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Deanna French

Deanna has contributed 663 cemetery records/photographs, or obtaining permission from Findagrave contributors to use their photographs!

AB, Lethbridge, Mountain View Cemetery
AL, Fort Gaines, Seaside Burials List
AL, Montgomery, St. Margarets Cemetery
AR, Fayetteville, Fayetteville National Cemetery
CA, Glendale, Grand View Memorial Park
CA, Lakek Elsinore, Elsinore Valle Cemetery
CA, Los Angeles, Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
CA, Oakland, Mountain View Cemetery
CA, Redlands, Hillside Memorial Park
CA, Sacramento, St. Josephs Cemetery
CA, San Bernardino, Mountain View Cemetery
CA, San Francisco, San Francisco National Cemetery
CA, Sonoma, Mountain Cemetery
CA, Sonora, Sonora Masonic Cemetery
CA, Ventura, Cemetery Park
CA, Whittier, Rose Hills Memorial Park
CO, Denver, Fairmount Cemetery
DC, Washington, Glenwood Cemetery
FL, Ocala, Greenwood Cemetery
GA, Marietta, St. James Episcopal Cemetery
GA, , May be buried in ...
IA, Burlington, Aspen Grove Cemetery
IA, Centerville, Oakland Cemetery
IA, Clinton, Springdale Cemetery
IA, Danville, Long Creek Cemetery
IA, Des Moines, Kingston Cemetery
IA, Glenwood, Glenwood Cemetery
IA, Keokuk, Oakland Cemetery
IA, McGregor, Pleasant Grove Cemetery
IA, Wapello, Wapello Cemetery
IA, Woodbine, Woodbine Cemetery
IL, Chicago, Rosehill Cemetery
IL, Danville, Spring Hill Cemetery
IL, Hillsboro, Oak Grove Cemetery
IL, Naperville, Naperville Cemetery
IL, Pulaski, Liberty Cemetery
IL, Rockford, Greenwood Cemetery
IL, Smithfield, Baughman Cemetery
IL, Waverly, Waverly East Cemetery
IN, Michigan City, Greenwood Cemetery
KS, Americus, Americus Cemetery
KS, Beloit, Elmwood Cemetery
KS, Centropolis, Pleasant Hill Cemetery
KS, Chelsea, Chelsea Cemetery
KS, Ellsworth, Old Ellsworth Cemetery
KS, Enterprise, Mount Hope Cemetery
KS, Hutchinson, Eastside Cemetery
KS, Junction City, Highland Cemetery
KS, Lane, Spring Grove Quaker Cemetery
KS, Lawrence, Oak Hill Cemetery
KS, Lincolnville, Lincolnville Cemetery
KS, Marion, Marion Cemetery
KS, McCune, McCune Cemetery
KS, Melvern, Pleasant View Cemetery
KS, Miltonvale, Miltonvale Cemetery
KS, Peabody, Prairie Lawn Cemetery
KS, Sedgwick, Hillside Cemetery
KS, Topeka, Mount Calvary Cemetery
KS, Walnut, Walnut Cemetery
LA, Alexandria, Alexandria National Cemetery
LA, Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge National Cemetery
LA, New Orleans, St. Patrick Cemetery #1
MD, Baltimore, Loudon Park National Cemetery
MI, Buchanan, Oak Ridge Cemetery
MI, Grand Rapids, Oakhill Cemetery
MI, Grand Rapids, St. Andrews Catholic Cemetery
MI, Holloway, Holloway Cemetery
MI, Jackson, Mount Evergreen Cemetery
MI, Plainwell, Hillside Cemetery
MI, St. Louis, Oak Grove Cemetery
MI, Vermontville, Woodlawn Cemetery
MN, Afton, Evergreen Community Cemetery
MN, Concord, Concord Cemetery
MN, Lake Eunice, Elmwood Cemetery
MN, Minneapolis, Lakewood Cemetery
MN, Monticello, Riverside Cemetery
MN, Plato, Ferguson Cemetery
MN, Stillwater, Fairview Cemetery
MO, Maryville, Miriam Cemetery
MO, St. Louis, Bellefontaine Cemetery
MS, Vicksburg, Vicksburg National Cemetery
NJ, Trenton, Riverview Cemetery
OH, Cleveland, Lake View Cemetery
OH, Cleveland, Woodland Cemetery
OH, Mansfield, Mansfield Cemetery
OH, Sandusky, Ohio Veterans Home Cemetery
OR, Grants Pass, Granite HIll Cemetery
TX, Fort Worth, Handley Cemetery
TX, Sherman, Akers Cemetery
VA, Arlington, Arlington National Cemetery
VA, Hampton, Hampton National Cemetery
VA, Richmond, Richmond National Cemetery
VT, Bakersfield, Maple Grove Cemetery
VT, Belvidere, Belvidere Center Cemetery
VT, Cambridge, Hopkins Cemetery
VT, Cambridge, Mountain View Cemetery
VT, Cambridge, North Cambridge Cemetery
VT, Cambridge, Smilie Cemetery
VT, Cambridge, South Cambridge Cemetery
VT, Castleton, Hillside Cemetery
VT, Danville, Danville Green Cemetery
VT, Eden, Eden Corners Cemetery
VT, Elmore, Village Cemetery
VT, Enosburgh, Enosburgh Center Cemetery
VT, Enosburgh, Main Street Cemetery
VT, Enosburgh, Stevens Ferry Cemetery
VT, Fairfax, Sanderson Corners Cemetery
VT, Georgia, Hyde Cemetery
VT, Greensboro, Lincoln Cemetery
VT, Greensboro, Village Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, Fairview Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, Hazen Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, Main Street Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, Maple Street Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, Sanborn Cemetery
VT, Hardwick, West Hill Cemetery
VT, Hyde Park, Center Cemetery
VT, Hyde Park, Holbrook Cemetery
VT, Hyde Park, North Hyde Park Cemetery
VT, Hyde Park, Plains Cemetery
VT, Hyde Park, Village Cemetery
VT, Irasburg, Irasburg Cemetery
VT, Jay, Jay Center Cemetery
VT, Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville Cemetery
VT, Johnson, Evergreen Ledge Cemetery
VT, Johnson, Lamoille View Cemetery
VT, Johnson, Johnson Plot Cemetery
VT, Johnson, Whiting Hill Cemetery
VT, Lowell, Mountain View Cemetery
VT, Montpelier, Green Mount Cemetery
VT, Morristown, Mountain View Cemetery
VT, Morristown, Plains-Green Lawn Cemetery
VT, Morristown, Wheeler Cemetery
VT, Morrisville, Pleasant View Cemetery
VT, Morrisville, Riverside Cemetery
VT, Stowe, Soldiers Memorial Building
VT, Stowe, Old Mansfield Cemetery
VT, Stowe, Old Yard Cemetery
VT, Stowe, Riverbank Cemetery
VT, Stowe, Sterling Cemetery
VT, Stowe, Thomas Luce Cemetery
VT, Stowe, West Branch Cemetery
VT, Swanton, Riverside Cemetery
VT, Troy, Evergreen Cemetery
VT, Troy, North Troy Cemetery
VT, Troy, Troy Cemetery
VT, Underhill, Valley Cemetery
VT, Waitsfield, Irasville Cemetery
VT, Warren, Warren Cemetery
VT, Waterbury, Old Cemetery
VT, Waterbury, Hope/Village Cemetery
VT, Waterville, Mountain View Cemetery
VT, Wolcott, Fairmount Cemetery
VT, Wolcott, Taylor Cemetery
WA, Orting, Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery
WA, Seattle, Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery
WA, Spokane, Fairmount Memorial Park
WA, Spokane, Greenwood Memorial Terrace
WA, Yakima, Tahoma Cemetery
WI, Tomah, Oak Grove Cemetery

She has also contributed in whole or part to more than 1,300 soldiers' biographies and obituaries! Here are Deanna's latest contributions:

Danforth, Henry H.
Ellis, John B.
Ellis, Lorenzo
Ellis, James W.
Booth, Lucius M.
Booth, William
Crane, Thomas S.
Knox, James Monroe
Crane, Augustus Jason
Richmond, Kendrick
Gould, Gustavus
Gould, Amos M.
Gould, Allen
Cameron, John Stark
Saunders, Joseph A.
Sanders, Joseph
Cameron, James
Cameron, Sylvester
Rice, George H.
Curtis, William Buckingham
Watson, Charles H.
Watson, John Henry
Watson, David Mark
Farmer, Hiram B.
Wilson, George
Edwards, Abbott T.
Wilson, Eben M.
Wilson, Carlos
Wing, Heman Rogers
Skinner, Levi W.
Evans, Edward P.
Evans, John M.
Keyes, Lorenzo D.
Maxfield, John B. Jr.
Lawrence, Henry A.
Lawrence, Stearns D.
Carr, Nelson H.
Lapointe, Alexander Jr.
Hutchinson, Stearns S.
Johnson, Jason
Hutchinson, Joseph
Hutchinson, William Alpheus
Chappell, Edson K.
Bedell, Albert J.
Enos, Almon
Hewitt, George W.
Dutton, John
Dutton, George W.
McClure, Lyman A.
Dutton, Francis
Perry, Franklin
McClure, Gilbert
Burns, John H.
Perry, Amasa R.
Burns, George Harvey
Graves, Joseph D.
Conway, Michael J.
Conway, John
Conway, Michael
Palmer, Henry C.
Palmer, John L.
Norcross, Edmund P.
Williamson, Leslie G.
Williamson, Harvey
Williamson, James S.
Williamson, Julius Thompson
Williamson, Harry S.
Williamson, Edson Parks
Williamson, Alvin M.
Williamson, Abram
Hull, Francis S.
Brothers, Existe
Vanderhoof, Oliver S.
Stoddard, Harlan P.
Wheeler, Charles
Darling, Joseph Kimball
Swift, William S.
Swift, Luther
Swift, Pardon Holden
Ross, George
Bliss, Hobart Estabrook
Lathrop, Cyrus U.
Ballard, Alfred Cowles
Billings, John A.
Straw, James
Shaw, George B.
Griffin, James
Cowles, Albert Eleazer
Chase, George
Kemp, James B.
Crandall, Horace M.
Crandall, Albert
McCaffrey, Matthew M.
Remington, Loyal
Gibbs, Almon B.
Smith, Loomis J.
Johnson, Delevan C.
Myott, Marshall
Atkins, George A.
Lovely, Victor

In addition, she has contributed 55 general articles:

"Dreadful Train Accident"
"Lamoille," correspondence
"Marcks," corrrespondence
"O", correspondence
"O.P.Q.," correspondence
"Old Boy," correspondence
"Southern Hospitality"
'Tis Sad To Think (Poem)
12th Regiment, Arriving in Virginia
13th Regiment in Camp, Brattleboro
17th in camp near Fredericksburg, 12 May 1864
17th Regiment, Casualties at the Wilderness
17th Regiment, Casualties, 30 July 1864
1896 Reunion, Co. E, 9th Vermont
1st Vermont in New York City, Southbound
A Hyde Park Boy, correspondence
Anonymous Letter, 11-29-1861
Bellows Falls Monument
Bennington Soldiers Home Statistics - 1921
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Camp Life (Poem)
Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)
Cavendish Monument
Coffey, Robert J., correspondence
Cold Harbor Cemetery, dedication
Confederate Bell in Vermont Church
Eleventh Vermont, After Lee's Surrender
Fifth Regiment, Deaths, December 1861
Finnegan, Francis, correspondence
French Postcard Collection
GAR Memorial Window, Morrisville
Greensboro Monument
Hardwick Memorial Building
Hodge, Charles H., correspondence
Julian Scott (Johnson)
Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864
Lamoille County Soldiers who died in Andersonville
Lost At Sea
Memorial Day Sermon, 1901
Morristown Historical Society
Morrisville Monument
Mortality Report, 1862-1864
Post-War Bounty Issues
Prisoner Exchanges, 1865
Returned Prisoners (1864/1865)
Rowdy Co. A, 13th VT INF
Soldiers Unaccounted For, 1886
Sylvester, correspondence
The Dying Sentinel (poem)
The Old Vermont Brigade, a poem
The Vacant Chair (poem)
The Vermonters At Lee's Mill
Thomas, Orson C., deserter
Waterville Monument
Wolcott Monument