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Aaron, Morris Miltimore(1841-1913)Danville, VT4th VT INF
Abar, Joshua(1846-1904)Rutland, VT96th NY INF
Abar, Oliver(1846-1923)Vermont8th MA INF
Abare, Edmond(1846-1884)Rutland, VT91st NY INF
Abbey, Alanson L.(1834-1916)Middlebury, VT1st VT INF, 5th NY CAV, 96th NY INF
Abbey, Daniel(1840-1879)Coventry, VT2nd VT INF
Abbey, Osmond(1840-1925)Middlebury, VT2nd USSS
Abbey, Otis(1830-1921)Middlebury, VT1st VT INF, 14th VT INF
Abbey, Rollin William(1836-1905)Vermont6th WI INF
Abbott, Abial S.(1836-0)Londonderry, VT4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Abbott, Abram S. Jr.(1841-1863)New Haven, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, Alba D.(1843-1900)Sharon, VT3rd NH INF
Abbott, Albert C.(1841-0)Bradford, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, Albert E.(1841-1914)Bethel, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Alexander(1845-1864)Weston, VT10th VT INF
Abbott, Allen C.(1823-1886)Washington, VT12th VT INF
Abbott, Almond C.(1822-1892)Glover, VT26th MA INF
Abbott, Amos W Jr.(1833-1882)Ryegate, VT15th VT INF
Abbott, Austin C.(1831-1931)Barnard, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, Azro A.(1834-1921)Bethel, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Calvin B.(1825-0)Bethel, VT8th VT INF
Abbott, Charles(1831-1864)Londonderry, VT2nd USSS
Abbott, Charles(1839-0)Dorset, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, Charles W.(1833-1892)Vershire, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Collamer P.(1835-1913)Pomfret, VT9th VT INF
Abbott, Cornelius(1836-1907)Underhill, VT5th VT INF
Abbott, Curtis(1841-1935)Bethel, VT2nd USSS, 4th VT INF
Abbott, Daniel(1844-1927)Braintree, VT4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Abbott, Ephraim M. C.(1848-1911)Bradford, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, George A.(1848-1901)Springfield, VTUSN
Abbott, George B.(1838-1914)Hartford, VT13th NH INF
Abbott, George T.(1843-1902)Londonderry, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, George W.(1839-1903)Barton, VT4th VT INF, VRC
Abbott, George Washington(1832-1902)Middlebury, VT14th VT INF
Abbott, Henry C.(1831-0)Montpelier, VT8th VT INF, 2nd LA INF
Abbott, Horace M.(1835-1865)Newbury, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, Ira Anson(1845-1921)Pomfret, VT9th VT INF
Abbott, Ira S.(1827-1871)Lemington, VT9th NH INF
Abbott, Isaac Whacker(1827-1910)Hartford, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, James B.(1844-1900)Barton, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, James H.(1848-1889)Bethel, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, James N.(1828-1900)Glover, VT11th VT INF
Abbott, John Franklin(1840-1914)West Fairlee, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, John J.(1844-1863)Newfane, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, John P.(1840-1914)Rockingham, VT2nd VT INF
Abbott, Lemuel Abijah(1842-1911)Barre, VT10th VT INF, 97th US CINF
Abbott, Leonard(1831-1864)Stockbridge, VTUnknown
Abbott, Marcus S.(1844-1863)Windham, VT11th VT INF
Abbott, Martin(1838-1918)Glover, VT11th VT INF
Abbott, Moses(1839-1863)Troy, VT6th VT INF