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Query Results, Keyword: Andersonville

Luther B. Harris : a prison story : a Vermont soldier's memoir of Andersonville and other rebel camps (Newport, VT:Vermont Civil War Enterprises and Lyndon Historical Society, 2006) (Source: Anthenaeum, USAMHI)

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Howard, Kendrick R. Diary, 1864. Written while he was a prisoner at Andersonville. (Source: VHS)

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Webster, Ellery. Men of Vermont in Confederate prisons / compiled by Rosa A. Goodrich. [Winter Haven, Florida: R.A.Goodrich, 1986?] ca. 50 .: ill. ; 29 cm. The author's account of his imprisonment in Libby Prison (Richmond, Va.) and Andersonville Prison (Ga.) during the Civil War. Includes a list of the Vermont men of the 4th and 11th regiments. Originally published in sixteen parts by the Orleans County Monitor (Vermont) from 5 December 1899 through 16 April 1900. --Pref. Typescript (photocopy). (Source: Brooks, Italo, LOC, Middlebury, NEW)