

Some, as authoried by law, furnished a substitute or paid commutation

Aliens could not be drafted.

Age or family situations accounted for some exemptions
The overwhelming majority of exemptions were for medical reasons:
3 permanently flexed toes
Anchylosis partial right elbow
Below minimum height
Cateract of right eye
Chronic bronchitis
Chronic hepatitis
Teeth/defective or loss of
Deficient development
Deformity of right elbow
Deterioration from protracted fever
Inguinal hernia
Enfeebled constitution
Entire loss of index finger right hand
Excessive myopia
Floating cartilage of left knee
Functional derangement of heart
Hypertrophy of heart
Injury extension muscles right leg
Injury left shoulder
Loss right eye
Necrosis, frontal bone
Organic disease of heart
Partial aschylosis and necrosis of right ankle
Spinal disease
Splay feet
varicose veins
See some of the Enrollment Blanks for requesting various types of exemptions, listed in the Saint Albans Daily Messenger, July 16, 1863.