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What Happened Today, 21 November
1862/11/21Oliver A. Browne, 15th Inf., wrote in his diary (more)
1864/11/21Aldace Walker, 11th Vt. Inf. the 1st Brigade, at Kernstown, was 'reviewed by General Sheridan. It turned out in large numbers and in fine style, and the sight would have been exceedingly imposing one, had not a blustering rain set in which converted the field into a sea of mud and dampened all enthusiasm. Still it was an admirable performance, and it may be doubted if the steadiness of marching shown has ever been equaled by so large a number of troops upon our continent.' (Walker)
1864/11/21Portus Baxter Smith, 11th Regiment, made an entry in his journal. (more)
1864/11/21Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)