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John Gibson Collection


Wallet belonging to: Nelson C. Roberts, age 19, Sharon, Vt., enl 9/4/62, mi 10/23/62 Pvt Co. G 16th VVI, mo 8/10/63, enl 12/10/63 Co. A 9th VVI, Wdd Chapin's Farm 9/29/64, mo 6/25/65

Wallet belonging to John S. Thompson age 26, Glover, Vt., enl 6/1/61, mi 7/16/61 Corp Co. B 3rd VVI, pr Sgt, pr 1Sgt, reen 12/21/63, Comn 1Lt Co. E8/4/64, pr Cpt Co. E Comn 2/25/65, Wdd Cold Harbor 6/3/64, mo 7/11/65.

from him presented to: Samuel E. McLean, age 32, Cabot, Vt., en 9/4/61, mi 9/21/61 Pvt Co H 4th VVI, been 12/5/63, tr to Co. E 2/28/65, mo 7/13/65.

It also has the name of JC Kimball of Waterbury, Vt dated 1918, but I can find no record of Vt service and do not know relationship if any.

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