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Underwood, Lodwick D.


Age: 15, credited to Stratton, VT

Unit(s): 4th VT INF

Service: enl 8/14/61, m/i 9/21/61, Pvt, Co. I, 4th VT INF, reen 12/15/63, tr to Co. F, 2/25/65, pr CORP 1/19/65, wdd, 4/4/64, wdd, Cedar Creek, 10/19/64, and 4/2/65, dis/wds, 8/11/65 (Ludwig A. on rosters)

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Birth: 02/22/1846, Jamaica, VT

Death: 09/29/1923

Burial: Green Hill Cemetery, Wallingford, VT


Remarks: None

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Pension?: Unknown

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Marker/Plot: 14

Gravestone researcher/photographer: Stacey Underwood

Cenotaph researcher/photographer:


2nd Great Grandfather of Richie Underwood, Somerville, MA

2nd Great Grandfather of Roger Underwood Fillmore, Woodhull, NY

2nd Great Grandfather of Stacey L. Underwood, Colorado Springs, CO

3rd Great Grandfather of Jason Filiaut, Edgartown, MA

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Green Hill Cemetery, Wallingford, VT

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Lodwick D. Underwood

I have some additional information that may be of interest to you regarding, Cpl. Lodwick D. Underwood (my 2nd Great Grandfather), of Cos. I & F, 4th Vermont Infantry Regiment, 1st Vermont Brigade of the 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade, VI Corps, Army of the Potomac and Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Department. First, his name is listed as Ludwig A. Underwood, in the official Army records and here on your website. Concerning this aspect to his service, he was attempting to prevent his father, Joshua Underwood, from discovering him at the recruiting stations within the immediate area. You see, Lodwick (nickname "Ludwig") was 15-yrs old at the time he was attempting to enlist. Additionally, he used his brother's middle initial, as means of furthering his aims. He attempted the name and age game around 5-times, before his father finally relented, and signed the authorization papers allowing someone under the age of 17, to enlist into military service.

Regarding his birthdate, he actually, was born on Sunday, February 22, 1846. He lied about his age and birth year, until his father signed him over to the Union Army. In addition, I uncovered a fact that was listed to his service: "He was listed as a deserter, on July 4, 1863; after being unaccounted for in the evening muster report of July 3rd. Now, regarding this fact, Lodwick was an excellent marksman and sharpshooter, and was given the opportunity to put his skills to work in the vicinity of the rocky outcrops of Round Top/Devil's Den. During the night, around 2:30am, he was captured by Confederate soldiers lurking around in that vicinity. He was not around for the skirmishes of July 10th at Funkstown, MD. He later was discovered among "Paroled and Exchanged Prisoners of War," at Annapolis, MD, about July 26-29, 1863. According to the Returns From Military Posts Record, at Brattleboro Barracks Stockade, Brattleboro, Vermont, he was shipped back by train and spent 2-weeks in confinement. After letters were received by the commanding officer of that stockade from those he was counted amongst as paroled, and letters of character from his commanding officers, NCOs, and other in his regiment, prior to his General Courts-Martial Board being convening; he was released from confinement, he rejoined his unit in late August-early September 1863. Eventually, he would be promoted to Corporal, and transferred to Co. F, 4th Vermont, as indicated on your website.

Along with is brief synopsis, I have included in this message a picture off his headstone that provides evidence of his actual name and birthdate. Additionally, I've also, attached a photo of him in his green uniform. I hope that this provides some much needed information in helping you to accurately chronicle the lives of these brave but very young soldiers. If, for any reason, you feel it necessary to contact me please, feel free to do so!

Contributed by Stacey Underwood, Lodwick's 2nd great-grandson, a Disabled Naval Silent Service veteran.

Legend: 1C - 1st Class; 1SGT - First Sergeant; 1LT - First Lieutenant; 2C - 2nd Class; 2LT - Second Lieutenant; 3C - 3rd Class; A.C. - Army Corps; AG - Adjutant General; AAG - Assistant Adjutant General; AAAG - Acting Assistant Adjutant General; AACS - Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence; AAQM - Acting Assistant Quartermaster; ACT - Acting; ADC - Aide-de-Camp; AIG - Assistant Inspector General; A&IG - Adjutant & Inspector General; AoP - Army of the Potomac; A.P.M. - Additional Paymaster; AQM - Assistant Quartermaster; ARTIF - Artificer; ASURG - Assistant Surgeon; AWOL - Awary Without Official Leave; BGen - Brigadier General; BGLR - Bugler; BNDMSTR - Bandmaster; BTRY - Battery; Bvt - brevet; enl - enlisted; CH BGLR - Chief Bugler; CMSR - Compiled Military Service Record; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; com - commissioned; CPL - Corporal; CPT - Captain; cred. - credited to; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; CSSGT - Commissary Sergeant; CSA - Confederate States Army; d/dis - died of disease; d/prison - died in prison*; d/svc - died in service (cause unknown); d/wds - died of wounds; dis/dsb - discharged for disability; dis/dishon - dishonorable discharge; DRMMAJ - Drum Major; DRMR - Drummer; dsrtd - deserted; ENG - Engineer; FFR - Fifer; FMAJ - Fife Major; FN - Fireman; GCM - general court martial; gsw - gunshot wound; Hosp. - Hospital; Hosp. Stwrd - Hospital Steward; IG - Inspector General, INF - Infantry; kia - killed in action; LARTY - Light Artillery; LNDS - Landsman; MGen - Major General; m/i - mustered in; m/o - mustered out; MSCN - Musician; mwia - mortally wounded in action; n.d. - no date; nfr - no further record; P.M. - Paymaster; pow - taken prisoner; pr - promoted; PRIN MSCN - Principle Musician; prld - paroled; QM - Quartermaster; QMSGT - Quartermaster Sergeant; RCM - Regimental Court Martial; RCRT - Recruit; red - reduced (demoted); Regtl - Regimental; resgd - resigned; RQM - Regimental Quartermaster; SDLR - Saddler; SGTMJR - Sergeant Major; SOWD - Special Order, War Department; SURG - Surgeon; SVC - Service; tr to/from - transferred to/from; USA - US Army; USCA - US Colored Artillery; USCI - US Colored Infantry; USSS - US Sharpshooters; USV - US Volunteers; VHAC - Vermont Heavy Artillery Company; VRC - Veterans Reserve Corps; VVC - Vermont Volunteer Cavalry; VVI - Vermont Volunteer Infantry; WGNR - Wagoner; wdd - wounded
* NOTE: d/prison may include those who died on parole as a result of imprisonment

Source of roster information: basic information on enlistments, promotions, casualties, etc. comes from the 1892 "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers," and additional information from a variety of sources, including cemetery, pension, census and other records as well as obituaries and published biographies of individuals, when available.


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