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Some people do not easily fit into any category, soldiers, generals, Medal of Honor, unit_abb, etc. They include telegraphers, civil servants, railroad employees, etc. This list is meant to capture those folks.

Adams Brothers, biography

African American Civil War Memorial

Articles mentioning desertion

Atherton, Lizzie, correspondence (Army Nurse)

Buxton, William Bradbury, biography (US Sanitary Commission)

Canadian-born Soldiers

Canfield, Thomas H., biography

Chandler, Albert Brown, biography


Confederate Vermonters

Dartmouth Cavaliers

Dascomb, Alfred B., biography

Douglass, Stephen - biography

Fisk, Perrin Batchelder, biography

French Brothers, biography

Irish-born Soldiers

Masons in Vermont Units

Parker, Luther F., biography

Pierce, Leroy Matthew, biography

Stevens, Thaddeus, biography


The Last Roll Call

Wilcox, Henry Clay, biography

Women in the Civil War