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Vermont Civil War Timeline
What Happened Today, 30 April
1861/04/30Thomas A. Canfield, of Burlington, wrote to Governor Fairbanks inquiring about the need for nurses. (Manuscripts)
1863/04/30J. C. Williams, 14th VVI: About ten o'clock, firing was heard on the picket line, and soon the long roll-call was beaten, calling the men to arms. (more)
1864/04/30Only 77 of an aggregate of 941 men were on the sick list, the smallest proportion of sick men ever reported by the 2nd Regiment during the war. (Benedict)
1864/04/301st Battery at Alexandria, LA, until May 10. (Dyer)
1865/04/30Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)