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Index to Dodge's "Encyclopedia Vermont Biography"

Biographical sketches of the following individuals are included in Encyclopedia Vermont Biography: A Series of Authentic Biographical Sketches of the Representative Men of Vermont and Sons of Vermont in other States, compiled and edited by Prentiss C. Dodge, and published in 1912 by Ullery Publishing Company, Burlington, Vermont.

Abell, Charles E.14th Vt. Inf.93
Allen, Heman Woods13th Vt. Inf.99
Allen, John H.14th Vt. Inf.99
Aubery, James Madison36th Wisc. Inf.103
Babcock, Volney Chauncey13th Vt. Inf.105
Baker, Edward17th Vt. Inf.107
Barstow, John L.8th Vt. Inf.45
Baxter, PortusU.S. Congressman74
Bell, Charles James15th Vt. Inf./1st Vt. Cav.50
Bond, George Herbert16th Vt. Inf.124
Brown, Andrew C.13th Vt. Inf.127
Burleson, George W.1st, 6th Vt. Inf.134-135
Butts, L. Porter5th Vt. Inf.136
Chandler, Albert B.U.S. Cipher Clerk141
Clark, Charles E.U.S. Navy147
Collamer, Jacob U.S. Senator59
Cota, Charles Henry1st Vt. Cav.154
Cross, Lewis Bartlett3rd Vt. Inf. (sutler)159
Cushman, Henry Theodore4th Vt. Inf.160
Cutting, Oliver B.11th Vt. Inf.161
Dana, S. J.13th Vt. Inf.163
Dartt, Justus9th Vt. Inf.165
Derby, Buell John12th/17th Vt. Inf.169
Dewey, GeorgeU.S. Navy170
Dunton, Charles H.13th Vt. Inf.175
Edmunds, GeorgeU.S. Senator60
English, Charles H.12th Vt. Inf.182
Evans, Goin Bailey6th Vt. Inf.184
Fairbanks, ErastusWartime Governor37
Farnham, Roswell12th Vt. Inf.45
Flagg, George W.2nd Vt. Inf.190
Foster, Ebenezer Johnson10th Vt. Inf.195
Gilfillan, John Bachop1st Minnesota Inf.200
Gleason, Joseph Thomas8th/15th Vt. Inf.202
Goodrich, John Ellsworth1st Vt. Cav.203
Gray, Jacob G.4th Vt. Inf.205
Grout, Don Deforest8th Vt. Inf.207
Grout, Josiah1st Vt. Cav./Frontier Cav.49
Grout, William W.15th Vt. Inf./Frontier Cav.76
Hall, George B.9th Vt. Inf./17th U.S. Inf.209
Hamblin, James R.50th N.Y. Engineers210
Hannon, Thomas9th Vt. Inf.212
Hanscom, William G.11th Vt. Inf.212
Haskins, Kittredge16th Vt. Inf.77
Hatch, Isaac W.2nd Vt. Inf.216
Hendee, George WhitmanDpy Provost Marshall42
Henry, William Wirt2nd/10th Vt. Inf.219
Holbrook, FrederickWartime Governor40
Howard, Oliver OtisU.S. Army227
Hunton, Augustus PingrySuperintendent of Recruiting
(Windsor County)
Isley, Silas Augustine14th/56th/158th N.Y. Inf.234
Janes, Henry3rd Vt. Inf.235
Johnson, Russel Thayer11th Vt. Inf.237
Joyce, Charles H.2nd Vt. Inf.75
Kelley, Thomas Benton8th Ill. Cav.240
Kellogg, William Pitt7th Ill. Cav.241
Lee, Edward Payson11th Vt. Inf.248
a href="/units/10/mansur.php">Mansur, Zophar Mack10th Vt. Inf.257
Marsh, Carmi L.13th Vt. Inf.258
Martin, Nathan Kingsley11th Vt. Inf.261
Maxham, Azro Job3rd Vt. Inf./4th U.S. Inf.263
Mead, John Abner12th Vt. Inf.52
Meigs, Henry Benjamin13th Vt. Inf.264-5
Miles, John FayState Medical Examiner266
Montgomery, Marshall3rd Vt. Inf./10th U.S. Colored Inf.268
Morgan, David Llewellyn1st Minn. Inf.269
Morrill, Justin SmithU.S. Congressman60
Moulton, Hosea Ballou2nd N.H. Inf.271
Niles, Albert A.9th Vt. Inf.274
Ormsbee, Ebenezer J.12th Vt. Inf.47
Palmer, Cornelius S.13th Vt. In.281
Parker, Charles Edmond7th Vt. Inf.282
Peck, Cassius1st U.S. Sharp Shooters284
Peck, Charles William1st U.S. Sharp Shooters284
Perry, Hiram Riley14th Vt. Inf.288
Phelps, Erastus HibbardPaymaster's Clerk288
Pike, Paphro Ditus11th Vt. Inf.290
Pingree, Samuel E.3rd Vt. Inf.47
Proctor, Fletcher Dutton1st Permanent Colonel,
Vt. Division Sons of Veterans
Proctor, Redfield3rd/5th/15th Vt. Inf.44
Rice, John Lovell2nd/16th N.H. Inf./75th U.S. Colored Inf.298
Richardson, Harrison A. E.7th Vt. Inf.299
Royce, Homer E.U.S. Congressman74
Smith, John GregoryWartime Governor40
Start, Henry R.3rd Vt. Inf.88
Stevens, Jonas T.1st Vt. Cav.323
Steward, William Emmett2nd U.S. Sharp Shooters323
Stillson, Henry LeonardState Militia324
Story, Solomon Jr.6th Mass. Inf./1st Mass. Hvy Arty326
Swiney, William Wallace36th New Jersey Inf.329
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer2nd Vt. Inf.335
Tucker, HenryU.S. Signal Corps336
Veazey, Wheelock Graves3rd/16th Vt. Inf.87
Walker, Daniel Chaes1st Vt. Cav.342
Walker, William H.16th Vt. Inf.87
Walton, Eliakim P.U.S. Congressman74
Warren, Charles CarltonVt. Brigade Band345
Wheeler, Henry Orson1st Vt. Cav.350
White, Homerauthor of "The Vermont Volunteers" (poem)352
Woodbridge, Frederick E.U.S. Congressman74
Woodbury, Urban A.2nd/11th Vt. Inf.49

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