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Town is place credited to, not necessarily their home town; years in parens are birth-death, birth year may be approximate; some (especially the young) lied about their age, and could have been several years younger than the 18 they state. Quite a number of men over '44' also lied about their age, miraculously becoming 10-15 years younger than they actually were.

More information may be available about an individual, including full date and place of birth, full date of death and burial location(not necessarily place of death). Click on his name to find out more.

The number of responses is limited to 50; if the name you are looking for doesn't show, try last name, first name and middle initial (without a period after the initial)

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Aaron, Morris Miltimore(1841-1913)Danville, VT4th VT INF
Abar, Joshua(1846-1904)Rutland, VT96th NY INF
Abar, Oliver(1846-1923)Vermont8th MA INF
Abare, Edmond(1846-1884)Rutland, VT91st NY INF
Abbey, Alanson L.(1834-1916)Middlebury, VT1st VT INF, 5th NY CAV, 96th NY INF
Abbey, Daniel(1840-1879)Coventry, VT2nd VT INF
Abbey, Osmond(1840-1925)Middlebury, VT2nd USSS
Abbey, Otis(1830-1921)Middlebury, VT1st VT INF, 14th VT INF
Abbey, Rollin William(1836-1905)Vermont6th WI INF
Abbott, Abial S.(1836-0)Londonderry, VT4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Abbott, Abram S. Jr.(1841-1863)New Haven, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, Alba D.(1843-1900)Sharon, VT3rd NH INF
Abbott, Albert C.(1841-0)Bradford, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, Albert E.(1841-1914)Bethel, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Alexander(1845-1864)Weston, VT10th VT INF
Abbott, Allen C.(1823-1886)Washington, VT12th VT INF
Abbott, Almond C.(1822-1892)Glover, VT26th MA INF
Abbott, Amos W Jr.(1833-1882)Ryegate, VT15th VT INF
Abbott, Austin C.(1831-1931)Barnard, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, Azro A.(1834-1921)Bethel, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Calvin B.(1825-0)Bethel, VT8th VT INF
Abbott, Charles(1839-0)Dorset, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, Charles(1831-1864)Londonderry, VT2nd USSS
Abbott, Charles W.(1833-1892)Vershire, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, Collamer P.(1835-1913)Pomfret, VT9th VT INF
Abbott, Cornelius(1836-1907)Underhill, VT5th VT INF
Abbott, Curtis(1841-1935)Bethel, VT2nd USSS, 4th VT INF
Abbott, Daniel(1844-1927)Braintree, VT4th VT INF, 16th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Abbott, Ephraim M. C.(1848-1911)Bradford, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, George A.(1848-1901)Springfield, VTUSN
Abbott, George B.(1838-1914)Hartford, VT13th NH INF
Abbott, George T.(1843-1902)Londonderry, VT4th VT INF
Abbott, George W.(1839-1903)Barton, VT4th VT INF, VRC
Abbott, George Washington(1832-1902)Middlebury, VT14th VT INF
Abbott, Henry C.(1831-0)Montpelier, VT8th VT INF, 2nd LA INF
Abbott, Horace M.(1835-1865)Newbury, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, Ira Anson(1845-1921)Pomfret, VT9th VT INF
Abbott, Ira S.(1827-1871)Lemington, VT9th NH INF
Abbott, Isaac Whacker(1827-1910)Hartford, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, James B.(1844-1900)Barton, VT1st VT CAV
Abbott, James H.(1848-1889)Bethel, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, James N.(1828-1900)Glover, VT11th VT INF
Abbott, John Franklin(1840-1914)West Fairlee, VT6th VT INF
Abbott, John J.(1844-1863)Newfane, VT16th VT INF
Abbott, John P.(1840-1914)Rockingham, VT2nd VT INF
Abbott, Lemuel Abijah(1842-1911)Barre, VT10th VT INF, 97th US CINF
Abbott, Leonard(1831-1864)Stockbridge, VTUnknown
Abbott, Marcus S.(1844-1863)Windham, VT11th VT INF
Abbott, Martin(1838-1918)Glover, VT11th VT INF

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