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Benedict, George Grenville. "The service of the Vermont troops." An oration before the Re-union society of Vermont officers, in the Representatives' Hall, Montpelier, November 2, 1882. Montpelier, Watchman and Journal Press, 1882. (Source: CSL, Emory, Harvard, LOC, UVM, VSCL)

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Denison, George S.(1833-1866); Papers of George S. Denison, 1851-1884 (bulk 1851-1866). (Source: LOC)

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Fisk, Wilbur. Papers, 1862-1865. (Source: LOC)

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Vermont. Proceedings of the annual & semi-annual encampments, together with general orders and circular. Bennington, Vt., 1883. (Source: LOC)

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Vermont. Proceedings of the Annual and Semiannual Encampments, Together with General Orders and Circulars. 1st-30th, 32d-43d; 1868-1897, 1899-1910. Bennington, 1868-1910. (Source: LOC)

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Vermont. Roster. Montpelier, Vt. undated. (Source: LOC)

Grand Army of the Republic. 1883. Grand Army of the Republic, Richard B. Crandall Post No. 56 Records. (Source: VHS, LOC)

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Haas, Jessie. Westminster West. New York: Greenwillow Books, 1997. Fiction. Abstract: Two sisters struggle with their roles as women within the family and within society as an arsonist threatens their post-Civil War Vermont community. (Source: Auburn, Emory, LOC)

Lane, E. H. The soldiers' record of Jericho, Vermont. Published by vote of the town. Burlington: R.S. Styles, 1868. Reprinted, 2001, Vermont Civil War Enterprises. (Source: UVM, Columbia, LOC, Stanford)

Morrill, Justin S. Papers. (Source: LOC)

Newton, William Monroe. History of Barnard, Vermont, with family genealogies, 1761-1927 , (Includes lists of Barnard men who fought in the Civil War). Montpelier: Vermont Historical Society, c1928. (Source: CSL, Dartmouth, LOC)

Page, Frederick Smyth. Papers, 1931-1957. (Source: Dartmouth, LOC)

Pingree, Samuel Everett. An oration before the Re-union Society of Vermont Officers, in the representative's hall, Montpelier, Vt., November 7th, 1872. Montpelier, Vt.: Polands' Steam Printing Establishment, 1871. (Source: LOC, UVM)

Pompey, Sherman Lee. Civil War veterans buried in the mid-West. Clovis?, CA: ?, 1970. (Source: LOC)

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Richardson, Charles H. Diary. (Source: LOC)

Rollins, E. E. The memorial record of the soldiers who enlisted from Greensboro, Vermont, to aid in subduing the great rebellion 1861-5, accompanied by a brief history of each regiment that left the state. Montpelier: Freeman printing house, 1868. (Source: UVM, Italo, LOC, Stanford)

Savage, R. A. The memorial record of the soldiers, from Stowe, Vermont, who fought for our government, during the rebellion of 1861-5. Montpelier, Vt.: Freeman Steam Printing Establishment, 1867. (Source: LOC, UVM)

Seaver, Norman. The hand of God as seen in the fall of Richmond: a discourse delivered in the Congregational Church in Rutland, Vermont on Sunday, 9th of April, A.D. 1865. Rutland Vt.: Tuttle, Gay & Co., 1865. (Source: LOC)

Sprague, George Franklin. Soldiers' record: town of Craftsbury, Vermont, 1861-1865. Craftsbury?, 1914. (Source: LOC, UVM)

Stevens, Alfred. The duty of Christians in times of national calamity. Bellows Falls, Vt.: Phoenix job office, 1863. (Source: LOC)

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Vermont. General Assembly. Honors to a hero : proceedings attending the unveiling and presentation of a portrait of General Emerson H. Liscum, colonel of the Ninth Infantry, U.S.A. and brigadier general of volunteers, in the hall of the Vermont House of Representatives, October 23, 1902. [Montpelier : General Assembly, 1902]. (Source: MIDD, ACPL, LOC)

Walker, Mildred. The Quarry. University of Nebraska Press, 1995. New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Co., 1947. (Source: CSL, Dartmouth, FLP, LOC, UVM.)

Washburn, Peter Thacher. An Oration Before the Re-Union Society of Vermont Officers in the Representatives' Hall, Montpelier, Vt., October 22d, 1868. Montpelier: J. & J. M. Poland, 1869. (Source: CSL, Emory, Harvard, LOC, UVM)

Webster, Ellery. Men of Vermont in Confederate prisons / compiled by Rosa A. Goodrich. [Winter Haven, Florida: R.A.Goodrich, 1986?] ca. 50 .: ill. ; 29 cm. The author's account of his imprisonment in Libby Prison (Richmond, Va.) and Andersonville Prison (Ga.) during the Civil War. Includes a list of the Vermont men of the 4th and 11th regiments. Originally published in sixteen parts by the Orleans County Monitor (Vermont) from 5 December 1899 through 16 April 1900. --Pref. Typescript (photocopy). (Source: Brooks, Italo, LOC, Middlebury, NEW)

White, Homer. The Norwich cadets: a tale of the rebellion. Northfield: Republished by Alumni, members of the Inter-City Norwich Club of Barre and Montpelier, 1913. Reprinted, 2001, Vermont Civil War Enterprises. (Source: Dartmouth, LOC, UVM, Norwich, VSC)

Wilson, Mark Curtis. Patriots in blue: Civil War letters of the Mark E. Rogers family of Fairfax, Vermont. West Lafayette, Ind.:M. C. Wilson, 1987. (Source: FHS, LOC, UVM)

Woman's Relief Corps. Department of Vermont. Journal of the woman's Relief Corps Annual Convention. 7th-9th, 19th. 1891-1893, 1903. Bradford, Vt., 1891-1903. (Source: LOC)

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