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Dewey Jones Photograph Collection

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I was born and raised in Windsor, Vermont. My dad's family came to Vermont in the 1760's, my mom's in the 1790's so I have always been interested in Vermont history. I have been collecting Vermont images for 25 years; started with a cdv of my grandfather's cousin Alvin Woodruff of the 10th Vermont. I Pastor a small church in New Hampshire and teach U. S. History at Mid Vermont Christian School in Quechee, VT. I am married with three sons.

Dewey Jones

Soldiers in the Collection

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Abell, Charles Emmet
Aiken, William S.
Austin, George E.
Baker, Joel Clarke
Barney, Elisha L.
Benton, Reuben Clark
Bostwick, Lucius H.
Boutin, Charles W.
Brown, George D.
Bushnell, Henry N.
Buxton, Charles
Chamberlin, George C.
Clarke, Almon
Conant, Freeman C.
Cowdery, Burnham
Crandall, Richard Bailey
Cummings, Charles
Cushman, Edmond E.
Cutler, Daniel W.
Dam, Charles A.
Davis, Martin V. B.
Dickinson, Lucius C.
Diggins, Patrick
Dinsmore, Charles C.
English, Hiram Steele
Ensworth, Thomas Jr.
Farr, Dennis W.
Fisher, Abial Walstein
Floyd, Horace Whitmore
Ford, George Osman
George, Harrison Bingham
Gorham, James Tottingham
Goss, Story Norman
Grout, Josiah H., Jr.
Hall, Austin H.
Hubbard, William Henry
Hyde, Melvin John
Jewett, Albert Burton
Kelley, Samuel H.
Kenyon, Corroli V.
Kimball, Frederick Marius
Kinsman, Henry E.
Laird, Robert W.
Leonard, Thomas F.
Levey, George Hugh
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Lord, Nathan S. Jr.
Macomber, John Gilman
McElroy, Clesson R.
Morey, Charles Carroll
Newt, Alonzo H.
Newton, Charles Henry
Newton, Henry H.
Nichols, Alfred K.
Parker, Edward Bates
Parker, Jackson Van-Buren
Pettingill, Harry B.
Plimpton, Salem M.
Pollard, Henry Moses
Prentice, Benjamin B.
Randall, Charles J. S.
Rice, Henry Harrison
Richards, Lester S.
Ripley, William Young Warren
Robinson, William B.
Rose, Truman
Sabine, John
Scott, Luther B.
Scott, Samuel W.
Seaver, Thomas Orville
Small, Herman L.
Smith, Amasa T.
Smith, Frederick Elijah
Smith, James W.
Smith, William Farrar
Snow, Otis
Squier, Daniel Webster
Stone, Edward Payson
Stone, Newton
Thomas, Stephen
Thompson, Henry J.
Thorn, Rufus C.
Tilson, William Francis
Tracy, William Carter
Tyler, John Steele
Veazey, Wheelock Graves
Wakefield, Arrington C.
Wales, Elijah
Walker, Aldace Freeman
Webster, Harvey
Wheeler, Charles Willard
Whitcher, John
White, Stephen P.
Whitney, Elijah
Wills, Andrew J.
Woodruff, Alvin
Worthen, Harry Niles