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Foreign-born Soldiers

Soldiers born in Ireland

As of 9/1/2016, there are 1,247 soldiers born in Ireland identified in Vermont regiments (about 4%).

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Agin, Peter; 7th VT INF
Agin, Thomas; 14th VT INF
Allen, David R.; 15th VT INF
Allen, James; 8th VT INF
Allen, John; 5th VT INF
Anderson, George; 4th VT INF
Argy, William Philip; 6th VT INF
Armstrong, Foster; 12th US INF
Armstrong, John; 1st VT CAV
Armstrong, John; 3rd VT INF
Armstrong, Thomas; 1st VT LARTY
Ayers, Joseph; 13th VT INF
Aylward, James; 17th VT INF