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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Fifth Vermont Infantry


5th Infantry National Flag (1865)
(Vermont State House Curator)

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Batchelder, Charles M.

Brown, Addison Jr.

Brown, Edward Marcus

Buckley, William L.

Bullard, Edgar

Elmer, James Putnam

Grace, James

Grant, Lewis Addison

Hodges, William H. H.

Jewett, Jesse A.

Kilborn, Samuel F.

Loggins, Junius G.

Lord, Nathan S. Jr.

Madison, Marcellus

Manley, Leonard K.

Porter, Gilbert H.

Rice, James

Smalley, Henry Adams

Stearns, Charles E.

Steinberg, George W.

Stowell, Edwin Sherwood

Valentine, William P.

Wilson, Allen B.

Check out the attendee's records:

Adams, George Washington
Bedell, John P.
Boardman, Charles Wright
Bullard, Edgar
Butts, Lemuel Porter
Chappell, Eugene L.
Conner, John N.
Crane, Franklin A.
Demeritt, William Lett
Edwards, Lott
French, James Foster
Lanpher, George M.
Luce, Simon D.
Merritt, George W.
Merritt, Joshua W.
Russell, Ezra Flint
Sargent, Jackson G.
Shute, Nathan Rufus
Sleeper, James W.
Wilkins, Austin

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