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What Happened Today, 13 April

1862/04/13After the army reached White House Landing, the Sixth Corps was formed, and the brigade was assigned as the Second Brigade of the Second Division, and remained in that organization until the end of the war. (Peck)
1863/04/13J. C. Williams, 14th VVI: We have just received the sad intelligence of the death of Sergeant C. P. Taylor of Company B., who was left at Fairfax Station, sick with the measles, at the time of our move here. (more)
1863/04/13Commodore Henry W. Morris appointed Lieutenant George Dewey, late executive officer of the USS Mississippi, as prize commissioner for New Orleans, in order to sell at auction, 'all prize vessels and their cargoes which were remaining here or in this vicinity and which could not be sent to the North or Key West for adjudication. (ORN)
1863/04/13Oliver A. Browne, 15th Inf., wrote in his diary (more)
1865/04/13President Lincoln hastily wrote out a brief pass for Alfred Burbank Darling (1821-1896), a native of Burke, Vt.. (Lincoln)
1865/04/13Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)
1865/04/137th Regiment in action at Whistler's Station, AL. (Dyer)