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What Happened Today, 19 January

1862/01/19Samuel Whiting, US Consul at Nassau, informed Secretary of State Frederick W. Seward of the departure of the US gunboat Flambeau, Temple commanding, for Port Royal, South Carolina. The previous day, the rebel steamer Carolina (renamed Kate) arrived. Whiting said that 'Carolina, while coming up this harbor yesterday, ran between the Eliza Bonsall and the Flambeau, and dipped her colors (rebel) to the Confederate ally; and Captain Temple said in this consulate, and in the presence of several American captains, that 'had he seen it he would have answered the salute.' Dip the stars and stripes to the rebel rag! I told him that I would sooner hack my hand off than be guilty of such an act. (ORN)
1864/01/19Pvt James Alfred McCoy, Co. M, 1st VVC, deserted (1st Cavalry)
1865/01/19Portus Baxter Smith, 11th Regiment, made an entry in his journal. (more)
1865/01/19Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)