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The Draft

Rutland Herald, July 23, 1863

Conscripts: The 1863 Draft for the Fourth Sub-District

"The draft for the fourth sub-district was made yesterday forenoon, at the Town Hall. The Hall was crowded, and the drawing proceeded with the best possible good humor on the part of those present, many of the names as they were announced being received with much cheering."

The towns composing this Sub-District were: Rutland, Chittendon, Mendon, Sherburne, Pittsfield, and Shrewsbury. The following is an alphabetical list of the conscripts (note - some were later exempted from service for various reasons. Occupations of some of the more prominent conscripts are added at the end of this list).


Edmund L. Abbott, Rutland
Ezra P. Adains, Shrewsbury
Nathan C. Adams, Sherburne
Silas Albee, Rutland
Bradford B. Aldrich, Shrewsbury
Jasper Aldrich, Shrewsbury
Truman Aldrich, Shrewsbury
George Allen, Rutland
Marvin F. Andrews, Rutland
Fayette Andrus, Rutland
Silas B. Avery, Pittsfield;
Mat Baker, Rutland
Melvin Barrett, Rutland
Rockwood Barrett, Rutland
Horace G. Bateman, Rutland
Patrick Battles, Rutland
Thos. Battles, Rutland
Thomas Battles 2d, Rutland
Reuben H. Beals, Rutland
Hiram F. Beard, Chittenden
John Beard 2d, Chittenden
Volvey Beard, Chittenden
Wm. H. Bennett, Rutland
Warren Blanchard, Rutland
John H. Bishop, Rutland
Lewis Boubal, Rutland
Charles W. Brigham, Pittsfield
Wm. Bromton, Rutland
James Brooks, Rutland
Daniel H. Brown, Pittsfield
Oliver W. Brown, Rutland
John Brunell, Rutland
Rodney P. Burdett, Shrewsbury
Peter Burns, Rutland
John Burrows, Mendon
George Butten, Rutland;
Matthew Cain, Rutland
Daniel Callagan, Rutland
Michael Callihan, Rutland
Alonzo Campbell, Rutland
Michael Cannon, Rutland
Laban Capron, Rutland
Patrick Carrigan, Rutland
Patrick Casey, Rutland
Lewis Cass, Mendon
Benj. K. Chase, Rutland
Isaac T. Chatterton, Rutland
Charles S. Clark, Pittsfield
Norman Clark, Rutland
Michael Cockran, Rutland
Edwin B. Colburn, Shrewsbury
Charles Coleman, Rutland
James Collins, Rutland
Nathan Collins, Chittenden
Michael Conlin, Rutland
Patrick Connell, Rutland
Michael Connerty, Rutland
John L. Coolidge, Sherburne
Harvey Corey, Mendon
Hugh Corey, Rutland
Michael Costello, Rutland
Dennis Cox, Rutland
Michael Crowe, Rutland
Patrick Curran, Rutland
Martin Curtis, Rutland;
Edgar Davis, Rutland
Martin E. Day, Rutland
Willis Debardo, Rutland
Richard Dooley, Rutland
Thomas Dooley, Rutland
Edward Duffy, Rutland
Patrick Dugan, Rutland
Geo. Dunklee, Rutland
Charles Dunn, Rutland
Perrin S. Dutton, Sherburne
Thomas Dwyer, Rutland
Horace H. Dyer, Rutland;
James Eayres, Jr., Rutland
Wm. H. Eddy, Chittenden
Willard Edson, Mendon
Patrick Egan, Rutland
Geo Eggleston, Mendon
James Enwright, Rutland
R. Dalston Esterbrook, Sherburne;
John Farrell, Rutland
John Farrell, Rutland
Patrick Farrell, Rutland
Francis Fenn, Rutland
Charles Fisher, Shrewsbury
Martin Flanagan, Shrewsbury
Patrick Flynn, Rutland
Dennis Foley, Rutland
John Foley, Rutland
James Freeman, Rutland
B.F. French, Rutland
Alfred P. Fuller, Rutland
James Gallagher, Rutland
Patrick Galon, Rutland
Patrick Garron, Rutland
Michael Garvin, Rutland
Edwin Gates, Sherburne
Solomon V. Giddings, Rutland
Wm. Gilman, Rutland
Edson B. Gilson, Rutland
Spencer Gorham, Rutland
Henry Gould, Rutland
Jay Gould, Rutland
Simon Gould, Shrewsbury
J. Rodman Guindon, Rutland;
Wm. Hanley, Rutland
James Henry Harmon, Rutland
John Hawkins, Rutland
Warren D. Heath, Mendon
Michael Herbert, Rutland
Martin Hines, Rutland
Galen R. Hitt, Rutland
Andrew Hogan, Rutland
Patrick Hogan, Rutland
Daniel H. Holt, Rutland
Patrick Hopkins, Rutland
Edwin Horton, Chittenden
Judson A Horton, Shrewsbury
Alfred R. Howard, Rutland
Judson N. Howard, Rutland
Geo. Hughes, Rutland
Ransom S. Humphrey, Rutland
Henry G. Hunt, Rutland
Henry M. Huntoon, Rutland
Patrick Hurley, Rutland
Guy Hutchins, Rutland;
Samuel D. Jenness, Rutland
Ephraim Jenny, Rutland
Rollin B. Jones, Rutland
Wm. Jones, Rutland;
Patrick Keevans, Rutland
John Kelley 2d, Rutland
Thomas Kelley, Rutland
James Kennedy, Rutland
Patrick Kennedy, Rutland
Thos. Kershaw, Rutland
James Kilfeather, Rutland
Wm. Kimball, Jr., Mendon
Peter King, Rutland
Isaiah Kingsboro, Chittenden;
Newell Lanbar, Mendon
Jack Langley, Rutland
Frank Larabay, Rutland
Lewis T. Lawton, Rutland
John Leenan, Rutland
Henry G. Lester, Rutland
Dennis Locklin, Rutland
Dennis Lyon, Rutland
Phillip Lyon, Rutland;
James Maddin, Rutland
Martin Maloney, Rutland
Frank Manley, Rutland
James E. Manley, Rutland
Patrick Mansfield, Mendon
Wm. McAlhill, Rutland
John McCormick 2d, Rutland
Thos. McCormick, Rutland
John McDee 1st, Rutland
Francis McDermot, Rutland
Richard McDonald, Rutland
Darby McDonough, Rutland
John McGowan, Rutland
John McKeogh, Rutland
Michael McNeal, Rutland
Henry C. Merrill, Rutland
Levi Miner, Rutland
Davis G. Moore, Rutland
Milo J. Moore, Sherburne
Edward Moriarty, Mendon
David Morrell, Rutland
John Mulcahey, Rutland
Daniel Mullen, Rutland
James Mullen, Rutland
Michael Mullen, Mendon
Thomas Mullen, Chittenden
Geo. Mumford, Rutland
Thomas Mumford, Rutland
Wm. Mundy, Rutland
Thomas Murphy, Rutland
Benj. F. Mussey, Rutland;
Peter Nary, Rutland
Thos. Norton, Rutland
John Noyes, Chittenden
Whitfield Noyes, Pittsfield;
Edward O'Brien, Rutland
Francis O'Neal, Rutland
John M. Otis, Rutland;
Henry Palmer, Rutland
Alfred Patnode, Rutland
Daniel W. Paul, Rutland
Oren A. Peck, Rutland
Aaron R. Perkins, Rutland
George Petty, Mendon
Sumner D. Pevaly, Rutland
Franklin M. Plumley, Shrewsbury
James Powers, Rutland
Joseph Prevost, Rutland
Clarkson Phillips, Rutland
Geo. Pratt, Rutland;
Edward Quinn, Rutland;
Reuben Ranger, Mendon
Thos. Reiley, Rutland
John B. Reynolds, Rutland
James Riley 2d, Rutland
James Rodgers, Shrewsbury
John Rooney, Rutland
Patrick Rooney, Rutland
Wallace Round, Shrewsbury
Michael Rourke, Rutland
Wm. Rourke, Rutland
Sydney W. Rowell, Rutland
Ira A. Russell, Shrewsbury
Lyman A. Russell, Shrewsbury
Edward Ryan, Rutland
Michael Ryan, Rutland;
James Sage, Rutland
Harvey Saunders, Shrewsbury
Chauncey Sargeant, Mendon
Stafford Sawyer, Rutland
Norman Seaver, Rutland
Nathan Severance, Chittenden
Patrick Shannon, Rutland
George Shedd, Sherburne
James Sheriden, Rutland
Carran A. Shippee, Shrewsbury
Ner P. Simons, Rutland
Orville L. Slader, Rutland
Eph S. Smith, Shrewsbury
Porter C. Smith, Rutland
Nathaniel Spafford, Shrewsbury
Melville C. Spaulding, Pittsfield
Albert H. Sterling, Rutland
Patrick Stevenson, Rutland
Wm. K. Strong, Rutland
Patrick Sullivan, Rutland;
Quincy M. K. Taylor, Rutland
Edward L. Temple, Rutland
Emerson Tenney, Mendon
Geo. C. Thrall, Rutland
Rollin C. Thrall, Rutland
Harley C. Tuttle, Rutland
Bensley Twining, Shrewsbury;
John Valliquette, Rutland
Geo. L. Vance, Rutland;
Asahel W. Ward, Rutland
Peter Ward, Rutland
Henry A. Waterman, Shrewsbury
Volney W. Waterman, Shrewsbury
Michael Waters, Rutland
Patrick Waters, Rutland
John Welch, Rutland
Patrick Welch, Rutland
Edwin T. White, Shrewsbury
Leland Williams, Mendon
Samuel Williams, Rutland
Kittridge Wing, Chittenden
Lewis I. Winslow, Chittenden
Hiram Woodward, Rutland;
Hiram York, Rutland.


The Rutland Herald noted, "The draft here, as elsewhere, was impartial in its dealings with the different classes of citizens." It went on to give the occupations of some of the prominent conscripts:

Rockwood Barrett of Barrett & Son, dealers in hardware, groceries &c.;
Ben K. Chase, jeweler;
Norman Clark of Clark & Bros. Jewelers;
Geo. Dunklee, late crockery dealer;
Francis Fenn, druggist;
B. F. French of the firm of French and Kingsley, dealers in flour &c.;
E. B. Gilson, clerk of the Bank of Rutland;
Jay Gould, Superintendant of Rutland and Washington Railroad;
G. R. Hitt, teacher;
Dr. Lewis T. Lawton, dentist;
John McKeogh of Jay Gould's office;
D. G. Moore, principal of the high school;
John B. Reynolds, cashier of the Bank of Rutland;
S. W. Rowell, teller of the Bank of Rutland;
Rev. Norman Seaver, a highly esteemed clergyman;
N. P. Simons, deputy sheriff;
Harley C. Tuttle, bookbinder;
Geo. L. Vance of the firm of Goodnow and Vance, boot and shoe dealers