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Underhill Historical Society Archives

The following are the beginning of a number of extracts from the archives of the Underhill Historical Society, contributed by Scott C. Sommer, president of the society.

The items in the "Obituaries" and "Events" categories below are newspapers clippings that come from three scrapbooks in the society's archives. They are pasted in three regular books:

  • Report of the Pennsylvania State College 1890,
  • Seventh Biennial Report of the Board of Library Commissioners in Vermont 1907-1908, and
  • Second Annual Report of Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station 1888.


(Clarke, Dexter, Dunton, Gates, Goodrich, Hale, Humphrey, Monahan, Mudgett, Naramore, Needham, Robinson, Tatro, Whipple)

Events of various types

(Fourth of July 1896, Fourth of July 1883, A.F. Burdick birthday, Dedication at Westford, Condition of Prisoners reveals some of the horrors of war)

The items in the "Book of Personal War Sketches" are extracts from the L. H. Bostwick Post Book of Personal War Sketches (1894)

(Humphrey, Naramore, Palmer, Tatro, Whipple)


Letter written by a St. Albans Raider

Letter from Chaplain Sargent, 13th Vermont, to Isaac Brooks' father

Other unique items:

Blank State Pay Form

The Turning Point in One Man's Life

Roster of Officers and Members of L.H. Bostwick Post No. 69

Photograph of L.H. Bostwick Post veterans, with names

Vermont Day At Gettysburg, 1889