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David M. Morin

Dave has shared a number of photographs or documents of Vermonters from his collection and other sources that we have incorporated with the individuals' records. Also, check out his blog, The Yankee Volunteer.

Angell, Sylvester
Atherton, Henry Brydge
Baldwin, Oscar W.
Ballou, Charles Otis
Baty, Isaac
Bean, Frank S.
Bixby, Amos Stoddard
Bliss, Hobart Estabrook
Boutwell, John Wilder
Boynton, Henry
Brackett, Clarence A.
Bragg, Elmer
Brown, Darwin Ticknor
Bundy, Marcus H.
Burbank, William H.
Conn, Granville Priest
Dickey, Lyman A.
Dodge, Elisha Enoch
Dow, Edward
Dustin, Isaiah A.
Folsom, James D.
Gibson, Francis Newton
Gilmore, Asa Dodge
Goss, Samuel E.
Holbrook, Augustus Luke
Hopkins, Philander
Hosmer, Francis J.
Howard, Henry Augustus
Hubbard, George Henry
Huse, Henry H.
Inman, Almeron C.
Jackman, Alonzo
Judkins, Charles M.
Kendall, Newall A.
Keyes, David R.
Ladd, Dudley Peyron
Lathe, James W.
Lathrop, Edward D.
Learned, James W.
Noyes, Wallace E.
Osgood, Henry C.
Perry, James B.
Porter, Solon F.
Rice, Frank F.
Rice, John Lovell
Robbins, Collins C.
Robinson, Albro L.
Rowell, Charles A.
Safford, Darius John
Sanborn, Charles H.
Sanders, Marshal
Scott, Don Eugene
Smith, Normand
Stevens, Charles W.
Stevens, Clark
Stickney, John Q.
Tower, George Rilely
Trask, Charles M.
Trow, Loren D.
Underhill, William B.
Vaughn, Edwin
Whipple, Albert F.
White, Charles E.
Whittle, James C.
Wilcox, Charles W.
Wiley, Edgar Franklin
Wood, Edgar H.

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