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Foreign-born Soldiers

Soldiers born in Canada

As of 9/1/2016, there are 2,671 Canadian-born soldiers identified in Vermont regiments (almost 9.5% of the total)

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Abar, Joshua; 96th NY INF
Abbott, Charles; 1st VT CAV
Abbott, Isaac Whacker; 16th VT INF
Adams, Benjamin W.; 2nd NH INF
Adams, Norman F.; 11th VT INF
Adams, Placide; 5th NH INF
Adams, Thomas; 9th VT INF
Albert, Peter; 8th VT INF
Aldrich, Elisha; 8th VT INF
Aldrich, Ezra E.; 1st VT CAV
Aldrich, John L.; 1st VT CAV
Aldrich, Joseph Inverness; 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Aldrich, Samuel R.; 11th VT INF
Aldrich, Timothy C.; 6th VT INF, VRC
Aldrich, Timothy Rose; 11th VT INF
Alexander, Abraham; 5th VT INF
Alexander, Joseph; 7th VT INF
Alexander, Robert; 10th VT INF
Alexander, Samuel C.; 4th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Alexander, Thomas B.; 2nd USSS
Alix, Hypolite; 4th VT INF
Allard, Peter; 8th VT INF
Allard, Prosper; 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Allen, Albert H.; 10th VT INF
Allen, Lee K.; 11th VT INF
Allen, Samuel J.; 1st VT CAV
Allen, Sylvester; 6th VT INF
Allen, William H. H.; 9th VT INF
Allex, Dennis H.; 5th VT INF
Almorre, Peter; 8th VT INF
Amblo, Globe; 3rd VT INF, VRC
Amell, Louis; 8th VT INF
Amlaw, Napoleon; 4th VT INF
Amlow, Tuffield; 7th VT INF
Anderson, Edgar; 102nd NY INF
Anderson, John; 17th VT INF
Andrews, George Martin; 17th VT INF
Andrews, John; 17th VT INF
Archambault, Oliver T.; 7th VT INF
Armel, Frank; 14th VT INF
Armington, Charles; 6th VT INF
Armstrong, Edward H.; 11th VT INF
Armstrong, James; 96th NY INF, 1st NY ENGNRS
Arno, Joseph; 7th VT INF
Arnold, Jacob; 5th VT INF
Arnold, Joseph; 3rd VT INF
Arrell, Ami; 9th VT INF
Arsino, Jerry; 6th VT INF
Arsino, Philip D.; 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF
Ash, Lewis; 7th NH INF
Ashey, John; 13th VT INF, 14th NH INF
Ashley, Joseph; 16th VT INF
Atherton, George F.; 17th VT INF
Atherton, John B.; 17th VT INF
Atkins, Almon; 9th VT INF
Atwood, Lyman Boynton; 2nd MA HARTY
Audette, Eusebe; 11th VT INF
Audette, George W.; 1st VT INF
Austin, Lewis A.; 2nd VT LARTY
Axtell, Richmond; 17th VT INF
Ayer, Loren; 6th VT INF
Ayer, Orange S.; 1st VT CAV